Home Stretch

By Mavis Applewater

September 2003


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As always this is for Heather.



Nan stared out the window into the darkness.  She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong as she watched the city skyline pass by.  Despite the rain and fog she could see the Chrysler building.  It was the New York City skyline yet, for the life of her, she couldn’t help but feel as if something was missing.  “The towers,” She whispered as she realized what was amiss.  It was the first time she had seen the city since the horrific events of September 11th.


“What was that?”  Celia was busy steering the Subaru through the rush of holiday travelers on their way home.


“I just realized what was wrong,” Nan explained to her roommate.  “The towers are gone.  I knew that they were gone, but somehow I didn’t expect to get choked up about it.”


“I know what you mean,” Celia sighed in agreement.  “Not that much longer and we’ll be back in Boston,” Celia offered.  Nan knew that her friend was changing the subject in an effort to comfort her. 


The business trip had been fun, but taxing.  Nan decided to drive and see part of the country.  At the time it seemed like a really good idea.  Now that they were off track and the hours were clicking by, she knew she should have just flown down to Atlanta.  It was what any sane person would have done.  But no, she had thought it would save money and would be an adventure.  She was thankful when her roommate offered to drive down with her.  The trip from Boston to Atlanta had been fun and they were ahead of schedule until they hit a bad rainstorm and rush hour traffic in North Carolina.


The delay had set them back several hours.  Nan was exhausted during the entire conference, and now she just wanted to get home and enjoy the comfort of sleeping in her own little bed back in the safe confines of the tiny apartment she had been sharing with Celia for the past year.  She really enjoyed Celia’s company.  Spending twenty some odd hours alone in a car with someone was a true test of their friendship.  Surprisingly they hadn’t argued once during the trek down south or during the return journey back up north.


The only hitch was that they had failed to print out directions for the return trip.  Now they were backtracking from the original directions they had downloaded.  Since Celia had done most of the driving down to Georgia, Nan was doing most of the driving back to Boston.


The both of them were exhausted and Nan made a simple mistake and continued to follow route 95N.  Now they were crossing over the GWB they hadn’t done on the trip down.  The error had been made and Nan had driven back home using this route before so it wasn’t a major catastrophe.  Celia was being great about the mistake.


Nan had half expected her roommate to give the old I told you to take that exit speech.  Often at times they argued like an old married couple.  Nan smiled as she thought that most people assumed when they met her and the smaller woman with dirty blonde hair and amazing hazel eyes that they were a couple.  Not that Nan would object to dating Celia, but they were just friends, despite how tempting it was at times when the blonde would prance around their apartment wearing almost nothing. 


Nan blushed slightly as the car continued to slosh along the busy streets.  She had to admit she found Celia very attractive.  There was something about seeing the girl in nothing but a towel, her damp hair clinging to her face and full round breasts straining against the terry cloth set Nan’s long neglected urges into over drive.  But sleeping with her best friend and roommate was an open invitation for disaster.  Plus she seriously doubted her roommate would ever think about her in a sexual way.  She accepted this, but it was a little hard at times.  During their stay in Atlanta it had been hell.  Sharing a small apartment was hard enough, but a tiny hotel room was shear torture.


“We just need to find the Tappan Zee Bridge and we will be back on track,” Celia’s voice interrupted her thoughts.


“Cool,” Nan responded with an exhausted sigh.  There was something niggling at her that she couldn’t quite put her finger on.  Celia took the exit for 87 north.  Nan’s brow furrowed as she turned on the interior light and looked over the directions they had used for the trip down to Atlanta.  “Damn,” She muttered.  It was the one route that despite the fact they were heading north they needed to take 87 South. 


“What is it?” Celia snapped in a slightly impatient tone.


“We need to be on 87 South,” Nan hesitantly informed her companion.


“Shit that’s right,” Celia groused as she gripped the steering wheel tighter. 


Nan could see that the heavy rain and the speedy New York drivers were making her roommate uncomfortable.  Now they had to get off in the middle of the city and reverse direction.  Nan knew that Celia was less than thrilled about the prospect of being lost in the middle of New York City.  Frankly the brunette wasn’t relishing the idea either.  But the deeper they went into the city the further off track they were getting.


