New Beginnings

By Mavis Applewater

January 2003


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Thanks to my beta reader Toni.


As always this is for Heather.






            Fiona arrived half an hour early at Warren G. Hardening Elementary School.  She looked at her watch and then over at the school.  She hadn’t had one moment of peace since she dropped her daughter Ashley of that morning.  Ashley was her only child and nothing had prepared for the way her heart had been ripped out that morning when she held her daughter’s hand and led her up the staircase for her very first day of school.


            The brunette began to chew on her bottom lip, as her crystal blue eyes remained locked on the front door of the school.  A light tap on her window made her jump she held her hand to her chest as she turned to find a petite blonde woman smiling back at her from the other side.  She laughed at herself as she pushed the button and lowered the window.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you,”  The blonde quickly apologized.  “I just thought you looked like a kindred spirit.”

“It is her first day,”  Fiona lamely responded.

“Mine too,”  The blonde reassured her with a sweet smile.  “I’m Bailey McGhee.”

“Fiona Winston,”  The brunette answered with a smile thankful that she wasn’t the only mother staking out the front of the brick schoolhouse.  “I know its silly showing up so early but I just couldn’t wait to see her.”

“I’ve been here for over an hour already,”  Bailey reassured her.  “I have a thermos full of coffee over in my car if you care to join me.  We can stay warm while we commiserate.”


            Fiona quickly accepted the offered and joined the polite blonde in her SUV.  “This morning I felt like an ogre when I dropped Tara off.  I thought, the first days of preschool and kindergarten were bad but they were nothing compared to today,”  Bailey confessed as she poured each of them a cup of coffee.  “Sorry it’s a little sweet.”

“Its warm,”  Fiona thanked her.  “I don’t know how I am going to survive the next twelve years.  Doing day care was hard enough after the divorce.”

“I’m lucky my mom insisted that Tara stay with her when I had to work,”  Bailey explained.

“I ended doing that with Ashley,”  Fiona explained.  “I just didn’t trust any those day care places.  My parents and Walter’s parents were thrilled with the idea.”

“It gives them more time to spoil them,”  Bailey laughed.

“So you are divorced as well?”  Fiona asked thinking it was nice to finally have another adult to talk to.

“I’ve never been married,”  Bailey nonchalantly explained.  “I wanted to be a mom and I get to work from the house most of the time so I just decided it was time.”

“Good for you,”  Fiona congratulated her.  “Walter and I made the mistake of confusing my unexpected pregnancy for love.  She was almost two when we realized that it wasn’t and decided to call it a day.  And I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this.”

“Feel free,”  Bailey encouraged her with soft smile.  “It has been forever since I’ve had the chance to talk to another woman my age.”

“I know what you mean,”  Fiona laughed.  “I love Ashley more than anything else in the world but there are days when I just want to talk about something a little more in depth than Sponge Bob and Dora the Explorer,”  Bailey laughed in agreement.


            The two women fell into a comfortable conversation while they waited for their daughters to finish their first day of school.  By the time children came pouring out the front door, Bailey and Fiona had already established a car pool schedule and made plans to get together for coffee.  Fiona had really enjoyed talking with the blonde and wasn’t surprised when she saw Ashley racing towards them with a small blonde haired little girl who was the spitting image of the woman she had been chatting with.  The women raced across the street and were greeted by their daughters who introduced each of them to their new best friend.


            The four of them became fast friends.  Fiona was thrilled that the girls got along so well since she and Bailey had also fallen into an easy friendship.  Fiona had to smile at how well they got along.  It had been a long time since she had a female friend.  Throughout college Walter had been her best friend and she tried to convince herself that he was all she needed.  She never really stopped to think about how she had let her girlfriends slip from her life.  Now she and Ashley were alone and Bailey and Tara had quickly become their friends. 


            Of course most of the conversations and activities Fiona and Bailey shared centered on their daughters.  It was sometime during the Christmas vacation that the two agreed to get a baby sitter one night and spend an adult night out.  Of course by the time the break was almost over they still hadn’t had the chance to do so.  One afternoon the four of them were enjoying lunch at Papa Ginos discussing the sleep over that night.  The girls loved to have sleepovers and Fiona and Bailey had the chance to relax and talk while the girls played.


            They had been discussing the impending snowstorm while the girls simply chatted about everything under the sun.  “If it is going to be as bad as the weather men are predicting why don’t you just stay over as well,”  Bailey suggested. 

“I wouldn’t want to impose.”  Fiona hesitated really wanting to accept the offer. 

“Come on after we put the rug rats to bed we can crack open a bottle of wine and watch something rated PG13 on cable,”  Bailey added playfully.

“You wild woman,”  Fiona teased.  She loved the blonde’s playful nature and couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a line of men waiting on her doorstep.  She was gorgeous and had a great personality what’s not to like?  Fiona brushed the thought aside when Tara suddenly shoved her plate across the table and folded her arms across her chest.

“Tara?”  Bailey asked her daughter in surprise.  “What’s wrong?”


            Fiona was just as confused by Tara’s sudden pouting when a slender redhead stopped at the end of the booth.  “Bailey?”  The woman said with a purr that unnerved Fiona. 

“Linda,”  Bailey responded with a groan as she turned to the other woman.

“Can I talk to you for a moment?”  Linda offered as Fiona’s skin began to crawl.

“Fiona can you watch the girls for a moment?”  Bailey asked in a weary tone.

“Of course,”  Fiona agreed against her better judgment.


            Fiona watched as Bailey and Linda walked over to a far corner of the restaurant and began a very animated discussion.  The brunette was dumbfounded by Tara’s reaction and the obviously heated discussion Bailey was trapped in.  “Tara?”  Fiona began gently as she fought against the urge to find out what Bailey and this stranger were discussing.  “Tara why don’t you finish your pizza and when your mommy gets back the four of us can head back to your house,”  She offered softly in an effort to get the normally sweet girl to stop pouting.  Fiona didn’t understand what was going on, the only thing she was certain of was she didn’t like Linda.

