October 2002

By Mavis Applewater

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Destiny brushed her shaggy blonde hair off her brow and stared at the costume she’d selected for the party. "What am I thinking?" she berated herself. "I can’t wear this in public," she uttered in a panic as she examined the skimpy makeshift WAC uniform with a short skirt and top that would reveal most of her body. She chewed on her lip nervously as she continued to stare at the costume. This would be her second Halloween in her new home. Salem, Massachusetts - the Halloween capitol of the world. Last year was so special. Despite the fact she’d had to work her boring job at Walgreen’s, she had one of the most memorable nights of her life.

Now a year later she had a better job and was going to school at Salem State College. The only problem was that Cassandra wasn’t around to share it with her. She felt the familiar pang of sadness tug at her heart. She had blown it with the beautiful policewoman. Now every time she turned a corner she both feared and prayed that she would see Cassandra again. It would happen every now and then; Cassandra would speed past her on her bicycle wearing her skintight uniform. Long ago Cassandra had given up on trying to talk to her.

Destiny wasn’t a fool. She knew it was her fault and that she could brush off the raven-haired beauty for only so long before Cassandra took the hint and disappeared from her life. Everything had happened so fast between them. They’d met and made love within hours of meeting one another. The following morning when she ran into Cassandra she was giddy to discover that the brunette wanted more than a physical relationship. They made plans to get together for dinner that evening. November 1, 2001 was to be their first official date. It never happened.

As Destiny was trying to pick out an outfit for her dinner with Cassandra, the telephone rang. She was excited, thinking it was Cassandra calling to confirm their plans. She snatched up the receiver without checking the caller ID. Instead of her new love interest, it was the past come back to haunt her. It was the one who had turned her back on her and forced Destiny to flee Texas forever. Toni’s voice and promising words sent the blonde into a complete tailspin. Toni had flown to Boston just to be with her. Toni wasn’t the first woman she’d been intimate with but she was her first love and first heartbreak and now she had come for her. Until she had met Cassandra, it was something the small blonde had prayed for. Confused and filled with old memories she agreed to meet with Toni, forgetting about her date with Cassandra.

"How could I have believed you?" Destiny sobbed as she recalled the empty promises her former lover made.

It didn’t take long for Toni to fall back into the selfish wench she truly was, admitting that what she was really seeking was money to help her out of some kind of trouble she’d gotten herself into. By the time the truth behind Toni’s interest in rekindling their faded romance had been revealed, Destiny had already pushed Cassandra away.

"Let it go," Destiny scolded herself. "Time to start living. Toni is a bitch who didn’t deserve me." She thought about the two years she’d spent with the Toni back in Texas. At one time Destiny was certain that the sun rose and set because her lover commanded it to do so. Now, looking back, she could see the manipulations clearly. "So why does it still hurt so much?" Destiny grumbled as she blew out an exasperated sigh.

Destiny finally released a frustrated growl. She reminded herself that the last thing she’d heard about Toni was that the idiot boy she’d dumped Destiny for had bought her new breasts. "Now if that doesn’t put things in proper perspective, nothing will." The small blonde laughed. She looked at the skimpy costume once again and smiled. "I’ll always regret what happened with Cassandra but it’s time to move on," she stated confidently. "It’s going to be chilly but this will certainly get me noticed," she said with a brilliant smile as her renewed confidence filled her.

She looked around her studio apartment suspiciously. "I really need to stop talking to myself," she noted as she glanced around the empty apartment, wondering at what point her little dialogues she had with herself were a warning sign that she had complete lost touch with reality.

Destiny spent the next few hours with her downstairs neighbor, Blanche, handing out candy to the neighborhood children. She grew weary of the older children who were obviously past the age of trick-or-treating. The hour was growing late and Destiny gave her remaining bowl of candy, complete with mini Snickers Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Hershey Bars to Blanche. Before retreating back upstairs to her apartment she snatched a couple of Hershey Bars for herself.

