By Mavis Applewater

September 2001

Disclaimers (Better known as Sex/Violence & Road trips):  Yes, no, kind of.  Now what does that mean?  I'll explain it to you.  There is sex . . . between two consenting adult women and a dust buster (just kidding about the dust buster).  There is no violence and some traveling is involved.  Okey dokey.  Now if for some reason this isn't to your liking, I will humbly suggest that you don't read this story.  If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material, no peeking - just leave now. 

A very special thank you to Joanne my beta reader!

As Always For Heather


Boston 1938

Patience stepped into the sitting room of hotel suite.  It was nice enough, but then Patience was accustomed to the finer things in life.  "Hmmph," Cedric sighed from behind her.  She turned and simply rolled her crystal blue eyes at her husband.  "These Yanks seem to know what's what," Cedric commented dryly, his brown eyes glazed over as he absently stroked his pencil thin moustache.

"And just what does that mean, Cedric?" Patience inquired in a dry tone as she stared blankly at the man she had married.  It was a good match for their families, even though the pair barely tolerated one another.  "What?" Cedric responded absently as his gaze drifted down over his wife's breasts. 

"You must be joking," Patience snarled as she took note of just where Cedric's attention was focused.  "I'm going to check on the children.  See what you can do about replacing the nanny before you drink yourself into a stupor."

"Why should I deal with replacing the domestics?" Cedric scoffed.

"Because you were the one who couldn't keep his hands off of the last nanny," Patience, who bore no resemblance to her name, spat out.    "Prudence walked away leaving me without any assistance, not that I care.  I am quite capable of dressing myself and caring for our children.  You can explain it to your mother once her busybody acquaintances blab it to her."

"Fine," Cedric groaned.  "I'll hire a maid, or nanny, or whatever."

Patience sighed deeply as she watched her husband stagger out of the suite.  She rubbed her temples as the throbbing began.   Boston.  What were they going to do here in the Colonies, for the love of God?  The exile had been her fault and she knew it.  Her mother-in-law had made it clear that it was time for the family to relocate for at least two years.  How did the nosy old crow find out about her dalliances with Daphne? 

Patience smoothed out her skirt as she thought just how much she was going to miss those stolen moments with her friend.  She knew that she wasn’t in love with the girl, although she enjoyed the pleasure of Daphne's body.  Cedric had slept with dozens of women during their eight-year marriage.  Now she was being punished for one slip.  It was a pity; things were too perfect with Daphne, no strings, no emotion.  They simply filled the hunger each of them had.  Their respective husbands certainly could never fill their needs.


Cedric had thought he was going to suffer heart failure when he discovered that his wife had been caught with her knickers down.  He didn't care that she had been unfaithful; he had been bullied into their union just as she had.  He was also aware of his wife's tastes; the only thing that disturbed him about it was that she never invited him to join in.  Mother Styles had been very clear with her demands.  The family would leave England and go to America on some fictional business venture or she would find a way to take over the raising of their sons.  Cedric could never win against his formidable mother and he knew his wife.  She would never give up her boys. 

After an exhausting and droll conversation with the tiresome little man working downstairs, Cedric felt somewhat reassured that he would have a new domestic before nightfall.  A job well done he assured himself; his next inquiry led him directly to the bar.  A short while later he received a message that a domestic had been found.  He staggered back out to the elegant lobby where his bloodshot eyes came to rest on a delectable little blonde.  "Hmm," he purred as he neared the young woman.   

He was oblivious to the young woman's grimace as he ogled her.  "Cedric Styles," he introduced himself as he stroked his moustache. 

"Sir," the woman responded shyly, her green eyes staring at the floor.  "I’m Bonnie Greyson.  I understand that you’re looking for a maid for your Missus."

"Yes.  Well, more of a Governess for my sons," he slurred as he continued to ogle her.  "Do you have any experience?" he continued, emphasizing the last word. 

"Perhaps you should look for another girl," Bonnie offered coldly, her brilliant emerald gaze finally meeting his.  Cedric had no doubt in his mind what those eyes were saying as they burned into him.  Her message was clear - back off.  

