Hidden Agenda

By Mavis Applewater

July 2003        


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A very special thank you goes out to my beta reader Mary.


As always this is for Heather.



A long time ago Noreen Compton had accepted her fate.  She was the daughter of a rich man who ran his household and empire like a tyrant.  Her father, Norbert Compton, was stern in his beliefs.  He expected his family and employees to live up to his high standards.  Ironic since the old bugger had an affair with every woman who caught his eye.  Noreen not only accepted her father’s shortcomings, she seemed to be following in his footsteps.


Or at least that seemed to be the way her life was heading until one summer when her father was out of the country handling one crisis and she was back home handling another.  He called her and told her to take care of the problem.  She didn’t question him or argue with him.  In fact she relished the idea of running the home office during his absence.  In her opinion it brought her one step closer to her ultimate goal of taking over the company.


The problem she had been called in to handle was that it appeared someone on the inside was selling the company’s secrets.  Corporate espionage was right up her alley.  Tracking down some unsuspecting low life and busting them pleased her.  By mid June she had narrowed the list down considerably.  Almost all of them were junior V.P's with the exception of Walter Littlefield who was a senior member of the staff who would have taken over the company if Noreen hadn't proven herself worthy of stepping into her father's shoes.  She hadn't wanted to include Uncle Walter, as she called him, amongst her suspects, but she knew she would have been remiss in her duties if she failed to include him.  The rest of the list looked more promising, Jerome Simpson, Darby Banyan, Danny Burrows and Ted Muller. 


She had to smile as she also hoped that Darby wasn't the guilty party either.  Noreen grinned knowing that she wouldn’t mind interrogating the attractive blonde for hours on end.  Noreen's smile faded as she realized that the attractive woman had probably already caught her father's roving eye and more than likely fell prey to his considerable charms.


 "Oh well," She sighed as she continued to review her list of suspects.  All of them had been with the company for years, possessed stellar records, and were the only ones privy to the information that head leaked out.  Her father had hoped that his absence might lead the guilty party to let their guard down.  She had to agree since none of them had ever worked directly with her, and other than Uncle Walter knew nothing about her.


Grace, her assistant, buzzed disturbing her thoughts to let her know that it was time for her lunch appointment.  She formed an evil smile as she gathered up her files and left to meet Rupert Sapience at her apartment.  Rupert was a top-notch private investigator that had been servicing the family and company for more years than she could count.  She didn't want to arouse suspicions by meeting him in public.  Rupert arrived at her penthouse apartment right on time.  Susan, her maid, had already prepared a simple meal for them and then quickly disappeared once they sat down to eat.


"I hate including Uncle Walter," She informed him directly.


"He has to be considered since he was one of the few people aware of the technology being developed," Rupert reminded her.  "And he has good reason to betray the company.  He should have been the one to succeed your father, not you."


"I know but my God, the man is my Godfather and one of Father's closest friends," She reminded him.  "I think that Ted or Jerome are the most likely to have sold us out."


"Why not Darby or Danny?"  Rupert played with her.


"Danny is spineless and lacks the ambition to sell out," Noreen smirked rising to the challenge he had set down.  "Darby has the ambition, but I can sense an ethical streak in her.  Plus she strikes me as a little naive," She was surprised when he snickered at her comment.  "Now Ted and Jerome are just arrogant and greedy enough to pull a stunt like this.  So hand over the files and tell me what I don't know about my staff."


"Ted Muller, MBA from Harvard, trophy wife, two kids, a mistress, and lives beyond his means.  He has excelled his entire life and thinks he should be much higher up the corporate ladder by now.  A prime candidate" Rupert agreed with her assessment.  "Jerome Simpson despite his MBA from Stanford is a first class slacker, with an ex-wife, paying child support to a couple of old girlfriends he walked out on, and has a stack of gambling debts.  He is also a prime candidate.  Now for your fair haired beauty, I've investigated Darby Banyan before."


"Let me guess dear old Dad took an interest in her?"  Noreen hissed with disgust.


"Of course," He smirked knowing that Noreen had probably possessed the same interest in the attractive woman.  "MBA from Harvard busted her butt to earn it.  She held down several jobs and earned a lot of scholarships.  She is single, spends most of her time working or volunteering for Habitat for Humanity."


"I knew I liked her," She purred.  "So did my saintly father get his hooks in her?"


"No," Rupert snickered as he handed her a videotape.  "He's not her type.  Darby has a very interesting hobby.  You might want to watch that in private.  Your father already knows about this and decided to keep her on knowing that if he needed to he could use that as leverage later."


"I'm intrigued," She smiled as she ran her fingers over the videotape.  "So what don't I know about Uncle Walter?"


"Walter has been with the company since day one," Rupert dryly continued as Noreen absently ran her fingers over the videotape.  "He has been a devoted employee and a good friend. But he always assumed that he would end up sitting in your father's seat.  And he doesn't like the direction your father is taking the company.  And he doesn't think you should be heading the company.  I think you should move him up on your list."


