By Mavis Applewater

March 2002

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Thanks to my beta reader Joanne.

As always, this is for Heather


Gayle rubbed her throbbing temples for the one-hundredth time that day. What had she been thinking of when she agreed to help her sister with her niece’s fifth birthday party? There were twenty-seven children running around strung out on a sugar high. "Oh come on, Gayle. It’s not that bad." Sherry nudged her.

"Why did I ever agree to help you with Kayla’s party?" Gayle moaned as yet another high-pitched scream assaulted her ears.

"It’s not that bad." Sherry laughed. "Besides you needed to get out."

"So you thought that having me play referee at a five-year-old’s birthday party was just what I needed," Gayle growled at her older sibling. "How sweet," she spat out in a sarcastic tone.

"Come on, Gayle. You’ve been burying yourself in work," Sherry chastised her younger sibling.

"Not entirely," Gayle argued.

"Oh I know. You also shut yourself up in that house of yours," Sherry noted bitterly. "Look, I know that things between you and Anna ended badly, but you really need to get out amongst the living again."

"And you thought a kid’s birthday party was just the ticket?" Gayle questioned her sister in disbelief.

"Come on. Let’s go back outside and check on the kids." Sherry nudged her. "I think Frank is ready to go over the wall," Sherry teased, nodding towards her very tired looking spouse.

The tall siblings weaved their way through the racing children; their crystal blue eyes watching carefully to ensure that nothing was getting out of hand. "When are we going to serve the cake?" Gayle complained once again.

"Soon," Sherry groaned as she looked at her watch. "We’re just waiting for Elmo."

"Excuse me?" Gayle choked out, recalling the argument she’d had with her sister two weeks ago.

"Relax. Since neither you nor Frank were willing to wear the costume, I’ve hired a professional," Sherry explained dryly. "Elmo will do the cake and hand out the presents."

"Then we’re done and we can send the little rug rats home?" Gayle inquired hopefully.

"No." Sherry drew the word out into a hiss. "Elmo is going to play games with the children. Oh no! Tommy Walker is trying to ride the dog again."

"I’ll get him," Gayle volunteered as she raced after the little boy who had mistaken the husky for a pony ride.

Gayle managed to free the poor dog from the sticky youngster. Little Tommy planted a sticky sloppy kiss on her cheek while grabbing her long raven hair. He ran off as Gayle tried to unsnarl her hair, which was covered with an unidentifiable substance. "Where the hell is Elmo?" she muttered under her breath. All Gayle wanted at that moment was to go home and take a long bath.

She knew that Sherry was right. She needed to get out amongst the living once again. But this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. Anna’s sudden departure had left her feeling empty. "How after three years together do you suddenly decide that you don’t love someone anymore?" she wondered bitterly. She knew that things weren’t perfect but she never suspected that her partner had fallen for someone else.

It had been almost a year since Anna came home and announced that she was leaving. Gayle had been stunned by the coldness in her lover’s voice. It had all seemed surreal until Anna handed her the old ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ line of crap. Gayle stared in disbelief at her lover who simply began to pack up her belongings.

Out of the corner of her eye Gayle saw a white van pull up in front of the house. The van had several characters painted brightly along the side. "Please be Elmo," Gayle pleaded as she watched the van intently. "Come on, you furry red little bastard," she muttered as she tried to see if anyone was inside the van. She grimaced when she noticed that the windows were tinted.

A pair of high-strung children raced past her. Gayle was just about to give up on seeing Elmo emerge from the van when her jaw dropped. The petite blonde who did exit the van was stunning. The woman had reddish blonde hair braided down her back. Gayle moved closer to see if the woman was as young as she appeared from a distance.

Gayle drank in the sight of the young woman’s firm body. It wasn’t hard to notice since she was dressed in a pair of cutoff shorts and a sleeveless white T-shirt. Gayle was pleased when she realized that the woman was indeed older than she appeared. The tall brunette didn’t want to be ogling some teenager. Using her long stride, she cut across the yard as the woman made her way to the back of the van.

