By Mavis Applewater

February 2002

Disclaimers: This story and its characters belong to me and me alone. This story may not be reproduced or posted without my consent. Speaking of consent . . . this little tale contains a loving sexual relation between two consenting adult women. If for some reason this isn’t something that you would enjoy, do all of us a favor and don’t read this material or anything else I’ve written. If for any reason it’s illegal for you to read this material, you must go now.

Thank you to my beta reader Joanne.

As always this is for Heather.


Nellie leaned against the counter and looked thoughtfully out the window of her father’s mercantile. She was daydreaming again, something her parents were constantly scolding her for. She couldn’t help herself. She tried to pay attention to what was happening around her. It might help if something exciting would happen. Nothing ever did. One day progressed into the next without causing the slightest ripple in her life.

She worked from one day to the next behind the counter at the mercantile. It was her duty until the day when she married Freddie. He was nice enough and she had known him since they were children. Growing up in a small town in South Dakota, the town seemed to grow as they did. Still it was in the middle of nowhere. It wasn’t a surprise when Freddie asked for her hand or when her father gave his consent willingly.

Freddie’s family owned the largest farm in the area and her family owned the mercantile and restaurant/boarding house. Despite her mother’s objections that it be called a hotel, it would always be known as the Winslow Boarding House. The only change was when someone rented a room. Nellie would find herself prying stories out of the traveling strangers. Of course, her parents chastised her constantly. They finally resorted to banishing her to the store so she wouldn’t bother their guests.

She sighed in boredom as she continued to stare out the window. It was late on a Friday afternoon. Soon she would be allowed some time to herself. Tomorrow was Saturday and that meant she would be needed in the kitchen at the restaurant. Then Sunday the entire family would dress in their finest clothes and attend church. She found herself frowning, thinking about what would happen on Sunday afternoon. Freddie would naturally want to go for a buggy ride and picnic.

Her green eyes rolled in despair. She liked the tall dark-haired man well enough. But he would naturally want them to touch. She wished that she felt some spark when they kissed and touched one another. Instead she simply felt something was lacking. She had read stories about how a girl’s heart would race and her head swoon from the touch of her lover’s lips. "Perhaps after we’re married," she muttered to herself, not truly believing her words.

Of course she and Freddie hadn’t consummated their relationship. But they did feel one another underneath their clothing. Freddie seemed to enjoy this activity immensely. She didn’t have the heart to tell him that his fumbling simply bored her. She noticed that the stagecoach had arrived. The sight always filled her with a sense of excitement. Perhaps something would come in the mail or a new visitor would arrive to brighten her existence - a tall dark stranger that would capture her heart. Normally there wasn’t any mail for her since she didn’t know anyone outside of Cedar Grove. And the only strangers were creepy older men who only seemed to exhibit a distasteful interest in the young strawberry blonde. It saddened her each time she realized that Freddie was the only option in life. Well, the new schoolteacher was due to arrive soon. That would be interesting. Perhaps she would be someone close to her age; someone she could talk to.

Nellie didn’t have any friends; all of the girls her own age had already married. It wouldn’t be proper for them to spend time with her. Not that she found any of the girls in her little town the slightest bit interesting. Still it would be pleasant to have someone to talk to. She watched with interest to see if anyone exited the stagecoach. She felt her heart skip a beat as she spied the tallest woman she had ever seen step down into the dirt street. "She’s beautiful," she whispered as she drank in the tall raven-haired beauty.

Nellie’s stomach clenched as the tall woman turned. A pair of piercing blue eyes stared at her. Nellie couldn’t understand the sudden flutters filling her stomach. "That couldn’t be the new school teacher," she whispered in disbelief. The stranger smiled slightly before turning and speaking to the driver. Nellie’s mouth hung open as she continued to watch every move the mysterious woman made.

Once the woman had disappeared into the restaurant, Nellie released a tense breath. Absently she wiped her hand across her mouth. She was shocked when she discovered that she was drooling. "Huh?" she blurted out in surprise. She shook her head in an effort to clear her obviously muddled mind. Nellie hiked up the hem of her skirt and spun on her heels. The tiny woman rushed around in a flurry. She locked the front door and totaled the receipts for the day.

She had to go through the cash and the ledger several times before everything balanced. It frustrated her. Normally she was very good with numbers but her mind kept drifting to the mysterious woman. Her palms kept sweating. Despite her efforts to convince herself that it was the late summer heat, she knew it wasn’t the truth.

Finally the books were balanced, the shades drawn, and the sign turned around. She put the money and ledger into the safe and departed the store. She double-checked the locks before she rushed quickly across the wooden sidewalks towards her home.

Nellie rushed through the deserted foyer and quickly glanced into the dining room that served as the restaurant. Her mother was busy laying out tablecloths in hopes that there would be some business that evening. Nellie stepped out of the room quickly before her mother could notice her. "Nellie," the tiny woman called out vehemently.

Nellie cringed and stomped her foot slightly before stepping into the dining room. "Hello Mother," she responded flatly.

"Gave me a hand setting up," her mother instructed her sternly.

