Questions And Answers

By Mavis Applewater

April 2003


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As always this is for Heather.




Part One


            Andrea Dayne tugged the chatting man towards the restaurant.  “Come on Rob,” She groaned as she approached the hostess.  “Two for Dayne,” she informed the familiar woman.  She was well acquainted with the woman who looked much older than she.  She and Penny had attended High School together.  Penny scrunched her brow and wrinkled her nose as she pretended to scan the reservation book.  It was a familiar game the overweight brunette played with her each time Andrea had the misfortune of dinning at the restaurant where her former classmate was forced to work.

“Right there,” Rob pointed over the sullen woman’s shoulder.  Penny scowled as she snatched up the menus and led them to their table.  “I don’t understand how that woman keeps her job.”  Rob muttered bitterly once they had been seated.  “She is rude every time we come here.”

“I know,” Andrea sighed deeply as she scanned her menu.

“She really doesn’t like you,” Rob continued seemingly unaware of Andrea’s discomfort.  She looked up at the small blonde man with big brown eyes.  “I heard that she has been married six times and she . . .”

“Rob,” she cautioned him.  “You know I hate gossip.  Penny has been married twice, and from what I understand she has had a hard life.  Let it go.”

“How do you know her?”  He eagerly inquired.

“We went to high school together,” Andrea supplied with a heavy sigh knowing that her eager little friend wasn’t about to let the subject drop.  “Let’s just order and enjoy our meal.”

“Wait, she looks so much older than you.“ Rob pushed.  “What was she like in High School?”

“Are you sure that you are straight?” Andrea chuckled at his persistence.  “I swear you are a worse gossip than the queens I know.  Penny ran with the popular crowd so we weren’t friends.  Now, it is April sixteenth and our lives just got easier so can we just relax and have a nice dinner?”


            Andrea and Rob were tax attorneys and April sixteenth marked the day of the year when they could finally let their hair down and take time off.  She was looking forward to having some down time so she and her lover could spend more time together.  As they ordered their cocktails and meals she could see the eager look in the smaller man’s eyes that informed her he wasn’t going to just let the subject drop.  Andrea was tired and didn’t have the energy or desire to explain her dismal high school experience, and how gossip had nearly driven her over the edge.


            “I can’t believe that woman was popular in High School?”  Rob prattled on once their cocktails arrived.  “Were the two of you friends?”

“You’re like a dog with a bone,” Andrea groaned.  “No we weren’t friends.  I was a shy quiet bookworm, the type the popular kids stuffed into a locker.  I didn’t have very many friends since I wore glasses, kept to myself, and realized at a young age that I liked girls.  Happy now?”

“So why is she always so surly to you?”  Rob pressed.

“Fine,” Andrea grumbled realizing that she would have to tell him the whole sordid story.  “It all started with the alphabet.”

“Beg pardon?”  He asked in an eager tone.

“I’m going to need another drink if I’m going to tell you this story.”  Andrea sighed as she waved the waiter over and ordered another round of cocktails.


Part Two


            In a sense everything that happened to Andrea was because of the alphabet.  Since her very first day of school she was seated behind Devon Dawson who was always seated next to her cousin Erin Everson.  Devon Dawson was tall with long dark hair, and the most amazing blue eyes Andrea had ever seen. Andrea was almost always seated next to Penny Fuller was an arrogant little snob who liked to make nasty comments about anyone who didn’t travel in her little circle. During Junior High Penny started referring to Andrea as the four eyed little queer.  The nasty comment hurt the small blonde deeply.  It was harder to deal with after Andrea realized that she was attracted to girls and not boys.  Even though Devon and Erin had been polite to Andrea back in grade school it was made clear that they would never be friends.  At recess Devon, Erin, Penny and the rest of the kids from the Hill, which was the affluent part of town, hung together.   Andrea, on the other hand, spent her time lurking in the shadows.