“She’s not coming is she?”  Tara mumbled as she continued to sulk.

“Who?”  Fiona asked as she looked to Ashley for help.  Her daughter was sulking along with her best friend. 

“Linda,”  Tara grumbled.

“Not that I’m aware of.”  Fiona tried to reassure her.  ‘Now I really don’t like this Linda person if she gets Tara so upset,’  The brunette mentally noted.

“No she isn’t,”  Bailey interrupted the standoff as she rejoined them and slid back into the booth.  “I told you before that Linda wouldn’t be coming over any more.”


            This seemed to please both Ashley and Tara who went back to devouring their pizza.  “They ganged up on you?”  Bailey fearfully inquired.

“Well Tara was upset so Ashley got upset,”  Fiona tried to explain.

“They are going to drive us crazy when they get to be teenagers,”  Bailey noted with a heavy sigh.

“Are you okay?”  Fiona quietly asked.

“Yeah,”  Bailey responded with a groan.  “You know how it is,”  The blonde explained with a grim expression.  Fiona truly didn’t understand what her friend was talking about.  She was about to ask her just what had happened when Bailey’s voice interrupted her thoughts.  “So about tonight, it just doesn’t make sense for you to drive us all the way to my place then drive home in a storm.  You really should stay over.”

“Okay,”  Fiona agreed.  “Sounds like fun.”

“Thanks, I was really worried about you driving home by yourself,”  Bailey said as she reached over and gave the brunette’s hand a light squeeze.  Fiona blushed slightly from the gesture.  It wasn’t the first time it had happened there was something about the way the blonde touched her that made her feel alive.  As always before she could stop and think about what was going on the girl’s antics disrupted her thoughts.  “Hey that is for eating not throwing.”




            “I said go to sleep,”  Bailey called upstairs as Fiona stifled a giggle.  Both women listened intently to see if their respective off spring were going to finally settle down.  “We never should have given them brownies for dessert,”  Bailey cringed as she made her way back into the living room.  Fiona stifled another laugh, as the small blonde kept looking at the ceiling to unsure that the girls had finally grew tired.  “I think it is safe,”  Bailey offered in a conspiratorial whisper.  “I’ll make some popcorn.”

“I’ll keep listening to make sure the rug rats are tucked in while I try to find us something adult to watch,”  Fiona offered as she picked up the remote. 


            She muted the volume while she began to flick through the channels.  She couldn’t believe that she had only met Bailey a few months earlier.  The two of them got along as if they had known one another for years.  Ashley wasn’t the only one who made a new friend that first day of school.  Now the tall brunette found herself looking forward to spending more and more time with Bailey.


             Fiona smiled as Bailey entered the living room with a huge bowl of popcorn, a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, and a pile of napkins.

“Wine?”  Fiona said gleefully as she assisted the blonde with her burden.

“As promised,”  Bailey responded with a smile that warmed Fiona’s heart.

 “I can’t remember the last time I had a chance to indulge,”  Fiona explained.

“I know what you mean,”  Bailey agreed as she poured a glass for each of them.  “Speaking of adult activities did you find anything for us to watch?”

“Still looking,”  Fiona explained as she took a sip of wine.  “I feel like I’m breaking curfew or something.  The last time I watched something that was rated PG Ashley was in diapers.”

“I’ve tried renting a couple of videos thinking I could watch them after Tara was asleep but I always end up returning them without seeing them,”  Bailey explained as she settled the large bowl of popcorn between them.

“Let me guess you fell asleep before they got past the previews?”  Fiona laughed.

“How did you guess?”  Bailey chuckled.

“I do the same thing,”  Fiona explained.  “The last time was when I rented Hannibal.  I didn’t see one second of the movie, I woke up the next morning with a pain in my neck from sleeping on the sofa all night.”

“How about this one?”  Fiona offered as she found a movie that she really wanted to see.
“  The Others?”  Bailey smiled in agreement as she turned down the lights.  “I love Nicole Kidman.”

“Me too,”  Fiona agreed thinking the way Bailey had said it sounded a little too eager.  The tall brunette shrugged off the comment as they settled down and the movie began.


            “I’m glad you decided to stay over the snow is really starting to come down out there,”  Bailey whispered as she snatched up a handful of popcorn.

“Well thanks for inviting me,”  Fiona said.  “I would have hated to cancel a sleepover.  Ashley would have thrown a major fit.”

“I know what you mean,”  Bailey responded softly as their fingers brushed while each of them was reaching into the bowl.  “Things were bad enough when Linda showed up.”


            Fiona was just about to ask about the mysterious and annoying Linda when the movie started.  “I’m so glad I decided to talk to you that first day,”  Bailey whispered.  “I was feeling like a horrible mother for letting her go off to school all by herself.  When I saw you sitting in your car chewing on your bottom lip, I just had a feeling you were going through the same thing.”


            “I was,”  Fiona agreed as she stared at her fingers for a moment and wondered why they were tingling.  “I was convinced I was the worst mother on the face of the planet and that Ashley was going to be devastated.  Instead she had a new friend and couldn’t wait to go back.  And now I have a friend as well,”  Fiona concluded with a smile as her fingers once again brushed against the small blonde’s.  A shiver ran through Fiona.  She shook it off thinking it must be from the cold night air.  She chuckled as Bailey jumped at something on the television.  “I’ll protect you,”  She giggled as she leaned closer to her new friend.

“My hero,”  Bailey snorted as she snuggled slightly closer to the tall brunette.


            Fiona smirked as they continued to watch the movie.  Her new friend was constantly proving to be a bit of an enigma.  Fiona had always admired the small blonde’s courage for deciding to become a parent without a man by her side.  That courageous woman bore no resemblance to the cowering blonde who was grabbing some part of Fiona’s anatomy every time a door creaked on the television screen.