As the small blonde unlocked the van’s back door, Gayle was treated to the sight of her very firm backside. She stopped suddenly and swallowed hard at the sight. "Good. She’s here," Sherry exclaimed from behind her.

"Tell me that’s not Elmo," Gayle managed to choke out as the blonde disappeared into the van.

"It is," Sherry confirmed. "Why don’t we try to get the kids rounded up?" she suggested as she gave Gayle a nudge.

"But . . .?" Gayle stammered.

"What?" Sherry asked as she pulled her away.

"She’s a woman," Gayle pointed out.

"Very good," Sherry scoffed as she dragged Gayle along with her. "Nice to see you can still notice things like that. Now come on and help me with these kids."

Gayle and Sherry organized the kids with the help of Frank and the other parents. Gayle kept looking over her shoulder to see if she could catch another glimpse of the attractive blonde. Deciding that Gayle was becoming useless, Sherry sent her off to the kitchen to get the cake ready. Just as Gayle finished putting the candles on the large cake that had a huge Elmo made out of icing, a larger more animated version strolled into the backyard.

The children were screaming for Elmo as the furry guy handed out balloons. Gayle watched in amusement as some of the children hid from the oversized Sesame Street character. Not her niece though; she was boldly trying to climb up Elmo’s leg. "That’s my girl," Gayle said proudly as she watched the youngster. ‘Then again if the person under that costume is who I think it is, I wouldn’t mind climbing up her leg either. Oh man! I’m having lustful thoughts about Elmo! That’s just sick. Sherry’s right. I need to get out more often.’ Her thoughts raced as she watched the party from the kitchen window.

"Sherry wants us to bring out the cake," Frank announced from the doorway.

"You look exhausted," Gayle responded as she started lighting the candles.

"Who knew a kid’s birthday party could be like this?" her brother-in-law exclaimed. "It sounded so simple when we started to plan it," he muttered absently as he held the backdoor open for her.

Gayle brought the cake out to the screaming hoards. Elmo encouraged the children to sing Happy Birthday. The gifts were handed out and then Elmo began to lead the children in games. Gayle watched the furry guy carefully, trying to find any trace of the gorgeous woman that she had seen earlier.

She found it amusing to watch the blindfolded children trying to knock open the piņata hanging from the oak tree. "Yeah, that’s what these kids need. More sugar," Gayle whispered to her sister who was trying to videotape every precious moment.

"Just for that crack, smart aleck . . ." Sherry lowered her camera slightly. "Oh Elmo!" She beckoned the red monster over. "I think we have someone over here who wants to try their luck with the piņata," Sherry shouted loudly.

"Sherry," Gayle growled as Elmo bounced over and took the brunette by her hand.

The kids cheered her on, thinking they were finally going to get their candy. Elmo handed Gayle the stick and then wrapped a blindfold around her eyes. Elmo was quite animated as he performed this act. The kids and adults laughed as Gayle was spun around. Gayle couldn’t help but notice that Elmo’s hands were drifting to some very interesting places.

Gayle latched tightly onto one of the large furry red hands. "Watch your hands, Elmo," she threatened softly. When she heard a small gasp she knew that her message had been received. Gayle stumbled around swinging the stick until she heard the piņata crack open and the children squeal in delight.

She started to fall as the children rushed forward. A large furry hand reached out and grabbed hold of her as she started to stumble. She felt arms wrapping around her as they pulled her to safety. Gayle pulled the blindfold from her eyes and found that she was hugging Elmo. ‘This is getting too weird,’ she thought merrily as she was released from Elmo’s furry arms. "Thank you," she said honestly. She smiled as Elmo bowed.

Another hour passed before the kids were waving goodbye to Elmo. Thankfully the party started to wrap up. As Gayle was helping Frank and Sherry clean up the backyard, she noticed the van was still parked out front.