Destiny felt a twinge of excitement as she showered and dressed for the party that her classmate Shelia was throwing. She’d been thrilled when Shelia extended her an invitation to her annual masquerade party. Destiny had feared that she would spend Halloween hanging out with Blanche. Her downstairs neighbor was sweet enough. She was also a chain smoking seventy-five-year-old widow who lived with seven cats and often forgot what year it was. Shelia’s invitation was a godsend. It was a costume party and everyone had to wear a mask to disguise themselves. It wasn’t very likely that Destiny would know any of the other guests, yet the whole thing sounded very exciting.

Dressed in her tiny uniform with her mask firmly in place, Destiny walked down the cobblestone streets that were literally overflowing with people. There was something about the freedom and celebration at this time of year that made her new home even more endearing to her. Yet at times the sudden influx of tourists who couldn’t find their way around the city drained Destiny and the other residents of Salem to the point of exhaustion.

Destiny weaved her way in and out of the sea of people as she walked through downtown. She caught a glimpse of someone on a bicycle wearing a black uniform with the word ‘Police’ boldly emblazoned on the back. Her heart sped up for a brief moment thinking it might be Cassandra. The officer quickly disappeared into the night before Destiny could get a better look. "What would I say to her?" Destiny said with a heavy sigh before making her way down Essex Street and past the crowds waiting to go into the Witch House.

Destiny shook off the hopeful feeling that she would see Cassandra that night and continued on her journey towards Shelia’s apartment, which was located in a large old house on upper Essex. The steady sound of music thumping and people laughing greeted Destiny as she knocked on the door to Shelia’s apartment. A tall man dressed like Lurch from the Addams Family greeted her and took her invitation before granting her entrance. Shelia had insisted that no one gain entrance without a mask and an invitation. She explained to Destiny that there had been party crashers over the years that caused trouble and damage to the apartment she shared with her stepsister. Destiny hadn’t met Shelia’s sister but the older brunette had dropped a couple of hints that the woman played for Destiny’s team and was single.

Destiny wandered around the apartment filled with strangers; it was a veritable sea of people. The costumes were very inventive and it was very apparent that Harry Potter and the Lord Of The Rings were very big that year. A frisky elf goosed her and Spider Man offered to play sailor with her. Destiny simply laughed off the men’s attempts and moved on. She didn’t talk to anyone for very long; she was just enjoying the feeling of merriment that surrounded her. Out of nowhere a drink appeared in her hand. Destiny looked up in an effort to see who had handed her the cocktail. Standing beside her was a tall dark person dressed like a highwayman from a tacky romance novel. A dark feathered mask and the black hat that shadowed her features hid the person’s face. The gentle curve of the stranger’s body left no doubt in Destiny’s mind that the gracious individual was a woman.

Destiny tried to look in the taller woman’s eyes but the large brim of the hat shaded them from her view. "You know, my Mama warned me about accepting gifts from strangers," Destiny said with a soft drawl. Her companion smiled slightly and took the drink back. Destiny felt a delightful tingle pass through her body as the black leather glove brushed lightly across her fingers. The small blonde watched as the tall dark stranger walked away and disappeared into the crowd. There was something hauntingly familiar about the dark woman with the long flowing cape. She stood there for a moment, wondering if she had just imaged the brief encounter.

Her overactive mind drifted to what her horoscope had said that morning. ‘Trust your heart and you will find something you thought was lost.’ She shook her head, thinking how silly it was to think that history was repeating itself. She’d read her horoscope faithfully every day for the past year, ever since she’d met Cassandra. The tall dark policewoman had told her that she had asked Destiny out because her horoscope had led her to her. ‘I’m being silly,’ she admonished herself, thinking that it was just the way the tall dark stranger looked in her tight black pants, thigh-high leather boots, long flowing cape, and the billowing white shirt that was open just enough to reveal the woman’s cleavage.

Destiny felt a shiver run up and down her spine. She turned to see her mystery woman standing by herself in the corner. The sight of the woman made Destiny’s pulse race as her long ignored libido began to awaken. ‘Maybe I’m developing a Halloween fetish?’ she wondered as she pushed her way through the crowded living room. The small blonde could feel the heat rising in her body as she made her way closer to the mysterious figure. It was hard to maneuver since the only light in the apartment was from candles.

