By Mavis Applewater

November 2002

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Thanks to my beta reader Joanne.

As always, this is for Heather.


I hate my job. Well, not my job really, just my boss. I have come to the conclusion that my boss is one of the most demanding overbearing tyrants it’s been my displeasure to work for. It’s a pity since she’s also one of the most attractive women on the face of the planet. Basically I think the problem is that Elizabeth Creighton needs to get laid. Now this is something I find hard to understand since my boss is so damn good looking. In fact I’m more than a little obsessed with her since Elizabeth Creighton really is a striking woman. Until she speaks, that is. I’m Madison Simms by the way. It is my unfortunate role in life to be the executive assistant to a woman I like to call the Dragon Lady.

Now a part of my daily strife exists because the Dragon Lady is very good looking. Yes, I know I’ve mention this before. I told you I was obsessed. But you have to understand. The woman is almost six feet tall and her legs seem to go on forever; she has long jet-black hair, chiseled features, and the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen. It’s a pity since she also possesses a personality that would make a pit bull seem pleasant.

I am beyond cranky this evening. Why would I be cranky you ask? Since I get to work side by side with such a gorgeous woman? Did I mention I call her the Dragon Lady behind her back? Adding to my displeasure is the fact that my boss has been even more demanding than usual lately. I’ve been forced to work late every night for the past two weeks and I’ve even had to work on the weekends.

Do you think she appreciates it or even offers a thank you? Nope. She simply barks and demands. She doesn’t seem to care that I’ve been working fourteen-hours a day for twelve straight days. It’s now late on Friday night and I’m making yet another pot of coffee for her Highness. I know I sound bitter. That’s because I am. I’m standing here in the employee break room late on a Friday night watching coffee drip into the pot, knowing that I won’t be seeing my bed or going out anytime soon. Frankly I’m disgusted as I spy my tired reflection in the stainless steel refrigerator. I brush my shaggy blonde hair out of my weary green eyes. ‘ I need a haircut,’ I note mentally as I hear, "Simms!" being bellowed from down the hall. Another aspect of my boss’ personality that irks me is that she refuses to call me by my first name. I wouldn’t mind if the overbearing woman would at least call me Miss Simms or even Ms. Simms. But alas, the Dragon Lady insists on addressing me simply as Simms like she hasn’t noticed that I’m a girl.

I adjust my wrinkled black skirt so I can feel the silk teddy that I’m wearing underneath. I smile as I feel the silk brushing my skin. I know that you probably doubt my sanity at this point. Why bother wearing sexy lingerie when no one else is going to see it? The truth is I do it sometimes just to cheer myself up. It feels good and makes me a little smug, knowing that no one knows what I’m wearing under my tailored power suit. I walk around all day feeling like I have my own little secret. Granted, it’s a little strange, but a girl has to do something to remind herself that she is attractive. Especially since I probably won’t be seeing the outside world until well after midnight, and if I am really lucky I won’t have to rush back to the office first thing in the morning. The last thing I want to do is spend another Saturday locked up with a woman that drives me insane in more ways than one.

"Simms!" I cringe as she bellows my name once again.

"Coming, Ms. Creighton," I respond in a chipper tone that I don’t feel as I pour a cup of coffee for my boss and start to head back to my tiny office next to Ms. Creighton’s.

The brunette is poring over some paperwork as she paces around my tiny office. Yes, I know I’ve mentioned that already and she is the boss. But her office is the size of my little apartment and I’m forced to work in a shoebox. I hand her the cup of coffee and I’m not surprised when Ms. Creighton doesn’t bother to look up or thank me. I know by the look of concentration on the taller woman’s face that she’s wrapped up in the figures on the printout she’s reading. I can’t help but wonder what this woman does for fun since she is so obsessed with her job. Then again I also wonder if she has any idea the word ‘fun’ even exists.

I take the opportunity to steal a glance at my boss’ shapely legs. I just love it when she wears a skirt. I know I’m a freak but I told you before that I’m obsessed. Look at it this way - this is as close as I’m going to get to another woman for quite some time. I might as well enjoy it.

"Where’s the Pierce report?" she demands without looking at me as she strolls into her office.

"On your desk," I respond politely as I follow her into the office. I go directly to her desk to retrieve the report, knowing that she won’t bother looking for it. She perches herself on the edge of the desk.

