By Mavis Applewater

September 2002


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Chapter Seven


Jenny tossed and turned all through the night.  She fought to get comfortable so she could get some much-needed sleep.  The stress of the last twenty-four hours preyed heavily upon her.  The cause of all her turmoil and stress was lying beside her on the tiny futon.  To Lizzie’s credit she did suggest that she bunk down with her sister Katie.  Jenny was very much in favor of the idea.  However Katie was not so gracious; she explained that despite the fact that she loved her baby sister dearly, she wasn’t about to share a bed with a blanket-thieving, snoring, body-heat-sucking little pest.


What could Jenny do?  She certainly couldn’t argue the point.  She had shared a bed enough times with the little blonde to know that Lizzie was all of those things and more.  Lizzie had an annoying habit of not only stealing all the blankets during the night, but also wrapping and tucking them around her body so tightly that it was impossible to retrieve them.  Jenny had spent many an evening before and after they’d become lovers fighting for the tiniest scrap of bedding to stave off the cold night air.


So far that night Lizzie had yet to commit this transgression; of course that was because she was wide awake.  “We could talk,” Lizzie suggested quietly.


“Don’t want to,” Jenny grumbled as she fluffed her pillow and turned her back to Lizzie.


“Watch television?” Lizzie persisted.  “I haven’t seen much in the past decade.  Anything good on?”


“Not since the X-Files went off the air,” Jenny grunted as she rolled over to find Lizzie lying on her back, staring at the ceiling.  “I need to sleep so I can go to work in the morning,” Jenny groused.


“Me too,” Lizzie sighed in response.


“On Sunday?” Jenny inquired in surprise.  She was working weekends because the money was better and Wendy had insisted.


“I always work on Sundays,” Lizzie noted wryly.


“Oh yeah, I guess you would.”  Jenny blinked in surprise.  “That must suck.  I’m guessing you don’t get overtime like I do.”


“No.” Lizzie chuckled as she rolled over to face Jenny.  “That whole pesky vow of poverty thing kind of messes with that.”


Jenny smiled as she watched Lizzie’s emerald eyes twinkle in the darkness.  She felt a strange sense of comfort from the familiarity of the situation.  “This kind of reminds me of when we were younger,” Lizzie continued with a shy smile.  “We’d stay up all night talking and then drag our tired carcasses into class the next morning.”


“That’s not all we used stay up all night doing,” Jenny whispered softly as she held Lizzie’s gaze.  She hadn’t meant to say it, yet the words just slipped out.  She also hadn’t intended to say it in such a sultry tone.


She felt bad as she watched Lizzie’s gaze drift away from her own, a small frown crossing her full lips.  “Sorry,” Jenny muttered shyly.  She watched in horror as Lizzie alternately opened her mouth to speak and then quickly retreated into a heavy frown.  “Hey, no big deal, right?” Jenny blurted out, trying to cover up her mistake.


“Jenny, I ... ,“ Lizzie stammered.


“Like I said, no big deal,” Jenny repeated, cutting off whatever Lizzie was about to say.  She caught a glimmer of Lizzie’s crestfallen look before she rolled over.  “Good night,” she muttered over her shoulder, unable to look at Lizzie.


Somehow Jenny did manage to fall asleep for a few short hours.  She awoke alone and stumbled off the futon.  The tall brunette stretched her body in an effort to ease the tension and cramps caused by sleeping in such a small space.  A small smile creased her lips as she detected the faint aroma of coffee.  She blinked her weary eyes as she shuffled towards the kitchen.  She wasn’t completely aware of her movements; she simply followed the enticing aroma calling out to her.


Jenny released an orgasmic groan as she took her first sip.  Then she rested against the kitchen encounter and began to savor each drop.  Jenny yelped suddenly as Lizzie entered the living room dressed for work. The tall brunette cringed as hot coffee spilled across her torso.  “Oh my God,” she sputtered as she scrambled to clean up the mess.


“Nope, just on the payroll,” Lizzie quipped as she approached Jenny who was fighting to keep her wet T-shirt from further burning her skin. 


