By Mavis Applewater

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Jenny was trying to understand what was going on in her still muddled mind. She’d just tried to kiss Lizzie! "I’m sorry," Jenny muttered as Lizzie busied herself in the kitchen. She didn’t think that the blonde could hear her. "I must still be feeling the Jagermeister," she lied to herself.

"You should try to eat something," Lizzie said as she stepped out of the kitchen.

Jenny’s face paled at the mere thought of food. "I don’t think so," the policewoman choked. Lizzie leaned against the doorframe with her arms folded across her chest staring out the living room window. Jenny leaned back against the wall and watched the rain falling. She didn’t want to talk about the closeness the two women had just shared or about the past. Jenny felt numb and she didn’t want to think about any of it. The constant patter of the rain wouldn’t allow her the freedom to just shut out her memories. The rain had brought them together and had driven them apart.

Despite all of the turmoil she now had to face she would never regret that night. It had permanently etched a memory in her mind that she vowed to take to her grave. It had all begun that morning when they were barely sixteen. The two girls had just passed their learner's permit tests. They’d decided to celebrate with breakfast at Dante’s, the local diner. Despite the fact that it still wasn’t quite noon, the teenagers had passed on having the usual breakfast fare and had settled on hot fudge sundaes instead.

Being typical teenage girls they chatted endlessly about their future. They planned to save their money and buy a car together, not realizing that their parents would never go for the idea. All they could understand was that soon they would be able to drive. Haven was a small town where the only hot spot was Dante’s. They couldn’t wait to break the barriers and escape.

While they devoured their ice cream Jenny couldn’t help but steal shy looks at her best friend. Lizzie and she had known one another since kindergarten. They’d met at the local park. Jenny had been sitting in the sandbox and Robby had been pouring sand over her head. The tiny dark-haired child was crying for her mother who was off with another parent. Suddenly a small blonde girl stomped over and punched Robby right in the face. Lizzie was her hero from that moment on.

Unfortunately her violent actions caused a flurry of activity from the other parents. Jenny managed to explain to her mother that the blonde had saved her from Robby’s evil clutches. And the two girls had been joined at the hip from that moment on. They joined the brownies together, got caught smoking behind the gym, and almost every weekend of their short lives had slept at one or the other’s home. They would spend all day at school together and then the moment they got off the school bus they would rush to the telephone to call each other. Jenny could still hear her father asking what they could possibly have left to say to each other.

The only problem was that for Jenny things were beginning to change in the most confusing fashion. Somewhere around the time Jenny’s height shot up, her body started reacting in the oddest way when she was around her best friend. Jenny didn’t understand what was happening to her. Now when she would hug Lizzie her body felt a strange stirring inside of her.

They started holding hands like they’d done when they were little. Only now it felt different and the teenagers were careful not to do it when anyone else was around. At the time Jenny couldn’t understand what these strange new feelings meant. All she knew was that she was suddenly craving more. It was an unexplainable feeling that would suddenly overcome her. She couldn’t understand just what else she desired from her friend or why she would become jealous if Lizzie spent her time with anyone else.

Her emotions had been tearing her apart and she came up with the idea of buying a car together. Somehow she felt the newfound freedom would give them more time together. Jenny could still recall how her stomach clenched as she watched Lizzie lick the ice cream from her spoon. It was one of those times when she felt the uncontrollable urge to kiss Lizzie. She never understood where the idea had sprung from. It was the same fiery emotion that would surge up from deep inside of her that made her want to touch Lizzie.

Being typical teenagers they spent the rest of their day just walking around and talking. They were so wrapped up in doing nothing that they lost track of the time. When night began to fall they headed to the Jacobs’ home. When the rain started they didn’t care. They began to push and shove one another as they splashed in the puddles. They were young and didn’t have a care in the world. The only problem was that Jenny’s body would tingle whenever Lizzie brushed against her.

By the time they entered Jenny’s home, her body was trembling and it wasn’t from the rain. "Where are the folks?" the small blonde inquired.

"They went to some kind of fund raiser; they won’t be back for hours," Jenny answered as the two of them raced up the staircase to her bedroom. "We’re drenched," Jenny remarked. "I may never be dry again," she teased as she felt the strange dampness gathering in her jeans.