"Yes, Mother," Nellie grumbled as she crossed the dining room and entered the kitchen. She knew that there would be few patrons dining this evening. There was Doc Hansen unless he received a dinner invitation from another one of the townsfolk. Rev. Farley would be there unless, of course, he also received an invitation as well. Then there were the three men who were taking up lodging for the week. Nellie couldn’t recall their names - only that one was a salesman, the other two were with the railroad, and they all had bad manners. The only other people coming into town for the evening were the men who would bypass their little establishment in favor of the saloon that was on the opposite end of the street.

Nellie didn’t mind helping her mother. Since her two older brothers and her sister had married and moved on, she was the only help that wasn’t hired. "Hello, Nellie," Jack, the handyman, greeted her.

"Hey, Jack." Nellie waved to him as she moved through the kitchen to retrieve the linens and flatware that would be needed to service the few patrons. She paused for a moment to look into the pot resting on the stove.

"Get out of there," a stern voice scolded her.

Nellie blushed as she turned to see Melinda, the cook, glaring at her. The portly older woman who was Jack’s wife wagged her finger at Nellie. The strawberry blonde shrugged as she replaced the lid on the simmering pot. "Where’s Pa?" she asked nonchalantly.

"New guest checked in," Melinda explained as she shooed Nellie away from the stove. "The new school teacher will be staying here."

"I saw her. She doesn’t look like a school teacher," Nellie said as she gathered her things.

"You’re not to bother the guests," Melinda cautioned her as Nellie exited back into the dining room.

Nellie was lost in thoughts of the beautiful new schoolteacher as she assisted her mother. Fortunately the older woman seemed content in prattling on about Nellie’s wedding and Freddie’s endless virtues. The only thing about her upcoming nuptials that pleased Nellie was that they were more than a year away.

They finished their preparations and Nellie was excused to wash up for dinner. She retreated to her room on the second floor. The family’s quarters were located on the opposite side of the building, keeping them securely away from the paying guests. She joined her parents in the family’s private dining room.

Her father offered the prayer and they ate in silence. Talking was not permitted during the meal. It was something that bothered the normally chatty young woman. Her parents would send her off to her room after the evening meal and then they would talk quietly. Nellie would be left alone with her thoughts and the few books she was allowed to read.

The following morning Nellie dressed in a hurry. She told herself that she simply wanted to assist her mother and Melinda. Secretly she was aching to meet the new schoolteacher.

"Now what would you be doing down here so early?" Melinda teased the inquisitive young woman.

"I just wanted to help," Nellie protested adamantly.

"Fine." Melinda handed her a tray of food. "You want to meet her so much, you can serve her breakfast."

"Thank you." Nellie giggled as she eagerly accepted the tray. She almost tripped as she rushed into the dining room. Nellie could feel the tray trembling as she approached the dark-haired woman. She thought the woman looked even more beautiful close up. Yesterday her hair had been tied up in a tight bun. Today it hung down her back in a tight braid.

"Good morning," Nellie managed to squeak out as she placed her breakfast before her.

"Good morning," came the deep rich reply accompanied with a brilliant smile.

"I’m Nellie Winslow," she introduced herself as she held the now empty tray in front of her. She couldn’t for the life of her understand why she felt so nervous.

"I didn’t realize that Mr. And Mrs. Winslow had children," the beautiful stranger said in a pleasant voice.

"I’m the youngest," Nellie explained as she looked around quickly to ensure that her parents weren’t lurking nearby. "My two brothers and my sister are married and have moved away."

"Oh," the woman said as she pursed her lips thoughtfully. "I’m Miss Larilia, the new schoolteacher."

"A pleasure to meet you, ma’am," Nellie said as she stared into crystal blue eyes.

"Will you be one of my new students?" Miss Larilia inquired sweetly.

Nellie groaned at the all too familiar assumption. "No," Nellie explained. "I finished my schooling quite some time ago."

"Oh?" Miss Larilia said with surprise.

"In fact, I’m to be married a year from next fall," Nellie continued to explain.

"Really?" Miss Larilia’s stunned expression was written clearly across her chiseled features.

Nellie rolled her sea green eyes in amusement. "That’s when I turn twenty one," Nellie explained in exasperation. It was a common occurrence. If the truth was told, her youthful appearance was one of the things that had successfully assisted her in delaying her impending marriage.

"My apologies," Miss Larilia said with a light laugh. "You just look so young."

"It is quite all right," Nellie said as she smiled shyly. "It happens all the time, Miss Larilia."

"Please call me Vivian," the schoolteacher offered in a friendly tone. "Since you’re not that much younger than myself."

"Nellie," her mother called out sternly from the doorway of the kitchen.

"I have to go," Nellie apologized quickly as she cringed. "It was nice meeting you," she said quietly. Her heart stopped as a firm yet gentle hand touched one of her own.

"I enjoyed meeting you as well, Nellie." Vivian’s eyes seemed to sparkle as she spoke.

Nellie stood there enjoying the woman’s touch. The sound of her mother clearing her throat from behind her snapped her out of trance. "Sorry, I’m not supposed to bother the guests," Nellie added with a slight grimace.

"It was no bother," Vivian said softly as she gave Nellie’s hand a light squeeze before releasing it. "Perhaps later today you could show me around town? Mr. Coughlin offered but I would prefer someone closer to my own age."