Noreen felt a slight pang when she heard that her beloved Uncle Walter disapproved of her.  "The plan has been set in motion," She explained referring to the faux project she was going to leak to her suspects.  "Keep your eyes open and watch all of them very carefully."


"Oh I will," He promised as he finished his meal.  "Enjoy the tape," He smirked.


"I'm looking forward to it," She felt her curiosity growing with each passing moment.  "But not until tonight.  I have a full day ahead of me."






The rest of her day was the usual meetings and paperwork. One by one she revealed the new project to her suspects, telling them that it was very sensitive and they should keep quiet about it.  She felt very uncomfortable around Uncle Walter each time they met.  She returned home exhausted.  She showered and was about to slip into bed when she remembered the videotape.  She put it into the VCR before climbing under the covers.  Her brow furrowed as she drank in the dingy atmosphere of what was obviously the back room of a strip club. The black and white image only made the situation seem even seedier as she peered at Darby sitting on a dilapidated sofa looking completely at ease with the situation as a buck some blonde sauntered into the room.


The woman, who was obviously a stripper, drew the curtain shut and turned towards Darby.  Noreen was stunned at how calm the innocent looking blonde behaved as the woman who was dressed in a skimpy top, and tight-fitting Capri pants that held a distinctive bulge approached her.  Noreen could feel her body warming as the stripper turned to a boom box and put on a CD.  There wasn't any sound to accompany the video, but Noreen didn't need to know what they were saying to grasp the situation.


The stripper's hips swayed in a seductive manner as Darby's legs parted in an inviting manner.  Noreen unbuttoned the top of her pajamas and began to caress herself as she watched the scene unfold.  She began to caress her own breast as she watched the dancer straddle Darby's lap grinding what was obviously a phallus against the blonde's body.  Darby was busy grabbing the other woman's ass as she licked her cleavage.  Noreen released a deep moan as Darby removed the other woman's top and began to lick her nipples.  "Oh yeah," Noreen groaned as she teased her own nipples while Darby suckled the dancer's urgently.


Noreen's desire pooled from her body as she watched the dancer climb off of the blonde's lap.  Noreen pinched and teased her nipples harder as she watched Darby yanking down the dancer's pants to reveal the phallus that was strapped to her slender hips.  Noreen clenched her thighs as her desire grew while she watched Darby licking and sucking the phallus.  Noreen was ready to explode as she watched Darby unbutton her blouse and capture the dildo between her breasts.


Noreen's hips ground into her mattress as she watched the couple caressing and Darby turning around and gripping the back of the sofa while the dancer teased her from behind.  She felt a strange pang stabbing at her heart as Darby's head fell back her face flushed with desire as the dancer plunged deep inside of her.  Unable to ebb her own desires, Noreen's hand slipped beneath the waistband of her pajama bottoms.  She moaned at the flood of passion that greeted her touch.  She stroked herself as she watched Darby's hips thrusting against the dancer's body.  As the small blonde climaxed Noreen screamed out her own climax tearing through her body.


Her body began to calm as she watched Darby adjust her clothing, look at her watch, and hand, what she could only assume was, money to the very pleased looking dancer.  Then the tape went blank.  Noreen couldn't stop herself as she instantly hit rewind and played the tape over and over again.  She hated watching it and was mesmerized at the same time.  The first thing she did the following morning was call Rupert.


"How often does she do it?"  She inquired hurriedly.


"Once or twice a month," She could hear the snide tone responding to her inquiry.  "From what I can tell it is the only social life she has."


"Tell me everything," She demanded uncertain as to why the events of Darby's private life troubled her so much.  "Who is the dancer?  Where do they meet?"


"The dancer's name is Cinnamon, real name Cheryl Hastings," He responded in the same snide tone.  "They meet at the club where she works, The Kit Kat.  Banyan is the only client she gives special attention.  They have been meeting for about a year.  Banyan pays the girl's health insurance and insists that she has blood work done on a regular basis.  Like I said she goes there once or twice a month gets her rocks off, tips Cinnamon very well and goes on her way.  Not a bad arrangement if you ask me."


"I never would have guessed it," Noreen gasped suddenly feeling queasy.


"I know still waters huh?" Rupert chuckled.


"Thanks," She mumbled.  "I think this information might just prove useful."


"I have no doubt that you will utilize it," He snickered once again before they ended the conversation.






The rest of Noreen’s day was uneventful with the exception that each time she crossed paths with Darby she was unable to look the girl in the eye and blushed profusely.  At one point Darby inquired as to what was wrong?  Noreen wasn’t normally friendly with the staff, but the uncomfortable manner she was treating the young executive was more than a little unusual.  “Nothing,” Noreen stammered with discomfort.  She may not have been friendly towards the staff, but she always looked people in the eye when she spoke to them.  Now she couldn’t.  What could she say?  ‘Sorry but I was up all night watching a video of you being fucked by a stripper,’ Somehow it just didn’t seem like a good idea to mention it.