            As the years passed and the small blonde’s sexuality began to blossom being seated directly behind the beautiful girl became sheer torture for her.  Andrea retreated deeper into her shyness as she watched Devon blossom into a confident young woman who was constantly surrounded by the best and the brightest.  Then things took a strange turn for the small blonde, and once again, it was the alphabet that set things in motion.


            Andrea’s father, who was a good man, insisted that during her senior year she attend the class ski trip to the White Mountains.  Dirk Dayne worked night and day at his small garage in an effort to support his three children whom he had been raising by himself since his wife died suddenly from breast cancer.  He tried to be there for his children, but he needed to work constantly to keep ahead of the constant bills that plagued his small family.


            Andrea’s shyness worried him deeply.  So he thought that the trip might just be the push she needed to finally make friends.  Andrea foolishly believed that just maybe her father was right.  It started on the bus when she had no one to sit with.  Things got worse when they were given their room assignments.  Every one had to share a room with one other person, which was very nice since on previous trips there were up to five girls in one room. 


            The roommates were, of course, assigned alphabetically.  Andrea almost broke out in hives when she discovered she would be spending the next three nights alone with Devon Dawson.  Andrea spent the day out on the slopes once again by herself since most everyone else teamed up with their friends and boyfriends.  She tried to enjoy the slopes, but since most everyone else spent a lot more time learning to ski, she was lacking the skill to keep up with anyone.


            By the time she was certain there was more snow covering her body than the mountain, Andrea was ready to walk down the steep slope and hide at the lodge.  “Hey?”  A deep sultry tone that always sent a shiver down her spine addressed her as she once again pulled herself up from a pile of snow.  Despite the cold wind of the mountain Andrea broke out in a sweat when she looked up and found Devon looking down at her with a brilliant smile. 

“Hey.”  Andrea managed to stammer out as Devon held out her hand for her.



            The small blonde was amazed at the taller girl’s strength as the brunette pulled back up onto her skis.  “I’m not very good at this.”  Andrea meekly confessed.

“Don’t worry,” Devon reassured her.  “I can help you.”


            Andrea was stunned by the offer as she teetered slightly on her skis.  Devon lifted her goggles and gave the small blonde a curious look.  “Thank you.”  Andrea accepted before Devon swooshed away and rejoined her friends. 


            Devon was a patient instructor and Andrea fell even harder for the tall brunette who had been making her heart swell since she was fifteen years old.  At times the small blonde found it hard to concentrate on what Devon was telling her, as she became caught up in the sound of the brunette’s voice and her gentle touch.  It was the best day of Andrea’s young life until it was time to leave the mountain and go back to the lodge.


            She quickly thanked Devon for her help as they stepped onto the bus.  Devon smiled as she patted the blonde’s arm.  Then she climbed onto the bus and rejoined her friends while Andrea sat by herself.  That night at dinner as she watched Devon laughing with her close circle of friends she heard Penny teasing Devon.  “What were you doing with the freak?”  Penny sneered.

“Stop it Penny.”  Devon cautioned the obnoxious girl.

“What?”  Penny was flabbergasted by the brunette’s outburst.  “Doing charity work now?  What a waste spending the whole day with the little queer.”

“Shut up Penny!”  Devon and Erin shouted in unison.


            Penny continued her tirade regarding Andrea’s shortcomings.  The blonde stared down at her plate as she felt everyone looking at her.  She pretended that she hadn’t heard Penny’s hurtful words as she played with her food.  It wasn’t a new experience for the small blonde.  She did feel some sense of joy at the way Devon had objected to Penny’s words.


            After dinner Andrea quickly retreated to her bedroom while the others sat by the fire chatting.  As she read a book she tried to pretend that she couldn’t hear Penny’s voice as the brunette complained about anyone and everyone.  The laughter was still in full swing when Devon shyly entered their room.  Andrea felt her breathing catch as she saw the tall brunette in her faded jeans and dark blue sweater that brought out the color of her eyes.


            Then her body began to hum as she watched Devon pull the sweater over her head.  She was in a panic as the other girl began to undress.  Fearfully she forced herself to remove her gaze from Devon’s body and stared blankly at the book that was in her lap.  Penny’s voice still echoed in the room.  “Jeez she is such a loud mouth,” Devon grumbled.  “And an asshole.”

