The King’s Frolic

By Mavis Applewater

September 2003



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Jude sipped her cocktail as she looked around the limited space of the tiny nightclub that had existed peacefully in Boston for more years that anyone could count.  At least it had once been peaceful until the neighborhood was cleaned up, and the new upcoming members of the community who now resided in expensive lofts that had once been worn down warehouses, decided that the tiny gay bar had to go.


Jacques was a nice place to come and have a beer and watch a good drag show.  Now the uppity neighbors were trying to force it out.  Thus far the tiny bar hung on despite the harassment from the neighbors who claimed the bar brought the wrong element into the neighborhood.  They forgot that the bar had been the cornerstone of the neighborhood long before any of the young executives had graduated from high school.


When Jude’s friend and co-worker Dauphine, whose real name was Dwayne, invited her to come see him in his monthly performance at the club she jumped at the chance.  It gave her an opportunity to lend support to a good friend who looked damn hot in a dress.  It also gave her the opportunity to support the nightclub that was about to become a fond memory like so many other clubs before it.


“Hey Girl,” Dauphine greeted the brunette with a big hug and a kiss.  “Glad you could finally make it.”


“Yes I finally made it,” Jude laughed.  She had managed to miss the first several performances Dauphine had participated in.  Jude felt a pang of guilt as she realized that her unwavering support wasn’t as strong as it should have been.  “Why don’t you look pretty,” she complimented her friend who indeed looked incredible with his black skirt, blonde wig, and long lashes.  “I just hate that you look prettier in a dress than I do,” she sighed.  “And your legs are better too, you bitch.”


Dauphine laughed at the compliment before he gave her another quick hug and-dashed off backstage. Jude ordered another drink as she scanned the crowd.  The room was lit up and all of the customers were filled with energy.  The crowd was a mix of gay men and women and straight couples.  The wide appeal of a good drag show had always fascinated the bookkeeper.  Maybe it was the glamour or the courage the performers possessed or perhaps it was the whole androgyny of the situation.  Maybe it was just a hell of a lot of fun.


As the show began Jude and the rest of the crowd became wrapped up in the performer’s antics.  She laughed, applauded, and like most of the crowd, began to eagerly wave dollar bills around in hopes of attracting the lovely ladies’ attention.  It didn’t matter to her or the others in attendance that underneath the beautiful gowns the anatomy didn’t match the packaging.



Jude glanced at her watch and wondered if she should call it a night.  Even though she was having a great time, it was, after all, Monday night and she had to work in the morning.  She pushed her drink aside as she decided it was indeed time to leave, when the next act was introduced.  “Put your hands together for our very own Drag King, Dirk Diamond,” the hostess announced.


“A drag king,” Jude smiled as she ordered another cocktail and settled back down.  Dirk swaggered out onto the stage and swiveled his hips.  He was dressed in a velvet tux complete with a ruffled shirt.  His short, blonde hair was slicked back and he had pasted on a mustache and side burns.


Jude was entranced as she watched the tiny woman dressed in drag lip-syncing to Tom Jones’ version of Kiss.  Jude’s face felt flushed as Dirk tore open his shirt revealing a simple t-shirt and nothing that would convince the causal viewer that Dirk wasn’t a man.


Jude was out of her seat and pushing her way closer to the stage waving a fist full of money.  She didn’t understand her unusual behavior until Dirk’s eyes met hers and she felt suddenly flushed.  Her entire body tingled as Dirk’s fingers brushed against the back of her hand.  Jude’s knees started to buckle as Dirk guided her hand down to the waistband of the performer’s pants.


They never broke eye contact as Jude tucked the wad of cash into Dirk’s tight fitting pants.  Jude brushed her fingers down along the prominent bulge in the performer’s pants.  She inhaled sharply as Dirk held her hand in place against his packaging.  Dirk licked his lips before releasing his hold on Jude’s hand and breaking the intense contact.  In a flash the Drag King was gone off to continue his performance and collect some well-earned tips for his efforts.


