By Mavis Applewater

October 2001

Disclaimers (Better known as sex, violence & road trips): Is there sex in this story? Silly rabbit, of course there is! Hey, guess what? It’s between two consenting adult women. Go figure. Now if this isn't what you’re looking for, take advice from your psychic friend, Dionne Warwick, and walk on by. (I borrowed that one from the television show Cybil.)

If for any reason it’s illegal for you to view this material, tata. There is no violence contained in this material and there is only a very short road trip. Why does Domino's pizza offer a large-sized pizza and a medium-sized pizza but not a small-sized pizza? Isn't medium the size between large and small? Touchwood By Karin Kallmaker is available from Naiad Press.

This one goes out to Jen, the vegamite kid, for her birthday.


Jen yawned once again as she tapped her fingers nervously on the formica tabletop. It wasn’t that she’d been sitting at her regular booth at the diner for a long time; she was just on edge tonight. It had been another long shift at restaurant where she was a waitress. It was a trendy little place in the heart of the city. The money was good but the hours sucked.

"Hey, Cookie," Carole, her usual waitress, greeted her as she turned the coffee cup right side up and began to fill it. Jen smiled up at the heavyset waitress who was probably in her sixties. "Whatcha in the mood for tonight?" Carole asked as she snapped her gum. Jen had always found the woman endearing for some unexplainable reason. Her eyes caught the familiar figure sitting at the counter. "That," she thought to herself and not for the first time.

"Just the house salad," Jen ordered as Carole sighed. "I'm trying to be good," Jen explained as Carole just looked at her.

"Why?" Carole snorted. "You're wasting away, Cookie."

"Just a salad," Jen protested, knowing that she was about to lose this battle once again.

"The chicken pot pie is real good tonight," Carole urged.

"Alright," Jen grumbled as she conceded defeat.

Carole chuckled evilly as she strolled off, seemingly quite pleased with herself. Jen smiled as she sipped her coffee. She glanced at her watch once again and sighed. She turned her gaze back to the figure seated at the counter. She watched the petite blonde stir her coffee absently as she read her book. Jen had been watching her for months. Every night it was the same thing; the blonde read a book while Jen enjoyed her dinner.

As always, Jen sat quietly watching the attractive young woman and tried not to get caught ogling her. All the while she lied to herself that some day she would introduce herself. She never did. She just watched. They did exchange a friendly smile from time to time. The simple act thrilled Jen, sending a familiar rush through her entire six-foot frame. She looked down when she saw the woman look up. Pretending to brush lint from her stained white oxford shirt, she hoped that she hadn't been caught.

She looked up casually to see a pair of twinkling green eyes looking back at her before turning quickly away. It wasn't the first time this had happened, and yet Jen still hadn't worked up the courage to talk to the attractive blonde. "I'm a big weenie," she chided herself quietly as she glanced at her watch once again.

The diner was beginning to fill up with the after theatre clientele. Jen took in the loud crowd that was building steadily. "Whatever happened to the elegance of attending the theatre?" she wondered. A loud crash snapped her out of her musings. Turning quickly she took in the sight of the blonde bolting off her stool. She was holding her now dripping book out tentatively as Carole rushed over and began to mop up the mess.

"I'm sorry," an embarrassed blonde man apologized. "Here let me help," he offered sincerely.

"Thanks, I'm fine," the blonde woman responded politely.

"No, really," the man pushed a little harder. "I feel terrible."

"It's okay," the flustered woman tried to reassure him.

"Why don't you join me?" he offered. "It's soaked over here."

"Great! Now he's trying to pick her up." Jen groaned mentally, hoping that the blonde would shoot him down.

"No, thank you," the woman said curtly as she brushed herself off.

"Oh, come on," the man pushed.

"No, thank you," she countered a little more firmly.

"So, what are you reading?" he continued.

"Ugh," the woman groaned in dismay.

Jen had witnessed enough. She stood and walked over to the woman while the man kept up his inquiries. Jen didn't understand what possessed her to step up to defend the woman. She found herself placing a gentle hand on the smaller woman's shoulder. The sweet smile and pleading eyes looked up at her gratefully. Jen simply nodded to her booth. "Thank you," the blonde whispered as she walked over to the booth, accepting Jen’s invitation.

Jen cast a cocky smirk at the now slack-jawed man, before seating herself across from the woman she had been admiring for months. "Admiring, stalking, one of those two." Jen chuckled to herself.