“But she is your friend.”  Andrea mumbled as she kept her emerald eyes fixed on the pages of her book. 

“Kind of,” Devon grunted as Andrea fought against the urge to look up and catch a peek at the brunette’s body.  “I hate the way she is always putting everyone down.”


            Andrea blinked in surprise as she looked up.  The blonde released a sigh of relief when she discovered that Devon had changed into a long t-shirt and was sitting on her bed.  Her relief was short lived when her eyes drifted to the brunette’s long legs.  In an effort to blur the lovely vision Andrea removed her glasses and closed her book.  The blonde was unsteady as she stood and was still granted a view of Devon’s inviting body.

“Are you alright?”  Devon asked with concern her voice once again sending a delightful tremble down the blonde’s spine.

“Just a little sore,” she lied as she felt the blood rushing through her body until it settled in a decidedly southern region of her young body.


            “Do you want me to loosen you up?”  Devon asked in a surprisingly shy tone.  Andrea swallowed hard as she tried to understand what Devon was offering her.  “I could give you a back rub?”  Devon quickly explained as she stood.


            Andrea was unable to speak or move as her eyes wandered up the brunette’s body until she was staring at the way Devon’s nipples were pressing against the thin material of her shirt. Andrea swayed slightly as images of Devon’s hands gliding along her body filled her overactive mind.  Suddenly she jerked her gaze away fearful that Devon would catch her ogling her.  If the brunette ever discovered what she was thinking, Andrea was quite certain that her life would be over.


            Her skin was tingling as she felt Devon’s trembling hand on her arm.  Andrea’s body was in turmoil as she felt her stomach clench as the strangest sensations rushed through her.  “Just lie down on your bed,” Devon suggested in a soft voice as her fingers gently rubbed against the blonde’s arm.  Andrea felt helpless as she nodded in agreement and sat down on the small bed. 


            Andrea inhaled sharply as she felt Devon’s hand on her shoulder gently guiding her down onto the mattress.  The blonde couldn’t look at the brunette as Devon instructed her to roll over onto her stomach.  Andrea was thankful that her blushing face was now buried in her pillow as she felt the mattress dip as Devon climbed onto the bed.  She bit back a moan when she felt Devon’s thigh brushing against her skin.


            Andrea shuddered when she felt Devon’s hands caressing her shoulders.  She squeezed her eyes shut as Devon’s long silky hair brushed against her cheek.  “Just relax,” Devon softly offered in a pleading tone as her strong fingers began to work out the knots between Andrea’s shoulder blades.  Her body trembled as she felt the weight of Devon’s body pressing against her own. 


            Andrea’s body grew tense as Devon’s touch drifted down her back.  She couldn’t relax as her body responded to the brunette’s touch.  Her nipples became hard and her clit began pounding in a steady needy rhythm.  She tried to clench her thighs in an effort to cease the urgent throbbing.  She was filled with panic as Devon’s hands moved lower and the brunette’s knee pressed against her trembling thighs. 


            Her body was filled with desire and her heart was filled with fear when she felt Devon’s knee parting her thighs.  She wanted to pull away knowing that Devon would soon feel the pool of desire that had poured from her body.  She closed her eyes tightly when Devon began to lift the hem of her t-shirt.  She gasped as Devon lifted her shirt slightly and the taller woman’s body pressed just a little closer to her own. 


            Andrea’s mind was screaming for her to end her torture before it was too late and Devon discovered just how her body was reacting.  “Andie?”  Devon began in a shaky tone as the blonde clutched her pillow tightly to her face.  “You’ll . . . Might feel better . . . I mean it would be easier if you took off your shirt.”


            Andrea bit down on her bottom lip as she lifted her body slightly.  She blinked her eyes open as she lifted herself to her knees.  She was thankful that Devon couldn’t see her face and her movement caused the brunette to pull away from her slightly.  Once again her relief was short lived as she felt Devon’s hands assisting her with the removal of her t-shirt.  Andrea was struggling to breathe after they removed her t-shirt.  She swallowed hard as she tried to steady her breathing and resume her earlier position.


