By Mavis Applewater

November 2001

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As Always For Heather



Walker tapped her fingers impatiently on the counter, waiting for the clerk to check her in. Once she flipped through the long computer printout and checked Walker's identification, she informed the tall brunette to take a seat. Walker grimaced as she looked around at the cafeteria-style tables cluttering the room. She found a space where no one was sitting and she dashed over. She wasn't looking forward to making idle chitchat with some stranger.

It was bad enough that she was forced to take the day off work. Not to mention being almost strip searched when she entered the Cambridge courthouse. Okay, security is very tight these days. Yes, she understood that it was her civic duty and all but still she, like most Americans, hated to be called for jury duty. She knew that she didn't have a reasonable excuse to ditch it. She simply had to grin and bear it. After all, chances were slim to none that she would actually be selected. So now she could just work on the crossword puzzle in The Globe, which was one of her few pleasures in life, and drink her coffee and wait. Soon an elderly gentleman sat at the same table. She smiled up in greeting as she silently prayed that he wasn't a chatterer.

"First time?" he inquired as she glared up from her newspaper.

"Yes," she confirmed as another man sat at the same table. ‘So much for peace and quiet,’ she grumbled to herself. Looking at her watch, she grimly discovered that only five minutes had passed since she sat down.

"You know jury duty is a breeze. I've served six times," the elderly gentleman continued.

"Really?" Walker responded.

"Oh yes," the kindly gentleman said as a very attractive blonde sat down and joined them. She smiled at Walker and the gentlemen before retrieving a book out of her backpack. ‘Now that's the kind of company, I could enjoy,’ Walker noted to herself as she glanced once again at the crossword puzzle, pretending to listen to the elderly gentleman talk about his grandchildren.

"What ya reading?" the younger man asked the blonde as he leered at her. Walker watched with some degree of annoyance as the petite woman flared her emerald green eyes at him. Shifting uncomfortably in her chair, she held up the book cover for him to read. He pretended to be interested, but Walker could tell that he didn't have the slightest idea what she was showing him. Of course it didn't help his cause when he checked out her ample cleavage instead of the book jacket. "Never heard of it," the dimwitted gentleman said with a shrug.

"I'm not surprised," the blonde brushed him off.

"Is it any good?" he pressed, unaware that his attention wasn't welcome.

Of course Walker figured that out before the blonde sat down. Her gaydar alarm started to scream the moment she laid eyes on the young beauty. Her suspicions were confirmed when she saw the paperback. Walker was well acquainted with Karin Kallmaker's In Every Port. Based on how well worn the book was, this wasn't the first time the blonde had read it.

"I enjoy it," the blonde responded to her unwanted suitor.

"Perhaps I could borrow it or you can tell me about it over coffee?" the man suggested.

"No, thank you," the blonde responded in a curt tone.

"You know we’re going to be awhile," the man continued. "We could even end up in siesta together." He continued to leer.

The blonde and Walker rolled their eyes in unison. "You mean sequestered," the blonde corrected him.

"Either way." The man chuckled, somehow thinking he was amusing.

"Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is he?" the elderly gentleman whispered to Walker. Walker stifled the laugh that was threatening to escape as she flashed a brilliant smile at the elderly gentleman.

"Listen Sparky . . ." The blonde was clearly angry at this point. "I'm not interested."

"Oh come on, you don't even know me," the man pushed.

"And apparently she doesn't want to," the elderly gentleman concluded loudly.

The younger man just scoffed at the interruption. Walker secretly applauded the old man for stepping in. "So what's your name?" the man continued, seemingly unfazed.

"Okay." Walker slammed her hand down on the table. "Enough!" she exclaimed as she stood leaning over him with her imposing six-foot frame. "This isn't a singles bar. Leave the lady alone," she commanded through clenched teeth.

"Hold on, sweetie," the man tried to cajole her. "I was just making friendly conversation with the lady."

Walker thought briefly about wiping that smug expression off his face. ‘Why not? It would make me feel better and I bet it's a way to get out of jury duty," she pondered wryly.

