Just An Ordinary Day

By Mavis Applewater

October 2003


Disclaimers, the characters and story are the sole possession of the author and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the author’s permission.  If for any reason you are uncomfortable with graphic descriptions of two consenting adult women in a loving and sexual relationship then do not read this story or anything else I have ever written.  If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material then please go away and don’t come back until it is no longer a crime.


A special thank you goes out to my beta reader, Mary.


As always this is for Heather.


“So you don’t think she is attractive?” Sandy pressed in a tone of voice that was making Brandy’s head hurt.


“Of course she is attractive,” Brandy sighed heavily.  The entire evening was wearing on her.  “I’m not going to lie about that.  She is my roommate and that is all she is,” Brandy spat out as she wondered where and why her evening with Sandy had taken such an annoying turn.  She had invited Sandy the woman she had been dating for over two months over for dinner, and somewhere the romantic evening turned into an inquisition regarding her attractive roommate.


It wasn’t the first time someone in Brandy’s life took exception to her living with Morena.  Sandy was just proving to be even more insecure than the others.  The redhead had spent the entire evening demanding information about Morena.  How did they meet?  Did they ever date?  Was Brandy attracted to the tall brunette and so on?  Brandy was aggravated and seriously wondering what it was she saw in Sandy?  Then again it wasn’t the first time she found herself pondering just why she was dating this woman.


“Fine,” Brandy barked out.  “You want the whole story?  Here it is.  It was just an ordinary day,” she began.






It was just an ordinary day in Brandy McBride’s life.  She was riding her bike home late one October evening after working her after school job.  She was simply enjoying the smell of autumn in the air. As she turned onto the long dirt road that led to her home she spotted a car parked on the shoulder of the road.  Her heart sped up thinking that there might be some deranged whacko lurking in the shadows. 


Her fears vanished as she came closer and recognized the car.  There was no mistaking the tiny red Volkswagen Rabbit with the broken taillight and a bumper sticker that proclaimed that Humpty Dumpty was pushed. The little car could only belong to Morena Miller the perky cheerleader who was undoubtedly the most popular girl at Brandy’s high school. 


Brandy didn’t hold the attractive brunette’s popularity against her.  Morena was out going, nice, and drop dead gorgeous.  Brandy sighed as she skid her bicycle to a stop.  Morena’s good looks had plagued Brandy for years.  It had taken the petite girl with dirty blonde hair a long time to understand just why it was she liked watching Morena’s breasts bob up and down whenever she would saunter down the hallway.


Brandy could never reveal her secret in the small town she lived in and was certain that if Morena ever found out about Brandy’s wayward thoughts she would pummel the smaller girl.  Still it didn’t deter Brandy from thinking about Morena almost every night as she went to sleep.  Brandy spied Morena kneeling by the passenger side front tire.


The blonde felt her hands become clammy as her heart began to pound once again.  There was something about Morena that made her feel clumsy.  She bolstered her courage as she leaned her bicycle against a tree and approached the cheerleader.  “Need help?” Brandy managed to squeak out.


“Shit!” Morena squealed as she dropped the flashlight she had been trying to juggle.  Morena looked up and started laughing when she spied Brandy standing above her.  “Brandy?” She blew out gleefully as she scrambled to retrieve her tiny flashlight.  “Thank goodness it is you.”


“What cha’ doing?” Brandy inquired trying to sound casual.


“I got a flat on the way home,” Morena began to explain in a hurried breath.  “I pulled off the main road thinking this would be a safer area.  The darker it got the more I realized that it was a poor choice.  I swear every little noise has scared the crap out of me.  For the last half hour I’ve been expecting some ax murderer to jump out at me.”


“Sorry it is just little old me,” Brandy teased as her heart thumped insistently. 


“Trust me I am very happy to see you,” Morena softly responded in a tone that sent a shiver down Brandy’s spine.


“Maybe I can help you?” Brandy offered fighting against the way her voice was trembling.


“I would really appreciate it,” Morena accepted brightly.  “I’ve been trying to get the lug nuts off and juggle the flashlight.  I can’t seem to balance both of them, and when I try to do it without the flashlight the nuts won’t budge.”


Brandy pondered the situation for a moment before coming up with a solution.  “I have a light on the front of my bike.  We could use that to see what we are doing,” she began to explain.  “The nuts were probably put on with one of those air wrenches which are why they are so tight.  Maybe if the both of us try we can get them loose?”


“That is a great idea,” Morena exclaimed.


Brandy was thankful for the darkness that covered up the deep shade of crimson her face had turned from Morena’s compliment.  She scurried off quickly and retrieved her bicycle.  She considered the light mounted on the handlebars to be completely dorky except when she was traveling down the long dirt road that led through the woods.



Her heart skipped a beat when she shined the light down on the tire and caught a glimpse of Morena’s brilliant blue eyes gleaming back up at her.  “It isn’t much but it should help,” Brandy stammered as she secured her bike and the light.


“It is perfect,” Morena responded with a brilliant smile that turned Brandy’s insides to mush.


Brandy felt her throat tighten as she knelt beside the taller girl.  Morena placed the lug wrench over one of the nuts.  “Ready?” She asked.  Still unable to speak, Brandy simply nodded in response. Each of them gripped the wrench tightly and tried to turn it with no success.  “Hold on,” Morena offered thoughtfully as she crawled behind Brandy and slipped her arms past the blonde’s waist.  Brandy’s entire body seized as she felt Morena’s body pressing against her.  “This might work better,” Morena suggested as the blonde trembled from the feel of the brunette’s breath caressing her ear.


Once again each of them gripped the lug wrench and began to turn.  The nut moved slowly as their bodies ground together.  ‘Oh I am going to have some very interesting dreams tonight,’ Brandy thought happily as Morena wriggled against her back.        


Brandy bit down on her bottom lip as they wrestled to loosen the lug nut.  She blew out a sigh of relief as the nut finally gave way and began to spin freely.  They shared a gleeful laugh as they removed the nut.  Brandy shivered, as Morena’s body remained pressed against her own.  Her body temperature reached the boiling point as they repeated the process with the remaining lug nuts.


Brandy could barely stand after the nuts had been removed.  Somehow she managed to stumble away from the car and place the lug nuts in a safe place while Morena retrieved the jack.  Brandy quickly checked to ensure that the wheels where blocked and the emergency brake was in use.  “Way ahead of you,” Morena informed her brightly as her teeth gleamed in the darkness. “My Dad drilled all of the safety precautions into my head.”


“He must have left out the part about pulling the car off onto a hidden stretch of road buried in the woods,” Brandy teased the brunette as they searched the bumper for the jack notch.


“Let’s see, smooth, dry, hard surface away from traffic,” Morena muttered.  “Nope nothing about going into the woods,” Morena quipped as she slid the jack into the notch.  “Got it,” she exclaimed as she tried to pump the jack.


Brandy watched as Morena huffed and puffed managing only to lift the car slightly off of the ground.  “Here let me help?”  Brandy offered.


“Thanks,” Morena readily agreed as she stepped aside.  Brandy inhaled sharply as Morena once again moved behind her and slipped her arms around the blonde’s slender waist.  “This should work better since you’re a little shorter than I am,” Morena explained.


Brandy looked up at her companion, the blonde’s gaze halting at the sight of Morena’s full lips that were parted slightly.  Brandy’s gaze lingered as she felt Morena’s breath on her cheek.  “I’m not that much shorter,” Brandy whispered.


“No, you’re just the right height,” came Morena’s breathy reply.  Brandy’s eyes were riveted to the movements of Morena’s lips as she spoke.


“Are you ready?” Morena inquired in a husky tone as her body pressed harder against Brandy’s trembling form. Brandy closed her eyes and tried to calm the rapid beating of her heart.  Once she felt she was capable of breathing she blinked open her eyes.  Brandy quickly diverted her gaze from Morena’s lips to the jack and the task at hand.


Together they lifted the car off of the ground but not without a huge effort that required them to remain pressed very closely together.  Brandy was certain that every inch of her body was actually tingling, as Morena’s arms remained wrapped around her body.  Brandy closed her eyes allowing herself to drink in the scent of Morena’s body.


Brandy whimpered as a sudden coldness washed over her when Morena stepped away.  ‘She smells so good,’ she mentally sighed as she slowly opened her eyes.  She watched as Morena removed the bad tire.  Brandy finally mentally kicked herself for standing there picturing the brunette wearing nothing but her pom poms and a smile. 


Brandy forced her body in motion as she set about retrieving the spare tire from the trunk of the Rabbit.  As Brandy rolled the spare over to the front end of the car she kept reminding herself that Morena was a big, old, straight girl whose jock friends would kick her ass for even thinking about her or her precious pom poms in such a provocative manner.  “Thanks,” Morena’s sultry tone stirred her from her musings and re-ignited visions of pom poms dancing in her head.  Perhaps that is why she suddenly fumbled with the tire, which started to roll away. 


