By Mavis Applewater

September 2001


Disclaimers (Better known as sex, violence & road trips): Yes, no, & no. This story contains sex between two consenting adult women, who might remind you of a certain warrior princess and her sidekick (Okay . . . calm down. Yes, she was much more than just a sidekick..) but the characters are mine and mine alone. If for any reason you find this material offensive, buy a clue or move on. If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material, move on. No shower massagers were harmed during the production of this material. This material cannot be reproduced without the author's consent. This story is a result of the inspiration given to me by the studious members of Finding Mavis.


A special thanks to my beta reader Joanne.

As Alway For Heather




"If I never utter another word of French, my life will be complete." Briar groaned in disgust as she tossed down her textbook. "Okay, what's next?" she asked as she tucked an errant strand of short blonde hair behind one ear. The lock of hair immediately sprung back out into her sea green eyes.

Mina smiled at her roommate as she reached over and re-tucked the lock behind her ear. After four years of college the two shared a comfortable friendship. They had hit it off immediately when they found themselves sharing a room during freshman year. Sharing space with a complete stranger should have been awkward for the two girls, both of whom treasured their privacy. Instead they bonded and quickly became inseparable. "I think we're done." Mina smiled as she to set aside her textbooks. "I can't believe that our last finals are this week." Mina suddenly felt sad at the thought that she and Briar would soon go their separate ways.

"What time is it?" Briar inquired as she tried to stifle a yawn. She flopped down on the twin bed they had chosen to study on.

"Ask me in French," Mina teased as she stretched her long arms over her head.

"Bite me," Briar groused bitterly as she tried to kick her roommate who quickly grasped her foot.

"Okay," Mina teased, her crystal blue eyes brightening at the thought. "Where?" she added teasingly. Internally she secretly prayed that someday Briar would pick up on her flirting. But she never had, not once in all the years they lived together.

Briar ignored Mina's comment as usual and the raven-haired beauty reluctantly released the blonde's foot from her grasp. Mina had developed a slight crush on Briar right from the start. Still confused about her sexuality, she let it go. When they both finally admitted that they shared an attraction for women, Mina had hoped that something might happen between the two of them. But Briar never seemed interested in Mina that way, even after they both found themselves confessing that their interest in the same sex wasn't just a passing phase or curiosity.

Over the years Mina started flirting with Briar, but the blonde simply laughed it off as their little private joke. Although the two were physically comfortable with one another, Mina yearned for more. Of course, she told herself that she should just tell Briar how she felt. Normally an outgoing person, she simply couldn't work up the courage to tell Briar that she had feelings for her and so she spent four years in silent frustration watching Briar go out with other girls. She dated other women as well but somehow neither of them stayed with anyone for long.

"Have you decided what you’re going to do after graduation?" Briar inquired thoughtfully, interrupting Mina's thoughts.

"Not yet," Mina confessed. "It's strange. I've spent four years busting my ass to get my degree. Now I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of my life."

"Grad school," Briar said gruffly.

"My parents won't go for it," Mina argued weakly. "I've already told you that." It was an old argument between the two.

"I know your dad wants you to go into the family business which you’ll hate. Yada yada yada." Briar waved her hand dismissively. "You know they just want to get you back home so they can de-gay you."

"I know," Mina groaned. "If they send me one more article about Anne "I'm a freakin’ nut ball" Heche, I'm going to throw up."

"We could get an apartment together," Briar suggested in a hopeful tone. "My folks just adore you and they’re going to help me out while I'm looking for a job."

"Still planning on taking a year off before grad school?" Mina inquired as she allowed her eyes to drink in the sight of Briar lounging casually on her bed. "You're not going to fall asleep on my bed again, are you?"

"You still haven't told me what time it is," Briar pointed out as she made herself more comfortable.

Mina curled her lips as she watched Briar settling in for the night. Even though she complained about it constantly, she secretly loved it when Briar slept in her bed. She loved feeling Briar's body pressed up against her. Waking up next to Briar was a unique experience that caused her to feel both wonderful and miserable at the same time. Mornings would find the two of them curled up together. Mina would always bolt out of bed instantly before her body could betray her. Her next stop was always a long cold shower.

"So, you still want to live with me?" Mina asked suddenly, trying to take her mind off the sight of Briar's chest rising and falling.

"Of course I do, you goof." Briar snorted as she tried once again to nudge Mina with her foot. Mina quickly halted Briar's attempt. "Stinker," Briar shot back as she pulled her foot away. "You know I never told you this, but every time we had to be apart during the breaks, I really missed you. God knows why since you're a big pain in the butt."

