By Mavis Applewater

January 2002

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A very special thank you goes out to my beta reader Joanne.

As Always For Heather



‘Doing your laundry. Could anything on the face of the planet by more boring?’ Erin thought with a sense of dread as she closed the lid on the washing machine. After sorting out her lights, darks, colors, whites and her fine washables, she had managed to fill up nine washing machines. It was going to be a long night. She felt slightly depressed as she slid the key card into the last machine. It was Friday night and she was in the local Laundromat. She looked at her watch, noting that she would have just enough time to grab a cup of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts before the rinse cycle started.

She looked around as she grabbed her backpack. Placing her detergent and fabric softener in her bag, she took note that the place was almost deserted. Not surprising since it was late on a Friday. Why would anyone in their right mind waste their Friday evening doing laundry? The fluorescent lights cast an unhealthy glow on the few other souls stuck doing their washing. Most everyone that was left seemed to be hurrying in an effort to begin his or her weekend.

Erin couldn’t help noticing her; she’d seen her there before. She was a petite blonde with a fabulous body. Erin wasn’t a nosey person but she did notice things. She would sneak a peek at other people’s laundry in an effort to entertain herself. She did this at the supermarket as well to see if she could figure out what was going on with other people. It had started late one night at the all night market when she spotted a man dressed in his pajamas and a stylish overcoat. His cart was filled with nothing but bags of cookies.

Over the years she’d come up with several theories that would explain the man’s behavior. For the most part, she’d decided that he was completely nuts. Now the blonde - she was interesting and it had nothing to do with her clothing. Erin found her very attractive and, based on her laundry, Erin had concluded a few things. First she was single. The clothing was all hers. No strange articles or oversized belongings that couldn’t belong to anyone but her. Second, she was gay. That one was easy. It was the odd T-shirt with a rainbow or pink triangle embroidered upon it.

Even with this knowledge, Erin had failed to talk to her. Despite her strong outward appearance, the tall dark-haired woman was really very shy. The most she had managed to do was exchange a shy smile every now and then. Erin sighed heavily at her cowardice before leaving the Laundromat in search of a cup of coffee.

While walking to the Dunkin’ Donuts on the corner, Erin mentally kicked herself for lacking the courage to speak to good-looking blonde. Of course she understood her fears. Her last relationship had ended so badly that it wreaked havoc with her self-esteem. Lisa had certainly been a piece of work, managing to drain her last ounce of self-confidence as well as her bank account. Erin still couldn’t believe that she’d stayed with her for so long. Now she did nothing but work. She was steadily rebuilding her savings. Yet she feared that her self-image was damaged forever. It had been two years since the breakup and she still couldn’t work up the courage to even talk to another woman.



Upon returning to the Laundromat, Erin discovered that the small crowd had dwindled to just the adorable blonde and a tall overweight guy. She’d seen him there before. He was one of those creepy characters that seem to follow her everywhere. His focus was locked on the blonde; he seemed to have her blocked in. The blonde looked more than a little uncomfortable with his attention.

Erin stepped up behind him and nudged him aside. He glared at her. She used her height and cool demeanor to intimidate him. "I couldn’t remember if you wanted coffee or hot chocolate," she apologized to the blonde as she handed her the coffee.

Emerald eyes lit up in appreciation as she accepted the cup. "That’s okay, honey," the blonde said, playing along. Erin turned back to the large man whose smell was assaulting her senses. "Is there something you wanted?" she snapped. Thankfully he grumbled and stomped off.

"Thank you." The blonde sighed with relief. "I don’t know what it is, but if there’s a wacko within a twenty mile radius, they’ll find me."

"I know what you mean," Erin said with a shy smile. "I seem to possess the wacko magnet myself. I’m Erin by the way." She offered her hand.

"Chloe." The blonde smiled in return as she firmly clasped Erin’s hand.

Erin was pleased by the firm handshake. Women who offered limp handshakes worked her nerves. Chloe’s hand was firm as well as soft and inviting. Erin blushed as she realized that she was still holding the other woman’s hand. "Sorry," they both apologized as they released one another’s hand.

