By Mavis Applewater
September 2002

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Chapter Nine

Jenny braced herself for whatever awaited them when they returned to Katie’s apartment. Thankfully Mrs. Carrington was gone. Katie was visibly upset. She could see the look of guilt in Lizzie’s eyes. “Katie?” Lizzie approached her sister carefully.

“Why don’t we all go for a sail tomorrow?” Katie inquired distantly.

Jenny and Lizzie gave her an odd look. Jenny had a feeling that Katie was up to something. “Katie?” Lizzie repeated with a slight tremor.

“Listen, kiddo, this isn’t your fault.” Katie turned to her younger sibling and wrapped her arms around her. “And no, I didn’t arrest her, although I thought about it,” she added wryly. Her face clouded over with a sad expression. “There is so much I need to talk to you about.” Katie’s tone almost sounded like a plea. “Tomorrow we can take the boat out and the three of us can have a good time. I’ve already cleared Jacobs and myself. We’re on protective duty,” Katie added with a sly wink.

“What boat?” Lizzie asked in confusion.

“My boat,” Katie informed her. “It was my gift to myself after the divorce.”

“You were married?” Lizzie blurted out in surprise.

“Briefly,” Katie responded with a laugh. “Roger, the guy I was involved with a few years ago, and I went to Las Vegas for a vacation. After winning big at the black jack table and drinking far too many cocktails, we decided to get married that night. By the time we flew home we both knew it was a mistake. A few months later we got a divorce.”

“A quickie wedding in Vegas and a divorce? I see you’re still trying to give Mom an aneurism,” Lizzie teased, seeming to relax slightly.

“I do what I can,” Katie retorted gleefully. “Now why don’t we all get some sleep? I think we’ve had enough excitement for one day.”

Lizzie and Jenny simply nodded in response. Jenny was still exhausted and a little hungry since she gave her dinner to Lizzie. “Jacobs?” Katie motioned for her to come over while Lizzie ducked into the bathroom.

“What’s up, Sarge?” Jenny asked with a slight yawn.

“Thank you,” Katie offered softly. Jenny looked at her in confusion. “For protecting my sister. I want to thank you. My mother is out of control.”

“I’ve noticed,” Jenny commented wryly. “As far as Lizzie is concerned, I would never let anything happen to her. After all we did sell Girl Scout cookies together,” Jenny added with a smile.

“Well, be that as it may, thank you,” Katie answered with a chuckle and a warm smile. “I just wish I knew what started all of this.” Jenny’s heart sunk as guilt crept up on her. She had the answer her friend was seeking, but she was unable to reveal the truth. “You want to tell me?”

“I can’t,” Jenny responded with a grimace. “You should talk to your sister.”

“Fine,” Katie answered her, seeming to understand why she was holding back. “Good night, Jacobs.”

“Night, Sarge,” Jenny replied, guilt gripping at her insides.

Lizzie emerged from the bathroom just in time to say goodnight to her sister. Jenny could hear them whispering. The tall brunette gathered up her things, brushed past the whispering siblings, and ducked into the bathroom. Her hasty retreat into the bathroom gave everyone the space they needed. “I need to find a place to live,” she muttered as she turned on the shower. Jenny undressed and stepped into the soothing spray of water. She was tired; her mind and body ached from the emotional roller coaster she’d been on for the past couple of days.

All she wanted was for her mind to stop spinning, to stop reliving the past so she could just get some sleep. As she washed her long dark hair, her mind refused to idle. She found herself recalling the night she and Lizzie had made love for the first time. They had fallen asleep in one another’s arms.

Jenny was fast asleep, holding her lover in her arms, when the sound of the front door opening and closing jolted her from her blissful slumber. “It’s my parents!” she gasped in horror as she jostled her lover.

“Damn it!” Lizzie choked out. “What time is it?”

Jenny reached for the clock that was resting on the table beside her bed. The red glowing numbers glared at her in the darkness. “It is a quarter past twelve,” she stammered nervously.