Each of them chased after it as it rolled down the embankment.  Morena’s laughter echoed in the darkness as they slipped on the leafy ground.  Brandy groaned as she caught up with the tire and began to roll it back up the hill.  Morena slipped on the damp foliage and landed beside her.  Brandy dropped the tire, which thankfully landed flat.  She dropped to her knees. “Are you alright?” She asked with concern as she offered her hand to the fallen woman.


“Oh yeah,” Morena giggled as she accepted Brandy’s hand.  Brandy looked down at the prone woman who was holding her hand tightly yet not making any effort to pull herself up.  Brandy almost jumped out of her skin when she felt Morena’s thumb brushing the back of her hand.


“Did you need any help getting up?” Brandy meekly inquired as she tried to calm her breathing.


“No, I just need a moment,” came the brunette’s breathy reply as she stared deeply into Brandy’s eyes.  The blonde could only nod in response as she felt Morena pulling her closer. “I am really going to have to think of a special way of thanking you for all of this.”


Brandy’s muddled mind was frantically searching for something to say while Morena’s tugging encouraged her body down.  “Any suggestions?” Morena softly asked as she began to lower the zipper on Brandy’s hooded sweatshirt.


“Huh?” Brandy sputtered as she stared down at Morena in bewilderment.


“Of how I can thank you,” Morena slowly explained while she continued to lower the blonde’s zipper. 


Brandy felt her body slipping closer to Morena’s while her focus drifted once again to the brunette’s lips.  Morena’s hands slipped inside the now open sweatshirt and began running along the soft material of Brandy’s t-shirt.  Brandy was mesmerized as she watched Morena slowly licking her lips.  Brandy’s mouth felt dry as she dipped her head, she couldn’t believe that she was about to kiss the most beautiful girl in school.


The sudden realization of what she was about to do frightened her.  Brandy jerked her head back and scrambled off of Morena’s body.  She bolted to her feet and snatched up the spare tire.  “It is getting late,” she blurted out as she forced the tire back up the hill.


The pounding of her heart almost drowned out the disappointed “right,” Morena grumbled as she followed after the blonde.  Brandy couldn’t look at the other girl as they went about replacing the tire.  All she could focus on was the terrible mistake she almost made.  Her hands were shaking, her body was still humming from the close contact they had shared and were still sharing.  Brandy wanted to kiss Morena, more than she had wanted to breathe.  If she did then Morena would freak and the whole school would find out about her.  Spending her senior year as a virtual leper was not on her list of things to do.


She was far too busy mentally cursing her predicament to notice that Morena hadn’t uttered a single word since they returned to the car.  Brandy brushed her dirty hands on her jeans once they had finished putting the spare on the car.  She felt the tension rolling off of Morena as she put the tools and flat tire in the trunk.  Brandy grabbed her bike and swiftly kicked up the kickstand.  She was eager to make her escape before Morena could accuse her of being the pervert that she was.


“Let me give you a ride,” Morena muttered as Brandy was just about to mount her bicycle.


“I don’t think my bicycle will fit in your car,” Brandy quickly argued.  ‘Nope not getting in the car with her.  Just want to go home and play with myself while I pretend that I did kiss you and you liked it,’ Her mind babbled on.


“I have a bike rack,” Morena sadly explained.  “It is really late and dark.  It is the least I can do for all of your help.”


“Okay,” Brandy mumbled while her mind screamed for her to run.  As they strapped her bicycle onto the rack mounted on the trunk, Brandy was convinced that the uncomfortable waves pouring off of Morena had everything to do with the brunette’s disgust for Brandy’s actions.


Neither of them spoke as Morena navigated the dark road.  “The driveway is up on the right,” Brandy blurted out anxious to get away from Morena.  She was tapping her foot nervously as Morena took an agonizingly slow turn up the winding driveway.  As the small car rolled to a stop her hand flew out towards the door handle.


A warm hand on her shoulder halted her movement. At that moment Brandy was thoroughly convinced that spontaneous combustion was a reality.  “Uhm Brandy?” Came the tentative request.  Brandy tried not to turn, but she was helpless.  She turned around and braced herself for Morena’s wrath or even worse her pity.


“I really want to thank you for helping me tonight,” Morena choked out.  “Who knows how long I would have been stuck out there if you hadn’t stopped to help me.”


Brandy simply nodded as she plotted her escape before the conversation could go any further.  It was the warm feeling coursing through her body that kept her from fleeing.  “I just want to apologize for what I did,” Morena’s voice trembled as she chewed on her bottom lip.


“Huh?” Brandy sputtered with surprise.  ‘What is she talking about?’  Her mind raced as the brief moment in the woods replayed in her mind.  Brandy sat up straight as she looked down at her open sweatshirt.  “I didn’t do it,” she whispered in amazement.


“Do what?” Morena asked.


“Well I’ll be damned,” Brandy absently continued.  “You made the pass,” she brightly exclaimed as she returned her focus to the stunned brunette sitting across from her.


“Please don’t tell anyone,” Morena pleaded.


“I won’t,” she promised unable to wipe the silly smirk from her face.


“I’m serious Brandy no one can know about me,” Morena pleaded more frantically.


“I promise I won’t tell a soul,” Brandy snickered.


“Please,” Morena pushed.


“Morena I promise I won’t tell,” Brandy vowed still grinning like an idiot.


“Okay,” Morena suspiciously responded.  “So if you don’t mind me asking, what in the hell is so funny?”


“I thought it was me,” Brandy blew out with relief.


“Uh huh,” Morena dryly replied seeming to be mulling over what Brandy had said.  “I try to grope you, kiss you, and you think you started it?”


“Yes,” Brandy answered with a bright smile.  “Stupid, huh?  It is just that never in my wildest dreams would I ever think that someone like you would want to kiss me.  Actually I thought it could only happen in my dreams.”


“Why?” Morena said in a mystified tone while she leaned in.  “You are so beautiful.”


“There you go getting fresh with me again,” Brandy whispered as she felt Morena’s hand slipping from her shoulder to the nape of her neck. 


“Can’t help myself,” Morena offered in a hushed voice as she caressed the back of Brandy’s neck.


The blonde’s skin prickled with excitement as she became lost in the feel of Morena’s fingers teasing her skin.  Time stood still as the heat flowed between them and they inched closer and closer together.  Brandy tilted her head as their lips finally united.  Brandy melted into Morena’s touch as the heat filled her body. 


Brandy had been kissed before, but never so deeply or passionately.  Her hands took on a life of their own as they began to explore the soft gentle curves of Morena’s body.  The kiss quickly escalated from fiery to a raging inferno as their tongues probed deeper.  Brandy moaned into her lover’s mouth as she felt warm hands slipping up and under the material of her t-shirt.


Her stomach clenched as she felt Morena’s knowing hands caressing her bare skin until they brushed lightly against the material of her bra.  Brandy dug her blunt nails into her lover’s shoulders when she felt one hand cupping her breast and the other trailing back down the front of her body.


Brandy’s head fell back as Morena’s hand slipped between her thighs and cupped her mound.  Instinctively her hips ground against the brunette’s touch.  Morena used her other hand to massage Brandy’s breast.  Brandy clung tighter to her lover as she felt her nipple puckering in response.  “Feels so good,” she managed to pant out while thrusting her body harder against Morena’s touch.


Morena began kissing the blonde’s neck while using the heel of her hand to tease her throbbing clit.  Brandy cried out as her hips rocked urgently against her lover’s hand.  Then she grunted in pain as they kept bumping into the gearshift.  “Don’t you dare move that hand,” Brandy cautioned the snickering brunette as they adjusted their positions.


“I wouldn’t dream of it,” came Morena’s husky reply as she buried her hand deeper between the blonde’s thighs. 


“That one either,” Brandy added as she looked down at the hand that was clutching her breast.


“I’ve never done anything like this,” Morena softly confessed as she leaned in for another kiss.


“Neither have I,” Brandy answered her as she cupped the brunette’s face and began to kiss her deeply.  Brandy could feel the car rocking as Morena’s hands continued to tease her.  Brandy wrapped her fingers through Morena’s long, dark hair as her body gave into the tingling sensations flowing through her.


Brandy struggled in the confined space to feel more of Morena’s body.  Just as Brandy’s body began to tremble Morena suddenly slowed down her movements.  “Wait,” the brunette stammered out in a sudden panic.


“Are you kidding me?” Brandy barked out. She took a deep breath before squirming away from Morena’s touch.  “I’m sorry it just felt so amazing.”


“I know,” Morena whimpered. 


“Do you want to stop?” Brandy tenderly asked as she cupped Morena’s face in her hands.


“No,” Morena groaned.  “What about your parents?”  She asked as she cast a wary look over at the house.


“They both work overnight shifts at the hospital on Wednesday nights,” Brandy moaned in response before reclaiming Morena’s warm, inviting lips.  Her body soared as she felt Morena’s tongue greeting her own.  Soon they were caught up in kissing as their hands sought out the other’s body.  Then her words echoed back at her and Brandy gently pushed her lover away.  “They are at work,” she gleefully explained to her confused lover.  Her statement earned her a bold smile from her lover.


“So why are we out here freezing our butts off in my matchbox of a car?” Morena encouraged her.