She knew that her actions were making the girl uncomfortable and more than a little suspicious.  Noreen tried to look at her, but each time she looked into her angelic face the image of what she had witnessed came flooding back to her.


That night after Noreen had returned home she fought with herself not to watch the video.  She lost her battle and, once again, watched the video over and over again.  The routine continued for the next couple of weeks.  Noreen was exhausted every morning after watching Darby’s exploits, and she was becoming increasingly rude to the girl.


Darby’s demeanor became more and more guarded each time they met, and the blonde seemed to be avoiding Noreen at all costs.  ‘Can’t say that I blame her,’ Noreen mentally berated herself as she strolled down the hallway on her way to her office.


As she passed the break room located on the top floor she paused when she heard a very familiar voice.  “I’m telling you Ted I think she’s going to fire me,” Darby exclaimed in a frustrated tone.  Noreen couldn’t stop herself as she pressed her body against the wall just outside of the doorway.


“Don’t be ridiculous,” Ted chastised her. “She is just like the old man.  Neither of them wants to talk to us peons if they don’t have to.”


“True,” Darby groaned as Noreen’s heart sank.  “But one of the things I’ve always admired about her was the way she would be direct and look you right in the eye.  Lately she avoids looking at me.  It is really creeping me out.”


“Just stay out of her way,” Ted suggested.  “I’m sure whatever it is it will blow over.”


“I hope you are right,” Darby sighed.  “Hey did you see that report on the Temcho project?”


“Yes,” He responded thoughtfully as Noreen’s ears perked up at the mention of the fake project she had created to trap her little spy.  “If it works this company is going to be sitting pretty.”


“I just hope I’m still here to reap the benefits,” Darby grumbled.


The conversation turned to the up coming company picnic and Noreen took her cue to make a quick exit.  She quickly retreated to the safe confines of her office and reviewed her work for the day.  She made a mental note to be friendlier towards Darby.  If for no other reason she didn’t want the blonde to leave the company.  She set up another meeting with Rupert so they could discuss how his surveillance was going. During the day each of her suspects stopped by and made inquiries regarding the new project.  None of them were any more interested than the others, which didn’t help Noreen narrow down her list of suspects.






Later that evening she was sitting in her living room as Rupert unfolded a stack of files.  “So what have my little charges been up to?”  She eagerly inquired hoping to finally have something to go on.


Rupert smiled as he reviewed his notes.  “Danny has been doing his usual minimal amount of work and passing off the rest onto his staff.”


“I’m going to have to fire him even if he isn’t our spy,” Noreen grunted.


“Ted’s been spending more time with the wife and kids,” Rupert continued.  “Seems she found out about his hobby and threatened to walk if he didn’t clean up his act.”


“Good for her,” Noreen smiled.  “Next?”


“Jerome ditched work the other day to go to the track,” Rupert explained.  “He is getting in deeper.  You may not have to worry about him for much longer.  If he doesn’t start cleaning up his debts soon he is going to end up floating in the Charles River.”


“Schmuck,” Noreen snarled.


“Darby,” Rupert continued as Noreen perked up at the mention of the blonde’s name.  She knew that her interest in the smaller woman was becoming an obsession yet she was unable to stop herself.  “She made another visit to The Kit Kat last week.  Other than that she is working her butt off per usual.  You should know that she has been getting her resume together.  Maybe she’s sold enough information and plans on leaving before you can bust her?”


“No,” Noreen frowned.  “I think she is under the impression that I’m about to fire her.”


“Why?”  Rupert asked.


“I’m having a little trouble dealing with her since I watched that damn tape,” Noreen confessed.


“It’s not like you to be shy,” Rupert pried.  “I mean given some of the stunts you have pulled over the years, why are you bothered by what she does on her time off?”


“I don’t know,” Noreen fussed.  “Why would she have to pay someone to sleep with her?”


“Why not?”  Rupert blurted out.  “She probably isn’t looking for a relationship nor have time for one.  I think the whole arrangement is a smart way to handle things.”


“It is illegal,” Noreen shouted for some unknown reason.


“And?” Rupert chuckled. “As I said before given some of the stunts you’ve pulled in the past why be bothered that Blondie likes to have a little fun now and then?”


“I just. . .” She stammered as she wondered why she was bothered by Darby’s hobby.  “I just think that she shouldn’t have to pay for it.”


“We all pay for it one way or another,” Rupert reasoned.  “Now let’s talk about Uncle Walter.”


“Fine,” She huffed thankful for the reprieve.  “So what has Uncle Walter been up to?  Cheating at golf again?”  She quipped.


“No,” Rupert’s voice turned grim.  “He has been spending a lot of time at The Bradford.”


“So,” Noreen shrugged.  “My father is a member of the club.  It’s just a stuffy, exclusive club where guys like dad and Uncle Walter can sit around, drink brandy, smoke cigars, make a few deals, and talk about how their wives don’t understand them; nothing new.”