As Celia passed one exit after another Nan grew tenser.  “We are going to be screwed no matter which exit we take.  Just take one and pray for the best,” Nan finally instructed the blonde in a calm tone.


Celia nodded as her face screwed up with a determined look.  She signaled and pulled off on the next exit.  They lucked out, and with two left hand turns they were heading back in the right direction.  Celia swerved suddenly as a speeding car blocked them from pulling out on the throughway.  Each of them released a curse as they gripped tightly to whatever they could reach.


Nan was surprised when she realized that she was gripping Celia’s thigh tightly.  “Sorry,” She quickly apologized rubbing her roommate’s thigh before removing her touch.  “Are you okay?”


“Yeah,” Celia blew out.  “That guy just scared the living crap out me.”


Nan’s heart finally stopped racing as they inched their way through the downpour.  She stole a glance at her roommate who also seemed calmer.  Nan’s gaze lingered as she thought about how attractive Celia was.  She couldn’t understand why someone so attractive was single.  She also couldn’t fight off the feeling that heading towards the Tappan Zee Bridge was the wrong route to travel.  She kept her suspicions to herself, since it was her certainty and refusal to stop and ask for directions that led them down the long way home in the first place.


She bit her tongue as Celia took the exit for the bridge that she had been focused upon since they entered New Jersey.  The road narrowed and darkened, the sides were littered with abandoned construction vehicles.  Due to the weather and the holiday, there weren’t any road crews about.  Nan’s heart was pounding as they climbed up the dark road that seemed to be leading to nowhere.  Beads of sweat trickled down her brow as she realized there wasn’t any traffic coming from the opposite direction.


If it weren’t for the dim glimmer of headlights behind them Nan would have been certain that they had somehow ended up on a road that wasn’t complete or open.  She couldn’t shake the nagging fear that they were about to drop off a cliff into nowhere.  She was also convinced that Rod Sterling was about to appear and they were going to be sucked into a vortex that led to another dimension.


Neither of them spoke as their uneasy breath filled the car.  Finally they emerged at the Tappan Zee Bridge and each of them blew out a gasp of relief.  Traffic on both sides of the bridge was at a stand still due to an accident.  Nan spied the flashing yellow lights of tow trucks blending with the police blue.  They inched slowly along until they came to a stop.  She realized the accident had begun on the opposite side of the bridge and the car resting on their side had flipped over and landed on this side of the bridge.


“Man that was weird,” Celia stammered.  “I felt like we were in some bad horror movie.”


“Me too,” Nan laughed shivering slightly as she felt Celia’s hand coming to rest on her thigh.  She was more than a little pleased that they were wearing shorts. She was also pleased by the way that in the darkness she could still see the way that Celia’s nipples were straining against the soft cotton material of her t-shirt.


She mentally berated herself for being such a pig as her gaze lingered on her roommate’s chest.  She shivered once again her body trembling as Celia’s hand remained on her thigh.  Nan pondered whether or not there was something truly wrong with her?  How could she go from an irrational panic stemming from being sucked into a vortex to being completely turned on?


“I hope no one was hurt,” Celia said softly.


Nan blushed as she lifted her gaze to meet her friend’s eyes.  Nan could feel the breath seizing in her lungs as their gaze lingered.  Her heart was pounding against her chest as they stared deeply into one another’s eyes and Celia’s hand began to caress her thigh.  The sound of a car horn blaring jolted them back to reality and broke the spell. 


Nan tried to control her breathing as their car began to inch slowly through the traffic and heavy rain, now that the car on their side of the bridge had been removed.  She was a mass of confusion over the look they had exchanged and by the way Celia’s hand remained on her thigh.  They crossed the bridge and Nan tried to turn her focus back to the road signs.  


“Crap,” She muttered as she once again snatched up the directions and flipped on the interior light.  “This is the wrong way.”


“You didn’t just say that,” Celia hissed.


“Celia sweetie,” Nan began in a careful tone as she felt the blonde’s fingers gripping her thigh.  “This is 87 north.  This is the route we took heading down south.  We didn’t need to go over the Tappan Zee Bridge.”