“My thoughts exactly,” Brandy concurred as she opened the car door.  She almost fell out of the car in her enthusiasm.  “I just need to put my bike away,” she hurriedly explained as Morena followed closely behind her.


Brandy secured her bicycle in the garage in record time and dragged Morena behind her as she locked up.  “Nice place,” Morena offered shyly as the blonde led her up the staircase.


Brandy hesitated at the top of the landing.  “Thanks, but could I give you a tour some other time?” The blonde carefully inquired.  “Right now all I really want to show you is my room. We don’t have to,” she quickly added as she felt a sudden sense of panic.


“Oh, I want to,” Morena panted in response.  “The best looking girl in school just offered to take me up to her bedroom, I am not fool enough to say no.”


Brandy felt slightly overwhelmed by Morena’s confession.  The warm glow in the brunette’s eyes ebbed her concerns.  She clasped Morena’s hand tightly and led her down the hall to her bedroom.  Her hand was shaking as she opened the door.  Her body quivered as she felt Morena step in behind her and wrap her arms around her waist.


She leaned back into Morena’s warm embrace as the brunette nuzzled her neck.  Her head fell against Morena’s shoulder. The brunette took advantage of her movement and began kissing her neck with earnest.  Morena’s hands caressed the blonde’s stomach as Brandy reached behind her and gently clasped the brunette’s thighs.


The tiny whimpers Morena released were driving Brandy insane.  She turned in her lover’s embrace so that they were facing one another.  She captured Morena in a searing kiss while her hands began to tug the brunette’s sweater out of her jeans.  She lifted the garment quickly; they broke apart just long enough for Brandy to slip the sweater up and off of the brunette’s body.


The vision of Morena standing half naked before her was amazing.  She reached out and began to trace the brunette’s exposed flesh with her fingertips.  Her senses reeled as she felt Morena’s skin trembling from her touch.  Slowly her fingers glided along the swell of the taller girl’s breasts before slipping across her nipples.  Brandy watched her fingers as they continued to circle her lover’s nipples.  The feel of the brunette’s nipples puckering beneath her touch made her entire body clench.


She felt the soft material of the bra slipping away as Morena removed the garment.  She smiled up at her lover as her fingers returned to the erect buds.  She felt Morena’s breathing growing heavier as she teased her nipples.  Dipping her head down her mouth quickly replaced her fingers.  Morena’s body arched against her. 


Brandy captured one nipple with her lips as her nimble fingers trapped its mate.  Morena clutched the back of her head guiding her to take her harder.  She felt Morena’s hands undoing the zipper on her jeans and tugging them down her body, while she feasted upon the taller woman’s breasts like a starving child.  Morena’s hands struggled to lower Brandy’s jeans as far as she could while the blonde became lost in the taste of her flesh filling her mouth.


Morena released a throaty growl as her hands began lowering the blonde’s underwear.  Brandy felt a sudden chill as her naked backside was exposed.  Her hips ground against Morena’s body while the brunette kneaded her newly exposed skin.  Brandy reluctantly abandoned the pleasures of Morena’s firm breasts as they began kissing once again.


Prior to that moment Brandy had thought she understood what true passion was, she was mistaken.  With each kiss Morena brought her to new heights.  Warm hands caressed her hips as she swayed against her lover’s touch.  She moaned into the warmth of the brunette’s mouth when she felt Morena’s touch moving to the patch of damp curls that covered her mound.  She was wetter than she had ever been in her life and there wasn’t a power on earth that could cool her desires.


Brandy parted her legs as long fingers teased the thick patch of hair.  Morena moaned as Brandy’s desire greeted her touch.  Brandy gasped as she felt Morena’s fingers parting her.  The brunette slowly ran her fingers along the swollen lips while Brandy clasped her tightly.  Brandy buried her face against her lover’s chest.  “So soft, so wet,” Morena softly moaned as she dipped further into Brandy’s wetness.


Brandy wasn’t aware that they were moving until she felt her body bump into the edge of her bed.  Happily she allowed Morena to lower her down onto the bed.  Brandy lifted her body slightly causing Morena to cease her movements.  She reached behind her lover fumbling along the way until she managed to turn on the table lamp that was resting on the nightstand.  “I want to see you,” she explained to the grinning woman kneeling by her bedside.


“You first,” Morena challenged her.


Brandy could barely breathe or steady her trembling fingers as she began to undress herself.  Morena never broke the fiery look they were exchanging as she stood and began to remove her own clothing.  Brandy’s movements faltered as she was kicking off her jeans.  The sight of Morena standing before her completely naked left her awestruck.


 “Please don’t stop now,” Morena coaxed her.


Brandy’s gaze lingered for a moment longer before she was able to comply with Morena’s wishes and remove the last of her clothing.  She reached out and pulled her lover down onto the bed.  They scooted to the middle; laying on their sides’ facing each other they slowly began to caress the other’s body.  Brandy was amazed at how smooth and soft Morena’s skin was.


Their touches grew bolder as they kissed again and again. Their legs wrapped around one another until each could feel the other’s wetness against their skin.  They took turns teasing and taunting their lover’s nipples until their hips began to thrust in a demanding rhythm.  Brandy guided her lover onto her back as they ground against the other’s thigh.  Her body became alive as she covered Morena’s naked body with her own.


Uncertain of what to do Brandy slipped her hand between their gyrating bodies.  She parted Morena and began to stroke her clit.  Guided only by what she liked to do to herself and Morena’s pleas for more she teased the throbbing nub harder.  She gathered Morena’s desire on her fingers as she ran them along the brunette’s sex until she was teasing the opening of her center.  Encouraged by Morena wriggling beneath her and the brunette’s passionate words she slipped inside of her lover’s warmth.


A rush surged through the blonde’s body as she felt her fingers being captured.  She pumped her fingers slowly while she teased Morena’s clit with her thumb.  She watched her lover’s body rising against her touch.  Their bodies began to move in unison, as the need for more became more demanding.


They began to grind against one another in a frantic pace as Morena’s body shuddered beneath the blonde.  Morena was screaming out Brandy’s name over and over again as her entire body convulsed.  The blonde was mesmerized at the sight and feel of the brunette’s body arching up off of the mattress as she took her deeper.  Morena’s skin was flushed as she collapsed, gasping for air as Brandy’s fingers slipped from her body.


Morena looked up at the grinning blonde with glassy eyes as she struggled to breathe.  “That was amazing,” she panted as her body continued to quiver.


Instinctively Brandy snuggled up against the brunette and wrapped her up in a tender embrace.  “Yes it was,” Brandy agreed as she held the taller woman tightly against her chest.  Brandy held her lover until Morena’s breathing finally calmed.


They began kissing once again, Morena guiding the smaller woman onto her back.  “There is something I want to try,” Morena murmured against Brandy’s skin while she kissed and tasted her way down the blonde’s body.  Brandy was light headed as she watched Morena tasting her way down her body.  She had no idea what the brunette was planning to do to her as she nestled herself between her thighs and parted her nether lips.


When she felt Morena’s flattened tongue gliding along her slick folds her body jolted up.  It was the most incredible feeling she had ever experienced.  She gripped the bedding while Morena’s mouth began to feast upon her.  She pressed her wetness against the brunette’s face as the waves of ecstasy consumed her.  The feel of Morena’s lips, teeth and tongue sent her crashing into the abyss.  The blonde was a quivering mass as her first climax tore through her young body.  Morena continued to pleasure her until the tiny blonde was begging her to stop.


They snuggled briefly until Morena was forced to leave. The following day Brandy waltzed into school like she was floating on a cloud.  As the week trickled by and the weekend came and went her elation slowly waned.  Until the following Wednesday when she walked out of her job at the Pizza Palace and discovered the brunette leaning against her Volkswagen awaiting her arrival. 


Brandy wheeled her bicycle over to the woman who was giving her a shy smile.  “I thought maybe you might want a ride home?” Morena offered with a slight stammer.


“That would be nice,” Brandy graciously accepted as her body temperature began to steadily rise.





“That is the whole story,” Brandy triumphantly concluded for her soon to be ex-girlfriend.  “We got together almost every Wednesday until we graduated. Plus a couple of times during the summer that followed and then off to separate colleges.  We ran into one another about five years ago, became friends which is something were never really were in high school.  Just over two years ago she needed a new roommate; I needed a better apartment so I moved in.  We never talked about what happened then or now.”


“You honestly expect me to believe that you slept with Morena all through high school and now there is nothing going on?” The redhead fumed as she jumped to her feet.


“It was only our senior year,” Brandy rationalized. “It was a very confusing time for me.  At the time I wanted more from her than sex, but it was never offered.   It wasn’t hard leaving it behind since it was just sex.”


“I’m out of here,” Sandy fumed as she stormed to the front door, which was just opening.


“See ya,” Brandy waved off her departure without as much as a backward glance.


“Hi Sandy,” Morena greeted the angry woman.


“Bite me!” Sandy screeched as she stomped out of the apartment.


“Back at you,” Morena called after her before slamming the door shut.  “Do I want to know?”


“I can’t believe I cooked for her,” Brandy groaned as Morena joined her on the sofa.  “And then all she wants to do is talk about you.”