"That old letch," Nellie said with a disgusted groan. "He’s always shopping for a new wife," she added with a snort, knowing that the aging bachelor would try to court the beautiful woman. "I’d be happy to show you the town. I won’t be free until after lunchtime though."

"Just come by my room when you’re free," Vivian offered.

Nellie finally pried herself away from Vivian to face the scolding that she would surely get from her mother.


Nellie spent the remainder of her day hurrying, trying to finish all her chores so she could meet up with Vivian. It was well after two in the afternoon when she thought she was finally free to enjoy the day with her new friend. Unfortunately Freddie decided to surprise her with a visit. She tried to get rid of her eager fiancée but her mother insisted that she spend time with him.

They sat in the family sitting room under the watchful eye of her father. Nellie was thankful that her parents insisted that the couple not be allowed alone together with exception of their Sunday afternoon picnics. They cautioned her constantly about not rushing anything before her wedding night. She didn’t have the heart to tell them that she really didn’t enjoy Freddie’s attention. She dreaded their picnics as Freddie’s advances grew bolder.

They spent a long boring afternoon visiting. The entire time Nellie made every attempt to cut their visit short. Freddie seemed determined to stay as long as possible. Nellie was forced to endure dinner with her intended as well. The day had vanished. Finally Freddie had departed and she was then forced to endure a lengthy lecture from her Mother regarding her rude behavior towards him.

After realizing the only way to free herself from her mother was to apologize and promise to do better, she did exactly that. She quickly rushed off and searched the lodger’s registry to find out what room Vivian was in.

As she approached Vivian’s room, she felt a wave of nervousness wash over her. Meekly she knocked on the door. Her breath escaped her when Vivian opened the door and greeted her with a bright smile. "Hello," Vivian purred softly. "I was beginning to think you were going to stand me up," the schoolteacher teased her.

"I’m sorry. I couldn’t get away," Nellie blurted out quickly. "The sun is still up. If you would like, I can still show you around. There really isn’t that much to see."

"I would like that," Vivian responded in a sweet tone. "Come in while I get my wrap."

Shyly Nellie stepped into the modest room. She looked around quickly, not surprised by the sparse amount of luggage. After all, schoolteachers weren’t paid very much. The town allotted them a small salary and paid for her lodgings. As Nellie glanced at the tall woman she felt suddenly small. Granted she had never been a tall girl, but Vivian was very tall.

They spent the rest of their day together, walking down the main street of the small town. Nellie prattled on about the town and some of the folks. She introduced Vivian to everyone they encountered. She and Vivian chatted politely. The only time Nellie felt uncomfortable was when Vivian inquired about Freddie.

Nellie tried her best to talk about the man she was to marry. Somehow she just didn’t feel comfortable talking about him with Vivian. Nellie couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was that bothered her about it.

After they finished their walk, the sun was just about to set. The two women exchanged their goodbyes in the foyer. Nellie felt strange at the thought of leaving this woman’s company. She felt suddenly lonely when she retired for the evening.


Months had passed since Miss Larilia’s arrival. Nellie’s days seemed just a little brighter. She enjoyed spending time with the woman and they would often talk in the schoolteacher’s room. Her parents objected at first until Vivian politely explained that it was a comfort to have someone her own age to talk to.

From the window at the mercantile Nellie would watch Vivian gather the children together at the start of every day. Then, even if she were with a customer, she would watch at the end of the school day to see Vivian leave the tiny schoolhouse that was nestled just across the road.

The only gray spots in her days were her Sunday afternoon picnics. She gathered the courage to explain to Freddie that she didn’t think that her parents would approve. Reluctantly he finally agreed. Their picnics went from uncomfortable groping sessions to uncomfortable talks. Freddie did try using his large puppy dog eyes to sway her. Nellie did allow a few kisses and the occasional touch.

One Saturday afternoon Freddie called on her. She was talking with Vivian in the foyer when Freddie entered. She didn’t miss the appreciative gaze Freddie cast in the schoolteacher’s direction. She also noticed Vivian’s apparent discomfort when she introduced her fiancée. The normally friendly brunette seemed cold. Vivian excused herself quickly and left them alone.

Nellie escorted Freddie into the dining room. They shared a cup of coffee while her mother kept a watchful eye on the young couple. Throughout the entire visit Nellie could only think about Vivian; she’d seemed so sad when she left them. Freddie, of course, extended his visit.

After dinner Freddie was still there. Vivian stepped out onto the porch just as Freddie was leaning in to kiss Nellie. The young blonde was embarrassed and felt slightly guilty as she pushed Freddie away. "I’m sorry," Vivian said in a quiet sad tone.

"Miss Larilia?" Nellie’s mother beamed as she stepped out on the porch. "Have you met Nellie’s young man, Frederick Cartwright?"

"Yes," Vivian said in a polite tone. Nellie could see the sadness clouding her normally bright blue eyes. "Excuse me," Vivian offered as she quickly retreated inside.

"She’s a bit of a strange one," Freddie muttered in bewilderment.

"Don’t say that," Nellie snarled. "She’s very nice."