Out of the corner of her eye, Erin noticed that her machines had entered their rinse cycle. "Oops." She cringed. "Time for the fabric softener," she explained as she hurried over to the machines. She removed the bottle of Downey from her backpack. She could feel the warmth of Chloe’s body as she followed her.

"I always seem to miss that myself," Chloe said as she leaned against one of the machines. "I don’t intend to but it’s just so boring here."

"I know what you mean," Erin agreed as she added the white liquid to the rising water. "I put off this little chore for as long as possible. Somehow I keep thinking that little elves will pop into my apartment and take care of this for me, but the little buggers never show up."

"Terrible, isn’t it?" Chloe chuckled in amusement. "They never do the dishes either. What’s up with that?"

Erin flashed the blonde a brilliant smile as she continued to tend to her wash. She paused as she approached the last machine. Chloe was leaning against it. Erin could feel the heat emanating from the smaller woman. Unconsciously, Erin licked her lips. Standing this close to Chloe was having an interesting effect on her libido.

She blushed as she noticed that Chloe’s focus was on her lips. She’d seen her wetting her lips. Erin wasn’t positive but she could have sworn that she heard Chloe sigh. "I need to get in there," Erin stammered slightly as she pointed to the washing machine Chloe was leaning against.

"Oh," Chloe responded, her green eyes revealing her embarrassment. She stepped away from the machine. Erin poured the last capful of softener into the machine and then shook the pale blue bottle. Realizing that it was empty, she moved away from the machine and deposited the bottle in the trash.

While she performed the simple task, she could feel Chloe’s eyes following her. She turned to see if she was imagining it. She caught the blonde quickly diverting her attention. ‘Laundry day just got a lot more interesting,’ the tall brunette thought happily. She shouldered her backpack once again as Chloe approached her. They made their way back towards the front of the Laundromat and took seats next to one another. Erin shifted uncomfortably in the cold plastic chair. She placed her backpack underneath.

"Here," Chloe said as she handed back her large cup of coffee. Erin nodded in appreciation as she accepted the warm cup. Their fingers brushed slightly during the exchange. Erin’s stomach clenched from the contact. She turned and looked out the large window that ran the length of the building. The parking lot was empty as well as the streets surrounding them. It was a small town - most people were either at home or had left for the city to enjoy the evening.

"I guess everyone has something better to do on a Friday night," Chloe commented absently. Erin returned her gaze to the woman seated next to her. As she looked into Chloe’s sea green eyes, she knew that there was nowhere else she would rather be at this moment.

Her mouth suddenly went dry as she lost herself in those captivating eyes. She took a quick sip of coffee. The heat burnt her tongue. She choked on the scalding liquid. "Are you all right?" Chloe inquired as she patted her back. Erin’s skin tingled from the contact. "I’m fine," Erin managed to choke out. "Hot," she explained as she cleared her throat and wiped the tears from her eyes.

Once again Erin found herself locked in an electric gaze; she could still feel Chloe’s hand resting gently on her back. "Thanks," she whispered as she fought the urge to just lean in and kiss the girl. Chloe gently rubbed her back before removing her hand. Erin’s body ached. ’Has it been that long since I’ve been with a woman?’ she asked herself as Chloe stood and made her way over to the washing machines. Erin couldn’t help but watch the gentle sway of the woman’s hips as she walked away. ’Yes, it’s been a long time, but there’s something absolutely irresistible about her,’ her mind reasoned. She whimpered as she watched the blonde pull her wet clothing out of the machine and deposit it in the cart.

Erin stood and made her way over to tend to her own washing. Placing her coffee on one of the folding tables located at the back of the Laundromat near the dryers, she grabbed her own cart. Despite the fact that they were the only people in the Laundromat, they chose to use dryers next to each other.

Erin removed her fine washables and hung them on the top bar of the cart. "Nice," Chloe offered as she looked over at Erin’s silk panties.

