Hearts and Flowers

(Welcome To The Neighborhood Part Two)

By Mavis Applewater

February 2003



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Thanks to my beta reader Toni.


As always this is for Heather.



Part One



            Gwen sipped her coffee as she looked out her kitchen window at her snow-covered backyard.  She was mentally counting down the days until it would be warm enough for her to uncover her beloved pool.  She loved her pool for so many reasons.  First and foremost was it was the first place she made love to Eden.  Her body warmed from the memory.  Eden her tall, dark haired gorgeous neighbor that had gone from being an enigma that she had secretly lusted after to her lover.  The nagging fear crept up on the small blonde as she thought about her relationship.  Her mind understood her irrational fears it was the still lingering memory of her last relationship that was clouding her heart, yet her heart remained fearful that history would repeat itself.


            “Why do I do this?”  Gwen berated herself.  “Eden is nothing like Brenda.”  Even as she spoke the words the panic was setting in.  She had spent six years with Brenda.  They had been planning their commitment ceremony when she returned home from work and found a strange man sitting in their kitchen.  In one fell swoop Brenda had dismissed all of the years they had spent together and the love they had shared and took this man as her lover without a moments thought towards Gwen’s feelings.


            Being the mature adult that she was, Gwen vowed to hate Brenda forever, never trust another woman with her heart again and of course sleeping with every woman who gave her a second look.  It was perfect until the day Eden Mathews came storming across the front lawn of her new home and bitched her out for blocking her driveway.  The tall brunette’s ire was like an arrow piercing through the ice that surrounded the blonde’s heart.  At first Gwen tried to convince herself that she simply wanted to bed the statuesque beauty and that she had only refrained when she discovered Eden was dating someone.


            ‘Speaking of Eden?’  Gwen started to muse as she glanced at the wall clock in her kitchen.  The night before Gwen had to work late and Eden had an early morning.  The blonde took her coffee out to her living room and glanced out the window that overlooked Eden’s driveway.  She smiled when she saw that her lover’s car was still there.  The blonde had to admit she liked the way things worked out.  Living so close to one another was like cohabitating without actually living with one another.  In Gwen’s mind it was perfect.  Her feelings for Eden ran deep still it was nice to have her own home to retreat to.


            She smiled as she spied the tall figure making her way through the snow and over to her back yard.  Gwen quickly darted into the kitchen and tried to look casual as her lover entered through the back door.  “Morning,”  Eden greeted her the brunette’s sultry voice sending a shiver down the blonde’s spine. 

“Morning,”  Gwen responded with a bright smile as she placed her coffee mug on the counter and made her way over so she could wrap her arms around Eden’s warm inviting body. 

“How did it go last night?”  Eden asked as she placed a tender kiss on the blonde’s forehead.

“No go,”  Gwen sighed.  “I hate the way the economy has been.  But I’m not giving up hope; people still need decent places to live.  Speaking of which you meet your new director today don’t you.”

“Yes,”  Eden grumbled.  “With all the down sizing there has been a mass of shuffling department heads around.  I’m going to miss Joe he was a great boss.  So is this what realtors are wearing these days?”  Eden teased as she tugged on Gwen’s t-shirt.

“I get to go in late today,”  Gwen boasted as she snuggled closer to Eden.

“Lucky you,”  Eden hummed as her long fingers began to dance along the blonde’s back.  “I wish I could spend the morning with you,”  She added with a sultry purr in the smaller woman’s ear.


            Gwen shivered as she felt her lover’s breath caressing her ear.  “So do I,”  She responded with a small gasp.  “Maybe we can have dinner together tonight?  I’ll cook.”

“Sounds good.  I don’t know how late I’m going to be, so I’ll call you,”  Eden offered as she took a reluctant step back.  “Have you given any thoughts about this weekend?”

“This weekend?”  Gwen asked in confusion.

“Yeah,”  Eden responded with a coy smile.

“I’m working most of the weekend,”  Gwen explained still not understanding what she was missing.

“Oh,”  Eden said with disappointment as her face fell.  “Well I’ll see you tonight.”


            Gwen was at a complete loss as she watched her lover’s shoulders slump and the crest fallen look on her face growing with each passing moment.  For the life of her Gwen was completely clueless as to what was going on.  As she tried to relax and enjoy the extra time her morning had allowed she couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow she had just screwed up.


            “Hey Gwen,”  Sara greeted her when arrived at the office later that day.  “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,”  Gwen snapped as she retrieved her messages and sat down at her desk.

“No appointments today?”  Sara pried.

“A couple later on this afternoon,”  Gwen mumbled as she felt a pang of disappointment that Eden hadn’t called.

“Out with it.”  Sara pushed.  “Did you have a fight with Eden?”

“No.”  Gwen muttered.  “At least I don’t think I did.  This morning was just kind of weird.”

“What happened?”  Sara encouraged her.

“Well she stopped by to say good morning and just when I thought we might spend a little time making out before she had to go to work, she got all quiet,”  Gwen tried to explain.  “She just looked so sad all of sudden like I had done something to hurt her feelings.”

“Well what did you do?”  Sara urged her on.

“I didn’t do anything.”  Gwen protested.  “One second we are talking about having dinner together tonight and the next she was upset.”

“That’s it?”  Sara questioned her with disbelief.

“Yeah,”  Gwen defended herself.  “She asked about this weekend and I told I was working and then she just took off.”

“Wait you’re not doing something this weekend?”  Sara choked out.  “Not even dinner on Friday?”

“No,”  Gwen stammered still not understanding what it was that she had done wrong?  And why did everyone but her seemed to know?

“And you don’t think you did anything wrong?”  Sara retorted in shock. 

“Okay out with it,”  Gwen demanded.  “What am I missing here?”

“Friday?”  Sara supplied.  “Valentines Day.”

“Oh my God,”  Gwen felt her heart dropping as she suddenly understood what she had done wrong.  “I completely forgot.”

“No kidding,”  Sara chastised her.  “And after the mess you made of Christmas I suggest you do something romantic.”

“I did not make a mess at Christmas.,  Gwen argued.  “I thought my gift was practical.”

“Practical yes, romantic no,”  Sara instantly corrected her.  “This is all Brenda’s fault.”


            “What the hell does my ex-lover have to do with any of this?”  Gwen hissed as her eyes narrowed despite the fact that deep in her heart she suspected that Sara was right.

“Because you use to be very romantic until her,”  Sara pointed out.

“And look where it got me,”  Gwen grumbled as the bitter feelings resurfaced.

“Look if you don’t want to lose Eden I suggest you at least give the woman a card on Friday,”  Sara added before gathering up her belongings.


            Gwen chewed on her bottom lip as she thought about what Sara was trying to tell her.  In the beginning with Brenda, the blonde had been so convinced that she was the one that she went over board when it came to expressing her feelings.  Although constant romantic gestures may sound sweet or play out well in the movies in real life they can be a bit too much for the person on the receiving end.  Within the first few months of their relationship Gwen had smothered Brenda will all of her attention.  When she realized just how overboard she had gone the blonde adjusted her attitude.


            ‘In the end gift giving had become so boring,’  Gwen grumbled to herself thinking how Christmas, birthdays, and even Valentines Day lacked spontaneity and romance.  Brenda told her what she expected as a gift and heaven help Gwen if she varied from her lover’s request.  ‘No wonder Eden wasn’t thrilled with the gift certificate I got her for Christmas.  I’m an idiot,’  Gwen berated herself as she flipped through her desk calendar and started thinking about what would make her lover happy.  ‘Eden Mathews I want to melt your heart but I’m terrified of scaring you off,’  Gwen thought fearfully.  “Maybe I should just follow my heart,”  She reasoned out loud. 



Part Two


            Eden’s day had gone from bad to worse.  Her morning encounter with Gwen had been disappointing.  She had foolishly assumed that she and Gwen would do something romantic to celebrate their first Valentines Day together.  Of course neither of them had even discussed having a monogamous relationship other than the first night when Eden told Gwen she wouldn’t be another notch on the blonde’s bedpost.  But after all these months the brunette had just assumed that Gwen was her girlfriend.  ‘Christmas should have been my first clue that she just isn’t a romantic person.  Granted the gift certificate was to her favorite store and Eden did buy herself something really nice still she had put a lot of thought into Gwen’s gift.  She felt a little bitchy at how disappointed she was when she realized that Gwen hadn’t done anything special for her,’  Eden frowned, as she once again doubted the blonde’s feelings towards her.


            Worrying about her relationship or lack there of Eden’s work load had doubled over the weekend and her new supervisor made it clear that she was less than thrilled about her new assignment.  Ms. Cummings demeanor bordered on nasty.  ‘Sorry that you got demoted lady but hell at least you still have a job unlike Joe who ran this department like a well oiled machine and still managed to be a nice guy,’  Eden mentally grumbled as she toiled away on her computer.  This was after she and her co-workers wasted their morning clearing their cubicles of any personal items.  Apparently Ms. Cummings thought it would distract them.  ‘Cause Lord knows my Buffy calendar would be just be a distraction that would keep me from finishing this project,’  Eden mentally grumbled.