Exhausted, Gayle entered her sister’s kitchen to find her chatting with the blonde she’d seen earlier. Gayle had to admit she looked a lot better when she wasn’t sporting the furry red costume. The blonde was sipping a glass of iced tea as Sherry rambled on about what a great job she did. "Hey Sis," Sherry called out. Gayle simply smiled as she became completely captivated by a pair of emerald eyes.

"Gayle, this is . . . ,"Sherry began the introduction.

"I think we’ve met," Gayle said smoothly as she held out her hand.

"Teagan Gallagher," the blonde introduced herself as she shook Gayle’s hand firmly.

Gayle reluctantly released Teagan’s hand as she noticed the mischievous twinkle in her green eyes. They stood there staring at one another for a lingering moment. Gayle could feel her heart racing as her mouth went suddenly dry. "I should get going," Teagan finally said, her eyes never breaking contact with Gayle’s.

"I’ll get your check," Sherry said quickly. Gayle was barely aware that her sister had risen and left the room. The air became thick with energy.

"I’m sorry about earlier," Teagan apologized. Gayle stared at the small blonde in confusion. "My paws don’t generally slip like that," Teagan explained with a slight blush.

"Uh huh,"Gayle responded wryly.

"I didn’t think you’d mind," Teagan continued in a slightly cocky manner.

"Really?" Gayle questioned, feeling a little irritated by the woman’s forward manner.

"No." Teagan smirked.

"And why is that?" Gayle huffed.

"Don’t know really," Teagan hedged. "Maybe it was the way you checked my backside out before I changed into my costume."

"Oh," Gayle stammered. Now it was her turn to blush. "You caught that, did you?"

"Uh huh." Teagan grinned. "Still it was unprofessional of me to touch you that way. I apologize."

"Well, it was inappropriate," Gayle hedged, her heart still racing. "I’ll be honest. It was the outfit that kind of threw me."

Gayle was mesmerized by the smaller woman’s smile. She found herself wondering if she should ask her out. Her courage was failing her at the moment. She hoped that maybe Teagan would ask her out and spare her the embarrassment. Silence surrounded them as Gayle wrestled with her demons. Just as she mustered up the courage to invite the blonde for coffee, Sherry entered the room.

"Here you are, Teagan." Sherry beamed as she handed the woman a check.

Teagan glanced at it quickly before stuffing into the tight denim cut offs. "You were great," Sherry babbled on. "The kids just loved it."

"Well, tell your friends," Teagan responded with charm as she reached into her pocket and handed a few business cards to Sherry. "And if there’s anything I can do for you, call me," Teagan addressed Gayle while handing her a business card. Their fingers brushed slightly during the exchange. Gayle stared at the card as her fingers trembled from the sensation. "Well, I really need to be going," Teagan stated, snapping Gayle out of her trance. Teagan seemed to be waiting for something. Unable to speak, Gayle could only stare into those amazing eyes. Teagan’s gaze fell slightly as a grimace flashed across her cherubic features. "Nice meeting the both of you," the blonde muttered in a dejected manner before waving goodbye and leaving the sisters standing in the kitchen.

"What is the matter with you?" Sherry snapped.

"What?" Gayle asked in confusion.

"Why didn’t you ask her out?" Sherry pushed. "Or walk her out to the van? Or speak instead of staring like a complete idiot?"

"Sherry, what are you talking about?" Gayle tried to defend herself.

"You really don’t get it, do you?" Sherry groaned in exasperation. "That girl was hot for you."

"Don’t be silly. Sherry." Gayle stated with disbelief. "She was just being nice."

"Oh, so she gave you her business card to be nice?" Sherry nudged her.

"She gave you her card as well," Gayle pointed out. "She’s just trying to drum up business."

"She gave me a stack of cards to pass on to my friends." Sherry snorted. "She gave you a single card and asked you to call her if there was anything she could do for you."

"Sherry, you’re wrong," Gayle protested as her gaze drifted back to the business card she still clutched in her hand.

"Weren’t you interested?" Sherry questioned her in a serious tone.

