By Mavis Applewater

July 2001

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As Always For Heather


            Regina was beyond angry as she approached the downtown apartment house.  Pete had called her in the middle of the night to ask her to shlep all the way down there to pick him up.  She was once again questioning what the heck she was doing with this jerk.  Pete wasn't a bad guy and her mother liked him but he was forever pulling stunts like this.  Truthfully, she had been ready to end things for a long time.

            It wasn’t anything he did, it was her.  Regina was trying to figure out just how to tell him without actually saying ‘It's not you, it's me'.   It sounded like a cliche but it was the truth.  She cared for Pete but she had feelings that, no matter how hard she tried, she could not exorcise from her spirit.  Of course, Pete wasn't helping his cause any by calling up drunk, asking her to drag herself downtown in the middle of the night.

            She had worked late and was looking forward to having the apartment to herself for a change.  Pete was playing poker with the boys.  Running her fingers through her short blonde hair, she grumbled, angrier with herself than with Pete.  Aggravated, she pushed the buzzer and was buzzed in.

            Stomping up the staircase, she kicked herself the one hundredth time for settling for the first guy she felt comfortable with.  She knocked on the apartment door and was greeted by someone who was most definitely not one of the boys.  The woman stood several inches above her five foot four inch frame.  "Hi, Pam."  Regina smiled at the woman, her demeanor suddenly brightening.

            Regina had always liked Pam.  In fact, she had a crush on the taller woman.   Like the rest of the guys at the poker game, Pam  worked with Pete down at Comtrel.  They were all computer geeks but sweet just the same.  Regina had noticed Pam from the first moment she laid eyes on her.   Not only was she the sole woman in the department, she was also drop dead gorgeous.

            Granted, most people with a pulse ended up with a crush on Pam but Regina was uncomfortable with it.  She had been down this road before and it never ended well.  On top of that,  she was in a relationship.  Pete mistook Regina's reaction to Pam as jealousy even though she had been quite honest about some of her past experiences.

            Regina swallowed hard as she found herself trapped in an intense blue gaze.  "Oh Pete," Pam called out in a deep tone that Regina was captivated by.  Regina stepped in shyly as she stole an appriciative glance at the beautiful woman before her.  She ducked her head to hide the blush that was now creeping across her face.

            Movement within the living room caught her eye, jolting her back to where she was.  She recognized everyone in the small group of Pete's buddies from work.  For some reason they were stepping away from Pete who was looking down at the floor.  As Regina approached her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, she felt like Moses parting the Red Sea.   She couldn't help but notice that everyone stepped aside as she approached him and not one of them would look her in the eye.

            “Jeez, how much money could he have lost?" she teased, finally realizing why she had been summoned downtown in the middle of the night. No one answered as Pete continued to stare at the floor.

"My paycheck," Pete finally muttered.

"Okay, so you're an idiot."  Regina laughed as she quietly noted that it was high time to get out of this so-called relationship.  She had other reasons as well, but for the most part it came down to the simple fact that she was unhappy with Pete.

"That's not all he lost," Bob, Pete's best friend, offered quickly.

            Regina watched as everyone looked everywhere but at her.  Pete continued his fascination with the carpeting.  "Out with it," Regina demanded with a heavy sigh.  "How much do I owe and to whom?"

Regina began to feel uncomfortable as she was greeted by an eerie silence.  "Pam," Bob offered weakly.  "I guess you owe Pam."

            "No, she doesn't," the taller woman blurted out.  "Look, he was drinking.  I didn't think he was serious, none of us thought he was serious.  We just accepted his bet to shut him up."

"It's true," Bob confirmed as the others nodded their heads.

            Regina could tell that they were sincere but there was definitely something amiss.  "Pete, how much?" she inquired carefully.

"It wasn't money," Pete stammered in embarrassment.

            "Well, just what did you bet?" Regina inquired as she noticed everyone in the room inch their way towards the front door.  The group included Dave, which was odd since it was his apartment.  Continued silence met with more inching towards the doorway.  Granted, she was upset when she arrived but she had never given anyone in the room any reason to be afraid of her.  "Whatever Pete lost in the game must be a big deal.  Yet no one seems in a hurry to collect."  She eyed the nervous crowd carefully and then turned her attention back to Pete, catching his glance in Pam’s direction.  "Pete, just tell me what it is," Regina encouraged him.  "Besides, Pam seems to be willing to let you off the hook."

"That's right, Pete," Pam asserted.  "I told you that when I won the pot."

"There, you see," Regina smiled as she relaxed slightly.  "Okay Pete, get your stuff together and we'll get going."