            Each time Bailey would grab onto her, Fiona felt an unexpected surge of warmth.  She would quickly brush aside the puzzling thoughts and simply smile at her friend’s antics.  Fiona was enjoying the suspenseful movie along with Bailey’s sudden jerks and squeals.  “Sorry,”  Bailey apologized after she almost sent the bowl of popcorn flying across the room.  Fiona laughed as she placed the bowl onto the coffee table and wrapped her arm around Bailey’s shoulders.  “Better?”  Fiona softly inquired as Bailey snuggled against her shoulder.

“Thank you,”  Bailey shyly responded, as Fiona felt suddenly strange at how comfortable it was to hold the smaller woman in her arms.


            It wasn’t the first time the tall brunette had felt her body reacting to Bailey’s touch.  Yet it was the first time the two of them had been alone without the girls being there to redirect Fiona’s attention from the warm tingling sensations she felt whenever she and Bailey were close to one another.  Suddenly the dark room and the closeness of their bodies were making the tall brunette feel very uncomfortable.  Still there was some force deep inside of her unwilling to break the contact.


            ‘Are you mad I am your daughter?’  The small girl in the movie asked her mother as her eyes glowed.  Fiona jumped along with Bailey this time as the blonde landed on her lap.  “Now that was creepy,”  Fiona confessed as Bailey buried her head in her chest.  Fiona’s heart was pounding as she clung tighter to Bailey’s body.  She released a small gasp as she felt Bailey’s body melting against her own.  Fiona was no longer focused on the movie as she became aware that she was no longer simply holding Bailey but was caressing the blonde’s back.


            Fearfully Fiona halted her movements as she felt Bailey shifting in her embrace.  Fiona’s body arched as the smaller woman’s breasts brushed against her own.  Fiona’s mind was racing as Bailey lifted her head and the brunette was locked in a fiery emerald gaze.  The brunette’s mouth suddenly went dry as she felt Bailey’s breath on her skin.  All of the pieces fell into place as Bailey reached out and caressed her face.  Fiona was completely unaware that she was moving until she felt her lips brushing against Bailey’s.  She was only dimly aware that she was the one who had began the kiss as Bailey’s soft lips moving against her own.


            For the first time in her life Fiona’s body was on fire as her hands began to roam across the smaller woman’s back.  Bailey’s kiss was soft yet possessed the power to inflame Fiona’s body.  The brunette’s hands took on a life of their own as they slipped up and under the back of the heavy wool sweater Bailey was wearing.  The feel of Bailey’s skin burned her fingers as they glided across the blonde’s body.  Fiona couldn’t hold back the deep moan as she felt Bailey’s tongue tracing her lips.


            Nothing made sense to the brunette as she parted her lips and granted the blonde entrance.  Fiona’s tongue greeted Bailey’s as they began a sweet exploration of one another’s mouths.  Fiona’s heart was pounding against her chest as her body trembling while she lost herself in the taste of Bailey’s kiss.  Bailey’s fingers caressed her neck with one hand while the other ran up along the curve of Fiona’s body.  Sheer desire coursed through Fiona’s body as Bailey’s small hand cupped her breast and began to tease her through the thick material of her sweater.


            Fiona was gasping for air as the kiss ended.  Her lips still tingled from Bailey’s touch as she pressed her body closer to the small blonde.  She felt her nipple responding to Bailey’s touch as the blonde began to kiss her neck.  “You’re so beautiful,”  Bailey hotly whispered in her ear.  Fiona’s entire body arched and trembled in response as the words the beautiful blonde whispered sent a jolt through Fiona’s body.  The delightful jolt went directly to the brunette’s lower anatomy as Bailey began to kiss her neck.


            Fiona clung tighter to the blonde as her stomach fluttered and her body began to pulsate in a demanding rhythm.  Fiona had been completely unaware that her hands were still caressing Bailey’s back until her fingers glided across the smaller woman’s bra strap.  “Fiona, Bailey breath burned her flesh as her fingers began to burn her skin as the crept up under her sweater. 


            Fiona unclasped the blonde’s bra as Bailey’s talented fingers pulled up the soft material of the brunette’s bra and captured her nipple between her fingers.  Fiona was whimpering as Bailey’s body slipped between her thighs.  Fiona released a hiss as Bailey mouth began to caress her stomach.  Fiona was lost in ecstasy as she felt the other woman’s mouth and tongue moving up along her body until she felt the blonde’s tongue flickering across her aching nipple.


            Bailey murmured with delight against her skin as Fiona ran her fingers through the smaller woman’s short blonde hair.  And that is when it hit her.  This woman was loving her.  A woman was loving her.  “Wait!”  Fiona choked out as she pulled away from Bailey’s touch.


            Bailey’s eyes were glazed over with desire that threatened to overwhelm Fiona’s senses.  “What is it?”  Bailey asked in confusion as she looked around to see if the children had interrupted the blissful moment.  The look of confusion on the blonde’s face broke Fiona’s heart.  “Did I do something wrong?  I thought you wanted this,”  Bailey asked in confusion.


            Fiona’s felt her mind, body, and soul crashing together at the truth in Bailey’s words.  She had wanted this.  The only questions was why she wanted it and for how long?  “I’m confused,”  Fiona muttered as she tried to understand why her body felt cold when Bailey pulled away.  Once again her heart was breaking as she watched Bailey’s hand the one that had been caressing her just moments ago fly up and clamp over her mouth.  The emerald eyes that had just been burning with desire suddenly filled with horror.


            Fiona felt horrible as she realized that the two had never really discussed personal relationships.  She had always assumed that like herself Bailey was far too busy with her daughter to even think about dating, after all it had always been her excuse.  “Fiona I’m sorry,”  Bailey blurted out, as she pulled further away.  “I thought . . . Never mind what I thought.”