"Thank you," the woman repeated. "Some guys just don't take no for answer."

"Anytime," Jen reassured her with a brilliant smile. She knew her bright blue eyes were dancing at the moment. "I'm Jen by the way." She extended her hand as she introduced herself.

"Evaline," came the response as a smaller hand clasped her own warmly.

"A pleasure to finally meet you," Jen managed to utter in a seemingly calm tone. Internally, she was performing one hell of a happy dance.

"Here you go, ladies," Carole said as she interrupted their staring. Jen blushed as she realized that she was still holding Evaline's hand. They both laughed nervously as they dropped their hands, allowing Carole to set their dinners down. They muttered their thanks as they shyly looked from Carole to one another. Jen found herself inhaling deeply as she watched Evaline's eyes dance.

"I see Carole talked you into the chicken pot pie as well," Evaline noted as they started to eat.

"Yeah, she has that effect on me." Jen shook her head in amusement. "I start out ordering a salad. The next thing I know, I'm eating something I really shouldn't be at this hour."

"I know what you mean," Evaline confirmed. "One of these days, I'll have to break down and haul my butt to the grocery store."

Jen found herself smiling in agreement as she glanced at her watch once again. She noticed the curious glance Evaline gave her as they continued to eat their meals. Every few minutes Jen would glance at her watch. She didn't want to, she just couldn't help herself. "So, what are you reading?" she inquired during an awkward lull in the conversation.

"Oh," Evaline responded shyly.

"I'm sorry. That must have sounded a little lame," she apologized.

"No, not at all." Evaline waved off her comment as she handed her the still soggy book.

"Touchwood by Karin Kallmaker," Jen read as she wiped the water from her hands.

"That’s a good one," she confirmed.

"You've read it?" Evaline inquired brightly as she retrieved the ruined book. "So, you want to spoil the ending for me? I think this copy is toast."

"I have a copy back at my place," Jen volunteered then found herself blushing as she realized how the comment must have sounded. "I mean . . . uhm . . . I could bring it in and loan it to you. You know since we both seem to be here every night." Jen glanced at her watch hoping that she didn't sound as dorky as she thought she did.

"Thank you," Evaline answered, seemingly unaware of Jen's discomfort. "That would be nice." She smiled at Jen.

Jen’ s breath caught as a familiar knot formed in her stomach. "There's . . . ," she squeaked. Quickly she sipped some water and cleared her throat. She then brushed her long black hair off her shoulders in a vain attempt to look casual. "There's a sequel as well. It's just as good. I could loan them both to you."

"I'd love it." Evaline smiled again as her hand brushed against Jen's.

Jen could feel the excitement causing her black slacks to dampen slightly. "My God, all she’s doing is touching my hand. How can I be so turned on?" Evaline moved her hand slightly, brushing Jen's once again. It took everything she had to fight back the moan that was building inside of her. She did the only thing she could think of; she looked at her watch again.

"So what brings you in here every night?" Evaline asked as she sat back slightly.

"I work down the street and hate to cook," Jen explained. "Well, I don't really hate to cook; it's just that at the end of my shift it seems like too much effort for just one person."

"Same here," Evaline concurred as Jen found her eyes drifting to the rise and fall of Evaline's ample chest. "Where do you work?" the blonde asked, seemingly unaware of Jen's covert ogling.

"I'm a waitress at Le Poulet Maison," Jen explained. She could feel her body heat rising as she looked into the other woman's eyes.

"That explains the outfit," Evaline noted. "That's a pretty fancy place."

"Yeah," Jen agreed.

"The owners aren't French, are they?" Evaline chuckled lightly.

"No," Jen snorted. "How did you know?"

"The Chicken House," Evaline pointed out.

"Is that what that means?" Jen teased as she glanced at her watch once again. "So what brings you in every night besides the coffee?"

"I work nights as well," Evaline explained a little hesitantly.

"Where?" Jen prodded, her body tingling as she realized that she was sitting here talking to the woman she had been admiring for what seemed like an eternity.

"The Federal Building," Evaline answered dismissively.

"At night?" Jen heard herself saying. She immediately regretted doing it as she watched Evaline simply shrug in response.

An uneasy silence loomed over them as Carole cleared away their plates and refilled their coffee cups. Jen began to tap the table nervously, trying to figure out what she should say next. She found herself glancing at her watch once again.