"Okay,"  Pete looked up, still not meeting Regina's gaze.  Everyone seemed to relax now that she had let Pete off the hook.

            Regina found herself chuckling at Pete's dilemma.  "Well, whatever it was must have been a lulu," Regina addressed Pam and Bob who were the only people close to her.  Regina felt the mood become tense once again.  Everyone shuffled and looked around the apartment.  "Guys, what did Pete put into the pot?"   There was no response as the tension intensified.

            Finally, Bob and Pam inched slightly  closer to Regina.  She could see that both of them looked very uncomfortable.  "Trust me, Regina.  No one took him seriously but, after he lost, he called you before we could stop him,   Bob tried to explain.  "Look, he's drunk."

"What did you bet?" Regina demanded in an incredulous tone.

"You," Pete finally confessed, meeting her eyes for the first time.


            There was a mad dash for the doorway as everyone tried to leave with the exception of Regina and the soon-to-be-dead Pete.  "Everyone freeze!" Regina yelled angrily.  The group of card players stopped dead in their tracks.  "Let me see if I understand this correctly,"  she stated, her green eyes blazing brightly.  "You pack of lowlifes bet on who would win ME?"

            They all stammered, stuttered, and otherwise protested the accusation.  Regina looked around and she knew that, although they weren't the most honorable group, the rats were telling the truth.  Pete had gotten drunk, run out of money, and used her as a poker bet, thinking he had a winning hand.    "Enough!" she finally bellowed over their protests of innocence.    No one in the room could fathom the depth of anger and relief she was experiencing.

            Slipping the car keys off her key ring, she tossed them at Pete.  "The car is yours.  Have one of your friends drive you over to the apartment to pick up your things," she said coldly before offering him a single digit salute.  "You," she addressed Pam who was running a shaky hand through her long raven hair.  "Could you give me a lift?"

"Huh?" Pam responded in a shocked tone while looking like a deer caught in headlights.

"The car belongs to dumb ass," Regina scowled.  "I need a ride, besides you did win me."  Regina snorted at her predicament.

"Regina?" Pete squeaked.

            "Don’t talk to me," Regina snapped.  "You put me up as a stake in a card game.  It's over."  Regina glared at Pete as he just stood there dumbfounded, his jaw hanging down.  Pam grabbed her keys and wallet while still looking a little frightened of the tiny blonde.  Once outside Pam turned to her with a fearful gaze.

"Look Reggie . . . I . . . ," Pam began uneasily.

"I know," Regina responded in exasperation.  "I could tell that you guys were being straight with me in there.  No pun intended."

"Ha ha," Pam responded dryly, relaxing a little.  "So, where to?"

"I have no idea,"  Regina answered sadly. "I just know that I don't want to go back to my apartment tonight."

"Look, why don't you crash at my place for the night?" Pam offered.  "It's small but you can have the couch."

"Thanks, Pam," Regina smiled slightly with relief.

            They made their way across town to Beacon Hill, neither of them speaking until after they were inside Pam's studio apartment.  "Not much, but it's home," Pam announced as she tossed her keys onto the already cluttered coffee table.

"Thanks," Regina said softly.

"I'll get some sheets for the sofa," Pam offered.

"I can't believe that he bet me in a poker game," Regina reflected in disgust.  "If I didn't want out before, I sure as hell do now."

"Maybe I should get us some wine?" Pam suggested as she ducked into the kitchenette to allow Regina some degree of privacy.

Pam returned with a large bottle of white zinfandel and two glasses.  Regina had taken off her shoes and settled down on the sofa.  "I hope this okay," Pam said.  "You look like you could use it.  I know I can.  I wasn't drinking earlier but after watching that scene . . . sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?" Regina laughed lightly as Pam handed her a glass of wine.  "Truth is, it's been coming for some time now.  I just can't believe he would do something so slimy."

"He was drinking a lot and he's not use to it," Pam tossed in as she sat next to Regina and poured herself a glass of wine.  "You know, when the words came out of his mouth, none of us could believe what he had said."


            Pam  was starting to relax.  The events of the evening had certainly thrown her for a loop.  She was shocked when Pete offered up Regina as a wager.  Even though she was appalled by the offer, a part of her was a little giddy at the thought.  Pam had always had a crush on the petite blonde.  In fact, she had been more than a little surprised to learn that Regina was Pete's girlfriend.  Her gaydar had been on full alert the first time she spotted her at the company Christmas party more than two years ago.

Now this woman, who had been the featured player in more than one of her late night fantasies, was sitting in her apartment sipping wine.  "I'm sorry about what happened tonight," Pam offered sincerely.