“Funny,” Jenny grumbled as she continued to hold the wet shirt away from her skin.


“Stop that.”  Lizzie swatted her hands.  “Just take it off before you burn yourself any further.”


“What?” Jenny squeaked as the damp shirt scalded her once again. 


“Take it off,” Lizzie repeated vehemently.


“I can’t,” Jenny protested.  Her skin was burned once again as she stepped away from Lizzie.


“Why not?” Lizzie asked in confusion.


“Because you . . . ,” she stammered as she motioned to Lizzie’s black habit.  “Turn around,” Jenny demanded, seeing it as the only solution to her dilemma.


“You’re kidding me?”  Lizzie laughed heartily.


“Just turn around,” Jenny demanded.


“Fine.”  Lizzie chuckled as she held up her hands in defeat.


“I don’t understand why people get so flustered when they see me in my habit,” Lizzie prattled on as Jenny yanked her shirt up over her head and tossed it into the sink.  “I mean, it’s basic black; how can you go wrong?”  Jenny rolled her eyes at Lizzie’s running commentary as she ran her fingers over her burned flesh. 


“It just surprised me,” Jenny mumbled as she tried to plan her escape from the kitchen without Lizzie seeing her breasts.  “I wasn’t prepared for you looking like a nun.”  She knew her explanation sounded feeble, but it was how she felt.


“I am a nun,” Lizzie teased as she sneaked a peek over her shoulder.


“Don’t do that,” Jenny squeaked in horror as her hands flew to her breasts.    “Would you not look until I’ve put on something decent?” Jenny pleaded as she tried to push past Lizzie.


Much to Jenny’s horror, Lizzie turned around and laughed.  “Jenny, you’re being silly.”  The little nun chuckled.  “We used to wear one another’s underwear.”


“Well, that won’t be happening again,” Jenny flared as she darted past the laughing blonde.  She held her hands to her breasts and Lizzie laughed harder while she searched for something to cover her body.  The tears rolling down Lizzie’s face miffed her.  “Glad you find this so amusing, Sister.”


“Jenny,” Lizzie choked out as she fought against her laughter, “I’ve seen them before.”


“Not dressed like that you haven’t,” Jenny protested as she snatched a shirt up off the floor and covered herself.


“What is going on out here!” Katie demanded as she stumbled into the living room.  She cast a wary glance at both of them.  Jenny blushed furiously as she looked for a place to hide from the laughing little nun and her sergeant.


“Jenny won’t show me her boobies,” Lizzie teased as Jenny’s blush grew deeper.


“Lizzie!” Jenny hissed as she tried to cover more of her body.


“Oh,” Katie responded with a yawn.  “It’s my day off.  I’m going back to bed.”


“I’m taking a shower,” Jenny grunted indignantly.


“I’m going to church,” Lizzie added brightly.


“Freaky, isn’t it?” Katie whispered to the still flustered Jenny.  “Seeing her dressed like that still wigs me out.”


“You have no idea,” Jenny muttered before making a quick retreat to the bathroom.


Later that day Jenny still felt exhausted while she waited for Nuru to return with their coffee.  “How are you holding up, partner?” Nuru inquired as she handed Jenny the steaming paper cup.


“I’ve been better,” Jenny confessed as she took a careful sip of her French Roast.  “I’m relieved that Wendy’s gone for good,” she explained as Nuru started the cruiser.


“Well, that’s a bonus,” Nuru commented with a slight smile.  “I was afraid you might actually forgive that witch and take her back.”


“No, it’s over for good,” Jenny reassured her.


“Can I ask you about something?” Nuru inquired carefully as she pulled out into traffic.


“Sure,” Jenny agreed, savoring her coffee, still regretting the loss of her first cup.


“The other night you were talking about someone named Lizzie,” Nuru began hesitantly.


Jenny cringed as the memory came back to her.  “Kate didn’t hear what I said, did she?” she inquired fearfully.