"Gee thanks, I think." Mina chuckled lightly.

"I was just thinking about your reaction when I got back after last summer's break," Briar said absently. "What was that all about?"

"I don't know what you’re talking about," Mina lied. She could never forget the sight of Briar when she walked into their room. Briar had a new hairstyle. Gone was the long blonde hair that Mina had adored. Briar's new look was incredible. Her new short hair made her look so much more like a woman. Mina took one look at Briar and a stirring began in the pit of her stomach. She couldn't stay in the same room with Briar. She ran out in search of someplace to go where she could find some privacy. She found herself in the communal bathroom pleasuring herself.

"Whatever," Briar dismissed Mina's lie with a groan. "Mina . . . can I ask you something?" she began slowly. "Never mind," she added suddenly.

Mina stared down at Briar in disbelief. "I hate when you do that," Mina griped, recalling the thousands of times Briar had started to say something then would stop. Mina would end up dragging it out of her only to discover that Briar wanted to ask her something really lame. "Just ask what you want to ask me," Mina urged as she shoved their textbooks onto the floor and curled up next to Briar.

"It's nothing," Briar said with a nonchalant shrug.

"Come on." Mina nudged her. "Don't make me drag it out of you." Her fingers dug into Briar's side. Briar squirmed with a giggle.

"Don't," Briar protested as she snuggled up against Mina.

"Tell me," Mina growled in fierce tone as she wiggled her fingers in a threatening manner. "Tell me," she repeated, a confident smirk gracing her full lips.

The smirk quickly vanished as she took in the look of despair on Briar's delicate features. The blonde grew strangely quiet. "Briar?" Silence greeted Mina as Briar snuggled even closer to her. Mina wrapped her arms around her. "Hey, what's going on in that pretty blonde head?"

"Nothing," Briar said softly as she tried to sit up.

Mina quickly drew her back into her arms. Her heart dropped when she saw the sadness clearly written in Briar’s normally bright eyes. "Briar?" she repeated as she tucked two fingers under Briar's chin and tilted her face up. They were so close to one another; Mina knew that if she leaned in just a little closer she could capture those soft sweet lips that haunted her dreams on a nightly basis.

Briar wrapped one hand around the back of Mina's head then suddenly pulled away. "I'm just a little down," she admitted as she sat up and turned her back to Mina. The taller woman sat up and scooted up behind Briar. Wrapping her arms around Briar's firm abdomen, she rested her head on Briar's shoulder.

"What are you so sad about?"

"It's silly," Briar said with a heavy sigh as she placed her hands over Mina's. "I'm going to miss you," she said in a heavy tone.

"That's not silly," Mina reassured her as she hugged her friend a little tighter. She felt guilty as her nipples hardened when her breasts brushed against Briar's back. "I'm going to miss you too," she added as she guiltily enjoyed the pleasure of holding Briar's body.

"I really . . . " Briar tensed for a moment. "You're my best friend."

Mina’s body tensed up as she released her hold on Briar and pulled away slightly. It was the "f" word. That was all there was between them, an ugly fact that Mina needed to continually remind herself of. It was the real reason why she was heading back home. "Yeah well, you're my best friend too." Mina’s voice trembled as she spoke. "Why else would I put up with your snoring for the past fours years?"

"I don't snore," Briar protested as she spun around and swatted her roommate.

"You do to," Mina countered playfully.

"I do not!" Briar argued as she once again swatted Mina who was trying to defend herself. "As for you . . . you’re a big covers hog."

"Well, maybe if you slept in your own bed every once in awhile, I wouldn't have to pull the covers over my head so I can drown out your snoring." Mina laughed as she fought Briar's hands. "Enough with the hitting, you little brat."

"You wouldn't be making disparaging comments regarding my size, would you?" Briar said as she poked Mina in the ribs. "Huh, Amazon?" She poked the now smirking Mina.

"Okay, that's it, shorty," Mina cautioned her as she grasped both of Briar's wrists firmly.

"Shorty?" Briar flared as she tried to free herself. "Just who are you calling short. . . whoa!" she squealed as Mina flipped the smaller woman onto her back.

Mina pinned Briar's squirming body beneath her as she held her arms firmly above her head. "Bully." Briar laughed as Mina straddled her hips. "Oh poor baby," Mina teased, fighting to calm her racing heart. Her excitement grewas Briar's body moved against hers. It was a familiar situation for both of them. One of them always broke away from their little wrestling matches. Mina felt her body aching with desire as they struggled.