            Devon’s body brushed against her back and Andrea felt the cotton of her shirt and hardened nipples grazing against the skin of her naked back.  She kept her back to the brunette, as they remained kneeling on the small bed.  Andrea decided to just lie back down so that Devon could finish the massage and her torment would be over.  She wasn’t prepared for the feel of Devon’s fingers sweeping her hair away from the back of her neck.


            Devon’s touch seemed to linger as she brushed Andrea’s hair over one of her shoulders.  Andrea felt a jolt of excitement as their fingers brushed and Andrea accepted her hair.  In a panic Andrea moved her body quickly so she could lie back down on the bed.  Her movement caused her hips to press against Devon’s thigh.  She moaned when the brunette’s firm thigh accidentally slipped between the blonde’s legs.  Her jaw dropped in horror as she realized that Devon could feel her wetness.


            Andrea’s arms flew out as she covered her chest in embarrassment.  Her lips quivered as she prepared herself for Devon’s anger and disgust.  She was ready to cry as her shame filled her while they remained frozen in place.  She was completely unprepared for the warm breath caressing her shoulder as Devon’s hands circled her waist.  Andrea felt her world spinning as Devon’s hands caressed her abdomen.


            Andrea couldn’t control her body as she leaned into Devon’s touch.  The brunette kissed Andrea’s shoulder before she guided the blonde back down on the mattress.  Andrea placed her hands above her head as her mind tried to understand what was happening.  Her mind went blank as Devon’s hands began to knead and caress her back.  This time the blonde allowed her body to respond to Devon’s touch.


            She stifled another moan as she felt Devon shift her body until she was straddling the blonde’s hips.  Andrea’s eyes fluttered shut as Devon’s fingers explored her naked back and the sides of her small body.  Her breathing became labored when Devon’s hands drifted dangerously close to the swell of her breasts.  She licked her lips, as Devon’s touching grew bolder.  Andrea whimpered when Devon shifted her body and the brunette’s hips swayed against her ass.


            The blonde’s embarrassment returned as her hips jerked up slightly.  Her body betrayed her by pressing against Devon’s.  Her embarrassment faded when she heard the soft moan escaping from Devon.  Her heart was pounding as Devon’s hips once again swayed against her.  She heard Devon’s breathing becoming ragged as her fingers trembled against Andrea’s skin. 


            Andrea opened her eyes as she felt Devon’s hands drifting lower until she was caressing the small of the blonde’s back.  Their young bodies continued to sway as Devon’s thighs tightened against Andrea’s hips.  Andrea couldn’t resist arching her hips in response to Devon’s thrusting.  She could feel her wetness pouring from her as Devon’s body moved against hers.


            Somewhere in the back of her mind Andrea knew she should stop what was happening, but her body took control as she lifted herself up so that she was on her hands and knees.  Devon’s hair tickled her back as the brunette’s hands caressed the blonde’s ass.  Andrea shuddered when she felt Devon kissing her shoulders and back.  She fought against crying out when she felt the brunette’s tongue tracing her spine.


            Andrea was a mass of confusion as she realized that the most popular girl in school was kissing her way down her half naked body.  She looked over her shoulder and gasped as she found Devon’s electric blue eyes lustfully gazing back at her.  Andrea stopped thinking and rolled onto her back exposing her breasts to Devon’s smoky gaze.  The brunette’s body hovered above her as Andrea found the courage to reach out and clasp the hem of Devon’s shirt. 


            Her heart filled with fear once again when Devon pulled away.  Her fear was quickly quieted when Devon removed her shirt and nestled her body next to Andrea’s.  The blonde felt another jolt of pleasure as their nipples brushed against one another.  She wrapped her arms around Devon’s waist and placed a shy kiss on the brunette’s warm inviting lips.  Their bodies wrapped around one another with their panties being the only thing separating them as they began to kiss. 


