By Mavis Applewater


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A big thank you goes out to my beta reader Joanne.


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Chapter Thirteen


As Jenny had predicted, Nuru gave her a very hard time about the hickey she was sporting. Jenny scowled at her partner and the other officers that participated in the teasing.  Sometimes the fine men and women she served with behaved like a bunch of adolescents.  The one notable exception was Kate of course.  She simply glared at Jenny with an angry expression.  Jenny didn’t know if Kate was upset because she thought Lizzie might be involved or if her anger stemmed from the possibility that someone besides her sister had made the mark.  Jenny really didn’t care.  She simply wanted to get through her shift without any further heckling from the boys at the station.


“You really enjoy doing that.”  Jenny snickered as her partner climbed back into the patrol car after issuing a speeding ticket.


“Yes, I do.”  Nuru smirked.  “I just love hearing the lame excuses people come up with.  Like I don’t know they’re lying.  It just pleases me to burst their bubble.”


“What was this one’s excuse?”  Jenny asked as they pulled out into the flow of traffic.


“Grandma needs a new kidney.”  Nuru laughed.  “I pointed out that the hospital was in the other direction and that this road leads to the mall.”  She released a wicked cackle.  “Speaking of lame excuses, you want to tell me about the vampire you ran into?”


“No,” Jenny responded flatly, knowing that her friend wasn’t going to simply drop the subject.


“Come on,” Nuru urged her.


“Nothing to tell,” Jenny dismissed her prodding, hoping to escape the conversation.


“Liar,” Nuru grunted.  “Come on, share or I’ll just make up my own version.”


“Brat,” Jenny grumbled.  “It was nothing.  I met some girl at the club the other night and we went back to her place.  We got a little hot and heavy and that’s it.”


“That’s it?” Nuru responded in disbelief.


“That’s it,” Jenny asserted.  “When things started to get interesting, I wasn’t into it so I left.”


“You what?” Nuru shouted.


“I left,” Jenny answered her firmly.  “I didn’t want to sleep with her so I left.”


“Why?” Nuru asked in bewilderment.


“Did you miss the part where I said I didn’t want to sleep with her?” Jenny explained in exasperation.


“And?” Nuru sputtered, still not understanding what the problem was.


“You know you’re the only person I know that can make me feel bad about being particular about who I go to bed with,” Jenny sputtered out in frustration.  “Having priorities and morals isn’t a bad thing.”


“If you say so,” Nuru grumbled as the dispatch operator alerted them that they were needed.  “Isn’t that the Carrington’s address?”


“Yes,” Jenny responded with a weary sigh before responding to the call.  “What did you do now?” she muttered under her breath, fearing that somehow Lizzie was involved with whatever was going on.


Mr. Donaldson, the building manager, met them as soon as they pulled up.  He quickly explained that there had been a suspicious-looking man lurking around the building all morning.  The strange man’s interest seemed to be focused near or around Kate’s apartment.  They thanked him for being a good neighbor before heading up to the floor where Kate’s apartment was located.  Nuru went up the back stairs while Jenny went up the front. 


Jenny and Nuru entered the long hallway from opposite ends at the same moment.  It wasn’t hard to find the man they were looking for since he was kneeling in front of Kate’s front door trying to pick the lock.  ‘Good luck,’ Jenny thought with delight, knowing that Kate was smart enough to invest in the best locks available.  By the way the man was grumbling she knew he wasn’t having any success at gaining access to the apartment.


Jenny smiled, knowing that they had the intruder trapped between them.  At almost six feet tall, Jenny knew that she was an imposing figure in her uniform.  Her partner was even taller and even more frightening.  The man glanced up at her with beady eyes and turned pale as he climbed to his feet.  “Can I help you?” she asked sternly.  He turned quickly in an effort to run and spotted Nuru approaching him.  Jenny hoped he would be smart and just give himself up.  He stood there for a moment, weighing his options. 


As he bolted towards her, Jenny knew that he was as dumb as he looked.  After all, the guy’s attire screamed ‘I’m a bad guy’.  He tried to knock her over in an effort to flee.  Jenny easily gripped his waist and spun him around; Nuru joined in and they pushed the struggling man to the floor.  As they wrestled with the man in black, Jenny caught a glimpse of a familiar figure approaching. 