Freddie was stunned at her outburst. She said a curt good evening to him before retreating inside. As she climbed the staircase she knew where she was heading. She knocked on the door. Vivian looked so weary when she opened it that Nellie couldn’t stop herself from reaching out to cup Vivian’s cheek.

Her body tingled as Vivian leaned into her touch. Then she felt suddenly cold as Vivian pulled away. "Are you all right?" Nellie asked fearfully.

"I’m fine," Vivian said softly.

"Are you certain?" Nellie said as she reached out for Vivian once again.

"Yes, I’m just tired," Vivian responded as she pulled away. They stood there just looking at each other. Nellie’s breathing became ragged as she leaned in slightly; she could see that Vivian was breathing heavily as well. She seemed to be drawn to the tall woman. Her senses were suddenly alive as she stepped even closer.

Vivian’s eyes fluttered shut as Nellie leaned into her body. She could feel Vivian’s hand caressing her shoulder. Nellie could smell the scent of lavender on Vivian’s skin as she pressed closer. Suddenly Vivian stepped away. The movement was so sudden that Nellie found herself swaying. "Good night," Vivian said quickly.

Taken aback by Vivian’s sudden rejection, Nellie could only blink in response as she stepped away. Nellie was confused and uncertain about what was happening. "Good night," she mumbled absently as she stumbled back, her eyes unable to focus on anything. She finally steadied herself just as Vivian’s door softly clicked shut.

The days that followed were uncomfortable for Nellie. She couldn’t seem to get Vivian out of her thoughts. Even prior to the night of Freddie’s visit, she had become increasingly aware that Vivian was her constant focus. Now her only question was what she going to do about it. Whatever IT was.


It was a Sunday afternoon and Nellie was driving her father’s buggy. For the first time in weeks she felt good about her afternoon picnic. After Freddie had met Vivian his touching grew more insistent. Nellie had finally come up with a solution that made her very happy. She informed Freddie that he could just forget about their weekly picnic until he learned better manners. So instead of spending her free afternoon fighting off Freddie’s advances, she was spending the day with Vivian.

Vivian had been increasingly distant. Nellie wasn’t certain that her idea would work but she had to try. It was late the other evening when she’d snuck out of her room and made her way quietly to Vivian’s. The schoolteacher was still half asleep when she opened the door, her blue eyes widening in surprise when she discovered Nellie standing there wrapped in her robe. "I’m sorry to wake you," Nellie apologized quickly before Vivian had a chance to speak. "I need to ask you a favor and don’t want my parents to know about it," she continued boldly.

"Nellie, is everything all right?" Vivian asked, her voice thick with concern.

"Yes and no." Nellie pushed forward. "I know this is going to sound silly but I need you to go on a picnic with me Sunday."

"Excuse me?" Vivian asked in confusion.

"I need time away from Freddie and I told him that I couldn’t see him on Sunday after services because I had plans with you," Nellie blurted out excitedly.

Vivian just gave her an odd look before speaking. "Do you ever take a moment to breath when you speak?" Vivian asked in dismay.

"Please say yes," Nellie pleaded as she stepped slightly closer to Vivian.

"Do I have a choice?" Vivian asked as a small smile emerged.

Nellie stepped even closer as she pouted slightly. "Please," she repeated.

"Yes," Vivian conceded as her smile grew brighter.

It was at that moment that Nellie realized how much she had missed that smile. "Thank you," she gushed as she hugged Vivian. Vivian stumbled back slightly. Strong arms held her tightly in an effort to hold the joyful blonde up. Instinctively Nellie tightened her hold on Vivian’s body. The strangest things happened at that moment. Nellie’s breasts ached as her nipples hardened. Her body tingled from the warmth of Vivian’s body pressed against her own. She felt Vivian pull her closer. The schoolteacher’s hands roamed down her back. She could feel Vivian’s breath on her neck. Nellie felt Vivian’s lips brush against her skin.

Nellie moaned deeply as she pressed her body closer to Vivian’s. Then she whimpered softly as Vivian pulled away. The tall schoolteacher didn’t meet her gaze as she stepped further back. "It’s late," Vivian said in a soft voice.

"I’ll see you on Sunday," Nellie said hopefully as she stepped back into the hall. "Thank you," she added quickly before retreating back to her room.

Now it was Sunday and Nellie kept the horses on a steady pace to the secluded grove. She felt slightly giddy at the thought of finally being alone with Vivian. The schoolteacher remained strangely quiet. Nellie was quiet in turn, allowing Vivian to enjoy her thoughts and the countryside. Nellie found the perfect spot. The grove was empty and would remain that way. The trees and flowers that surrounded them were beautiful.

Nellie unhitched the horses and allowed them to roam free and graze. She knew that the team wouldn’t stray very far. Vivian walked around, seeming to enjoy the beautiful view. Nellie laid out the blanket and proceeded to unpack the simple basket of food she’d brought along. She smiled at how she had hovered over Melinda as she prepared the meal. She had never done that with Freddie.

"It is very beautiful and peaceful here," Vivian commented as she approached the blanket. Nellie looked up at Vivian, her dark hair hanging down her back braided tightly. The way the sunlight shone from behind her seemed to illuminate her. The simple blue dress brought out the color of Vivian’s eyes. "Yes, it is," Nellie agreed as she drank in Vivian’s beauty. She wasn’t fooling herself; she knew that this was the person she wanted to be with.