"Is there a problem over here?" a firm voice said from behind her.

Walker turned to see a dark heavyset woman in uniform glaring at her. ‘Could this day get any worse?’ she asked herself. "No problem," Walker muttered.

"Actually there is," the blonde piped in. "This gentleman is bothering me and she was trying to help." The blonde jerked her thumb at the offensive young man.

"That's right, officer," the elderly gentleman added.

"I was just talking to her," the pest argued.

"Is that right?" the officer questioned him dryly.

"Yes," the man reassured her.

"Perhaps you should move to another table," the officer suggested in a bored tone.

"Fine." The man feigned innocence as he stood. "Dyke," he muttered as he glared at Walker.

"Yes," both Walker and the blonde answered.

"Figures," the man spat out.

"You know, you and I should talk," the officer said as she motioned him to follow her.

He seemed surprised as she led him out of the waiting room. "Somehow I don't think he’s going to enjoy that conversation." The elderly gentleman chuckled as Walker sat down. "I'm Herman, by the way," he introduced himself.

"Walker." She offered her hand.

"Celeste," the blonde added with a bright smile. "I want to thank both of you for coming to my rescue."

They both muttered that it wasn't a problem as a man in uniform asked everyone to be quiet. He then read off their instructions, which were basically to sit and wait until their names were called.

"Sounds exciting," Celeste mumbled.



The three of them sat there and chatted idly while waiting for their names to be called. One by one they were summoned out of the room. Walker was disappointed that she and Celeste had been separated.

She found herself sitting in a jury box filled with strangers. She filled out the questionnaire they handed her. Based on the questions she was answering, she could only assume that it was a malpractice suit. She was relieved when she was excused and was sent back to wait in the cafeteria-styled room. After finally completing her crossword puzzle, she found herself bored beyond belief. Her thoughts quickly turned to Celeste's firm body.

Glancing around the room she tried to see if either Herman or Celeste had been sent back. Sadly, she didn't spot either one. She settled back to read her newspaper. "Isn't this exciting," a friendly voice commented dryly. Walker smiled as she looked up into a pair of emerald eyes. Celeste seated herself next to Walker. "Sent you back as well," Walker noted, unable to keep the happiness out of her tone.

"Twice already," Celeste huffed. "How long are they going to keep us locked up here?"

"I have no idea," Walker answered as she took in Celeste's cherubic features.

Then they heard both their names called. "Here we go again." Celeste chuckled. "At least this time we get to go together." Her observation thrilled Walker to no end.

Once again Walker found her long form crammed inside a jury box, filling out another questionnaire after she had been assigned a number. There was a bonus this time. Celeste was sitting next to her. The blonde was teasing her by peeking at her answers. Walker nudged her as she smiled brightly. The large bailiff cleared his throat and glared at both of them.

They blushed in unison. Walker suddenly felt like a schoolgirl who’d been caught passing notes in class. Lowering their heads, both women refocused their attention on the lengthy questionnaire in front of them. This time the questions seemed more complicated. Walker got the uneasy feeling that this case wasn't a simple lawsuit. She groaned as she realized that it was a criminal trial. It could only mean that the jury selection would take much longer. She didn't want to be stuck there. What she wanted was to take off somewhere and get to know Celeste better.

Once everyone had turned in their forms, lawyers pored over them carefully. Walker glanced over at her new acquaintance, regretting that they weren't allowed to speak. The lawyers fussed and fumed and spoke with the judge as Walker shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

"Did you have any plans for afterwards?" Celeste whispered to her. "You know, after we get sprung?"

Walker had intended to sneak over to her office and get some work done before heading back to her empty apartment. Since meeting the bubbly blonde, being alone was the last thing on her mind. "No," Walker answered quietly.

"Would you like to get some coffee or something?" Celeste inquired softly so she couldn't be heard.

"Yes," Walker responded in an equally quiet tone.