“Hi, ladies,” Lizzie greeted them as Jenny was placing handcuffs on the man.  Jenny cringed slightly at the sight of Lizzie dressed in her habit carrying two bags of groceries.  “What brings you by?” Lizzie quipped as Nuru and Jenny forced the still struggling man up to his feet.


“Oh, we were just in the neighborhood, Sister,” Jenny responded in a lighthearted tone.  “I’m going to search you, weasel.  Do you have anything in your pockets that might hurt me?”


“Fuck you,” the man hissed.


“Watch your language,” Nuru scolded him as she smacked him in the back of the head.  “Sorry about that, Sister,” Nuru apologized as Jenny chuckled.  “What?”


“Nothing.  It’s just that I’ve heard you say worse,” Jenny explained as she retrieved a .32 pistol from the man’s waistband.  “And as for the good Sister, I grew up with her and at times she could make a sailor blush.”


“Flatterer,” Lizzie jested, as she was about to place her key in the door.


“Don’t go in there,” Jenny instructed the nun in a harsh tone while she continued to search the man. 


“You’re joking,” Lizzie responded with a heavy sigh.


“I wish I was,” Jenny informed her.  “But he was trying to break in and I need to confirm that there’s no one else inside.”


“If he was trying to break in than he didn’t get in, so it would stand to reason that there’s no one else inside,” Lizzie argued.


“Don’t argue with me,” Jenny groaned as she spun the man around and held the pistol up in front of him.  “And you’re under arrest.  Here in the Commonwealth we have very strict gun laws.  Even if you have a carry permit, which I doubt, it’s very restrictive.”  She turned back to Lizzie who looked as if she was about to give Jenny a hard time.  “You wait here,” she instructed the upset little nun.


Jenny and Nuru informed the man of his rights as they led him down to the patrol car.  Jenny bagged the gun in an evidence bag while Nuru called in what had happened.  She left her partner to babysit the intruder while she returned upstairs.  She was thankful to find Lizzie where she had left her.  “Can we hurry this up?” Lizzie chastised her as Jenny took her keys away from her.  “My ice cream is melting.”


“What flavor?” Jenny asked as she unlocked the series of locks Kate had installed. 


“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Lizzie teased. 


Jenny simply laughed in response, unable to look at Lizzie as she opened the door.  There was something about seeing her in a habit that made the tall brunette very uncomfortable.  “Stay here,” Jenny instructed the smaller woman.


“Why?” Lizzie whined.


“Because I said so,” Jenny spat back as she drew her gun and stepped into the apartment.  She searched every nook and cranny to ensure that no one else was present.  Confident that the apartment was empty, she returned to the living room and found Lizzie in the kitchen unpacking her groceries.  “You have a real problem when it comes to authority, don’t you?”


“So I’ve been told.”  Lizzie shrugged as she stepped out of the kitchen.  Jenny winced slightly at the sight.  “What?  The outfit again?”


“Yes,” Jenny admitted.


“Too bad since I think you look rather fetching in your work attire,” Lizzie taunted her.


“Would you mind not doing that?” Jenny snapped.


“Do what?” Lizzie continued teasing her.


“Flirt with me,” Jenny scolded her.  “It’s bad enough that you do it.  But when you’re dressed like that, I find it phenomenally disturbing.”


“You’re right,” Lizzie conceded apologetically.  “So do I want to know what’s going on?”


“This is just a guess but I think your friend from South America is more interested in you than you think he is,” Jenny explained.  “I’d feel better if you didn’t stay here.”  By the low growl Lizzie released, Jenny knew it would be a futile effort to get her to stay elsewhere.  “Fine.  Would you at least lock up and keep your eyes and ears open?  I have a feeling Kate will be home early to keep an eye on you.”


“Okay,” Lizzie agreed.


“I’ll stop back later to check on you,” Jenny added as she made her way to the door.


“I don’t need a babysitter,” Lizzie fumed.


“Fine,” Jenny grunted.  “Just humor me for once.”


“Alright,” Lizzie reluctantly agreed.