Cedric cleared his throat, deciding that this young woman and her definite nature could be the answer to all of his problems.  "Yes well, I think you will do," Cedric said, trying to maintain his already shaky composure.  "It's a live-in position.  Report back here in the morning.  Just ask the clerk for the room, my wife will explain your duties.  Good day."  Cedric waved her off.


Bonnie watched the lanky older gentleman stagger off.  "Cheeky old sot," she muttered under her breath, thinking that's just what her dear sweet Nana would have called the lecherous gentleman who had offered her employment.  "But living at the Plaza?  Might be worth fighting off his attention," she pondered. 

"Bonnie?" the desk clerk said softly, catching her attention.  "What do you think, darling?"

"I think I have a job," Bonnie confided to Clyde, her childhood friend.  "Thank you for getting me in on this."

"No problem, kiddo."  Clyde smiled back as he ran his fingers through his dirty blonde hair.  "Wait until you get a look at the wife."

"A terrible old hag, I'm certain."  Bonnie laughed lightly.

"No, love."  Clyde winked down at the petite woman.  "A real looker.  Even I wouldn't refuse her."

"Really?"  Bonnie was intrigued.   If she looked good enough to turn Clyde's head, whose tastes definitely ran to the male of the species, this job might prove to be very interesting. 

Bonnie arrived bright and early the next morning, freshly scrubbed and wearing a crisply pressed uniform.  The standard black dress with white trim had set her back a pretty penny.  As she entered through the rear entrance of the Plaza Hotel, she said a silent prayer that this job would work out.  She was on her own and needed the money.  Work was hard to find, times were hard, and she was a woman alone.  Not simply alone but different since she didn't want a man.  There was always Clyde.  They had considered marrying just to simplify their lives.  Of course, they both needed to be more financially stable first. 

As luck would have it, Clyde had a male friend who got him into the Plaza when it first opened back in ‘27.   Now, with this job as a nanny for a well-to-do couple from England, things were looking up.  Bonnie made her way up the back staircase until she reached the tenth floor.  Room number ten thirteen.  She paused for a moment and rechecked her clothing.  Feeling somewhat confident, she rapped lightly on the door. 

From behind the door she could hear voices raised.  It almost sounded like a small war was happening.  Bonnie started to rethink her situation just as the large white door swung open.  "Because I said so . . . ," the tall dark figure said to whoever was behind her.

The taller woman turned to face Bonnie, her striking features causing Bonnie to swallow deeply.  "Please tell me that you are the woman my husband hired?" the woman pleaded. 

"Yes, Miss," Bonnie managed to squeak out.  "I'm Bonnie."

"Thank the heavens," Patience sighed as she stepped aside to usher the young woman into the room.  "These are my boys, Trayton and Aldred." 

Bonnie's eyes widened even further as she watched the pair of boys jumping up and down on their beds, as they tossed articles around the room.  "Get down off ther' now  'fore I skin ya alive!" she shouted before she could think better of it.  Surprising enough, the boys stopped their antics and stared back at the woman.  "Good Lord," she groaned, no longer caring if she lost this job.  If she was going to be turned out in the street, she was going to teach these spoiled brats a lesson first.  She strutted over to the dark-haired young men, grabbing each one by an ear and yanking them down off the beds.  "You have no manners at all," she chastised them along the way.

"Oww!"  Both boys hollered as she pinched just a little harder before releasing her charges.  She was fuming as she turned to the taller woman who stood there with her arms folded tightly across her ample bosom.  Bonnie felt her breathing become erratic as she braced herself for her impending dismissal.

Nothing could have prepared her for the brilliant smile that emerged on the woman's features.  "I think you will work out just fine, Bonnie."

"Excuse me, Missus?"  Bonnie shook her head in exasperation.  "Is this an every day occurrence?"

"It can be," Patience said with a smirk.

"I see," Bonnie responded with a wide-eyed look.  "Well, that would explain why I was hired without references."

"Not to worry, Bonnie.  I think that you are up to the challenge," Patience responded with another smirk.


Bonnie found herself slipping into her new role with ease.  After her first encounters with the boys, they seemed to instantly respect her.  Mrs. Styles was not what she had expected in the least.  Despite her cool exterior, she found her employer to be quite easy to get along with . . . and she was incredibly beautiful.  That was her only problem with her new job.  Mrs. Styles was a little too beautiful for Bonnie's comfort.