Gayle couldn’t respond. She knew that she was interested. She was more than interested. For the first time in years she felt alive. She was not simply attracted to the small woman; she was completely turned on. Her libido had not only stirred; it was screaming in full force. And it terrified her.

"Gayle?" Sherry said in a nervous tone. "Sis, what’s wrong?"

"Nothing," Gayle lied. "I guess I’m just out of practice."

"No rush," Sherry said in an effort to comfort her brooding sibling. "She gave you her card. You can call her tomorrow."

"I couldn’t do that," Gayle gasped.

"Why not?" Sherry asked in disbelief.

"I just met her," Gayle said, trying to sound reasonable.

"And?" Sherry spat out. "She gave you her card. Ask her out for coffee."

"I don’t know," Gayle groaned as she felt her headache returning in full force. "Do you really think she was interested in me?"

"You are an idiot," Sherry responded flatly. "Go home and relax. Get cleaned up and have good night’s sleep. And call her in the morning."

"Sherry . . . I just don’t know," Gayle protested.

"Promise me that you’ll at least think about it?" Sherry pleaded.

Gayle agreed to think about it and they continued to clean up the debris left behind from the day’s festivities. Gayle was astonished that such small children could leave such a mass of wanton destruction in their wake.

Later she was soaking in a hot bath. She couldn’t stop her mind from conjuring up images of Teagan. Lustful images clouded her thoughts as she tried to decide whether or not she should call the small blonde.

Later as she lay in be,d she still had no idea what she should do. She knew what she wanted to do. She wanted Teagan in bed with her at that very moment so she could touch those firm muscles. She pictured Teagan cupping her breasts. Gayle’s hands began to roam her own body freely. She closed her eyes as she ran her hands up under her nightshirt, biting her bottom lip as she pinched and teased her own nipples. She imagined Teagan’s body pressed against her own as her hand drifted down her stomach.

Gayle gasped as she felt her passion pooling around her fingers. "God, I’m so turned on and I’m only thinking about her." She panted as her fingers brushed across her throbbing clit. She continued to pinch her nipples with one hand as the other sank into her center. Her body arched in response. As she touched herself, she pictured Teagan touching her. Gayle plunged deeper inside of herself as her body trembled. She cried out in pleasure as she released her pent up frustrations.


Teagan sat at her desk trying to sort out the following weeks schedule. She chewed on her bottom lip as she tried to match her performers with the appropriate characters for upcoming parties. Business was good. And that meant dealing with her staff’s overwhelming scheduling problems. "Don’t they realize they just can’t blow off work," she grumbled to herself. "You miss work and some kid doesn’t have Buzz Lightyear showing up at their party." There was also the problem of matching her staff to the costume. Height and weight were all factors. Clyde was always available but no one wanted a three-hundred-pound Easter Bunny.

Of course with Teagan’s slender build and short stature, she could fill in for most of the characters. Like she had done the week before with Elmo. A smile crossed her lips as she recalled meeting Gayle at the party. The smile quickly turned into a grimace as she realized that the tall brunette had failed to call her. "I came on too strong," she chastised herself. "She’s not interested. Just accept it and move on," she reminded herself once again.

A knock on her office door snapped her out of her dark thoughts. "Come in," she called out. Melinda, her assistant, stepped in. "There’s a Miss Jordan here to see you," Melinda explained with a slight scowl.

Teagan quickly flipped through her appointment book in confusion. "I don’t have anything written down." The blonde shook her head in confusion. "Well, send her in, Mel. I’ll try to make myself presentable."

"She doesn’t have an appointment," Mel protested.

Teagan was surprised by her assistant’s objection to her visitor. "Mel, we play kiddy parties; we’re not Chase Manhattan," Teagan explained slowly. "Send her in." Teagan was wondering what was wrong with her normally efficient assistant as she left her office.

Teagan was busy trying to straighten up her desk when her visitor entered. "I hope I’m not interrupting anything?" the deep voice inquired shyly from the doorway. Teagan’s head snapped up and drank in the vision of the woman who had been haunting her dreams for the past week.

