December 2001

By Mavis Applewater

Disclaimers (Better known as Sex, Violence & Road Trips):  This little ditty contains a graphic description of a loving, sexual relationship between two consenting adult women.  Yup, that's right, bucko.  So if you think that kind of thing is icky  . . . leave now.  If for any reason it’s illegal for you to view this material, you must leave now but feel free to come back when you are old enough or move.  The story and characters belong to me and me alone, despite any resemblance they may possess to the cast of a certain television show.  This material may not be reproduced or posted without the author's permission.  That would be me.  Now that we've covered the legal mumbo jumbo, does anyone know why my Christmas tree will stand up perfectly the first couple of days and then fall over like drunken sailor?  Nothing to do with the story, just wondering.

Thanks to my beta reader Joanne

This one’s for Allison since she has repeatedly dropped not-so-subtle hints about wanting to read another snowbound story.   Hmmm, I think you might be developing a little weather fetish there, blondie.  I can't imagine where you picked that up from.


Savannah pulled her parka around her tighter in an attempt to fight off the cold weather.  The two black labs she was leading around on a leash tugged insistantly.  "Yeah, I know it's cold," she agreed with the overgrown beasts.  She tugged on their tethers trying to get them to slow down.  She was no match for the large dogs; together they outweighed the petite blonde. 

She brushed the snow away as she cast a wary glance up at the dark sky.  She had known that morning that snow was on its way.  She could smell it in the air.  It had taken her last ounce of strength to pull her body out of her warm bed that morning.  What could she do?  It was almost Christmas and she needed the money.  She hadn't been surprised last spring when the layoffs hit the company she worked for.  What she hadn't expected was the economic strife that followed.

Here it was almost the New Year and she was still out of work.  She had one year left of school and she was still living with her parents.  When her unemployment had run out, Janie and Lisa, a couple she had known for years, offered her the job of walking their dogs.  The money wasn't great but at least it was something.  Another couple heard about the arrangement and thought it was a great idea.  So for now she was a dog walker.  The second couple were Tess and Mariel. 

As the snow increased, so did Savannah's desire to have her charges hurry up and do their business.  They seemed content with sniffing the ground and each other.  They had already run around enough.  It was cold and Savannah simply wanted to get them back to their owners so she could catch the train back home.  "Come on guys," she urged them.  "I don't want to get stuck in the storm."  The dogs ignored her plea and decided instead to chase after an unfortunate squirrel.

After an exhausting fight with the dogs, who finally did their business, Savannah arrived back at Tess and Mariel's house, soaking wet and miserable after the squirrel incident.  "Let's hope one of your mommies are home so I can get paid," she commented as she tried to bang the snow out of her Doc Martins.  As she unlocked the door to the condo, she noticed Mariel's car in its parking spot. 

It’s strange,’ she thought.  ‘I haven't seen Tess in a long time.’  In fact it had been about two months, just after Savannah had taken the job.  Although she didn't really know the couple very well, she had seen them around.  They were hopelessly devoted to one another and had been together for years.  Savannah had noticed that Mariel's normal outgoing personality had grown dim over the past couple of months.  There was a sadness clouding her electric blue eyes.

Savannah blushed slightly as she unlocked the back door.  She had admitted to herself some time ago that she had a crush on Mariel.   She led the dogs into the kitchen, keeping a tight hold on their leashes.  She chuckled at the absurdity of having a crush on Mariel.  ‘Who wouldn't?’ she reasoned to herself.  The woman was almost six feet tall with long raven hair.  Her chiseled features and blue eyes were mesmerizing.  Then of course, there were her perky breasts.  Savannah sighed again.  'Give it a rest girl.  She's married,' she mentally chastised herself.  'You can look but you can't touch.'

"Hi there," the now familiar rich deep voice called out to her.

Savannah turned to find the tall brunette smiling at her.  Before she could stop herself, she licked her lips as she drank in the sight of the barefoot woman clad in faded blue jeans and a white T-shirt.  'You couldn't put on a bra!' her mind screamed as her emerald eyes focused on the woman's erect nipples straining against the white cotton material.

The yapping of dogs anxious to see their owner jolted Savannah out of her musings.  "Easy boys," Mariel scolded them as she took their leashes from Savannah's grasp.  "What did they do to you?" the brunette questioned in an amused tone.

"Don't ask," Savannah groaned as she watch Mariel bend over to pet her dogs.

"Oscar, Felix."  She glared at them.   "What have my little monsters been up to?"