I grab the report off the desk since I know exactly where it is while she sits on the corner sipping her coffee, ignoring me since she’s still wrapped up in the first report she was reading. I snarl at her arrogance as I step out from behind the desk, never realizing that the Dragon Lady has turned quickly, and before I can react we bump into one another. It isn’t the first time she’s been so focused on something that she plows into me. Normally I enjoy it when our bodies collide with one another. This time however I’m not allowed to enjoy the cheap thrill as hot coffee burns my shoulder.

She actually looks surprised and apologetic as I jump back and release a yelp. "I’m sorry," Ms. Creighton apologizes as I frantically pull the coffee-soaked blouse away from my skin. I’m so stunned by the apology that the blouse slips from my fingers, once again burning my skin. I release another painful cry. "You need to take that off," she instructs me urgently. I simply nod in response, shove the Pierce report into her hands, and make a mad dash into her private bathroom. I close the door only slightly, not wanting the tall brunette to see my interesting choice in undergarments.

Once I’m alone in the bathroom I tear off my blouse, needing to get the scalding liquid away from my skin. I toss the now ruined teal blouse into the sink to soak it with cold water. I dunk a hand towel into the water and then press the towel against my shoulder. The cool water feels good against my burnt flesh. I’m so caught up in checking the burn on my shoulder that I don’t hear her enter the bathroom. Convinced that the burn isn’t serious, I lower the hand towel and look into the mirror. My breath catches in my throat as I find myself looking my boss staring at my reflection.

Her breathing seems to be labored as she stares at my image in the mirror. Our eyes meet and she blushes before lowering her gaze to the floor. I blink in surprise as I realize that she’s embarrassed. "I just wanted to see if you’re all right," she stammers nervously.

"I’m fine," I respond, slightly stunned to see her so flustered.

"Are you sure?" she inquires in a shy quiet voice.

"Yes," I answer her in bewilderment as she continues to stare at the floor. "I just need to get my blazer," I explain as I motion to my exposed body.

"Ah, okay," she stammers before bolting out of the bathroom.

"Now that was interesting," I whisper. I fill the sink to soak my blouse before walking back into my boss’ office. Once again I blink in surprise at the way the brunette has her face buried behind the papers I’d given her. I shrug off the strange sensation filling my body and I head towards my office. I pause slightly, suddenly knowing that she’s watching me. My heart beats faster and I feel my body tingling. Once again I shrug off the feeling as I realize that I’m getting excited over something that is probably nothing more than my overactive imagination.

I step into my office fighting the urge to look back to see if she’s really watching me. I retrieve my black blazer from the back of my chair and quickly put it on. I try to button the single button in a way that would hide my lingerie. Deciding it’s useless, I turn to go back and face my boss. I’m hoping that under the circumstances I’ll be sent home. When I look back into her office I catch the dark expression in her crystal blue eyes. She quickly looks back down at her paperwork.

I suddenly realize that things have just gotten very interesting. I decide to take a chance. The worst thing that could happen is that I’ll be completely ignored and I’ll end up working late. Which was how my night was going to end anyway except for the half-naked look that I’m now sporting. But if I’m lucky and my boss continues to be flustered maybe I can go home. And if I’m really lucky then just maybe . . . ? ’ Never mind. That would just be too much to hope for,’ I chastise myself as I approach her desk. She’s staring at the printout like it’s the Holy Grail. I notice that she’s gripping the paper so tightly her knuckles are white.

I stand next to her and bend over slightly, trying to get a peek at the figures. I make an attempt to hold the top of my blazer shut. It’s a futile effort. "Is the report all right?" I inquire in my normally polite tone as I notice that the tips of her ears have turned slightly pink.

"Fine," she squeaks as she turns slightly towards me.

I find it amusing that she’s looking down the front of my blazer at my cleavage. Her gaze remains firmly locked on my breasts as I watch her lips part slightly. My nipples harden from the intensity of her gaze. My knees feel weak and I place one hand on the back of her chair and the other on her desk just to steady myself. I’m frightened by the way my body is reacting as she continues ogling my cleavage. I’m forced to bite back a moan as I watch her tongue peek out slightly.