“Kinky,” Morena chuckled as she kicked off her shoes. 


“Not like that you pervert,” Brandy chastised the snickering brunette.  “Tell me something have any of the women you’ve been involved with since I moved in questioned our living arrangement?”


“All of them,” Morena bluntly responded.


“Really?” Brandy gulped.  “What did you tell them?”


“We met in high school,” Morena began.  “We weren’t friends until we ran into each a couple of years after college.  A few years ago we decided to be roomies.”


“That’s it?” Brandy pried wondering not for the first time how Morena felt about what happened between them all those years ago.  And about some of the feelings Brandy had managed to ignore since they had become friends.


“Yup,” Morena shrugged.  “So what’s for dinner?”


“Lasagna,” Brandy sighed.


“Cool I love your lasagna,” Morena beamed.  “I take it Sandy didn’t believe you when you told her the same thing?”


“That you love my lasagna?”  Brandy quipped. “Everyone loves my lasagna.”


“Uh huh,” Morena sighed as she stood.  “I’m sure that is what got her knickers in a twist.”


“I kind of told her an extended version of the story,” Brandy mumbled.


“Did you now?” Morena smiled as she sat back down.  “Do you want to talk about it?”


“Sandy?” Brandy asked.


“No, I honestly never liked her and I’m not sorry to see her go,” Morena curtly supplied.  “Do you want to talk about the fact that we were lovers?”


“Why we managed to avoid the subject when it was happening,” Brandy fussed, as she felt suddenly uncertain about everything.


“Which was a mistake,” Morena confessed sadly. 


“We were so young,” Brandy reasoned.


“When we were sleeping together did you ever want more?” Morena tentatively inquired.


“Yes,” Brandy reluctantly admitted.  “Did you?”


“Every day,” Morena said with a sad smile.  “Maybe that is what the women we date pick up on?  We’re roommates who go out of their way to pretend that we’ve never slept together.  At least it seems like we’re pretending.  It is hard for me sometimes.”


“It is?” Brandy asked.


“Brandy I lost my virginity to you,” Morena blurted out.


“I know,” Brandy sighed deeply.


“I still can’t believe you lost yours to Pete Sumter, the guy was such a dweeb,” Morena groused as the blonde laughed. “I also can’t believe you went back to guys after high school.”


“So did you,” Brandy taunted the brunette.


“Oh please it was for half semester tops,” Morena scoffed.  “I’m still clueless as to why I did it.  I knew I was gay long before we shared our first kiss.”


“Me too,” Brandy concurred once again while her mind began to wander.  “Being with you was great.  I was hurt because all it was for you was just sex.  I think I didn’t trust my heart or women for a long time after that.”


“We were good together,” Morena grinned as she cast a sly look over at the blonde.


Brandy was momentarily stunned by the look she was receiving.  “Careful,” she cautioned her roommate.


“You really need to start paying more attention,” Morena teased as she patted the confused blonde on the arm before standing once again.  “I’ve given that look before.  Now I’m hungry.”


“Ten years ago,” Brandy pointed out as Morena retreated into the kitchen.


“Then too,” Morena shouted back.  “But then again you never seem to catch me when I’m sneaking peeks at in when you are in the shower.”


“Pervert!” Brandy called out while the wheels began to spin.  “I have a lot to think about,” she whispered to herself.




Part Two


Morena placed her dirty dish in the dishwasher.  Brandy was still sulking in the living room.  The tall brunette leaned against the kitchen counter and wondered if she had made a mistake.  The truth had finally been revealed, and now she had to wait and see if she had lost her best friend because of it.  What Morena had revealed wasn’t even the whole truth but it was a start.


Morena sauntered through the living room, spying the blonde still sitting on the sofa staring blankly off into space.  That was the way Brandy handled things; she had think things over, then think about them again and again.  There was nothing Morena could do or say at that moment.  If she tried to talk to Brandy the blonde would just retreat deeper inside of herself. 


Morena released a sigh of regret and disappeared into the safe confines of her bedroom.  “Hell of a way to lose a friend,” she muttered bitterly after she had washed up and climbed into bed.  “And that is the other part of the problem,” she sighed bitterly.  Brandy wasn’t just a really good friend and the best roommate she had ever lived with she was, for all intents and purposes, her ex-lover.  The only thing was for the past five years each of them pretended that they weren’t former lovers.


It had hurt her when she was a teenager and it still hurt that they simply pretended  nothing had happened between them. Now it was out in the open, the only question was how was Brandy going to deal with it?  Knowing the blonde the way she did chances were that Brandy would analyze the situation to death before deciding to just ignore it before coming up with a half assed excuse to move out.


Morena didn’t want to go back to the way things were.  They had spent five years ignoring the past and she hated every moment of it.  She wanted to talk about it.  She needed to tell Brandy how she felt back then and how she feels in the here and now.  Yet if she pushed Brandy, there was the very real possibility that the blonde would freak out and then move out.  Thanks to Sandy, things had just become awkward between her and Brandy and Morena was left wondering what would happen next.



“Poor Brandy,” Morena mumbled as she slipped her hands behind her head and thought about how Brandy, in many ways, was still the shy, insecure girl she had known back in high school.  The brunette had no doubt that the admissions she had made just a few short hours ago had stunned Brandy just as much as the ones she had made almost a decade ago.


Morena smiled as she recalled the way Brandy’s face lit up when she realized that the brunette had made a pass at her and not the other way around.  Morena still found it hard to believe how Brandy had missed all of the signals she had been sending her for over three years.  Then that night when Morena stole the opportunity to get closer to the little blonde she was convinced by the way Brandy was responding to each touch that the blonde liked her.


Morena felt her body tingling as she recalled lying on the ground with Brandy’s body covering her own.  She was so certain of Brandy’s feelings that she took a chance and began to unzip the blonde’s sweatshirt.  By the way Brandy was moving against her and staring at her lips, she just knew that she was finally going to kiss the adorable woman.  Then Brandy jerked away and made some lame excuse about it getting late.


Morena could have just kicked herself for being such an idiot.  For the life of her she didn’t know how she could have managed to misread the situation so badly.  As they finished replacing the tire on her car she was panic stricken that Brandy was going to out her at school.  Morena had gone to great lengths to hide the truth, and now everyone was going to know.


Then they did kiss and it was amazing.  There was something about the way that Brandy kissed and touched her that made it impossible for Morena to stop what was happening between them.  She gave Brandy her innocence that night and for the past ten years she had been plagued with the thought that if just perhaps they had waited things might have turned out differently for them.


“Then again,” Morena sighed deeply still staring at the walls of her bedroom.  “We were just a couple of confused kids back then.  If we had started a real relationship things probably would have ended very badly between us.”


From that night on they had Wednesday nights together.  And the sex was incredible.  They were young and willing to try anything.  Brandy was shocked when Morena revealed that she got a lot of her ideas from the skin magazines she would steal from her brother’s room.  She could still recall the night she brought a bunch of them over for the two of them to read together.  That was also the first time they almost got caught together when Brandy’s mother returned home early from work.  That night Morena learned something else; she discovered that she could scale down the front of the house after jumping out of a second story window with her pants still hanging around her ankles.  It was no small feat, but it is amazing what one can accomplish when they are terrified of being caught naked with another girl.


After that night they came up with the excuse that they were studying together every Wednesday night. It was ironic that they actually had to cancel a few nights together so they could really study.  The excuse did allow them to spend one night a week together without anyone questioning why they were hanging out together.  It was the only thing that made sense, since they didn’t share the same friends and after Brandy got her own car there was no reason for Morena to give her a ride home from work. It even allowed Morena to sleepover a few times.  Of course if anyone had found out what it was they were really studying there would have been hell to pay from their parents and friends.


That was how they spent almost every Wednesday night for the entire school year.  They would race up to Brandy’s bedroom; lock the door, start making out and ripping each other’s clothes off.  No one ever thought twice about it, since they were just studying and both of them kept dating boys.  That always tore at Morena’s heart.  She hated it whenever she would see Brandy out on a date with some guy.  Even if she was on a date herself it made her jealous.  What could she say?  She and the blonde never talked about what they were sharing.  For all Morena knew, Brandy was just curious and what they were doing was nothing more than a little fun for the blonde.


There had been so many times when Morena almost revealed her true feelings.  It was killing her not to be able to share how she really felt about Brandy with anyone.  There were times during a moment of passion when the words almost escaped.  Once she had even thought that Brandy had spoken them.


They were naked on Brandy’s bed, the blonde was on top of her, Morena had her legs wrapped around Brandy’s body and their bodies were covered in sweat after making love for the past hour.  Morena could still recall how Brandy’s face was nestled against her neck with her fingers buried deep inside of the brunette.  Morena was rocking urgently against her lover’s touch when she heard Brandy whispering what she had thought was, “I love you.”


Morena’s heart soared as her body stilled.  “What did you say?” She hopefully inquired.  She held her breath as she waited for Brandy’s response.


“Huh?” Brandy stammered out while she kept her face buried against Morena’s skin. Morena contemplated repeating the question as she felt the blonde’s touch retreating.  “Oh,” Brandy cleared her throat as she shook her head in confusion.  “I said you feel good,” the blonde shyly offered as Morena’s heart sank.