"Like I said, it's been coming," Regina reasserted.  "Pete's a good guy and, in all honesty, this is the first time he’s done anything this cruel.  Should I ask what he was holding?"

"A full house,"  Pam said.  "Jacks and tens."

"That's a good hand," Regina mused as she sipped her wine.  "What did you have?"

"The same," Pam smiled slightly.  "Only my hand was queens and kings.  I tried to warn him not to bet something he wasn't willing to loose."  Pam felt herself tensing up, afraid that she had suddenly revealed to much.

"I guess I wasn't worth holding onto," Regina muttered bitterly.

"No," Pam protested.  "He's an idiot."

            Regina smiled up at Pam, feeling a familiar jolt run through her.  Pam felt it as well, and not for the first time either.  "I'm sorry I didn't . . . ," Pam stammered, tearing her eyes away from the intense gaze directed at her.

"Why?" Regina questioned as she reached out and started to gently rub Pam's forearm.

"Nothing," Pam lied as she focused on her libido in check.

"You want to hear something funny?" Regina offered in an effort to keep the conversation going.  "I never planned on living with him."

"What?" Pam asked curiously.

"He was in between apartments," Regina explained.  "He asked if he could crash at my place for a couple of days until he got settled.  He just never left."

"You're kidding?"  Pam laughed at the situation.

"No."  Regina laughed at herself.  "The sad part was that I was about to break up with him right before he moved in."

"Wow," Pam said as she began to ponder what Regina had said.  A part of her silently wished that perhaps, now that she was single, Regina would consider her.

"Yeah," Regina sighed as she snuck another look at the woman sitting next to her.  "I started seeing him when I was on the rebound.  I was seeing someone for a few months, but I knew that she wasn't as serious as I was.   Plus, I could never tell my family about her."

            Pam sputtered as she almost spit her wine across the room.  "Excuse me?" Pam choked out as she stared at Regina with disbelief.

"You seem surprised."  Regina chuckled, not knowing why she had chosen to reveal something she hadn't shared with anyone.

"Not really," Pam lied.  "I just assumed that, well . . . you know, you have a boyfriend. . ."

"Uh huh," Regina responded, feeling more than a little warmth from sitting so close to Pam.   "I had a few experiences with women, some mild flirtations in high school and more experimentation in college.  I thought Shelia was something special, but in the end I guess I wasn't special to her."

"Another idiot," Pam said sincerely as she tried to process her newfound knowledge.  "Wait a minute.  I’m beginning to think that you’ve slept with more women than I have," Pam teased, hoping to hide her increasing curiosity.


            Regina was enjoying the way the evening was turning out.  She had dumped Pete and now she was trying to let Pam know that she was definitely interested in women.  It was something she fought for a long time but, at this moment with Pam, the battle was most definitely lost.  Regina knew Pam was gay since she was far from being in the closet.  She’d had many a fantasy about this tall dark haired beauty.

            They sat, each lost in their own thoughts, unaware that they were flowing in the same direction.  They turned to one another at the same moment and found themselves locked in an intense gaze.  Before either realized it, their lips met.  The first kiss was shy but full of promise.  Regina wanted to pinch herself, not quite certain that it had happened at all.  She drank in Pam’s beauty and found herself  drawn in again.

            The second kiss ignited the passion within.  It quickly deepened.  Regina felt overwhelmed from the heat, her senses reaching the breaking point.  Before she could think, her tongue brushed Pam's lower lip.  Her body throbbed as Pam opened her mouth, granting her entrance.  Regina began a gentle exploration of Pam's mouth.  A soft moan greeted her as her hand wandered up and gently cupped Pam's breast.

            They broke away gasping for air.  Pam shivered as Regina's fingers continued their exploration.  Her nipple hardened from Regina's touch.  "Don't," Pam gasped and Regina halted her movements.  She looked up with concern, fearful that she had gone too far.  "I just want to know . . ." Pam gasped, her features flushed with passion, " . . . this isn't about getting even with him."

"NO," Regina vowed sternly.  "I've thought about you, more than I should have.  You're beautiful, smart, sexy . . . ."

            Her words were cut off as Pam's lips met hers and began a passionate kiss.  "Good," Pam whispered huskily as she allowed her hands to roam across Regina's back.  Inspired by the sensual kiss, Regina’s hands slipped under Pam's t-shirt.  She needed to feel this woman.  The kiss ended as they both yielded to the need for breath.  "You thought about me?" Pam inquired as her fingers gently traced Regina’s jawline.  Her own passion increased as she felt Regina shudder lightly from her touch.