“No,” Nuru reassured her.  “So you and the Sergeant’s little sister, or was it one of those unrequited things?”


“I don’t want Kate to hear about this,” Jenny cautioned her partner and friend.


“I won’t say a word,” Nuru vowed.


“We were lovers,” Jenny confessed with a heavy sigh.  “She was my first.  We were just kids and thought the sun rose and set because the other one said so.”


“Wow.” Nuru blinked in surprise.  “So what happened?”


“Like I said, we were kids,” Jenny grumbled, not wanting to discuss what really happened.  “Doesn’t matter now.  She’s a nun and I don’t want my commanding officer to find out I took her baby sister’s virginity.”


“Understandable,” Nuru responded with a chuckle.  “She freaks out when someone takes the last Boston Cream donut.”


“No kidding.”  Jenny laughed.  “Remember poor Randy?  I’m amazed the guy can still use that hand.  Oh, you haven’t heard the best part.  I’m crashing at Kate’s place until I get resettled and guess who’s in town for a visit?”


Nuru released a hearty laugh.  “Your life just gets better and better, doesn’t it, girlfriend?” Nuru commented gleefully.


“Don’t you wish you were me?” Jenny teased as she spotted a Toyota running a red light.  “Ah look at that,” she noted as Nuru hit the lights and siren. “I’ll run the plates.”


It was late that evening when Jenny stumbled up to Kate’s apartment, her arms loaded down with the Sunday edition of the Boston Globe and a bag of takeout from Kelly’s.  She knocked as she juggled the items in her arms.  Jenny breathed a sigh of relief when Lizzie opened the door dressed in a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt.  She wasn’t prepared for the wide-eyed expression Lizzie cast her.  She was confused by the fact that Lizzie’s eyes were darting up and down her body as she stood there blocking the doorway.  “Can I come in?”  Jenny inquired in confusion.


“Sorry,” Lizzie blurted out with a deep blush as she stepped aside.


“You okay?” Jenny asked as she settled her stuff on the coffee table.


“Fine,” Lizzie squeaked as she closed the door behind her.


Jenny looked at the little blonde strangely as she shrugged off her jacket.  As she collected her sleeping attire, she tried to understand why Lizzie looked so flustered all of sudden.  Jenny shrugged off her strange behavior as she made her way to the bathroom.  Once Jenny had showered, she hung up her uniform and secured her gun.  She was happy to see that Lizzie seemed much calmer than when she’d answered the door.  “I picked up some fried clams from Kelly’s.  Want some?” she offered as she settled down onto the futon and opened up her dinner. 


“No thanks.”  Lizzie waved her off as she settled down on the chair by the window.


“Where’s Kate?” she asked as she began to search the paper for the real estate section.


“Out with friends,” Lizzie offered as she picked up the remote and began to flip through the channels.  “Wow, there are so many channels now.”


“Still nothing on,” Jenny grunted as she scanned the paper and dug into her clam plate.  She didn’t miss Lizzie watching her each time she took a bite.  “Sure you don’t want any?” Jenny teased her.


“Maybe just a bite,” Lizzie conceded as she crossed over to the futon, shutting off the television as she crossed the room.


“Some things never change,” Jenny responded with a light laugh as she held up a forkful of clams that she had lightly dipped in some tarter sauce.  Lizzie opened her mouth and accepted the offer eagerly.  A small amount of mayonnaise dribbled out the side of Lizzie’s mouth.  Jenny smirked as she grabbed up one of the flimsy paper napkins that came with her dinner and wiped away the errant drops.  Lizzie moaned in pleasure as she savored the deep-fried food.


A jolt of familiarity ran through Jenny and her hands quickly retreated.  She handed Lizzie the napkin and plastic fork. “Why don’t you finish?  I’m full,” she offered in an off-handed manner.


“Are you sure?” Lizzie asked quizzically.


“Yeah,” Jenny lied, unable to meet Lizzie’s gaze.  There was something all too familiar about the situation that sent Jenny’s body into turmoil.  Jenny leaned back and rested her hands over her eyes as the far away memory began to replay in her mind.