Jude couldn’t take her eyes off of the charismatic performer until Dirk had bowed and disappeared behind the curtain.  “Wow,” she blew out once she could finally breathe again.  She staggered back to her vacant stool at the bar and began to nurse a bottle of spring water.  She had hoped that the cold water would help alleviate her over heated state.


By the time the show concluded Jude was still in a highly agitated state.  Dauphine appeared smiling from ear to ear over the success of the evening.  “Did you have fun?” Dauphine asked as Jude scanned the crowd for Dirk.


“I had a blast,” she muttered as she continued her search.  Her smile turned to a scowl when she spotted Dirk on the opposite side of the room chatting away with a large group of younger lesbians.  “Crap,” she growled.


“Looking for someone special?” Dauphine teased her as he looked around to find who she was looking at.


“Dirk,” she meekly confessed as she lowered her eyes in embarrassment.


“Uh huh,” Dauphine snickered.  “So our own little Tom Jones got you all hot and bothered?  You should see Debbie do Johnny Cash.”


“Debbie?” she squeaked with amusement.


“Yes,” Dauphine smirked in response.  “Debbie.  She’s a linguistics professor during the day, and very sweet, and very single.”


“Yes, I can tell by the swarm of women,” Jude grumbled.


“Just talking with her fans,” Dauphine cautioned her.  “Come on I will introduce you.”


Jude felt like a schoolgirl as she allowed Dauphine to use his height to push through the crowd of people.  “Dirk,” Dauphine addressed the king as he nudged the large group of women aside.  “I want you to meet a co-worker of mine.  Dirk this is Jude Aynor.”


“A pleasure,” Dirk offered in the most gentlemanly manner as he extended his hand.


“Like wise,” Jude softly responded as she clasped the small blonde’s hand.


The friendly handshake lingered as their eyes met.  Jude’s pulse was racing as she felt Dirk’s grip tightening.  She almost fell over when the blonde pulled her closer.  There was something intoxicating about Dirk being dressed like a man and knowing that underneath the butch exterior she was all woman.


“Sorry about the crowd,” Dirk apologized in a surprisingly soft tone. 


“No worries,” Jude offered, as she felt a little guilty by monopolizing the performer’s time.  “I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the show,” she offered as she looked down at their still linked hands.  Instead of releasing her hold on Jude’s hand the blonde caressed the back with her thumb.


“Thank you,” Dirk shyly responded as the other women vied for her attention.  “I was a little nervous.  This is my first night performing here.”


“You were great,” Jude reassured her as the growing crowd pushed them closer together.  “Dauphine tells me that you are a linguistics professor.”


“Yeah I love it,” Dirk answered with the sweetest smile.  Jude felt out of control as her eyes drifted down to the blonde’s full lips.  “Uhm can I buy you drink?”


“Thank you,” Jude accepted as her heart began to beat just a little faster.


The short trip to the bar seemed to take forever as the patrons kept stopping Dirk hoping for a chance to talk to the blonde.  As they made their way through the crowd Dirk never once broke contact with the tall, dark bookkeeper.  Once they finally reached the bar, Dirk finally released her hold.  Jude shivered from the loss of contact as Dirk pulled out a bar stool for her and offered her a seat.


“Thank you,” Jude graciously accepted as she took a seat.  Dirk ordered a round of drinks as Jude carefully studied the blonde.  Up close she could tell that Dirk was a woman yet there was still something exciting about her masculine attire.  They chatted causally despite the constant interruptions of other women trying to get Dirk’s attention.  Each time Dirk was polite before turning her full attention back towards Jude. 


The brunette took advantage to steal glances at Dirk.  She couldn’t resist allowing her eyes to roam up and down the blonde’s body.  She paid careful attention to Dirk’s full lips and amazing green eyes.  She also allowed her gaze to linger on the bulge she had cupped during the king’s performance.  ‘I know it isn’t a sock.  I wonder if I’ll get a chance to discover what is really underneath his clothes?’ she delightfully pondered during yet another interruption.


Dirk turned her full attention back towards Jude.  Neither of them spoke as they sat there and smiled at one another.  “So do you enjoy doing drag?”  Jude finally asked as she ran her fingers along the bow tie that was dangling from the blonde’s collar.