Later Jenny’s suspicions were confirmed as a very frazzled Kate informed her that the man they’d arrested had confessed that Englewood had sent him.  The drug lord was arrested once again.  Kate still didn’t relax since she couldn’t leave early to check on her sister.  She only calmed down when word from the DEA came that Englewood decided to make a deal.  Jenny wasn‘t surprised that the man they’d arrested had turned in Englewood.  It couldn‘t look good trying to bump off a nun and he probably doubted his safety when he discovered that the nun in question was the sister of a cop working in the very building he was being questioned in.


“Nuru and I are going on dinner break.  Why don’t we swing by your place and check on Lizzie?” Jenny offered.  Kate smiled and thanked her.  “It’s alright; Englewood caved in.  This is over,” Jenny reassured her friend.


“So the only reason we’re checking up on Sister Rachel is to make Sarge feel better?”  Nuru teased her as they climbed back into the patrol car.


“Shut up and drive,” Jenny snarled.


Once she was standing outside of Kate’s apartment, the shrill screams she heard from inside sent a familiar panic through her.  She started banging on the door, demanding entrance.  Her body was trembling and the bile was rising in her throat.  She knew who was on the other side of the door since she’d lived through this once before.  Somewhere in her panic she recalled that she still had Lizzie’s house keys.  Her hands were shaking as she radioed down to her partner for help.  She threw the door open once the lock was undone.


Jenny froze for a moment; she felt trapped in a horrible nightmare from the past.  Her lover was curled up in a ball as her mother struck her in a wild frenzy.  Jenny snapped back to the present as she rushed over and pulled Mrs. Carrington away from her daughter’s prone body.  “You bitch,” Jenny hissed in the hysterical woman’s ear as she snapped handcuffs on her wrists.  “You have no idea how much I’m going to enjoy locking you up,” Jenny added with another feral hiss in the wild woman’s ear.


“What the hell is going on?” Nuru asked in a panic as Jenny shoved Mrs. Carrington over to her.


“Read Mrs. Carrington her rights and toss her in the car,” Jenny shouted as she cradled Lizzie in her arms. 


“Wait!” Nuru squeaked.  “You want to arrest Kate’s mother?”


“Trust me; she’ll thank you for it,” Jenny reassured her hurriedly.  She yanked her radio from her collar and called for an ambulance.


“Jenny,” Lizzie whimpered against her body.  “I don’t need . . .”


“Ssh,” Jenny hushed her protest.  “You need to get checked out.”


“Are you sure about this?” Nuru questioned her uncertainly.


“Get your filthy hands off me,” Mrs. Carrington spat at Nuru in a disgusted tone.


“Well, that just made it easy,” Nuru snapped.  “Come on, lady,” she growled as she began to cart Mrs. Carrington away.


“You’re going to be sorry for this,” Mrs. Carrington threatened.  “This is a family matter.  Isn’t that right, Mary Elizabeth?” 


Jenny felt Lizzie stiffen against her as her mother’s icy words reached her.  “It doesn’t matter,” Nuru and Jenny informed the awful woman in unison.  Jenny glared directly into the woman’s icy gray eyes. 


“Welcome to Massachusetts,” Jenny coldly informed her. “She doesn’t even need to press charges. We can remove violent family at our discretion.”


“Come on,” Nuru hissed with a sneer as she yanked the confused woman out of the apartment.


Never in Jenny’s career had she been happier that they could arrest an abuser, even when the victim seemed resistant to press charges.  Over the years it had proven to be useful in keeping many women safe from their loved ones.  “I couldn’t fight back,” Lizzie sobbed against her body.


“It’s okay,” Jenny whispered softly.  “I came back.  This time I came back.”


Later Jenny was sitting in a hard plastic chair in the emergency room waiting area, twirling her hat as she waited for some news of Lizzie’s condition.  She kept a watchful eye on the door, knowing that Katie would come bursting through at any moment.  Her heart sank as she saw a man approaching her.  She noted how much older he seemed as she stood to greet him.  She wondered if he hated her or blamed her for all the troubles that had befallen his once happy family.  “Mr. Carrington, sir,” she nervously greeted him as he gave her a cold stare.