"I know," Lizzie answered brightly as she brushed back her long blonde hair. "We really should get out of these wet clothes and dry off."

Jenny had swallowed hard as she watched Lizzie pull her shirt over her head. She couldn’t stop herself from watching Lizzie as she tossed the shirt onto a chair. It wasn’t the first time they’d gotten undressed in front of one another; it was the strange pulsation coursing through Jenny’s body that made this night different. Jenny’s heart was racing as Lizzie stood there in her bra and jeans. The only light in the room came from the small table lamp sitting beside her bed. The sight of Lizzie’s half-naked body sent Jenny into a panic. She was thankful for the darkness that hid her in the shadows, knowing that her face had turned a deep shade of crimson.

"I’ll get some towels," she managed to stammer out.

Jenny’s body failed to move as she watched Lizzie reach behind her back and unhook her bra. The site of her best friend’s firm full breasts swaying slightly was too much for the tall brunette to withstand. Jenny forced herself out of the room and into the bathroom. Luckily for Jenny she had her own bathroom off her bedroom. As she braced herself against the wall, she wondered if Lizzie would simply leave if she cowered in there long enough.

"Fat chance," she muttered to herself. If only she could stop shaking. At the time she hadn’t understood why she was acting like a coward. She only knew that she had to somehow gain control over herself. She wasn’t certain of just what it was that she was afraid of. It wasn’t Lizzie. She was frightening herself. She was terrified. If Lizzie found out what she was thinking, she would lose the blonde forever.

Finally Jenny regained a modicum of self control, grabbed a handful of clean towels, and stepped bravely out of the bathroom. She found Lizzie bent over, wrestling with the wet laces of her sneakers. Jenny felt her legs shaking and she was certain that she would simply collapse onto the floor. She fought to remain standing as she stared at Lizzie’s breasts bathed in the moonlight. At least she thought it was the moonlight. More than likely it was the glow of the table lamp and not the moonlight. But in Jenny’s memory it would always be the moonlight glistening across the youthful form of her love.

Lizzie finally freed herself of her sneakers and drenched socks and stood. She shook out her long blonde hair. The motion of Lizzie’s breasts had mesmerized Jenny as they swayed gently. Jenny swallowed hard as Lizzie stood there with her emerald eyes shimmering through the darkness. Lizzie reached out her hand, slowly seeming to beckon Jenny closer. Shyly Jenny stepped closer and it was then that Lizzie broke the magical spell that she was casting over Jenny’s heart. "Towel?" was all that the blonde said.

Jenny’s heart sank as she tossed a towel to Lizzie. She had to throw the fluffy beast since she was far too afraid to get any closer to Lizzie. Her heart was racing and her hands shook uncontrollably. Once again she found herself fighting to regain her composure. She reached for the buttons on her blouse. Battling to at least look normal, Jenny struggled to free those damn buttons. She just needed to stop her hands from shaking and she would be fine. She was on the verge of tears as the buttons refused to yield.

"Here, let me help you," Lizzie said softly as she stepped over to her and slowly began to undo each button. With each one, Jenny was certain that her heart would explode. She felt it pounding uncontrollably in her chest; never before had the teenager felt her heart beating so fast or so hard. Her mind was racing, fearful that Lizzie would somehow know what she was thinking. If Lizzie discovered her secret then she would most certainly be disgusted by Jenny’s thoughts and their friendship would be over.

Then it happened. Lizzie unbuttoned the last button that was exposed and the blonde didn’t step away. Instead she reached down and undid the copper button of Jenny’s jeans. Then she gently lowered the zipper. Nothing this intimate had transpired between them before. Jenny’s mind was swimming in confusion as her body ignited.

Lizzie freed the tails of Jenny’s blouse from her well-fitting jeans. Then she undid the lower buttons of the blouse. Lizzie didn’t look at Jenny as she reached up and lowered Jenny’s blouse off her shoulders. Jenny’s skin was tingling as her damp blouse slid down her arms. Lizzie seemed to be breathing heavily as she dropped the wet garment to the floor.

Jenny failed to notice that Lizzie’s heart was also beating out of control. She was breathing far too heavily herself and hiding her face from her friend. When Lizzie did finally look up and their eyes met, Jenny saw the same flushed confused expression that she possessed. Lizzie’s face was a mirror of her own. Lizzie felt the same way! She wanted what Jenny wanted.