"Thank you," Erin replied with a blush. "I like yours as well," she teased in return. "Is that Scooby Doo?" she jested as she nodded at the boxer shorts in the cart.

"Uhm . . . yes," Chloe admitted reluctantly as she peered into Erin’s cart. "I see that you’re a Tigger fan."

"Bouncy, fun, fun, fun." Erin chuckled as she placed her nightshirt into the dryer.



They finished loading their clothing in the dryers and set the timers. "I like these," Chloe commented as she held up her keycard.

"It’s a lot more convenient then having to deal with quarters," Erin agreed. "The change machine was always empty and the local stores are always reluctant to give out ten bucks in change."

Chloe just nodded in agreement as the two women shifted nervously. Erin searched her brain trying to conjure up clever small talk. She was nervous, almost as if she was on a first date. Granted, the setting was far from romantic. Still her stomach was fluttering from the sexual tension that seemed to be engulfing her.

"So . . ."

"Do you . . ."

They began simultaneously, both stopping instantly and giggling nervously. "Sorry," Erin apologized. "Go ahead," she offered as she stepped slightly closer to the smaller woman.

"No, it’s nothing," Chloe responded shyly. "What were you going to say?"

Erin chewed on her bottom lip nervously. "I was just trying to come up with something incredibly witty to say," Erin confessed as she watched a pair of blonde eyebrows arch in interest.

"And have you?" Chloe challenged her.

"Not yet," Erin purred. "Tell me, Chloe, what can I say that would simply sweep you off your feet?"

"Trying to woo me, are you?" Chloe said softly as she stepped closer to Erin.

"Perhaps," Erin taunted her as she stepped closer. Chloe stepped back slightly. Erin understood that Chloe’s movement was an invitation and not a rejection.

Erin accepted her offer and closed the gap between them. She could feel Chloe’s hands resting gently on her hips. Erin soon found that she had backed Chloe into a corner. She looked around to see that they were quite alone and couldn’t been seen from the outside.

She returned her gaze to the small blonde who was smiling up at her. "You’re a very beautiful woman," Erin said honestly as her crystal blue eyes drank in the beauty standing before her.

"Still trying to woo me?" Chloe said in a husky tone as she ran her hands up and down Erin’s hips.

"Yes," Erin said softly as she leaned into Chloe’s firm body.

"You don’t have to," Chloe reassured her as she reached up to run her fingers through Erin’s long black hair.

"Are you always this friendly?" Erin inquired. Her nipples hardened as her breasts brushed against Chloe’s body.

"Not as a rule," Chloe explained as she pulled Erin closer to her. "But I do believe in going after what I want."

Erin’s mind was screaming for her to slow down. Her heart and body had other plans. "What is it that you want?" Erin whispered, her lips a mere breathe away from Chloe’s.

"You," Chloe said in a determined voice. "I want you."



All sense of reason quickly faded from Erin. She bent in and captured Chloe’s full lips. The passionate heat from simply kissing this woman surprised Erin. There wasn’t any shyness as the kiss quickly deepened. Soon lips parted as their tongues began to dance together. Erin moaned as Chloe suckled her tongue. Erin’s hands were firmly planted on the wall that she had Chloe pressed up against. Erin’s original idea had been to only kiss Chloe. Once again her body took control as she pressed her thigh between Chloe’s legs. She trembled as Chloe’s hand cupped her breast.

It was all happening so fast, but Erin couldn’t stop as she continued to explore the warmth of Chloe’s mouth. Her hips began to rock against Chloe’s body. They broke away, gasping for air. Erin continued to grind her hips against Chloe as the blonde teased her aching nipple through her shirt. Erin groaned in delight as she thrust harder against Chloe’s body.

She could feel Chloe’s hips rocking in unison with her own as the blonde began to kiss her neck. Erin’s body was throbbing as she felt her wetness growing steadily. Erin peeled her hands from the wall, needing to feel Chloe’s body. Running her hands down, Erin cupped and caressed Chloe’s body as the blonde dipped her tongue in her ear.