"Gayle," she responded with a smile. "Come in."

The tall brunette seemed to relax as she stepped into the cluttered office. "I didn’t mean to bother you," Gayle quickly apologized as she closed the door behind her.

"You’re not bothering me," Teagan offered gently.

"The girl in the outer office said that you were very busy," Gayle explained as she took a seat on the couch hidden in the corner.

"I’m always busy." Teagan shrugged, wondering what had gotten Mel’s knickers in a twist.

"I can see that," Gayle said with a smile. "It’s quite an operation you have here. I didn’t realize at the party that you were the boss."

"Yes . . . well, I’m much more than a frisky little monster," Teagan teased. "I don’t go out on gigs that often anymore. But sometimes when we’re short handed or when I feel the urge, I go out."

"So last week was a special guest appearance?" Gayle teased in return.

"So what brings you here?" Teagan inquired as she crossed over to sit beside Gayle. "Business or pleasure?"

Teagan was intrigued as she watched Gayle fidget nervously. "I was wondering if you wanted to maybe go for coffee or something?" Gayle finally confessed.

Teagan’s eyes went wide in delight. "Yes. I’d really like that," she blurted out quickly before she could stop herself from sounding overanxious. "Sorry, I didn’t mean to come on so strong," she quickly apologized as she blushed slightly.

"No need to apologize," Gayle said as she blew out a sigh of relief. "I’ve been meaning to call you all week. Truth is I wimped out. "

"Really?" Teagan was truly surprised that the seemingly confident woman was afraid to ask her out.

"I haven’t dated in a long time," Gayle explained.

Teagan swallowed hard, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Fearing that she had hit on a married woman, she began to squirm. She couldn’t deny her attraction to this woman, but there were some lines she just didn’t cross. "I was in a relationship for over three years," Gayle explained sadly. "It ended last year and I just kind of shut myself off from everyone."

"Oh," Teagan responded with relief. "I was afraid that you were involved or something."

"No, just rusty." Gayle laughed slightly.

"When would you like to go out?" Teagan pressed, not wanting an opportunity to get to know this woman better to slip by. She regretted her eagerness as Gayle’s eyes widened. The brunette looked like a deer caught in a set of headlights. "Am I moving too fast?"

"No," Gayle choked out nervously. "Like I said, I’m rusty at all of this."

Teagan waited patiently, allowing Gayle to gather her thoughts. The scent of Gayle’s perfume and the nearness of her body were making it extremely difficult for Teagan to restrain herself. She knew she had no choice since the woman was panicking over the thought of when they should go out. ‘I don’t know if I can handle this. I want to kiss her senseless just from sitting so close to her.’ Her mind raced. "So what made you decide to come over here?" Teagan offered, hoping to break the ice.

"I was downtown on business when I passed by the shop," Gayle explained. "So I finally decided to suck it up and drop in. Actually I was hoping that you wouldn’t be here so I wouldn’t have to ask you out face to face."

Teagan could sympathize with Gayle’s dilemma. It was hard enough asking someone out over the telephone, never mind having to risk rejection up close and personal. "How about this? It’s late and there’s a really good restaurant right on the corner. If you’re free we could catch a bite to eat now and get to know one another better," Teagan offered hopefully.

"Now?" Gayle choked out.

"If that’s all right with you?" Teagan responded carefully, not wanting to scare Gayle off.

She could see the hesitation written all over Gayle’s face. Suddenly the dark woman shook her head and laughed lightly. "Yes," she asserted confidently. "Sorry I’m being so silly. I don’t know what I’m afraid of. I am very attracted to you and I want to get to know you better, so let’s go."

"Great." Teagan beamed as she reached over and gave Gayle’s hand a light squeeze. "I just need to grab my coat and let my staff know that I’m taking off for the night."