Somehow the sight of the tall woman dressed like a rogue highwayman seemed even more intoxicating in the dim lighting. Destiny gathered her courage as she pushed her way over to the corner where the mysterious stranger was standing. She could feel the woman’s eyes watching her; they caressed every inch of skin that her skimpy outfit left exposed. But she was still unable to see the stranger’s eyes. She needed to know if what she was feeling was real. Destiny stumbled up to the mysterious woman and simply looked up at her. In the dim shadows she could see the slightest hint of a smile emerge on the stranger’s lips. Still she was unable to see her eyes.

The stranger reached out and ran her fingers gently across the tiny cap resting on Destiny’s head. Slowly the woman’s fingers drifted down along Destiny’s face until they came to rest under the blonde’s chin. They tilted Destiny’s face up to greet her own as she brushed the blonde’s lips with her thumb. Destiny’s emerald eyes strained in the darkness and still failed to catch a glimmer of the woman’s eyes. The feel of soft leather caressing her face sent a jolt through her body.

Destiny’s body hummed with desire as she reached out and clasped the taller woman’s hips. The stranger lowered her face to Destiny’s. The blonde could feel the woman’s warm breath caressing her face as she pulled the stranger closer to her. Destiny’s heart was pounding as her pulse began to race. She had to know if it was who she hoped it was. She claimed the stranger’s lips and kissed her deeply. Destiny held the other woman tightly as the kiss deepened and the stranger parted her lips with her tongue. ‘It’s her! No one else has ever set my body on fire with just one kiss except her,’ her mind screamed as their tongues danced together.

Destiny’s body melted into the taller woman’s embrace, feeling a hesitation that hadn’t existed before. Perhaps her mystery woman wasn’t who she thought it was. As the kiss ended Destiny was disoriented and stumbled slightly away from her lover. Her lips quivered as she opened her mouth to speak. Yet no words come out as her mind and body reeled from the fiery kiss.

Frustrated by not knowing just whom it was that had sent her body into turmoil, she raised a shaky hand up to the large brim of the stranger’s hat. Her trembling fingers were halted by the mysterious woman’s hand clasping them and bringing them gently to her lips. Destiny released a strangled whimper as her mystery woman’s tongue flickered across her fingertips.

Her knees buckled slightly as her mind spun. The stranger wrapped her up in a comforting embrace and guided her down a dark hallway away from the crowd of people. A cool draft flew up her short skirt as the tall woman unlocked a door at the end of the hallway and escorted Destiny inside. Destiny stood in the middle of the dark room, her body trembling with desire and nervous energy.

She simply stood there and watched; the stranger’s cape blew in the night air as she went to close the window, which had been opened slightly. Then the dark woman drew the curtains shut and lit a candle. The candle illuminated the small bedroom. Destiny felt as if she was falling as the caped woman turned to her. Standing so near to the candlelight Destiny could see the flicker in crystal blue eyes. "Cassandra," she whispered as she shyly stepped closer, still not entirely certain that it was really her.

The taller woman closed the gap between them and gently traced Destiny’s delicate features with her fingers. Destiny was lost in the fiery blue gaze as the taller woman released the ties that held her mask in place. The mystery woman tossed the mask aside as Destiny reached up to do the same to the other woman’s mask. The stranger quickly captured her small hands. She trembled as the woman kissed the palms of her hands before encircling her waist as she moved behind the tiny blonde.

Destiny whimpered as a warm breath teased her neck followed by a series of promising kisses as the stranger’s hands caressed her stomach. She fought against the fiery need burning inside of her as she tried to speak. She wanted to ask the masked woman if she was indeed who she hoped she was. Each kiss burned her skin as she felt her lover’s tongue gliding along her neck. The stranger’s leather-clad hands drifted up Destiny’s trembling body as she suckled her neck.

Destiny moaned as the taller woman cupped her breasts. The dark woman began to nibble on Destiny’s earlobe while her large hands caressed the blonde’s breasts. Destiny released a throaty moan as she felt her nipples hardening. The stranger’s tongue dipped into her ear as the woman’s hands teased her breasts. Destiny’s body responded as her hips began to press into the firm body behind her.