            Andrea trembled as Devon’s hands roamed along her body.  She wrapped her fingers in the brunette’s hair as they parted their lips.  The kisses deepened, as they pressed closer together.  Andrea gasped as she felt Devon’s desire on her skin.  Andrea kissed the brunette passionately as she felt Devon cupping her breasts.  Her body arched as the kiss came to an end and Devon teased her nipples.  She rocked her body against Devon’s thigh while the brunette mirrored her actions.


            They stifled the sounds of pleasure as their bodies took over.  Andrea kissed her way down Devon’s neck until she was guiding the taller girl onto her back.  She straddled Devon’s thigh as she captured the brunette’s breast in her mouth.  She moaned against her lover’s skin as she felt her panties being lowered to her hips.  She suckled Devon’s breast harder as she slipped her tiny hand between their bodies.  She was nervous as she ran her fingers along the elastic waistband of the brunette’s underwear.  Her lover’s fingers dipped into her wetness.  Andrea pressed her mound against her lover’s hand as she lifted her body so that she could look into Devon’s eyes. 


            Devon’s fingers glided along her slick folds while Andrea lowered the brunette’s panties.  They couldn’t stop the way their hips began to thrust as they stroked one another.  Andrea couldn’t believe how good it felt to feel Devon’s clit pulsating between her fingers.  Soon they were kissing again as they teased one another.  The small room was filled with the sounds of the twin bed creaking beneath them and the musky aroma of desire.


            “Please,” Devon whispered hotly in Andrea’s ear as the blonde pressed her fingers against the warm wet opening of the brunette’s center.  “Andie, I need you.”  The brunette pleaded as her own fingers slipped inside of the blonde.  Andrea winced slightly as she gave her innocence away.  Soon the pain slipped away as she felt her lover filling her.  Andrea entered her lover’s passion.  Each of them began to move against the other’s tender touch.


            Andrea covered her lover’s body as they pleasured one another.  They began to thrust wildly against the other’s hand as the desire consumed them.  Andrea fought against the overwhelming feeling as she took her lover harder.  She felt the walls tightening around her fingers as her own body convulsed.   Needing to cry out they masked their ecstasy in a deep probing kiss. 


            They clung to one another tightly as they trembled against one another.  Andrea didn’t stop to think that she had just lost her virginity to a girl she had barely spoken to in the twelve years they hand known one another.  She was far too busy lifting her body up as Devon slipped her panties off of her body.  She watched as Devon kissed and tasted her way up her legs until the brunette’s body was nestled between her thighs.


            Andrea draped her legs over her young lover’s broad shoulders as the brunette parted her.  Andrea had no idea what Devon was planning on doing as she ran her tongue along the inside of the blonde’s quivering thighs.  Andrea’s body lifted up off of the bed when she felt Devon’s flattened tongue gliding along her sex.  She gave herself over as the brunette began to feast upon her.  Andrea gripped the blankets on the bed as she pressed her body against Devon’s touch.


            Andrea’s ears were ringing as Devon suckled her clit into her mouth and her fingers filled her completely.  The only conscious thought the blonde could process was how incredibly good what Devon was doing felt, and how much she wanted to reciprocate.  Andrea was certain that she lost all control as the world exploded.  Devon continued to pleasure her until she was forced to push the brunette away.  “Can’t,” Andrea panted as she pulled Devon up into her arms.  “You feel so good.”  Andrea murmured as they held one another and caressed each other. 


            Soon the light touches grew and Andrea was licking her way down Devon’s long lean body.  The blonde thought that the feel of Devon tasting her was the most amazing experience in the world, until she was feasting upon the brunette’s desire and Devon’s body exploded against her.  The morning was a rude awakening after they made love until the sun was up.


            The realization hung between them and suddenly the room was filled with awkwardness.  Devon shyly retreated back to the company of her friends for the rest of the day.  Andrea retreated back into her solitude.  That night they felt uneasy around one another as they climbed into their own beds.  Devon released a heavy sigh that broke the blonde’s resolve to just forget about what happened the night before.