“Tell me that you are messing with me?”  Celia pleaded as her blunt nails dug into Nan’s thigh.  Nan watched as Celia looked at the road signs.  “How did I end up on 87 north again?”  The blonde whined as she took the first exit.


“You are exhausted and thought we needed to go over the Tappan Zee Bridge again,” Nan reasoned as she squirmed in an effort to free herself from the tight hold the blonde had her locked in.  “Personally I think you just like saying Tappan Zee,” Nan teased as she pried her roommate’s fingers from her thigh.


“I’m an idiot,” Celia grumbled as they found themselves sitting in traffic on the other side of the bridge awaiting the other vehicle to be removed.


“No you’re not,” Nan argued.  “I thought that by going over the George Washington Bridge we didn’t need to come this way.  I didn’t say anything because I thought I was just being my usual pig headed self.  This is my fault, if I hadn’t taken that wrong turn back in New Jersey we’d be home by now.”


“I can’t wait to get home,” Celia whined as her tiny hand returned to Nan’s thigh.


“Me either,” Nan sighed in agreement as she relaxed into the feel of Celia’s hand caressing her thigh.


Several twists and turns, not to mention hefty tolls, later they finally made their way to 84 which would lead them through Connecticut and into Massachusetts.  Nan was on edge and not from the long drive and bad weather.  Nope her ragged state was directly related to the way Celia was still caressing her thigh.  She had managed to nod off at one point, only to be captured in a very sensual dream where her roommate was the star.


During her sleep Celia’s touch had drifted to the hem of her shorts.  She knew she should say something, but it felt so damn good she just allowed Celia’s fingers to stroke her flesh.  The rain was coming down harder and Nan’s body was tingling with desire.  If not for the fact that they were traveling down the highway she would have thrown their friendship out the window and pounced on her unsuspecting friend.  Thankfully they were in a moving vehicle and even Nan’s over active libido wasn’t a force strong enough to drive them into a fiery death.


She didn’t know if the blonde was aware of what she was doing.  All she knew was at the next stop she was going to trade off.  The fire Celia’s touch had sparked inside of her washed away her exhaustion.  Staying alert was no longer a problem.  She just hoped that by changing positions she could convince Celia to keep her wandering little paws at bay.


“What the hell?” Celia grumbled once again stirring Nan out of a lustful fantasy.


Nan’s dark brown eyes blinked rapidly as she peered through the windshield fogged over by the heavy rain.  A tractor trailer had jackknifed across the highway blocking their route.  The police were waving the cars off towards the exit.  They were half way through Connecticut and so close to home that it seemed like some kind of cruel joke.


They followed a large semi up the exit ramp.  “Follow him maybe he knows a way around?”  Nan suggested hopefully.  It truly seemed like a good idea until the large truck pulled into a rest stop.  It was one of those travel centers complete with a twenty-four restaurant and filling station. 


They filled the tank.  After all of the fast food they had eaten during the past fifteen hours food was the last thing on their minds.  Unfortunately for Nan, the blonde was over clouding her thoughts.  Celia gave her a curious look as they climbed back into the car.  If Nan’s stomach could have handled more coffee she would have suggested that they wait out the storm in the restaurant.  “Why don’t we pull off towards the back and look over the map?”  She suggested eager to find an escape from her libido and not wanting to be near any of the truckers that were coming and going.


“Sounds like a plan,” Celia sighed in agreement as she pulled the car off to the side of the parking lot.  “I could use a break.  This rain is only getting worse.”


Nan studied the map intently after Celia had turned the car’s engine off.  “I think we can get around,” She explained.  “I’m just wondering if we should risk getting lost again or wait it out.  The weather is getting worse.  Maybe if we wait another half an hour the road will be cleared.”


“I don’t mind waiting,” Celia yawned as she stretched her arms over her head.  Once again Nan’s eyes zoomed in on the blonde’s ample breasts.  Nan released a tiny whimper before diverting her gaze.


“I’ll take over driving once we are back on the road,” Nan said as she cleared her throat and tried to ignore the way her lower anatomy was throbbing.  She couldn’t understand what was wrong with her.  Normally she could brush aside her attraction for the blonde.  Of course normally she could just go out or retreat into her bedroom.  Being trapped in a car with no escape was proving to be her down fall.