A sudden sense of panic overcame Mina as she realized that they were both dressed simply in boxer shorts and T-shirts. That was fine when they were studying but now Mina was all too aware of her growing excitement as her passion began to pool between her thighs. If she didn't pull away now, Briar would know how her body was reacting.

Mina released her hold on Briar's wrists as she pulled away slightly. She swallowed hard as she gazed down at Briar, drinking in the sight of her hardened nipples pressing against the thin material of her white cotton T-shirt. Her eyes moved up to that beautiful face now flushed from their activities. She smiled at the mess of blonde hair. Reaching down, she gently brushed the hair out Briar's eyes.

Briar's eyes were filled with a deep intensity that drew Mina in. She couldn't think as her breathing became labored. Her body simply reacted as she shifted her position. One of her firm thighs found it's way between Briar's legs. She was mesmerized by the smoky gaze reflected back at her.

Mina's clit began to throb as she felt wetness caress her thigh. She licked her lips absently as she realized that it wasn't her. Her heart was screaming for her to finally take the chance she had been too afraid to take before. She was paralyzed as her mind finally kicked in. She had been in love with this woman for so long, and now their time was coming to an end. Could she risk everything?

She trembled slightly as she felt Briar's hands gently clasping her hips. Her internal struggle intensified as she mentally debated the consequences. As she felt Briar pulling her closer she decided that thinking was the last thing she needed to do. She smiled as she leaned into Briar's touch.

Mina allowed her body to take control as she followed her heart. She found herself lying almost completely on top of Briar. Their lips were a breath apart as she felt Briar's arms wrap around her waist. She brushed Briar's lips gently. Her heart swelled as she tasted their sweetness. Instantly she needed to taste them again.

She traced Briar's bottom lip with her tongue as she felt gentle hands roaming across her back. She pressed her lips to Briar's once again. The second kiss quickly deepened as she felt Briar's lips part, inviting her in. She explored the warmth of Briar's mouth as she was pulled closer to Briar's body.

Their hips began to dance together sensually as she pressed her thigh into Briar's center. She moaned into Briar's mouth as she felt her wetness caressing her bare skin. Briar's hands slipped up under the back of her shirt, her fingertips warming every inch of her. Briar's tongue began to caress hers as she felt a firm thigh slip between her own legs.

The need to breathe overwhelmed them as they broke away from the kiss. Their hips were grinding together as they gasped harshly. Mina pulled away slightly as realized that she was crushing the smaller woman. Supporting herself with her arms she looked down at Briar who was smiling up at her.

The air was filled with their ragged breathing as their pace grew steadily wilder. The scent of their passion surrounded them as they drove one another closer and closer to the edge. Their bodies trembled in unison as they moved together at a furious pace.

Mina was certain that her heart would explode. Her body arched as they climaxed together. She collapsed against Briar. Her heart was pounding so loudly that she could hear ringing in her ears. Briar panted heavily beneath her. She pulled away slightly and looked down at Briar’s smiling face.

Briar reached up and brushed the hair out of Mina's eyes. Mina smiled back brightly as she tilted her head lowering it so she could kiss Briar's swollen lips. "I love you," she whispered before kissing her once again. She felt Briar smiling against her lips. "I've loved you for so long," Mina asserted as she kissed the beautiful woman again and again.

Briar wrapped a hand around the back of Mina's head and drew her in, deepening their kiss. Once again their tongues battled for dominance. Suddenly Briar broke the kiss. Mina pulled away in surprise, feeling suddenly nervous as she looked down at the smiling blonde. Briar placed a reassuring hand against Mina's rapidly beating heart. "You just said the one thing I've been trying to tell you for years," Briar choked out.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Mina questioned her as she fought back the tears that were threatening to overcome her.

"Why didn't you?" Briar laughed lightly.

"I was . . . "

". . . afraid," Briar finished for her, knowingly. "So was I," she confessed as she gently nudged Mina.

Mina chuckled lightly as she shifted so that she was now lying beside Briar. "We've wasted a lot of time," Mina noted as she ran a finger along Briar's jaw line.

"I know," Briar agreed, her voice lowered. "An oversight which I for one plan on atoning for right now."

Briar's hand began a slow path down the front of Mina's shirt. "And you plan on making up for the past four years tonight?" Mina inquired as she shivered slightly from Briar's touch.

"Yes," Briar responded in a deep rich tone as her hand slipped up under Mina's shirt.