Several people were dismissed; neither Celeste or Walker were among them. The lawyers began to question people directly. More people were sent on their way. Once again Walker and Celeste remained. It was Walker’s turn to be questioned. Most of the questions were basic - what do you do, are you married, do you live with anyone, etc.

"Are you familiar with Raymond Carsen?" one lawyer in a bad suit inquired.

"No," Walker answered honestly.

"Really?" The lawyer in the cheap suit smiled. "Have you been out of the Commonwealth in the past few months?"

"Yes," Walker responded truthfully once again. "I've just returned after spending nine weeks in Anchorage on business," she explained as her stomach dropped.

Much to her dismay both the defense and the prosecution accepted her. "If being out of town is a plus then I'm in the same boat," Celeste muttered to her. Suddenly Walker felt a whole lot better. Stuck on jury duty with a beautiful blonde. Yes, life was looking pretty good at the moment.

Her good fortune continued when Celeste was also chosen, apparently for the same reasons. She had a job, lived alone and, since she had been out of the state for what she referred to as personal reasons, she had never heard of Raymond Carsen either. Walker was thrilled that Celeste lived alone, but was curious about her personal reasons for leaving the Commonwealth.

"Well, I guess we’re stuck with one another," Celeste said as she flashed her a goofy grin.

"Aw shucks," Walker teased in return.

Over the next few hours and after a great deal of debating from both teams of lawyers, the jury and it's alternates were selected and sworn in. Then things took a nasty turn. Perhaps Walker should have paid closer attention to what was going on instead of flirting with Celeste. The defense team was terrified that the media would taint their opinions. They weren't allowed to read the papers (no crossword puzzles!) or watch the news. No easy task in this day and age. So they were to be sequestered.

It wasn’t the worst news being locked up with Celeste for an indefinite period of time. But they were instructed that they couldn't socialize with one another. No discussing the case. Not a problem. But there was to be no intimate contact. It was made clear that sort of thing was a major no no.

Walker was dumbfounded. She was to spend twenty-four seven with this beautiful woman and couldn't flirt with her. For the first time in years, she’d met someone nice who seemed to be interested in her as well. And she couldn't do jack about it. ‘Life sucks!’ Walker concluded mentally.

Celeste simply sat there with a nasty scowl on her face. Apparently she agreed with Walker's conclusions.



On their first day of jury duty, Walker discovered a few things. First off Raymond Carsen was a bad, bad man who should be locked away for the rest of his life unless, of course, the defense team could prove otherwise. From what she heard that day it appeared that Raymond murdered his elderly landlady who spent most of her free time doing volunteer work. His motive was her Social Security check and she had asked him to turn down his radio after ten o'clock at night. The second thing Walker discovered that day was the fates had nasty sense of humor. Her roommate during the duration of the trial was Celeste.

They looked around the sparse room at the Malden Econo Lodge that had been stripped of its television. There was nothing but two double beds, a bathroom and, of course, each other. "This bites," Celeste grumbled as she collapsed onto one of the beds.

"Tell me about it," Walker concurred.

"Don't get me wrong. I mean, it's our civic duty yada yada yada," Celeste explained in an exasperated voice. "But what the hell! I'd like to think that you and I had, you know . . . kind of hit it off and now we can't even hold hands."

"I'm with you," Walker agreed. "Well, we can spend the time getting to know one another," Walker suggested, trying to make the seemingly impossible situation a little brighter. "You never know, we might not even like each other."

Celeste gave her a doubtful gaze. "What choice do we have?" Celeste agreed halfheartedly. "Given the circumstances of this case . . ." She held up her hand defensively. " . . . I know we can't talk about it. But I know that we can't screw this up because of our hormones."



Over the next few weeks they spent their days in the courtroom listening to the dullest lawyers on the face of the planet. At night they played cards and talked. The more they got to know each other, the more they seemed to connect. Which made sleep time very trying for both of them. "What did you just ask me?" Walker blushed as she brushed out her long raven tresses. She wondered if the blonde was trying to kill her. Their casual touching or running into one another in the shower was hard enough; on more than one occasion, Walker found herself pruning in the shower after catching a glimpse of Celeste clad in nothing but a towel and a smile. ‘Now Celeste wanted to know about that?’