How her life had changed over the past few weeks.  She had been plucked from the run-down Irish neighborhood she had grown up in and was now living at the Plaza of all places.  She was a governess for an old English family and she spent most of her days with the most beautiful woman she had ever had the pleasure to lay her eyes on.   Life was good.

"Bonnie?" Patience addressed her early one morning as they were walking in the park with the boys.

"Yes, Mrs. Styles?" Bonnie responded a little fearfully since Patience’s voice had sounded hesitant.

"I need to discuss something with you," Patience continued as she watched her sons carefully.

"Yes, Ma’am," Bonnie answered respectfully.

"Mr. Styles has been sent here to look after the family business."  Patience explained.  "We will be looking for a more permanent residence soon."

"I understand."  Bonnie sighed heavily.  "I simply request that you grant me the proper references.  Employment is not easily found."

"You do not understand."  Patience smiled.  "I wish for you to stay on as the boys' governess.  I will naturally hire other domestics to tend the rest of our needs.  But I trust you, and only you, with the care of my sons."

Bonnie’s heart dropped slightly.  "Trayton will be starting school soon," she noted.  "I'm certain that I could still assist you with your needs," Bonnie suggested, knowing that she would miss brushing that long beautiful black hair and sharing a cup of tea with her employer just before they retired for the evening.

"That is very sweet of you to offer."  Patience smiled slightly.  "But we . . . I . . ." 

Bonnie’s heart grew heavy as her employer went strangely quiet.  "I wouldn't look appropriate," Patience finally explained softly.  "Appearances are very important to my mother-in-law.  The correct number of . . ."

"Servants," Bonnie finished for her, not feeling the least bit bitter over the term.

"I don't really care for that term," Patience grumbled as she watched her sons playing merrily.

"Don't hit your brother," Bonnie scolded Trayton who was tormenting his younger sibling with a large stick.


Patience smiled as she watched Trayton dutifully drop his weapon and look innocently over towards Bonnie.  Aldred came running over and clung tightly to Bonnie's leg.  She stifled a laugh as she watched Trayton roll his blue eyes in disgust. 

"I didn't hurt him," Trayton protested.

"Thank you, Bonnie," Aldred whimpered as Bonnie knelt before him.

"You need to learn to stand up for yourself, little man," Bonnie instructed him tenderly as she brushed back his raven hair.  "And you, young man," she said as she waved an accusing finger at Trayton.  "You are the older brother.  You are suppose to protect him from harm, not inflict it."

"I'm sorry, Bonnie," Trayton muttered as he stared at the ground.  His remorseful pout spoke volumes.

"It's not me you should apologize to," Bonnie reprimanded him.

"Sorry, Aldred," Trayton offered quickly to his brother, who was still clinging to Bonnie.

Patience frowned slightly at the familiarity.  "Boys," she said sternly, "what have I told you about addressing Miss Greyson properly?"

"I don't mind," Bonnie offered as she stood and brushed herself off.

"I'm sorry but it's not proper," Patience replied reluctantly.

"Of course," Bonnie answered shyly as her green eyes looked away.  "I'm sorry, Mrs. Styles."

Patience felt a slight pang of guilt.  She never wanted to see this beautiful young woman unhappy.  An uncomfortable silence loomed over them as the boys simply looked at them curiously.  "Now, just what are the two of you gawking at?" Bonnie teased, breaking the silence.   "Go on with you."  She shooed the boys away.  "Go play and no hitting."   The boys smiled up brightly before running off.

"Do you think they will tire themselves out and go to bed early?" Patience inquired hopefully.  She found herself smiling as Bonnie simply laughed at the suggestion.  "I do believe that you have woven a spell over them," Patience commented. 

"I beg your pardon, Mrs. Styles?" Bonnie asked as she kept a watchful eye on the pair of troublemakers.

"I'm quite certain that both of my boys have developed a serious crush on you," Patience explained.  ‘They aren't the only ones,’ she admitted to herself as she drank in the blonde's delicate features. 