Jenny held her breath as she watched his icy glare melt.  He looked weary and defeated.  “Jenny,” he finally greeted her sadly.  “Is she alright?”


“The doctors are still treating her,” Jenny explained quickly as he studied her.


“Do I want to know what happened?”  His voice creaked from the strain.


“My partner and I stopped by Katie’s apartment to check on Lizzie,” she began, fighting to act professionally.  He gave her a curious glance.  “There had been some trouble earlier.”


“It does seem to follow her around,” he said in an amused tone before his face fell.


“Yes, sir, it does,” Jenny agreed with a shy smile.  She hoped that her demeanor would help relax the man. 


“Hmm.”  He smiled once again.  “Like when she tried to give the neighbor’s dog a bath.”  Jenny smiled at the memory of a very little Lizzie who tried to do a good deed and ended up turning the neighbor’s prize collie purple.


Mr. Carrington’s facial expression quickly turned sullen once again.  “My wife?” he began with a slight stammer as if the word was completely foreign to him.  “Where is she?”


“Jail,” Jenny muttered, wondering how he was going to accept the information.


Jenny stood nervously, twirling her hat as he rubbed his face.  “Can I get you a cup of coffee, sir?” she finally offered, unable to endure the uneasy silence a moment longer.  He nodded in acceptance.  She moved quickly in an effort to get away from him.


“Jenny,” he called out to her.  The heavy timber of his voice halted her movement.  Sheepishly she turned back to him.  “I don’t hate you,” he tried to reassure her.  “I don’t blame you for any of this.”


“Yes, you do,” the brunette flatly informed him.  “In a some small way, you do blame me.”  He opened his mouth to protest.  “How could you not?  I blame myself,” she said, cutting him off before she turned away and left him alone.


As Jenny went in search of a vending machine or an open cafeteria, she knew in her heart that what she had said to Mr. Carrington was the truth.  He was a parent, and even though he knew it wasn’t true, he blamed Jenny for loving and probably seducing his little girl.  She was the catalyst that had set everything in motion.  And despite Jenny’s own sense of reason, she agreed.


When Jenny returned to the sterile waiting room with the cup of mud dispensed by the vending machine, she found Kate and her father talking.  Both of them looked terrible.  “Here you are, sir,” Jenny shyly offered the man the coffee.  After he accepted it, she placed her hat back on her head, fully expecting both of them to send her on her way.


“She’s fine,” Katie wearily informed her.  “The doctor was just here.”


“Good,” Jenny responded with a sigh of relief.


“She asked to see you,” Katie continued as her father involuntarily flinched.


“Okay,” Jenny responded slowly.  “I’ll just pop in and see her.  Then I’ll head back to the station to clock out.  Are they keeping her overnight?”


“No,” Katie informed her as Mr. Carrington stared at his shoes. 


Jenny was more than a little troubled by this information.  Although she was thrilled that Lizzie’s injuries weren’t severe enough to warrant hospitalization, she didn’t like the idea of the small blonde being sent home when there was a very good chance her mother would be released that night.  “I’ll be taking her home,” Katie asserted as her father sighed heavily.


“I still think that she would be safer with me,” Mr. Carrington protested.  “What if your mother gets out of jail?”


“Dad, she’ll be safer with me,” Katie continued to argue.


“You’re both wrong,” Jenny muttered, suddenly feeling like she had just finished running the Boston Marathon while carrying ten pounds on her shoulders.


Father and daughter looked at her as if she’d sprouted a third eye.  “She’ll get out very soon and she’ll start looking for Lizzie at Kate’s place first and then yours, sir,” she softly explained.  “I’m assuming that your wife has your address.”


“Of course she does,” he snapped as if the question was absurd.


“Forgive my intrusion, Mr. Carrington,” she offered, using years of training in an effort to make the man a little more comfortable.  Jenny wasn’t thrilled with what she was about to suggest but it was a lot safer than what the two of them were suggesting.  “Since Lizzie is comfortable with me and there’s no way Mrs. Carrington can get my address, perhaps it would be prudent if she stayed with me?  Just until Mrs. Carrington has a chance to calm down.”