"You heard me," Celeste said in a husky tone as she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Walker looked over at the blonde who was lounging on her own bed, clad only in a long T-shirt that failed to conceal the firm body that lay beneath. "You want to know how I lost my virginity?" Walker repeated the question.

"Why not?" Celeste encouraged her.

"Why?" Walker teased.

"I just want something to think about tonight," Celeste answered mischievously.

"Oh, so you can have a good time without me?" Walker tossed her hairbrush at her.

"I can't have one with you." Celeste sighed heavily. "Not yet anyway."

Walker’s pulse raced as she drank in the beautiful woman sitting across from her. "Okay, if you tell me your story," Walker agreed against her better judgment.

"Deal," Celeste answered with a smile.

Walker stretched out, leaning on her elbow so she could watch the woman lying on the bed across from her. "It was at summer camp," Walker began. "I was sixteen and a counselor in training. Her name was Monica. She was a little older than I was and we became friends. One night we went for a walk along the beach and, for some reason, while we were walking she held my hand. All of sudden I felt alive and scared to death at the same time. I’d never thought about sex with anyone, much less another girl. She must have felt me shivering. She wrapped her arms around me. There I was looking into her eyes and the next thing I knew we were making out." Walker watched as Celeste's face flushed and her breathing became ragged.

Walker could still recall the sensation of Monica's tongue exploring her mouth for the first time. She had never been kissed before, well never like that. Monica's hands explored her breasts. Her nipples hardened from Monica's touch. "I want you," Monica whispered hotly in her ear. Her mind was spinning as Monica gently lifted her tank top up. Her skin shivered from the cool night air as Monica's hands cupped her breasts. She remembered moaning.

She also recalled trembling with excitement and fear. She didn't know what to do and was too frightened to admit her lack of experience to Monica. If Monica suspected anything, it never showed. Or perhaps she simply didn't care. Monica's skillful fingers worked their way up under her bra. She kissed Walker's neck as she pinched and teased her erect nipples. "Are you wet?" Monica asked her as she continued her assault on her sensitive neck.

Walker couldn't recall how or if she responded to the question. She could only remember the feel of Monica exploring her body with her hands and mouth. She remembered inhaling the scent of her long curly red hair. It smelled like peaches. Walker ran her fingers through Monica's hair as the older girl's mouth continued in a downward motion. She didn't know when Monica did it but somehow her bra had been unfastened.

Walker's knees threatened to buckle as Monica captured one of her breasts in her mouth. Walker's body arched in response as her panties grew damper. Monica teased her nipple with her teeth and tongue as Walker struggled to continue standing. Instinctively she pressed the back of Monica's head, encouraging her to take her deeper.

Walker moaned in disappointment as Monica halted her movements. The redhead kissed her deeply as her skillful hands returned to teasing Walker's breasts. Walker wrapped her arms around the other girl, pulling her closer to her body. Monica ended the kiss abruptly. Walker was about to protest when Monica silenced her by pressing a finger against her quivering lips. Leaning in, Monica captured Walker's earlobe in her teeth. Nipping playfully, she further fueled Walker's desire. "God baby, I want to fuck you," Monica growled in her ear as her hand felt it's way down to the waistband of Walker's shorts.

"Huh?" was the only response Walker could come up with. She knew at that moment that she would do anything this girl asked of her.

Walker remembered Monica undoing her shorts as she dropped to her knees in front of her. She kissed Walker's exposed abdomen, her tongue dipping into her navel as she pulled Walker's khaki shorts down her legs. She could remember feeling exposed, standing there on the deserted beach with her top pulled up and her shorts pooled around her ankles as Monica's fingers spread open her swollen lips.