Patience’s palms began to perspire as Bonnie turned to her.  The curious glance the younger woman cast at her sent a slight tremble down her spine.  "Who can blame them," Patience muttered softly as she brushed a stand of hair out of Bonnie's eyes.  Realizing what she had done, Patience quickly withdrew her hand. 

"Thank you, Mrs. Styles," Bonnie answered sincerely as she smiled back at Patience.  The taller woman swallowed hard as she tried to decipher the sweetness of that smile.  She found the warmth of it overwhelming. 

"You are quite welcome, my dear Bonnie."  Patience relaxed, knowing that if Bonnie had taken any offense to her gesture she would had let Patience know.  Bonnie was frightfully honest at times.  Patience often found herself jealous of the younger woman's bravado.

The jealousy was clouded by her overwhelming attraction to the energetic blonde.  This attraction gave birth to a different form of jealousy.  She hated the way her body would tense whenever Cedric would leer at the young governess.  It was worse when she saw the blonde conversing with the young desk clerk at the hotel.  Patience couldn't be certain but she had a sneaky suspicion that the two spent their days off together.  ‘It’s another good reason to get them away from the hotel.  Stop it, old girl.  After all, you are a married woman,’ she thought then suddenly chuckled at the idea that she was a married woman.

She stifled her laughter as she caught emerald eyes staring at her curiously.  "Beautiful day," Patience commented absently.

"It certainly is," Bonnie responded as she looked directly at Patience.  The girl quickly turned away towards the boys who were now chasing one another around.  "Be careful," she warned the youngsters.

"You really have a sixth sense when it comes to the boys," Patience commented as she found herself stealing another glance at the smaller woman.

Later that evening Patience and Bonnie tucked the boys into bed.  Patience looked forward to the nighttime.  Together they would tuck in the boys then either Patience or Bonnie would read them a story.  Patience felt a sense of belonging as they performed this ritual together.  Afterwards, Patience would always find some excuse for the two of them to sit up together.   They would sit by the fire and talk quietly or read.  Patience was amazed how they could spend all night together and feel completely at ease with one another.

Then came Patience's favorite part of the evening.  When it was time to retire, Bonnie would follow her to her room and help her undress.  Patience couldn't help the stirrings of passion that always emerged as the blonde assisted her in removing her clothing.  Then Bonnie would help her dress in her night clothing.  Patience knew that it wasn't really a part of the younger woman's duties, but she certainly wasn't going to cease this small moment of happiness.  After she was dressed for bed, Bonnie would brush her hair for her.  Patience loved the feel of Bonnie's fingers running through her hair.  Once Patience was ready to retire, Bonnie would excuse herself and then return dressed for bed herself.  The only part that Patience didn't enjoy was the frumpy robe the young girl would cover herself in.  Bonnie would always bring back a tray with tea and cookies.  They would sit and enjoy their tea while they chatted casually.

Patience knew that she was enjoying their time together far too much.  She could feel her breasts becoming firm just at the thought of bedtime.  The hardest part of the evening came when it was time to go to bed.  Bonnie would bid her good evening as she cleared away the tray and retired to her own bedroom.  Patience felt lonely after Bonnie would leave and would often lay awake.  On occasion she worked up enough courage to walk out of her bedchamber and hover outside Bonnie's door.  More often than not, she would pleasure herself. 

This particular evening after the boys had drifted off, the two women returned to the sitting room.  Patience was surprised to find Cedric sitting by the fire.  "What is he doing here?" Patience muttered bitterly.  She was angry with him for disturbing her time alone with Bonnie.  The small blonde cast an odd expression up at her.  "I'll be in my room, Mrs. Styles," Bonnie said softly as she turned and walked back down the hallway.

Patience could feel her anger building as she watched Cedric eyeing Bonnie's backside.    "She is adorable," Cedric sighed appreciatively.

"Cedric," Patience hissed.

"What?"  Cedric chuckled.  "My dear wife, don't lie and tell me that she isn't."

"Cedric," she repeated with a growl as she approached him.

"Oh bother, Stinky."  Cedric laughed.  Patience cringed slightly at the childhood nickname.  "I won't touch her," Cedric reassured her.  "I promise," he added emphatically.

"That is what you said about Freda," Patience pointed out as she sat down next to her husband.

"Who?" Cedric asked in confusion.