"Little?"  Savannah chuckled lightly as the dogs stopped their jumping and quieted down.  They almost looked repentant. 

"Sit," Mariel instructed the two labs.  "I'll grab some towels.  Why don't you take off your coat and relax?" Mariel suggested as she walked out of the kitchen.  Oscar and Felix sat down obediently with forlorn expressions.  They looked up at Savannah with sad brown eyes.  "Don't give me that," she snarled.

Mariel re-entered the kitchen with a load of towels in her hand.  "Here," she said with a smile as she handed a couple of them to Savannah.  "It looks like you could use them." 

"Thanks," Savannah muttered absently as she watched the beautiful woman kneel down and tend to her dogs.  "Here, let me help," she offered as she knelt down beside Mariel.

"No."  Mariel shooed her away.  "You’re drenched.  Let me finish cleaning up the boys and I'll get you something dry to wear."

"Oh no, that's okay," Savannah argued, feeling her body tremble slightly.

"I was a little surprised to find the boys gone when I got in," Mariel commented. 

"Why?" Savannah responded as she stood, needing to put some distance between herself and the other woman. 

"The weather," Mariel explained.

"Well, duty calls," Savannah responded lamely.  "It wasn't that bad when I took the train down here," she added, hoping to sound a little less like a nerd.

"It is now," Mariel continued as she stood.  "You really should get out of those wet clothes," she pointed out as Savannah swallowed hard.  "I left work over three hours ago and just got back a short time before you came in," Mariel went on.  "The roads are a mess."

"Great," Savannah groaned.  "I should get going," she added with reluctance, not wanting to leave.

"’Fraid not."  Mariel chuckled as she stood.  "They shut the trains down.  You're stuck here."

"What?" Savannah gasped, feeling a slight tingle at the thought of being snowed in with Mariel.  'Hold that thought.  Stuck here with Mariel and Tess.'

"Everything is closed down," Mariel continued to explain.  "Looks like we've got a good oldfashioned Noreaster on our hands.  So much for the weatherman's prediction of a few inches.  If you don't mind you can crash here until the weather breaks.  Sorry, I hope you didn't have plans," Mariel offered shyly.

"No," Savannah answered honestly.  "Are you sure? You know, about letting me stay the night?"

"I’d love to have the company."  Mariel smiled.  "Take off your coat already," the brunette added with a chuckle.  "I'll get you something dry to put on and I'll wash your clothes." 

'Hold on.  Something’s missing here.'  Her mind raced as she finally removed her parka, hanging it on the back of one of the kitchen chairs.  "But what about Tess?" she blurted out as she watched the taller woman's body stiffen.  "Won't she mind my staying here?"  Savannah watched as Mariel's face grew dim.

"She . . . uhm . . .," Mariel stammered.  A sad blue gaze captured Savannah's eyes.  "She moved out," Mariel finished in a sad tone.

"What?" Savannah asked before she could stop herself.

"A couple of months ago."  Mariel frowned.  "I haven't really told anyone yet.  I'll get you some clothes." She turned quickly and left the room.


Savannah removed her gloves and hat, placing them on the kitchen counter.  Her mind was racing as she pondered the bombshell Mariel had dropped.  Savannah nervously ran her hand through her short blonde hair.  'Tess is gone and I'm spending the night,' she thought with a slight smile.  'Of course that doesn't mean anything.  They could just be separated or something.  It happens.  No jumping to conclusions or trying to jump Mariel for that matter,' she reasoned as Mariel entered the kitchen. 

She took one look at the tall brunette and her pulse beat just a little faster.  Her resolve to play it cool faded.  "You're drenched," Mariel said with a slight smile.  "Here you go."  She offered Savannah a pair of sweatpants and a black T-shirt.  "They’ll probably be a little big on you but they're dry."

"Thanks," Savannah managed to squeak out as their fingers brushed lightly.

"Why don't you take a hot shower and I'll make us something to eat," Mariel suggested shyly as she brushed her hair out of her eyes.

"Sure," Savannah agreed as she picked up the towels Mariel had offered her earlier and made her way off to the bathroom.

Once she was in the bathroom she steadied herself against the sink.  "Oh boy," she gasped.  "A long hot shower?  I think I might need a long cold shower instead.  My mind is drifting off into some very naughty places," she muttered as she began to remove her very wet clothing.  Her thoughts wandered back to the sight of Mariel.  She managed to shrug them off briefly as she struggled to remove her soaking wet blue jeans which were clinging to her like a second skin.