            It took all the courage she possessed to climb out of her bed and sit down on Devon’s.  She was about to suggest that they talk about what had happened when they began to kiss and soon were making love once again.  Sadly for the confused blonde the next day was a repeat of the day before.  Penny’s constant badgering of Devon for having to endure sharing space with Andrea worked the blonde’s nerves.  What hurt the most was the way Devon quietly allowed Penny to do it.


            That night Devon came into the room they were sharing and into Andrea’s bed.  Andrea never knew where the courage or strength she felt at that moment had come from, but she pushed Devon from her bed. “You’ve gotten everything you are ever going to get from me,“ she hissed.  “I’m good enough to screw but not have breakfast with?”  Devon looked ashamed as Andrea stormed out of the room.  The blonde hid in the main room of the lodge and sat up all night crying.  Penny was full of comments on the ride home.   Devon looked miserable as she sat there as Penny talked about what a freak Andrea was.  The only voice that objected was Erin’s.


            The only positive thing to come out of the ski trip was Andrea suddenly felt a sense of herself.  The blonde’s confidence grew, and she managed to block out Devon’s apologetic glances, and Penny’s mean spirited comments.  Things changed once again when the year was coming to an end.


            Andrea had tutored Marshal Timmons in math.  He wasn’t the brightest bulb and he was part of the Hill crowd, yet somehow Andrea endured teaching the boy.  Marshal paid her back by spreading a rumor that Andrea had done more than explain geometry to him.  Suddenly it was all over school that Andrea was easy.  More and more of the boys claimed to know her in an intimate manner.  Penny’s comments went from calling her a queer to a whore.


            Devon’s apologetic looks turned to a cold stare.  For the last few months she would have to endure in her hometown Andrea had to endure being called a tramp, and facing Devon’s hurtful looks every morning in homeroom.  Andrea was at the breaking point.  She couldn’t eat or sleep.  All she did was hide from the world and the snickering.


            Early one day she felt sick as she passed by a block of lockers where the kids from the hill were gathered.  “Here comes the slut.”  Penny shouted out as Andrea tried to pass unnoticed.  Everyone snickered except for Devon who yanked her locker open, and Erin who scowled at Penny.

Andrea clutched her books to her chest as she felt the bile rising in her throat.

“I don’t know what you are bragging about Marshal,” Stuart exclaimed proudly.  “I had her on the ski trip.”


            It was more than the blonde could stand.  She threw her books to the floor and was about to tell each and every one of them off, when her tirade was cut off as Devon kneed Stuart in a very sensitive area.  “You lying piss ant,” she screamed much to everyone’s surprise.  “None of you ever touched Andie.  You started this.”  She bellowed at Marshal who was trying to help Stuart to his feet.


            He gasped as she grabbed him around the throat and shoved his head in her locker and the door on him.  “Devon?”  Penny exclaimed.  “What is wrong with you?”

“You,” Devon fumed as Andrea watched in amazement.  “Penny, you are twisted.  You get a sick thrill out of putting everyone down and spreading gossip.  Frankly I’m sick of it.  Now tell the truth!”  She screamed at Marshal as she slammed his head back into the locker.

“Stop!”  Andrea screamed stunning everyone.  “I know it isn’t true.  What you assholes think isn’t important.”

“Good for you.”  Erin cheered her on.

“Lying little slut.”  Penny scoffed.

“You want a space in my locker too,” Devon, threatened her.  “It isn’t true.  Neither one of these low lives touched Andie.”

“And how do you know?”  Penny challenged her.

“Don’t.”  Erin and Andrea cautioned the angry brunette in unison.


            Andrea would have loved shouting from the rooftops that she and Devon made love.  But being the class slut was hard enough to endure; being outed could prove to be dangerous.  “I just know,” Devon offered as she finally released her grip on Marshal.  “Andie is a lady.”

“Miss Dawson, a moment of your time?”  Mr. Hayden’s, the Vice Principal voice broke through the surrealistic scene.