“Except he has been going a lot more than usual,” Rupert explained.  “And as you know Spencer Farmer, your competition and the one who has been stealing your technology, is also a member.”


“I know,” Noreen frowned still unable or unwilling to believe that Walter would betray her father.


“I have a man going in as a waiter,” Rupert pressed.  “If it is nothing then at least you can scratch him off the list.”


“Fine,” Noreen waved her hand in a dismissive manner.  “I want this wrapped up as quickly as possible.”


“Understood,” Rupert responded before taking his leave.


Noreen paced the floor for a good hour as she tried to solve the mysteries that were plaguing her.  First there was the spy, and secondly there was Darby.  “Why can’t I just move on?”  She shouted out her voice echoing through her empty penthouse.  “Perhaps I just need to investigate things a little more?”


An hour later she found herself sitting in a dark booth at the back of The Kit Kat Club.  She scowled as she watched Cinnamon dancing.  ‘She isn’t very special.  What does Darby see in her?’  She wondered as she inquired about a private session with the leggy blonde.


Noreen was contemplating her sanity as Cinnamon entered the dingy back room.  The dancer put on a CD and began to sway her hips.  Noreen sat back and watched the dancer as she continued to question just why Darby found her so attractive?  She gasped when the dancer straddled her lap and began to sway against her body.  “You like?”  The dancer purred in her ear as Noreen’s hands flew up and cupped the woman’s shapely backside and drew her closer.


“No touching,” Cinnamon scolded her as she brushed Noreen’s wandering hands aside.  Noreen growled with frustration as images of Cinnamon doing the same thing to Darby filled her mind.  Cinnamon pressed her breasts into Noreen’s face.  The brunette’s hands moved out of instinct and began to caress the dancer’s body.  “I said no touching,” Cinnamon instructed her once again this time in a more forceful tone.


Reluctantly Noreen removed her hands from the dancer’s body and gave into the feel of her thrusting against her.  Her eyes fluttered shut as she felt her desire growing.  The only problem was that it wasn’t the dancer she envisioned it was Darby.  She was breathing heavily as she felt the dancer’s center pressing against her stomach.


The smell of the dancer’s cheap perfume kept her hands at bay as she allowed her mind to picture the small blonde straddling her lap.  She felt sick when she realized what she was doing.  Thankfully the dance was over.  “How much for a more in depth dance?”  She heard herself asking as she paid Cinnamon.


“I don’t do that,” Cinnamon snarled as she snatched the money from Noreen’s fingers.


“Sure you do,” Noreen taunted the dancer.


“What are you a cop?”  Cinnamon hissed.


“No,” Noreen chuckled at the absurdity of the situation.


“Whatever,” Cinnamon snarled once again as she stuffed the money into her bra.


“Come on what does Darby pay you?”  Noreen pushed as she watched the dancer’s face turn pale.


“Who are you?”  Cinnamon demanded.


“That isn’t important,” Noreen growled.  “How much will it take for you to tell me about your little arrangement with Darby?”


“Bite me,” Cinnamon snapped.


“No thanks,” Noreen snickered.


“What I do with Darby is because I want to,” Cinnamon snorted triumphantly.  “And she wants to,” The dancer added before strutting off.


Noreen’s head was pounding as she walked out of the seedy strip club.  Cinnamon had saw through what she was feeling.  She was jealous of the dancer and Cinnamon knew it.  “Damn it,” She hissed as she waved down a taxi.


When she returned to the safe confines of her home, Noreen scrubbed her skin raw in the shower in an effort to remove any trace of the dancer’s scent from her body.  She threw on a robe and snatched the videotape from her VCR.  As she contemplated the best way to destroy the tape her buzzer rang.  “Now what?”  She fumed as she tossed the tape onto the coffee table.


She felt sick when Darby’s voice greeted her from the call box.  The blonde was apologizing for disturbing her at home.  “I really need to speak with you,” Darby pleaded.  Noreen felt the bile rising in her throat as she buzzed the woman in.


As she waited for Darby to reach her floor she was certain that Cinnamon had called her, and she was about to face a very messy lawsuit.  She braced herself for a tirade as she opened the door, certain that Darby was going to demand to know just why she was prying into her life.  Noreen couldn’t answer that question since she didn’t understand it herself.  She slipped a cold look on her face as Darby entered her home.


“I’m very sorry for coming here,” Darby quickly apologized as Noreen took a step back completely unprepared for the blonde’s gentle demeanor.  “I just didn’t want to do this at the office.”


“What seems to be the problem?”  Noreen carefully inquired.


“I was reviewing the new project,” Darby blurted out as she opened up her briefcase and handed Noreen a stack of files.  “It doesn’t make sense.”


“Excuse me?”  Noreen stammered the sick feeling returning as she realized that Darby had spent her evening working at the office while Noreen was snooping around the blonde’s private life.  For the first time in her life Noreen was ashamed of the way she led her life.


“The project,” Darby continued.  “There is something wrong with the data.”