            She smiled for the first time that day when she finally figured out the problem that had been screwing up the entire project.  She began to type with a flurry to correct the mistake just as the persistent ringing of her telephone interrupted her progress.  “Rats!”  She grumbled as she picked up the telephone.  “Mathews,”  She answered.

“I was beginning to wonder if you were at your desk,”  The cold tone seeped through.  “This is Ms. Cummings I would like to see you in my office.”


            The woman hung up before Eden had a chance to utter a single word.  She glared at the receiver for a moment before returning it to its cradle.  She stood and straightened her skirt before exiting her cubicle.

“What’s up?”  Bryan asked as she made her way past his cubicle.

“She has summoned me,”  Eden gravely informed him.

“Oh,”  Bryan responded with a hard swallow.

“Hey if I’m getting axed then so be it,”  Eden reassured him.  “At least all my stuff is already packed.”

“Eden,”  He began with a tremble.

“Don’t worry,”  She tried to reassure him and herself.  It wasn’t uncommon for the staff to undergo changes whenever someone new stepped into the corner office.  Eden had just never been one of the people to be dropped in a change over.


            She knocked on her new boss’ door fully expecting to leave without a job.  She braced herself as Ms. Cummings bellowed for her to come in.  After she closed the door behind her Eden took note of the plants, pictures and other homey touches the woman had already added to her office.  ‘Well if she is firing me she is certainly making leaving easy,’  She thought as she took the chair the blonde offered her.  She felt uncomfortable as Ms. Cummings perched herself on the edge of her desk.  Eden reasoned that it was just a power play but she was uncomfortable by the way the woman closed off her personal space. 


            Eden’s eyes drifted to the picture sitting on the woman’s desk as she tried to avoid the blonde’s inquisitive gaze.  “My boyfriend.”  Ms. Cummings informed her as she leaned closer.


            Eden blinked with surprise she would have bet her last nickel that Ms. Cummings was gay and the man in the picture was very bland not the type she would have pictured this attractive woman to be involved with.  “You wanted to see me?”  Eden offered in a calm tone not shrinking away from whatever head game this woman was trying to engage her in.

“Yes,”  Ms. Cummings offered in a gentle tone as Eden braced herself for the news.  “As you know there will be a lot of changes being made regarding personal over the next few months.”

“I see,”  Eden responded with a frown.  She maintained her composure vowing that she would not give the woman the satisfaction of seeing her break down.

“I’ve been reviewing everyone’s files and I just wanted you to know that I am very impressed with your work,”  Ms. Cummings congratulated her as she placed her hand on Eden’s shoulder.


            Eden tried to feel relieved by the news but something about the way the other woman was touching her was making her very uncomfortable.  “Thank you,”  Eden responded hoping that her response would end the conversation and the touching.

“No thank you,”  Ms. Cummings continued as her hand not only remained on Eden’s shoulder but began to rub it as well.  “I think that perhaps we should get together for lunch sometime this week and discuss the department.”

“Fine,”  Eden reluctantly agreed as her eyes drifted to the woman’s hand on her shoulder.


            Ms. Cummings touch lingered for a moment longer before the blonde stood and retrieved a couple of files from her desk.  “I hate to do this but would you mind adding these to your projects for the day?”  The woman requested with a soft smile.

“No problem,”  Eden readily agreed as she stood and accepted the files.  ‘Anything to get out of here.’  She silently added.  Eden still felt uncomfortable as she returned to her desk.  If Ms. Cummings had been a man or a gay woman she would have sworn that the tall blonde was flirting with her.  She looked at the mountain of work awaiting her and then her watch.  She pulled out her cell phone since Ms. Cummings had made it clear that personal calls on the company’s phones would no longer be tolerated.

“Gwen Campbell,  She requested when the receptionist at the realty office answered.


            Out of the corner of her eye she spied a shadow passing by her cubicle.  She felt a shiver when she realized that it was Ms. Cummings.  She released a sigh of relief as she saw the blonde pass by and head towards the break room.  “Hey there,”  Gwen greeted her brightly.

“Hi honey look I’m going to have to cancel tonight,”  Eden quickly explained as she kept a watchful eye out for her new boss.

“Is this about this morning?”  She heard Gwen nervously inquire.

“No,”  Eden reassured her.  “Its just the new boss, I’m have a ton of work that has to be done tonight.  Oh and speaking of my new boss if you need to call me while I’m at work call my cell number.”

“Sounds like a really tyrant,”  Gwen tenderly offered.  “You know how they are when they first start.  They need to act like God and rattle the inmates cages.”

“I hope you’re right,”  Eden grumbled.

“Tell you what I’ll keep dinner warm for you and then I’ll give you a nice a massage,”  Gwen offered.  Eden was just about to protest knowing it would be very late when she got in.  “I don’t care how late it is ,” Gwen added softly.


“Thanks,”  Eden said softly as she smiled.  “I’ll see you when I get in.  I’ve got to go,”  She quickly added as she saw Ms. Cummings approaching.  She barely heard Gwen’s goodbye as she frantically ended the call and went back to work.  Her spirits lifted knowing that Gwen would be waiting for her at the end of the day.


            By the time Eden let herself into Gwen’s house she was exhausted.  She found her lover sound asleep on the couch with candles burning around the room.  “Romantic but dangerous.”  The brunette noted as she put her briefcase down and shrugged out of her coat.  She let her lover sleep while she crept into the kitchen and retrieved her dinner from the oven.  She turned off the oven and since she was far too exhausted to eat she put her dinner in the refrigerator.


            Eden’s blue eyes misted up as she looked at her lover’s sleeping form bathed in candlelight.  “She can be romantic,”  She whispered as she smiled.  “Bummer,”  She sighed thinking about how she would have been home hours ago if her new boss hadn’t kept hovering around her all day and into the night.  She clicked on a table lamp and proceeded to blow out the candles before she stood beside her lover.  “Gwen?”  She said softly as she gently shook the blonde’s shoulder.

“Fine just take the credit card and get what you want.,  Gwen grumbled in her sleep.

“Okay,”  Eden laughed as her lover’s emerald eyes slowly blinked open.  “American Express or Visa?”

“Huh?”  Gwen yawned before smacking her lips.

“You were talking in your sleep,”  Eden informed her as she kicked off her shoes.

“Oh?’  Gwen’s voice was still clouded by sleep as she scratched her head and then checked her watch.  “Eden it is after Midnight how long ago did you get in?”

“Just now,”  Eden wearily explained.

“I don’t I like your new boss,”  Gwen explained as she stood and stretched out her body.

“I’m inclined to agree with you.  Perhaps she will lighten up in time.”  Eden tried to convince the both of them.  “I was just thinking I wish it was the summer a dip in the pool would certainly help my stress level.”

“Well I can’t offer you a nice swim but I’m sure I can think of something,”  Gwen softly offered as she took Eden by the hand and led her upstairs to her bedroom.


            Once the couple was in the bedroom Gwen began to slowly undress her lover.  Eden worried that she would be too exhausted to enjoy whatever Gwen had in mind.  “Don’t worry I’m just going to give you a back rub,”  Gwen informed her seemingly reading the taller woman’s mind.

“You are too good to me.”  Eden sighed as Gwen’s tiny hands slowly undid the buttons of her blouse.

“No I’m not but I’m trying.”  Gwen responded in a quiet tone before she placed a feathery kiss on Eden’s shoulder.


            “What are talking about Miss Campbell?”  Eden sighed as she felt her lover’s lips caressing her skin while the blonde’s hands continued to remove her clothing.

“This morning,”  Gwen offered in an apologetic tone as she cast Eden’s blouse aside.  “I completely spaced out about this Friday.”

“It happens,”  Eden offered in an effort to reassure her lover whose hands had slipped around her waist.

“No it doesn’t just happen,”  Gwen softly protested as she undid the zipper on Eden’s skirt.  “Or at least it shouldn’t.”


            Eden’s skin was tingling as Gwen breath caressed her skin as her clothing was removed.  The brunette wanted to argue and reassure her lover that it wasn’t really and she was just being over sensitive.  In the back of her mind Eden suspect the reasons behind Gwen lack of romance.  “Gwen,”  Eden carefully began.  “I’m exhausted and all I want to focus on right now is how good your hands feel on my body,”  Eden hoped that Gwen understood that she simply wasn’t up for a round of ‘I’m not Brenda damn it.’  Eden had never had the displeasure of meeting Gwen’s ex-lover but she already hated the woman if for nothing else the dark cloud she was casting over her relationship with the blonde.

“Fair enough,”  Gwen agreed with a mischievous gleam in her emerald orbs as she removed the brunette’s bra.


            Eden was about to offer her lover more reassurance when she felt her lover’s hands cupping her breasts.  The brunette gasped as she felt Gwen’s thumbs brushing against her nipples.  Eden’s eyes fluttered shut as she felt her lover’s breath drawing closer to her half naked body.  Her knees buckled as she felt Gwen’s tongue circling her nipples teasing them slowly until the blonde captured one of the buds in her mouth and began to suckle it greedily.  Eden’s body arched as she laced her fingers in her lover’s long blonde hair and pressed Gwen closer to her.