She pushed her seat back and reclined in an effort to put some distance between her and Celia.  She squeaked when the blonde’s hand once again came to rest on her thigh.  She covered Celia’s hand with her own.  Her intent had been to brush away the tiny appendage.  Instead, for some inexplicable reason, she wove their fingers together.


She hadn’t even realized what she had done until she felt Celia’s thumb brushing across the back of her hand.  She stared down in horror at their entwined fingers.  She and Celia had always been close, but sitting in a parked car holding hands was just something they didn’t do.


She felt a surge of warmth spreading through her as Celia gave her hand a gentle squeeze.  Nan turned towards the blonde sitting across from her.  She was fully prepared to ask her roommate if she had lost her cotton-picking mind when their eyes met.  Nan felt as if she was falling as the distance between them vanished and their lips met.


The shy gentle kiss wiped away all fears, doubts and barriers between them.  Nan’s heart was racing as she laced her fingers in the blonde’s hair and drew her in for another heated kiss.  Lips parted and tongues met with an urgent need.  Nan moaned into the warmth of the blonde’s mouth as she felt shy caresses down her back.


Her own hands roamed down the front of Celia’s body, brushing the blonde’s nipples along the way.  In the back of her mind Nan knew that she could be making a huge mistake.  She was unable to resist the fire and uncaring as to whether or not she would get burned.  Her hands ran along soft curves of Celia’s body until she was lightly fingering the hem of the blonde’s t-shirt.  She hesitated for a moment until the blonde released a soft moan and dug her nails into the brunette’s shoulders.



Nan slowly raised the soft cotton, allowing her fingers to caress the warm flesh that had been hiding beneath.  She deepened the kiss as she felt her lover trembling from her touch.  Celia looked up at her with a hooded gaze as the kiss came to an end.  Nan smiled as the blonde lifted her arms allowing the brunette to lift the shirt up and off of her body. 


Nan looked around quickly to ensure that they could not be seen and the car doors were locked before returning her attention to the beautiful woman sitting across from her.  Celia moaned deeply as Nan began to kiss her neck.  The brunette trailed her tongue down Celia’s neck.  She could feel the blonde squirming against her as she kissed the smaller woman’s shoulders.


Celia released a hiss as Nan’s tongue traced the swell of her breasts while she filled her hands with them. Nan teased the blonde’s breast as Celia released needy gasps.  Nan felt alive for the first time in years as she reached behind her lover and unclasped her bra.  Neither of them spoke as Nan removed the blonde’s bra and cast it aside.


Nan released her own gasp as she felt Celia’s hands tugging her shirt out of her shorts. Nan kissed her lover’s shoulders before her mouth drifted lower and she began to feast upon her lover’s nipples.  Celia’s pleas filled her as she teased the blonde’s nipple with her teeth and her tongue while her nimble fingers pleasured its twin.


Nan felt her shorts straining against her body as Celia’s fingers pinched and teased her aching nipples.  She suckled her lover harder as each of them squirmed against the leather seats.  The limited space was driving Nan insane as the musky aroma of her lover’s desire filled her senses.


She knew that if this was going to happen that they should wait until they got home.  She just couldn’t refuse the taste of Celia’s skin or ignore the way her clit was pulsating with an urgent need.  In the millions of late night fantasies she had conjured up about what it would be like to make love to Celia, never once had she envisioned that it would happen in the parking lot of a truck stop.


The awkwardness of the situation and cramped space did nothing to diminish her desire.  Nan’s hand slipped between her lover’s thighs.  She could feel the blonde’s need seeping through the heavy material of her shorts.  She felt Celia’s hands gliding along her back and releasing the clasp of her bra as she pressed the heel of her hand against the blonde’s mound.


Celia released a throaty growl as her hips thrust forward.  Nan eagerly accepted her lover’s invitation as she teased the blonde’s clit through her clothing.  “I’ve wanted this for so long,” Celia confessed with a squeak as her head fell back.