“Oh?”  Noreen couldn’t help but smile at how Darby had been smart enough to discover that the project was bogus.  Of course that led to a separate set of problems.  Darby seemed frantic as she placed her briefcase down onto the coffee table.


Noreen stood there drinking in the sight of the smaller woman until she realized that Darby was looking back at her with a curious look.  “I’m sorry,” She apologized quickly.  “I’ll look over your findings.  Why don’t we set up a meeting for tomorrow afternoon?”


“Thank you,” Darby sighed with relief as she dug out her day planner having to remove several items from her briefcase in the process. 


“Two O’clock?”  Noreen suggested.


“Great,” Darby nodded in agreement before repacking her belongings.  “Again I apologize for interrupting your evening.”


“No problem,” Noreen smiled as she escorted Darby to the door.  She lingered for a moment before opening the door for the smaller woman.  For some unknown reason she wanted to invite the blonde to stay.  Knowing that it was impossible she finally opened the door and said goodnight to her unexpected guest.


Just as she closed the door the telephone rang.  “Now what?”  She groused as she made her way over to the telephone. 


“We have to meet tonight,” Rupert explained in a hurried tone.






The following morning Noreen’s head was pounding as she prepared for work.  Rupert’s investigation was complete.  Now Noreen had to handle the fall out.  She woke Grace up in the middle of the night with a lengthy list of things that needed to be completed before the start of business.  “This isn’t going to be as much fun as I thought it would be,” Noreen grumbled as she gathered up her belongings and headed out of her apartment.


She paused in her front doorway for a moment sensing that something was wrong.  She stared at her living room unable to determine just what was amiss when it hit her.  The video she had intended to destroy was missing.  “Holy shit!” She shouted fearfully before racing off.


A short while later Noreen was sitting in the conference room with Uncle Walter seated to her right. She tapped her pen nervously as she reviewed the documents sitting in front of her.  “Grace, send the first one in,” She barked into the intercom.


“Do I want to know what is going on?”  Walter inquired as he took in her nervous demeanor.


“Just cleaning house,” She muttered as Danny and his assistant entered the room.  “Take a seat gentlemen,” She demanded.  She smirked at how both men were sweating as they complied with her instructions.  “Mr. Burrows,” She began in a grave tone as she slid a large package over to him.  He looked at it curiously.  “I am very pleased at how well your department is doing,” She began eyeing the man carefully as he smiled.  “Although I do believe in giving credit where credit is due,” She continued as the smile slipped from his face.  “And you are not the one I should be thanking.  Your services are no longer required.  There is your severance package.  Security is waiting outside to show you out.  Mr. Langston you will be taking over the department since you are the one responsible for its productivity.”


“But?”  Danny began to sputter.


“Good day Mr. Burrows,” She dismissed him before calling for her next victim.


“Mr. Simpson,” She began in the same grim tone.  “We have a problem,” Jerome winced at her statement.  “We need you at the office not off gambling all day long,” She held up her hand and cut off his protest.  “I’m giving you thirty days to clean up your act.  I suggest you start with gamblers anonymous.”


“Fuck you!” He shouted as he jumped out of his chair.


“As you wish,” She sighed as she slid a large package over to him.  “That is a severance package, take it or get help.”


He seemed to think about his options for a moment before scooping up the package and storming out.  “Well done,” Walter congratulated her.  She flinched slightly as Rupert and a couple of security guards entered the room. 


She took a deep breath as she turned to him.  “Mr. Littleton,” She began.


“Noreen?”  He questioned her as she slid a folder over to him.  “As you are aware, a great deal of our technology has fallen into the hands of one of our competitors.  Temcho was a bogus project,” She swallowed hard as he clenched his jaw.  “Why?”


“You think you can order me out of here?”  He laughed.  “I own enough stock in this company . . .”


“Fine,” She shrugged.  “Have it your way. Resign now and accept a very generous package or face legal charges.  For now you are barred from company property.”


“You think this is over?”  He hissed as he stood.  “You’ll never run this company.”


“I’m not certain I still want to,” She confessed.  “I don’t like what it does to people.  I really don’t like what it has done to me.  Either way, you won’t end up sitting in my father’s chair.”


Her heart was breaking as she watched the man who had been family to her, and a mentor walk away offering nothing more than a cold, indifferent attitude.  Rupert and the security guards followed Walter as he made his departure.  She felt like crying when Grace buzzed her.  She gathered up her strength and responded to her assistant’s page.


“Ms. Banyan would like to meet with you now?”  Grace informed her.


“I bet she does,” Noreen groaned.  “Send her in.”


The icy look in the blonde’s eyes confirmed her suspicions.  “Please have a seat,” She offered as she wiped her sweaty palms on her skirt.


“I don’t think so,” Darby coldly responded.


“Please,” Noreen pleaded.


Darby released a soft growl as she took a seat at the opposite end of the long table.  “I believe you picked up something at my home last evening,” Noreen offered as her throat constricted.


“You could say that,” Darby coldly responded as she slid a thin sheet of paper across the table.