            Her body quiver as she felt the fire spread through her while Gwen lowered her down onto the bed.  She could hear her pantyhose tearing as she wrapped her long legs around Gwen’s body.  The blonde’s mouth was driving her insane as she teased her aching nipple with her teeth and her tongue.  Eden felt her desire growing as she grinded her hips against her lover’s firm body.  The feel of the blonde’s clothing brushing against her center was driving her mad with desire. 


            Eden’s body trembled in protest as she felt Gwen’s mouth releasing her breast from its warmth.  “No,”  She protested as she clung tighter to the smaller woman.  Her skin was still wet from being trapped inside her lover’s mouth as Gwen pulled away from her.  The cool night air teased her wet flesh as Gwen stood.

“I promised you a backrub,”  Gwen whispered as she slowly removed the brunette’s pantyhose and underwear.  “Now climb up onto the bed and I will be right back.”


            Eden pouted as she watched her lover retreating from the room.  Her pouted grew into a snarl the longer she waited for the blonde to return to the bedroom.  The snarl quickly faded once Gwen returned completely naked, carrying a large towel and a small bottle of something Eden couldn’t recognize in the darkness.  She watched as Gwen pulled back the covers and spread the towel out.  The blonde motioned for Eden to lie across the towel.  The brunette eagerly complied as Gwen lit a candle on the nightstand.  Eden watched as Gwen brushed her hair from her neck and then opened the bottle and poured it into her hands.  Eden continued to look over her shoulder as her lover rubbed her hands together as she straddled the brunette’s hips.


            She was just about to ask what the lotion was when she felt the oil caressing her back.  The musky scent filled her as the oil warmed her tired body.  Eden moaned in pleasure as she felt Gwen’s hands tenderly kneading away the tension from her body while the hair of her mound brushed against Eden’s skin.  The brunette couldn’t stop her body from arching and pressing her backside against Gwen’s center as the blonde’s hands continued to glide up and down her back. 


            Gwen’s hands drifted along the sides of her body as the blonde pressed her breasts against Eden’s back.  “Are you beginning to relax?”  Gwen teased her in a husky tone.

“Yes,”  Eden managed to choke out as her hips continued to thrust backwards needing to feel more of Gwen’s body.

“You don’t seem very relaxed?”  Gwen taunted her before dipping her tongue in the brunette’s ear.

“I’m . . .,” Eden panted as she raised her hips higher.  

“Tell me Baby,”  Gwen encouraged her finally meeting her hips in a steady rhythm.


            Eden could feel her clit pulsating in an urgent rhythm as her lover’s wetness pressed against her.  She could feel her own desire flowing from her body as her lover captured one of her nipples between her fingers and began to pinch and tease it.  “Tell me,”  Gwen coaxed her as Eden began to grind her backside against her lover’s clit.  She could feel Gwen’s desire painting her skin as she continued to rock in a needy motion.  “Tell me.”  Gwen repeated as she clasped Eden’s hips and began to thrust harder against the brunette’s body. 

“Please Gwen,”  Eden pleaded as she felt her lover riding harder and harder against her.

“Please what Baby?”  Gwen taunted her.  “I love it when you’re naughty.”


            Eden was ready to explode as she clutched at the bedding while her hips moved in a demanding rhythm against her lover’s wetness.  “Fuck me.”  Eden finally cried out in a desperate need to feel her lover filling her body.  Before Eden could beg her lover again Gwen was beneath her still thrusting hips and guiding Eden’s wetness to her mouth.  “Oh yes.”  Eden moaned as she felt Gwen’s tongue dipping into her wetness.  She wanted to watch her lover as she feasted upon her, but she was already teetering on the edge as she felt Gwen’s tongue gliding along her slick folds.  It was too late to move as she straddled her lover’s face while clutching at the pillows and anything else she could grab as Gwen suckled her clit into the warmth of her mouth.  The sounds of Gwen murmuring with delight as she drank in her passion were causing Eden’s body to quiver as the fire began to consume her.


            Eden nearly trapped her lover beneath her as she felt her body exploding.  She hadn’t wanted to climax so quickly but she was helpless against the waves that came crashing down upon her.  She felt Gwen’s teeth grazing across her throbbing clit while she was still screaming out in ecstasy.  Eden gave in to the feel of Gwen feasting upon her as her body continued to shudder.  Finally fearing that she was going to pass out from the delightful sensations she pulled away from Gwen’s eager mouth and rolled onto her back.


            Gwen responded by nestling her head between Eden’s still quivering thighs and licking away the last drops of passion.  “Come here,”  Eden managed to choke out as she guided her lover up into her arms.  Gwen straddled her hips as the brunette captured the blonde in a smoldering kiss.  She savored the taste of her wetness on the blonde’s lips as their bodies began to sway together.  Eden’s hand drifted between them until she was stroking the blonde’s clit.  Gwen gasped as she lifted her hips granting Eden access.  The brunette eagerly accepted the invitation as she entered her lover.  “Eden!”  Gwen cried out as the brunette filled her.


            Eden loved the feel of Gwen’s body riding against her touch while she clung to the brunette’s shoulders.  Gwen continued to call out her name as her hips thrust harder and harder against the brunette’s hand.  Eden pulled her lover closer and captured her nipple in her mouth while she began to tease the blonde’s clit with her thumb.  She felt Gwen’s blunt nails digging into her shoulders as the blonde’s thighs tighten around Eden.  The brunette’s heart and body soared as she felt her lover exploding against her.  She ran her tongue along the valley of the blonde’s breasts as Gwen’s body arched against her.


            She smiled as Gwen collapsed against her.  Eden held her trembling lover tightly in her arms as their hearts beat in unison.  Gwen’s eyes were still glazed over as her head fell back.  “I . . .” Eden stopped herself before she said something she doubted her lover was ready to hear.  ‘ And what if she doesn’t say it back?’  Her mind screamed in a sudden panic.  “I really like the way you give a backrub.”

“My pleasure,”  Gwen managed to choke out as they climbed under the blankets and snuggled up against one another.  “You know if your boss keeps acting like a troll there could be more backrubs in it for you?”  Gwen teased as she kissed the nape of the brunette’s neck.

“I don’t want to talk about her,”  Eden groaned as she ran her hands up and down the blonde’s back.

“Your new boss is a woman?”  Gwen inquired sleepily.

“Yeah a big old straight gal. Although?”  Eden began as the uneasy encounter in the woman’s office replayed in her mind.

“Although?”  Gwen asked as she looked up at Eden.

“Well right after she showed me a picture of her boy friend I could have sworn she was flirting with me,”  Eden tried to explain.  “Probably just my imagination.”

“Trust me you never know,”  Gwen grumbled bitterly.


            Eden frowned before pulling her lover closer to her.  “I don’t want to talk about work anymore it is bad enough I have to go back there in just a couple of hours.  Right now all I want to do is hold you in my arms,”  Eden offered as Gwen snuggled up against her.  ‘I don’t know if I can handle it if her past keeps looming over us?’  The brunette grimly processed before relaxing into the feel of her lover’s body pressing against her own.



Part Three


            Gwen sat at her desk hoping to find what she was looking for.  She had to make Valentines Day special she had already arranged to have a dozen roses sent to Eden’s office on Friday.  There was just one more thing besides making a special dinner for the two of them she needed to find.  When she first began her quest she thought it would be a snap she was mistaken.  “Yes,”  She cheered when she found what she had been banging her head against the wall all week to find.  There it was at the Disney Store Website.  “Now can you ship it over night?”  She frantically asked her computer screen as if it could answer her.

“Tell me you are not using the Internet for your own personal use,”  Roger her boss scolded.

“As a matter of fact I am,”  Gwen chuckled.  “Just a last minute gift for Valentines Day.”

“What?”  The large man squeaked in horror.

“Friday.”  Gwen gleefully informed him as she punched in her credit card number. 

“Damn it.”  Roger grumbled as the sweat began to bead up on his forehead. 


            “Here,”  Gwen said as she handed him a business card.  “It is the florist I used.  Good prices and guaranteed delivery.”

“Thank you,”  Roger sighed with relief.

“Do it now before you forget,”  Gwen scolded him as she handed him two folders.

“What’s this?”  He asked.

“The Bolger place and the Miller place,”  Gwen gloated.  “The bank cleared them both at asking price.”

“You sold the Miller place?”  He asked with a smile.  “Did you tell them?”

“That its haunted?  Of course,”  Gwen grumbled.  “Turns out they like that sort of thing.  Cool they’re in stock and can shipped over night.  I just saved my sorry butt.  No go save yours.”


            Gwen knew she wasn’t kidding when she said that she had just saved her sorry butt.  She didn’t miss the dejected look in Eden’s eyes the other night after they had made love and she had once again brought up her past.  ‘This stops now,’  Gwen silently vowed as Roger scurried towards his office and Sara peered over her shoulder.