I am far too busy struggling with my confusion to realize that the single button on my blazer has opened. It isn’t until I feel her gaze drifting further down my body that I realize what’s happened. She leans slightly closer to me before suddenly pulling away. She snatches up the Pierce report once again. "Uhm . . . if it’s okay, I need to hang my blouse up in the bathroom," I offer quickly.

"What?" she asks in confusion as I shyly step away from her desk.

"I need to let it dry or else I won’t have anything to wear," I try to explain as her eyes drift up and down my body. "Somehow I don’t think that this outfit would be appropriate for the subway, or even a taxi," I say as I head towards the bathroom.

"Good point," she says, responding to my statement with a light chuckle and a shy smile.

Once in the bathroom I lean up against the vanity before taking a calming breath. Then I wring out my blouse and look for somewhere to hang it. As I do this I realize that I’ve never seen my boss smile before, much less chuckle. I roll the blouse in the last hand towel and hang it on the towel rack; my stomach is clenching as I recall the way she looked at my body. I’m by no means shy about my body, but up until a few moments ago Elizabeth Creighton had never looked at me that way before. In fact, prior to seeing the top of my black, silk, lacy teddy, she hadn’t looked at me with any more interest than she’d shown the fax machine. Actually, I think that she might just be fonder of the fax machine. The thing that peaks my curiosity is that, although I suspected she was a team player, I also doubted she had a pulse.

I step back into the office, curious as to how the rest of the evening is going to progress. My attractive boss has been leering at me like some adolescent boy. And now we’re working all alone and I can’t leave until my blouse is dry. As I walk over to her desk, I decide that the night is either going to be the biggest disappointment of my life or the best night of my life and suddenly I’m eager to find out what will happen next.

I know that she’s watching me as I approach her desk. I can feel her eyes roaming my body. She looks away. I can tell by the way her eyes are darting around that I’m making her nervous. It’s intriguing to be the one suddenly in control. Briefly I wonder if I’m about to risk losing my job. "Sorry about that. I don’t know how long it will take to dry," I offer as I take my usual spot by her side. For the first time I don’t feel subservient by standing while she sits at her desk. As I watch the rise and fall of her chest, I know that I’m the one who’s in control. I feel a strange sense of excitement and wonderment.

"No need to apologize," she answers as she turns to me once again. "It was my fault, Madison. I was the one who spilled hot coffee on you. Are you certain that you’re all right?"

"I’m fine," I answer with a sly smile. I don’t know what I find more interesting at this moment - the fact that she’s apologized or that she called by me by my first name. Perhaps it’s the way she’s addressing my tits as if they could somehow answer for me?

"Uhm, Ms. Creighton, I don’t want to be rude but my eyes is a little higher than that," I say softly. Her eyes suddenly jerk up. I have to admit that I’m enjoying the look of panic in her eyes and she’s absolutely adorable when she blushes.

"I’m sorry," she blurts out quickly. "I was just uhm . . . that’s very nice. Is that a one piece?" she squeaks as I smile down at her. I find it amusing that she’s pretending that her leering is caused by a sudden interest in my fashion choices.

"Yes, it is," I confirm in a breathy tone as I put my hand on my hip, knowing that the gesture has opened my black blazer even further. "And you’re a terrible liar," I add confidently as she begins to wring her hands. I caress her face with my fingers. I can feel the warmth spread through me as she leans into my touch.

"I know," she mumbles as her gaze drops to her lap. "I’m sorry. I’ve worked so hard not to do anything that might be misunderstood or make you uncomfortable."

"Is that why you refused to call me by my first name?" I ask her huskily as I raise her face so I can look into her eyes. She’s trying to avoid looking at me.

"Yes," she confesses shyly as our eyes meet. I tremble as I see the fire in her brilliant blue eyes. I am unable to resist as I lower my face to hers.

"Say my name," I demand softly as I feel her breath on my face.

"Madison," she whispers in a needy tone.

I hear the desire in her voice as her hands gently clasp my hips. My heart is racing as I capture her soft lips. I can feel her fingers tighten on my hips; I begin to nibble on her bottom lip before parting her lips with my tongue. She whimpers as I explore the warmth of her mouth. The kiss deepens; my knees tremble and my clit pulsates in a demanding rhythm. I caress her face as our tongues wrap around each other. My hands drift down her neck and then to her shoulders. I gently pull her up to stand, never breaking the kiss as she does.