Gayle felt good as she sat across the table from Teagan. She had been so nervous earlier when they were at Teagan’s shop. Her assistant had been a little snippy when they were leaving. Teagan seemed to be confused by the woman’s terse manner. Gayle understood Melinda perfectly; the redhead had a crush on her boss.

Now here they were enjoying a simple meal at Brandy’s. They talked about their jobs and love lives. The evening wore on as Gayle found herself talking endlessly. There was something about Teagan that put her at ease. The only problem was Gayle didn’t want the evening to end. In fact much to her surprise, she wanted to go somewhere that they could be alone. She wanted Teagan to wrap her body around her own.

For the past week she had fantasized, dreamt about, and agonized over the woman seated across from her. And now she didn’t know how to handle the way her palms were sweating and her stomach clenched in desire each time Teagan laughed or spoke.

"So why are the windows of your van tinted?" Gayle inquired thoughtfully.

"I have all of the vans’ windows tinted so the kids won’t see the costumes in the back. This way they only see the character exiting or entering. And we inform the parents if they ask about the person they see entering and exiting, they should just tell the kids that it’s the character’s driver," Teagan explained.

"That’s smart," Gayle concurred.

"Well, it saves a lot of heartache for the little ones," Teagan explained. "It would be a little traumatic for some four-year-old to see a great big Kermit head lying in the back of the van. And we need somewhere to change. Trust me. You don’t want to drive around town dressed like Winnie the Pooh."

"Are you speaking from experience?" Gayle teased her.

"As a matter a fact, I am." Teagan swatted her playfully. "At Christmas time I make my Santa Claus park the van around the corner from the gig. There’s nothing harder to explain than why Santa’s driving a car. So do you like investment banking?"

"Yes I do," Gayle confirmed. "I know it sounds dull but I find everything about what I do very challenging."

When the check arrived, Gayle had to wrestle it away from the feisty blonde. "I invited you out, remember?" she pointed out.

"All right but next time is on me," Teagan countered hopefully.

Gayle’s stomach lurched and her heart rate sped up when she heard the promise in those words. "Okay," Gayle agreed in a rich tone as she extracted some bills from her wallet and left them on the table for their waitress.

They fell into a comfortable silence as they walked back to Teagan’s shop. Gayle felt a pang of disappointment that the evening was ending. They stood there on the street, each shifting nervously. "I guess your crew wrapped up for the night," Gayle noted as she looked at the dark building with the metal gate pulled down.

"Yeah," Teagan answered softly. "I need to finish some paperwork," she apologized as she stepped slightly closer to Gayle.

The brunette could feel her body tingling from the heat emanating from Teagan’s firm little body. Gayle leaned in closer trying to think of something to say that would delay their separation. "I had a great time tonight," she finally managed to utter.

"Me too," Teagan said with a shy smile. "Would you like to come in for a little while?"

"I . . . uhm." Gayle hesitated.

"I just need to grab some schedules," Teagan explained quickly. "I live upstairs. I could make us some coffee."

"That sounds nice," Gayle agreed quickly before she could change her mind.

"Why don’t we head upstairs first?" Teagan suggested. "I can always grab my paperwork later."

Gayle could only nod in response as she watched Teagan unlock the side door and punching a code into the alarm system. Gayle followed the woman up the staircaseher eyes riveted to Teagan’s well-defined backside.


Teagan was sweating as she prepared their coffee. Her body and her mind were locked in a fierce battle. She was beyond attracted to this woman; still she knew that she needed to take things slowly. Her heart lurched when she exited her kitchen to find Gayle relaxing on her sofa. Teagan had dimmed the lights after she gave Gayle a quick tour of her modest home. There was something about how the woman looked bathed in the dim light that made Teagan’s body pulsate with desire. "Give me strength," the blonde muttered under her breath.

"What was that?" Gayle inquired from her perch on the sofa.

"I said, here we go," she lied as she held up the steaming coffee mugs and walked over to join the brunette.