“I don’t get it,”  The brunette mumbled.  “That’s what you are getting her?”

“Not just that,” Gwen explained.  “That is just a little something that will mean something to Eden.”

“Good now you are thinking with your heart,”  Sara congratulated her.  “So what else are you doing?”

“A dozen pink roses are being delivered to her office,.”  Gwen continued.

“Pink?”  Sara questioned her with a scowl.

“They’re her favorite,.”  Gwen quickly informed her friend.  “And I’m having them delivered to her office because her new boss has been a little too friendly for my tastes.”

“What is this guy an idiot?”  Sara sneered.

“It is a woman who claims to be straight.  But she takes Eden to lunch every day, keeps her late every night and keeps touching her in a way that is making Eden uncomfortable,”  Gwen explained with a growl.

“Showing that you care and marking your territory clever girl,”  Sara beamed.  “Okay what else?”

“I bought sexy lingerie,”  Gwen chuckled.

“For you or her?”  Sara scowled.

“Me,”  Gwen answered with a smirk.

“Alright romantic and presumptuous,”  Sara grumbled.

“Not with Eden,”  Gwen boldly informed her.  “We just really seem to connect that way.  It isn’t just about sex but the chemistry between us is amazing.”

“Now I’m jealous,”  Sara pouted.

“As well you should be young lady,”  Gwen chuckled again.  “Friday night I’m inviting her over for a special dinner.  Shrimp Creole since she doesn’t eat red meat.”

“Tell when you were putting all of this together how did it feel?”  Sara inquired with a knowing smile.

“It felt great.,” Gwen confessed.  “I forgot how good it could feel to do something just to make your lover smile.  Making plans for my first Valentines Day with Eden felt like winning the lottery.”

“Don’t tell me tell her,”  Sara scolded her.

“I’m planning on doing just that Friday night,”  Gwen shyly admitted.

“What?”  Sara choked with surprise.

“I know,”  Gwen swallowed hard as her palms began to sweat.  “I’m terrified but Eden makes me feel good about everything.  Even when I thought she was going to be the neighbor from hell it still felt good being around her.  I think it is time to tell her.  Of course if she doesn’t say it back I’m totally screwed.  But Eden is worth the risk.”

“I don’t think I have ever seen you this happy?”  Sara reassured her.

“I haven’t been for so long,”  Gwen responded.  “It has been so long since I’ve opened my heart up to someone I forgot how really good it feels.  Even when things were good between Brenda and I it never felt like this.”

“I’m happy for you,”  Sara said.  “Just one problem you said that you were inviting her over Friday night isn’t that kind of short notice?”

“Well no I mean that is the way we always make plans,”  Gwen theorized.

“Probably because you live so close to one another,”  Sara agreed.  “Still it is a special night and frankly every now and then a girl likes to be asked.  I’d do it today.  Actually I would have done it last week.  And frankly the way you blew the whole thing off the other day she might have assumed that it didn’t mean anything to you and made plans to go out with her friends.”


            Gwen’s heart sunk when she realized that she had taken it and Eden for granted.  She wouldn’t blame her if she went out with her friends or someone else for that matter.  Gwen offered her no commitment or even asked her for a date.  She snatched her telephone up and quickly dialed Eden’s cell phone.  Her heart was ready to break when she didn’t get an answer.



Part Four


            It was late when Eden finally left work she would have to hurry of she wanted to catch up with Tisha.  She was frantic by the time she entered the restaurant and found her friend sitting at the bar.  “Now I know why you hate it when I do this to you,”  Tisha grumbled.

“Sorry my boss wouldn’t let me go,”  Eden frantically tried to explain.  “That woman is driving me insane.”

“Why is that crazy people just seemed to follow you around?”  Tisha asked as she waved to the Maitre d' letting him know that they were finally ready to be seated.

“What do you mean?”  Eden inquired as they were being led to their table.

“Well we could go through the list of all of your flames including the one that heard voices,”  Tisha offered.  “Or that crazy old coot who use to live next door to you?”

“None of that matters anymore since Gwen has replaced all of them,”  Eden countered with a cocky grin.

“Oh speaking of blonde and hot what are the two of you doing Friday night?”  Tisha innocently inquired.


            Eden’s cocky smile vanished.  “I don’t know,”  The brunette muttered as she pretended to look over the menu.

“Ooo a surprise how romantic,”  Tisha gushed.

“No more like probably nothing,”  Eden reluctantly confessed as she felt a wave of sadness rush over her.

“Excuse me?  Care to hit rewind?”  Tisha growled.  “What do you mean probably nothing?  Give me your cell phone I’m calling that Bitch.”

“Can’t battery is dead,”  Eden informed her as she stuck out her tongue.

“Liar,”  Tisha admonished her as she snapped her fingers.

“It’s the truth with the late hours at the office I forgot to charge it.  Damn thing was beeping all morning until I figured out what was wrong,”  Eden explained.  “Let it go Tisha, Gwen just isn’t the romantic type.”

“I find that hard to believe after watching the two of you together,”  Tisha argued.

“She just isn’t about some things,”  Eden sighed.  “I don’t understand it either.”

“How long have you two been dating?”  Tisha pressed.

“Almost seven months now,”  Eden supplied as she felt the sad feeling growing.

“Excuse me but in the lesbian world you should be living together by now,”  Tisha groused.  “How often do the two of you go out on dates?”

“Well we’ve never really dated,”  Eden processed.  “I mean we go out but you know we live right next door to one another and technically neither of us has ever asked the other one out.  It is strange that I never thought about it before.  But since the moment I broke up with Celeste I think the both of us just assumed that we would be together.”

“Have you told her how you feel about her?”  Tisha dug deeper as she shooed the waiter away.’

“No,”  Eden said with a heavy sigh.  “At first I couldn’t since we were just friends and I was dating Celeste.  Then after we became lovers I just couldn’t.”

“Why the hell not?”  Tisha fumed.  “You’ve been sleeping together for seven months?”

“Ssh,”  Eden hushed her as she waved the waiter over.


            As they ordered dinner Tisha’s question kept running through Eden’s mind.  “So?”  Tisha pried once the waiter had departed.

“I’m afraid,”  Eden finally admitted.  “What if she doesn’t feel the same way?  Frankly I’m too old and too tired to keep seeing someone if the relationship isn’t going anywhere.  And I’d rather have old man Travis move back in and peek in my windows at night instead of living next door to my ex.  I’m terrified that if I tell her that I’m in love with her she will run.  Brenda really screwed her up.”

“That freak,”  Tisha groaned.  “On the one hand I can understand Gwen being gun shy.  But on the other hand get over it already.”

“You don’t understand they were together for six years and making plans to get married,”  Eden tried defending her lover.  “Gwen had to stand there and watch Brenda go out on dates with this guy after Brenda told her it was something she had to try before they got married.”

“Eden I understand that Brenda earned the bitch of the year award but that was almost two years ago,”  Tisha tried to reason with her.  “You are paying for someone else mistake and that is not something I have ever seen you put up with.”

“You’re right,”  Eden finally agreed just as their meals arrived.


            Eden was miserable by the time she returned home from dinner with Tisha.  Of course Tisha was a good friend by her over inquisitive nature at times did more harm than good.  Eden was swimming in a sea of doubt and confusion.  She grabbed her mail from the box and stormed into her dark home.  She began turning on the lights as she tossed her mail onto the kitchen counter.  As Eden retrieved her cell phone and plugged it in she honestly didn’t know whom she was upset with.  There was Gwen for being completely gorgeous, great to be with not to mention an amazing lover and yet she was about to blow off Valentines Day.  Then there was Tisha for bringing all of this up when Eden had finally decided to just let Gwen work out her demons.  Then of course there was she for putting up with Gwen’s insecurities.  “I should just invite her out for Friday,”  Eden pondered as she began to flip through her mail.  “Of course when I tried that she said she had to work.”


            Her crystal blue eyes widen with surprise as a large envelope with no stamp or return address caught her attention.  Her name was boldly emblazed across the large red envelope.  Her heart was pounding as she carefully opened the envelope.  She smiled when she found the adorable card with hearts and teddy bears inside.  Yet it was the hand written message that made her jaw drop.


            “My Dearest Eden,


                                Please forgive the lateness of this invitation.  If by some miracle you are free this Friday evening, who you do me the honor of joining me for dinner?  R.S.V.P, from your bedroom window.





            “Who are you and what have you done with my feisty skinny dipping neighbor?”  Eden said with a smile as she placed her hand over her rapidly beating heart.  Eden removed her coat and shoes and while clutching the card to her chest she climbed the stairs.  She hoped that she wasn’t too late to catch Gwen before the blonde went to bed.  She smiled as she stepped into her dark bedroom and spied Gwen nervously pacing around her bedroom clutching what appeared to be her cordless phone.  “What are you wearing?”  Eden whispered as she stepped closer to the window to get a closer look at the short robe and matching and very short nightie both were black and appeared to be satin or silk.  “Someone has been shopping,”  Eden purred as she hid in the darkness and leered at her lover whom seemed to be having a very animated discussion with herself. 