“You’re gay?”  Fiona mumbled as her mind finally caught up with what had happened.

“Yes,”  Bailey boldly asserted.  “I thought you were as well and that . . . Never mind I’m idiot.”


            Fiona was stunned by Bailey’s admission.  Her mind was reeling as Bailey adjusted her bra and the brunette felt a sense a panic as she realized that she was the one who had undone the garment.  “I’m sorry Fiona.  It won’t happen again,”  Bailey offered in a strained tone.  “Look why don’t we just call it a night?  I really don’t want to lose your friendship because I’m a jackass.”

“You’re not,”  Fiona quickly corrected her as her palms began to sweat while her heart hammered against her chest.  It was bedtime and she was terrified at just what the sleeping arrangements would be? 

“I’ll take the couch and you can have my bed,”  Bailey offered.

“No I couldn’t  . . .,” Fiona stammered feeling a strange sense of disappointment.


            “Fiona, I have probably just screwed up the only friendship I’ve had in years.  I doubt that I’ll be sleeping much tonight anyways, just take the bedroom, please,”  Bailey explained in a defeated tone.


            Fiona felt like a coward when she simply nodded in agreement and went upstairs.  She sat up almost all night questioning what had happened and why she didn’t say anything.  She was confused and felt like a jerk.  She said nothing to stop Bailey from blaming herself, never pointing out that she was the one who had initiated the kiss and fully enjoyed the feel of the blonde’s body pressed so closely to her own.  Fiona spent a restless night tossing and turning as she tried to understand what had happened and why?


            Far too early Fiona’s misery was interrupted by the sounds of giggling and running instantly alerting her that the girls were awake.  She climbed off of the bed and shuffled out into the hallway.  When she failed to find Tara and Ashley she followed the sounds of whispering.  She found the girls staring at Bailey who was curled up on the sofa covered with a blanket.  The wine and popcorn had been cleaned up during the night.  All traces of the brief encounter had been washed away, except the nagging ache in Fiona’s heart.


            “Girls, let her sleep,”  Fiona chastised the little imps in a hushed tone.  Two pairs of eyes twinkled up at her.  Despite everything that had transpired the night before, Fiona couldn’t stop smiling down at the two them trying a little to hard to look innocent.  “Come on you little devils leave her be and I’ll make breakfast,”  She offered before she could finish what she was saying the dangerous duo had jumped to their feet and raced into the kitchen.  “Amazing tell them to pick up their toys and they act like they have a broken limb.” 


            Fiona paused for a moment and looked down at the blanket somewhere buried below was her friend.  The brunette reached out to brush her fingers against the tufts of blonde hair that were peeking out from the blanket.  As she realized what she was doing she jerked her hand back.  ‘What is wrong with me?’  Her mind demanded as she made her way into the kitchen before the girls tried to start making breakfast without her.


            Fiona was fighting to keep her mind focused on the simple task of making chocolate chip pancakes and a pot of coffee.  Constantly her mind would drift to the woman sleeping in the living room and the fiery kiss they had shared the night before.  As Fiona prepared the simple breakfast she noticed that the dishwasher had been run and emptied after she went upstairs.  She had heard Bailey moving around downstairs while she tossed and turned now she was wondering if the small blonde had fallen to sleep just before the girls woke up.


            The girls were eagerly devouring their breakfast while Fiona poured herself a much-needed cup of coffee.  She knew without turning around that Bailey had entered the kitchen.  “Coffee is ready,”  She offered brightly in an attempt to mend some of the damage last night’s groping session had caused.  When she saw Bailey’s disheveled appearance and puff eyes she felt the air leaving her lungs.  She swayed slightly and grabbed onto the kitchen counter in an effort to steady herself.


            Bailey flashed her an apologetic smile before rubbing her face in her hands in an effort to hide the redness in her eyes.  Unfortunately Tara’s keen sense had already noticed and the tiny blonde slammed her fork down and glared at Fiona.  “Oh crap,”  Fiona muttered as she tried to hide the look of guilt.

“Tara,”  Bailey scolded her daughter.  “Eat your breakfast young lady.”


            Tara refused to budge as she continued to glare at Fiona while Ashley looked at the both of them her loyalties divided between her best friend and her mother.  “Tara,”  Bailey asserted in a firmer tone.

“You made Mommy cry,”  Tara accused the stunned brunette.

“Mommy?”  Ashley gasped in horror.


            The adults stared at the two of them with stunned expression.  “No she didn’t Sweetie,”  Bailey lied in an effort to placate her daughter.  Tara refused to budge as Fiona poured a cup of coffee for Bailey adding the usual ton of sugar.  Fiona was happy just to have something that kept her out of Tara’s line of fire.  When she turned to hand Bailey her coffee Tara’s tiny green eyes were still glaring at her.  “Tara your Mommy and I are still friends,”  She offered in hopes that both mother and daughter would believe her.

“Its true,”  Bailey reassured her daughter.


            Tara’s little face scrunched up for a moment as she thought about what they had said.  Then she smiled innocently as Bailey sipped her coffee.  “Then kiss and make up,”  Tara suggested with a wide-eyed expression.  Fiona’s jaw hung open as Ashley agreed with the suggestion and Bailey began to choke on her coffee.  Fiona had no idea what to do as Bailey rushed to the sink and spit her coffee out as she gasped for air.  Fiona turned to her friend and began to pat her back in an effort to help her breathing.  “She didn’t just say that?”  Bailey gasped.

“Yeah she did,”  Fiona whispered in the blonde’s ear still stunned by the suggestion.  It wasn’t an unpleasant suggestion by any means.  Fiona had certainly enjoyed kissing Bailey the night before, what was so unnerving was that it came from a six year old.

“Tara would it be alright if your Mommy and I shook hands?”  Fiona offered hoping to end the stand off.  Thankfully Tara agreed and the two women shook hands and the girls returned their attention to their breakfast.