"The last governess," Patience clarified harshly.

"Oh, right," Cedric responded as he processed the information.  "Sorry about that.  I wasn't myself that night." 

"You were drunk," Patience asserted.

"Well, be that as it may."  Cedric grimaced.  "Freda was a looker and all, but she wasn't terribly good with the boys."

"No," Patience agreed. 

"This girl is," Cedric noted.

"Bonnie," Patience corrected him as she wondered just where this conversation was heading.  "Her name is Bonnie."

"Right."  Cedric nodded. 

"I've asked her to stay on," Patience explained, hoping to avoid an argument.  She knew that her mother-in-law had already chosen a staff for them.  She needed her spies after all.

"Good," Cedric agreed. 

"What about your mother?" Patience inquired.

"Well, I doubt she's found someone to replace Freda yet."  Cedric groaned.  "I'll avoid the subject for as long as I can.  Then I will explain to her that we have found someone who is more than suitable."

"She won't be happy," Patience concurred.

"Is she ever?"  Cedric groaned once again.  "I'll try to make this work, Stinky," he promised as she swatted him playfully.  "Still the bully."  He laughed.

"Stop calling me that name."  She glared at him.

"You liked it the first time I called you that."  Cedric chuckled.

"We were five."  Patience laughed.  "Did you ever think we would end up married?"

"What?  At all or to each other?" Cedric smiled as he took his old friend's hand. 

"Either," Patience sighed.

"No to both," Cedric replied solemnly.  "Don't worry about Mother.  She is on the other side the ocean.  The girl . . I mean Bonnie," he corrected himself.  "She makes the boys happy, and she makes you happy.  That is a rare combination.  Perhaps this exile won't be all that bad after all."

"I am sorry about that," Patience confessed.

Cedric didn't respond; he simply sat there for a moment.  "Water under the bridge, Stinky," he offered finally.  "I think that America is going to work out for us.  There is one downside to all of this."  She looked at him quizzically.  "It appears that the business is in trouble.  I might actually have to work," he added in disgust.  "In fact, I would like to hear your thoughts regarding the operation down at the factory," he said sheepishly.

"I knew you wanted something."  She laughed.

"Of course."  Cedric smiled.  "I can't help it if you have a brilliant mind.  Speaking of brilliant . . . ," he began as he glanced down the hallway.  " . . . tell me, does your room connect with hers?"

"No."  Patience fumed.  "Both of our rooms connect only with the boy's room."

"Pity."  Cedric leered.  "She is quite a looker.  Tell me, have you . . ."

"Cedric," she snapped.

"What?" Cedric inquired.  "If you're not, then maybe I should."  He winked at her.

"I am warning you."  Patience glared at him as he recoiled in fear.

Cedric seemed to drop the subject as they started talking of his work.  He explained as best he could the workings of the factory.  Patience listened carefully and made a few suggestions.  She also found herself agreeing to go down there in the morning so she could have a look for herself.   She was tired by the time he excused himself.  She knew he would be going out to drink and meet someone.

She made her way to Bonnie's door and knocked gently.  When Bonnie opened the door, the distance in the girl's normally bright eyes caused Patience to pause.  "I'll see to myself tonight," she said quickly, uncertain as to what she should say or do.

"Yes, Mrs. Styles," Bonnie responded in a heavy tone.

"Well, good evening then," Patience offered as she just stared at the blonde.  She found herself fighting the urge to gather the girl up in her arms.  Something was wrong.  She could feel it and she was helpless to do anything about it.

"Good evening," Bonnie said in a flat tone before slowly closing the door.

Patience raised her hand and pressed it against the door, feeling completely lost as she stood there.  Finally she tore herself away and retired to her own room.  At one point she heard Bonnie's door open and close.  She sat up in her bed, listening for the girl's return.  She fell asleep while she waited.  Sometime later, she heard a noise coming from the outer room.  Confused, she climbed out of bed and checked on her sons.  They were sound asleep. 

Hearing another noise, she quietly made her way over to the sitting room.  She peered into the darkness until she heard it again.  There was no mistaking the sound emanating from Cedric's bedroom.  "Bastard," she muttered as she stormed over to her husband's doorway.  "He promised he wouldn't touch her," she grumbled as she threw open the doorway.  "Bastard!" she screamed as the naked couple rushed to cover themselves.  "Sorry," she quickly apologized as she realized her error.