Vivian smiled shyly as she lowered herself down onto the blanket. "Do you know what you’re doing?" Vivian asked her coyly.

"No," Nellie answered honestly.

"Do you know why you’re doing this?" Vivian inquired, her eyes twinkling slightly.

"Yes," Nellie answered in a ragged breath, suddenly feeling nervous as she felt the energy flowing between them.

"So what’s for lunch?" Vivian inquired lightly.

Nellie smiled and breathed out a sigh of relief. She laid out their lunch, feeling thankful that Vivian didn’t continue their conversation. Instead they fell into friendly banter as they ate their lunch. "So why did you want to spend your free afternoon with me instead of the young Mr. Cartwright?" Vivian asked as they repacked the basket.

"I enjoy spending time with you," Nellie answered with sincerity. "And Freddie has been pressuring me to be more intimate."

"What do you mean pressuring you?" Vivian asked hotly, her face tense as she spoke.

"It seems all he wants to do is kiss and . . . you know." Nellie turned away slightly.

"Do you and he . . .?" Vivian’s voice trailed off.

Nellie turned back to her. Her heart almost broke at the sad look on Vivian’s face. "We touch one another. We never go too far since we aren’t married yet."

"No, not yet," Vivian said solemnly. "Do you love him?"

"No," Nellie responded flatly.

"Then why are you marrying him?" Vivian asked in dismay.

"Because it’s what I’m expected to do." Nellie felt like crying as she made the confession.

"I understand." Vivian hung her head in dismay.

"Perhaps I’ll grow to love him or start to feel something when he touches me," Nellie reasoned, knowing in her heart that she had felt more by simply hugging Vivian. "Maybe I’m just doing it wrong. I mean, he’s the only one I’ve ever kissed before."

Vivian chuckled at her rationalization. Nellie smiled in response as the two women settled themselves against a large tree that Nellie had laid the blanket in front of. Nellie felt a strange but comfortable sensation course through her body as their shoulders touched. She smiled as they both leaned into the touch. Somehow she knew what she wanted to happen. And she was clueless as to how to bring it about.

Nellie folded her hands nervously in her lap as Vivian picked at the blades of grass surrounding their blanket. Nellie stole a glance over at the schoolteacher who seemed preoccupied with a long blade of grass she had plucked out of the ground. She watched as long fingers twirled it between her long fingers. Nellie’s mouth became suddenly dry as her green eyes focused on those fingers.

Nellie was fighting off the strange desire to feel those fingers touching her. She didn’t understand these thoughts and she didn’t want to. But they remained, humming through her already confused mind. Her eyes drifted slightly upwards to Vivian’s ample bosom. She watched in fascination as the brunette’s chest heaved slightly as she took in a breath.

Nellie wrapped her own fingers together even tighter, fearful that she might give in to the temptation to touch Vivian. Her knuckles turned white from the tight grip. All the while her eyes remained firmly focused on Vivian’s breathing. It wasn’t the first time she had spied another woman’s bosom but it was the first time she’d been unable to look away. She noticed the pattern of Vivian’s breathing increase slightly.

Nellie pressed her thighs together tightly in an effort to fight off the sudden throbbing she was experiencing. Still she remained helpless to look away from Vivian’s bosom. She found herself pondering what Vivian’s undergarments looked like. Again this wasn’t a new experience for the young shop girl. It was the first time that she allowed herself to linger upon thoughts that she’d been told were unnatural.

But this time she somehow sensed that it was all right for her to explore these foreign thoughts. A slight tickling sensation brushed across her arm. She blinked in confusion. She reluctantly moved her gaze down to her arm to discover that Vivian was slowly trailing the blade of grass across the exposed skin on her forearm. She smiled as the tickling continued. The blade of grass wisped across her arm and down to her tightly clenched hands.

Nellie’s body trembled as Vivian leaned in closer. She felt Vivian’s breath caress her cheek. She tightened her hands, fighting off her unexplainable urges. Vivian’s breath moved down her face and she could feel Vivian nuzzling her hair. She couldn’t look at Vivian as she felt her breath gently tickle her ear.

Nellie’s focus remained on her hands that were still planted firmly in her lap. "You’re going to break your fingers if you keep squeezing them that tightly," Vivian whispered hotly in her ear. The sound of Vivian’s voice and the feel of her hot breath sent a sudden jolt through Nellie’s already tense body. Nellie’s eyes snapped shut as she tried to fight off unfamiliar sensations.

Nellie shifted nervously as she felt the blade of grass tickle her tightly clenched hands. "Relax, Nellie," Vivian whispered. "I won’t do anything to hurt you," she added in a soft sincere tone as she continued to tickle Nellie’s hands.

Nellie felt herself relax slightly as her senses continued to pulsate uncontrollably. She felt the delightful sensation of Vivian’s lips brushing her neck. Nellie’s lips parted as she began to breathe heavily. She tilted her head back, unknowingly granting Vivian greater access to her neck. Insistent lips began nibbling along her creamy white skin.