“What is this?”  Noreen asked already knowing the answer.  She refused to touch the paper as she diverted her gaze from the angry blonde.


“My resignation,” Darby flatly explained.  “You don’t seem surprised?”


“No,” Noreen admitted as she gripped the edge of the table.  “I can’t say that I blame you, but I wish you would reconsider.”


“Why?” Darby asked in the same pleading tone Noreen had used just moments before with Walter.  “What gave you the right to invade my privacy?”


“I can explain,” Noreen began carefully.  “Although the explanation isn’t going to make you happy.  Why did you watch the video?”


“I was curious, Darby blurted out.  “Imagine my surprise,” She hissed.  “Now out with it.  What are you some kind of stalker?”


“No,” Noreen denied feeling a pang of guilt.  “You were under investigation,” She paused hoping that she wouldn’t have to go into more detail.  The angry glare she received in response dashed all of her hopes.  “You were on a short list of people suspected of selling the company’s technology.  You were only on that list since you were one of the few people privy to the information sold.  The Temcho project was bogus; you were the only one bright enough to figure that out.  I used it to flush out the real perpetrator.”


“And that gave you the right to video tape me having sex!” Darby screamed out as she jumped out of her chair.  “Or talk to people I know.”


“No, it didn’t,” Noreen conceded feeling thoroughly disgusted with her self.  “Please don’t resign.”


“Go to Hell,” Darby hissed as she stormed towards the doorway.  “Just one more thing,” The blonde growled her eyes narrowing.  “Did you watch?”


Noreen couldn’t respond to the accusation as her entire body blushed in embarrassment.


“I hope you liked the show,” Darby hissed one last time before storming off.






Three months later Noreen was busy making a pot of coffee and enjoying her freedom.  The moment her father returned to help out with the legal battle Walter had started, she resigned.  She was just enjoying life; not having to actually work for living was a bonus.  With the exception of her father’s constant pleas for her to return, life was pretty good.  Noreen was relishing the person that she was becoming.  The only regret she still harbored was what she had done to Darby.  Not surprisingly she hadn’t seen or heard from the blonde since the day she walked out of the conference room.


She had just settled down with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and was about to begin the crossword puzzle in the morning paper when her buzzer rang.  She blinked with surprise since visitors had become a rare event after she left her high paying job.  She put down her coffee and sauntered over to the buzzer.


She felt the air escaping her lungs when Darby’s voice greeted her.  She couldn’t answer the woman verbally as she simply buzzed her in.  She lingered in her doorway awaiting Darby’s arrival.  ‘She’s still beautiful and still pissed,’ Noreen mentally sighed as her guest stepped past her.


Darby didn’t say anything as she entered the penthouse.  She did give Noreen’s attire a curious glance.  Noreen smiled as she looked down at her red tank top and ripped jeans.  Her smile quickly faded when she turned to find Darby glaring at her.  ‘Okay don’t panic.  Maybe I can finally make amends,’ She cautioned herself.


“I’ll get right to the point,” Darby addressed her in a stern tone as she set her briefcase down onto the floor.


“Would you like some coffee?  I just made some,” Noreen stammered out like an idiot.


Darby took a step back seemingly confused by Noreen’s offer. “No,” The blonde finally snapped in response.  “Did you do it on purpose?”


“Not in the beginning,” Noreen tried to explain.


“But you were involved in the take over,” Darby hissed.


“What take over?”   Noreen asked with confusion.


“Oh don’t give me that,” Darby growled as she stormed over towards the stunned Noreen.  “Dickerson.  You were behind it weren’t you?”


“I know that I did a terrible thing to you,” Noreen began slowly.  “But I really don’t know what you are talking about?”


“Right,” Darby spat out.  “You don’t know that I’ve been working at Dickerson or was.  Comtrel took them over this morning and now I’m working for you again.  I’ve been placed in my old position.  How can I go back there?”


“I didn’t know,” Noreen quickly asserted.  “I stopped working for my father not long after you left.  As for going back to corporate no one knows why you left.”


“Why should I believe you?” Darby asked.


“You have no reason to trust me,” Noreen agreed. “But have you ever known me to miss a day at the office?  Does it look like I’m going to work?”  She continued as she pointed out her casual attire.  Darby just looked at her quizzically seeming to be thinking about what she had just said.  “What I did to you was despicable.  And what gnaws at me the most was when it started I was really into what I was doing.  That isn’t the person I want to be any longer.  I can’t be my father.  I won’t be my father.”


Noreen’s heart was beating rapidly as Darby seemed to mulling over what she had just said. Her knees felt weak and she sat down onto the sofa and pretended to sip her coffee.  Finally Darby released a heavy sigh.  Noreen was surprised when the blonde shrugged off her coat and flopped down beside her.  “Why?”  Darby repeated the same question she had asked months earlier.