Destiny ground her backside harder against the mysterious caped woman. She felt her undoing the tiny white sailor-style top of her outfit and her hot breath drifted up along the blonde’s sensitive neck. Destiny’s flesh erupted in tiny goose bumps as her top was opened and soft leather traced the swell of her breasts. Destiny’s mind knew that she should slow things down but her body gave in to the fire; she bent over slightly while her mystery woman began to tease her nipples.

Destiny was now lying halfway on the bed; her mind suddenly registered that she was in a stranger’s bedroom. The sudden fear quickly vanished as she felt the mystery woman’s hips thrusting against her firm backside while she rolled the blonde’s nipples between her long fingers. Destiny was panting heavily as she parted her thighs and gripped the soft comforter that covered the bed. She felt her skirt being raised as her wetness began to rush from her overheated center.

Her body was covered for a moment by the stranger’s cape and she was lost in the darkness and the feel of the taller woman’s body grinding against her swollen sex. She gasped for air as the cape was lifted and the woman began to remove Destiny’s top, never ceasing the sensual rhythm of her hips. Destiny matched the woman’s rhythm; she shamelessly thrust urgently against the woman who was nestled between her thighs.

Destiny only released her hold on the bedding to allow the woman to remove her top completely as their hips continued to grind against one another. Her desire flowed freely and her passion painted the inside of her quivering thighs. Her hips’ rhythm increased in an urgent need as she watched the leather gloves being removed and tossed down onto the bed. Destiny’s needy moans grew deeper as her lover’s hands clasped her hips; they rocked harder against one another. The soft material of the taller woman’s pants and the large buckle of her belt ground against the small blonde’s body urgently.

Destiny crawled further up onto the bed; her body was ready to explode. She whimpered as she felt her lover’s hips still for a moment. Then she cried out with passion as her lover’s fingers traced the edge of her panties. Destiny’s body jerked as her lover’s touch moved slowly along her flesh. Her arms trembled as she fought to support her body while her lover slowly began to lower her passion-soaked underwear.

Destiny whimpered with need as her panties were slowly removed. Once the garment was removed from her body, she parted her legs even further, knowing that her lover could see her desire. She moaned again as her lover’s breath teased the firm flesh of her ass while the taller woman dipped a single finger between the blonde’s slick folds. Destiny released a strangled cry as her lover’s finger traced her swollen lips without touching her aching clit.

Destiny clutched at the bedding; her lover’s tongue danced across her cheeks while the feathers from her mask tickled the blonde’s skin and her finger continued to trace her wetness, still avoiding the part of her that was screaming to be touched. Her lover’s tongue drifted lower as another finger joined her exploration of Destiny’s passion. The blonde’s body tensed as her lover’s fingers captured her throbbing clit and her tongue finally tasted her wetness. "Yes," Destiny encouraged her lover with a hiss as the taller woman teased her clit with her fingers and her tongue danced across her slick folds.

Her lover murmured in pleasure as Destiny’s hips swayed against her touch. The blonde was ready to fall over the edge as she felt her lover’s fingers pressing against the opening of her center. Destiny’s body rocked backward, trying to encourage her lover to continue. Her breathing grew ragged as she felt her lover shift away from her body. The bed creaked as her lover climbed up onto it and knelt behind the blonde, her fingers still resting against the opening of Destiny’s warm wet center.

Destiny’s body shook as she waited for her lover. She thrust her hips against her lover’s touch as she heard the sounds of the taller woman’s belt being tossed onto the floor and her pants being lowered. Then there was no sound at all except the noise from the party that was still going on just a few short feet away from the bedroom they were in. Destiny licked her dry lips in anticipation as she felt her lover’s free hand running down the smooth skin of her spine.

Destiny once again thrust against her lover’s touch as the taller woman ceased her movements. Destiny looked over her shoulder to see her lover kneeling behind her. Her lover’s features were concealed by the darkness and the shadow cast from the brim of her hat. The only thing Destiny could see was a slight glimmer of blue twinkling from behind the mask. Destiny was unable to move; her heart was pounding. Her lover’s eyes darkened with desire. "Please," Destiny requested with a heated breath. Her pulse beat faster as she watched her lover’s lips curl into a smile.