Erin’s body trembled as her senses reached the breaking point. Frantically her hands grasped the smaller woman’s hips. She could feel Chloe’s hot breath panting into her skin. Reaching up with one hand, she ran her fingers through the silky short blonde hair. Drawing Chloe in, she reclaimed her lips. Fueled by sheer desire, she parted her lips with her tongue. Chloe moaned as Erin began an exploration of her mouth.

With her other hand, Erin began to unbuckle Chloe’s thick leather belt, pulling it open as she continued to kiss Chloe deeply. She fumbled as she undid the button on Chloe’s faded blue jeans. She soon found two eager hands assisting her. Together they unzipped the blonde’s jeans and lowered them down her hips.

Erin broke away from the kiss, her heart beating rapidly. She looked down to find Chloe’s jeans resting just below her curly blonde triangle. Once again her mind was screaming for her to slow down. She failed to listen as Chloe guided her hand down to her passion.

Erin cupped her mound and could feel her own body throbbing from the wetness she discovered. "Please," Chloe whimpered as Erin’s fingers dipped in between her swollen lips. Chloe’s head fell back as Erin’s fingers slid gently across her wetness. The passion coating her fingers pushed Erin on.

Erin’s thumb began to circle Chloe’s pulsating clit while her mouth began an assault on the blonde’s neck. Chloe’s legs opened in invitation as Erin’s fingers teased her opening. "I want you," Chloe pleaded. "I need to feel you inside of me." Erin entered Chloe with two digits as the blonde’s hips thrust against her hand.

"Oh God," Chloe moaned as Erin plunged in and out of her center. Erin began to kiss her way down Chloe’s body, sucking her nipples through the cotton material of her blouse. She felt Chloe’s hand on her shoulder, insistently guiding her down until she knelt before her. She could smell the blonde’s excitement. The musky scent was making Erin’s head spin. She was lost in her desire.

Erin continued to pleasure Chloe with her hand as she blew a gentle breath through the golden curls. Chloe whimpered as her body arched. Erin placed a reassuring hand on her exposed backside and drew her in closer. Erin’s fingers plunged in and out of Chloe’s wetness as her mouth began to feast upon her passion.

Chloe’s taste was intoxicating. Erin suckled her clit hungrily, her teeth grazing across her nub. Chloe pressed the back of her head, begging her to take her harder.

Erin’s crystal blue eyes looked up to see Chloe’s flushed features, her head thrown back in ecstasy as her chest heaved. Erin wiggled her fingers deep inside her lover. She could feel the walls tighten around her fingers as Chloe’s thighs trembled. "Sweet Jesus! Oh God, Erin! Yes!" Chloe screamed loudly as she climaxed.

Erin licked the last drops of Chloe’s wetness from the inside of her thighs. The blonde panted and whimpered as the last waves of passion quivered through her. As Chloe’s breathing calmed, Erin slowly and gently slipped her fingers from their warm cocoon.

Erin smiled up at Chloe who was smiling down at her. The buzzing sound of one of the dryers startled both women. They laughed once they realized what the sound was. Erin stood slowly as Chloe pulled her jeans back up. They exchanged a shy glance as they neatened their appearance. Turning towards one another, they were about to speak when someone entered the Laundromat.

The young man went straight to the pay phone. A second dryer buzzed and they began to sort out their clothing. The young man continued to chat loudly as they fluffed and folded their laundry. "That was interesting," Erin finally said quietly.

"And nice," Chloe added.

"Yeah." Erin smiled. "Very nice. I’ve never done anything like that before."

"Really?" Chloe said as she looked at her in disbelief.

"I mean I’ve done that before," Erin explained as she blushed down to her roots. "I just never did it in a public place."

"Oh." Chloe nodded.

"I take it you have," Erin pried, wondering just what was going on.

"Well, never quite so public," Chloe admitted. "And never with someone I wasn’t involved with. Tonight isn’t exactly what I expected. One moment I was feeling a little lonely. You know, not having anything better to do on a Friday night."

