By Mavis Applewater

December 2001


Disclaimers: This story contains a loving sexual relationship between two women. What else would you expect from little old me? Anywho. If this isn't something you would like to read then move on. If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material, then get out. You can come back when you grow older or move. For the rest of you, this material may not be reproduced or posted without permission of the author. Is anyone else wondering just how they cast a body double for Lucy Lawless for the X-Files? Or better still how does one get the job of casting Ms. Lawless backside?

Thank you to my beta reader Joanne.


As Always For Heather



Rhea walked into the dark movie theatre with her popcorn and Pepsi held firmly in her hands. As usual, it was almost empty. The tiny cinema didn't do much business on weekday afternoons. They did their real business on the weekends. Friday through Sunday they would show more current titles. During the week, the small theatre would offer older titles. Normally there would be a few scattered people, most of them familiar faces - college students, retirees and, of course, her - the tall dark stranger.

Rhea took a seat and relaxed, scanning the darkness to se if she could find her. There she was, just a few rows back. Rhea liked coming to the small cinema. It specialized in older films. True, she could simply rent the videos or DVDs. But there was something about spending her time here, with the really good, old fashioned, artery-clogging popcorn and the classic films. Of course the tall dark-haired woman had been an added incentive.

It was the middle of winter and there wasn't much to do in the small town. Since she was a hairdresser, Rhea had every Monday off. She enjoyed stopping in and catching a movie every once in awhile. Then, about two months ago, she’d noticed the tall woman seated in the back.

Since then Rhea hadn't missed a Monday afternoon. Each time she hoped that she would see the woman again. Each time she wasn't disappointed. Slowly Rhea had moved closer to where the woman sat. The mysterious beauty had been doing the same. The only thing that Rhea regretted was that neither woman had worked up enough courage to speak to the other. At least, she hoped that the other woman felt the same.

The furthest they had progressed in their timid courtship was a shy polite smile every time one of them caught the other looking at them instead of the movie. Rhea settled in, looking over to find shy blue eyes staring back at her. She smiled at the taller woman. Feeling a sense of warmth flowing through her, she turned her attention back to the screen. This week it was The Magnificent Ambersons.

Rhea watched the film, merrily noting that, as usual, the tall dark-haired woman would get up periodically and leave the theatre. She would return later and take her seat. She would also disappear just prior to the end of the movie and not return. Today was no different. Rhea found herself looking around the plush lobby just as she always did. She could never find her. Rhea had come to the conclusion that the woman either worked at the cinema or had the smallest bladder in the world.

The following week Rhea found herself sloshing through a mini-blizzard trying to get to the cinema on time. It was silly and she knew it. But she had spent the entire week convincing herself that today would be the day she would finally talk to her mystery woman. She grimaced as she looked at her watch noting that the film would have already started. 'The African Queen' was one of her favorites. She had always wanted to see it on the big screen.



Rhea's heart sank as she noticed the cinema was suspiciously dark. Just as she was about to try the main door to see if it was open, it swung out and the familiar faces of the ticket girl, the concession worker, and the usher stepped out into the horrid weather.

"Sorry, Miss. We’re going to shut down," the usher explained.

"It's okay," a sultry voice said from inside. "Let her in."

"Are you sure, Judy?" the young woman who usually sold her popcorn queried.

"Yeah," the tall woman reassured the girl as she held the door open, ushering Rhea inside the warm theatre.

"Do you want us to stay?" the young girl pleaded as her co-workers groaned in disgust.

"No," Judy added firmly. "You kids get going before the weather gets any worse."

Rhea watched as the young girl's face dropped. Rhea instantly understood the young girl's disappointment as she looked over at the tall woman whose blue eyes and chiseled features had dragged her out in a snowstorm. "Oh yeah, kid. I know what you're thinking,' Rhea thought in amusement. As she watched Judy locking the door behind the three teenagers, a sudden panic washed over her. 'I must look like a major idiot! I'm standing here dripping in the lobby, when she probably just wants to go home like any other sane person would do.'