"Is there somewhere you need to be?" Evaline asked in a sincere tone.

"No." Jen blushed as she shook her head. Embarrassed at being caught, she decided to change the topic. "So you're not going to tell me what you do for a living? Should I guess?" she teased. Evaline gave her a serious look. Jen shifted nervously in the booth, feeling like a deer caught in the headlights of an on coming car.

"I'm an FBI agent," Evaline said dryly as she continued to hold Jen's gaze. "And by my estimation that is the thirty-second time you've looked at your watch since I joined you."

"A Fed?" Jen laughed at the thought of this slip of a girl being an agent for the FBI. "That's a good one." The laughter died suddenly as she found herself staring at a small billfold, opened in a manner that only Jen could see the ID and badge inside. "Oh crap," she gasped. "You really are a . . ."

"Shush," Evaline cautioned her, placing her finger to Jen's lips. "I don't like to advertise,"

Evaline explained as she tucked her billfold back into her pocket.

"Why not?" Jen asked as she smiled at the woman appreciatively. "You're not on a stakeout or anything, are you? I mean, I'd like to know if I'm being investigated," she teased.

"No." Evaline smiled in return. "It's just that people get a little weird when I tell them. What's a nice girl like you doing such a dangerous job for? Actually, my Mother asks that more than anyone," she jested. "That and every woman I've ever met has asked me to use my handcuffs on her."

"Oh, that sounds like a burden," Jen scoffed as she rolled her eyes.

"You have no idea," Evaline retorted sarcastically. "So are you going to tell me what's up with checking the time every couple of seconds? Or should I just break out my handcuffs?" She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Jen found herself swallowing hard at the comment. Evaline's voice had possessed a light manner of teasing but her eyes did not. "Promise?" Jen whispered in a husky tone. She knew she was playing a dangerous game here. She was risking the friendship that they had been steadily building throughout the evening, but her body seemed to have taken control.

"Oh, I don't know. Have you been bad?" Evaline played along as her eyes darkened. Jen found herself completely captivated as she watched her companion lick her lips. She sighed as she focused on those pouting lips. "I want to kiss her so badly," she whined internally.

"Seriously." Evaline's voice snapped her back to reality. "Oh no. She was just kidding," Jen thought sadly. "Tell me what's so important about the time," Evaline asked, her firm gaze causing Jen to feel a little uncomfortable.

"It's . . . silly really," Jen began nervously. She watched as Evaline waved her hand in a rolling motion, effectively telling her to get on with the story. "It's . . . just that . . . it is or it will be . . . ," she explained, looking at her watch once again. ". . . in a about thirteen minutes anyway. . . . ," she continued to stammer. Evaline cleared her throat, coaxing her on. "It's my birthday," she finally confessed.

"No kidding?" Evaline beamed.

"No kidding," Jen confirmed. "I told you it was silly."

"It's not silly," Evaline chastised her. "Wait. You're spending your birthday here?"

"Well, technically my birthday is tomorrow the thirteenth. But I'll probably end up here." Jen shrugged her shoulders, suddenly disappointed at the way she was going to end another year on this planet. "I'll sleep in. Maybe do some laundry and then go to work. I can't believe you dragged that out of me." She cursed slightly.

"It's what I get paid for," Evaline confirmed merrily. "Jen, that is no way to spend your birthday," she added as she snatched up the check Carole had just placed before them. "No way, kiddo. It's your birthday. Besides, you rescued me from a most unwanted suitor, remember?"

Jen opened her mouth to argue, but Evaline simply waved her off. "Thank you," she finally conceded as the smaller woman paid the check. "I rescued you." She shook her head in disbelief. "Given recent information, I think you could have handled that guy without breaking a sweat."

"Always talk first," Evaline explained. "Besides, I could smell liquor on his breath and I was trying to avoid causing a scene. He wasn't going to back off in front of his buddies."

Jen looked around to see that the guy was indeed sitting with a group of guys who were giggling and nudging one another as they watched the two women. "Yeah, but now I bet he wants to watch." Jen snorted. "You don't miss a thing, do you?"

"Occupational hazard," Evaline explained as they both reached for their coats and stood up. "Not good for my last girlfriend though. She actually seemed surprised that I knew that she was messing around. But then again she was never the sharpest knife in the drawer."

"Ouch." Jen shivered. "How long ago did that happen?"