Teagan settled the mugs onto the coffee table as she sat down. She hadn’t intended to sit so close to the woman who was sending her hormones into overdrive. But the sofa wasn’t very large. She turned to say something to Gayle and found herself locked in an electrifying gaze. "You are so beautiful," Teagan said as she leaned closer to Gayle.

Fearing that she had overstepped the line once again, she started to move away. Gayle reached up and cupped her cheek in the palm of her hand. Teagan leaned into the touch as Gayle’s thumb caressed her face. Teagan’s promise to take things slowly melted away.

They leaned in closer to each other. Only a sliver of air separated their bodies as their breath mingled. "We shouldn’t," Teagan whimpered as she drank in the scent of Gayle’s perfume.

"I know," Gayle responded in breathy tone.

Their mouths drew closer together until their lips brushed slightly. Teagan trembled from the shy kiss. They rested their foreheads together, neither willing to break contact. With that one kiss Teagan was ready to explode. Her eyes fluttered shut as she willed her body to calm down. Her will was broken as Gayle’s hands cupped her face and her lips nibbled gently on Teagan’s mouth.

Teagan responded eagerly to Gayle’s mouth and began to suck on Gayle’s lower lip. The whimper she heard escaping from Gayle sent a jolt of pleasure through her. Teagan tongue parted Gayle’s lips and began to explore the warmth of her mouth. She gently lowered her lover down onto the sofa as their tongues danced together.

Teagan moaned into her lover’s mouth as her hands drifted down Gayle’s body. They shifted as their legs wrapped around each other. Teagan cupped Gayle’s breast, enjoying its firmness as she pressed her body into the woman who lay beneath her. She could feel Gayle’s hands rubbing her back as they drifted down her body.

She arched as the brunette cupped her backside. Their hips began to grind in a sensual rhythm as Teagan continued to fondle Gayle’s breast. They both gasped as they came up for air. Gayle’s head fell back as her body arched against Teagan’s. The sight of the brunette’s swan-like neck being offered up to her was too much to resist.

Teagan began to kiss Gayle’s neck, nibbling and tasting every delightful inch of her skin. Gayle moaned deeply as they thrust against each other. The brunette’s hands pulled Teagan’s body closer to her. Teagan suckled Gayle’s neck, feeling her blood racing against her tongue. "Teagan!" Gayle panted heavily as the blonde tugged the hem of her shirt out of her pants.

Teagan’s center throbbed as her hand slipped up under Gayle’s blouse. Her mouth continued to feast on Gayle’s neck as her fingers felt the warmth of the brunette’s skin as they moved up her body. "Do you want this?" Teagan whispered against Gayle’s skin. Her hand pulled on the lacy material of the brunette’s bra in an eager attempt to feel the skin beneath respond to her touch.

"Yes," Gayle moaned as her fingers dug into Teagan’s backside. Teagan lifted her body so she could gaze down on her lover. Her hips ground against Gayle as the brunette matched her rhythm; their bodies trembled in a sweet sensual pleasure. Teagan slowly unbuttoned Gayle’s blouse as their bodies melted together.

Electric blue eyes bore into her as she opened Gayle’s blouse, revealing the firm body beneath. The desire evident in Gayle’s eyes gripped her heart. Her fingers teased Gayle’s erect nipple as their thighs tightened around each other. "I need you," Gayle confessed hotly as her hand moved up Teagan’s body. The brunette ran her fingers through Teagan’s long hair.

Teagan rocked harderagainst her lover as Gayle guided her gently to her exposed breast. Teagan murmured in delight as she took Gayle’s nipple in her mouth. As Teagan suckled hungrily, she felt her pants being undone. She could feel her lover’s hand pulling her jeans off her body. She shifted slightly, allowing Gayle access to her.

Teagan lifted her hips slightly as Gayle’s long fingers brushed her wetness. The blonde moaned against Gayle’s breast as the brunette began to glide her fingers along Teagan’s slick folds. Teagan’s head flew up as her lover entered her center. The blonde straddled her lover as she allowed Gayle’s fingers to plunge in and out of her wetness.