 The sight of her husband's naked body was disconcerting enough, but to see him with the heavy redhead was making her queasy.  "Good Lord, Pay!" Cedric bellowed as he stood.

"Cover yourself, Cedric."  She groaned in despair.  "I'm sorry for the intrusion."  She blushed.

"Who is she?" the strange woman whined.

"His wife," said a familiar frightened tone from behind her.

The startled look on Cedric's face confirmed her fears.  Her blue eyes widened as she realized just how horrible things were at that moment in time.  "Cedric."  She cleared her throat.  "Would you mind putting that away?"  She motioned towards his manhood.

"Right."  He blushed as he grabbed a blanket and quickly wrapped it around himself.

"Your wife!" the red head bellowed.

"Goodness!  This is going to take some explaining."  Cedric sighed wearily.

"I'm sorry, Cedric."  Patience cringed.  "I thought . . ."

"I know what you thought, Pay," Cedric muttered as he rubbed his brow.  "She's headed back towards the sitting room," he explained as he jutted his chin.

Patience whirled around quickly to discover no one standing behind her.  "It seems that you have some explaining to do as well," Cedric encouraged her as he placed a comforting hand on her tense shoulder.  "Do all of us a favor and admit to yourself that you've fallen for the girl."

Patience's shoulders slumped, knowing for the first time in a very long time Cedric was telling her the truth.  "Go on, Stinky."  He nudged her.  "I see how you look at her.  Don't make the same mistake I did."

She turned to find nothing but sincerity in his eyes.  "Why are you doing this?" she questioned him. 

"Because we were friends once," he confessed shyly.  "And there was a girl once . . ."  He paused for a moment as his eyes misted up slightly.  ". . . I was too young or proud or perhaps simply stupid.  Get on with it."  He nudged her again.  "The worst that can happen is that she'll refuse you and quit.  Then we’ll go on as before."

"Are you gonna let me sit here all night!" the red head screeched.

"Good Lord, where did you find that one?"  Patience grimaced.

"I honestly don't recall," Cedric whispered. 

"Oh Cedric," she whispered.

"Go on," he insisted.  "Don't end up like me."

"Thank you," she responded earnestly.  She touched his face gently before spinning around and racing off to find Bonnie.


Bonnie sat on her bed, trying to understand the strange events of the evening.  "What was I thinking?" she berated herself.   "I was thinking about what I'm always thinking about.  I was thinking about her," she finally admitted to herself.   Bonnie had been hurt and angry when Mr. Styles interrupted the evening.  The moment she saw him sitting there waiting for his wife, she knew that she had been deluding herself.  The woman who captured her heart would never be hers.  It was the way of the world and she had better accept it.  Accepting it was a bitter pill to swallow and it hurt so damn much.

 She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost didn't hear the soft knock on her door.  She stood on shaky legs and opened it to the woman who filled her thoughts during every waking moment.

"Are you alright?" Patience inquired in a soft voice.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Styles."  Her voice trembled as she spoke.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Bonnie," the taller woman spoke softly.  "I'm the one who should apologize to you."

"Mother?"  A small voice called out.

Both women stepped out into the hallway to find a very sleepy Aldred standing there.  "Now what are you doing out of bed, little man?" Bonnie inquired gently.

"Heard a noise."  The youngster yawned.

"Come along," Patience said as she gathered her son up in her arms.

Bonnie followed them back into the children's bedroom.  It seemed so natural for the two of them to tuck the boy into bed.  Bonnie stood next to Patience as they waited for Aldred to fall back to sleep.  As the boy drifted off to sleep, Bonnie nervously pulled her robe a little tighter around her body. 

She felt a warm hand come to rest on her shoulder.  "You know, we never had our tea this evening," Patience whispered in her ear.  Bonnie’s knees weakened as the older woman's breath caressed her neck. 

"What?" Bonnie asked softly, uncertain that she had heard correctly.

"We need to talk," Patience added, her lips almost brushing Bonnie's ear.