Jenny cringed slightly when Mr. Carrington scowled at her.  “I’ll just go and talk to Lizzie for a few moments while you discuss things,” Jenny offered before bolting towards the treatment area.  Sometimes being in uniform could be a very useful thing.  The moment she stepped into the busy treatment area someone immediately stepped up to assist her.


“Hi,” she offered shyly as she stepped behind the curtained area.  Lizzie was lying on a small bed, staring up at the ceiling. 


Lizzie gasped slightly as she sat up.  “Easy there,” Jenny cautioned her as she moved quickly to the small blonde’s bedside.  Gently she guided Lizzie back down onto the pillows.  Lizzie placed a trembling hand on Jenny’s forearm.  The tall brunette left her hand resting on the blonde’s shoulder, unwilling to break the warm connection they shared.  She smiled when she felt Lizzie stroking her arm with her thumb.  She knew that the smaller woman wasn’t aware of what she was doing. 


“Thank you,” Lizzie whispered.  Jenny knew that the blonde wasn’t referring to being helped back to a comfortable position.


“You must think I’m a fool,” Lizzie mumbled as she stared down at the sheet.


“What?” Jenny exclaimed.


“For not fighting back,” Lizzie mumbled once again.  “Everything inside of me screamed for me to defend myself; I just couldn’t hit my own mother.”


“I do understand,” Jenny reassured her as she gave the smaller woman’s shoulder a soft squeeze.  “I don’t agree but I can understand it.  Do you know that Katie and your dad are waiting to see you?”  She was certain that Lizzie had only asked to see her because she was unaware that her family was there.  “They must be completely freaked out,” Lizzie choked out.


“Hey, this isn’t your fault,” Jenny quickly reassured her.  She had seen it before; victims could so easily assign guilt to themselves.


“I know that,” Lizzie responded grimly as she finally looked up at Jenny.  The sadness clouding her normally brilliant eyes broke the brunette’s heart.  “In my mind I know what you’re saying is true.  I just wish I could convince the rest of me.”


“Do you want to see your family?”  Jenny asked quietly as she fought the need to wrap Lizzie up in her arms and never let her go.


“Yes,” Lizzie quietly answered.


“I should warn you that they’re very upset and they’re debating over where you should stay tonight,” Jenny cautioned the smaller woman.


“Why?” Lizzie asked in confusion.


“Even though Nuru and I had every right to lock up your mother, chances are she’s already free,” Jenny explained carefully.  She felt Lizzie’s body stiffen as the little blonde’s jaw clenched.  “I suggested that you stay with me.”


Lizzie looked up at her with a stunned expression.  “There’s no way your mother can find you there. And I’m afraid that she’s probably even angrier than she was before.”


“I could stay at a convent,” Lizzie suggested as her eyes filled with tears.


“She can find you there,” Jenny explained while her heart broke.  She brushed Lizzie’s tears from her cherubic features.  Her heart warmed when Lizzie captured her hand with her own.  They sat there frozen for a moment as they gazed into each other’s eyes, searching for the right words to express what they were feeling at that moment.


Jenny could feel the tears welling up inside of her.  She brought Lizzie’s hand to her lips and placed a comforting kiss on the back of it before releasing it from her grasp.  “I’m going to send your family in,” she choked out before leaving Lizzie’s bedside.


Somehow Jenny managed to compose herself by the time she returned to the waiting area to inform Kate and her father that Lizzie wanted to see them.  She was planning on leaving as soon as they were inside, knowing that they wouldn’t agree to send Lizzie home with her.  But Kate asked her to stay.  Once again Jenny was fidgeting in a hard plastic chair while she waited to find out what was going on.  An agonizing twenty odd minutes later Katie reemerged.


“How are you doing?” the blonde asked in concern as she sat next Jenny.  The tall brunette could only clear her throat in response since she no longer trusted herself to keep her fears hidden.  “We’ve talked,” Katie began gravely.  “And everyone is in agreement that you’re right and Lizzie will be safer with you.”  Jenny blinked in surprise.  She had been certain that Mr. Carrington and Lizzie wouldn’t agree with her idea.  “If it’s alright with you, Dad will stay here and bring Lizzie to the station.  I’ll bring you back to the station now and you can get your things together.”  Jenny nodded as she stood.  “Thank you, Jenny.”