"I can’t believe this happening," Gayle panted as her thumb teased Teagan’s clit. "I’ve been dreaming of doing this."

"You have?" Teagan moaned deeply as she rocked her hips against Gayle’s hand. "What else have you been dreaming about?" the blonde asked as she lowered herself down so she could once again capture Gayle’s inviting lips.

Gayle took her harder as they explored one another’s mouths. Teagan could feel her thighs quivering as her heart beat furiously. Gayle held her tightly as she exploded against her; Gayle’s warm arms encircled her as the aftershocks coursed through her.

Teagan lifted her head to find Gayle smiling at her. The brunette brushed back Teagan’s hair that was clinging to her face. "We shouldn’t have done that," Teagan teased her with a mischievous grin.

"No, we shouldn’t have," Gayle agreed as she pulled Teagan closer.

"It was too soon," Teagan noted as she began kissing Gayle’s face.

"Much too soon," Gayle murmured as her hands made gentle circles across Teagan’s back. "But since we have, I’d really like to show you what else I’ve been dreaming about."

Teagan lifted her head and laughed lightly. "Now what happened to that very shy woman who was ready to bolt out of my office earlier today?" she teased her lover.

"Oh her." Gayle rolled her crystal blue eyes. "She decided to take a chance."

"I’m glad," Teagan said before placing a reassuring kiss on Gayle’s lips.

The blonde moved and pulled up her pants as she stood. "I really like you, Gayle, and I do want to get to know you outside the bedroom," Teagan began to explain carefully.

"I’d like that to," Gayle responded with a smile as she stood beside the petite blonde.

"You are so tall," Teagan noted as she looked her lover up and down. Gayle laughed shyly as Teagan took her by the hand. "I really didn’t expect this tonight but I would like to continue," Teagan continued as she led the leggy brunette towards the bedroom. "I’ve been having some interesting dreams myself lately."

Gayle smiled shyly as they stepped inside the dark bedroom. She dipped her head down and captured Teagan’s lips. They stood there kissing while they slowly undressed one another. Once they had freed themselves of their clothing, each took a moment to simply admire the other’s body. Their fingertips gently slid over exposed skin as they lowered each other onto the bed.

Hands explored slowly as they kissed tenderly. Teagan felt like she’d been waiting her entire life to be in this woman’s arms. She began to kiss her way down Gayle’s long body as her lover’s hands caressed her. Without speaking the two women lay side by side, each kissing the other’s thighs. Teagan trembled at the thought of how good it was going to feel to taste her new lover while she was being tasted.

They found themselves exploring slowly, enjoying the taste of their passion. They pulled one another’s passions closer and began to feast upon them. Teagan fought between the sensation of Gayle’s tongue dipping inside of her and the sweet taste of Gayle’s wetness. They feasted upon each other with growing intensity as they held one another tightly. Their pace grew with a sudden urgency, each needing to find and give release. Their bodies trembled as they suckled each other’s throbbing clits while knowing fingers entered. Their lovemaking became wild as they rocked against each other, finally climaxing in unison as they screamed in ecstasy.

They nestled against each other as they caught their breath, enjoying the feel and scent of their lover. "It’s getting very late," Gayle noted as she rolled over.

Teagan climbed up her lover’s body and snuggled against her as Gayle wrapped her in her arms. "Stay," Teagan offered hopefully.

"Let’s get in bed," Gayle suggested as she kissed Teagan once again.

Teagan reeled as she tasted both of them on Gayle’s lips. "I do like the way you kiss." She sighed as they climbed under the covers. They instantly wrapped their arms around each other. "So was it the Elmo costume?" Teagan inquired thoughtfully as she rested her head against Gayle’s chest.

"No," Gayle responded firmly as Teagan laughed. "It was the cutoff shorts. When I saw you dressed like Elmo, it was a little unnerving. Lusting after a Sesame Street character is a icky."

"Good," Teagan responded as she laughed harder.

They drifted off to sleep, feeling the warmth of their bodies pressed tightly together.


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