I wrap my fingers in her long raven tresses as I deepen the kiss even more and I guide her to sit on the very edge of the desk. The difference in our heights causes me a bit of discomfort. Now that Elizabeth is seated I can explore her more fully and I do as I cup her firm full breast. I moan as I feel her nipple become erect under the soft material of her blouse. Unable to breathe, I reluctantly end the fiery kiss. We’re both gasping for air as I begin to unbutton Elizabeth’s blouse. "Do you want to see the rest of my teddy?" I ask her playfully, thoroughly enjoying being the one to lead the dance.

"Yes," Elizabeth pants as I tug her blouse from her skirt so I can reach the rest of the tiny buttons on the cream colored garment.

"Undo my skirt," I instruct her as I watch the rise and fall of her chest. My hands leave her body for a moment so I can remove my blazer. She watches me as I drop it to the floor before I return my attention to her blouse.

I begin to place feathery kisses along her jaw and down her neck as I feel her trembling fingers fumbling with the button and zipper of my short black skirt. She gasps as my kisses grow more insistent. I feel my skirt fall to the floor. My desire grows as my wetness paints my inner thighs. Elizabeth whimpers once again as I abandon her neck and take a shy step back. "Do you like?" I ask with a sultry purr as I model the black lace teddy for her. I know that she’s enjoying the view by the way she licks her lips and her breathing has become shallow. A look of pure desire darkens her fiery blue gaze and I feel her need tingling through my body.

"Yes," her voice squeaks as her eyes roamed up down my body.

I smile at her as I step out of my skirt and kick it aside. I close the gap between us and reclaim her lips. My mind is spinning as I lose myself in the passionate embrace. As our tongues duel for control, I lower her blouse down her shoulders. I tear my lips from hers and begin to kiss her neck once again as I remove her blouse. Our bodies melt together as I fight to fully remove her blouse while her hands run up and down my back. I’m a little fearful as I toss her blouse across the office. ‘Wasn’t it only a few short moments ago that I disliked this woman?’

"Madison," Elizabeth moans in a voice filled with desire as her hands continue to roam up and down my pulsating body.

My fears are brushed aside for the moment as I suckle the pulse point of her neck. I reach behind her and unclasp her bra. My fingers tingle from the warm soft feel of her skin. She parts her thighs, inviting my body closer. I lower the straps of her bra. I move away from the warmth of her touch so I can remove her bra and expose her breasts. Elizabeth is panting heavily as she runs her long fingers across my aching nipples. My back arches in response to her touch.

I lower my head and trace her nipple with my tongue while my hands drift slowly down her body. I moan as I feel her cup my mound. I grind my wetness against her hand before clasping her wrist and moving her hand up to my breasts. Elizabeth groans in protest until I capture her nipple between my lips and begin to suckle it eagerly. She wraps her long legs around my waist. I can feel her body grinding against mine as I tease her nipple with my teeth and my tongue.

Elizabeth’s body arches as she presses harder against me and begs me to take more of her breast as she plays with one of my nipples. "I’ve wanted you for so long," she moans as I kiss my way over to her other breast and lavish it with the same attention. My desire is fueled by her confession and the way her body is thrusting against mine. I suckle her nipple harder. I know that once the night is over I will probably find myself unemployed or back to being the dutiful servant. I brush away these thoughts as I sweep everything off the top of her desk in one bold movement. I lower my lover down onto the cool surface as I raise my body.

Elizabeth squirms harder against me as I match her sensual rhythm. "Do you want me?" I tease her as I grind my body harder against her.

"Yes," Elizabeth cries out. She thrusts harder against me while she tries to clutch the smooth surface of the desk.

"Tell me," I demand as I increase our wild rhythm.

"I want you," she pleads. The sound of her desire fills me as my own wetness grows and my body trembles.

"Do you want me inside of you?" I ask as I move my hips faster against her.

"Yes," Elizabeth begs as her head falls back.

"Do you want me to taste you?" I demand as I lower my body down so that I can feel her. Once again I am drawn to her breasts. My lover releases a deep moan as my teeth capture her nipple. Her skin tastes so good and I wonder how the rest of her will taste.

"Yes," Elizabeth begs once again as her body arches against mine.