            Although their daughters quickly returned to chattering away as they always did the adults kept their distance and eye contact from one another.  Fiona felt a rush of sadness at the way they seemed to be avoiding one another.  “Tara and I need to have a long talk,”  Bailey said as they began to clean up the kitchen after the girls rushed upstairs to get dressed.

“I take it Linda made you cry,”  Fiona noted grimly as a sudden pang of jealousy stabbed at her heart.

“Linda was a piece of work,”  Bailey muttered.  “She couldn’t understand why I couldn’t just drop everything and go away for the weekend or out dinner.  I kept trying to get her to understand that I have a child, who I not only need to be with but want to be with.”

“Jerk,”  Fiona spat out. 

“Basically,”  Bailey agreed.  “She still thinks we are going to get back together even though she pretends my daughter doesn’t exist.  I can’t be with anyone who doesn’t have a place in their heart for Tara.”

“You’re a package deal,”  Fiona asserted.  “Besides who wouldn’t love Tara?”  Fiona spoke from her heart.

“Fiona about last night?’  Bailey began in a timid tone.

“Please don’t apologize again,”  Fiona pleaded as she finally looked over at her friend.  Bailey opened her mouth to protest.  “You seem to be forgetting that I was the one who kissed you.  I wanted to kiss you,”  Fiona tried to explain as she felt her heart beating just a little faster.  She was frightened as she realized that more than anything she wanted to kiss Bailey again.

“I know that is what hurt,”  Bailey responded bluntly as she looked up at the taller woman with a sadden expression.


            “I’m sorry,”  Fiona apologized.  “I’m just so confused by everything.  It is like I don’t even know who I am any more,”  She reached out to touch Bailey her body needed to connect with the blonde.  Her heart was breaking at seeing her friend looking so sad.

“And that is the problem,”  Bailey concluded grimly as she stepped away from Fiona’s touch.  “You don’t know what you want and my plate is already full.  No matter how I feel about you, I can’t.  I just can’t do that Tara, she’s already attached to you, and if this went in another direction there is a very good chance she would get hurt.”


            Fiona understood what Bailey was saying.  There was something going on between the two of them and despite how good it felt there was a very good chance that the brunette would bolt leaving both Tara and Bailey broken hearted.  “I don’t know whether I should be relieved or angry,”  Fiona sighed.  “I mean you did just dump me didn’t you.”

“Yes,”  Bailey asserted sadly as Fiona’s heart shattered.


            In the next few weeks Fiona’s sadness and confusion only grew.  The girls continued to spend all of their free time together but this time it was with either Fiona or Bailey never the two of them together.  The girls noticed and it caused tension for everyone.  Still the adults just couldn’t relax around one another.  There was a wall between them that no matter how hard they tried they just couldn’t get pass.  The confusing part was that Fiona couldn’t get Bailey out of her thoughts.  And she was beginning to realize that the blonde had dominated them long before they had kissed. 


            Adding to her turmoil was that she was also beginning to realize that Bailey wasn’t the first woman she had been attracted to.  Over the years her female friends hadn’t dropped out her life, she had dropped out of theirs when she started to feel something beyond friendship.  She tried talking to her family and Walter about what had happened much to her surprise and aggravation was that Bailey wasn’t the first to think she might be gay.  The biggest surprise came from her mother and her ex-husband.


            If only someone would have told her she wouldn’t be in such a mess and free to explore her feelings for Bailey.  She groaned at the loss of what might have been as she prepared dinner while her daughter doodled at the kitchen table.  Fiona checked her watch knowing that Bailey would be dropping Tara off very soon.  She decided to invite the blonde to stay in hopes of at least getting her friend back into her life.  She finished up the last of the dinner preparations and got things together for dessert.  The girls wanted to bake pink cupcakes since it was Valentines Day.


            ‘Friday night, Valentines day maybe Bailey and I can do a little more than patch up our friendship?’  She briefly hoped as the doorbell rang.  She opened the door and Tara stormed inside looking for Ashley who was running in from the kitchen.  “Hey shoes and coat,”  Fiona quickly instructed Tara.  It didn’t escape her noticed that both she and Bailey treated the other’s child as if she was her own.


            As Tara complied with her instructions Bailey entered the house with the girl’s backpack.  “Forget something?”  Bailey scolded her daughter.  Fiona’s mouth was hanging open as her hopes for the evening crumbled.  The small blonde was dressed in a short black evening dress that clung to her in all of the right places.

“Wow,”  Fiona stammered.  “You look great.”

“Thank you,”  Bailey blushed in response.  “Her highness’ overnight bag.”


            Fiona was still staring at Bailey as she accepted the backpack.  “Are you alright?”  Bailey asked breaking the brunette out of her trance.

“No,”  Fiona honestly answered her.  Bailey looked up at her in confusion.  Their eyes locked for a brief moment before the sounds of the girls jumping around quickly drew their attention.

“No running,”  They said in unison.

“Well have fun tonight,”  Bailey offered as she headed towards to front door.

“You too,”  Fiona lied.


            During dinner Fiona managed to refrain from pumping Tara for information.  It wasn’t easy since she was dying to know where and with whom Bailey was out with.  They had baked the cup cakes and were in the process of frosting them.  Well Fiona was frosting the girls were wearing and eating far more frosting then landed on their cupcakes.  “You’re Mommy looked awfully pretty tonight,”  Ashley commented as she licked a glob of frosting off of her fingers.  ‘Now there’s my little spy.’  Fiona gloated.

“Yeah,”  Tara grumbled.  “She’s going out with Sara.”

“You don’t like, Sara?”  Fiona eagerly inquired.

“She’s okay,”  Tara shrugged.  “Why can’t you be my Mommy’s girlfriend?”

“I’m an idiot,”  Fiona slipped before she realized what she had spoken out loud.  “I mean I’m sure Sara is very nice.”