As she stood under the steaming hot spray of the shower, her mind drifted back to Mariel.  She dipped her head under the hot water, allowing it to ease down her body and relax her tired muscles.  She found herself lost in a fantasy. 

The shower curtain pulled back slightly; she could almost feel the cool air caressing her back.  Mariel stepped into the shower behind her.  "Let me help you with," she whispered hotly in her ear as she began to lather her back.  She ran her hands along Savannah's naked body, across her shoulders, down her back and finally cupped her backside. 

Savannah's body leaned back into the taller woman's as strong hands massaged her cheeks.  Fingers gently caressed skin as they moved up to her hips before drifting across her abdomen, rubbing and feeling their way up her rib cage.  They stopped just below her breasts, feeling their weight before cupping them.

One nipple was being teased by the palm of Mariel's hand circling and taunting the bud as the other nipple was pinched and teased.  Lips tasted her neck as two firm full breasts pressed into her back.  Her body was pressed into the tiled wall of the shower as Mariel pressed her mound into her ass.  Savannah moaned as her face rested against the wall while Mariel continued to tease her erect nipples.  Savannah opened her legs further as Mariel thrust against her, driving her wetness into her.  A tongue dipped into her ear as her body trembled.

Savannah leaned against the tiled wall of the shower as her fantasy played out in her mind.  She stroked her throbbing clit as she eyed the shower massage hanging above her, wondering if she should end her frustrated state.  "What am I doing?" she asked as she continued to tease herself.  It wasn't the first time she had touched herself while fantasizing about Mariel.  But somehow it felt wrong doing it in the woman's shower, the recently single woman with whom she was forced to spend the night.

Savannah pulled her hands away from her body as she blew out a frustrated breath.  "Get a grip," she chided herself as she began to wash her aching body.  Unfortunately, the feel of her own hands further fueled her desire.  It hadn't been that long since she had sex.  Just a few months ago, there had been that gal Kim whom she had met in New York.  The girl was a bit of a flake, but she was attractive and more than willing to share a one night stand.  Their brief encounter occurred at a time when she really needed to be with someone.  Anyone.   Savannah had just endured a very long dry spell in the romance department.  Her relationship of two years had ended very badly and she’d found herself living in a deep void.

As she stepped out of the shower, she felt her body coming alive once again.  The encounter in New York hadn't given her the release that she truly desired.  Her attraction to Mariel was something different.  It wasn't simply her body she desired.  She enjoyed spending time with her.  Mariel was charming and funny.  They had talked from time to time and Savannah had discovered that they shared interests in many of the same things.  On more than one occasion she found herself thinking she could really fall for the taller woman.  But those thoughts had always been tempered by the knowledge that Mariel wasn't available. 

'Is she now?  And if she is, would she even give me a second look?' she asked herself as she dried off and began to dress.  She brushed her teeth and rinsed with mouthwash before combing her hair.  She took a moment to center herself  and focus on the reality of the situation.  Tess and Mariel had been together for over a decade.  She settled her nerves and dismissed her erotic wanderings as just wishful thinking.  She gathered up her wet clothing and her courage before finally stepping out of the bathroom.


After Savannah called her parents and explained that she was snowed in, she and Mariel shared a relaxing dinner in the kitchen.  Mariel had made Chicken Marsala.  Savannah felt good after enjoying the food and conversation.  Now they relaxed in the living room, drinking coffee as they chatted.  The only thing troubling Savannah was the one subject neither of them had broached -  Mariel's marital status. 

"The tree looks nice," Savannah commented as she gazed over at the woman sitting next to her on the sofa.

"Thanks," Mariel said with a smile.  "I almost didn't get one," she added, the smile drifting away as her crystal blue gaze darkened. 

Savannah’s heart dropped as she saw the sadness written across Mariel’s beautiful features.  They sat there in the dimly lit room.  The silence cast an uneasy feeling over them as Mariel stared at the white lights on the Christmas tree.  Savannah could only see the woman next to her; she wondered if she should push her and ask about what had happened.

"Looks like we are going to get a white Christmas after all," Mariel stated finally.

Mariel turned to her, a slight twinkle in her eyes.  Savannah’s heart skipped a beat.  Her palms began to sweat, her pulse began to race as she found herself locked in an intense gaze.  Her stomach clenched and she almost dropped her coffee mug.  She tightened her hold on the mug.  "Do you want some more coffee?" Mariel inquired softly.

"No, thank you," Savannah choked out, her mouth feeling suddenly parched.