“You don’t . . . ,” Jenny started to protest.


“Yes, I do,” Kate asserted firmly as she stood beside the taller woman. 


When they returned to the police station they discovered that Mrs. Carrington was still in custody, but not for long.  Jenny took off with Lizzie the moment her father brought her to the station.  Mr. Carrington drove them to Jenny’s apartment building.  During the entire drive no one spoke.  Jenny was relieved that none of them felt a need to engage in the façade of trying to make small talk.  The brunette watched the streets as they made their way across town to ensure that they weren’t being followed.


Jenny kept a careful eye on the street traffic while Lizzie and her father exchanged their goodbyes.  She was stunned when the older man touched her lightly on the arm and whispered a heartfelt ‘thank you’ before they made their way inside the building.


The first thing the tall brunette did once they were safely inside her apartment was to send Lizzie off for a long hot bath.  She tossed some old sweats into the bathroom, careful to shield her eyes while she did so.  Then she rechecked every lock and window.  Then she paced until Lizzie finally emerged from the bathroom.  She almost laughed at the sight of the tiny blonde swimming in her clothing.  She apologized for the cramped quarters as Lizzie yawned.  Then Jenny ducked into the bathroom and took a long hot shower. 


When Jenny emerged from the shower she felt much better.  She found Lizzie reclining on her bed, once again mesmerized by flicking the channels on the television.  “You are way too fascinated by television,” Jenny teased the blonde as she climbed up onto the bed.


“This coming from someone who used to eat paste,” Lizzie grumbled as her eyes remained glued to the rapidly passing channels.


“Once!” Jenny squealed in protest.  “And I only did it because you told to me to.  ‘Go on, Jenny, it tastes just like oatmeal’,” Jenny mocked her.


“I can’t believe you fell for that,” Lizzie giggled as she put the remote down and looked at the scowling brunette.


“I was six,” Jenny growled.  “I should have known then that you were an evil little blonde.”


Lizzie laughed once again and Jenny felt a strange sense of relief at seeing her friend smiling once again.  “How are you doing?”  Jenny asked carefully, not wanting to dampen her friend’s mood.


“Okay,” Lizzie sighed.  She turned onto her side so they were facing one another. “The doctor said I’d be sore for a couple of weeks.  I still can’t believe she snapped again.”


“I can,” Jenny groaned.  “What set her off?  Or was she just being her evil old self?”


“I’m not up to talking about this now,” Lizzie said shyly as her gaze drifted down to the bedspread.


“No worries,” Jenny reassured her as the sounds of the television filled the dark room.


She hadn’t been paying attention; the only thing she was aware of was how close they were to each other as their eyes met.  Jenny could feel her heart beating a little faster as she felt her attraction for Lizzie creeping up on her once again.  She almost laughed at herself, knowing that what she’d been feeling for Lizzie was beginning to blossom into something much deeper than a simple attraction.  Her eyes drifted from Lizzie’s gaze and with a will of their own began to roam up and down the smaller woman’s body.  Lizzie’s body tempted her to reach out.  She wasn’t the girl Jenny had once known; Jenny just wasn’t prepared for the woman she’d become.


Jenny looked back up at Lizzie who was once again staring at the television while she channel surfed.  As Lizzie rapidly jumped from one channel to the next, Jenny was lost.  She knew in her heart that the look of indifference Lizzie sported was nothing more than a smokescreen.  She could feel the heat from her ex-lover’s body burning her skin even though they weren’t touching.  Jenny knew that all she had to do was reach over and she could seduce the blonde with a simple touch.  ‘And then what?’  Jenny asked herself.  She knew that if anything happened she would be taking away the one thing Lizzie needed in her life at that moment.  She needed to have her own voice.


Knowing these things still didn’t stop Jenny from admiring the body that was so close to her own.  She simply rested her head on her pillow and stole glances at the woman who still seemed to possess a piece of her fragile heart.  Jenny knew that her gaze was lingering longer and longer each time she looked over.  She was sailing into dangerous waters, and it was time to turn back before one of them did something they would regret.  Just as she was about to reach the shores of sanity, she heard it. 


