By Mavis Applewater

December 2001

Disclaimers: This is a happy little tale about two women who express themselves in a loving sexual manner.  If this isn't what you are looking for, or if for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material, then go.  Now for those of you who want to read this and can, get the ice bucket ready because this little ditty has very little plot to it.

Thanks to my beta reader  Joanne

As Always For Heather

Danielle looked around the gala.  It was elegant enough without being pretentious.  She brushed her blonde hair out of her eyes, cursing herself for not taking the time to get a hair cut.  It wasn't long by any means; it was just shaggy and unruly.  The holiday season just seemed to come out nowhere.  For the first time in years, the blonde found herself unprepared.  Like everyone around the country, the events of the fall had thrown her for a loop.  Before she knew it, Christmas had arrived.  Now it had passed.  Perhaps it was because she was single this year.  It wasn’t a new development; she and Sherly had split up last winter after the holidays.  It just seemed strange this year to be alone after spending the past four years together.

She wasn't lonely or upset by the breakup.  They both knew it had been coming.  Despite their efforts to make it work, they both finally needed to admit that they didn’t belong together.  They had fallen into a familiar trap, confusing passion with a relationship.  Far too late they realized that they would have made really good friends; they just weren't meant to be a couple. 

Of course that didn't mean that it hurt any less when Sherly announced that she’d met someone else.  So now here she stood surrounded by happy couples.  She suddenly regretted her choice of attending the party.  Well, it was this or sit at home in her flannel Tigger jammies, eating a pizza while trying to find something to watch on television.  She had to admit that she did look good, clad in a black beaded dress that accented her figure. 

However she did have one motivation for attending the large party.  Leigh McCormick had mentioned that she was thinking of going.  Of course she didn't sound positive that she wanted to make the drive all the way into the city.  Danielle felt a strange sense of disappointment when Leigh left things up in the air about whether or not she would be attending.  Danielle suspected that there was a personal reason for Leigh's reluctance, but she didn't want to pry.

Danielle drifted towards one of the buffet tables as she watched happy couples twirling around the dance floor.  She sighed and smiled slightly, deciding it was time to get something to eat.  She pondered her decision, as she carefully studied the array of food.  One good thing about working for such a large company was that they threw great holiday parties.  This year McPherson Inc. opted for New Year's Eve.  They were trying to be politically correct by not having a Christmas party.

"So many choices," a deep sultry voice drifted softly from behind her.  Danielle could feel her stomach clench as the voice drifted through her body.  Danielle couldn't understand why her palms were sweating.  She swallowed hard as she turned to find the owner of the rich voice that had sent her libido racing.  There had been something distinctively familiar about the voice that made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.  Her arms broke out in goose bumps.   Her green eyes grew wide in delight as she drank in the vision of beauty standing before.  "Oh yeah," she blew out before she could stop herself.

She blushed as she realized what she had just done.  Clearing her throat, she feigned a cough.  "I mean yes," she said firmly as she tried to cover up her blunder.  She caught the amused look twinkling in the tall raven-haired beauty’s crystal blue eyes.  As her mind raced trying to think of something clever to say, the tall woman reached across her and snatched a plump strawberry from the fruit tray.

"See anything you like?" the woman teased her before taking a small bite of the fruit.

"I uhm . . . uhm . . . ," Danielle stammered uncontrollably.  "You . . . uhm . . ."  She finally blew out an exasperated breath and shook her head as she tried to comprehend the events unfolding before her.  "Who are you?" she finally managed to blurt out.

The dark-haired woman flashed her a brilliant smile.  "Leigh McCormick," she announced as she wiggled her eyebrows playfully with a slight giggle.  Danielle's eyes widened with delight.  She and this woman had been exchanging emails, telephone calls, and memos for over two years.  Although they had never met each other, a friendship had blossomed. 

They were both in the accounting department of the company but in different cities.  The first time they spoke, Danielle could feel the other woman's voice resonating through her body.  "I thought you weren't coming."  Danielle beamed as she accepted the hand that Leigh offered.

"I wasn't but I’d already made my reservation," Leigh explained with some hesitation.  "I can't believe that we’re finally meeting each other," Leigh added with delight.