For the first time in her life Walker felt her clit throb and understood fully what it meant. With a gentle hand she guided Monica towards her wetness. She felt Monica's breath caress her damp dark curls. The intensity jolted through her body as Monica's tongue flicked across her swollen clit. Much to her surprise, her thighs instinctively opened wider.

While Monica groped her backside with one hand, her tongue licked and tasted Walker's lower lips. Monica buried her face deeper inside of her as her other hand moved between Walker’s trembling thighs. Walker felt two fingers pressing against her opening as Monica began to suckle her clit.

Walker recalled how her hips swayed as her breathing became erratic. Monica grazed her throbbing clit with her teeth as she plunged her fingers inside of Walker. The young brunette cried out as Monica's fingers curled and teased her sensitive center. Monica feasted upon her as her fingers plunged in and out of Walker's wetness. Monica took her with her mouth and fingers.

Walker found herself clenching the back of Monica's head as she screamed out in ecstasy. Later, they found themselves rolling around in the sand completely naked. Walker fumbled as she tried to pleasure her lover. After it was over, Monica kissed her sweetly as they had dressed. Then she suggested that they should get together again sometime. Walker was confused. Later she would learn that Monica had many friends that she took to the beach. She liked older men and naive women.

At the end of the summer, Walker returned home wiser, a little bitter, less trusting, and completely confused about her sexuality.

Walker could feel her wetness grow from reliving the memory and the sight of Celeste's nipples pressing firmly against the material of her shirt. Celeste's eyes had fluttered shut during the telling of the story. Walker almost laughed when she finished the story. Celeste had her hands clenched tightly and her legs crossed. It didn't take much for her to figure out what was going on in that pretty blonde head. "Okay, your turn," Walker teased her.

"I need a moment," Celeste responded in a shaky tone.

"That's not all you need," Walker added in a rich tone.

"I know,"Celeste squeaked. "God, that was amazing . . . I . . . uhm . . ."

"I know," Walker finished for her in a deep voice. "I do too."

"I think I need a cold shower," Celeste groaned.

"You know . . . ," Walker began as she fought the urge to cross the few feet to Celeste's bed, ". . . the Judge said we couldn't touch each other."

"I know," Celeste growled.

"But he didn't say that we couldn't touch ourselves," Walker urged her on, knowing that it wouldn't take much at that moment to drive the smaller woman over the edge. "I mean, that's what you were planning on doing." Walker knew that she was playing with fire. Her desires had overwhelmed her senses. She knew that the friendship that had begun to grow between them was great. Yet the desire threatened to consume both of them.

Walker couldn't resist; she needed to release her pent up passion. Slipping her hand up under her nightshirt, she rolled her already erect nipple between two fingers. Celeste's eyes fluttered open and watched her intently. The blonde raised herself up on her knees and started to raise her shirt. Walker’s clit began to throb as she spotted the teal panties that lay underneath.

Her mouth went dry as she lowered the collar of her nightshirt to reveal the nipple she’d been teasing. Celeste moaned as her fingers descended into her panties. Walker's breathing became erratic as she watched Celeste's hand move beneath the teal cotton material. All she wanted at that moment in time was to taste this woman.

Walker continued to tease her nipple with one hand as her other hand reached under her nightshirt. She got on her knees as her fingers slipped beneath the waistband of her underwear. Her blue eyes watched Celeste intently as she felt her own wetness greet her fingers.

A sudden knock on the door interrupted them. "Yes?" Walker barked out harshly. "Miss McCormick, your mother’s on the telephone," the deputy informed her. Walker's hands quickly removed themselves from her body. Walker suddenly wished that she was an orphan.

"Well, that's a mood killer," Celeste groaned as she collapsed onto the bed. Walker retrieved her robe and took the phone call from her mother. As she reentered the room and found Celeste sound asleep, she knew that the moment had passed. "I can't wait until closing arguments," she muttered bitterly as she climbed into bed, dreading the long lonely night ahead.



Several more weeks passed and the tension only grew between the two women. Walker found it difficult to focus her attention as her mind wandered to thoughts of Celeste. Finally both sides presented their closing arguments; unlike television, it took three days for them to finish. Once locked away for deliberations, everyone sighed with relief.