Her parents were gone for the weekend and Lizzie was on her way over so they could spend the weekend together.  It had been easy to convince their respective parents to allow them to have the house to themselves for the weekend.  They were seventeen and neither had gotten into serious trouble.  Of course, if their parents only knew the real reason they were so eager to spend the weekend alone together, they would have freaked. 


The doorbell rang and Jenny let her lover in, assisting her with her overnight bag and two large shopping bags.  “What’s all of this?” she asked as she carried the bags filled with plastic containers of food into the kitchen.


“My mother is afraid that we’re going to starve to death,” Lizzie explained with an exasperated sigh as she flipped her long blonde hair.


“It’s only for two days,” Jenny quipped as she loaded enough meals to feed a family of four for a week into the refrigerator.


Once she’d completed her task, Jenny stood back and looked at the overstocked refrigerator.  “So what do you want to eat?” Jenny asked in amusement.  She turned to her lover and found herself locked in a fiery gaze.  Lizzie flashed a sly smile, took Jenny by the hand, and led her out of the kitchen into the dining room.  Jenny’s body was pulsating as she bemusedly followed her lover.  Lizzie guided her until the back of Jenny’s legs bumped into the dining room table.


The raven-haired teenager was certain that she was going explode when Lizzie placed her hands on her shoulders and molded her body to hers.  “You know I’ve really been looking forward to this weekend,” Lizzie murmured softly as she began to unbutton Jenny’s blouse.  “We can be as loud as we want,” Lizzie explained in a voice heated with desire as she opened Jenny’s blouse.  Jenny blushed deeply as Lizzie removed her blouse and tossed it onto the floor.  It always amazed her that her sweet innocent-looking girlfriend could be so direct when it came to their passion.


Lizzie began to slowly trace the swell of Jenny’s breasts with the tip of her tongue.  Jenny’s heart raced as she entwined her fingers in Lizzie’s soft golden locks.  She bit back a moan as Lizzie’s talented fingers danced along the straps of her bra while her tongue continued to tease the curve of her breasts with her tongue.  Jenny parted her thighs and pulled her lover closer as the clasp of her bra was released.


Her breathing became labored as Lizzie removed her bra and threw it across the room.  “You asked me what I wanted to eat,” Lizzie murmured against her skin.  She flicked her tongue across one of Jenny’s nipples until it puckered in response.  Lizzie lifted her head slightly and Jenny’s body burned from the lustful look in her lover’s eyes.  “This is what I want,” Lizzie demanded in a breathy tone.  Jenny allowed her deep moan to escape as she watched Lizzie’s tongue peek out once again.  This time it teased her other nipple until it was fully erect as well.


Jenny could feel her thighs trembling as Lizzie lowered her down onto the cool surface of the family’s mahogany dining room table.  The family only dined at the elegant table on special occasions. Lizzie seemed determine to turn this afternoon into a special occasion as she nestled her body between Jenny’s thighs.  Jenny supported her body by placing her hands flat on the table with her arms behind her; her body was raised just enough that she could watch Lizzie’s movements.


Lizzie ran her fingertips slowly along Jenny’s exposed flesh, watching intently as the brunette’s skin erupted in tiny goose bumps beneath her touch.  Jenny’s crystal blue eyes darkened with desire; they were focused on Lizzie’s breasts that strained against the soft cotton material of her black T-shirt.  Jenny felt another moan escape her lips as Lizzie ground her body against her center.  The seam of her jeans pressing against her aching clit caused Jenny’s faded blue jeans to become even damper as her desire grew.


Jenny’s body thrust into Lizzie, needing to feel more of her lover.  “This is what I want,” Lizzie repeated as her small hands drifted down Jenny’s trembling body.  Lizzie captured one of her nipples in her mouth and began to suckle it greedily while her hands busied themselves undoing the zipper of her blue jeans.  Jenny was whimpering as Lizzie teased her nipple with her teeth and her tongue and her hands urgently yanked Jenny’s jeans down her body.