            Eden felt the same stirrings deep inside of her that she had experienced the first time she spied on Gwen taking a late night dip in her pool.  “And now I know what I’m missing and I can’t stay away from her.”  She said with a smile as she reached over and turned on the lamp beside her bed.  She watched as Gwen’s head spun towards the window.  She waved as she laughed as Gwen frantically began to dial her telephone.  Eden was not surprised to hear her telephone ringing.  She crawled across her bed and picked up the receiver.  “Hello?”  She purred into the telephone before returning to the window.

“Eden?”  Gwen nervously squeaked.

“Yes?”  The brunette continued to tease her lover who was standing directly in front of her bedroom window.

“Hi,”  Gwen stammered.  “I  . . . Uhm . . .”

“Gwen is you alright?”  Eden chuckled.  “You sound a little tense.”

“I am.,”  Gwen confessed with a heavy sigh.  “I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me on Friday?”

“Yes,”  Eden quickly accepted as she heard her lover release a tense breath.  “Gwen why are you so nervous?  The first few months we knew each other you kept asking to see my underwear.  Not to mention that your requests often came at the most in opportune moments.”

“That was easy,”  Gwen explained as she stepped closer to her window giving Eden a clear view of her vibrant green eyes and ample cleavage.  “Asking you out on date is hard.”

“I don’t understand,”  Eden responded.

“I haven’t asked someone out on a date in almost eight years,”  Gwen admitted in a hushed whisper.

“Wait I seem to recall that you dated a lot when you first moved into the neighborhood.”  Eden offered clearly confused by her lover’s admission.

“Eden those weren’t dates they were pick ups,”

“Thank you.,  Eden said with surprise as she felt her body warming.

“Hey is your cell working I’ve been trying to reach you all day?”  Gwen asked with concern.

“Battery died, I forgot to charge it,”  Eden explained as her mind drifted to something much more interesting.  “Speaking of underwear?”

“Were we?”  Gwen chuckled and Eden could see the blonde lips emerging into a brilliant smile.

“No but we are now,”  Eden laughed.  “I like what you are wearing is that new.”

“Yes it is,”  Gwen huskily responded.  “So you like it?”  She added as she did a slow spin in an effort to give the brunette a better view of the ensemble.

“Oh yeah,”  Eden confirmed as she licked her lips.  “In fact if it wasn’t so late I’d come over and show you just how much I like it.”

“Poor baby are you certain that I can’t entice you,”  Gwen taunted her.

“I’m sure you could but I have another early day tomorrow,”  Eden reluctantly refused.

“Pity,”  Gwen sighed.  “Its such a shame to waste silk.”

“Brat,”  Eden purred.  “At least I will have some entertaining dreams this evening.”

“So will I,”  Gwen retorted in a sensual tone.  “Good night Eden.”

“Good night Gwen, sweet dreams,”  Eden whispered before ending the call.


            She waved to Gwen who waved in response before the brunette closed the curtains and prepared for bed.  Eden did have some very interesting dreams that evening all of which featured Gwen and her new ensemble.  In the morning she was a mass of frustration as she questioned her sanity for refusing Gwen’s invitation last evening.  She gulped down her morning cup of coffee as she checked her cell phone to ensure it was now fully charged.  Although she had no messages she found a long list of calls in the call log.  All of the calls were made from either Gwen’s office, home or cell phone.  “Boy she must have been frantic.”  Eden chuckled thankful that she hadn’t canceled her own plans for surprising Gwen on Friday.  She had almost changed her mind several times during the week worried that she would scare the blonde off.


            Eden’s cell phone chirped and she answered it quickly thinking it was Gwen she didn’t bother checking the caller ID.  “Hello?”  She purred.

“Eden?”  The somewhat familiar voice greeted her.

“Yes?”  Eden responded as she tried to place the woman’s voice.

“It is Celeste,”  The woman brightly explained.

“It has been a long time,”  Eden stammered as she wondered why in the world this woman was calling her.  The last time she had seen Celeste she was had Gwen wrapped up in her arms and Celeste flipped her off.


            Gwen entered the kitchen from the backdoor and helped herself to some coffee.  Eden smiled at her lover as she patiently waited for Celeste to say something.  “Well I was just wondering if you might be free this weekend?”  Celeste offered brightly.

“Huh?”  Eden choked as Gwen curiously looked on.  “Actually no I’m not, I have plans,”  Eden explained once she regained her composure.

“Oh?”  Celeste responded with surprise.


            Then the reality hit Eden.  “I see,”  She snarled into the telephone.  “Tisha has been working overtime.  Look, Celeste I’m still with Gwen.”  Her lover started to choke before frantically trying to grab the phone out of Eden’s hand.  “Stop it,”  She chastised Gwen as Celeste babbled on about how Gwen didn’t appreciate her.


            “Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme,”  Gwen pleaded as they struggled for the telephone.  Eden finally gave up and handed her cell to her lover.  “Hey Celeste how’s tricks?”  Gwen taunted the caller.  “Just so there isn’t any misunderstandings I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t call my girlfriend and ask her out.  It tends to make me cranky.”  Eden watched with some amusement as Gwen pulled the phone away from her ear as Celeste released a stream of colorful expressions.  “Whoa.”  Gwen gasped as she put the phone down.  “I will never understand why you dated someone with such a filthy mouth.”

“This coming from you?”  Eden snorted in amusement.

“Yes, but I said those things we were actually doing them,”  Gwen clarified.

“True,”  Eden conceded.  “So what brings you over other than to steal my coffee and screen my calls?”

“I just wanted to say good morning,”  Gwen smiled in response before standing on her toes and roughly claiming Eden’s lips.


            Eden moaned into the warmth of her lover’s mouth as the kiss deepened.  She licked her lips savoring Gwen’s taste as the kiss came to an end.  “Good morning to you too,”  Eden softly sighed.

“As for screening your calls that I did for myself,”  Gwen asserted. 

“About that,”  Eden slowly began.

“No need to explain,”  Gwen cut her off.  “I think I got the gist of things.  Tisha being the good albeit nosy friend that she is was probably bitching about how badly I’m treating you, which I am and Celeste got wind of things and decided to swoop down like the jackal that she is.”

“That pretty much sums it up,”  Eden confirmed.  “So am I?”

“Are you what?”  Gwen asked.

“Your girlfriend?”  Eden pressed spurred on by Gwen’s sudden change.

“Gosh I hope so,”  Gwen responded sincerely.

“Gosh?”  Eden laughed.  “My you are a white girl.  So about dinner tomorrow?”

“Well it is a bit late to get reservations so I was hoping that if it is alright with you I’d cook for us at my place?”  Gwen shyly explained.

“Sounds great,”  Eden smiled in response.  “Hopefully my boss will have plans with her boyfriend and I can get out at a respectable hour.  I’ll call you when I have a better idea.”

“Speaking of which now that I have straighten Celeste out I’m not going to have to hog tie that wench you are working for am I?”  Gwen inquired as her eyes sparkled with a hint of anger.

“I love it when you try to be butch,”  Eden laughed.  “No I can handle her.”


            During lunch that day Eden confidence in her ability to deter her boss was quickly fading.  She was trying to give the woman the benefit of the doubt.  Heck she didn’t even know the woman’s first name so the chances were that she was just being friendly.  Still Ms. Cummings had an annoying habit of clutching Eden’s hand each time she was trying to make a point during the meal.  If Ms. Cummings was simply being friendly then why didn’t she ever invite any of Eden’s co-workers to lunch or touch them in the same manner she touched the brunette.  The blonde grabbed Eden’s hand once again.  This time the brunette snatched it away.  “Ms. Cummings I’d really appreciate it if you stopped doing that,”  Eden explained in a firm tone.

“Sorry I just get a little excited sometimes,”  The blonde apologized as Eden picked up on her not so subtle under lying meaning.  “So do you have big plans for tomorrow night?  It seems this time of you romance is all anyone can think about.”


            Eden shudder once again at the tone Ms. Cummings used as her dark brown eyes bore into the brunette.  “As a matter of fact I do,”  Eden boldly asserted.  “My girlfriend is making me dinner.”

“Oh sweet,”  Ms. Cummings scoffed.

“And what about you and Danny?”  Eden tossed out in an effort to redirect the woman’s attention.  Eden thought it was odd that she knew Ms. Cummings boyfriend’s first name and not hers.

“Oh yes,”  Ms. Cummings responded with a sickening smile.  “Dinner at the Top of the Hub and he is giving me the most darling diamond bracelet.”

“You know what he is giving you,”  Eden sputtered.

“Of course.  Can’t let them shop by themselves,”  Ms. Cummings chuckled.  “Lord only knows what they’ll come home with.”

“I don’t know,”  Eden reasoned.  “It seems like that takes some of the fun out of it.”

“Nonsense,”  Ms. Cummings scoffed once again.  “I was involved with someone once who got me a trip for Christmas.  Now that is all well and good but the destination wasn’t really what I was hoping for.  Plus if I had known that my gift was a trip I would have been better prepared.”