As the taller woman finally released her hand, Danielle felt a strange sense of loss.  "How did you know it was me?" Danielle asked as they stepped away from the buffet table, allowing other guests to get something to eat.  Leigh blushed slightly as she tossed the rest of the berry she had teased Danielle with into a trash barrel.  "Well . . . , "  Leigh began slowly as she pretended to wipe her hands.  "Oh, boy."  She finally blew out an exasperated breath.  "I hope you won't be offended."

Danielle’s active curiosity kicked in.  Leigh looked so nervous that Danielle couldn't resist teasing her just a little.  "Did you know it was me or are you in the habit of picking up strange women at parties?" Danielle said, sensing what was really behind her discomfort.  During all of their correspondences they had revealed very little of their personal lives.  Oh, they’d talked about their interests; they both mentioned that they were relationships and what not.  Danielle had even told her when hers had ended.  Yet the references to their significant others had always remained gender neutral.  Based on that alone, Danielle had long suspected that they played for the same team.

"Oh, so you're strange?" Leigh teased her in return.  "Good to know."

Danielle smiled at Leigh's playfulness while she drank in the sight of the tall woman, clad in a red dress that stopped just above her knees.  Leigh's legs seemed to go on forever.  Danielle mentally shook off her lustful thoughts as she reminded herself that Leigh was taken.  Although over the past year, Leigh didn't seem very happy about her relationship. 'Let it go,' she mentally chastised herself.

"So, are you going to tell me how you knew it was me?" Danielle inquired as they drifted away from the crowd.  They managed to snag a couple glasses of champagne as they walked.

Danielle couldn’t understand how but they ended up standing outside on one of the balconies.  Danielle watched as Leigh sipped her champagne nervously.  "Come on.  Tell me," Danielle urged as she admired the view of her friend bathed in the light of the moon.  "If you don't, I'll just have to torture you until you do," she added with a cocky glare.

"Hmm."  Leigh smiled seductively.  "Now that could be fun," she added in a husky tone.

Danielle’s stomach clenched as her nipples hardened.  There was something so seductive about this woman's voice.  It had been the first thing that had attracted Danielle.  Now that she was standing face to face with her, she found herself overwhelmed by Leigh’s physical beauty.  Danielle’s chest heaved slightly; she noticed Leigh's blue eyes drifting to her cleavage.

"Okay," Leigh said finally as her gaze returned to Danielle's eyes.  "Please don't be offended," she repeated.  "But I asked someone who the attractive blonde was.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was you."

"Why would I be offended?" Danielle said, trying to fight back her excitement. 'She thinks I'm attractive!' she thought gleefully.  "But won't your other half have a problem with it?"

"We split up," Leigh responded with a shrug.  "We've been on again off again for most of the year.  She moved out last March.  We made the mistake of getting back together just before the holidays.  That's why I was so up and down on whether or not I would be coming to the party tonight."

"I'm sorry," Danielle said sincerely as she touched Leigh's arm gently.

"Don't be," Leigh reassured her.  "By the time Christmas rolled around, we both admitted it was a mistake.  It was just, you know, the holidays and we got sentimental.  Next thing we knew we were dating again.  I had booked a room here at the hotel for the two of us so we could come to the party and not worry about the drive."  Leigh's eyes dimmed slightly before catching Danielle's gaze once again.  They seemed to come alive once again.  "So I take it by your reaction that you’re  . . ."

"Family, gay, a big old dyke," Danielle filled in for her.  "God yes."  Danielle laughed as she spoke.

"That's a relief," Leigh said before taking another sip of champagne.  "I was worried.  We seemed to have become friends.  At least I think so."

"So do I," Danielle confirmed eagerly.

"It would have been awful if one of us turned out to be a big old homophobe," Leigh concluded.

"To say the least," Danielle agreed. 

They stared at each other, unaware of the chill from the winter evening.  "I can't believe it's you," Danielle finally said, becoming lost in Leigh's eyes.

"I know," Leigh replied quietly, the smile never leaving her face.  "After all this time, it's nice to put a name with the face.  Or is that the other way around?" Leigh jested.

"And such a nice face," Danielle said absently, her body responding to the look Leigh was casting in her direction.

"Yes," Leigh agreed as she stepped slightly closer to Danielle.


Danielle was trying to rationalize the way her body was reacting.  Her heart was pounding as she felt the heat emanating from both of them.  It was the end of December in New England; she was standing outside in the middle of the night in a short dress and felt hot.  She knew that her libido had taken over.  She was fighting to control her desire and failing miserably.  Her lower anatomy was pulsating in rhythm with her heart.