"We split up just over two years ago." Evaline shrugged. "Been single ever since." Jen smiled at the information. "Yes! She's single!"

"So tell me, Sherlock, how did you spend your birthday?" Jen continued as they walked towards the door. She was desperate to keep the conversation going, even though they were about to part.

"I arrested a bank robber," Evaline answered flatly. "Then I went out with the guys from work, did some shots of Cuervo and woke up with some college girl." She shivered as she explained.

"Wow," Jen gasped.

"Well, she was old enough," Evaline explained. "And just for the record, no, I do not make a habit of doing that."

"I meant the bank robber." Jen laughed as they stepped out into the cold night air. "That must have been pretty exciting."

"Not really." Evaline shrugged once again as she looked around. "I just drove over to his house. The idiot dropped his wallet outside of the bank."

"Oh." Jen laughed again. "I guess that does take some of the adventure out of it."

They stood there gazing into each other’s eyes, uncertain as to what they should do next. "Well, I guess it's goodnight," Jen said reluctantly.

"I guess so." Evaline grimaced as she pulled the collar of her coat up. "I'm just around the corner," she explained as she motioned towards her left.

"Me too," Jen blurted out, her body humming with excitement at the prospect of spending more time with this woman.

"Great," Evaline answered as she stepped a little closer. "I wasn't ready to call it a night yet."

"Come on." Jen nudged her as they headed down the street. "You can protect me from the neighborhood ruffians. You are armed, aren't you?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am." Evaline confirmed, once again wiggling her eyebrows. "Just who are these ruffians you’re so concerned about, oh giant one? The preppy college kids from Starbucks?"

"They're meaner than they look," Jen jested. "It's all that caffeine."


Jen felt alive for the first time in a long time as their bodies instinctively moved closer while they walked. They continued chatting as they made their way down the street. Jen found herself stealing glances at the small blonde whose body was, in a word, amazing . The flirting had dissipated, replaced with polite conversation about their backgrounds. Jen began to tense up as they neared her building. She didn't want this night to end. In fact, she wanted it to continue for as long as possible. To be perfectly honest, it wasn't the friendly conversation she wanted. She would accept it but, not so deep down, she was craving this woman.

"Can you wait a minute? I need to get something," Evaline said suddenly as they stopped in front of the Seven Eleven. Jen went to follow her in but Evaline waved her off.

"Okay," Jen responded in confusion. She waited a few moments in the cold, debating on whether or not she should just go in to get warm. "What's the big deal? So she needs tampons or coffee," she said as her teeth chattered.

"Neither," Evaline's sultry voice said from behind her. Jen clutched her heart as she jumped in surprise. "Sorry I took so long," Evaline apologized. "Let's go. You look like you're freezing." She wrapped her arm around Jen's waist. Jen was getting warmer already. Unfortunately all of the warmth seemed to be centrally located in a decidedly southern direction.

Jen wanted to melt into Evaline as they walked further down the block. Reluctantly she stopped. "This is my place." She nodded towards her apartment building.

"I'm just two doors down," Evaline said brightly.

"Well . . . uhm . . . I guess this is goodnight then," Jen muttered. "I enjoyed talking to you tonight."

"Me too," Evaline answered, not moving her arm from around Jen's waist. "Would it be too much trouble if I borrowed those books from you tonight?" Evaline said quickly.

"Yes!" Jen shouted. The confused look on Evaline's face cleared her mind. "I mean, yes you can borrow them. And no, it's no trouble at all." Jen reached into her pocket for her keys.


Now in the warmth of her tiny one bedroom apartment, Jen's hands were trembling. She scanned her overstuffed bookcase for the books that Evaline had requested. "I'm sorry. I just can't seem to get rid of any books," she apologized as she found the first one. "Well, here’ s Touchwood," she announced as she turned to find that Evaline had removed her coat and made herself comfortable on the sofa.

Her palms were sweating as she handed the book to the attractive blonde who was sitting with her legs crossed, looking completely at home. Evaline shifted slightly and, for the first time since their encounter began that evening, Jen noticed the gun strapped to Evaline's side.

"Should I bother reading the entire book or just the pages that have been dog eared?" Evaline asked as she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Jen blushed as she turned away under the pretense of finding the second book. "I uhm . . . ," Jen stammered. "I can't seem to remember the name of the sequel," Jen finally blurted out, unable to look at the other woman.