Lizzie slid her arms around Jenny’s waist, sliding her strong hands up and around Jenny’s long back. Never taking her sparkling green eyes off of Jenny, Lizzie gently unhooked the clasp of Jenny’s bra. Jenny once again swallowed hard, curious as to why her mouth was suddenly so dry. Lizzie slid Jenny’s bra down, across her long arms, until it fell to the floor next to her blouse.

Feeling suddenly exposed, Jenny broke the tender gaze the two shared. Lizzie reached up and gently swept the damp brunette hair from Jenny’s brow. The feel of Lizzie’s fingers warmed her skin and she found herself turning to look back at the blonde. They leaned into one another, neither of them making the first move. The two girls simply moved in unison as their arms wrapped around one another.

Their lips brushed with a soft tremble. Their first kiss happened so quickly, and before either of them could understand what had happened, they kissed again. The second kiss exploded into a fiery passion. Their thighs slipped between the other’s legs and they began to sway in rhythm as their wetness coated the other’s thigh. Lizzie tugged insistently on Jenny’s lower lip. Jenny’s lips parted as Lizzie’s tongue slid inside her mouth.

Up until that moment in time, Jenny had only dreamt of holding Lizzie and kissing her. Her self-control had prevented her from wishing for more. Now she wanted so much more.

As their lips parted they were left standing there, breathing heavily. Their bodies were so close that Jenny could feel the rapid beating of Lizzie’s heart. Lizzie lowered her arms and took a small step back. Jenny panicked, fearful that Lizzie now hated her for what she had just done. Or perhaps she was simply a lousy kisser, or Lizzie thought that she was some kind of freak? Jenny was certain that Lizzie was about to bolt out of the room and that she would never see her again. Her youthful mind conjured up those and a thousand other fears.

Lizzie quieted them all when she took Jenny’s hand and led her across the room to the bed. She lowered Jenny onto the bed. Neither of them spoke as Lizzie gently removed Jenny’s wet shoes and socks. Jenny gasped as Lizzie leaned over her and slid Jenny’s wet jeans off her body.

Lizzie stood there admiring Jenny’s body. "Take yours off too," Jenny said in a voice that frightened her. There was something so different in her voice; it was so sure and so very hungry. "I want to see you naked, Lizzie," she commanded. Lizzie smiled before obeying her instructions.

Lizzie lowered her body onto Jenny’s. The brunette moaned deeply as her lover’s body touched her own for the first time. Their hearts raced uncontrollably as their hungry lips met once again. Lizzie’s lips parted, inviting Jenny in. Gasping as they broke apart, Lizzie leaned down and tenderly began kissing Jenny’s neck. She moved even closer to Jenny, pressing between Jenny’s quivering thighs. Jenny groaned deeply as her own thigh found its way between Lizzie’s legs.

They pressed against one another’s wetness as their bodies began to move in rhythm. They moved slowly at first before the passion exploded in a wild frenzy. Jenny could feel Lizzie’s breath against her ear as the blonde whispered in a deep inviting tone. "I want you, Jenny."

"Yes, oh yes," Jenny answered with a moan.

Lizzie continued to kiss Jenny’s swan-like neck, tracing her tongue down to her shoulders. Jenny could only whimper as Lizzie’s mouth moved to her breast and captured Jenny’s breast. As Lizzie gently teased her nipple with her tongue and her teeth, Jenny wondered how Lizzie knew what she needed. Jenny’s hips arched against Lizzie’s firm thigh.

Driven by pure instinct, their bodies responded to one another. Lizzie slid her hand down Jenny’s long firm body. Jenny’s body pulsated as Lizzie’s fingers shyly ran through her damp curls. Jenny’s desire grew even stronger as her lover dipped her fingers along her slick folds. She clutched the blonde’s shoulders as her fingers pressed against her aching center. "Lizzie," she gasped in a needy tone.

"Yes, Jenny. Yes," her lover panted against her breast.

"I want you inside of me," Jenny moaned, not understanding where the words or the desire had come from. "I want you now," she pleaded hungrily.