“Was the trip fun?”  Eden asked before she could think better of it.

“Yes,”  Ms. Cummings shrugged not understanding Eden’s point.


            After returning to the office Eden took the opportunity to make a quick call to Tisha in order to tell her dear old friend off.  Tisha apologized as she swore she never told Celeste.  But based on who she did blab to it wasn’t hard to figure out how Celeste heard about her problems with Gwen.  Tisha also added her surprise and pleasure when she heard about Gwen’s sudden change in attitude.  “Honestly Tisha she seems more like herself than she has in a long time.”  Eden explained noting the spark that had first drawn her to the energetic blonde returning.


            After she ended the call and tucked her cell phone back into her pocket Bryan popped into her cubicle.  “Hey there,”  She greeted him.  “Everything all right?”  She asked noting the worried expression he was sporting.

“Actually I was about to ask you the same thing,”  Bryan shyly explained.

“What do you mean?”  She asked as her eyebrows scrunched up.

“It is just that the new boss seems a little overly friendly when it comes to you,”  He carefully explained.

“I thought I was imagining it.”  She responded in a weary tone.

“You’re not,”  Bryan reassured her.  “Is everything okay with you and Gwen?”

“Better than ever,”  Eden answered him honestly.  “In fact she is making me a special dinner tomorrow night.  I hope she likes the balloons I’m having delivered.”

“Tomorrow?”  Bryan asked in a puzzled tone.

“Valentines Day,”  Eden dryly informed him.  She almost burst out in laughter as he realized what day it was.  “Do you want me to remind you to stop and get flowers on the way home tomorrow night so your wife won’t have you drawn and quartered?”

“Yes please,”  Bryan whimpered.

“Men,”  Eden chuckled.  “Anyhoo yes Ms. Cummings is making me uncomfortable and I’m not really sure what to do about it.  She hasn’t done anything overt so I can’t file a complaint.  I’m just hoping she won’t try to keep me here late tomorrow.  Thankfully she is having dinner with her boyfriend.”

“Her boyfriend?”  He sputtered.  “I would have sworn that she was one of yours.”

“Me too,”  Eden responded thoughtfully.

“Well just so you know I’m not the only one who has noticed so if this goes any further and you need back up you should know that it is there,”  Bryan informed her.

“Thanks,”  Eden added before he made his departure.


            Eden was spent by the time she had returned home.  Ms. Cummings had once again kept her late at the office.  Eden didn’t mind an extra workload but the woman just seemed to be doing it so the two of them would be alone together.  Her spirits lifted when she went up to her bedroom and found Gwen waving to her from across the way.  She was grinning like an idiot when she answered her telephone.

“Hey?”  Gwen greeted her softly.

“Hey yourself what are you doing up so late?”  Eden asked.

“I was just waiting up so I could say goodnight to you,”  Gwen shyly explained.

“Thanks,”  Eden smiled as her heart warmed.


            They chatted briefly both of them flirting with one another until they finally said good night.  And with a wave from the window each of them went to bed.  Eden got up extra early eager to start the day off right, make, and deliver a special something for Gwen.  She trudged through the small and into her lover’s backyard.  “Morning,”  She called out as she entered the kitchen.  When she heard Gwen’s agitated voice she placed the basket of muffins down onto the counter and went in search of her lover.

“I’m happy why can’t you just leave me alone,”  Gwen shouted into the telephone.


            Eden didn’t miss the tension in the smaller woman’s body or the way her face had turned beet red.  She didn’t have to ask who was on the other end of the call.  “Don’t call me anymore,”  Gwen fumed as she clicked the telephone off and tossed it across the room.  “Freak!”  The blonde screamed as the telephone slid across the floor.  Eden’s heart sank as she saw the plans they had made slipping away.  Gwen was shaking as she turned to her.  “Eden?”  She stammered as the blonde closed the distance between.  “No,”  Gwen cautioned her as she pressed her fingers to the brunette’s lips.  “No one is going to ruin this day.”  Eden blew out a sigh of relief as her lover’s promised reached her.


            Eden captured her lover’s trembling hand and slowly kissed each of the blonde’s fingers.  “I have a surprise for you,”  Eden explained as she led her lover into the kitchen.

“Muffins,”  Gwen gleefully exclaimed as she inhaled the aroma before snatching the card that was nestled in the basket. 

“I just baked them,”  Eden explained as her lover read the mushy card the brunette had selected.  “Blueberry and chocolate chip I thought you could bring them to the office.”

“Thank you,”  Gwen sniffed as she closed the card.  “I have something you for too.”  Gwen exclaimed as she raced out of the kitchen.  “It nothing really,”  The blonde continued to babble as she darted up the staircase.

“I love it when you were a skirt,”  Eden called out as she watched the blonde’s retreating form.


            Gwen was blushing when she rejoined Eden.  “I have to show couple of houses today,”  Gwen explained as she handed Eden a card.  “You’d be surprised how many people actually give a house as Valentines Day gift.”

“And all I got you were muffins,”  Eden teased as she opened the card.  “The Seven Dwarfs!”  Eden gushed as she opened the card and found Dopey smiling back at her.

“I love muffins,”  Gwen reassured her.  “And I . . .” Gwen words stilled as she began to sweat.  “And I’m sorry but I need to get going.”

“Me too,”  Eden agreed before lowering her head to give the blonde a quick kiss.


            Lost in the scent of Gwen’s perfume and the softness of the blonde’s lips the kiss quickly deepened until they were pressing one another against the kitchen counter.  Both of them were panting heavily as they reluctantly pulled away from the warmth of one another’s embrace.  “I’ll see you tonight,”  Gwen panted her eyes clouded over with desire.

“I can’t wait,”   Eden gasped in response.


            As Eden toiled away at her computer she fought to keep her thoughts focused on her work and not the dinner Gwen was planning for that night.  “Oh Eden,”  Robin one of her co-workers said as she popped her head into the brunette’s workspace.  Eden looked over at the small brunette who was smirking at her. 

“What?”  Eden asked.

“Here they were left at reception,”  Robin explained as she held out the crystal vase filled with pink roses.  “You lucky wench,”  Robin added as Eden accepted the flowers.


            Eden noticed the small gathering of women around her desk waiting for her to open the card.  She licked her lips and then smiled as she read the short but sweet message from Gwen.  “Ah!”  The women sighed as Eden’s eyes filled with tears.

“Does Gwen have any brothers?”  One woman teased as the others chuckled.

“Ladies,”  Ms. Cummings harsh tone cut through the crowd.  “Don’t we any work to do?”


            Eden tensed as her grumbling co-workers dispersed and Ms. Cummings stepped into her cubicle.  “If they are a problem I can always bring them down to my car,”  Eden offered as she glared at her boss.

“Nonsense can’t have half the staff rushing to the garage all day,”  Ms. Cummings clipped.  “Pink how cute.”

“Sweet actually that Gwen remembered that pink are my favorites,”  Eden supplied in a surly tone.  Ms. Cummings snorted indignantly before storming off.  “Bitch.”  Eden hissed.  Her anger slipped away as she inhaled the delicate fragrance of her roses.



Part Five


            “Muffins, flowers and a bunch of red balloons I think I hate you,”  Sara snarled as Gwen stuck her tongue out at her friend while she dialed Eden’s number.

“Hello beautiful,”  Eden purred as she answered the call.  “Thank you for the flowers.”

“I was just calling to say the same,”  Gwen blushed.  “And balloons you are spoiling me.”

“I’m trying.,  Eden chuckled.

“Just you wait until tonight,”  Gwen hummed.  “Oops my next appointment just walked in.”

“I’ll see you later,”  Eden promised.

“Mr. Wallace right on time,”  Gwen stood and greeted the well-dressed elderly gentleman.

“I hate to waste time,”  He explained as he shook her hand.  “My little girl is getting married.”

“Congratulations,”  Gwen beamed.

“Third times a charm,”  He muttered.  “Oh well I like this one so I thought I get the kids a house.”

“That is very generous and thoughtful,”  Gwen noted.  “And I’m assuming that the deed will be kept in your name just in case.”

“You’re quick young lady.  I like that,”  Mr. Wallace chuckled.  “Show me what you got.”


            Gwen liked this man; he was kind, generous, and practical.  Plus he had more money than God and wanted to get a house by the end of the day since the engagement party was that night.  The other realtors didn’t take the time to listen to what he wanted, Gwen did knowing that she shouldn’t show him some overpriced monstrosity and show him something simple and reasonable.  By the end of the day her boss was thanking her as he handed her a sizable check.  “Want to tell me why you canceled or handed off the rest of your appointments for the day?”  He inquired.

“I making dinner for my girlfriend tonight,”  Gwen flatly explained.

“And?”  He choked.

“And I closed a ton of deals this week alone that put me way over my quota,”  Gwen gloated.

“You are such a pain in the ass,”  He teased her.