"That's okay," Evaline reassured her. "Perhaps I could borrow it some other time?" she asked. Jen prayed she wasn't misreading the leading tone Evaline's voice.

"Of course," Jen answered as she tried to slow the beating of her heart. Turning around, she couldn't help but smile at the blonde who looked completely at home as she flipped through the paperback.

"Does it make you nervous?" Evaline asked absently as she continued to scan the book.

"What?" Jen asked in confusion as she stepped closer to the sofa.

"Betsy," Evaline explained as she looked up, patting her sidearm.

"You named your gun?" Jen snickered.

"Well yeah," Evaline shot back as if it was a silly question. "Is it making you uncomfortable?" she repeated in a serious tone.

"A little," Jen responded honestly as she grimaced slightly.

"No problem," Evaline said as she put the book down on the coffee table. Standing up, she unsnapped the firearm from her belt. She crossed over to her jacket hanging on the wooden coat rack Jen kept by the doorway. Jen inhaled sharply as their bodies brushed against one another. Evaline seemed oblivious to her reaction as she placed the gun in her coat pocket. She then removed her handcuffs.

"Hmm, I wonder if I told her that her sweater was making me uncomfortable . . . don't go there!" Jen pondered. "Why didn't I notice them before?" Jen inquired quickly in an effort to mask her true emotions.

"You weren't suppose to," Evaline answered flatly as she turned to Jen.

Jen’s bright blue eyes widened as she stared at Evaline who was approaching her slowly. Time ceased to exist as Evaline closed the gap between them. Standing a breath apart, their bodies almost touching, Evaline placed her hands on Jen's hips. "Jen?" Evaline asked in sultry tone.

Jen's eyes fluttered shut at the sound of Evaline's voice. "Yes?" she moaned as she felt Evaline capture her wrist.

"What time is it?" Evaline asked as her thumb traced a pattern along the inside of Jen's wrist. The action caused Jen's body to tremble. She opened her eyes slowly. Unprepared for the look of sheer desire clearly visible in Evaline's eyes, she swayed slightly.

"It's . . . uhm . . . , " she stuttered as she forced herself to look at her watch. She smiled brightly as she saw the time. "Twelve fifteen," she said happily.

She found herself lost once again in the two emerald pools that were quickly overtaking her senses. Evaline reached up and cupped her face. Jen leaned into the touch as Evaline lifted herself up on her toes.

"Happy Birthday, Jen," Evaline said hotly as her breath caressed Jen's face. She pressed her soft lips against Jen's. The kiss was innocent, yet full of promise. Jen could feel herself loosing control.

"Thank you," she heard herself sighing as Evaline's arms wrapped around her back.


Jen lowered her head slightly as Evaline raised hers, their lips meeting once again. The innocence of the first kiss had vanished. The second kiss exploded as need coursed through their bodies. Both parted their lips, inviting the other in for exploration. Jen’s hands roamed across Evaline's back. Her passion raged as their tongues danced together in a sensual rhythm.

All coherent thoughts quickly ceased as Jen’s mind succumbed to her body’s desires. Her hands took control as they moved down and cupped Evaline's backside. Evaline moaned as they continued to kiss passionately. Jen pressed her thigh between Evaline's strong legs. Their lips separated as Evaline's body arched against her. Her head fell back and the sight of her tender neck was overwhelming. Jen's mouth quickly began an assault on the exposed flesh as Evaline gasped.

Jen’s hands moved upward and began to pull the smaller woman's sweater up. Evaline pushed away from her slightly. Jen stood there, the rush of desire pulsating through her. Evaline grasped the hem of the sweater and quickly pulled it up over her head, revealing the satin green bra that had been hidden underneath. She tossed her top to floor. Her eyes were on fire as she wrapped herself around Jen. Evaline quickly recaptured Jen's lips, kissing her deeply. Jen shuddered as Evaline nipped gently on her bottom lip.

As Evaline's tongue entered her mouth, Jen reached behind the blonde and quickly unclasped her bra. Her fingertips tingled as she felt Evaline's bare skin responding to her touch. Jen guided them backward towards the sofa. She knew that she needed to sit before she fell down. They banged into the coffee table, almost stumbling. Evaline pulled her lips away when she laughed slightly. "Sit," Evaline commanded in a breathy tone as she guided Jen's taller frame down onto the sofa. Jen thought her lungs would explode as she watched Evaline remove her bra.