"Tell me," I insist as I run my tongue down along the valley between Elizabeth’s breasts, savoring the taste of her skin.

"I want to feel you inside of me," she gasps in a needy voice. "I want to feel your tongue all over my body."

"Do you belong to me?" I ask huskily as I lift my body so I can grind harder against her wetness. I can feel her desire through the silk material of my lingerie. I am gasping as my hips move more insistently against her body. "Say it," I demand as I slip my hands up under her skirt and caress her thighs.

"I belong to you," Elizabeth gasps. "I’ll do anything you want," she promises as I lift her skirt to her waist.

I’m ready to explode as I pull away from her. "Please," she begs as I unwrap her long legs from my body. I smile as I’m captured by the look of desire in my lover’s eyes. I clasp her hips and gently guide her to her feet. I pause for a moment to flick my tongue across each of her nipples before turning her away from me. I placed her hands flat on the desk before running my hands down her naked back and along her firm backside. Elizabeth’s hips thrust in response as I lower her pantyhose and underwear down her thighs.

I run my hands along her firm backside, enjoying the feel of her skin responding to my touch. I brush her long silky hair away from the nape of her neck and begin to kiss her. My mouth and tongue begin to taste her body and I kiss her shoulders while my fingers dip into her wetness. Her desire paints my fingers as I lick and taste my way down her body. Elizabeth moans and whispers my name. I taste my way further down her skin until I am running my tongue along her backside. The scent of her desire fills me completely.

I lower her pantyhose and underwear further down her legs until I’m kneeling behind her, tasting the wetness that has painted the inside of her thighs. Elizabeth groans in protest as my tongue retreats from her thighs. I begin to sample her long legs. Then I kiss the back of her knees while I help her step out of her clothing. Once free of her shoes, pantyhose, and underwear, Elizabeth parts her legs for me. "Wider," I instruct her before I kiss my way back up her legs. I moan as she does as I ask her. Her thighs part even further and she offers more of herself up for my touch. Soon I taste her desire as I run my tongue along her sex.

I fight against the urge to touch myself; my own need grows while I feast upon her passion. Elizabeth’s hips sway as I become lost in her. She groans in displeasure as my mouth leaves her. I am standing behind her. "You are so beautiful," I confess as I run the tips of my fingers along her spine. I watch as her head falls forward. "So tell me, boss lady, why do you suddenly find me irresistible?" I whisper in her ear as I press my body against her ass. She moans as she thrust her hips backwards. "Do you have a thing for sexy lingerie?" I taunt her as I guide our hips to sway in rhythm.

"Yes," Elizabeth confesses with a heavy moan that echoes inside of me.

"Is that all?" I say hotly in her ear as I clasp her hips firmly.

"No," Elizabeth gasps as she presses herself closer to my body. "I’ve been attracted to you since you first started working for me."

I wonder if she’s lying or does she just have a strange way of showing someone she cares. As I watch her body tremble beneath me I no longer care if she’s telling me the truth or not. I will deal with that later. I shrug off the thought as I slip one hand between our bodies. I slide my fingers along my lover’s slick folds. I’m trembling at how wet she is. Elizabeth squirms beneath me as I press two fingers against her opening. Nothing matters to me at this moment except pleasuring my lover. I enter her slowly. Once again I am overwhelmed by how wet she is. I feel the walls of her center tighten around my fingers; I fill her completely. I allow her body to adjust to the feel of my fingers inside of her. Slowly I begin to plunge in and out of her wetness as our bodies begin to sway in unison.

"I’m yours," she moans as I move my hand faster and we melt against one another. I watch my lover’s body thrust against my hand. She’s clutching tightly to the edge of the desk. I can feel her nearing the edge as I take her deeper. She screams out my name. I’m ready to explode as I feel her body tremble. I slip my other hand around her waist and down to her damp curls. I tease her clit between my fingers while I continue to plunge in and out of her. "Not yet," I caution her as I slow my movements.

"Please," Elizabeth cries out, her body moving insistently against my touch.

"Not yet," I echo as I feel the snaps of my lingerie rubbing against my clit. Needing to feel my own release, I press my wetness against my lover’s thrusting body. I know that she can feel how much I want her. She moves harder against me.