“But you love me anyways,”  Gwen taunted him as she pinched his cheek.  She knew that she was the only one who could get away with such brazen actions with Roger who tried desperately to look tuff.  Of course Gwen knew that despite her charming demeanor if she wasn’t good at what she did Roger wouldn’t put up with her antics.

“Yeah right,”  Roger scoffed.  “Now get out here before I change my mind.”

“Did you order the flowers for the wife?”  Gwen continued.

“Yes,”  He scowled.  “And that Disney site you were browsing on my dime gave me another idea.”

“Getting her a stuffed Mickey Mouse?”  Gwen teased.

“No,”  Roger grunted.  “I’m taking her to Disney World in June.”

“Smart,”  Gwen agreed.  “Now that the kids are out of the house the two of you can just sneak off by yourselves and have good time.  Plus it is around your anniversary so you get to kill two birds with one stone.”

“I know,”  He chuckled.  “Now shoo some of have work to do.  And thank Eden for the muffins.”

“Oh I will,”  She replied in a saucy tone before ducking out of his office.



            Gwen rushed into her home eager to get started on preparing her home for Eden’s arrival.  “I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this,”  She chuckled as she got the pots and pans ready.  Eden called as Gwen was peeling the shrimp to let her know that despite the extra work her boss was throwing at her should be home by seven thirty or eight.  Gwen began to organize her preparations so that the dinner would be hot the champagne would be cold and the smell of shrimp would be gone.


            Just before she took a shower she put the lace tablecloth on her dinning room table.  Then she placed the lavender Iris’ and roses Eden had sent her in the middle of the table.  Then she untied the red balloons and released them around the dinning room so they filled the room.  Then she placed candles around the room careful to keep them away from the dangling ribbons attached to the balloons.  “Okay I’ll light the candles just before I serve the meal,”  She noted with satisfaction as she surveyed the room and rushed upstairs to get ready.


            Gwen was a nervous wreck by the time she spied the headlights on Eden’s SUV pulling into the brunette’s driveway.  “Eight thirty not a disaster,”  The blonde noted as she rechecked her dinner.  She smiled noting that the wild rice and shrimp Creole looked good.  She popped the cork on one of the bottles of champagne and placed it in an ice bucket in the dinning room.  She rechecked her own appearance.  The short black dress seemed to be clinging to her in all the right places without revealing the interesting undergarments she had chosen.  She brushed her hair once again so that it showed just a hint of her bare shoulders.  Now all she had to do was wait.



Part Six


            “Damn,”  Eden muttered once again as she raced out of her bathroom.  “Okay just relax,”  She chastised herself as she glanced at the clock by the side of her bed.  “Nine O‘clock.  I’m late but my hair is dry and I just need to put on something nice and get over there.”  Eden’s face fell as she studied the contents of her closet.  After an agonizing debate she selected a blue silk blouse and a pair of black jeans that she knew always caught Gwen’s eye.  She dressed quickly as was still buttoning up her blouse as she raced downstairs.  She was struggling with her boots as the doorbell rang.  “Now what?”  She muttered bitterly as she hobbled over to the front door.  “You’ve got to be joking,”  She grumbled when she opened the door and found Ms. Cummings standing on her porch.
“I hate to disturb you,”  The blonde apologized.  “I just needed to go over something with you before my dinner date.”


            Eden flashed the woman an incredulous look as she stumbled backwards into her home.  Eden could feel her ire growing as the woman followed her into her living room.  “I don’t think so,”  Eden fumed as she struggled to get her boots on.

“Excuse me?”  Ms. Cummings sneered.

“I said no,”  Eden asserted as she sat down in an effort to get a better grip on her boots.  “I put up with the crap you’ve been pulling at the office but coming to my home is way out of line.”

“Can’t you ever get those things on?”  A voice muttered from the open doorway.


            Eden watched in horror as Gwen brushed past her boss nudging the taller woman so hard that she almost fell over.  Eden felt a wave of relief as Gwen knelt before her and started assisting her with her troublesome boots.  “I don’t know what it is with you and your footwear,”  Gwen teased her.  “Do I want to know what you are doing here?”  Gwen addressed the angry looking blonde standing behind her.  “Brenda?”  Gwen said as she looked at Eden with concern.

“Not tonight,”  Eden fumed as she felt her last ounce of patience leaving her.  She pulled away from Gwen as her boots slipped into place.

“No,”  Gwen pleaded.


            It was at that moment Eden realized what was going on.  Gwen wasn’t mentioning her ex-lover she was addressing her.  “Brenda Cummings,”  Eden said as the pieces fell into place.  “That’s why you never told me your first name you were afraid that I’d put two and two together and come up with a rat.”

“Tread carefully Ms. Mathews,”  Brenda cautioned her.

“Flirting with me was just a way to get to Gwen,”  Eden theorized.

“She does that all the time,”  Gwen bitterly explained.  “Sucking up to my friends trying to drive a wedge between me and them.  So how did you meet her and why is she here?”

“She’s my new boss,”  Eden hissed.  “Come to think of it you mentioned Gwen by name the first time we had lunch, before I told you it.  At the time I just assumed you had heard via the office grapevine but since everyone hates you why would they tell you anything about my personal life?”

“Again I’d tread carefully Ms. Mathews,”  Brenda cautioned her once again.  “I’m simply here on business.”

“Or what?”  Eden laughed as she stood and approached Brenda.  “You’ll fire me?  Go ahead.  I hate working for you and I’ll love airing your dirty laundry in a court room.”  Brenda blinked with surprise.  “Do you think I’m an idiot who will just bow down?  Not a chance.  My performance record speaks for itself.  My co-workers have already agreed to back me up if I file harassment charges against you.  It doesn’t look good that you called my lover this morning and show up at my home late on a Friday night.”

“We’ll see.”  Brenda retorted coldly before marching out the front door.

“Say hi to Dufus for me,”  Gwen called out after her.

“Danny,”  Brenda shouted from the driveway just before Gwen slammed the front door shut.


            Eden opened her mouth to say something when Gwen silenced her as she held up her hand.  “No,”  Gwen offered calmly before she held out her hand to Eden who quickly accepted her lover’s hand.  “Tomorrow,”  Gwen explained.  “You can ask me what the hell I was thinking by wasting six years of my life with her, tomorrow.  Tonight is about us.  Dinner is waiting,”  Eden could see by the gleam in her lover’s eyes that she was speaking the truth.  Eden could not see a hint of the blonde’s demons clouding her despite the fact that the demon herself had just walked out the front door.


            “Everything looks wonderful including the hostess,”  Eden said as Gwen began to light the candles.

“Thank you milady,”  Gwen brightly responded as she lit the last candle.  “We just need to keep on eye on the balloons wouldn’t do setting the place on fire,”  She added as she held out a chair for Eden.


            Dinner proved to be a wonderful affair as they ate, drank, and chatted about everything.  The conversation brought Eden back to the time when they were first getting to know one another and the connection she had felt towards Gwen.  After dinner Eden stood to clear away the dishes.  “No just sit,”  Gwen requested softly as she poured the brunette more champagne.  She kissed Eden quickly before clearing the table.  Eden sipped the French champagne as she waited for her lover to return.



            Gwen was smiling shyly with her hands tucked behind her back as she reentered the room.  She approached Eden and nudged her with her thigh.  “You look so beautiful tonight,”  Eden confessed as her lover perched herself on her lap.  “What are you hiding?”  Eden asked as she tried to peek behind Gwen’s back.  She failed to get a glimpse when Gwen captured her in a searing kiss.  Eden moaned deeply as she felt her lover’s tongue invading her mouth.


            Eden felt light headed as the kiss came to a reluctant end.  She couldn’t speak as Gwen captured her in a smoldering gaze.  “I love you,”  The blonde whispered softly before reclaiming Eden’s lips.  The brunette’s heart soared as she felt Gwen’s emotions pouring out as their lips met again and again.  Eden’s breathing was labored and her heart was pounding as she cupped her lover’s face.  “I love you too,”  Eden promised against Gwen’s trembling lips.

“I was so nervous,”  Gwen confessed in a shaky tone as Eden began to kiss the nape of her neck.

“What were you nervous about?”  Eden asked with concern as she once again cradled her lover’s face in her hands.

“Tonight,”  Gwen explained with a nervous laugh.  “I was more terrified about showing and telling you just how much you mean to me than I was when I had to tell you that one of my workmen totaled your car.”

“Good thing I had the flu that day or we might not be here right now,”  Eden laughed before stealing another kiss.  “Now what are you hiding?”

“Oh I almost forgot,”  Gwen giggled as she produced the small gift-wrapped package from behind her back.  “But you’ve already done so much,”  Eden protested as she accepted the gift.

“It just a little something that I thought . . . Just open it,”  Gwen blurted out.


            She could her Gwen grumbling as Eden took her time unwrapping the small present.  It was one of the brunette’s many quirks, not to just rip open a package but to take her time and enjoy the moment.  Her jaw dropped when she pulled out her present.  “They are just like my old ones,”  Eden gasped as she held up the pair of silk boxer shorts sporting the seven dwarfs.