It had been hard to spend so much time with people and not talk about the one thing they had in common. "Is it just me or did this guy beg to be caught?" Celeste commented as she plopped down into her chair.

"Oh, how about how his lawyer tried to explain the bloody finger print," another person commented.

"That the print had been there already and blood got on it." Walker snorted. "It certainly didn't look good when their own forensic witness said that wasn't possible."

"Or how about when he tried to cash the landlady’s check using her dead husband's ID," another person added.

"At the bank she went to all the time," Celeste added.

Even the jury foreman had to chuckle at that. "Let's face it, Raymond’s not the brightest bulb there is," he added. "Who wants to vote and get out of here?"

Everyone agreed eagerly. A vote was taken and, to no one's surprise, Raymond Carsen was found guilty. Walker had tried to give him the benefit of the doubt during the trial but it was clear the guy was guilty. They turned in the verdict and were allowed to go back to the motel to get their belongings. Everyone's mood was brightened by the fact that they were finally free.

Walker couldn't wait and yet suddenly she felt apprehensive. There was no longer anything keeping Celeste and her apart. She tried to hide her nervousness as they entered their room. They had packed their bags that morning in anticipation of leaving. Neither of them had spoken. Walker reached for her bag as her mind struggled for something to say. A small hand covered her own.

Walker swallowed hard as she looked up at Celeste who was trembling slightly. Walker sensed her nervousness and wrapped the smaller woman in her arms. "It feels so good to finally be able to hold you," she said softly. She felt Celeste relax in her arms. Everything felt right. It was funny that they were suddenly shy around each other. Over the past few weeks they had exchanged every detail of their lives. They had laughed and the sexual energy between them had been undeniable.

They stepped slightly apart as Walker looked deeply into the eyes of the woman who had captured her heart. "I know we should take this slow," she said, trembling as she felt the heat from Celeste's body radiating against her own.

"I can't wait," Celeste responded in a husky tone as she reached up and pulled Walker's head down.

Their lips met and melted together instantly. They parted in invitation. The kiss deepened quickly as their tongues danced together. Walker moaned as she pressed her body into the smaller woman. The need to breathe overwhelmed them. "We don't have much time," Celeste gasped. "I know we should wait until we’re somewhere more appropriate."

"I need you," Walker uttered hotly in her ear. Her mouth began an assault on Celeste's neck. Her pulse beat wildly just from the taste of her skin. Celeste's hands cupped her backside as she backed her up towards the nearest bed.

Walker grabbed hold of Celeste's hips as she felt herself being lowered onto the bed. They both knew that they had little time to explore their passion. The urgency only seemed to fuel them on. Each began to unbutton the other's pants, kissing deeply as they unzipped them. They lowered the offending material just enough to see one another's panties. Their bodies pressed together as hands began a hurried exploration.

Walker reeled as her fingers slipped into Celeste's wetness. Her thighs opened as she felt Celeste stroke her throbbing clit. They moaned in unison as they teased one another. "Take me," Celeste begged. Walker entered her with two fingers, plunging in and out. Celeste moaned deeply, her own fingers entering Walker's center. They rode against each other as their bodies trembled. Capturing each other in a passionate kiss, their fingers continued to pleasure the other. Their screams of ecstasy were muffled by their kiss.

They lay trembling on the bed as someone knocked on the door, informing them that it was time to go. They both moaned in displeasure as they quickly stood and adjusted their clothing. They kissed one another quickly. Grabbing their luggage, they headed towards the doorway. Walker reached out and touched Celeste gently on the arm. "We're not finished," she informed the smiling blonde.

"I hope not." Celeste winked at her. "Trust me. I want more than that from you. I want your heart as well."

"It's already yours." Walker smiled back at her. "By the way, you never did tell me how you lost your virginity," Walker pointed out.

"I did promise to tell you," Celeste responded thoughtfully. "How about tonight at my place?"



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