“I have to get out of here,” Lizzie squeaked as she bolted out of bed. “I was supposed to be home over an hour ago.”

Jenny’s heart was hammering in her chest as she heard her parents’ footsteps approaching her room. “They’re coming upstairs,” Jenny whispered in a horrified tone. “They’ll look in on me” she explained as she leapt out of bed and helped her lover find her clothing. “Quick! Hide!” she instructed the frightened blonde as she gently pushed her into the bathroom. Jenny raced around her room, trying to be quiet as she grabbed a T-shirt. She spied Lizzie’s underwear lying on the floor. She snatched up the garments and tossed them into the bathroom. “Thanks,” Lizzie responded as she bent over to collect her belongings.

Jenny’s stomach clenched. Lizzie’s movement gave the flustered brunette a full view of her assets. “Oh my,” she gasped and then she broke out in a deep blush as Lizzie turned to her and flashed her a saucy grin. The sound of the doorknob to her bedroom alerted her. She quietly closed the door to the bathroom, leapt across the room, and dove under the covers.

Jenny felt her heart racing as her parents peeked into her bedroom to find their only child supposedly fast asleep. Jenny was far too terrified to move as she heard them whispering. After they closed the door, she listened to her parents’ retreating footsteps. Finally convinced that the coast was clear, she sprang from the bed and listened at the door for a few moments.

Jenny blew out a sigh of relief. Her moment of reprieve quickly vanished when she heard her father tell her mother that he was heading downstairs to his office to finish up some paperwork. “Shit,” se muttered as she turned to her bathroom and quietly opened the door. Jenny’s crystal blue eyes widened in surprise as she looked into the dark bathroom and discovered that it was empty. Her tiny private bathroom had no windows so she knew that the blonde couldn’t have escaped without her seeing her. She gently pulled back the plastic shower curtain that sported a picture of the Bionic Woman.

Jenny almost burst out in laughter when she found Lizzie cowering in the bathtub. “Is it safe?” the blonde whispered urgently.

“No,” Jenny responded with a scowl as she assisted the small blonde out of the bathtub and back into her bedroom. “My Dad went downstairs to his study,” she explained in a worried tone. “There’s no way to get you downstairs without him seeing you.”

“I am so dead,” Lizzie whispered as her emerald gaze drifted to Jenny’s bedroom window.

Jenny watched in horror as a mischievous smirk emerged on Lizzie’s face. The small blonde opened the window and looked down. “Are you insane?” Jenny protested as her young lover lifted the screen and started to crawl out the window.

“I’ll be fine,” Lizzie reasoned as she crept further out the window. “I’ll just climb down the trellis. Don’t worry,” Lizzie reassured the stunned brunette.

Jenny was smiling as she stepped out of the shower. Lizzie had fallen of course, managing to break her ankle in the process. It turned out to be a lucky break. Somehow the spunky little blonde managed to convince her parents that she’d broken her ankle while running home so she wouldn’t break her curfew and get grounded again. Lizzie’s parents believed her. The injury did leave her in a cast for over a month. Lizzie spent the last few days of the school year being chauffeured around by her mother. Between Lizzie’s lack of mobility and Robby’s sudden increased attention towards Jenny, the two girls hadn’t had an opportunity to talk about what had happened between them.

Jenny sighed heavily as she leaned up against the bathroom vanity. She wasn’t ready to go back out into the living room to face Lizzie. All she could think about was how anxious she’d been back then to talk to Lizzie. Well, not just talk to her; she wanted to wrap the small blonde up in her arms and kiss her senseless. She’d been terrified that Lizzie might reject her.

She had to see Lizzie. She wanted to tell her that she wasn’t sorry that they’d made love. She needed to express to the energetic blonde just how deeply she loved her. Jenny also wanted to show Lizzie that she wanted to be with her again. Terrified that Lizzie would not return her feelings, she gathered up her last ounce of courage and forced herself to face her fears. Jenny had to know one way or another if she had a place in Lizzie’s heart.