"Hi," Judy said just as Rhea was about to hyperventilate.

"Uh, Hi," She replied as she nervously ran her fingers through her wet short blonde hair.

They stood there in an awkward silence, each shifting nervously as they tried to come up with something to say. "Looks like you’re closed for the day. I should get going," Rhea stammered nervously.

"Well, if you want to stay. . . ," Judy began in a nervous voice. "I was going to run the movie anyway. I wanted to see it," she explained.

"You're the projectionist?" Rhea inquired.

"Among other things." Judy flashed her a brilliant smile. "I'm Judy, by the way," she said as she offered her hand to Rhea.

"Rhea," the smaller blonde responded as she accepted Judy's hand. Realizing how wet her hand was, she pulled back in embarrassment. "Sorry," she apologized. "I'm wet," she added, wiping her hand on her parka. She blushed suddenly as she realized what she had just said. It was an innocent comment that was true on far too many levels. Judy simply smiled at her.

"Why don't you go inside the theatre," Judy suggested.

"Are you sure?" Rhea inquired quickly. "I’ll understand if you want to get out of here."

"I'm sure," Judy replied warmly. Rhea felt a shiver from the look she was receiving from those intense blue eyes. "Why don't you go find a seat and make yourself comfortable? I just need to get things set up. I'll bring us some snacks," Judy suggested.

"Won't the boss mind?" Rhea asked. Her heart raced at the thought of being alone with this woman.

"No, I'm looking forward to it." Judy smiled as she gave Rhea a little wink. "So what do you like?" Judy teased her. Rhea blinked in surprise as her mouth went suddenly dry. "For snacks," Judy continued, ". . . what would you like?"

"Anything," Rhea teased in return. She couldn't help but smile at the way this snowy afternoon was turning out.

"I'll hold you to that," Judy purred as she stepped slightly closer to Rhea.

Rhea could feel her body warming from their closeness. She shivered slightly as Judy stepped away. "Go on inside." Judy shrugged. "I'll be there just as soon as I can." Rhea wet her lips as she watched the gentle sway of hips as Judy walked away.


Rhea walked into the empty theatre and decided on a seat in the center. She removed her damp parka and shook out the snow. Then she removed her gloves and hat, placing them on the seat next to her. She felt a twinge in the pit of her stomach as the lights were lowered. She took her seat and quickly ran her fingers through her hair as she prayed that she didn't have a case of hat hair.

She peeked up to the projectionist booth to see if she could see anything. All she could detect was shadows. She continued to primp herself as the movie began. She watched in delight as images of Katherine Hepburn in the sweltering African landscape began to fill the screen. As much as she wanted to see this movie again, she kept looking behind her in hopes that Judy was about to join her.

Finally, just as Kate was convincing Humphrey to take her with him, Judy sat down beside her. The tall brunette was balancing a tray. "Here we go, hot chocolate to warm us up." Judy handed her a steaming cup. Rhea thanked her, biting back a sigh as their fingers brushed. She placed it in the cup holder on her seat. Judy did the same with hers as she handed Rhea a large tub of popcorn. She stored the tray away. "I love this scene." Judy said with a smile.

Rhea couldn't look at the screen; she could only focus on the beautiful woman seated next to her. "Cheers," Judy said brightly as she held up her cup and turned to her. Rhea reached for her own paper cup and clicked it against Judy's. They sipped their hot chocolate. It warmed her frozen body almost as much as Judy's smile had. "You . . . uhm . . . have a little . . . ," Judy said softly as she motioned towards Rhea's face. Rhea reached up, hoping that it was the hot chocolate on her face. "Here." Judy halted her movements as she reached over, her thumb brushing away the damp liquid just above Rhea’s lips. Rhea's eyes fluttered shut as Judy touched her.

"Thank you," Rhea managed to squeak out.

"You're welcome," Judy whispered softly as she moved closer. Rhea could feel her breath caressing her face. Their lips brushed in a shy gentle manner.