Morena felt like an ass for mistaking the words that weren’t even remotely similar to what she had thought she had heard.  “Oh,” she sadly muttered.  “It is getting late,” she offered as she jumped off of the bed and began to get dressed.


“Huh?” Brandy blurted out in confusion.  Morena understood why Brandy was confused they were in the middle of making love and suddenly she was running out the door. Morena didn’t recall the lame explanation she offered as an excuse for fleeing.  She only remembered how she had to get out of there so she could be alone and cry.


It was one of many occasions where Morena had to bolt, so she wouldn’t break down in front of Brandy.  Another time was when she and Brandy were cuddling on the bed chatting.  They hadn’t made love that night.  Brandy had bad cramps so Morena offered to just hold and comfort her.  It was one of the few times they actually talked to one another. Morena knew that the petite girl had been surprised by the offer.


Brandy was a little uneasy at first until Morena began massaging her back and stomach.  Soon the blonde was snuggled up against Morena and they were just talking.  It was one of the best nights of Morena’s young life until Brandy revealed that she had lost her virginity to Pete Sumter.


“What?” Brandy questioned the brunette whose touch had suddenly grown cold.


“Nothing,” Morena lied in a flippant tone as her insides boiled over with anger.  “It is just that he is such a dork.”


“He’s not that bad,” Brandy protested.  “He was my boyfriend and everyone else was doing it, so I had to.”


“Not everyone,” Morena hissed bitterly.


“Well not all of us date the gorgeous guys on the football team,” Brandy continued to argue.  “Let me guess you lost your virginity to Phil Denton, Mr. Hot shot quarter back.”


“No,” Morena spat out as she clenched her teeth.


“No?” Brandy questioned her in surprise.  On one hand, Morena could understand the blonde’s surprise as everyone in town thought she and Phil had done the deed.  But what no one knew was they broke up because Morena wouldn’t sleep with Phil.  What had hurt Morena was that Brandy couldn’t see the truth.    “But you guys went out for over a year?”  Brandy continued in a clueless manner while Morena’s anger intensified.  “So who was it?”


“This is a stupid conversation,” Morena fumed as she pushed away from Brandy and grabbed up her backpack.  “I’m out of here.”


“Wait!” Brandy cried out.


Morena stood there with her back to the smaller woman grinding her teeth as she tried to calm herself.  She didn’t want to tell Brandy the truth, and she was pissed that Brandy couldn’t see how she really felt about her.  She turned fully prepared to lie to Brandy about who she had slept with when the words died on her lips.  Brandy’s eyes were filled with tears.  Her resolve to spit out a lie and walk away from Brandy for good faded.  “Pete lied to you,” she stammered out as the pain gripped her fragile heart.  “Not everyone was doing it.  I wasn’t.”


“Huh?” Came the confused response.


“It was you,” Morena bitterly confessed.


“What?” Brandy blurted out as a look of sheer terror erupted across her face.


“I’ve only been with you,” she slowly hissed as the pain consumed her.  Brandy’s panic stricken face told her everything she needed to know.  Everything she hoped for wasn’t what the blonde wanted.  “Some joke huh?  I’ve dated most of the first string for all of these years and none of them got past second base.  You help me change a flat tire and I give it up.”


“I didn’t know,” Brandy stammered out the fear still plainly written on her face.


“Well now you do,” Morena shrugged before leaving.


That night Morena was convinced that not only was her heart broken but it had been shattered.  She failed to show up for the following two Wednesdays.  She had convinced herself that she had to walk away now before she was completely devastated.  All it took was a note from Brandy slipped discreetly to her during geometry class to get her to fall back into the blonde’s arms and bed.  They went on as before once again never talking about that night or the passion that they were sharing.


For Morena that year had been a double-edged sword.  One the one side was the incredible passion she shared with Brandy.  On the other, was that she was desperately in love with the blonde and couldn’t tell anyone including Brandy how she felt.  And now Morena seemed to be reliving the same pain and joy.  It had felt great to hear Brandy tell her that she had wanted more back then, and it was sucking the life out of her to know that, at that very moment, Brandy was sitting out in the living room probably thinking of the best way to let Morena down easy.


“I should have just taken off when I saw her in that bar five years ago,” she grumbled as the events that led to her being reunited with Brandy replayed in her mind.






It had all started the night Morena walked into the small woman’s bar.  It was just an ordinary night like so many others in her life.  About a week prior to that evening she broke up with Danni or Kirsten depending on how you looked at it.  Now that was an unusual situation.  Morena had met Danni, a slightly husky brunette, at a bookstore and they instantly hit it off.  They exchanged phone numbers and began dating.


Dating Danni was fun, although Morena didn’t feel an overwhelming sense that the relationship was really going anywhere.  But Danni was a lot of fun and neither of them was asking for more than what they were sharing.  Morena met Danni’s roommate the first night they went out, and she had to admit the tall blonde with the dark brown eyes was very attractive.


The thing about Kirsten was that she started flirting with Morena right from the start.  But she would do it in front of Danni who didn’t seem to mind.  So Morena shrugged it off.  Kirsten would also suddenly appear whenever she and Danni were making out on the sofa.  Again, Danni didn’t seem to mind so Morena just accepted that Kirsten was a bit of a voyeur. 



The only thing troubling Morena was that after a couple of weeks of dating the physical side of their relationship hadn’t moved off of the living room sofa.  Granted she didn’t foresee a long-term relationship on the horizon, but she was hoping for a little bit more than necking on the couch while Kirsten watched them.  Just as Morena had grown bored with the arrangement and was about to break things off there was a sudden change.


She and Danni had gone out for dinner and once again were making out on the sofa.  Kirsten had yet to make an appearance. That night Danni was much more aggressive and Morena was hoping that tonight would be the night.  Danni had already removed Morena’s bra and was lowering the zipper on her slacks while suckling her nipple. Morena loved every moment of the brunette’s attention. 


Then just as Danni was tugging Morena’s slacks down to her hips she asked the most unusual question.  “Do you find Kirsten attractive?”  Danni inquired innocently as Morena’s pants drifted down to her ankles.


Morena stared blankly at the question, which was the last thing she expected at the moment.  Adding to her confusion was that Kirsten had chosen that moment to enter the room and sit right down beside her.  If Morena had been paying more attention in the previous weeks she might have guessed that not everything was as it appeared to be.  She was still clueless as to just what was really happening.


Danni ran her fingers along the waistband of her panties as Kirsten’s hand caressed her shoulder.  Danni looked up at her nervously as she waited for Morena’s answer.  Morena decided to simply enjoy the intriguing turn of events.  “Yes,” she answered Danni honestly.  “I find Kirsten very attractive.”


“Danni shame on you,” Kirsten playfully chastised the brunette who had hooked her fingers in the waistband of Morena’s underwear.  “Here you are with a beautiful woman and you are asking what she thinks about your roommate.  I would certainly be concerned with more important matters,” Kirsten purred as her fingers brushed slowly along the swell of Morena’s breast.


A deep moan emerged from the back of Morena’s throat as she raised her hips allowing Danni to slip her underwear down her legs.  Morena looked over at Kirsten who was gazing back at her with a look of pure lust in her dark brown eyes.  “And what would you be concerned with?”  She asked while Danni slipped her pants and underwear off of her body and Kirsten captured her nipple between her long fingers.


“This,” the blonde responded before capturing Morena in a lingering kiss as she pinched and teased her nipple.


Morena’s senses went into over drive as she felt Danni’s short cropped hair tickling the inside of her thighs as she kissed and tasted her way up Morena’s long legs.  She began to unbutton Kirsten’s blouse as the kiss deepened.  Morena lifted her hips as Danni nestled her body between her thighs.  As Danni parted her with her tongue she was busy removing Kirsten’s shirt and bra.


Morena ground her wetness against Danni while filling her hands with Kirsten’s breasts.  The scene reminded Morena of something she would read about in the porn magazines she stole from her brother when she was a teenager.  There she was making out with Kirsten, teasing one another’s nipples while the blonde’s roommate was feasting upon her wetness.


Morena cried out when Danni began to suckle her aching clit.  She clasped the brunette by the back of her head and pressed her closer.  “Oh God,” Kirsten moaned as she watched Danni drinking in Morena’s wetness.  “Does she taste good?”  She asked Danni who was murmuring with delight.


“Want to find out?” Morena eagerly offered before Kirsten reclaimed her lips with a ferocious kiss.


“I want to fuck you,” Kirsten whispered hotly in Morena’s ear.  “But Danni wouldn’t go for that.”


Morena groaned with disappointment.  While her hands explored Kirsten’s body her mind tried to think of a way to convince Danni to be more sharing. “Danni please I want to watch you fuck her,” Kirsten pleaded as Morena was fumbling to remove the blonde’s pants.  Kirsten must have sensed Morena’s need to see her naked.  The blonde slipped from Morena’s grasp and began to remove the remainder of her clothing.