Nellie unclasped her hands. With her eyes still closed, she trailed one hand up along Vivian’s arm. As Vivian’s mouth continued its exploration, Nellie’s hand continued its path upwards. Nellie clutched Vivian’s firm shoulder as the brunette started planting gentle kisses along her jaw. Nellie moaned as Vivian’s lips moved closer to her own.

Nellie felt Vivian’s body pressing against her own. Nellie’s hand clasped the back of Vivian’s head and she opened her eyes as she drew Vivian closer. Their lips met shyly. Nellie felt the warmth of Vivian’s full lips spread through her body. The kiss felt so right and so very good. She wanted nothing more than to keep kissing Vivian.

Vivian’s tongue brushed against her lips. She melted into the touch as she parted her lips, granting the schoolteacher entrance into the warmth of her mouth. Her own tongue greeted Vivian’s and wrapped around it. Nellie’s passion stirred as the kiss continued to deepen. She moaned as one of Vivian’s strong hands cupped her breast.

Her body arched in response. She seemed to be pressing her breast deeper into the palm of Vivian’s hand. She needed to feel more of this woman’s touch. Their tongues continued to dance together sensually. Nellie was fighting the need to breathe. She simply wanted to lose herself in this woman’s kisses.

Nellie’s lips tingled as their kiss finally ended. Fueled by her desires, Nellie pulled Vivian back in for another kiss. Vivian kissed her quickly and pulled away. "Please," Nellie pleaded as she stared into Vivian’s brilliant blue eyes. Vivian’s hand continued to caress her breast. "I’ve never felt anything like this before," Nellie groaned softly as Vivian lowered her down onto the blanket.

"You can’t . . . we can’t let anyone know about this," Vivian cautioned her as she lay down beside her.

"I know," Nellie agreed sadly as she started to loosen Vivian’s hair from it’s tight braid. She wanted to see it flowing down her shoulders. She had loved seeing it that way when she’d awoken Vivian the other night.

Vivian smiled at her as Nellie ran her fingers through her sable-colored hair. "It’s so beautiful," Nellie commented absently. Vivian in turn ran her fingers through Nellie’s long strawberry blonde hair.

"Yours reminds me of sunshine," Vivian whispered softly.

Vivian sighed contentedly as her fingers moved to Nellie’s face. Her thumb grazed gently across Nellie’s lips. Nellie kissed Vivian’s fingers as they brushed her lips. "I can’t believe that I’m here with you. That you kissed me," Vivian said in a gentle tone just above a whisper.

"I’ve wanted to kiss you for the longest time," Nellie confessed as she allowed her hand to drift down Vivian’s chiseled features. "I didn’t understand it. I just needed to feel you," Nellie continued with uncertainty. "I want to kiss you again."

Vivian responded by capturing Nellie’s lips with her own. A surge of desire pulsated throughout Nellie’s entire being. Vivian cupped her breast once again. Nellie moaned with pleasure as she wrapped her arms around Vivian’s body, drawing her closer to her. Her body arched in response as Vivian caressed her breast.

Nellie ran her hands down Vivian’s long back. She began to unbutton the schoolteacher’s dress. She needed to feel more of this woman. She needed to see her. The tiny buttons seemed to go on forever as Nellie’s fingers skillfully undid each one. She felt Vivian’s hand moving across her chest. The buttons of her best Sunday dress located in the front were being slowly freed.

Nellie had finally undone the last button on Vivian’s dress. Now she was pulling Vivian’s dress down her broad shoulders. Vivian had opened the front of Nellie’s dress and was now kissing her way down her neck. The closeness of their bodies hampered Nellie’s efforts to further undress the object of her desire.

Nellie whimpered as she felt Vivian pull away from her. Vivian smiled as she sat up and began to unbutton the sleeves of her dress. Nellie smiled in return as she sat up slightly and shrugged her dress jacket off. She tossed it off to the side. Nellie sat there clad in her skirt and chemise. Vivian gave her a knowing smile as she stood, allowing her dress to fall to the ground.

Nellie’s heart pounded against her chest as her eyes drifted down Vivian’s seemingly endless legs. Vivian knelt down beside Nellie. Nellie was once again locked in a passionate kiss. She could feel Vivian unfasten her skirt and lower it down her body.

Nellie ran her fingers through Vivian’s hair as the brunette began to kiss her way down her body. Vivian ran her hands along Nellie’s skin as she removed her skirt. Nellie was lying blissfully on the blanket as Vivian removed their footwear. Vivian lay down beside her, leaning on her elbow to look down at Nellie. They were dressed only in their undergarments and yet somehow Nellie felt overdressed.

"Are you a virgin?" Vivian inquired in a careful tone.

"Yes," Nellie answered honestly.

"And so you will stay," Vivian reassured her.

"But . . . ," Nellie began to protest.

Vivian pressed her fingers to Nellie’s lips to silence her. "I can still pleasure you without taking your innocence," Vivian explained in a husky tone.

"And if I want to give myself to you?" Nellie protested eagerly.

"You’re to be married," Vivian said with a hint of disappointment.

"I don’t want him," Nellie choked out. "I want you."