“Yes I do,” Dirk confidently answered her.  “I feel a sense of comfort from it.  I can’t really explain how it feels. But when I dress like a man I feel complete.”


“And sexy?” Jude added feeling slightly bold as her fingers drifted down to the opening of the blonde’s collar.


“Oh yeah,” Dirk purred in response as she dipped her head slightly and leaned closer to Jude.


The brunette wrapped her fingers around the back of Dirk’s clean-shaven neck and drew the blonde closer.  Their lips were a mere breath apart when the bar maid’s voice announced it was closing time.  They blushed as they shyly parted before they could kiss.


 “I need to get my stuff from the dressing room,” Dirk explained with a slight grimace. 


“Oh?”  Jude sighed feeling disappointed that their time together was coming to an end.


“If you want we could get a cup of coffee or something?” Dirk bashfully offered.


“Yes,” Jude blurted out a little too quickly. “I mean that would be nice,” she quickly corrected.  “Should I wait out front?”


“No, that won’t be necessary,” Dirk beamed as she held out her hand.  Jude felt giddy as she accepted the blonde’s hand.


Jude aimlessly followed Dirk backstage to the tiny dressing room.  The room was a complete mess as a couple of performers muddled about gathering up the last of their belongings.  Jude huddled in a corner as she watched Dirk collecting her costumes and bagging them up as the others said goodnight. 


Jude’s heart clutched when Dirk sat down at the make up table and reached up to the mustache.  “Wait?”  Jude quietly requested as she crossed the room and knelt beside the smiling blonde.  “This is going to sound silly,” she stammered slightly as she rested her hands on Dirk’s firm thighs.


“You want to know how it feels.”  Dirk answered her unspoken request with a knowing smile.


“Yes,” Jude answered in a pleading tone as Dirk cupped her face.


Their lips met shyly at first.  Jude was amazed at the feel of the mustache tickling her skin mixed with the softness of Dirk’s lips.  She kissed the blonde once again.  The second kiss was deeper and more intense as Dirk’s tongue teased Jude’s lips.  The brunette released a soft moan as she parted her lips inviting Dirk in.


Jude’s fingers dug into Dirk’s thighs as their tongues met and began a slow dance.  Jude could barely breathe as she became lost in the kiss.  Her body was aching for more as her hands slipped up along the sides of Dirk’s body.  She slowly lowered the black suspenders down Dirk’s arms as her lover deepened the kiss.


Jude felt a rush of desire as she caressed the front of Dirk’s body.  The feel of the blonde’s breasts concealed just beneath her touch was fanning the flames of her desire.  She nestled her face against Dirk’s ruffled covered chest as the blonde ran her fingers through Jude’s long, dark hair.  “Do you want to feel more?”  Dirk asked in a breathy whisper.


“Yes,” Jude wantonly confessed as she unbuttoned Dirk’s trousers.  Jude’s skin prickled as Dirk massaged her scalp.  The normally shy brunette felt a thrill rushing through her body as she lowered Dirk’s zipper.  Dirk moaned deeply as Jude’s trembling hands began to lower the blonde’s pants.  Dirk lifted up slightly and allowed Jude to lower her pants down to her ankles.  Jude smiled as she ran her hands along Dirk’s creamy white thighs and silk boxer shorts.


Jude’s pulse was racing as she cupped the bulge protruding beneath the black shorts.  Dirk’s breathing grew heavier as Jude stoked the phallus that was hidden beneath the blonde’s underwear.  Jude could feel her own passion growing as she hooked her fingers in the waistband of Dirk’s shorts. 


Her eyes were locked on the blonde’s lap as she revealed the treasure that lay beneath the silk.  She licked her lips as the phallus that was strapped to Dirk’s slender hips was revealed to her eager gaze.  Dirk parted her thighs as she guided Jude closer to the long dark phallus.