Rhea’s heart pounded as her lips tingled from the touch. Judy pulled back slightly, looking at her with a nervous expression. "That was nice," Rhea said softly.

"Yeah." Judy smiled back as she sighed with relief.

They settled back in their seats and watched the movie as their thighs brushed together. Rhea settled the tub of popcorn on her lap. She smiled, knowing that Judy would have to reach across her to reach it. As she sipped her hot chocolate, Judy's arm brushed against her body. Rhea managed to hold back the moan as the brunette grabbed a handful of popcorn.

They continued to watch the movie as they rested against one another's shoulders. Fingers brushed as they reached for popcorn. Rhea’s breathing became erratic as their fingers strayed and brushed against an arm or thigh. Feeling bolder and definitely more passionate sitting so close to this woman that she had been fantasizing about, Rhea rested her hand on Judy's firm thigh. She felt the muscles tighten from her touch.

Her nipples hardened as Judy leaned closer to her. "I need to change the reel," Judy whispered softly.

"Oh." Rhea pouted in disappointment. "How do you know?" she inquired, suddenly.

"Watch the top right hand corner of the screen," Judy informed her. "When you see the white circle, it's a cue. I'll be right back." Judy kissed her quickly before gathering up some of their trash and making her way up the aisle.

Rhea sighed deeply as she watched her go. She tried to watch the movie but her thoughts kept straying to the beautiful woman who had just left her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the white circle appear. She smiled, knowing that it meant the next reel had started and Judy would be returning.



Judy returned and placed herself as close to Rhea as humanly possible. Their fingers brushed once again as they both reached into the tub of popcorn at the same time. Judy smiled as she held up a kernal of popcorn for Rhea to sample. Rhea leaned over and allowed Judy to feed it to her. She caught the tips of Judy's fingers and began to lick the salt and butter off of them. Judy moaned as Rhea licked her fingers clean.

Rhea smiled to herself, unable to believe she was acting so boldly. She in turn placed a kernel of popcorn against Judy's quivering lips. Judy's tongue snaked out and sucked the popcorn into her mouth. Rhea’s excitement grew as she leaned over and captured Judy's lips with her own.

Unlike the first kiss, which had been shy and gentle, this kiss exploded passionately as their mouths parted. Tongues danced together, fighting for control. The tub of popcorn crashed to the floor as Rhea reached over and pulled Judy closer to her. She groaned in frustration as the armrest prevented their bodies from touching.

Judy's hands moved down her back, trying to bring them closer. Unable to manage it, the brunette's touch shifted, smoothing a path to the swell of Rhea’s breast. Rhea was fueled on by Judy's hand cupping her breast. The smaller blonde allowed her hands to begin their own exploration.

As Judy caressed her breast with one hand, the other began to unbutton her shirt. Rhea ran her own hands down Judy's back as she pulled the soft flannel shirt out of her pants. Rhea’s shirt was opened and strong hands began to caress her abdomen. Her own hands slid up the back of Judy's shirt. Her fingers burned from the feel of Judy's exposed skin beneath them.

Their tongues continued to explore one another's mouths as each of them unclasped the other's bra. Eager finger began teasing hardened nipples. The kiss ended as they gasped for air. Never in her life had Rhea been kissed with such passion. She knew she couldn't stop now. She needed to feel all of this woman.

Her body arched as Judy began to tease her nipple with her tongue. She groaned as she wrapped her fingers in Judy's long raven hair, pressing her closer. Their bodies collided with the armrest once again. Rhea chuckled as Judy growled in frustration. Once again Judy's mouth captured her nipple and began to suckle it.

Rhea felt as if she was going to explode as Judy teased her with her teeth and tongue. Her hips arched up, lifting her off the seat. Her jeans pressed into her center as Judy devoured her breast. Rhea's hips began to grind, increasing the friction. Unable to hold back any longer, she reached down and unbuttoned her jeans. Judy moaned against her skin as she lowered the zipper.