"How can you know?" Vivian asked her in disbelief.

"He never made me feel the way you do," Nellie asserted as she pulled Vivian in for a lingering kiss.

Nellie kissed Vivian deeply, hoping to convey all of the emotions and desires she felt. Their bodies melted together as Vivian untied the lacing of Nellie’s chemise.

Vivian’s fingers burned her skin as she touched her gently. Nellie thought she was going to explode when she felt Vivian’s palm brush against her nipple. Nellie’s body seemed to take on a life of its own as her hips thrust into Vivian’s firm body. She felt a dampness gather in her bloomers as her hips began to rock rhythmically against Vivian. She plunged her tongue deeper into Vivian’s mouth as she began to loosen the ties on her chemise.

Vivian gasped as she pulled away from the kiss. Their hips ground together wildly as Nellie pulled open Vivian’s chemise. She moaned as she was greeted by the vision of Vivian’s beautiful breasts. She felt her own chemise being removed as their bodies continued to rock together. Nellie reached up to feel Vivian’s bosom, touching her shyly at first until she felt Vivian’s nipples harden from her touch.

Vivian was panting heavily as she lowered herself down to Nellie. The blonde shop girl trembled as she felt Vivian’s mouth taste her skin. Nellie gripped her tightly, feeling her naked back as Vivian kissed the valley between her breasts. Nellie parted her thighs and wrapped her legs around Vivian’s body.

She continued to thrust against the taller woman as her hands roamed down Vivian’s back. She paused for a moment as she reached the waistband of Vivian’s bloomers. Vivian’s tongue circled one of her breasts, teasing her. Nellie slipped her hands into Vivian’s undergarment, feeling the firm flesh eagerly as Vivian captured her aching nipple in her mouth.

Vivian teased her nipple with her tongue and her teeth while Nellie clutched her backside firmly. Nellie’s body couldn’t stop grinding against Vivian’s. As the schoolteacher’s mouth pleasured her breast, Nellie felt an overwhelming passion consuming her. Vivian teased her other nipple, pinching it between her fingers. "Vivian," Nellie gasped as her hips began to grind against Vivian’s body at a furious pace.

Nellie’s head spun; she was certain that she was going to pass out as Vivian moved her mouth from one breast to the other and then back again. Nellie whimpered in disappointment as Vivian’s mouth moved away from her breasts. Her body arched as the brunette began kissing her way down Nellie’s body.

The sensations of gentle kisses, licks, and Vivian’s soft hair touching her body were incredible. Nellie never wanted this feeling to end as Vivian blazed a fiery trail down her torso. Nellie felt her passion coating the insides of her thighs as Vivian lowered her bloomers. The brunette kissed her legs as she removed the last of Nellie’s clothing. Instead of feeling exposed, the blonde felt suddenly free.

Vivian kissed and tasted her way back up Nellie’s firm legs and thighs. Nellie gasped in pleasure as she felt Vivian’s breath blowing through her blonde curls. She opened herself wider as Vivian settled her body between her legs. Nellie draped her legs over Vivian’s shoulders as the brunette lifted her backside, cupping her cheeks firmly as she kissed the inside of Nellie’s thighs.

Nellie could feel Vivian shifting and then parting her now swollen nether lips. Nellie looked down to see her lover looking back up at her with fierce blue eyes. The look of passion made Nellie quiver. Nellie released a strangled cry as Vivian’s tongue flickered across her throbbing button. Vivian moaned with pleasure as her tongue tasted Nellie slowly.

Nellie never realized that doing this to another woman would feel so incredible. She watched as Vivian drank in her passion. Nellie’s body rocked against Vivian’s eager mouth as the brunette’s teeth grazed across her button. Vivian steadied Nellie’s gyrating body with one arm across her firm abdomen as she suckled her harder. "Sweet Jesus," Nellie cried out as she tried to press herself deeper into Vivian’s touch.

Nellie clutched the blanket with one hand as she pinched one of her nipples with her other. She could feel her thighs shaking uncontrollably as Vivian’s mouth and tongue quickened their pace. Nellie’s head fell back as her entire body exploded. Vivian continued to pleasure her. Nellie was certain that her heart was about to burst as she cried out for more.

Nellie collapsed in a quivering heap, her body covered in sheen of sweat. Vivian licked the inside of her thighs clean before gathering Nellie up in her arms. "I never knew," Nellie panted as Vivian held her tightly. "I never knew you could do that or that it would feel so wonderful," she finally managed to choke out as Vivian planted tender kisses across her brow.

Nellie buried her face in Vivian’s naked chest. The smell of her skin and the sight of her nipples were far too tempting for the little blonde. Nellie dipped her head and captured one of Vivian’s nipples in her mouth. She began to suckle it furiously, enjoying the taste of Vivian’s skin.

Nellie circled the rose-colored bud with her tongue as her hand drifted down Vivian’s firm body. She felt Vivian shift as she lowered her lover down. Nellie’s hand drifted underneath the material of Vivian’s bloomers. Her excitement grew as her finger touched Vivian’s damp curls.