"Close your eyes," Evaline requested.

"Don't want to," Jen whimpered as she stared at Evaline's perfect breasts.

"Just for a moment," Evaline implored her as she pressed her finger to Jen's lips.

Weakly Jen nodded her head and closed her eyes. She could hear a slight shuffling and then she heard a match being lit. The smell of sulfur filling the air confirmed her suspicions. Jen’s clit started to throb as Evaline straddled her hips. "Open your eyes," Evaline whispered hotly in her ear.

Jen smiled as she opened her eyes slowly. Evaline was indeed straddling her, holding a Twinkie in which a single candle burned brightly. "Make a wish," Evaline encouraged her brightly. Jen flashed her a brilliant smile before blowing out the candle.

Evaline smiled back at her as she removed the candle, tossing it aside. She then offered the Twinkie to Jen. The brunette eagerly took a bite of the pastry. Her tongue not so accidently brushed Evaline's fingers. She heard a whimper escape from the half-naked woman sitting on her lap. "Thank you," Jen said softly as Evaline leaned back to put the Twinkie on the coffee table. The action caused Evaline's breasts to arch up. Jen's hands instantly cupped the smaller woman's full breasts. Evaline moaned as she leaned back into Jen.

Evaline stole a quick kiss as she began to unbutton Jen's white oxford shirt. She kissed Jen's long neck as she tugged the cotton blouse out of Jen's pants. Jen teased Evaline's fully erect nipples as the blonde removed the shirt. Her hips thrust slightly as Evaline removed the lacy white bra that had been covering her bronze skin.

Jen almost jumped off the sofa as a mouth captured her nipple. Evaline suckled her breast as Jen began to unbuckle the smaller woman's leather belt. She yanked the belt through the loops and tossed it to the floor. As Evaline continued to greedily tease her breast, Jen's hands quickly began to unbutton Evaline's slacks. She heard Evaline moan deeply as she raised her hips, allowing Jen to pull her pants down to her thighs.

A small explosion erupted within Jen as her hands felt Evaline's bare backside. Evaline's mouth left her breast and recaptured her lips. Evaline's smaller hands quickly busied themselves with the zipper of Jen's pants. As Evaline’ s kisses grew more insistent, Jen felt her pants being pulled down her body. "So beautiful," Evaline murmured against Jen's aching lips as she pressed her wetness into Jen's firm abdomen.

Jen sucked on Evaline's bottom lip as the smaller woman began to grind into her. With their pants gathered around their ankles, Jen began to massage Evaline's backside. Evaline pulled away slightly her, fingers tracing a tantalizing path along Jen's firm jaw line.

"Are you ready for dessert?" she asked hotly.

"Wasn't the Twinkie my dessert?" Jen teased before lowering her mouth to one of Evaline's breasts.

Jen sucked and teased greedily as Evaline thrust against her. "Oh God," the blonde groaned as she pressed against the back of Jen's head. Evaline pulled away once again. Jen tried to recapture her heaving breast. She needed to taste her skin once again. Evaline gently pushed her back. "Dessert time," Evaline gasped as she reached down to the floor.

Jen's eyes widened in delight as she saw what Evaline had retrieved from the floor. Jen licked her lips lustfully. She watched Evaline's breasts sway while as she shook the can of whipped cream. Certain that she was going to pass out, Jen groaned as Evaline covered her nipples with the whipped cream. "Hungry?" Evaline purred.

Jen wasted no time as her tongue snaked out, licking away every last morsel of the sugary substance. She could feel Evaline's wetness grinding insistently against her skin. Jen was thrilled when Evaline covered her other breast with the whipped cream. She eagerly licked it off in the same sensual fashion. Once she was certain that there wasn't any whipped cream left on Evaline's body, she pulled the can from her hands and tossed it onto the floor.

"Is this what you wished for?" Evaline gasped. Jen pulled away slightly and looked up at Evaline. Kissing the blonde gently, she lifted the smaller woman slightly. "This is what I wished for," Jen moaned as she slipped her fingers into Evaline's silken folds. Evaline moaned in response as Jen's long fingers teased her swollen lips. She placed her thumb against Evaline's throbbing clit.

"Oh God," Evaline grunted as Jen's thumb teased her.

"I want you," Jen heard herself saying as she stared deeply into Evaline's eyes.