Destiny continued to stare at the dark figure behind her as she felt two fingers slipping inside of her. She fought to keep her eyes open as her lover filled her. Her eyes fluttered shut and her head fell slightly while her lover’s fingers wiggled inside of her. Destiny’s hips arched back against her lover’s touch while the other woman’s free hand ran up her back and came to rest upon her shoulder.

She rocked her hips against the other woman’s hand as her lover’s wetness pressed against her skin. She felt her lover’s thighs straddling her as she began to plunge slowly in and out of Destiny’s wetness. The blonde moved her body in rhythm with her lover as she felt her passion grinding against her skin. "So wet," Destiny moaned as she felt her lover’s wetness painting her body as they swayed in unison.

The soft material of her lover’s costume caressed her body as the taller woman’s fingers clutched her shoulder, her hot breath teasing the back of Destiny’s neck while they began to move against each other in a sensual motion. The feel of her lover’s body cloaked her own as she began to tease Destiny’s clit with her thumb, driving the blonde closer to the edge. Her lover took her harder as the rhythm steadily increased. She could feel her lover’s body trembling against her as the sweet aroma of lovemaking filled her senses. Destiny’s body shivered; her lover lifted her weight away from her body as they began to thrust their hips urgently.

Destiny’s mind exploded in shades of crimson and her body tightened against her lover’s touch. She was crying out as her body rocked wildly. The bed creaked beneath them as they thrust frantically against each other until Destiny felt every fiber of her being explode in ecstasy. She was gasping for air as the world spun out of control and the fingers inside of her stilled while her body continued to quiver.

Destiny was fighting to catch her breath as she felt her lover’s touch leaving her. She rolled over onto her back, revealing her half-naked body to her lover who was standing by the side of the bed. The tall dark highwayman standing there with her pants hanging around her knees mesmerized the small blonde. Destiny climbed off the bed and knelt before her lover; the soft velvet cape wrapped around her as a gentle hand guided her to her lover’s passion.

Destiny ran one of her hands up along her lover’s bare thigh while she parted the taller woman with the other. The scent of her lover’s arousal drew her in as the tall stranger ran her fingers through Destiny’s short blonde hair. Destiny slowly ran her tongue along her lover’s slick folds as she drank in her passion. Legs parted as Destiny flickered her tongue across the woman’s throbbing clit. Her lover guided her closer as Destiny suckled her clit in the warmth of her mouth. ‘It’s her,’ Destiny’s mind screamed as she teased her lover with her teeth and her tongue.

Her lover ground her body against Destiny’s face as the blonde eagerly feasted upon her. Her lover’s moans and sway of her hips fueled Destiny’s desire. She buried herself deeper inside her lover’s wetness and drank her passion until the taller woman cried out, her body trembling against her skin. Destiny suckled her clit harder as her lover tried to pull away. Finally Destiny released her hold on her lover, allowing the taller woman to stumble over to the bed.

Her lover reached out, took Destiny by the hand, and pulled the blonde down on top of her. Destiny felt her lover’s thigh slipping between her legs. Destiny mirrored her lover’s actions before running her fingers through her short blonde hair. "I lost my hat," Destiny said playfully as her lover chuckled from beneath her. "Time to lose yours," she continued firmly.

Her lover raised her body and Destiny felt the woman’s desire painting her skin. As her lover sat up slightly, Destiny removed the woman’s hat. As long ebony hair cascaded down her lover’s shoulders, the blonde tossed the hat off into the darkness. Her lover ran her fingers through Destiny’s hair and pulled her in for a lingering kiss. As Destiny’s tongue explored the warmth of her lover’s mouth, she undid the string of the mystery woman’s mask.

They stared deeply into one another’s eyes once the kiss came to a reluctant end. Hands trembling, Destiny removed the large dark feathery mask that was concealing her lover. She smiled when Cassandra’s face was revealed to her. "When did you know it was me?" Cassandra asked her with a wry smile.