Morena watched as each garment fell from Kirsten’s body while Danni’s fingers slipped inside of her.  Kirsten stood beside them touching her wetness while Morena struggled to remain on the sofa.  “Danni, why don’t we move this into your bedroom?” Kirsten gasped.


After the three of them stumbled into Danni’s bedroom Morena and Kirsten began kissing and caressing one another while Danni undressed.  The more intimate Morena became with the blonde, the more displeased Danni became.  They would quickly divert their attention back towards Danni.  Morena quickly caught on that Danni was only happy if she was the one in control of the situation.    If she paid too much attention to Kirsten or the blonde touched Morena too much Danni wasn’t happy.


Morena decided to just go along with it since she was having a great time with both women.  Things heated up when Danni and Kirsten tied Morena to the bedpost and Danni asked if she could use a toy.  Morena was all for the idea as she knelt on the bed with her wrists secured to the headboard. 


Morena watched as Danni strapped on the phallus and offered it to Kirsten.  Morena squirmed as she watched Kirsten eagerly suckling the phallus.  Just as she was ready to explode Danni knelt behind her and began to stroke her clit with the phallus.  Kirsten nestled beside her and began to stroke herself.  Morena was begging Danni to take her as she watched Kirsten pleasuring herself.


Morena cried out with pleasure as she felt the phallus entering her.  She thrust her hips urgently as Danni plunged in and out of her while Kirsten was doing the same to herself with her fingers.  It was exciting feeling Danni’s body thrusting against her own while she watched Kirsten climaxing beside her.


All in all it was a very exciting date for Morena and when the offer for the same came the next time she went out with Danni she eagerly accepted.  The more times she dated Danni the less exciting the whole scenario became.  Danni never wanted to vary from what they were doing.  It was always the same, Morena was tied to the headboard while Danni took her from behind with a strap-on and Kirsten touched herself while she watched them.  If Morena and Kirsten tried to do more with each other Danni felt slighted.


After two months Morena was ready to bail on the whole situation.  She had also figured a few things out.  So one night she arrived at Danni’s apartment when she knew that the brunette wouldn’t be there.  Kirsten seemed surprised and nervous when she arrived.  “Danni is at work,” Kirsten stammered as she showed Morena in.


“I know,” Morena shrugged.  “I thought I’d go directly to the source.”


“Huh?” Kirsten stammered once again this time her face was clouded by a guilty expression.


“I couldn’t be the first to figure it out,” Morena sighed.  “You don’t have your own bedroom do you?”


“No,” Kirsten grunted in displeasure.


“Danni is your girlfriend isn’t she?”  Morena asked.  “Don’t you think it is a little unfair to the other women who think they are dating Danni?  I would have been happier if I had known that I was the other woman.”


“I tried to tell her that,” Kirsten defended herself.  “You have to understand.”


“No I don’t,” Morena chuckled.  “It was fun but I’m out of here.”


“I can’t say that I blame you,” Kirsten sighed.


“Why do you stay?” Morena asked.


“That is what you don’t understand,” Kirsten began.  “My feelings for Danni have never been in question. I never really wanted to add another woman to our relationship.  It just that you may have noticed she’s a bit set in her ways.”


“No kidding,” Morena agreed. “So this was the compromise, every once in awhile she picks someone up to take your place on the bedpost.”


“Yeah,” Kirsten grumbled.  “I was desperate.”


“One of these days this is going to backfire on you,” Morena theorized.  “She’ll fall for the other girl or you will.  It is a plan for disaster.”


“Most women aren’t as nice about this as you are,” Kirsten offered.


“I shouldn’t be,” Morena asserted.  “I was lied to and used.”


“I’m sorry,” Kirsten apologized.  “So, is my penance is that I’m the one that has to tell her you figured it out and tell her it is over?”


“Yes,” Morena confirmed before walking away.


That is how she ended up in the bar that night.  Much to her surprise Kirsten walked in and sat next to her at the bar.  “What’s up, girlfriend have a date?” She lightly inquired as they ordered a round of drinks.


“Yes,” Kirsten snickered before releasing a heavy sigh.


“You do know that this is all going to end very badly don’t you?” Morena cautioned her.


“Not necessarily,” Kirsten protested.


“Oh please an open relationship is the first sign that everything is about to go down the drain,” Morena scoffed as she sipped her drink.  “I swear I have the worst taste in women.  Although this time was a nice diversion from the usual baggage queens I attract.”


“Happy to be of service,” Kirsten chuckled.  “And for the record Danni is a great woman.  She’s smart, she’s funny and beautiful.”


“And she believes that there is only one position in bed,” Morena added in a dry tone.


“I don’t understand it,” Kirsten shook her head sadly.  “The first time she introduced Mr. Bronco I was thrilled.”


“My God she named her dildo,” Morena choked on her drink.



Morena found it surprising that she and Kirsten were getting along so well.  Given the circumstances she should have harbored resentment towards the blonde.  They continued talking and she had to give Kirsten credit for staying with Danni for so long.  The truth was she would have told Danni years ago to either broaden her horizons or hit the bricks.  But for whatever reason Kirsten was in love with Danni or at least thought she was.


The two women kept chatting quickly turning to far more interesting subjects than the obvious problems with Kirsten’s relationship.  Then it happened, the sound of a haunting gale of laughter from her past echoing from across the room.  Morena scanned the smoky barroom until she spotted the blonde standing amongst the crowd around the pool table.  She almost knocked over her drink when she saw Brandy standing there.


“What is it?” Kirsten asked with concern.  “Oh cute,” she smirked when she discovered the source of Morena’s dilemma.


“Don’t you even think about setting her up with your girlfriend,” Morena threatened the blonde.


“Old girlfriend?” Kirsten asked with interest.


“No,” Morena grumbled as she recalled that she and Brandy may have been lovers, but they had never been a couple.


“Crush?” Kirsten gently asked.


“Yeah,” Morena sighed as she felt her heart skipping a beat.  She smiled when she realized that Brandy was in a gay bar. The tiny blonde looked even more beautiful than she did in high school.


Morena was so mesmerized by Brandy’s confident stance and good looks that she failed to notice anything else.  Just as she began to allow her mind to drift to the possibility that she might have a second chance with her first love, Kirsten rained on her parade.  “Well you don’t have to worry about her going out with Danni,” Kirsten offered in a grim tone.


“Thank you,” Morena graciously responded.


“Uhm I’m not being nice,” Kirsten hesitantly offered. “You need to take a closer look.”


Just as Kirsten finished speaking someone in the crowd moved just enough for Morena to fully grasp what Kirsten was trying to tell her.  There was another blonde standing behind Brandy.  Technically she was plastered to Brandy’s backside and had her arms wrapped tightly around the blonde’s body.  “Well don’t they look cozy,” Morena sneered.


“Want to talk about it?” Kirsten offered.


Morena thought about it for a moment and decided that she really did need to tell someone other than her cat what had happened back in high school.  “We went to high school together,” she began to explain her eyes widened with horror as she spied Brandy moving.  “Oh shit she’s coming over to the bar.”


“Wow and I thought my love life sucked wind,” Kirsten quipped as Morena buried her face in her hand.


“Maybe she won’t see me,” Morena bemoaned as Kirsten scooted closer to her.


“Morena?” Brandy chimed.


“Too late,” Kirsten sympathetically whispered.


“Morena Miller?” Brandy repeated as the brunette reluctantly raised her head.


“Brandy McBride it has been a long time,” she offered in a convincingly pleasant tone.  “This is my friend Kirsten Stamos.”


As Brandy and Kirsten exchanged a friendly greeting she thought about how truly absurd the situation was.  Kirsten was really a trooper and although she didn’t flirt with Morena her demeanor and posture certainly would lead anyone to believe that they were a couple.


Then the strangest thing happened, the three of them starting talking.  Not only were they talking they were getting along like old friends.  For Morena the uneasiness vanished as she and Brandy shared something they had never shared before, friendship.  In fact they were getting along so well that no one noticed how much time had passed until the other blonde interrupted them by, once again, plastering herself to Brandy’s body.


“I thought you were getting drinks?” The blonde who stood about the same height as her date asked as she began to grope Brandy.


“Sorry honey,” Brandy apologized.  “This is Morena and Kirsten,” she introduced them quickly as her girlfriend ignored them.  “Morena and I were friends in high school,” Brandy added in such a casual manner that Morena was thrown off by her words.  “This is Nadine, my girlfriend.”


“Hi,” Nadine tossed out with boredom. “Come on the table is ready,”


“Okay, just give me a sec,” Brandy placated her lover.


“Come on sweetie it is our turn,” Nadine whined while Morena felt a strange sense of hostility brewing inside of her.


“Okay,” Brandy consented.


“Whipped,” Kirsten muttered softly so that only Morena could hear her.


“Wait,” Morena cut off Brandy’s departure as she felt a spike of jealousy hitting her.


 “We should exchange phone numbers or something.  I’d really hate to have another six years go by without seeing one another again.”


“Yes,” Brandy eagerly exclaimed waving the bartender over and asking for a pen.  “We should do lunch or something?”


“Definitely,” Morena agreed not missing Nadine’s overly dramatic sighs or the way she was glaring down at her while she and Brandy exchanged telephone numbers.