Unfortunately it took almost two weeks before Jenny had the opportunity to be alone with Lizzie. They were in Lizzie’s bedroom and Mrs. Carrington had a church function to attend. Lizzie looked like an angel, lying on her bed with her foot propped up on a pillow and her long golden hair cascading down her shoulders. They didn’t get the chance to talk about what had happened between them just a few short weeks ago. From the moment they heard Lizzie’s mother close the front door, they were in one another’s arms, kissing each other with a newfound passion.

Jenny unbuttoned Lizzie’s blouse and unhooked her bra, freeing her beautiful breasts. She captured Lizzie’s nipple in her mouth and teased it gently. Lizzie lifted Jenny’s face to her own and kissed her deeply. She unbuttoned Jenny’s blouse and reached down to unhook the clasp on the front of her bra. “I like this,” Lizzie remarked with a sly smile. “Easy access,” she added as she cupped Jenny’s breasts in her hands. Jenny playfully pushed Lizzie’s hands away and then proceeded to completely undress her lover, using care as she lowered Lizzie’s shorts over her cast.

Then she slowly undressed herself and lowered her long body down into her lover’s embrace. There was no need for words. Jenny knew what Lizzie wanted and the blonde definitely knew what she wanted. Lying side by side they felt completely at ease as they gently touched each other’s bodies with soft caresses. They stared deep into one another’s eyes as they moaned with pleasure. They replayed everything they’d learned their first night together. Jenny knew that they belonged to one another. She also understood that they had to be careful and hide the love they shared.

Jenny shook her head furiously in an effort to banish the thoughts. The memory of Lizzie’s lips still burned so intensely. It was all too confusing. The breakup with Wendy and Lizzie’s sudden reappearance plus the demonic Mrs. Carrington - Jenny was lost in the turmoil of the past. “That is all it is - the past,” she said, trying to convince herself that her attraction to the small blonde emerged only because of what they’d lost in the past. “Making love to her again would be the worst thing I could do, even if she does leave the church,” she assured herself. “She left me and found someone else,” she continued to babble at her image in the bathroom mirror. Her heart failed to feel the conviction of her words. A part of her did feel a little better after talking with Lizzie by the chilly waters of the Charles River. Still, she had a masochistic need to know why Lizzie had given up on their love. Young wounds take the longest to heal and the vision of her first lover wrapped up in another woman’s arms still haunted her.

Jenny groaned as her inner turmoil reemerged. Shaking her head clear once again, she dried off and dressed in a pair of sweatpants. Finally she exited the bathroom and crawled under the covers next to the source of her torment. Lizzie’s steady breathing gave the brunette a small sense of relief as she snuggled into her pillow. Jenny smiled as she heard the tiny whimpers Lizzie released in her slumber. “Some things never change.” She chuckled softly as her eyelids grew heavy.

Jenny drifted off to sleep only to become lost in the past. Her dreams evoked visions of rainstorms and Lizzie’s body lying before her as she pulled Jenny closer. Jenny hovered above her lover and kissed Lizzie’s naked body. She kissed her milky white shoulders and worked her way down her lean body before teasing her nipple with her tongue. Jenny’s desire grew as her tongue slowly flickered across the tiny rose-colored bud.

The vividness of the dream drew Jenny in deeper as the brunette’s mind saw Lizzie open up for her. Suddenly the vision turned dark as faceless women invaded her thoughts. The faceless women called out, ‘Beth.’ They beckoned her in a sultry voice. Jenny’s eyes flew open as her body sprang up. She’d broken out into a cold sweat and she was struggling to breathe. Jenny gasped for air as she held herself in an effort to calm down.

“Jenny? Are you all right?” Lizzie asked in a quiet yet frightened voice. Jenny’s body shook violently as Lizzie wrapped her arms around her.