Lizzie nudged Jenny’s body down onto the cool surface of the table while she suckled her harder and pushed the rough material of her pants down past her hips.  Jenny was sprawled out on the dining room table and her lover’s teeth taunted her aching nipple as one of her hands roamed across her passion-soaked panties.  Lizzie pressed the palm of her hand against Jenny’s mound as she kissed her way over to her other nipple.  Jenny’s body was thrusting urgently against her lover.


“God, you’re so wet,” Lizzie growled against her skin as she pressed harder against Jenny’s clit.  “I want you so much,” Lizzie panted as she began to kiss her way down Jenny’s body.


Jenny’s skin tingled as Lizzie’s mouth blazed a determined trail down her body until she was running her tongue along the elastic waistband of her underwear.  Lizzie tugged playfully on the band with her teeth while she continued to rub the palm of her hand against her wetness.  Lizzie’s hand slipped away and she began to caress Jenny’s quivering thighs with both hands while she nuzzled her face in the brunette’s wetness.  “Please,” Jenny pleaded as Lizzie’s tongue snaked out and began to tease the inside of her thighs.


Jenny’s head fell back slightly as her lover knelt before her and removed the last vestiges of her clothing.  Jenny fought to stop her body from shaking as Lizzie began to taste her way up her long legs, eventually nestling herself between her thighs.  Jenny opened herself as her heart pounded loudly in her heaving chest.  She whimpered as Lizzie’s tongue dipped into her wetness. 


Jenny released a strangled cry as Lizzie’s tongue flattened and ran the length of her sex.  Before they’d become lovers, Jenny was complete unaware of what it meant to feel with such intensity.  Lizzie’s tongue drank in her desire with an agonizing slowness as it ran along her slick folds.  Once again Jenny was fighting not to lose control of her body, needing the moment to last as long as possible.  Her quivering body warned her that it was impossible.


Lizzie draped Jenny’s legs over her shoulders as her tongue plunged deeper into the brunette’s wetness.  Jenny panted and moaned as she felt Lizzie’s soft tongue pressing against the opening of her aching center.  “Please,” Jenny repeated, her voice dripping with need as Lizzie curled her tongue and slowly entered her lover.  Lizzie began a slow sensual rhythm, plunging deep inside her lover and withdrawing.  Jenny was lost in the sensation of her lover filling her while her hands roamed along Jenny’s body.


Jenny ached with desire as she thrust into Lizzie’s touch.  Her hips arched up as Lizzie drew her closer.  Lizzie’s tongue slipped from Jenny’s warmth.  The brunette whimpered in disappointment as her body hovered above the table.  She cried out once again as Lizzie’s fingers replaced her tongue while her mouth began to suckle her clit.  Jenny’s body thrust urgently as Lizzie’s rhythm grew in intensity.  Jenny’s urgent cries seemed to fuel Lizzie and she plunged deeper inside the brunette while she suckled her clit harder.  Jenny gasped for air as Lizzie pleasured her with a fiery passion.  Her ears were ringing as the room spun and her body exploded against her lover’s touch.


Lizzie held Jenny tightly while she continued to pleasure her.  Her mouth and fingers grew more demanding and Jenny crested once again before collapsing onto the hard surface of the table.  Lizzie began to lick away the last traces of Jenny’s passion.  “It’s so good to hear you,” Lizzie murmured softly against trembling thighs as her fingers slipped from Jenny’s wetness.


Jenny struggled to breathe as she felt her lover’s breath caressing her skin.  Her body still trembled as her need to sate her lover’s passion grew steadily.  “I want you,” Jenny choked out with a throaty growl.  Jenny lifted her still quivering body up and pulled her lover into a lingering kiss as her hands began to explore Lizzie’s body, removing as much clothing as she could along the way.