It was one of those things from her past that still haunted her and caused waves of passion to surge throughout her entire body.  Jenny’s pulse quickened as she felt herself being drawn into the music that was whispering from the television.  The unlikely source of their passion was the theme song from Charlie’s Angels.  Jenny fought to calm her breathing as the corny music filtered through the air.


She looked over at the rapid rise and fall over Lizzie’s chest.  Apparently she wasn’t the only one who still had a hard time explaining to people that the theme to Charlie’s Angels was a complete turn on.  It had all started when they were lovers.  They were two teenaged girls in a small town and they used any excuse they could to spend time together.  Jenny and Lizzie used the once-popular television show as an excuse to spend more time together.  Every Wednesday night Lizzie would sleep over even though it was a school night.  Jenny’s parents couldn’t understand their fascination with the television program.  They also never understood why the girls chose to watch the show on the small television in Jenny’s bedroom instead of the larger one in the family room.  Her poor parents were blissfully unaware that they never made it past the opening credits before they were completely naked and exploring one another’s bodies.


To this day Jenny still hadn’t seen an entire episode of the show.  When the movie came out just a few years ago, Wendy was delighted at the way Jenny took advantage of her in the tiny cinema.  Jenny always felt guilty that she still thought about Lizzie that night.  Jenny looked over to see that Lizzie’s face had turned scarlet.  Jenny caught the blonde’s hand as she went to change the channel.  Her fingers trembled as she held Lizzie’s hand in her own.  Lizzie’s eyes fluttered shut as her breathing grew heavier.   The temptation was proving to be too much for either of them.  Jenny slid her hand up and caressed Lizzie’s arm.  Feeling the heat from Lizzie’s body caressing her fingers, Jenny understood that her touch was welcome. 


Jenny watched as the remote slipped from Lizzie’s grasp and fell onto the comforter with a heavy plop.  Lizzie’s arm lowered and invited Jenny in.  Jenny slowly allowed her hand to drift down Lizzie’s arm to the soft swell of her breasts.  Lizzie’s eyes remained shut as Jenny’s hand continued its exploration down the curve of the blonde’s body to her thigh.  Lizzie opened her eyes and looked deep into Jenny’s eyes while the brunette caressed her thigh.  Jenny’s excitement grew as Lizzie released a tiny groan.  Jenny’s hand seemed to have a will of its own as it slipped between Lizzie’s thighs, creeping closer to her center.


“Jenny,” Lizzie gasped.  “Please . . . I . . .”  Lizzie failed to continue and Jenny knew that the blonde was unable to say ‘no’ or to tell her to stop.  It was what they both wanted.  Jenny felt Lizzie’s thighs opening, welcoming her touch.  She watched as Lizzie’s head fell back.  Jenny lowered her head, eager to kiss Lizzie’s neck, knowing that it would drive the smaller woman insane.  She was close enough to Lizzie’s body to hear the rapid beating of the blonde’s heart.


Jenny could feel Lizzie’s desire seeping through her sweatpants as the brunette’s fingers inched dangerously close to her desire.  Jenny leaned her body into Lizzie’s with every intention of kissing the blonde senseless when Lizzie winced in pain.  Jenny flew away from Lizzie in a blinding motion.  Her eyes widened in horror as Lizzie sat up clutching her side.


“Are you alright?” Jenny asked in a panic.


“Fine,” Lizzie stammered before blowing out a cleansing breath.


Jenny reached over, grabbed the remote, and quickly changed the channel as Lizzie nursed her bruised body.  Lizzie finally relaxed and she turned back towards Jenny who watched every movement to reassure herself that the blonde was okay.  “I’m fine,” Lizzie offered gently.  She smiled at Jenny before biting down on her bottom lip.  “Give me strength,” the blonde whispered as she rolled her eyes.  Jenny could see Lizzie’s eyes darkening once again with desire.  The brunette jumped up off the bed.


“Would you say a prayer for me?” Jenny grumbled as she headed back towards her bathroom.


“No problem,” Lizzie softly agreed.  “Where are you going?”


“Shower!” Jenny snapped before she slammed the bathroom door.


Once in the safety of her bathroom, Jenny braced herself against the sink.  “A long cold shower,” she firmly instructed herself as she tried to calm her overheated body.



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