“Do you think there is a middle ground?” Morena asked after Brandy and little Miss Clingy headed back to the pool table.


“You mean something between what Danni and I have and what Brandy and Nadine have?” Kirsten responded thoughtfully.  “I hope so.”


“Me too,” Morena concurred.




That was how their reunion began.  She didn’t think that Brandy would call her for a lunch date, but she did.  Sadly Nadine tagged along.  In fact the possessive little urchin tagged along every time they tried to get together.  Nadine and Brandy hadn’t been together for very long and Nadine’s needy personality wore on Brandy. When it got to the point when Brandy couldn’t sneeze without Nadine being present everyone knew that something had to give.  A few months later she broke up with the insecure girl.  Morena was thrilled and for a brief moment she contemplated asking Brandy out on a date.


There were two flaws with the idea, first and foremost, by the time the blessed event had occurred Morena was in a new relationship with Susan who was truly a wonderful person in the beginning.  The second problem was that Brandy was on the rebound and needed a friend not a lover.  So Morena was a friend to her.  It turned out that Kirsten, Brandy and Morena all became really good friends.  The kind of friends you can call at four in the morning because you can’t sleep or your cat died.  The kind of friends that you will love anyways even when you ask them if you look fat in your favorite outfit and they tell you the truth.


Morena realized just how close she and Brandy had become the night she did call her at four in the morning sobbing like a baby, because her cat did indeed die.  Brandy left her girlfriend at home and rushed right over to Morena’s apartment armed with a box of Kleenex, a pint of chunky monkey ice cream, and a shoulder to cry on.


Together they shared every heartache, every infatuation, and every secret with one very notable exception.  Although Brandy knew how Morena and Kirsten met, no one ever talked about the affair that happened back in high school.  Kirsten didn’t even know about it.  It really bothered Morena that they never talked or discussed it.  She had wanted to and had sensed on a few occasions that they were going to it just never happened.  Until tonight each of them had managed to side step the entire event.


What was really painful for Morena was that she was very aware of how she felt when she and Brandy got closer. She had a list of reasons why she had never confessed the new feelings she was harboring to anyone.  One of the reasons was that they were never single at the same time.  The biggest reason was she kept feeling that if Brandy still couldn’t admit that they had been lovers in high school what chance could they have for a relationship.  And that was what she wanted from Brandy if they were to ever get back together again, this time she wanted a real relationship.


It wasn’t her past feelings of admiration and lust she had felt as a teenager, it was the honest feelings of love she felt for the woman who had become her closest friend.  Now it had all risen to the surface and Morena was terrified that she was about to lose her best friend, and also have to face that there would never be anything between them beyond friendship.


The following morning Morena was exhausted after not sleeping the night before.  She stumbled into the bathroom, showered before turning on the coffee maker and stumbled back into her bedroom and dressed for work.  She decided that the best way to handle things was to keep treating Brandy in the same manner she had been doing for the past five years.


She poured a cup of coffee and brought it into the bathroom where her roommate was taking a shower.  She set the steamy cup down on the vanity and snuck a peek at Brandy’s naked body and smirked.  “You really do peek at me in the shower,” Brandy muttered in a sleepy voice.


“Of course I do,” Morena causally confessed.  “Why wouldn’t I?  You have a nice ass and a great rack.”


“Pervert,” Brandy teased her.


“Yes I am,” Morena boldly sang out as she went about getting ready for her workday and informing Brandy that her morning cup of java was waiting for her on the vanity. 


Despite the causal banter the two of them shared Morena could feel the awkward tension from the night before lingering in the air.  She wasn’t surprised when Brandy declined her offer to drive her into work.


“You look like hell,” Kirsten shouted as she slumped down in the chair in Morena’s office.  The two of them ended up working for the same company shortly after Kirsten and Danni broke up.  It was easier on Kirsten since she and Danni worked together.  Morena offered her friend a job the very same day.


“Long night,” Morena yawned in response.


“Can’t be a woman since you haven’t dated anyone in what eight months now?” Kirsten inquired.


“About that,” Morena confirmed as she blinked rapidly in an effort to keep her eyes open.  “Sandy got her walking papers last night.”


“About freaking time,” Kirsten snorted happily.  “I don’t get it, Brandy is bright, attractive, intelligent and yet she has the sorriest taste in women.  So do you for that matter.”


“Thank you,” Morena grumbled while glaring at her friend.


“You know what I really don’t get?” Kirsten prattled on.


“Why hot dogs come in packages of ten when hot dog buns come in packages of eight?” Morena offered as she tried to focus on what her computer screen was doing.


“I wasn’t but now I am,” Kirsten responded.  “No, what I can’t understand is why you and Brandy never got together?  The two of you get along great.  If I didn’t know better I’d swear you were a couple.  I know for a fact that once upon a time ago you had the hots for her.  And every once in awhile the way you look at one another I’d swear the two of you have the hots for each other now.  Maybe now that the two of you are single at the same time something might happen.”


“Not going to happen,” Morena groused in an effort to end the conversation as quickly as possible.


“Why not?” Kirsten pressed.


Morena groaned as she rubbed her weary eyes.  Twenty-four hours ago she had a normal life where she could just lust after her roommate in secret, now it was all anyone wanted to talk about.  But then again everything was finally coming out in the open; why not talk about it with Kirsten.  “Are you going to tell me that you don’t have feelings for Brandy?”  Kirsten pressed on.  “Cause I hate to call you a liar.”


  Morena thought about it for a moment longer before deciding it was time to finally let it out.  “Do you remember that night we got drunk together after you and Danni broke up for good?”  She began as she tried to think of how she was going to explain what was going on.


“Oh yeah,” Kirsten laughed.  “I made a pass at you and you told me that maybe at one time it might have been a possibility but you no longer thought of me in that way.  You were so right.  Now it would be like sucking face with my sister.”


“You are a seriously disturbed person,” Morena grunted.


“No kidding,” Kirsten laughed.  “What has that got to do with anything?  Everyone can see how good the two of you would be together.  Hell most people are shocked when they find out that you’re just friends.  Most of your girlfriends have dumped you because they can see how you feel about her.  So why in the world would you not at least try?  If you think it is because Brandy looks at you only as a friend you are dead wrong.”


“Interesting,” Morena whispered.  “We’ll get back to that.  First I need to tell you something I’ve never told you before.  I’ve slept with Brandy.”


“When?” Kirsten bounced up and down practically foaming at the mouth.  “Why didn’t you tell me?  Was it last night?”


“No,” Morena groaned as she began to wonder just why it was she began the conversation.  “We slept together in high school.  We would get together once a week for almost the entire senior year.”


“Work!” Kirsten screamed as Morena’s head began to throb in the most disturbing manner. “Why didn’t you tell me that you and Brandy were teenage fuck buddies?  I can’t believe that was you.”


“Huh?” Morena stammered.  “She told you?”


“She didn’t tell me it was you,” Kirsten began thoughtfully.  “But we’ve talked about it over the years.  She is so dead for not telling me it was you.  Morena you broke her heart.”


“I what?” Morena exclaimed.


“She was in love with you,” Kirsten exclaimed.  “And you were in love with her, which is why you were flipping out that first night we saw her.”


“I was hopelessly in love with her,” Morena sadly admitted.


“She was the one,” Kirsten sighed.  “The girl who got you all hot and bothered, the one you lost your virginity to?”


“Yes,” Morena felt miserable as Kirsten put all of the pieces together.


“You suck,” Kirsten fumed.  “You told me that nothing happened after that night and that was why you were so hurt.  You kind have left out the part where the two of carried on an affair for almost a year.”


“I didn’t want to go into detail,” Morena protested.  “I thought if I did that somehow you would figure out that it was Brandy and since she and I never talk about it she might get pissed off by me telling you.”



Kirsten stared over at her for a moment.  “What a couple of idiots,” Kirsten offered with disgust.  “Now being a confused seventeen year old, lacking maturity and communication skills is one thing.  But what is your excuse for not talking about it over the past few years?  Honestly how can the two of you not have talked about this even once?  You’ve shared your inner most thoughts and dreams but you can’t discuss your past?”


“It was never the right time,” Morena meekly offered.


“That is the lamest, sorriest excuse for not growing up and facing your feelings I have ever heard,” Kirsten chastised the brunette.  “I swear to all that is sacred that if you let one more day go by without confronting each other about this, I’ll beat the snot out of the both of you.  And don’t even think about handing me a list of reasons why this is a bad idea.  I know why you are doing this, you’re afraid.  You don’t get very many second chances in life and it makes me angry that you have been throwing away the chance to be really happy.  If you let it pass you by you won’t get another chance, neither will she.  I love the both of you, but there will be an ass whooping if you don’t at least talk to each other.”


Kirsten who was probably the most misguided person she knew was right about everything.  Morena did the only thing she could do; she promised Kirsten that she would talk to Brandy and get it all out.





When Morena walked into her apartment and discovered Brandy slumped on the sofa once again staring off into space she realized that promising Kirsten she would talk to Brandy, and actually talking to Brandy were two completely different concepts.  She took a deep breath and braced herself for what she knew she had to do.  “Still stewing and brewing?” She asked in a direct manner.