Goosebumps covered Savannah’s body as Mariel reached out and took the mug from her.  Their fingers brushed once again.  Savannah felt a spark run through her from the brief contact.  Mariel stood and smiled brightly at Savannah before retreating into the kitchen.  Savannah tugged at her T-shirt in an effort to cool her overheated body.  She stood on shaky legs and followed her hostess into the kitchen. 

She smiled at the sight of the taller woman rinsing out the dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.  Oscar and Felix lay on the floor by her feet as she chatted away to them.  Savannah found herself fighting the urge to walk up behind Mariel and wrap her arms around her.  "They look so innocent," Savannah commented.

"I know."  Mariel chuckled in response.

"Do you want some help?" Savannah offered as she leaned against the doorway, secretly thankful for the distance between them.

"No thanks," Mariel responded pleasantly as she continued to clean up the mess from dinner.  "I always wanted to ask you something," Mariel continued in a friendly manner.  "Your name is so pretty.  Is there a significance to it?"

"Ugh," Savannah groaned as she crossed her arms in front of her.  Mariel turned to her with an amused expression as she wiped her hands on a dishtowel.  "This is good.  I can tell," Mariel teased her as she leaned against the sink.

"It's where I was conceived," Savannah admitted with some reluctance.  Mariel's brilliant blue eyes went wide in surprise.  "I know, TMI," Savannah bemoaned.  "That's what I thought when my mother told me.  My parents are a little . . .  "  She hesitated trying to decide the best way to describe the two quirky individuals whom she loved with all her heart.  "Well, let's just say they’re an experience," Savannah concluded with a smile.

"You don't by any chance have a brother named Oldsmobile, do you?" Mariel teased her in a dry tone.

"No."  Savannah bit back her smile as she glared at Mariel.  "His name is Paris," Savannah explained with a sarcastic snort.

Mariel laughed as she tossed the dishtowel down on the counter.  "That's sweet and a little odd," Mariel responded with mischievous grin.

"That's Mom and Dad," Savannah agreed.  "Sweet and a little odd."

They stood there grinning at each other, simply lost in looking at one another.  Savannah could feel the energy emanating from the other woman across the room.  She braced herself, knowing that she had to ask.  She couldn't let the intense emotions coursing through her body simply pass without taking a chance.  She hoped that she wouldn't offend Mariel, but she had to know if what she was feeling was real or something that had blossomed from her overactive imagination.  "Can I ask you something?" she began hesitantly.  "If you don't want to talk about it, I'll understand.  What happened with Tess?"

Savannah held her breath as she watched the smile fade.  Mariel rubbed her eyes in a tired motion.  "She left me," she explained in a heavy tone.  Savannah could feel the sadness behind her words.  "It's not the first time," Mariel continued.  Savannah's eyes showed her surprise.  "She has a lot of problems, emotionally, physically and otherwise, " Mariel went on.  "I know everyone thought that we were some kind of poster couple," she stated with a snort, answering Savannah's unspoken question.  "Over the years, she would just disappear for a night, a few days, and sometimes even longer.  No phone call to let me know that she was all right.  I'd put up with it.  I wouldn't put up with it any more.  The last time she was gone for almost a month.  Frankly, that was it for me.  You can only be so supportive."

"No kidding," Savannah blurted out, unable to hold back her anger.

"Apparently, she agreed."  Mariel sighed heavily.  "She stayed for awhile then she decided that she couldn't put me through this anymore.  Without talking to me about it, she moved out.  I love her, I miss her, but I'll be damned if I'm going to stop living my life because of this.  I’ve tried and her doctors have tried.  But she just kept pushing me away."

"I'm sorry," Savannah offered in a soft gentle tone.  She forced herself to remain in the doorway.  It was an intense struggle not to just run over and wrap this woman up in her arms.  "Do you . . . do you think there might have been someone else?" Savannah tried to reason.

"No," Mariel answered honestly.  "I did.  I asked her and she said no."

"And you believe her?" Savannah questioned her in an incredulous tone.

"Yes," Mariel answered flatly.  Then her facial features crinkled.  "She hasn't been interested in . . . you know."

Savannah's jaw dropped at this revelation. 'How could anyone sleep next to this woman night after night and not want to be intimate?' her inner voice screamed.  "So what now?" Savannah managed to ask, somehow keeping her nervousness well concealed.  "What about you?"

"I think it's time, I start living again," Mariel responded with confidence.  "I even want to start dating again although I’m not sure about settling down again," she confessed.

"So, are you seeing anyone?" Savannah asked carefully, trying to prepare herself for the answer.