"Yes," Regina moaned, her body trembling from Pam's touch.  She was drawn back to Pam's lips and began kissing her eagerly. She pushed Pam back onto the sofa as her lips wandered from Pam's lips to her jawline and down to her throat.   Shaking from the intensity, she looked up and found herself lost in a haze of crystal blue.  "I belong to you," she offered huskily.  "You won me."

"I . . . ," Pam began but she suddenly lost the ability to speak coherently.  The woman she had been fantasizing about had just offered herself to her.

"You won me," Regina asserted.  "Make me yours."


            The offer was too much for Pam to refuse.  Sitting up, she lifted Regina so that she straddled her lap.  She kissed Regina once again, this time in an possessive manner.  Gently biting Regina's lower lip, Pam’s hands fondled Regina's breasts.  She could feel the smaller woman's nipples becoming erect.  Her fingers slowly undid the buttons of Regina’s blouse.  Regina moaned as she pressed herself harder into Pam's body.

            Their hips began to grind together in a sensual rhythm as Pam tugged the now unbuttoned blouse from Regina's body.  She kissed and tasted Regina's neck and shoulders as her fingers unhooked the clasp of Regina's bra.  Pam tossed the offending garment across the room.  "Pam . . . please . . . ,"  Regina begged.

            Pausing for a brief moment, Pam slid Regina off her lap and stood.  Holding her hand out to Regina, she silently requested her to follow.  Regina took Pam's hand tightly and followed her the few steps over to the corner where the big brass bed was located.  Pam licked her lips, trembling slightly at the thought that she was going to do exactly what Regina had asked her to do.

Regina stepped into Pam's embrace and held her tightly.  "Is this what you want?" Pam asked gently.

"Yes," Regina asserted.  "This might be the only time we’re together.  Tomorrow we'll probably blame it on the wine or whatever.  For tonight I belong to you."

            Pam allowed her hands to roam freely over Regina's exposed breasts.  Inspired by the goose bumps she felt beneath her touch, she began to explore further.  Lowering her hands, she toyed  with the waistband of Regina's blue jeans.  Her eyes never broke contact with the blonde standing half naked before her.  Pam unbuttoned the jeans and lowered the zipper before kneeling in front of Regina.  Kissing her stomach, her tongue tasted Regina’s skin as she began to lower the jeans.

            Regina tilted her head back.  Her senses were in overdrive as she kicked off her shoes.  Pam disrobed Regina, tossing the garments across the room.  Her fingers tenderly slipped between the smaller woman's lower lips. Her head spun as she felt the wetness and took in the scent of Regina’s passion.  She looked up to see Regina’s head tilted back, her eyes closed.

            Pam stood, her fingers caressing Regina's exposed body.  "Undress me," she requested.  Regina groaned upon hearing Pam's request.  Opening her eyes, she saw her own desire reflected in Pam's eyes.  She ran her fingers through the thick hair and pulled Pam’s head down.  She kissed the woman with all the intensity she possessed.  She heard a moan escape from the taller woman.

            Regina tugged at the t-shirt Pam was wearing and began to pull it up.  Pam broke away from the kiss and raised her arms so Regina could remove the shirt.  Regina licked her lips as she drank in the sight of  Pam reaching behind herself to remove her bra.  She allowed herself a moment to gaze upon Pam's half  naked body.  Without realizing it, Regina's hands began an exploration  of Pam's breasts. 

Pam ran her fingers through Regina's short blonde tresses and  guided her towards a breast.  Regina eagerly accepted the offer as her tongue snaked out to taste the  beautiful nipple.  They moaned in unison as Regina began to suckle Pam's  breast.  Their bodies pressed together as hands touched the other  freely.

Pam stepped back slightly and started to unbutton her jeans.   Regina simply watched as the taller woman removed the rest of her  clothing.  "So beautiful," Regina whispered hungrily.

"Yes, you are," Pam said as Regina blushed.  Taking the smaller  woman's hand once again, Pam sat down on the bed.  Pam placed her hands on the smaller woman's shoulders and guided  her to kneel before her.  Regina knelt willingly between Pam's thighs and ran her fingers along the inside of them.

            Pam shivered slightly as she leaned back on her palms.  Regina  lowered herself further so she could inhale the sweet scent of Pam's passion.   Her tongue reached out to taste Pam's inner thighs, kissing them  sweetly as Pam ran fingers through her hair.  Unable to resist any  longer, Regina tasted her.

            Pam  gasped as Regina slowly increased the rhythm.  Looking down she felt her heart stop as  she saw the woman of her dreams nestled sweetly between her legs.  She  opened herself up further as by moving closer to the edge of the bed and  Regina's mouth.  Regina's tongue teased her opening and finally entered her.  Pam groaned as Regina took her  with her tongue.  Regina slowed as she moved her attention to Pam's now  throbbing clit.