The sight of Celia’s throat was far too tempting.  Nan feasted upon the blonde’s neck as her hands began to lower her lover’s shorts down to her hips.  They fumbled as Nan pushed the shorts down and guided her lover’s body to turn.


Celia was leaning against the driver’s side door as Nan removed the last barriers between her and her lover’s body.  The brunette licked her lips as she drank in the sight of Celia offering her body to her.  Nan’s eyes lingered on the dark patch of curls.  She chuckled slightly.  “So I’m not a natural blonde,” Celia teased as Nan’s fingers dipped into her lover’s wetness.


“I already knew that,” Nan jested in response as she ran her fingers along the blonde’s slick folds.  “Why now?”  Nan asked in a serious tone as her thumb grazed her lover’s throbbing clit.


“I can’t fight the way I feel anymore,” Celia cried out as Nan’s fingers captured the throbbing nub.  Celia’s passion filled her hand as she teased the blonde.  Celia’s eyes fluttered shut as Nan stroked and teased her.  Celia’s hips arched offering more of her body to Nan’s knowing touch.


Nan shifted until she was kneeling on her seat.  It was difficult to twist her body, yet she was unable to resist the need to feel and taste all Celia had to offer.  She might awaken to find that this was nothing more than a dream.  If it wasn’t a dream she wanted to savor each touch, fearful that each of them would view things differently in the light of day.


Her body ached as she lowered her head and cupped her lover’s backside.  Nan’s body hummed as she drew her lover closer.  She moaned deeply as she tasted the woman who had been haunting her dreams for so long for the first time.


She felt Celia’s hands gripping her shoulders as she slowly drank in her wetness.  She could feel the car rocking as she teased her lover’s clit with her teeth and her tongue.  Celia’s pleas filled her ears as her fingers pressed against the warm wet opening of the blonde’s center.  Her lover cried out in pleasure as Nan filled her.


The brunette’s fingers stilled inside of her lover.  She could feel Celia’s body tightening against her touch as her tongue flickered across her throbbing nub.  Celia’s pleas grew desperate as Nan wiggled her fingers inside of her lover.  Then slowly she slipped in and out of Celia’s passion as the smaller woman’s body rocked against her touch.


Nan could feel Celia’s body tightening against her as she plunged in and out of her.  Lost in the feel of her own desire and her lover’s body nearing the edge she took her lover harder until Celia cried out.  Nan drove the blonde deeper into the abyss as she buried herself deeper in her lover’s wetness.  She tried to steady Celia’s body as the blonde’s cries filled the night.  She didn’t want to stop pleasuring the blonde, but Celia was begging her.


Reluctantly she released her hold on her lover.  She brushed the hair from Celia’s sweaty brow before they shifted back into a more comfortable position.  She leaned over and placed a promising kiss on Celia’s soft trembling lips.  She loved the way each of them trembled from the other’s touch. 


They adjusted their clothing.  “I am going to be so sore when this trip is over,” Nan commented as she rolled her neck and shoulders.  As much as she wanted to continue the intimate encounter the timing and limited space wasn’t offering them the opportunity. 


“The rain is letting up,” Celia offered with a contented sigh.


“And the sun is coming up,” Nan mused as she smiled over at the blonde.  “We should switch and head home.”


Celia nodded in agreement and they got out of the car, each stretching their bodies before they traded positions.  Nan started the car and headed back towards the highway.  The road was clear and they would be home in few hours.  “Nan,” Celia began in a quiet tone.


The brunette braced herself for whatever Celia was going to say.  She began to fear the worst when Celia paused.  “When we get home,” The blonde finally offered.  “I know that our friendship is very important,” Nan could feel her chest tightening with fear.  “I want the chance to explore this.  If you don’t, then tell me now.”


Nan smiled as she kept a watchful gaze on the road ahead.  She captured Celia’s hand in her own and raised it to her lips.  She placed a tender kiss on the back of the blonde’s hand.  “I have been dreaming about you for so long,” The brunette finally confessed.  “I don’t want this to end.”


“Good,” Celia purred.  “Because when we get home I’m dragging you into my bedroom and ravishing you until it is time for the both of us to go back to work.”


“I can’t wait to get home,” Nan said as she squeezed her lover’s hand.


The End

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