"I understand," Erin responded as she put her clothing away in her laundry bag. "Before I left to get coffee, I was kicking myself for being too shy to talk to you."

"Well, you certainly got over your shyness." Chloe laughed lightly.

"I guess I did." Erin laughed in response as she leaned against the table. Chloe put her clothing in her basket. "So, what now?" Erin inquired tentatively.

"I’m very attracted to you, Erin," Chloe began slowly.

"But?" Erin interjected fearfully.

"No buts," Chloe reassured her with a gentle caress on her forearm. "Since I can only see my car in the parking lot, I’ll assume that you walked here."

"I did." Erin shrugged.

"Would you like to come back to my place?" Chloe offered. "We could have some coffee and talk," she suggested hopefully.

"Talk?" Erin inquired with uncertainty.

"I would like to get to know you," Chloe responded shyly. "But I would also enjoy finishing what we started," she whispered hotly in Erin’s ear.

"Coffee sounds nice," Erin squeaked out.



They loaded their belongings into Chloe’s green VW Bug. They drove along the deserted streets, their hands locked together tightly. Erin ran her thumb along the back of Chloe’s hand. "Could you explain something to me?" Chloe asked as she maneuvered along the icy streets.

"What would you like to know?" Erin asked, enjoying the feel of Chloe’s small hand in her own.

"Why is it that someone as beautiful as you are is alone on a Friday night?" Chloe asked in a gentle tone.

"Nothing better to do," Erin answered honestly.

"So you’re not just out saving young damsels in distress?" Chloe teased as she squeezed Erin’s hand tightly.

"No, just finally washing my dirty clothes." Erin smiled. "I’m kind of happy that guy bothered you. Otherwise I might not have gotten the chance to meet you."

"So am I," Chloe agreed as she released Erin’s hand so she could park her car.

"So why aren’t you out tonight?" Erin asked as they exited the car.

"Same reason," Chloe said as she fumbled with her keys.

"Here, let me," Erin offered as she took the basket of clothing from the smaller woman.

"Thanks," Chloe said with a smile.

Chloe led the way into the apartment building. Erin followed her up the staircase, once again taking in the gentle sway of her hips. Erin blushed slightly as she recalled how the blonde’s hips had been thrusting against her face just a short time ago.

Chloe unlocked the door to her apartment and ushered Erin inside. "Nice place," Erin commented sincerely as she stepped in, noting the homey décor.

"Thanks," Chloe said as she closed the door behind them. "You can put that anywhere." Erin deposited the basket next to the floral sofa.

"So would you like some coffee?" Chloe asked her as she removed her coat. Erin started to take off her own coat. The scent of Chloe’s passion still lingering on her body sent a jolt through her. Their eyes locked once again and Erin knew she was lost. Dropping their coats on the floor, they closed the gap between them.

Chloe claimed her lips quickly. Erin eagerly allowed the smaller woman to take control. She felt Chloe’s tongue brushing against her lips as she was being led backwards. Her legs bumped against the sofa. As Chloe’s tongue explored her mouth, she felt herself being lowered onto the comfortable sofa.

Chloe straddled her hips as she kissed her deeply. Erin trembled as Chloe tugged her shirt out of her jeans. She had never needed someone as much as she needed this woman. Chloe slipped her hands under her shirt and began to feel her way up her body. Chloe cupped her breasts as she pressed herself against Erin’s body.

"God," Chloe gasped as she broke the kiss. "I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on in my life," the blonde panted as she unfastened Erin’s bra. "Tell me," she begged as she kissed Erin’s long neck. Erin allowed her head to fall back, granting Chloe more access. "Tell me what you want," Chloe urged her as she continued to feast on her neck.

Erin’s nipples hardened as the palms of Chloe’s hands grazed across them. "Anything," Erin groaned as her shirt was lifted up even further. Raising her arms, she allowed her lover to remove her shirt and bra. Chloe kissed her way down her body. The blonde nestled herself between Erin’s thighs.