Lizzie responded without hesitation. First with one finger and then a second, she gently slid inside of Jenny’s wetness. Jenny felt the walls of her center closing around Lizzie’s touch. Her hips arched up off the bed as Lizzie plunged in and out of her. She was moaning and calling Lizzie’s name over and over again, begging her not to stop. She whimpered as Lizzie’s mouth abandoned her breast. The blonde began to work her way down Jenny’s body, first to her ribs, then her abdomen, and finally to her quivering thighs. Lizzie’s kisses grew more insistent as she worshipped the inside of Jenny’s thighs.

Jenny opened her legs, inviting Lizzie’s mouth to join her hand. A delightful shudder passed through her as Lizzie’s tongue tasted her for the first time, fumbling at first until it found its way to the spot that neither of them knew existed. "Yes. There," she begged. Her hand pressed Lizzie’s head closer to her passion as she begged for more. Lizzie held her steady as her body thrust against her lover’s mouth. Jenny cried out as her body shook. The brunette’s body arched even higher as her legs trembled wildly. Her nerves were pushed to the breaking point as she felt her soul explode.

Jenny collapsed on the bed as the waves trickled through her. Lizzie rested her head on her stomach, kissing her softly. She whimpered as Lizzie’s touch left her center. Jenny felt alive as she pulled Lizzie up to her. Kissing her lover deeply, she rolled her onto her back. Moving her mouth to Lizzie’s neck, she began to taste the blonde’s skin. She kissed her way down to Lizzie’s breasts. Her tongue flickered across her lover’s already erect nipple. Jenny was amazed as the rose-colored bud became more erect from her touch.

Jenny captured Lizzie’s nipple in her mouth and suckled it greedily. Her body pulsated as her lover’s body arched against her own. Jenny could feel her own excitement growing as she hungrily feasted on one breast and then the other. She couldn’t hear her lover’s words as she lost herself in her breasts.

Unable to contain herself any longer, she began to work her way down Lizzie’s body. She hungered to taste all of her lover. She licked and tasted her way lower and lower, her mouth and tongue savoring every inch of Lizzie’s naked body. She could see and smell her lover’s desire as she ran her fingers through the golden tufts of hair. She gently parted Lizzie before taking her into her mouth, tasting her deeply as she drank in her passion. Lizzie moaned as Jenny’s tongue found it’s way deep inside her center.

Jenny could feel Lizzie’s thighs quivering against her as her body rose. Lizzie whimpered as Jenny’s tongue departed her warmth. Her fingers soon replaced it and her tongue fumbled until it found the quivering bundle begging for her touch. She suckled the button in her mouth as her fingers slid in and out of Lizzie’s wetness. She could feel the walls closing around her fingers as Lizzie screamed out. She held her lover tightly and continued to pleasure her as Lizzie’s body rose against her. Lizzie cried out as her hips began to thrust in a wild rhythm.

Lizzie had screamed as she released her passion, finally collapsing onto the bed. Jenny could still remember how they’d held each other, exchanging tender kisses until they drifted off to sleep. Even with the way their love had ended, Jenny still couldn’t let go of the images of that night.

Now, seventeen years later, Jenny felt like death warmed over as she looked out the window at the steadily falling rain. "Crappy weather," Jenny grumbled as she fought against the warmth that had invaded her body since her mind decided to relive the night she gave away her innocence.

"I like the rain," Lizzie responded softly.

Jenny turned and flashed her former lover an amused smirk. Lizzie just continued to watch the rain fall. "So, Sister, what brings you to Boston?" Jenny inquired tersely.

She watched as Lizzie’s body stiffened and her jaw clenched. Jenny knew that her tone had been harsh and that the blonde had been nothing but kind to her since they’d been reunited a few short hours ago. Yet at that moment in time Jenny disliked every female on the planet with the possible exception of Jodie Foster. ‘Hey, Jodie would always be a hottie,’ she reasoned.

Jenny felt the room grow smaller as she watched Lizzie just stand there in silence. She could tell by the brilliant color in the blonde’s eyes that she was angry. "I’m going to take a shower," Lizzie said softly as she finally shifted her position.

"Still running?" Jenny spat out bitterly.

"I never ran, Jenny," Lizzie said softly as she turned to face the brunette. "I screwed up. I made a mess of everything back then and I’m still doing it now. I’m here to see if I can get my life back. I’m here to see my family that I’ve only seen a handful of times since I was sent away. "


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