Mina's abdomen tightened in pleasure from Briar's touch. Mina lowered herself onto the bed as Briar climbed on top of her. "I love you," Briar repeated as her hand cupped Mina's breast. Mina inhaled sharply as nimble fingers teased her already sensitive nipple. "I want you," Briar whispered as her other hand lifted Mina's shirt over her breasts.

"I'm yours," Mina moaned as Briar lowered her head and kissed the valley between her breasts.

Briar kissed Mina's sensitive flesh, her lips and tongue blazing a trail across her breast. Mina's eyes fluttered close as Briar captured her nipple in her mouth. Mina ran her fingers through Briar's short blonde hair, pressing her eager mouth closer to her. She arched her back, offering more of herself as Briar teased her with teeth and tongue.

Mina enjoyed the slow torture Briar was inflicting on her. Her mouth pleasured one breast while her fingers teased the other. She opened her legs as Briar settled her body between them. Briar ceased her attentions, pulling away slightly. Her hands gripped Mina's T-shirt. Mina raised her arms allowing Briar to remove it from her body. "I've dreamt about doing this," Briar said quietly as she stared blatantly at Mina's breasts.

"Do you like what you see?" Mina teased as she cupped her own breasts.

"Oh yes," Briar moaned as she started to lower her head once again.

Mina reached out and quickly halted her assault. "Ahem," she cleared her throat as she tugged playfully on Briar's shirt. Briar smiled brightly as Mina arched a single eyebrow. Mina wet her lips as Briar raised herself. Kneeling above Mina, the blonde quickly discarded her own shirt.

"You are so beautiful," Mina said quietly as she drank in the sight of Briar's beautiful body.

"You've seen me naked before," Briar pointed out as she lowered her body once again, resettling between Mina's long legs. "We've been getting changed in front of one another for years," Briar murmured as she placed gentle kisses along Mina's long neck.

"Yeah," Mina gasped, "but back then I had to sneak peeks at you since the thought of us being together was the impossible dream." Mina yelped as Briar nipped her on the neck.

Briar chuckled evilly as she continued to taste her way down Mina's body. Mina’s breathing became labored as her boxer shorts were lowered down her legs. She gripped the blanket tightly as Briar began kissing her way up her legs. Briar kissed and tasted the inside of Mina's thighs. Mina opened herself up wider, feeling Briar's hot breath caressing her damp curls.

Mina shuddered as Briar parted her with two fingers before dipping her tongue into her wetness. Her tongue circled Mina’s throbbing clit before taking it into her mouth. Mina struggled to hold on as Briar entered her with two fingers. Her thighs began to tremble as Briar quickened her pace. Her fingers and tongue drove Mina closer and closer to the brink. Mina looked down to see a pair sea green eyes twinkling up at her. That was her undoing. Her body arched as the orgasm ripped through her.

She tried to steady her breathing after collapsing on the mattress. She trembled as Briar's fingers left her. She held out her hand to Briar who quickly joined her. Mina gathered her up in her arms. Their bodies covered in a sheen of sweat, the two held onto one another.

Suddenly their bliss was interrupted by a persistent beeping noise. They sprang up in unison. "No," Mina wailed in despair as she shut off the offensive alarm clock.

"Why didn't you tell me how late it was?" Briar questioned as she put her shirt back on.

"I thought we were going to sleep; I didn't know we'd end up making love," Mina explained honestly.

Briar leaned down and kissed her sweetly. Mina’s body ignited once again as she tasted herself on her new lover's lips. Briar pulled away as Mina tried to wrap her arms around her. "We can't," Briar said breathlessly.

"But . . . ," Mina protested.

"It's our finals, baby." Briar pouted.

Mina nodded in agreement as she started looking for her clothing. "You're right," she grumbled. "Well, I'm glad that we decided to take the same classes this semester, because we'll finish at the same time."

"Did you have something in mind?" Briar inquired hopefully.

"Yes," Mina said confidently as she pulled on her clothing. "I'm going to make love to you. I'm going to take my time and show you everything I've been dreaming about for the past four years." She laughed as she watched Briar turn a delightful shade of red.

"Mina?" Briar asked in a shaky tone. "I don't want to push anything, but what happens after graduation? Are you still . . ."

"No, baby," Mina said confidently. "I'm not going back. I've spent four years running away from my feelings. I'm staying. No more running for either of us. We belong with each other."

"We'll make this work," Briar said confidently as Mina gathered her up in a warm embrace.



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