Erin tugged on the back of Chloe’s blouse. Chloe looked up at her dreamily as Erin reached over and began to unbutton her blouse. Small hands captured her own, halting her movement. Erin sat back and watched as Chloe removed her blouse and then her bra.

Erin’s body clenched as she took in the sight of Chloe’s firm full breasts. "It’s been so long," Erin confessed as she reached out and cupped Chloe’s breasts. Chloe arched her back, pushing her breasts closer to Erin’s touch. "I haven’t been with anyone in a long time," Erin explained as she felt the weight of Chloe’s breasts.

"Neither have I," Chloe admitted as she leaned closer to Erin. "I can’t believe this is happening." Erin couldn’t believe it either as Chloe captured her breast in her mouth. Arching her back as her hand cupped the back of the blonde’s head, she silently urged Chloe to take more of her.

"Harder," Erin pleaded as her hips pressed into Chloe’s body. Chloe suckled her harder as her other hand teased Erin’s other nipple. Erin’s body was screaming for release. Her hips rose off the sofa as Chloe began to tease her with her teeth and her tongue. Chloe’s mouth moved across her chest and she lavished the same attention on her other breast.

Erin reached down, sliding her hands between their bodies. She felt Chloe shift to allow her room to undo her jeans. She pulled the blonde’s jeans down, revealing her firm backside. Chloe once again pressed herself against Erin’s body. Erin cupped Chloe’s backside, stroking her firm cheeks.

Erin couldn’t stop her hips from gyrating. The feel of her clit pressing against the denim material was driving her closer to the edge. She fought to keep herself from exploding. Chloe pulled away and kissed her lips quickly before reaching down and unbuttoning her jeans. Erin moaned as she felt her zipper being lowered. "No underwear?" Chloe purred as she pulled the jeans down her long legs.

"It was dirty," Erin explained in a strained voice.

Erin gripped the sofa cushions as Chloe finished removing her clothing. Chloe then nestled herself once again between Erin’s quivering thighs. Erin draped her long legs over Chloe’s shoulders. She groaned as she felt Chloe’s breath caress her thighs.

Erin’s body arched as Chloe’s tongue slid across her lips. The blonde tasted her wetness slowly. Erin moaned as Chloe’s tongue teased her entrance. "Yes," she hissed as she jerked her hips up. Chloe wrapped one arm around her as she used her free hand to part her. Chloe’s thumb teased Erin’s aching clit as her tongue plunged into her center.

Erin panted and moaned as the wet muscle plunged in and out of her. She grasped Chloe’s shoulders as she neared the edge, whimpering when she felt Chloe’s tongue leaving her. She cried out as Chloe’s fingers replaced her tongue. "God yes!" she cried out as Chloe’s mouth began to suckle her clit. Unbeknownst to her, her hands had moved and were now pressing on the back of Chloe’s head. She urged the blonde to take her harder as she rocked against her lover. Chloe eagerly increased her pace. Erin’s body trembled as a strange ringing began to invade her ears. Flashes of crimson flooded her mind as she exploded against her lover.

She tried to catch her breath as Chloe continued to pleasure her. Chloe tried to hold onto her as the second orgasm ripped thru her.

Erin tried to steady her breathing as Chloe lifted her head and smiled up at her. As the aftershocks pulsated through her body, Chloe slowly removed her fingers. The blonde reached up and painted Erin’s breasts with the evidence of her passion. Erin melted into the sofa as Chloe licked her breasts clean.

Erin pulled Chloe to her and captured her lips, tasting herself. Her hands moved quickly and began to pull Chloe’s jeans further down. Chloe straddled her hips as Erin entered her. She watched in delight as Chloe thrust against her. The blonde quickly climaxed and collapsed against Erin’s body.

"You are amazing," Chloe whispered against her shoulder as Erin held her tightly. Erin could feel their hearts beating in unison as they clung to one another.

"So when do I get my coffee?" Erin teased her playfully.

"How about in the morning?" Chloe suggested as her fingers ran along Erin’s bare shoulder.

"Sounds good," Erin agreed.



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