“You’re nicer,”  Tara grumbled once again.

“It doesn’t work that way,”  Fiona sighed as she tried to think of a way to explain the situation to a couple of six-year-old girls.

“Why?”  Ashley asked.

“Because,”  Fiona groaned as she felt herself being drawn into the trap.

“Why?”  Tara chimed in.







“Because I said so,”  Fiona finally played her trump card since she really didn’t know how to answer the question.  She was jealous as hell that Bailey was out with someone else.  She was mad at herself for not realizing things about herself sooner.  And she could just kick herself for stopping what was happening that night.  She tired from fighting the feelings she had for Bailey and was clueless as to what she could or should do about the situation.  Basically what she had said earlier was the truth she was an idiot.


            When they finished the cupcakes the girls took them into the living room and began to watch a video.  “They are going to be up all night,”  Fiona groaned as she began to clean up the sugarcoated kitchen.  As she was cleaning she noticed that it was far too quiet in the living room.  Leaving two six year olds alone for an extended period of time was a really bad idea.  Fiona peeked in and found the girls looking far too innocent.  Fiona looked around finding nothing on fire or broken she retreated back into the kitchen knowing that she would find out what the little angels were up to soon enough.


            Fiona had just finished in the kitchen and joined the girls in the living room.  ‘They are far too quiet,’  She noted as she watched them carefully in an effort to discover just what it was they had done.  The doorbell rang repeatedly as the girls started to giggle.  “Upstairs the both of you and put on you pajamas and get into bed,”  Fiona instructed them as she shut off the television.  They were shocked at her actions.  “Look I don’t know what you’ve done yet but I’m afraid I’m about to find out.  Now move.”


            By the way both of them dashed up the staircase Fiona knew that the constant ringing of the doorbell held the answer.  She groaned as she peered into the peephole and found a frantic looking Bailey on the other side.  She opened the door and the blonde rushed in looking around in panic.  “I knew that they were up to something,”  Fiona grumbled.

“Everything is alright here?”  Bailey growled.

“Yes,”  Fiona reassured her.  “They called you?”

“Yes, my little angel called my cell phone and said Mommy come quick,”  Bailey blurted out.  “First date I’ve had in over a year and she calls me.  I only taught her how to call my cell phone incase there was an emergency.  Where is my little terrorist?”

“Hold on,”  Fiona cautioned her.  “Maybe you and Sara can save the rest of the evening?”

“I left her at the restaurant,”  Bailey groaned.  “Not that I think she will really notice.”


            Fiona smiled at the blonde’s admission.  “Why don’t you take your coat off and go sit in the living room.  The girls are getting ready for bed,”  Bailey opened her mouth to protest.  “You are much too angry to talk to her right now.  Go sit have a cupcake.”

“You’re right,”  Bailey agreed as she shrugged off her coat.  Fiona bit back a moan as the sight of Bailey in the tantalizing dress once again greeted her.

“I’ll go tuck them in,”  Fiona offered as she rushed upstairs before she said or did something she would regret.  She found the girls already washed and in bed.  Both she and Bailey had bought a second twin bed for their children’s bedrooms when the girls started spending so much time together.  “My, my in bed already?”  Fiona teased the frighten girls.  “You do know that the both of you are in big trouble,”  They both nodded in response.  “Tara your mother is downstairs and she is very angry.  And I’m not thrilled either Ashley.  But we’ve agreed to discuss this in the morning.  I suggest the two of you go right to sleep and no shenanigans.”


            Fiona tucked the both of them in and kissed them goodnight.  After she closed the bedroom door she stifled a heart felt laugh.  Then she collected herself and went back downstairs to face Bailey.  She swallowed another laugh when she found the blonde curled up on her sofa with her shoes off happily munching on a cupcake.  “These are very good,”  Bailey commented.  “And very pink.”

“You should see my kitchen,”  Fiona chuckled as she sat down next to Bailey.

“So do I want to know why my daughter called me?”  Bailey asked between bites.  “And how did you know my date’s name?”

“The two are connected,”  Fiona tried to explain.  “Tara told me your date’s name right before she asked me why I couldn’t be your girlfriend,”  Bailey started to choke.  Fiona quickly rushed to the kitchen and got her a glass of water.

“Here,”  She said as she handed Bailey the glass.  She patted the blonde’s back as Bailey took a careful sip.

“She’s only six,”  Bailey choked out.

“So is her co-conspirator,”  Fiona added with amusement.  “But they’re onto us.  Want something stronger?”  She asked as Bailey handed her the now empty water glass.

“There’s more I take it.  Then by all means break out the hard stuff,”  Bailey said as they stood and made their way into the kitchen.


            Fiona was finding the entire situation hilarious as she opened the bottle of wine.  After each of them took a sip they returned to the living room with the bottle and their glasses and climbed back up on the sofa.  “Okay I think I’m ready,”  Bailey said after taking another healthy sip of wine.  “I never hid my lifestyle from my daughter, but I never went into graphic detail either.  I just don’t understand why she is suddenly decided to play matchmaker.  What did you say when she asked you why you weren’t my girlfriend?”

“The truth,”  Fiona said deciding to take chance.  “Then we played the why, because game.”

“My favorite,”  Bailey chuckled.  “Okay so what is the truth?”

“I’m idiot,”  Fiona responded bluntly.

“That’s not the truth,”  Bailey corrected her.

“Okay, I’m a late bloomer, a closet case, a clueless wonder, you can stop me anytime you know,”  Fiona laughed.

“Fiona you are just feeling something you haven’t understood or felt before, there isn’t a timetable on these things,”  Bailey tried to explain.  “And what happened between us doesn’t make you gay.”

“My own mother thinks I’m gay,”  Fiona laughed.  “My ex-husband agrees.  And these aren’t new feelings for me, I’m just finally noticing them.”