"Maybe we should go inside?" Leigh suggested, her tone lacking conviction as the two stepped closer to one another.  "Rejoin the party?  Get warm?"

"I'm not cold," Danielle confessed as she felt Leigh's hand on her arm.  She stared into fiery blue orbs as they inched even closer to one another while stepping into the dark corner of the balcony away from prying eyes.

"Neither am I," Leigh purred as Danielle leaned back against the brick wall.

She could hear the count down begin from inside as Leigh's inviting form lingered dangerously close to her.  She briefly wondered just how long they’d been standing out there in the cold simply gazing into one another's eyes.  From inside voices counted down, "Ten . . ."  Danielle placed her hands on Leigh's hips.  "Nine . . ."  Leigh sighed as she leaned into Danielle's body.  "Eight . . ."  Danielle swallowed hard, her mouth suddenly feeling dry as she felt their hardened nipples brush together.  "Seven . . ."  Danielle moaned as Leigh's thigh pressed against her center.  "Six . . ." Danielle parted her thighs, inviting Leigh to press more of herself into Danielle aching body.  "Five . . . "  Leigh's arms encircled Danielle's waist.  "Four . . . "  Danielle wrapped her arms around Leigh's body, pulling her even closer.   "Three . . ."  Danielle slipped her thigh between the warmth of Leigh's legs.  "Two . . . "  Their bodies seemed to melt together as their faces neared each other.  "One . . ." Danielle could feel Leigh's breath on her skin.  "Happy New Year!" was shouted from inside as their lips met. 

Instantly they found themselves locked in a smoldering kiss.  Danielle swooned from the fiery intensity as their tongues battled for control.  Their hips swayed together in a sensual rhythm.  Danielle's hands roamed - clasping Leigh's firm backside, groping her lover, guiding her to thrust harder.  Danielle moved to meet her lover's urgent pace.  She sucked Leigh’s tongue as her wetness coated the taller woman's pantyhose.

They moaned into each other's mouth as Leigh’s hands slipped  up under the hem of Danielle's dress.  Never before had Danielle been so happy that she had chosen to wear stockings instead of pantyhose.  They broke apart, gasping for air, their eyes still locked in a passionate haze.  Danielle's mind was screaming for her to slow down.  Leigh's fingers teased the garters holding up her stockings and stroked her bare thighs. 

Moaning deeply, Danielle let her head fall back slightly.  Silencing the inner voice that was telling her to slow down, she felt Leigh skillfully unsnap the clasps of her garter belt.  Firm strong hands cupped and massaged her backside through her silken panties.  Danielle guided one of the thin straps of Leigh's dress down her shoulder.

Their bodies gyrated against each other wildly as Leigh's fingers pressed firmly into Danielle's backside.  Danielle was mesmerized as she lowered part of Leigh's dress, revealing a red lacy bra.  Danielle could see nipples straining against the material.  Leigh groaned deeply as Danielle cupped one of her breasts, teasing the aching nipple with the palm of her hand.

Their mouths reclaimed each other and they found themselves once again locked in a fiery kiss.  Off in the distance, Danielle could hear noise from the party.  Feeling that they were quite alone, she pushed aside the material of Leigh’s bra.  As their tongues danced together, Danielle captured Leigh's nipple between two fingers, pinching and teasing the swollen bud.  One of Leigh's hands moved between them.  Danielle panted as she broke the kiss.  Leigh's palm cupped her mound as fingers teased the damp silk materiel of her undergarment.

Danielle's eyes focused on the rose-colored bud trapped between her fingers.  Licking lips gone dry with desire, she lowered her head.  Her tongue sought out the taste of Leigh's flesh, circling her full breast slowly, enjoying the taste of her lover and then slowly circling her nipple as she felt Leigh touch her through the silk of her panties.

Leigh clasped her tighter as Danielle captured her nipple in her mouth, sucking it as her lover arched against her.  She parted her thighs, eager to feel more.  Danielle teased Leigh's nipple with her teeth and her tongue.  The scene was almost surreal as they tried to stifle their moans of pleasure while they rocked together in the darkness.

Releasing Leigh's breast from her mouth, she found herself locked in another passionate kiss.  Danielle whimpered as the kiss ended.  Leigh began kiss her jaw then her very sensitive neck.  Her mouth descended lower.  Danielle felt a jolt of excitement run through her as Leigh lowered herself down her body.  Her hands caressed all of her as she moved.  Danielle’s body quivered as she looked down to see Leigh kneeling before her.