“Really?”  Gwen squealed.  “You know I never got a good look at them before the chlorine ate them.”

“Would you like a good look now?”  Eden offered in a breathy tone.

“Yes, please,”  Gwen panted in response.


            Eden moved her glass out of the way before clasping her lover’s hips and lifting her up onto the table.  Eden stole another kiss before she stood.  Gwen reclaimed her own glass of champagne as Eden removed her boots.  Gwen watched her every movement as the tall brunette removed her jeans and then underwear and tossed them off into the darkness.  Eden could feel her body pulsating as her lover licked her lips.  Eden cast a lustful gaze over at the small blonde as she slowly slipped the silk boxers up her long legs.

“I can’t really see them with your shirt hanging so low,”  Gwen prompted her with a needy tone.


            Eden smiled slyly as she slowly began to unbutton her blouse.  Once the last of the buttons were freed she dropped the garment to the floor.  “Very nice,”  Gwen purred as her eyes narrowed with desire.

“And they feel good too,”  Eden sighed as she ran her fingers along the soft material.

“Yeah?”  Gwen choked as Eden stepped between the blonde’s legs.

“Touch them,”  Eden coaxed her as she brushed her fingers along Gwen’s cheek.


            Eden’s body trembled as Gwen released a tiny whimper before lowering her hands to her waist.  The blonde’s fingers caressed her body until they were running along the waistband of her shorts.  Eden released a whimper of her own as Gwen’s touch drifted down along the front of her shorts.  Her skin erupted in goose bumps as Gwen’s fingers glide along the soft material and her lips began to kiss the sensitive skin of her cleavage.  “This is silk too?”  Gwen whispered against her skin as one of her hands began to trace the boarder of her bra.
“Yes,”  Eden choked out as Gwen’s other hand slipped up and under her new shorts and began caressing her thigh.


            Eden was only dimly aware of the sounds of Gwen’s high heels hitting floor after the blonde kicked them off.  Her mind was far too busy focusing on the feel of Gwen fingers running across the cups of her bra pressing the silk against her aching nipples.  The blonde’s other hand slipped out from between Eden’s quivering thighs and drifted to her firm backside.  Eden was struggling to breath as Gwen lowered one side of her bra to reveal her already erect nipple as her other hand massaged her ass.  The feel of silk brushing against her skin as Gwen’s talented fingers caressed her cheeks was making the brunette’s body quiver with desire.  She felt her new shorts becoming damper as her passion grew. 


            Gwen’s tongue circled her nipple while her other hand continued caressing her backside.  Eden laced her fingers in Gwen’s long blonde tresses as her lover’s mouth engulfs her nipple.  The brunette pressed her body closer to Gwen’s.  The blonde wrapped her legs around Eden’s waist while she eagerly suckled her breast.  Eden’s hips jerked forward as her back arched while Gwen continued to tease her upper and lower body.  “Gwen.”  She gasped as she felt her lover’s teeth teasing her nipple.

“Yes?”  Gwen panted as she released the brunette’s breast from the warmth of her mouth.

“You are driving me insane,”  Eden choked out as her hands drifted to the blonde’s thighs.


            “I was just feeling the silk,”  Gwen innocently explained as she reached behind the brunette and unclasped her bra.  “Feels good against your skin doesn’t it?”  Gwen teased as she lowered the bra straps down Eden’s arms.

“Yes,”  Eden agreed as she caressed her lover’s thighs.

“I know,”  Gwen coyly supplied as Eden’s fingers brushed against something.


            Eden felt her chest tightening as she gazed down and caught a glimpse of the garter belts her lover was wearing.  Eden’s fingers crept higher and she moaned as she felt her lover’s skin meeting her touch.  She shifted between her lover’s thighs as Gwen leaned back slightly and rested on her elbows.  Eden took a deep breath as she slowly lifted the hem of the blonde’s dress.  Her mouth went dry as the black garter belts and black silk panties were revealed to her.  She lifted Gwen’s dress higher until it was gathered around the blonde’s waist.  “You like?”  Gwen taunted her.  Eden didn’t respond with words she simply captured her lover with a smoldering look as her fingers traced the edge of the blonde’s panties. 


            She could feel Gwen’s desire gathering on the tips of her fingers as Gwen’s breathing became shallow.  Eden cupped her lover’s mound and was delighted to feel her wetness greet her touch.  Gwen’s head fell back as she parted her legs even further until her feet were resting on the table.  She teased the blonde with the palm of her hand only removing her touch so she could discard her own bra, which was still dangling, on her arms. 


            Gwen’s eyes were dark with desire as the candlelight illuminated her body.  Eden ran her fingers up along the blonde’s thighs until she was teasing the elastic of her underwear just above her thigh.  Eden’s body was on fire as she slipped her fingers beneath the band and into her lover’s wetness.  Gwen’s body convulsed as Eden dipped further inside gliding her fingers along the blonde’s slick folds.  She kept her thumb outside of Gwen’s panties and began to stroke her throbbing clit through the black silk as her fingers entered her warm wet center.


            Gwen cried out as her body trembled.  Eden could feel the walls tightening against her fingers as Gwen’s hips matched her passionate rhythm.  Eden couldn’t tear her gaze from the sight of her lover still fully clothed while Eden pleasured her on the dinning room table.  Gwen cried out her name as Eden guided her over the edge.  The brunette’s touch stilled inside her lover as the tremors slipped from her body.  Once she felt Gwen body calming she carefully slipped from her warmth.  Gwen was still shaking as she sat up and grabbed a quick sip of champagne.  Eden started to blow out the candles and then turned the dimmer switch on the overhead light down before clicking it on.  It wasn’t as romantic but it was safer and now Eden was granted a full view of her lover’s flushed features.


            “I love you,”  Eden said as she approached her lover and helped the blonde down off of the table.  Once Gwen’s feet touched the floor Eden kissed her deeply.  She moaned as Gwen cupped her breasts and began to tease her nipples with the palms of her hands.  Eden reached behind her lover and began to lower the zipper on her dress as their tongues engaged in a sensual duel.  Eden only stopped kissing her lover and stepped away so she could allow the blonde’s dress to fall to the floor.


            Eden was breathless as she drank in the sight of her lover standing before her in the black silk bra and panties the stocking and garter belt only added to the brunette’s desire.  “I love you Eden,.”  Gwen offered as she closed the small gap between them.  “Let me show you how,.”  Gwen offered as her breath caressed Eden’s body.  They wrapped themselves around one another.  Eden felt her knees buckle as Gwen’s hands roamed her body and slipped back up the leg of her shorts.  She sank to the floor pulling Gwen along with her.  Before she could catch her breath she was laying on her back while Gwen straddled her body.  Eden once again cupped her lover’s wetness as Gwen’s fingers discovered hers.  They opened themselves up to each other’s touch as Gwen filled her lover while teased the blonde with the palm of her hand.  Eden’s hips swayed urgently against her lover’s body and touch.


            The brunette groaned in protest as Gwen’s body moved away from her touch.  The blonde’s fingers continued to plunge in and out of her as she used her free hand to yank Eden’s shorts down to her thighs.  Eden watched as her lover began kissing her abdomen.  She clutched at the carpeting as Gwen’s body nestled between her trembling thighs.  Her hips shot up as she felt Gwen’s tongue running along her sex.  Eden gave herself over eager to have her lover taste her desire.  She wasn’t disappointed as she felt her lover’s mouth and tongue feasting upon her wetness.


            Eden lost on sense of time as Gwen’s mouth and fingers took her deeper and harder.  The sounds of Gwen’s delighted murmurs sent a jolt through her as the blonde suckled her clit into the warmth of her mouth.  Her body exploded as Gwen continued to feast upon her juices.  The sensations overpowered the brunette as Gwen sent her into abyss.  Her body was covered in sheen of sweat as she finally begged for mercy unable to move or breath.


            Her heart was still hammering as she felt Gwen’s body covering her own.  She wrapped her arms around her lover as she tried to calm her still tingling nerves and breathing.  “Once I can walk again I’m taking you upstairs,.”  Eden promised.

“And then what?”  Gwen whispered hotly in her ear.

“I am going to do everything I fantasized about when I use watch you skinny dip,.”  Eden boasted as Gwen nibbled on her earlobe.

“I’m yours,.”  Gwen promised.

“Say it again,”  Eden urged her as she unclasped the blonde’s bra.

“I’m yours,.”  Gwen echoed as Eden rolled her onto her back.


            Eden straddled her lover’s firm thigh as she pressed her own against her lover’s wetness.  “Say it again,.”  Eden panted as they began to grind urgently against one another.

“I’m yours,.”  Gwen cried out as their bodies thrust against one another in a wild rhythm until each of them were crying out in ecstasy.


            They held one another tightly until their bodies finally calmed.  Eden helped her lover to her feet she kept a firm hold on the blonde’s hand as they stumbled towards the staircase.  “And I’m yours.”  Eden promised before gently kissing Gwen. 

“Keep saying that,.”  Gwen taunted her as they began to climb the staircase.

“I will forever,.”  Eden vowed.


The End

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