            “Serves her right?”  Penny snickered as Devon followed the man to his office.  “Where does she get off?”

“Shut up Penny,” Erin shouted as she shoved Marshal to the floor.  “You lied didn’t you?”

“Yes.”  The boy squeaked.

“See,” Erin announced before she crossed the hall and began to help Andrea gather up her books.  “Come on we’ll be late for class.”  She offered.


            Andrea was stunned when Erin and several others walked with her leaving a very stunned Penny alone with the two wounded boys.  “My cousin really does care for you.”  Erin whispered discreetly to the bewildered blonde.


            At the end of the day Andrea was anxious to get away from the school.  Suddenly her life was different now that everyone knew she hadn’t been sleeping around, and suddenly almost every one was being nice to her.  “Hey, Andrea?”  Erin called out to her as the blonde was trying to make her escape.

“Hi Erin.”  She responded shyly as the redhead raced over to her.

“Some day huh?”  Erin chuckled. 

“No offense, but I’m tired of all this,” Andrea groaned.  “What has Penny got against me?  I know she was the one who spread most of the rumors about me.”

“She’s a bitch,” Erin responded dryly.  “And you never fought back; it made you an easy target.  Devon has been sick about all this.  And she feels really badly.”

“She should.”  Andrea hissed as she walked away.

“It isn’t what you think,” Erin quickly asserted as she followed after the angry little blonde.  “I know about everything.”

“What?”  Andrea stammered fearfully.

“The ski trip,” Erin supplied.  “She didn’t blow you off because of you.  She was afraid that someone might find out about her.  I told her off for treating you like that.  Truth is she was just scared.”

“I can tell her myself,” Devon’s voice cut through them.


            Andrea turned to find the tall brunette standing behind them.  “Then tell her,” Erin chastised her cousin.  “You’ve waited far too long.”

“Go,” Devon fumed at her cousin who quickly left the two of them alone.  “I’m sorry for everything.”


            Andrea just looked up at the brunette in confusion.  “I don’t understand any of this,” she finally confessed.  “Why did you treat me that way, and why are you suddenly defending my honor?”

“I’ve had a crush on you for years,” Devon shyly confessed as she looked at her shoes.  “I panicked after we made love.  But I couldn’t stay away either until you pushed me away.  Then I heard the rumors and it just tore me up thinking that I was just a fling.  When Stuart said what he did about the ski trip I just lost it.”

“So you believed the lies?”  Andrea asked in horror. 

“Not at first,” Devon muttered shamefully.  “Then more and more guys kept saying it.  The thing about the ski trip hurt the most because it was my first time.”

“Mine too.”  Andrea informed her. 


Part Three


            “That is amazing!” Rob exclaimed as Andrea finished her story.  “So the two of you got back together?”

“No,” Andrea laughed.  “This is real life not a Lifetime movie.  We became friends and lost touch when we went to different colleges.”

“Wait, I don’t understand?”  Rob stammered.  “Then when . . .?”

“Hi honey, sorry I’m late.”  Her lover apologized as she approached the table.

“No problem Darling,” Andrea said with a smile.  “You can join us for dessert.”


            Andrea smiled up at her lover who kissed her on the cheek before taking a seat.  “So just what doesn’t Rob understand?”  Devon asked as she motioned for the waiter.

“I was just explaining why Penny and I don’t get along.”  Andrea offered with a smirk.

“She’s an asshole,” Devon shrugged.  “What’s to understand?”

“I was also telling him how we met.”  Andrea chuckled as she took Devon by the hand.

“We met in the first grade,” Devon added in confusion.  “Not very exciting but thank goodness our names are so close together.”

“Did you really beat some guy up in high school because he said nasty things about Andrea?”  Rob gushed.

“Yes,” Devon laughed.  “I also broke her heart first or didn’t you tell him that part?”

“I did.” Andrea laughed.

“Then how did you get back together?”  Rob pleaded. 

“Oh that is another long saga,” Andrea teased him.  “Maybe Devon will tell you that one over dessert?”


The End

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