Elizabeth releases a strangled cry as our bodies continue to rock against one another. I can feel her need for release and it’s consuming both of us. I remove my hands from her wetness. "You’re trying to kill me," Elizabeth accuses me as I step away from her quivering body.

"No, baby," I reassure her as I kiss her shoulders before moving away from her.

I fight against the urge to simply take her right then and there. I need for this moment to last, since I am uncertain as to what tomorrow will bring. I watch her body heaving with desire. "Look at me," I instruct her.

Elizabeth is shaking as she slowly turns to face me. The woman I’m looking at is a stranger to me. This isn’t the woman I’ve been working for over the past year and a half. "You’re quite a mystery," I say as I drink in the sight of her beautiful body.

"Do you want to stop?" she asks me sincerely.

I almost laugh, knowing I can’t stop now. I’m completely captivated by her. "No," I confess as I guide her back down onto the desk. I know that there’s something she isn’t telling me. I’ll find out later; right now all I want is to hear this beautiful woman cry out my name.

I kneel before her. I kiss her thighs before I drape her long legs over my shoulders. I slip my hands under her body and draw her closer. I part her with my tongue. I moan as I taste her by running my tongue along her slick folds. I can feel her trembling as I tease her. She cries out as I flick the tip of my tongue across her throbbing clit. She’s begging me for more as I capture her clit in the warmth of my mouth. I suckle her eagerly. I’m fighting to hold her steady as she thrashes against me.

I can no longer hold back as I feel my own body quivering. I tease her clit harder as her body tightens around me. My own climax is beginning as Elizabeth explodes against me. I hold my lover tightly as I continue to pleasure her. Elizabeth cries out my name over and over again as I drive her over the edge once again. I’m lost in the taste of her passion. I continue to feast upon her until I’m screaming into her wetness.

I feel sated as I rest my head against her leg. I kiss her still trembling thigh before I release a happy sigh and stand. My knees threaten to give out. Elizabeth lifts her body up and looks deep into my eyes. Once again I’m looking at a stranger. This is the woman I made love to. This is the woman I want to see more of. I decide to take a chance and find out if the vision I’m looking at is the real Elizabeth or the Dragon Lady. "I’m taking the rest of the night off," I inform her bluntly as I help her to her feet. I’m relieved when she releases a hearty laugh.

"Okay," Elizabeth agrees with a shy smile. "I’ll even drive you home since I doubt that your blouse is dry."

I can’t help but look at her suspiciously. "Why do I get the feeling that this is who you really are and the Dragon Lady is just an act?" My hand quickly flies to my mouth as I realize just what I called her.

"Relax." She laughs. "I’ve already overheard you call me that more than once. Besides, I’ve been called worse."

"So is this the real you?" I ask carefully. "Or are you really the heartless wench I’ve been slaving away for over the past year and a half?"

"No, this is the real me," she confesses with a heavy sigh.

"So why the act?" I ask in confusion.

"Before I was sent here my boss screwed up and I took the fall," she explains with a slight frown.

"So that’s why you work almost twenty-four hours a day," I say as I suddenly understand the woman I used to love to hate.

"Yeah," Elizabeth says as she begins to get dressed. "Look, I know us getting involved is a really bad idea, but . . ."

"It is," I agree as I pull my skirt back on.

"Since we’ve already crossed that line, can I take you to dinner?" Elizabeth inquires shyly.

"No," I refuse.

"Okay," Elizabeth says as her face drops.

"You can take me home and I’ll make you dinner," I explain as I look around for her clothes.

"Oh?" Elizabeth says brightly.

"I’ll cook for you and we can get to know one another. If you play your cards right, you might get to sleep over," I inform her with a sly smile.

"Wow," Elizabeth responds with a warm smile. "I never expected any of this. I honestly didn’t think you liked me."

"I don’t like who you pretend to be," I answer as I hand the now blushing woman her underwear. "I do like the woman who’s looking at me right now and I’d like to get to know her better. Now let’s find your clothes and get out of here before the cleaning crew shows up."

We dress quickly and picked up the office just before the cleaning crew arrives. I feel good about the risk I’m taking as Elizabeth wraps her coat around me to hide my state of undress from the cleaners. She takes me by the hand and leads me out of the building. Once again I’m very eager to see how things will turn out.

The End

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