The musky scent of her lover’s arousal filled the brunette as her tongue peeked out.  She flickered the tip of phallus with her tongue before slowly circling it.  “Baby,” Dirk panted as Jude clasped the shaft with one hand.  She stroked it gently before taking it into her mouth.  Jude clenched her thighs in an effort to cool her desires as she eagerly suckled her lover’s phallus.


The sensations were too much for the brunette to withstand.  She looked up at her lover. The lustful gaze Dirk was casting down upon her left no room for interpretation.  She stood on shaky legs as Dirk’s hands slipped up and under her skirt.  Jude leaned back against the make up table and clutched it for support as Dirk gathered her skirt up around her waist. 


She watched as her lover lowered her nylons and panties slowly down her legs.  Jude moaned with pleasure as Dirk kissed and tasted her way up along her legs.  Jude parted her swollen lips as Dirk cupped her firm behind and drew her closer.  Jude was lost in a haze of raw desire as she felt Dirk’s breath caressing her aching sex.


She clutched the table harder as she felt the blonde’s flattened tongue gliding along her sex.  Dirk’s hands caressed the firm flesh of her ass as her lips and tongue feasted upon her.  Jude could feel her knees buckling as her lover suckled her clit driving her to the edge of ecstasy.  Jude’s body trembled as she begged for release.  Dirk murmured with delight into the warmth of her wetness.


Jude groaned with disappointment as the blonde’s mouth departed her body.  She was a quivering mess as Dirk began kissing her way up her body unbuttoning her blouse as she moved higher and higher.  Jude pushed her body against Dirk’s warm inviting form as the blonde traced the swell of her breasts with her tongue.


Jude clasped Dirk’s hips tightly and pulled her even closer as she felt the clasp on her bra snapping open.  Her nipples hardened with anticipation as she felt her bra being brushed up and her breasts revealed.


Jude captured the shaft of the phallus and guided it between her thighs as Dirk captured one of her nipples in her mouth.  “Harder,” Jude pleaded as the blonde teased one nipple with her teeth and tongue, while her fingers pinched and teased the other.


Jude was ready to pass out as Dirk eagerly responded to her pleas.  Jude felt shameless as she rocked her clit against the shaft of the phallus.  “Is this what you want?”  Dirk murmured against her skin as Jude’s hip thrust urgently against her lover.


“Yes,” Jude hungrily confessed as she ground her body harder against Dirk’s.  “To begin with,” she panted.


“And then what?” Dirk encouraged her as she parted Jude’s thighs with her knee.


“Then I want to get to know Debbie,” Jude groaned as she felt the tip of the phallus pressing against the opening of her center.


“I was hoping you would say that,” Dirk admitted with a sincere smile before she reclaimed Jude’s lips.  Dirk’s kiss was hungry as she slipped the phallus deep inside of Jude’s wetness.


Jude clung tightly to her lover as their bodies began to move in perfect rhythm.  The feel of Dirk’s mustache mixed with the taste of her own passion on the blonde’s lips set Jude on fire.  Dirk plunged in and out of Jude as their cries of pleasure were captured by the fiery kiss they were sharing.


Jude’s body ignited as she felt her lover climaxing against her.  Jude’s world spun out of control as she followed her lover into the abyss.  Their hips slowed as they continued to release their passion.  They clung to one another as the last waves of passion slipped from their sated bodies.


The lights blinked on and off informing them that, for the moment, they had run out of time.  “I’m sorry,” Dirk apologized in a blissful tone.  “We have to get going.”


“Wait,” Jude sighed as she reached up to the mustache.  “May I?” She asked and smiled when Dirk nodded yes.  Carefully she removed the mustache.  She murmured when she kissed the woman hidden underneath for the first time.  “Now that is nice as well.”


“Thank you,” Debbie responded with a blush before they began to gather up the performer’s belongings.  Jude watched in amazement as Dirk quickly transformed into Debbie.  The blonde was captivating as a man, but as a woman the petite woman took Jude’s breath away.  “Shall we?”  Debbie offered as she once again held out her hand.


Overcome with emotion Jude nodded as she accepted Debbie’s hand and eagerly followed her out into the night.



The End

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