"When you kissed me," Destiny confessed. "No one can make me feel like that with one kiss except you." Destiny’s heart dropped as she saw the look of doubt clouding Cassandra’s chiseled features. "I was a fool," she said sincerely.

"You want to talk about it?" Cassandra offered gently. "Or is this another trip around the lighthouse?"


"I want to talk about it but not tonight," Destiny responded as she began to undo the knot that was holding Cassandra’s cape in place. "As for another trip to the lighthouse, I would enjoy that as well," Destiny added in a breathy tone as she lifted the cape from Cassandra’s broad shoulders and began to unbutton her billowing white shirt. "What you can do with your clothes on should be illegal."

"I think it is in most states," Cassandra quipped as her fingers ran up and under Destiny’s skirt.

The blonde inhaled sharply as Cassandra’s fingers warmed her flesh. "You know we probably shouldn’t be doing this in our hostess’ bedroom," Destiny remarked, feeling a little uncomfortable about making love in either Shelia or her sister’s room.

"It’s my bedroom," Cassandra informed her huskily as she began to massage Destiny’s firm backside.

"This is your room?" Destiny asked in surprise. She inhaled sharply as Cassandra’s tongue flickered across one of her nipples.

"Yes," Cassandra whispered against her skin.

Destiny pulled slightly away from Cassandra’s teasing, determined to remove the rest of the brunette’s clothing. "You know what’s really strange?" Cassandra said as Destiny removed her blouse. "I read my horoscope today. I haven’t done that since last Halloween."

"What did it say?" Destiny whispered in Cassandra’s ear as she began to nibble the soft lobe while her hands drifted down Cassandra’s shoulders.

"Someone close to you will help lead you back to your destiny," Cassandra groaned as she guided the blonde’s hips closer to her body.

They moaned as they fell back onto the bed and felt the other’s wetness greet their own. All words escaped them as their bodies melted together and their clits brushed against one another. Soon they began to sway against each other, pressing so closely together that Destiny had no idea where her body ended and Cassandra’s began. Destiny’s hands explored her lover’s body while Cassandra caressed every inch of hers. Soon they were clutching each other as they cried out in unison.

During the night they took turns slowly losing themselves in the feel of pleasuring the other. Exhausted and sated they curled up under the covers and held each other. Destiny had been afraid to fall asleep, fearing that she would wake to find that it all had been a dream and she would be alone once again. Her body finally gave in as she rested her head against her lover’s breast. Sleep claimed her as she listened to the steady beating of Cassandra’s heart.

A loud banging disrupted Destiny’s slumber. "Cass, haul your ass out of bed and help me clean up," Shelia’s voice demanded from just outside the door she was pounding on.

Destiny’s emerald eyes blinked open; she looked down at her lover who was smiling up at her. "Bite me," Cassandra hollered as Destiny stifled a chuckle.

They both jumped in surprise as the door was flung open. "I said get your . . ." Shelia’s shout suddenly died on her lips; she stared at Destiny who was trying to hide under the covers. "Destiny?" the brunette choked out.

"Hi, Shelia," Destiny offered shyly as she peeked out from under the blankets.

Shelia stood there with her mouth hanging open, staring at the blushing blonde. "Shelia, get out," Cassandra offered calmly. Thankfully Shelia bobbed her head up and down before making a hasty exit, closing the door behind her. "So you know my sister?" Cassandra offered in a playful tone.

"We have a class together," Destiny explained as she snuggled up against Cassandra’s body. "She invited me to the party." Destiny relaxed into the warm feeling of Cassandra’s naked body resting beneath her own. "Tell me you don’t have to rush off to work again."

"No," Cassandra reassured her as she ran her hands up and down Destiny’s back.

"Good, because I owe you an explanation," Destiny murmured as her skin tingled from the brunette’s touch.

"Later," Cassandra whispered as her hands drifted up along Destiny’s body. "Over dinner tonight. Right now we have other things to catch up on," she added with a purr.

Destiny responded by reclaiming the policewoman’s lips. She kissed her deeply in an effort to show her how much she regretted the past year. Destiny knew they had a lot to talk about, but for the moment she was satisfied in showing Cassandra how she felt.

The End

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