She whimpered when Leigh tasted the inside of her thigh.  Danielle opened herself further as her lover kissed the sensitive flesh again and again.  Danielle ran her fingers through the long raven tresses as Leigh buried her face in her passion.  Slowly, Leigh's fingers brushed aside the material of her panties.  Danielle fought to keep her eyes from closing as she watched her lover.  Leigh was gliding her fingers along her swollen nether lips, seemingly mesmerized by Danielle's wetness.

Danielle couldn't believe what was happening as Leigh tasted her.  Her tongue and mouth drank in her passion.  Up until tonight, this woman had only been a friendly voice on the telephone.  Now she was kneeling before her, feasting upon her.  Silently, Danielle urged her on as she pressed against the back of Leigh's head.  Leigh eagerly accepted her invitation as she entered her center.  Danielle thrust wildly as Leigh sucked her throbbing clit.

Not wanting to alert the other party guests to their activities, Danielle bit down on her bottom lip to keep from screaming.  Leigh's fingers plunged in and out of her as she teased her nub with her mouth.  The feel of Leigh's fingers and mouth and her own underwear quickly drove Danielle over the edge.  The intense spasm ripped through her body as she clenched her jaw to keep from crying out. 

Still kneeling, Leigh held Danielle tightly as the waves of pleasure continued to pulsate through her body.  As her breathing returned to normal, she felt Leigh's fingers leave her.  She whimpered as the brunette dragged herself back up to a standing position.  Danielle quickly pulled Leigh in for a kiss.  The taste of champagne and strawberries mixed with own passion ignited her desire once again.

Danielle pushed Leigh's thighs apart with her knee.  Her hands roamed along Leigh's long body, pulling the material of her dress up.  Leigh broke the kiss as she moaned deeply.  Encouraged by the primal sounds emanating from her lover, Danielle swiftly lowered Leigh's pantyhose and underwear.  She dipped her fingers into the wetness awaiting her. 

Her thumb stroked Leigh's clit as her eyes drifted to her exposed breasts.  With delight, she watched as Leigh began to caress her own breast, teasing the nipples just as Danielle had.  The blonde entered Leigh with two digits as her free hand cupped her backside.  Danielle plunged in and out of her lover's wetness as Leigh thrust against her hand.  Danielle loved the feel of their bodies meeting as her thumb stroked Leigh's clit.  Danielle took her lover higher as her pace intensified.  Capturing Leigh's lips in a passionate kiss, she felt her lover tremble.  Leigh screamed into her mouth as she climaxed, clinging to the smaller woman.

"Hold me," Leigh panted in her ear.  Danielle smiled as they wrapped themselves up in each other's arms.  She held Leigh tightly as the aftershocks trembled through her long body.   Finally, Leigh pulled away from her slightly, brushing Danielle's bangs out of her face.  "Happy New Year," she whispered before placing a tender kiss on Danielle's lips.

"Happy New Year," Danielle responded merrily as she brushed her fingers along Leigh's jaw.

Suddenly they both found themselves laughing as they took in their disheveled state.  "That was the craziest and nicest thing I've ever done," Leigh confessed as they adjusted their clothing.

"I know," Danielle agreed, smiling as she refastened her stockings.  "I mean it was great.  But we just met.  And what if someone had walked out here?"

Leigh chuckled as they stepped back into the party which had dwindled considerably.  Danielle briefly panicked, wondering what would happen now?  She knew what she wanted to happen.  She wanted more.  She wanted Leigh to take her to her room and make love until neither of them could move.  "Danielle?" Leigh began in a soft shy tone.  "Would you like to go upstairs with me?  I could order some more champagne," Leigh offered hopefully.  "I mean, we could talk or . . ."

Danielle silenced her with a lingering kiss.  Stepping back, she smiled sweetly up at her lover.  "Order the champagne and some strawberries and we don't have to talk.  Except for telling each what we want."  Danielle's voice dripped with desire.  "I'm not usually this forward, but I really want to continue what we've started.  Only this time with a lot more privacy."

Leigh took her by the hand and flashed her a knowing smile.  "I really like the way 2002 has begun," she said sincerely as she led Danielle out of the ballroom.


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