“I’m fine,” Jenny choked out. “Bad dream,” she gasped as her chest tightened painfully.

Lizzie pulled her closer and rocked her gently as she made soothing circles along Jenny’s back. Jenny relaxed as Lizzie held her. Feeling her breathing return to normal, she turned to the blonde to thank her. Jenny’s mouth went dry as they sat there in the darkness, simply staring at one another. With almost no space separating them Jenny could hear the rapid beating of Lizzie’s heart. Unaware of what they were doing, they leaned towards one another. Jenny felt Lizzie’s breath caressing her skin. As their lips were just about to touch, Lizzie jerked back and turned away.

“I’m sorry,” the blonde whimpered helplessly. “I can’t.”

Jenny was far too stunned by her own lack of control to speak. “If I break my vows again, I won’t be permitted to return to my order. This time there would be no going back,” Lizzie explained in a confused voice.

Jenny was torn between offering comfort and exploding in anger. She wanted to ask why it was all right for her to break her vows in the past and not now. She took a calming breath and reached out to place a comforting hand on the blonde’s quivering shoulder. Jenny jerked her hand back before she could touch Lizzie; she realized that touching one another was far too dangerous for both of them. “It’s all right,” she offered in a comforting tone. “I understand,” Jenny lied. She could see Lizzie nodding in response. They crawled back under the covers and pulled the blankets up, forming an invisible barrier between them. They spent the rest of the night lying there stiffly, each pretending to sleep.

Just before the sun was about to caress the morning sky, Jenny climbed off the futon and was greeted by an overly cheerfully Katie and one cranky little nun. “Come on, ladies. The weather might turn later so we need to get going,” Katie chimed gleefully.

“Bite me,” Lizzie grumbled as she tried to retreat under the covers.

The sight of tufts of blonde hair peeking out made Jenny smile. The smile quickly vanished as once again a rush of memories overwhelmed her. “Coffee,” Jenny grunted as she stumbled into the kitchen.

“We can get some on the way,” Katie suggested as she engaged in a tug of war with Lizzie for the blankets.

“No,” Jenny snapped in a harsher tone than she’d intended. “I’m not heading up to Salem until I have some coffee in my tired old body.”

“I’m with Stretch,” Lizzie agreed from beneath her blankets.

Jenny began to put on a pot of coffee as she muttered under her breath. “Stretch!” She scowled. “Why, I ought teach that little rodent a lesson.”

“I heard that,” Lizzie bellowed as Katie dragged her from the futon.

“Good,” Jenny grunted in response. She watched the steady drip of the coffee maker as she leaned against the counter.

“Who are you calling a rodent?” Lizzie grumbled as she stumbled into the kitchen.

“You, Pee Wee,” Jenny snorted, as her crystal blue eyes remained focused on the coffee maker. She could hear Lizzie growling next to her. “Behave or no coffee,” Jenny chastised her.

“You suck,” Lizzie quipped as she leaned against Jenny’s body. Jenny could feel her body warming from the blonde’s touch. “Didn’t sleep either?” Lizzie whispered softly so Katie couldn’t hear her.

“No,” Jenny confessed in a feeble voice.

“Why is this happening?” Lizzie asked in a troubled tone.

“Just old feelings,” Jenny reasoned. “I’ll find a place soon and then we can put things in perspective.”

Jenny’s body tensed as Lizzie wrapped her arms around her from behind. “I’m sorry about last night,” Lizzie choked out.

“Please don’t touch me,” Jenny pleaded as her body trembled with desire. She felt cold as Lizzie quickly retreated. Jenny swallowed hard as she steadied herself, gripping the kitchen counter tightly. “I know you only mean it as a friendly gesture,” she explained softly, keeping her back to Lizzie. ‘And that’s what hurts,’ Jenny’s mind screamed.

“I’m sorry,” Lizzie stammered from behind her.

“Me too,” Jenny responded coldly.

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