Unable to speak, Bonnie simply nodded in response.  Her head was spinning as Patience led the way to her bedchamber.  Bonnie licked her lips nervously as they entered the darkened room.  She treasured their evenings together when she could allow her hands to touch the woman she desired.  She had worked very hard at making her touch appear to be innocent.  Bonnie knew the truth; she desired this woman.

Bonnie’s excitement grew and her clit began to throb in a steady rhythm.  Patience lit the lamp at her bedside.  Bonnie swallowed hard as she drank in the vision of the tall woman with the most amazing blue eyes.  She was simply beautiful standing there in her white lace nightgown.  The light cast a dim hue around the room.  It also allowed Bonnie to see Patience’s body underneath her nightclothes.  "Help me," she uttered just above a whisper.

"Bonnie."  Patience’s sultry voice called to her.

Bonnie couldn't tear her eyes away from the tall firm body before her.  "Bonnie," Patience repeated in the same sultry tone.  Bonnie finally lifted her gaze, only to find it held prisoner by the fire she found in the raven-haired beauty eyes.  "My husband and I . . ."

"How could he do that to you?" Bonnie blurted out in a mystified tone.  "Why would anyone do that to you?"

"There are things you don't understand."  Patience's voice trembled slightly.  "My husband and I have an understanding."

"Oh," Bonnie sighed deeply, feeling suddenly sad.  "It's none of my concern.  I shouldn't have interfered.  I forgot my position."

"Please don't," Patience interrupted as she held her hand out to Bonnie.  "My husband and I have never been in love.  Years ago we were friends, but we grew apart.  Our families thought it would be in everyone's best interest if we married."

Bonnie accepted Patience’s hand and stepped closer to her.  Her nipples hardened the moment their hands touched.  She looked up at the tall beauty and with her eyes she encouraged her to continue.  "We've only been intimate a handful of times.  And that was only so we could have children."

"Oh?" Bonnie commented as her body inched slightly closer to the other woman.

"You see, we left England because of another woman," Patience said as she moved closer.

"How could he?" Bonnie said bitterly as she noticed that their bodies were almost touching.

"He didn't," Patience explained as she looked away.  "I did."

Bonnie felt her heart leap as she quickly processed this new information.  "Could you repeat that?" she asked excitedly.


"I'd rather not," Patience grumbled as she tried to pull away.

Bonnie wasn't about to allow the woman to get away.  If there was the slightest chance that they could be together, she had to grab it with both hands.  So she did; she placed her hands firmly on the taller woman's hips.  "Please," she pleaded in a needy tone.  "Will you at least look at me?"  Bonnie was slightly taken aback by the look of fear that was replaced Patience’s normally stoic demeanor.  "Did you love her?" Bonnie asked gently.

"No," Patience confessed, her guilt evident.  "But I think that I'm in love now," she added shyly.

Bonnie wrapped her arms around Patience.  Far too overwhelmed by her emotions, she simply allowed her body to take control.  She raised her head as the brunette lowered hers.  Their lips met shyly and the warmth and desire was too much for Bonnie to resist.  She pulled the other woman closer to her.  She needed more.  She sucked on the other woman's lower lip. 

Her wetness grew as Patience parted her lips.  Bonnie wasn't about to refuse the invitation as her tongue entered into the moist warmth and began a heated exploration.  Her hands roamed freely as she cupped the taller woman's firm backside.  She heard a moan that only served to further fuel her desires.  She pressed her body into Patience as she guided her back towards the bed.

Reluctantly Bonnie tore her mouth away so she could breath.  She began to kiss the other woman's neck and worked her way down to her cleavage.  "Oh, Bonnie," Patience gasped as she was lowered down onto the bed.  Bonnie found herself straddling the taller woman as she lay on top of her.  Her nimble fingers brushed the material away from one of her breasts. 

Just as her mouth was about to capture the breast and feast upon it, she felt a hand gently pushing her back.  "Wait," the other woman gasped. "I don't want to force you . . . or confuse you."

"Force me?"  Bonnie smiled down at her lover.  "Do you honestly think that is what’s happening here?" she asked before her tongue circled the nipple below her. 

Patience moaned as her body arched in response.  Bonnie began to suckle a nipple eagerly, teasing it with her teeth and her tongue.  She pulled away slightly.  "As for confusing me, do you think I’ve never done this before?  Is that what you are afraid of?"