Rhea was gasping for air as she dipped her fingers into her own pants. She moaned weakly as she felt how wet her panties were. She slipped her finger past the elastic band of her underwear and down into her own wetness. As Judy suckled her harder, she began to stroke her throbbing clit.

She looked down and watched Judy feasting upon her as she touched herself. Blue eyes twinkled up at her, encouraging her to continue. Slipping her hand from the warm confines of her passion, she held up her glistening fingers. Judy halted her movements, licking her lips eagerly as Rhea held her fingers up to her. Rhea smiled as the brunette reached for them. Pulling away at the last moment, she heard Judy whimper. Rhea continued to smile as she painted her nipple with her wetness.

Judy began to lick and suck Rhea's breast as she clasped the blonde's hand. "You taste so good," Judy murmured as she guided Rhea's hand back to warmth of her own wetness. Rhea's head fell back as she once again began to touch herself. She whimpered as Judy pulled away. She could hear the sound of popcorn crunching as the tall woman stood before her.

Rhea looked up at Judy who was standing in front of her. Her breath caught as she watched Judy unbutton her shirt. "Don't stop," Judy requested as she left her shirt hanging open slightly, revealing her breasts. Rhea licked her lips with desire as she continued to touch herself. Judy shifted and maneuvered her large frame so she could kneel before Rhea.

Through hooded eyes, Rhea watched as Judy ran her hands along her trembling thighs. She reached up and began to lower Rhea's pants. Rhea continued to pleasure herself, raising her hips to allow Judy to pull her jeans down to her ankles. She parted her thighs as Judy began to kiss her way up her legs. "I want to see you," Judy explained as she began to lower Rhea's underwear.

Once her panties joined her pants around her ankles, Judy removed her hand from the warmth of her damp curls. Rhea watched in amazement as Judy brought her fingers to her lips. The sensation of Judy's tongue licking her fingers was tantalizing. As Judy teased her digits, Rhea reached out and slipped her free hand into Judy's shirt. She moaned as she ran her palm across Judy's already erect nipple.

She continued to tease Judy as the raven-haired beauty released her hand and began to kiss her way down Rhea’s body. She trembled as Judy's silken hair caressed her exposed skin. Her hands moved so she could run her fingers through the long black hair. Her hips arched as she felt Judy's breath on her damp curls. Rhea shifted to move closer to the edge of her seat, opening herself up to her lover.

She trembled as Judy's tongue flicked across her throbbing clit. She could feel strong arms reaching beneath her. She watched as Judy lifted her hips, bringing her closer to her mouth. Judy's tongue explored her lips, tasting all that she had to offer. She felt her tongue pressing against her opening. Rhea's hips arched, eager to feel this woman inside of her. Judy plunged her tongue inside of her as Rhea thrust against her.

Judy continued to plunge in and out of her, driving Rhea closer to the edge as she thrust against her lover. They didn’t notice that the film had stopped or the flickering of the blank screen. Judy's mouth continued to feast upon her wetness as she moved her attention to Rhea's swollen nub. She suckled it while teasing her with her teeth. Judy held her tightly as her body trembled. Rhea gasped and whimpered as Judy took her higher.

Rhea rocked against her lover as she screamed out her name. Her body convulsed as she collapsed against the hard seat. She trembled as she tried to focus on what had just happened. Once her breathing returned to normal, she looked down to see Judy looking up at her while resting her head on the blonde's stomach.

"I think we missed the movie," Rhea managed to squeak out.

"Hmm." Judy smiled up at her. "I have it on DVD back at my apartment if you really want to see it," Judy suggested before she kissed Rhea's stomach.

"How far away is your apartment?" Rhea inquired.

"Next door." Judy smiled playfully. "My uncle left me this place and the building when he died."

"Let's go," Rhea agreed.

"You really want to see the movie?" Judy asked.

"No," Rhea reassured her as she ran her fingers through raven tresses. "I want to see more of you and, if we stay here, I think we'll both end up in traction."

"Let's go," Judy agreed.



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