Frustrated by not being able to feel her lover’s skin, Jenny slipped down off the table and began to tug Lizzie’s clothing off.  Lizzie gave herself over to Jenny’s demands until she was clad only in a pair of cotton panties.  Jenny’s tongue traced Lizzie’s lips while she cupped the blonde’s wet mound.  She parted Lizzie’s lips and plunged her tongue deep inside the warmth of her mouth.  While she explored Lizzie’s mouth, she ground the palm of her hand roughly against Lizzie’s mound.  The feel of Lizzie’s desire soaking through her underwear was making Jenny’s body pulsate with renewed passion.  Jenny pressed harder as her lover moaned into her mouth.  She yanked on the soft cotton material.  Lizzie’s moans grew deeper as her panties pressed against her clit.


Jenny tore her mouth from Lizzie’s lips and began to lower the blonde’s panties.  She could see that Lizzie was trembling as she tried to assist Jenny in removing the last barrier that remained between them. Unable to harness her aching need any longer, Jenny tore Lizzie’s panties from her body; the blonde released a passionate cry as her body swayed.  Jenny assisted her trembling lover up onto the table.  Lizzie was balancing herself on her hands and knees, her feet dangling off the edge of the table as she faced away from Jenny.


Jenny’s clit throbbed urgently at the sight of her lover kneeling on the table, her long blonde hair cascading down her body.  Jenny ran her hands along Lizzie’s firm backside, feeling each curve as she tried to resist the urge to take her lover with the fiery intensity that was raging inside of her.  Jenny’s fingers dipped lower until they were coated with Lizzie’s desire.  The blonde groaned as her thighs parted, inviting Jenny in.


Jenny stood above her lover’s trembling body, and as her fingers dipped into Lizzie’s wetness, her tongue began to trail its way up and down the blonde’s spine.  She felt Lizzie open herself up further as she savored the taste of her skin.  Jenny’s fingers glided along Lizzie’s slick folds until they pressed against the blonde’s warm wet center.  Jenny entered her lover as her tongue dipped lower and began to trace Lizzie’s backside.  Lizzie’s hips thrust against Jenny’s touch as the brunette plunged deeper inside her lover.  She could feel Lizzie’s thighs trembling and the walls of her center tightened around Jenny’s touch.


Jenny plunged in and out of her lover; Lizzie’s body matched her wild rhythm while the brunette began to drink in her wetness.  Jenny took her lover harder and deeper; she lost herself in the taste of Lizzie’s wetness while the blonde cried out in pleasure and begged her for more.  Jenny tasted all that Lizzie had to offer and her fingers filled her while her body rocked wildly.  Nervously Jenny added another digit deep inside of Lizzie as her lover loudly begged her for more.  Lizzie cried out her name as she collapsed on the table.


Jenny’s body was pulsating as the memory played over in her mind.  She would never forget how incredibly desirable Lizzie looked perched up on that table as she pleaded for more.  To this day Jenny still blushed when she shared a meal with her parents at that same dining room table.  “That was incredible,” Lizzie moaned in pleasure.


“Yes, it was,” Jenny absently responded. 


The brunette lifted her head and smiled when she discovered that Lizzie had managed to polish off the last of her fried clams.  “You okay?” Lizzie asked her in concern.  “You look a little flushed.”


“I’m fine,” Jenny lied.  Her body still hummed from the memory of their youthful passion.  She shook her head in an effort to erase it.  She wasn’t certain what had invoked the memory.  If simply watching Lizzie dining on some takeout food was going to have this kind of effect on her, she was going to need to find a new residence very quickly.


Jenny sighed deeply as she lifted herself into a sitting position and once again began to look over the ads for available apartments in the area.  Lizzie cleaned up the remnants of their dinner and took them to the kitchen.  A knock on the front door startled both of them.  “I wonder who that can be?” Lizzie asked as she made her way over to the doorway.  Jenny smiled in amusement as she watched her ex-lover stand up on her toes to see through the peephole.


Her smile quickly faded as she watched the small blonde’s body tense.  Lizzie’s face had turned ashen when she spun around.  Her emerald eyes were filled with fear as she clutched her heart and leaned against the door.  “What is it?” Jenny asked fearfully.


“My Mother,” Lizzie choked out in fear.




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