“There is such a long list of things you could ask about,” Noreen responded heavily.  “Why did I investigate you?  Because I had to look at everyone who could have sold off the technology.  Why did I invade your private life?  Because in the beginning it was fun.  Now I don’t think of it that way and I’m ashamed that at one time I did.  Why did I watch that tape?  Because at first I found it exciting,” She noticed Darby’s ears turning pink.  “Why did I go further?  Because I was bothered that you were doing what you were doing.”


“Oh,” Darby’s jaw clenched as she spoke.


“Not for the reasons you think,” Noreen clarified determined to get everything out.  She knew that she would never get another chance.  “I couldn’t understand why someone as attractive and intelligent as you would enter into such an arrangement.  For some reason it bothered me, and I thought you deserved better.”


“I use to think of it as a simple business arrangement,” Darby began slowly.  “Then after seeing that tape, I don’t know it just seemed so sleazy.”


“You broke it off with her?”  Noreen inquired not understanding just why she was so eager to hear the details.


“Yes,” Darby groaned.  “This is insane.”


“I can’t tell you how sorry I am,” Noreen asserted as her hand came to rest on Darby’s arm.  She felt good that Darby didn’t retreat from her touch.


“Are you?”  Darby asked as she turned and stared deeply into Noreen’s eyes.  “I lost my job, my only sexual outlet, and my self respect.”


“Keep the job,” Noreen offered.  “Your self respect has to come from you.  I’m just learning that.”


“And the rest?”  Darby pushed never breaking her gaze as she moved slightly closer.  “How many times did you watch?”


“Too many,” Noreen confessed as she swallowed hard.


“Why?” Darby pushed as the air around them crackled with electricity.


Noreen was drawn in knowing that she had craved to be this close to Darby from the first moment she had met her.  When she watched her with the dancer she had somehow felt betrayed.  “I wanted to be her,” She whimpered as she felt Darby’s arms encircling her waist.


“So you wanted to screw me?” Darby whispered hotly in her ear.


“No,” Noreen responded with sincerity as her hands glided up and down the smaller woman’s back.


“I must be insane,” Darby gasped before she began to nibble on Noreen’s earlobe.  “This is just for today.”


Noreen could only nod in response as she felt her shirt being tugged out of her jeans.  “Is this what you want?”  Darby asked as her tiny hands slipped up and under the material of her shirt.


“No,” Noreen gasped as she felt her skin dancing beneath Darby’s touch.  “But I will take whatever you have to offer me.”


Darby’s touch drifted up and under Noreen’s breasts as she captured the blonde in a lingering kiss.  She moaned as she felt Darby’s tongue teasing her bottom lip.  She parted her lips and invited the blonde in. 


She could feel her shirt rising up along her body.  Her stomach clenched with desire as she felt two hands cupping her breasts.  She deepened the kiss as her own hands drifted down to Darby’s waist.  She broke away from the kiss as Darby captured her erect nipples between her fingers.  “Do you want me to be her?”  She gasped as her hands slipped up and under the blonde’s skirt and she straddled her lover’s lap.


“No,” Darby panted as she pulled Noreen’s top up higher.  “I want you,” She asserted before flickering her tongue against one of Noreen’s nipples.  Noreen cried out as she pressed her breast against Darby’s eager mouth and filled her hands with her long blonde hair.  Her clit was throbbing as Darby suckled her eagerly.


She moaned with disappointment as Darby’s mouth left her skin.  The blonde’s face was flushed with desire as she lifted Noreen’s arms up.  Noreen’s hips thrust forward as Darby pulled her up and off her body. Noreen’s skin prickled with anticipation as Darby drew her back and reclaimed her breasts with her mouth.


Darby’s movements were filled with a raw passion that was driving Noreen insane.  She pulled away from the blonde’s mouth and slipped down between Darby’s thighs.  She was kneeling on the floor as she began to unbutton Darby’s blouse.  The blonde ran her fingers through Noreen’s long dark hair as the brunette kissed Darby’s newly exposed flesh while her hands drifted back up her nylon clad thighs.


Darby tore open her blouse and removed her bra as Noreen hitched her fingers in the band of the smaller woman’s pantyhose.  She teased Darby’s nipple with her tongue as she began to lower her nylons and underwear down to her thighs.  The scent of Darby’s arousal filled her as the blonde pressed her body against Noreen’s waist.


Noreen caressed Darby’s thighs as she enjoyed the feel of the blonde’s center pressing against her half naked body.  She pulled away from the delightful sensation and removed her nylons, panties and shoes.  Darby released needy whimpers as Noreen revealed her flesh.


Fueled on by a raw aching need, Noreen lifted the hem of the blonde’s skirt up to her waist.  She licked her lips as she stared down at the blonde patch glistening with desire.  Darby’s hands caressed her broad shoulders as Noreen ran the tips of her fingers along her swollen lips.  She gathered the blonde’s wetness on her fingers as she felt Darby’s hands returning to her breasts.