"Not anymore," Patience moaned as she began to pull open Bonnie's robe.

"There is one thing you can do for me," Bonnie said as she allowed her robe to be removed.  "Is there something I can call you?  Mrs. Styles seems a bit formal at the moment."

"Pay," her lover answered as she began to pull Bonnie's nightgown up over her hips.  "People close to me call me Pay," she explained as her hands explored Bonnie's exposed backside.

"Pay," Bonnie whispered as she lowered her mouth.  Her thighs were nudged apart as she resumed feasting upon Pay's breast.  Pay's fingers slipped into her wetness.  The gentle exploration spurred her on as she pulled her mouth up.  She reached down and began to feel her way along the length of Pay's body.  She tugged at the white lacy gown, pulling it up until she revealed Pay's dark curls.

They began kissing again as their bodies shifted so that they were lying side by side.  Bonnie’s body trembled as Pay's knowing fingers teased her throbbing clit.  Bonnie's fingers dipped into Pay's wetness and she began her own exploration. 

Their tongues danced together as they parted their thighs.  The invitation was clear as they entered each other.  Their hips thrust as fingers dipped in and out of one another’s passion.  Their bodies melted together as their hands moved in rhythm.  As they plunged deeper, they clung to one another.  Their bodies rocked wildly; Bonnie was aware that they were both nearing the edge. 

The need for air forced their lips apart as they rode each other.  "Harder," Pay encouraged her as their wetness pressed into each other.  "That's it,"Bonnie gasped.  "Take me," she pleaded as their bodies trembled.  "Sweet Jesuss" Pay moaned as she exploded against Bonnie's trembling body.

Bonnie quickly followed her lover as the climax overtook her.  Trembling, they held each other tightly.  Bonnie slipped her fingers from the warmth of Pay's wetness and brought them to her mouth to taste.  Pay moaned as she licked her fingers clean.  "Taste me," Bonnie encouraged her lover as she clasped her wrist and painted her breast with her own wetness.

Pay eagerly began to lick the sweet nectar from Bonnie's nipple.  Bonnie pressed her wetness against Pay's firm abdomen and began to rock against her.  Gently guiding her lover onto her back, Bonnie reached down and pushed Pay away playfully.  She smiled as she removed Pay's nightgown. 

Bonnie licked her lips as she looked down upon her lover's naked body.  With a wicked gleam in her brilliant green eyes, Bonnie removed her own nightgown then she reached down and began to touch herself.  Then she pressed her slick fingers to Pay's mouth.  Pay licked each digit clean as Bonnie continued to rock against her. 

Bonnie watched the rise and fall of Pay's chest as she lowered herself down just a little further.  Thighs slipped between one another as their clits touched.  Bonnie pressed herself into her lover as they thrust against each other.  They clutched one another as their rhythm became a frantic need.  Bonnie couldn’t hold back any longer as she quickly moved down her lover's body.  She settled herself between Pay's thighs and frantically drank in her wetness. 

She felt possessed as she licked and sucked her lover's clit.  Pay's body bucked wildly as she used one hand to press Bonnie deeper inside.  Bonnie thrust two fingers into Pay's center, sending her over the edge.  She held Pay tightly as she rode out the waves of ecstasy.  Bonnie felt ready to explode as she moved back up her lover's body.

Straddling her, she dipped her own fingers into her wetness.  She looked deeply into Pay's brilliant blue eyes.  She felt her arching beneath her as Pay watched Bonnie pleasure herself.  "Yes," Pay groaned.  "That's it; go inside yourself."  Bonnie exploded and collapsed against Pay's body.  Pay captured Bonnie's glistening fingers and licked each one carefully.

Exhausted, the lovers settled beneath the covers and wrapped themselves up in each other's embrace.  "We'll make this work," Pay promised as she kissed Bonnie tenderly.

"It won't be easy."  Bonnie yawned. 

"I know," Pay agreed as she snuggled closer to her.  "I love you."

"I love you too," Bonnie said as she reached up and kissed her sweetly. 

They pushed aside the outside world and drifted off to sleep, both wondering what the morning would bring.



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