“Wow you’re not even out yet and your mother supports you.  It took mine over a decade,”  Bailey teased her.  “I’ve missed this, just sitting around talking with you,”  Bailey added softly.  I hate the distance between us.”


            “I feel the same way,”  Fiona agreed as she placed her hand on Bailey’s thigh.  “I can’t erase your fears and I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“I can’t stop thinking about you either,”  Bailey admitted as she placed her hand over Fiona’s.  “I don’t know what to do, we can’t go back and we can’t go forward.”


            “I don’t know what to say,”  Fiona confessed as she brushed the back of Bailey’s hand with her thumb.  “All I do know is that no one has ever kissed me the way that you did.  I felt alive and I can’t help wanting to kiss you again.”


            Neither of them spoke as their fingers became entwined.  The silence enveloped them as Fiona watched the rapid rise and fall of Bailey’s chest as her own breathing became labored.  She could feel the heat emanating off of the blonde’s body as they leaned slightly closer to one another.  ‘Just one more kiss what could be the harm in that?’  The brunette’s mind lied as her eyes drifted to Bailey’s soft full lips.


            Bailey released her hand and cupped her face.  Fiona leaned into the blonde’s touch her eyes still firmly focused on the blonde’s lips.  Her stomach clenched as Bailey’s lips light brushed against her own.  As she felt Bailey’s fingers running through her long black hair she had her answer, one kiss would never be enough.  They kissed once again as their bodies melted together.  Fiona wrapped her arms around the blonde’s slender waist while her lover suckled on her bottom lip.  When Bailey released a soft needy moan Fiona fell deeper into the embrace.


            Once again the brunette stopped thinking as she parted her lover’s lips with her tongue and began to explore the warmth of the blonde’s mouth.  Her entire being responded to the taste of Bailey’s mouth as she felt her lover’s hands slipping down her body in slow gentle exploration.  Fiona’s hands began to explore the blonde’s body as well drinking in each curve and the soft feel of her dress.  As she felt the buttons of her blouse being released, the brunette slowly lowered the zipper of Bailey’s dress. 


            They were gasping for air as the kiss came to a reluctant end.  “You’re driving me crazy,”  Fiona panted in her lover’s ear as the blonde’s hands brushed open her blouse.  Fiona no longer cared if it was right or wrong all she wanted was to feel Bailey’s body moving against her own.  As she felt Bailey feasting upon her neck she lowered the straps of the blonde’s dress and began to caress her shoulders.  Fiona tilted her head back giving the smaller woman more of her long neck.  The sensation of her lover’s mouth feasting on her neck was making her body tremble.


            Fiona was lost in a haze of desire as Bailey’s mouth left her body.  She reached out and pulled the blonde back towards her and captured her lips once again in a fiery kiss.  They wrapped themselves around one another as each of them straddled the other’s thigh.  They began to grind against one another urgently as they savored the taste of the other’s mouth.  Fiona could feel her desire dampening her panties as her hips moved in rhythm with her lover’s.


            Her body protested as Bailey pulled away.  The blonde’s face was flushed as she struggled to breath.  Fiona reached out for her once again only to have her hands captured by Bailey’s smaller ones.  “Not here,”  Bailey choked out her eyes hooded with desire.  Fiona was unable to speak as her lover helped her to her feet.  They wrapped their arms around one another’s waists as they began to climb the staircase. 


            They paused at the door to Ashley’s bedroom.  They held one another as they peeked in and found the girls fast asleep.  Fiona looked from the girls back to Bailey who was smiling along with her.  She knew that no matter what did or did not happen that night the four of them was already a family.  She kissed the top of Bailey’s head and led her back into the hallway closing the door quietly behind them. 


            She felt a surge of confidence as she led the blonde to her own bedroom once again closely the door quietly behind them.  They stood there in the darkness caressing the other’s face with the tips of their fingers.  “You are so beautiful,”  Fiona whispered as she began to lower Bailey’s dress down her body.  She allowed the garment to fall to floor as Bailey tugged the hem of her shirt out of her jeans.  Bailey kissed her softly before she led the taller woman over to the bed.


            They stood by the side of the bed and slowly undressed one another stealing kisses along the way.  Fiona’s heart was ready to explode as she drank in the sight of her lover standing before her naked.  She kissed the blonde softly her body tingled as their nipples brushed against the other’s body.  She dipped her tongue into her lover’s mouth as her hands glided down the front of the blonde’s body.  She was amazed at how her hand tingled from feeling Bailey’s body respond to her touch.


            Her knees trembled as she cupped her lover’s breasts and began to tease the blonde’s nipples with her fingers.  She moaned as she felt Bailey’s hands running along her back until they were cupping her backside.  The feel of Bailey’s nipples hardening from her touch made her desire grow as she lowered the smaller woman down onto the bed.  Bailey leaned back and watched as Fiona began to kiss her way down her body.  Fiona was kneeling by the side of the bed as she captured one of the blonde’s nipples in her mouth. 


            Bailey gasped with pleasure as Fiona suckled her nipple eagerly.  The brunette quickly became lost in the taste of her lover’s skin and the feel of her nipple growing harder in her mouth.  Fiona moaned as Bailey wrapped her legs around her waist.  She could feel her lover’s desire pressing against her stomach as the blonde’s hips began to sway against her body.  Fiona gave the blonde’s nipple one last flicker of her tongue before kissing her way over to its twin and lavishing it with the same attention while Bailey rocked urgently against her.


            The feel of Bailey’s wetness painting her skin was making her own clit pulsate with need.  She began to kiss her way down the blonde’s firm body savoring the taste of her skin.  She felt uncertain as she nuzzled the damp blonde curls.  The scent of her lover’s arousal filling her with need.  Bailey gently shifted her body and draped her legs over the brunette’s shoulders.  Then she guided the brunette down to her wetness.  Fiona parted her lover with one hand while she clasped her firm backside with the other.  She dipped her tongue into her lover’s overflowing desire. 