"Yes," Evaline hissed.

Jen continued to tease Evaline's clit as two of her fingers entered Evaline's center. Jen plunged her fingers in and out of Evaline. The blonde thrust as Jen pleasured her. She stole kisses and tasted Evaline's breasts as she increased her rhythm. "Yes!" Evaline encouraged her while her hips thrust wildly. Jen eagerly quickened her pace as she watched Evaline riding her. She watched as Evaline's head fell back, her thighs trembling. Evaline screamed out as she exploded against Jen.

Evaline steadied herself as she gasped for air. She quickly reclaimed Jen's lips. Kissing the brunette deeply, her hands began to tease Jen's aching nipples. Evaline's mouth moved hungrily down Jen's neck to her breasts. Jen’ s body shifted while Evaline teased her nipples with her teeth and tongue. As Evaline moved from one breast to the other, Jen moved so that Evaline was between her legs.

With Evaline's well-toned form trapped between her thighs, Jen pressed her wetness against her. Evaline began to kiss her way down Jen's body, dipping her tongue into Jen's navel as her fingers pinched her nipple. Jen's body arched in response as Evaline's mouth continued to lick and taste it's way down her body.

Evaline was now kneeling before Jen. She paused for a brief moment to remove the rest of their clothing. She then ran her fingertips along Jen's trembling thighs. Smiling devilishly, she pushed Jen's thighs further apart and then gently nestled herself between them. Jen wrapped her legs around Evaline's shoulders. Jen ran one hand down her own body and parted herself, offering her passion to Evaline. With her other hand, she gently clasped the back of Evaline's head and guided the eager woman to where she needed her the most.

Jen trembled as Evaline's tongue flicked across her throbbing clit. Evaline began teasing her with her tongue. Jen’s body arched as she pressed Evaline further into her. She could feel Evaline's teeth as she suckled her clit. The blonde continued to devour her. Evaline's thumb pressed against Jen’ s clit as her tongue entered her center. Jen began to thrust insistently as Evaline's tongue plunged in and out of her.

Jen begged for more as Evaline's mouth returned its attention to her clit. She could feel her fingers dipping slightly into her center. "Yes," Jen pleaded. Evaline entered her gently at first. Her green eyes twinkled up at Jen as her mouth and fingers increased their rhythm. Jen clutched at the sofa as her body thrust wildly. Evaline continued to pleasure her eagerly. Jen’ s orgasm ripped through her. She was gasping for air as Evaline continued to thrust into her. Jen exploded once again. Her entire being was trembling as Evaline's fingers kept up their steady pace. Jen blacked out briefly as she climaxed once again.

Once she was semi-coherent she pulled away from Evaline. Her lover finally released her hold on her and moved into her arms. They kissed one another deeply. Jen tasted herself on the other woman's lips as her body was lowered onto the sofa. She loved the feel of Evaline's naked body on top of hers. They melted together and kissed as they slipped their legs between one another's thighs. Their bodies rocked together as their passion met. Their clits rubbed together furiously as their hips thrust in a passionate rhythm.

Climaxing in unison, they collapsed together. Their bodies were covered in a sheen of sweat as they held onto one another.

"This is the best birthday I've ever had," Jen choked out as she felt Evaline chuckling lightly.

"You know, it's still your birthday." Evaline lifted her head and smiled up at her. "All day in fact," Evaline noted.

"Stay," Jen requested.

"Yes," Evaline agreed as she kissed the valley between Jen's ample breasts.

"Let me wake up with you," Jen continued.

"Yes," Evaline repeated as she started to rise. "Of course that depends on whether or not we get any sleep," Evaline added softly as she offered her hand to Jen.

Jen accepted the offer and guided the smaller woman into her bedroom. They kissed and touched hungrily as they made their way across the tiny bedroom. Evaline's prediction proved to be accurate. They found no sleep that night.

"We'll just need to try again," Evaline suggested as she dressed to leave. "I wish we didn't have to go to work."

"Well, we can meet at the diner after work," Jen offered before she could stop herself.

"I'd like that," Evaline agreed as she kissed her goodbye. "Besides it's still your birthday."

"Meaning?" Jen teased.

"I have to do anything you want," Evaline responded huskily.

"Anything?" Jen choked at the prospect.

"Anything," Evaline repeated as she kissed Jen once again. "Happy Birthday, Jen." She smirked as Jen blushed.


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