Releasing Vivian’s breast from her mouth, she stared deeply into her lover’s eyes. "Teach me," Nellie said in an insistent voice as she cupped Vivian’s mound. The brunette gasped with pleasure. Nellie reached down and gripped Vivian’s bloomers. The blonde began to remove Vivian’s undergarment quickly. She needed to see the entire woman who had stolen her heart.

She tossed the last of Vivian’s clothing over her shoulder as she stared at her lover’s black triangle. The sight was so inviting it made Nellie’s mouth water. With a gentle hand Vivian reached out to her and guided one of Nellie’s hands to her. Nellie watched with fascination as Vivian gently took two of her fingers and guided them to her wetness. "Do you feel what you do to me?" Vivian asked her in a breathy tone.

"Yes," Nellie choked out as Vivian guided her fingers across her wetness. Nellie’s desire grew as Vivian’s wetness coated her fingers. Vivian guided her gently showing Nellie how she wanted to be touched.

Nellie could only watch in amazement. Vivian opened her legs wider as she placed Nellie’s fingers against the opening of her womanhood. "But?" Nellie inquired in confusion.

"I’m not a virgin bride," Vivian answered her with a reassuring tone. The revelation filled Nellie with a strange mix of disappointment and desire. Vivian’s hand guided her fingers inside of her. She moaned as she entered her lover, feeling her walls capture her fingers.

Vivian slowly moved Nellie’s wrist so that her fingers plunged slowly in and out of her center. Then her lover gently guided her thumb so that it would brush against her throbbing button as Nellie thrust in and out of her warmth. Vivian released her hand, allowing Nellie to make love to her. Nellie loved the feel of Vivian’s body as her hand began to quicken its pace.

Vivian cupped her backside and gently lifted Nellie. The blonde straddled her lover’s quivering body as Vivian reached down and began to stroke Nellie’s button. Their hands moved in unison as their passion grew. "Please," Nellie gasped. She knew what she was pleading for as she took her lover harder.

"Nellie, I can’t," Vivian panted as her body trembled.

"I belong to you," Nellie insisted as she felt herself nearing the edge. "I don’t want it to be him," she choked out on the verge of tears.

Nellie lowered her body so their naked forms could melt together. Instinctively she knew that they were both nearing the edge. "Please," she repeated urgently. "I’m yours. Take me," she implored her lover.

"Nellie, I love you so much," Vivian whimpered as her fingers were suddenly pressed against Nellie’s opening.

"I love you, Vivian. I need you," Nellie responded honestly as she opened herself to her lover. Their bodies rocked together wildly as Nellie felt her lover enter her. She winced at the sudden jolt of pain. Vivian seemed to be trying to slow down their erotic rhythm. Nellie was too far gone to slow down. Her body arched as she thrust deeper into Vivian.

Nellie still felt the rush of desire despite the pain she was experiencing. She rode against Vivian’s hand furiously. Everything felt so good as the sweat rolled down their naked bodies. Nellie looked down at her lover thinking that she had never seen anything so beautiful as Vivian’s face caught in the throws of passion.

Nellie felt Vivian’s body explode in pleasure beneath her. Quickly she followed her lover into ecstasy. They collapsed together as their hands continued to pleasure one another. Vivian captured her in a fiery kiss as she rolled Nellie onto her side. They plunged in and out of each other as they screamed into the warmth of the kiss.

Finally they clutched each other tightly as their hands stilled. They clung to one another as the waves of passion continued to rush through them. Sated, Nellie rested her head against Vivian’s chest. Their breathing finally calmed as they gently caressed each other.

The cool air flowing across their exposed bodies alerted the lovers to the lateness of the hour. "We need to get going," Vivian said, the regret ringing clearly in her tone.

"I don’t want this to end," Nellie whimpered as she reluctantly released her lover.

"I don’t know what we can do about this." Vivian sighed heavily as she turned away from Nellie.

They sat in an uncomfortable silence. "Is there somewhere we can wash up?" Vivian inquired in a somber tone.

"There’s a creek just past those trees," Nellie responded as she began to gather up her clothing.

She couldn’t look at Vivian, knowing that it would only cause her more pain. She heard Vivian gather up her belongings as well. Nellie led her to the creek where they washed quickly, unable to look each other in the eye. They dressed and picked up the remnants of their picnic, each checking carefully to ensure that there were no signs of their tryst. Nellie hitched the team and they climbed into the buggy.

She fought back the tears and steadied herself. "Can I come to your room tonight?" she asked in a slow fearful voice.

"I don’t think we should," Vivian responded, her voice cracking slightly as she spoke.

Nellie turned to her lover, knowing that she was fighting with her feelings. Nellie reached over and took her by the hand, lifting the larger hand to her lips and placing a gentle kiss on her fingers. She could still smell her scent lingering on them. "I do love you," Vivian confessed as she leaned in and kissed Nellie’s cheek tenderly.

"That’s a start," Nellie responded with a smile as she laid both their hands in her lap.

Nellie signaled the team and started to drive off, keeping a tight hold on Vivian’s hand. "Come to my room tonight," Vivian said softly as she laid her head on Nellie’s shoulder. Nellie smiled, knowing that they were about to begin a very dangerous journey. She also knew that she couldn’t stay away from Vivian. She needed her as much as she needed air to breathe.


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