            Bailey’s hips jerked forward in response offering more of her wetness up to Fiona’s eager mouth.  Fiona ran her tongue along the slick folds lost in the taste of Bailey’s passion.  She pulled her lover closer so she could feast upon her.  Fiona fumbled slightly as she drank in Bailey’s wetness until she ran her tongue along the throbbing bundle.  Bailey’s body arched as the blonde cried out.  Fiona suckled the blonde’s clit into her mouth and began to tease it with her tongue. 


            Fiona clenched her thighs to keep her own passion from over taking her.  Never had she realized that pleasuring a lover could also bring her such pleasure.  She held her lover tightly as Bailey’s body rocked against her trembling, as the rhythm of Fiona’s mouth and tongue grew frantic.  She was almost trapped by her lover’s body as the blonde exploded against her.  Fiona continued to feast upon her lover as the blonde’s body arched and trembled.  She reluctantly pulled herself away when Bailey begged her to stop.


            Fiona climbed up onto the bed and captured her lover in a warm embrace.  “You’ve never done that before?”  Bailey gasped in disbelief.

“That was amazing,”  Fiona stammered, as she thought the only she wanted was to taste her lover again.

“Oh Fiona we just got started,”  Bailey offered in a husky tone before capturing the brunette in a searing kiss.


            Fiona was amazed once again as Bailey slipped her hand between their bodies and captured her throbbing clit between her fingers.  Fiona gave herself over as her lover straddled her body.  Bailey kissed her deeply before she began to kiss her way down to the valley of her cleavage.  The blonde continued to tease her clit as she teased one of her nipples with her teeth and her tongue.  Fiona was about to explode as Bailey released her breast from the warmth of her mouth.  “Not yet,”  Bailey whispered as the brunette whimpered. 


            Bailey’s body hovered above her own as the blonde’s fingers dipped deeper in her wetness.  Fiona parted herself even further as she felt Bailey’s fingers pressing against the opening of her center.  The blonde straddled her thigh as she plunged inside of her.  Fiona’s body arched as she felt her lover filling her.  As Bailey slowly began to plunge in and out of her wetness she could feel the blonde’s clit pressing against her thigh.  Bailey began to rock more urgently against the brunette was fighting to keep her body from exploding.  Bailey’s thumb began to tease her clit as her fingers continued to plunge in and out.


            Fiona was pleading for release as Bailey’s movements slowed.  Her lover kissed her softly as her fingers began to gather her wetness.  Fiona trembled as her lover slipped her finger beneath her and began to paint the pucker opening.  Bailey kissed her once again as she pressed against the opening with her thumb and her fingers slipped back inside her center.  Fiona couldn’t breath as she felt her lover filling her completely.  She rode against the blonde’s hand as she felt Bailey kissing her way down her body.


            Fiona felt the waves of ecstasy over take her as Bailey’s thumb slipped deeper inside as her mouth captured her clit in her mouth.  Fiona couldn’t focus as her ears began to ring and she became lost as her body exploded.  Fiona lost all sense of time as she felt her lover’s tongue teasing her harder.  She was dimly aware that her lover’s hand had stilled as the waves of passion continued to consume her. 


            Fiona’s body stilled as her lover’s touch slipped from her body.  She felt Bailey’s tongue caressing the inside of her thighs before the blonde began to kiss her way back up the brunette’s body.  Bailey cradled her face and kissed her once again and Fiona felt her passion stirring, as she tasted herself on her lover’s lips.  “Are you alright?”  Bailey tenderly asked.

“Can’t speak,”  Fiona managed to choke out as Bailey laughed.

“Should we try to get some sleep?”  Bailey suggested.

“No,”  Fiona asserted as she pulled her lover back down into her arms and they began caressing and kissing again. 


            Fiona was exhausted yet sated when she awoke a few hours later.  She smiled at the blonde who was sleeping soundly on top of her.  The sound of the television caused Bailey’s head to jerk up.  “They’re awake.”  She groaned.

“I know.”  Fiona chuckled.

“Good morning,”  Bailey said with a bright smile before kissing the brunette.

“Good morning,”  Fiona purred as she stole a kiss of her own.


            Reluctantly they crawled out of bed and washed up quickly.  Fiona laughed at the sight of Bailey’s tiny body wrapped up in one of her bathrobes.  She threw on a pair of sweats and they went downstairs to find out what the girls were up to.  They peered into the living room and checked the program the girls were watching.  Their daughters stared up at them fearfully.  “You two stay in here while we get breakfast started.”  Fiona instructed them.

“Why were they looking at us like that?”  Bailey asked once they were safely in the kitchen.

“We are suppose to punish them today,”  Fiona bit back a laugh as Bailey wrapped her arms around her waist.

“Oh right I forgot about that,”  Bailey laughed.  “Man I hate being the adult.”

“Well we can let them sweat it out until after breakfast and then give them a stern talking to,”  Fiona suggested. 

“That works,”  Bailey agreed as she snuggled closer to Fiona.  “Whatever we do we can’t let them know their little scheme worked?  They’ll just have to wait to find out you’re Mommy’s girlfriend.”

“Am I?”  Fiona asked hopefully.

“You better be,”  Bailey asserted as she nuzzled closer to the brunette.

“What about Sara?”  Fiona asked carefully.

“Sara was a bore,”  Bailey confessed as she took a shy step back.  “Fiona I don’t just hop into bed with someone unless I have feelings for them.  I have never spent the night with someone with my daughter under the same roof.”

“Good,”  Fiona said with a brilliant smile.  “Because I don’t give my heart to just anyone.”


            Fiona leaned over and kissed her lover deeply.  “Now the only question left is breakfast or coffee?”  She teased.

“I’ll make breakfast,”  Bailey volunteered.

“Good I’ll the coffee,”  Fiona readily agreed as they started their first morning together.


The End

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