"No."  Mariel shrugged.  "There’s someone I'm interested in but . . ."  Her voice trailed off.

"Wow, you really are moving on," Savannah commented as her mind raced, trying to come up with something clever to say. 

"Trying to," Mariel said as her smile returned.

Savannah was flustered by the electricity flowing between them.  "Would you . . . ," she stammered nervously.  "I mean, you know . . . sometime . . . perhaps . . . ," she babbled as she searched for just the right words, hoping that she wasn't going to look like a complete fool, "you know want to . . . go out.  With me."  She braced herself, fearing that Mariel would reject her.  The throaty laughter caught her off guard.  Her heart dropped.

"Savannah, are you asking me out on a date?" Mariel asked in a deep voice, her eyes burning into Savannah.

"Yes," Savannah admitted weakly.  She was just about to tell Mariel to forget the whole thing so she could climb under a rock to die of embarrassment.

"Yes," Mariel said in a husky tone, the brilliant fire in her eyes leaving no questions.

Savannah felt as if her lungs were about to burst.  Her body trembled as she took in the unexpected response.  "Well, you certainly made me work hard enough for that," she shot out, feeling the air return to her lungs.  "And why were you laughing?"

"I'm sorry," Mariel apologized as she stepped closer to the frustrated blonde.  "It's just that I'm very interested in you.  I think that you’re a bright, attractive, intelligent woman.  I've wanted to ask you out.  I'm really shy and really out of pratice.  And I only laughed because you looked so adorable, standing there all nervous under the mistletoe."


Savannah looked up, noticing for the first time the sprig of mistletoe hanging above her in the doorway.  Mariel stepped closer, closing the distance between them.  Savannah could feel the warmth of Mariel's body as they stood only a few inches apart. "Mistletoe?" she asked in a humorous voice. 

"Yeah," Mariel responded shyly.  "I put it up last week before you got here to walk the dogs.  I kept hoping that . . . it's silly."  The tall woman blushed.

"Have you been plotting to catch me under the mistletoe?" Savannah teased as her mind screamed for her to slow down.  This woman had been put through the ringer and she should be careful.  Her body disagreed.  Her body was screaming out to hold her, to kiss her.  She turned and looked up at Mariel as the desires of her body began to win her over.

"I told you it was silly."  Mariel grimaced as she leaned a little closer to Savannah.

"No, it's not," Savannah reassured her as her hand reached out.  She rested her hand on the taller woman's hip.  "I do think that since it’s the holiday season, and there is a blonde standing under the mistletoe, that you are obligated to kiss her."

"Do you now?" Mariel purred as she lowered her head slightly.

"Yes," Savannah answered firmly as she wrapped her hands around Mariel's waist.  "You wouldn't want Santa to put coal in your stocking, now would you?"

"No, I wouldn't want that," Mariel answered in a deep tone as she captured Savannah's inviting lips.

Their lips met shyly at first; the intensity of their bodies brushing together ignited Savannah's seething passion.  Their kiss quickly deepened as lips parted.  Tongues began to explore and dance together.  Savannah’s body pressed against the doorframe as Mariel's body melted into her own.  Savannah’s hands smoothed a trail up the taller woman's body.  Wrapping her fingers in her hair, she pulled her closer. 

She felt Mariel's thigh brush against her center, silently begging for entrance.  Savannah's thighs opened, inviting her in.  She moaned as the cool metal button of Mariel's jeans brushed against her stomach.  Her hips thrust, needing to feel more of the woman whose body was swaying with her own.  They broke apart only to quickly breathe before getting locked in another kiss, each deeper than the last.

All sense of reason left Savannah as she began to pull Mariel's shirt up.  Slipping her small hands under the cotton material, her hands trembled from the feel of her lover's skin reacting to her touch.  Mariel mimicked her movements.  Soon they were pinching and teasing hard aching nipples as their hips danced together. 

Savannah’s wetness pooled between her legs as they ground together in a sensual rhythm.  Savannah gasped as the kiss ended.  They continued to fondle each other as Mariel began to kiss her neck.  Savannah’s body arched in a needy motion as Mariel's tongue dipped into her ear.  "Yes," she moaned as she pulled away slightly.   She clutched hungrily at Mariel's shirt, pulling it higher.  She watched as Mariel's head fell back, sending dark raven hair flowing backward. 