            Regina began to suckle Pam's clit with enthusiasim as Pam gripped  the bedding and the back of Regina's head tightly.  "Oh God . . . yes . . . Oh my . . . ," Pam cried  out.  Regina entered Pam with her fingers as she continued to love her  with her tongue.  Feeling the crest overcome her, Pam let go, screaming  out to every deity she could think of.  Her body trembled as Regina continued to pleasure her.  Pam collapsed back  on the bed as she came once again.  She was amazed that the smaller  woman showed no signs of stopping.  Pam pulled away, begging for mercy.   "Hold on . . . I can't breath," she gasped.

            Still kneeling before Pam, Regina just smiled up at her.  "Come  here," Pam requested as she held her arms open.  Regina crawled in next  to her and snuggled up against her.  Pam kissed her tenderly as she  rolled the smaller woman over onto her back.  Looking down at her, Pam thought she had never seen anything so beautiful.

"I belong to you," Regina reminded her.  "Don't you want to collect  your winnings?"  She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

            "Oh yeah," Pam purred as her hand slowly felt it's way down Regina's abdomen.    Her fingers dipped into Regina's wetness.  Teasing at first, she ran one finger along the slick folds then she  lowered her head and captured Regina's breast in her mouth.  Pam teased  Regina's nipple with her tongue and her teeth as her fingers entered the beauty laying beneath her.

Pam pressed against Regina as the smaller woman's body arched.   Pam's thumb began to tease Regina's throbbing clit as they rocked  together wildly.  "Take me!" Regina begged.  Pam slowed her movements slightly.  Regina looked up, seeing a wicked gleam in the brunette’s blue eyes.  Pam slid her fingers from Regina’s wetness and tasted her fingers.  Regina watched as Pam licked her fingers clean.  "You're stopping?" she asked in an exasperated growl.

            Pam  chuckled wickedly.  "Not a chance." Her words sent deep shivers through both of them .  "Roll over," she said.  Regina gasped then simply nodded and turned over onto her stomach, raising her backside up.  Pam slowly ran her hands over Regina's bare back until she was rubbing the smaller woman's well defined backside.  Regina found herself spreading her legs as Pam pressed her body against her.

            Regina's body responded by pushing into the taller woman.  Feeling the wetness pressing against her, she began to rub herself into the woman on top of her.  Breasts pressed against her back as fingers began to explore her wetness.  Regina opened herself up further, silently requesting Pam to enter her.  "You belong to me," Pam repeated as she entered her new lover, gliding in and out with an increasing rhythm as her thumb once again circled Regina’s throbbing clit.  "Yes," Regina moaned as Pam began to ride her.

            The pair seemed to melt into each other as their bodies continued to ride the waves of their passion.  "Fuck . . . ," Pam growled as she stroked Regina in a quickened pace.  "Oh . . God . . . you feel so good . . . ."

  She could feel her lover reaching the brink.  She began to ride the smaller woman's backside wildly as she neared ecstasy.  They screamed out wildly as they climaxed together.  Collapsing onto the bed, they found themselves unable to move.

            Finally Pam managed to roll off the smaller woman and Regina curled up in her arms.  Exhausted, they held onto each other, neither wanting to think past that moment.  Their breathing steadied as they clung to each other.  Neither was certain who touched who first but once again they found themselves kissing and touching.  Sleep eluded them that evening and well into the following day as they allowed themselves to finally live out their fantasies.


Regina looked around the house once more.

"The owner is pleased with your offer.  It's just up to the bank now," Sammatha said to her.

"I don't think we'll have any problems."  Regina had felt confident after talking to the loan officer this morning.

"I think the two of you will really like the neighborhood," Sammatha offered. "My partner and I live a few blocks away."

"Really?"  Regina smiled at the thought.

"I met her when she was house shopping."  Sammatha smiled at the memory.  "So how did the two of you meet?"

"I won her in a card game," came the sultry response from behind the two women.

They turned to find Pam grinning from the doorway.  "Excuse me?" Sammatha asked in a curious tone.  Regina blushed at the memory.

"It's a long story."  Regina chuckled.  "Our start was unusual to say the least and it wasn’t smooth sailing in the beginning."

"Queens over jacks," Pam teased lightly.  "Works every time.  That was the bank," Pam explained as she waved her cell phone.  "They said yes."

Regina rushed over and hugged her lover of the past four years.  "Queens over jacks," she whispered in Pam's ear.


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