She moaned as she plunged her passion stained fingers deep inside her mouth.  She swirled her tongue around her fingers drinking in Darby’s taste.  Once she had licked her fingers clean she captured Darby in a fiery kiss.  As their tongues embraced she felt Darby’s wetness pressing against her stomach.  She cupped the blonde’s firm ass and drew her closer.


Darby wrapped her legs around Noreen’s body as her head fell back against the sofa.  Noreen massaged the smaller woman’s cheeks as she guided her to thrust harder against her stomach.  She was surprised when Darby pushed away from her.  “Stand up,” The blonde instructed her as she unwrapped her legs from the brunette’s body.


Noreen stood on shaky legs as she watched Darby’s body arch so she could remove her skirt.  Her heart was pounding as she drank in the blonde’s naked body.  “You like?”  Darby teased her as she ran her hands along her newly exposed flesh.


“Yes,” Noreen responded in a dreamy voice as Darby sat up and clasped her hips.


Darby caressed Noreen’s hips before her hands began to massage her stomach.  Noreen released a gasp as tiny hands ran along the waistband of her jeans.  Her heart almost stopped as Darby’s fiery gaze met her own.  She was unable to move as she felt Darby’s hands slipping between her thighs and cupping her mound.


Her hips began to sway as Darby teased her clit with the heel of her hand while the blonde licked and kissed her way across Noreen’s abdomen.


Her skin tingled as Darby lavished it with her kisses.  She felt cold as Darby’s lips departed her skin.  She inhaled sharply as she watched Darby lowering the zipper of her pants.  She felt Darby’s erect nipples brushing against her thighs as her jeans were lowered to the floor.  Darby’s fingers parted her slick folds as Noreen clasped her lover’s shoulders.  Her hips jerked forward as Darby teased her.


Darby nudged Noreen’s quivering thighs apart before blowing a warm breath through her dark triangle.  Noreen opened herself up even further as she felt Darby’s hands on her backside guiding her closer.  Noreen moaned deeply when she felt the blonde’s flat tongue gliding along her sex.  She clutched Darby’s shoulder tighter as the blonde began to feast upon her. 


Noreen’s head was spinning as Darby suckled her clit and slipped one hand between the brunette’s thighs.  She cried out as Darby’s fingers slipped deep inside of her while she teased Noreen’s clit with her teeth. Noreen’s body rocked against her lover’s touch as she felt the room spinning.  The sounds of Darby’s pleasure filled her ears as her body began to explode.  Darby held her tightly as she climaxed against her.  The blonde continued to pleasure her as Noreen fought to remain standing.


Noreen’s desire released once again.  Her entire body was on fire as she pulled away from her lover’s touch.  She kicked her jeans off and held out her hand to Darby.  The blonde smiled as Noreen helped to her feet.  She kissed the smaller woman deeply before leading her into her bedroom.


She kissed Darby once again as she cupped the blonde’s firm full breasts.  She lowered Darby down onto her bed.  There was something about the sweet smile Darby offered as Noreen lowered herself down onto the bed that made the brunette’s heart skip a beat.  She supported herself above the smaller woman just a breath away from Darby’s warm inviting body.


Darby reached up and drew Noreen down to her, each of them moaning as their bodies touched for the first time.  Noreen began to kiss the blonde’s face, chin and down to her neck.  She went slowly, wanting to commit each touch to memory. “How did I go from hating you to desiring you?”  Darby gasped as Noreen ran her tongue along the swell of her breasts.


Noreen lifted her head and stared deeply into Darby’s eyes.  “Maybe we weren’t meant to hate one another?”  She said hopefully as her hand drifted down along the front of Darby’s body.  She felt her lover’s skin dancing beneath her touch as her fingers made their descent.   Darby’s lip quivered as Noreen parted her with two fingers.  Noreen prayed that spring of passion that greeted her touch wasn’t simply born out of lust as her thumb brushed against Darby’s throbbing clit.


They never broke the fiery gaze as Noreen teased and pleasured her lover.  “Please,” Darby whimpered as she wrapped her legs around Noreen hips.  Noreen nodded in understanding as her fingers slipped deep inside of her lover’s warm wet center.  She could feel the walls gripping her fingers as she allowed her lover’s body to become accustomed to her touch.


Slowly she began to slip in and out of her lover as her thumb teased her clit.  She watched with amazement as Darby’s body rocked against her hand.  She kept her movements slow and gentle until Darby cried out for release.  Darby’s eyes snapped shut as Noreen took her higher and deeper.  Noreen felt her own body trembling as Darby climaxed against her.


She held her trembling lover kissing her brow tenderly as the last waves of passion trickled from her body.  “How much of today do we have?”  Noreen asked as Darby curled up against her.


“How much do you want?” Darby asked in a fearful tone.


Noreen’s heart soared when she looked down at her lover to see her own emotions being reflected in the blonde’s eyes.  “I don’t think today will be enough,” She confessed fearfully.


“I don’t think it will be either,” Darby tearfully confessed as they wrapped themselves up in a tender embrace.  Their bodies melded together as they caressed one another each uncertain what tomorrow would bring.


The End

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