Savannah's desire was overwhelming as she lowered her head.  Her tongue circled and tasted Mariel's breast as the taller woman tugged on the waistband of Savannah’s sweatpants.  Savannah captured Mariel's nipple in her mouth, suckling it greedily.  Mariel pulled the oversized sweats down and ran her hands over soft skin.  She cupped Savannah's firm backside.  Savannah found herself lost in the intensity as she gyrated against her lover. 

Her thighs opened wider as she felt long knowing fingers caress her damp curls.  "So wet," Mariel murmured as she nibbled on Savannah's earlobe.  Feeling her lover’s fingers stroking her lips, she teased her nipple harder.  "Savannah . . . ," Mariel growled as her thumb stroked her clit, ". . . I want you."

Savannah threw her head back.  "Take me," she begged as she unbuttoned and unzipped Mariel's jeans.  "Take me to bed, now," she said in a fiery tone as her hands slipped under the denim.  Mariel grabbed her and kissed her deeply as Savannah pressed her body into her.  She grunted as she felt her clit rubbing against Mariel's faded Levis.

They stumbled backward, kissing and touching as Mariel guided her out of the room.  Along the way, Savannah's shirt was removed.  Mariel pressed her against the wall and teased her nipples with her teeth and her tongue.  First one then the other and then back again.  Their hips bucked wildly as Savannah tugged on Mariel's pants. 

Needing to feel more of this woman, Savannah's hands drifted into her jeans.  "You're not wearing underwear," she gasped as she massaged the firm backside.  "I never do," Mariel confessed as she led Savannah into the bedroom.  This knowledge only served to fuel Savannah's overheated desire. 

The kisses grew in intensity as Savannah was lowered onto the queen-size bed.  Her mind quickly questioned whether or not they were moving too fast.  Her doubts vanished as Mariel leaned over her and recaptured her lips.  Savannah shivered as she felt their nipples brushing against each other.  She clutched at the bedding as Mariel kissed her way down her body.  She groaned as her pulse raced while Mariel finished removing her pants.  "So beautiful," Mariel said softly as she looked down upon her.

Savannah reached up to pull Mariel to her, only to have Mariel guide her gently back down onto the bed.  Mariel kissed her gently as she cupped her breast.  "I want to make love to you," she said with such sincerity that Savannah was certain that her heart would stop beating.  'This isn't just about sex,' she realized happily.  She felt Mariel's hand drift down her body as her mouth captured her breast once again.

Savannah clutched her lover closer as Mariel dipped into her wetness.  "Take me," she repeated as her legs wrapped around the taller woman's body.  Her eyes fluttered shut as a single finger entered her, slowly gliding in and out, driving Savannah closer to the edge as a second finger entered her. Savannah couldn't stop the primal noises escaping her as Mariel plunged in and out of her wetness and her thumb teased her throbbing clit.  Savannah moaned as Mariel kissed her way down her body.

Savannah's hips arched off the bed as she felt Mariel's breath blow through her golden curls.  Her lover settled her larger body between Savannah’s thighs as she lifted her, placing a comforting arm across her stomach.  Savannah reeled as she felt Mariel inside of her, as her tongue began to taste her.  Mariel licked and teased her, sucking her clit into her mouth as her fingers matched her mouth's rhythm.  Savannah was pleading for release as she looked down to see blue eyes twinkling up at her.

The climax roared through her as Mariel continued to pleasure her, sending her over the edge a second time.  Her senses were overloaded as the ringing in her ears buzzed loudly.  She climaxed once again.  Her heart was nearing explosion and, fearing that she was about to pass out, she pulled away from her lover's touch.  As she curled up and tried to breath normally, she could see Mariel lowering herself once again.  "Uh no," she choked out.  "Need to breath." 

Mariel looked up at her with a mock pout as she raised herself.  Savannah could feel her senses calming until Mariel moved up to join her.  The feel of the thick raven tresses running along her skin made her body throb.  She pulled her lover into her arms and guided her onto her back.  She began to kiss Mariel as her hands roamed, feeling the long body beneath her.  Their bodies merged; their wetness blended together.  They rocked against each other.  They entered each other's center as they kissed.  Their kiss masked their screams of pleasure. 

Savannah needed to feel more; her body pressed into Mariel's as she kissed her way down her lover's body.  She needed to taste all of her.  She drank in all Mariel had to offer until it was her lover's turn to beg her to stop.  Crawling under the covers, they held onto one another tightly, thinking that they would drift off to sleep.  A simple touch re-ignited their passion.  Hours later, sleep finally claimed them.  Savannah slept deeply, knowing that tonight was only the beginning.


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