“Yeah,” came the heartfelt sigh.


“When you’re done you know where to find me,” Morena asserted as she headed towards her bedroom.  “Oh, and if you don’t come and talk to me about this Kirsten is going to beat the both of us up.”


Morena waited for hours before finally giving up and getting ready for bed.  She sat on her bed clad only in a t-shirt and a ratty old pair of boxer shorts and waited.  She looked up as Brandy opened the door dressed in a similar fashion and stepped inside the room.  “Done brooding?” She carefully inquired as her roommate sat down on the bed just as she had done many times over the past few years.


“Yes,” Brandy smiled shyly.  “Funny thing about all of that thinking I was doing the more I thought about things the more I wondered why I was thinking about them?  Then I began to think about what is wrong with me?  Then I thought about what in the hell is wrong with you?”


Morena released a hearty laugh before answering.  “Well,” she began with a smile.  “According to Kirsten the both of us are idiots.”


“You told Kirsten?” Brandy said simply.


“And apparently so did you,” Morena frowned in response.


“I never told her it was you,” Brandy quickly asserted.


“I know,” Morena conceded.  “I never knew that I broke your heart.  Did you know that you broke mine?”


“No, I didn’t,” Brandy, whispered as she took Morena by the hand.  The blonde’s eyes were welling up with tears as she caressed the back of Morena’s hand.  “I would have never willingly hurt you.  I still wouldn’t.  The first time I hurt you, it tore me apart.  The night I found out I was your first; the guilt I felt was unbearable.  I felt guilty because I didn’t wait for you.  But I didn’t know that you were waiting for me.  I felt so bad about everything that the only way I could deal with it was to pretend that it didn’t mean anything to you.  That I didn’t mean anything to you.”


“It, and you, meant the world to me,” Morena choked as she felt her throat tightening.


“I only know that when I stop pretending,” Brandy explained as she moved closer to Morena.  “Just like now when I pretend that we are just friends and that is all I feel for you.  Over the past few years there have been so many times I thought about crossing the line.  There have been times when I look at you and I can’t breathe because you are so damn gorgeous.  Then your girlfriend would walk in or my girlfriend would walk in and the moment was over.  You have no idea how insanely jealous I get whenever I see you with another woman.”



“Oh I think I do,” Morena laughed.  “Every time I’d see you with someone new I’d just about blow a gasket.  That is something else I fail to understand.  Over the years the both of us have been involved with a long list of malfunctioning freaks and yet neither of us are malfunctioning freaks.  And we are good together.  And care about each other.  How could you not see how I feel about you?”


“This coming from the woman who never figured out why I moved the coffee mugs to the very top shelf in the kitchen cabinet,” Brandy laughed as Morena gave her a quizzical look.  “When you reach up to get them I can see your ass.”


“And you have the nerve to call me a pervert,” Morena gasped as she pulled Brandy closer to her.


“You are a pervert,” Brandy snickered.  “I’ve wanted to talk to you about this for so long.  Even the first time we ran into one another at the bar.  You know I almost forgot I was on a date.”


“I wish you had,” Morena groaned as Brandy nestled her head against her chest.  “Speaking of malfunctioning freaks.”


“Oh my God that girl was horrible,” Brandy agreed as she sat up.  “I kept hoping that we could get together and talk about high school.  Every time I tried to have coffee or lunch with you she insisted on coming with me.  What could I do?  It wasn’t as if I could tell her that you and I had issues from the past to work out.”


“And by the time she was gone so much time had passed it just didn’t seem right,” Morena concluded.  “We seem to have been running circles around each other.  And now?  How do you feel about the break up with Sandy?”


“Relieved,” Brandy chuckled.  “I’m glad she took a hike.  In fact I think that deep down I was hoping she would.”


They sat there holding hands and gazing into one another’s eyes.  Morena wondered if she should keep talking or give into the heat pulsing through her veins or if they should move slowly.  “Morena?” Brandy began stirring her out of her thoughts.  “I really need to do something right now.”


“Okay?” Morena responded while Brandy shifted so that she was kneeling before her.


“This might royally screw things up but I have to do this,” Brandy pressed on as she cupped Morena’s face in her hands.


“Anything,” Morena vowed as the blonde drew her closer.


Morena moaned deeply when she felt Brandy’s lips capturing her own.  The feel of Brandy’s mouth caressing her own stoked long forgotten embers and the fire was re-ignited.  Brandy held her face as she tugged insistently on Morena’s bottom lip.  Morena parted her lips as her hands clasped the blonde’s waist.  The fire was now burning brightly as their tongues greeted one another.  She pulled Brandy’s body down against her own as they explored the warmth of one another.


The passionate kiss left Morena breathless.  “I had to do it,” Brandy panted as she nuzzled Morena’s neck.


“Well if you had to, you had to,” Morena reasoned as she caressed Brandy’s hips.


“I just had to know what it would be like to kiss you one more time,” Brandy whispered hotly in Morena’s ear.  “But now I have another problem,” Brandy whimpered as Morena’s hands slipped up and under her t-shirt.  Morena hummed softly as she caressed the blonde’s flesh.  “I don’t think I can stop.”


“You don’t have to,” Morena whispered as her fingers drifted to the curve of the blonde’s breasts. 


“Good,” Brandy panted as she began to tug on the hem of Morena’s t-shirt.


“Brandy,” Morena panted.  “I just need to know that I will wake up and find you still here.  I can’t have this be just physical. Not again, I won’t blindly walk down that path a second time.”


Brandy pulled slightly away and once again cupped Morena’s face in her hands.  “I want to make love to you, it was what I wanted then, and it is what I want now,” Brandy asserted.  “I’m not risking our friendship for a one night stand.”


“Right answer,” Morena beamed before giving Brandy a searing kiss.


The kisses grew deeper as each of them tugged at the other’s shirt until their hands were free to caress the other’s flesh.  Morena cupped Brandy’s breasts teasing her with the palms of her hands until she felt her nipples puckering in response. Brandy slipped from her grasp so she could remove Morena’s shirt.  The brunette responded by doing the same.  She whimpered as they came together their nipples pressing urgently against the other’s body.


They kissed again and again as their bodies became one.  They tugged on one another’s boxer shorts eager to free themselves.  They laughed as they removed the last barrier from the other’s body.  Morena covered Brandy’s naked body with her own.  Her skin prickled with excitement as the blonde’s wetness caressed her.


She could feel Brandy’s hands touching and exploring every inch of her body as they straddled one another’s thigh.  Morena’s body moved in unison with her lover’s as they rode against each other.  As passionate as their youth had been it paled in comparison to the complete sense of euphoria they were now sharing.


Brandy cried out as Morena’s fingers teased her wetness and slipped slowly inside of her.   She watched her lover’s body wriggling beneath her while she pleasured her with her fingers.  Brandy begged her for more as the blonde’s thigh pressed against Morena’s throbbing clit.  Morena added a third digit as she rocked against the blonde’s firm thigh.


They gave themselves over to the pleasure as Brandy’s fingers replaced her thigh.  Morena never once broke the fiery gaze they were sharing as they mirrored one another’s movements.  Morena felt her body trembling as Brandy climaxed against her.  She quickly followed her lover over the edge. 


Brandy guided Morena onto her back and began to kiss her way down the brunette’s body.  She teased her nipples with her teeth and tongue in a slow agonizing fashion until Morena pleaded with her for release.  Brandy murmured with delight, as she tasted her way down Morena’s body in the same tantalizing manner until she was nestled between the brunette’s thighs.


Morena looked down her quivering form and watched while Brandy feasted upon her.  “Sweet Jesus I need to taste you,” Morena heard herself begging.  Brandy gazed up at her with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.  The blonde gave one last flicker across Morena’s aching nub before climbing back up her body.  Morena watched in amazement as her lover painted her own nipple with her passion. 


Morena pulled her lover to her and suckled the passion-covered bud greedily while Brandy’s clit ground against her stomach.  Their hands sought out the other’s flesh as their needy moans echoed through their home.  The need consumed them as they quickly maneuvered their bodies so each of them was feasting upon the other’s desire.


 Morena fought to hold back as she felt her body giving in to the ecstasy.  As Brandy’s body quivered against her she knew her lover was fighting the same battle.  They screamed out into one another’s wetness as they gave in and allowed the passion to conquer them.


Sated and spent Morena looked down at the woman who had once again claimed her heart.  Brandy smiled back up at her while she tickled the brunette’s calf with her blunt nails.  “I am so glad we finally talked,” she beamed.


“Want to talk some more,” Brandy teased her as she climbed back up Morena’s body.


“No,” Morena sighed contently.  “I want to crawl under the covers and hold you.”


They giggled as they climbed under the blankets and cuddled.  “I love you,” Morena confessed as her lover nestled against her chest.


“Good thing Morena,” Brandy sighed happily. “Because I do believe that I’ve fallen in love with you all over again.  And this time there is no turning back.”


“Nope no turning back,” Morena readily agreed.


The End

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