By Mavis Applewater

September 2002

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Thanks to my beta reader Joanne.

As always, this is for Heather.

Kerry rolled her shoulders in an effort to alleviate the tension that was steadily building. In the past years the junket to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show was a lot of fun. But that was before the economy and her relationship decided to take nosedives. This year it was a room full of desperate looking salesmen and designers trying to their level best not to look as if their jobs depended on the success of the new products. The truth was that for most of them their careers were indeed riding on whatever masterpiece they’d developed.

Kerry wasn’t as worried as most. The educational software she’d developed was not only user-friendly but so was the cost. She had already confirmed orders with several elementary school systems; the trip was a success. But there were a few notable drawbacks. Larry and Charlie never seemed to leave her side and couldn’t understand why she didn’t want to go to a topless bar with them. She had no problem going to a strip show. She and Stacy had gone whenever her lover accompanied her. But now she and Stacy had called it a day and she didn’t want to hang out with the men in plaid.

Charlie and Larry were sweet enough, but they really needed someone in their lives to tell them how to dress. It wasn’t the first time Kerry considered designing software that would help the fashion-challenged computer geeks she worked with. The other thorn in her side was the boys’ behavior. Despite the fact that they were well educated and probably two of the brightest minds in the country, they behaved like a pair of pimply-faced adolescents whenever they got out of the lab and got to play in a place like Las Vegas. Every time an attractive woman passed by she had to wonder if they’d ever seen a pair a breasts. Not that she’d seen that many up close since she was terminally shy. Her height didn’t help much since she stood just under six feet tall.

She continued to explain the benefits of her new software to an elderly man from Comstock who was the principal of a private school. She pushed her wire-rimmed glasses up once again, cursing herself for not putting in her contacts. The older man, who was easily old enough to be her father, was flirting with her despite the fact he was sporting a wedding band. ‘Ugh! What is it about this town?’ she mentally groaned as she continued to outline the benefits of the software in a polite professional manner. In the past years she would simply shrug it off when someone flirted with her or treated her like a piece of meat. This year was the first time in a long time that she was single, and the unwanted attention was starting to get on her nerves.

When the man finally agreed to place an order, she thankfully turned him over to Brian, one of the salesmen. "I’m so glad that I’m going home tomorrow," she muttered to Charlie and Larry who were giggling.

"Oh come on, Kerry, I think he likes you," Larry teased.

"Knock it off, Larry," Charlie chastised him. Kerry was well aware that Charlie had had a crush on her for many years. Since he understood he didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, she could deal with it. "Why don’t you come out with us tonight?" Charlie suggested hopefully.

"What are you two demons doing tonight?" Kerry asked as she started to fold up her materials, knowing her time at the booth was coming to an end.

"Tittie bar," Larry responded proudly.

"Larry!" Charlie gasped as he blushed.

"What? I’ve heard Kerry say that," Larry defended himself as he brushed what was left of his hair back.

"True, but it’s different when you have a pair," Kerry teased both of them. "I’ll pass on joining the two of you."

"Come on, Kerry," Larry pushed. "Don’t lock yourself up in your room again tonight. We could go to a gay bar if you want."

"Huh?" Charlie squeaked.

"Charlie, she needs to get out," Larry explained. "Kerry, ever since you and Stacy broke up, your life is duller than ours."

"Hey!" Kerry fumed as both men pouted.

"It’s true, Kerry," Charlie shyly confirmed.

"You said that you and Stacy split up because you both felt as if something was missing," Larry continued hesitantly. "You’re not going to find what you’re looking for by locking yourself up in your room."

Kerry could feel the anger swelling inside of her. The only thing that stopped her from thumping Larry upside his balding head was that she knew he was right. "I’m just not up to it. Plus I’m flying out in the afternoon," she grumbled. "You boys have fun tonight." She packed up the last of her belongings as the two men continued to pout. "If I change my mind, I’ll call your cell," she added in hopes that they would stop giving her heart wrenching, injured puppy dog looks. They smiled. "I’m done for the night," she added before making her departure.

Later Kerry sat in her hotel room bored out of her mind. She’d read everything about gambling and watched all the infomercials on television. The mathematics of the whole process was fascinating to her analytical mind. Yet based on the odds and the inevitable outcome, she wondered why people would risk hard earned money on games designed to beat them. After she read and watched everything, she flipped through the channels on the television. Finding nothing of interest she read the room service menu, checked the escape route posted on her door, filed her nails, repacked her clothes, checked her airline tickets, and finally sat on her bed looking at the design on the ceiling.

After the boredom and Larry’s words had driven her almost completely insane, she got up, showered, and changed into a pair of jeans and a simple white sleeveless T-shirt. She put in her contact lenses and headed down to the casino to find out what all the fuss was about. She took one hundred dollars down with her; that would effectively keep her from getting caught up in the mania. Not that she expected to be swept away. After doing the math she realized she would probably return to her room quickly minus the one hundred dollars.

She felt a slight thrill as she entered the hoopla of the casino. Stacy had never wanted to gamble, thinking it was a foolish waste of money. Instead they’d always gone to see Siegfried and Roy or went sight seeing and shopping. Every once in awhile they’d gone to a strip club. She made her way past the endless rows of slot machines, already thinking that they were a waste of time.

She decided to try games where the playing field was a little more level. She had studied the games in the book she found in her hotel room. She opted to start with blackjack. The rules and betting seemed simple enough. The one thing Kerry really enjoyed about Las Vegas was that she didn’t stand out quite so much with all the leggy showgirls around. After a few hands of carefully played blackjack, studying her cards and weighing the odds much to the anger of her fellow players and the dealer, she had lost thirty dollars and she decided it was time to move on.

She turned to the roulette table, again because the rules and odds were simple. The excitement of the people surrounding her failed to get her into the mood as she lost yet another thirty dollars. She gathered up her remaining chips and contemplated going back to her room. Then Kerry noticed the crowd surrounding the craps table. She had studied the rules, but for the life of her she still couldn’t grasp the way the game was played.

Kerry fiddled with her chips as she debated whether she should go over and watch the game in an effort to understand it better or simply cutting her losses and go back to her room. She was just about to head back to her room when she spotted a flash of golden hair at the craps table. Kerry moved over to the table to get a better look. Using her height, she managed to move in next to the petite blonde who was rolling the dice and losing.

Kerry’s body tingled slightly as her shoulder brushed against the smaller woman. "Craps - a loser." There was a collective groan around the table as the blonde scowled.

"Sorry," Kerry apologized, fearing that the slight brush against the other woman had caused her to throw a bad roll.

"Not your fault," the blonde said with a smile that warmed Kerry’s body. "I’ve been on a bad streak all night." Kerry simply nodded in understanding as her crystal blue eyes scanned the blonde’s firm body. Kerry’s stomach clenched as she took in the leather mini-skirt and the short top that revealed the blonde’s firm abdomen.

"I’ve been having the same luck," Kerry quickly stammered out.

"Hey, are you going to roll the dice or talk?" a surly gentleman barked from behind Kerry.

"Why don’t you give it a try?" the blonde encouraged her as she handed her the dice.

"Maybe I’ll bring you luck," she encouraged her as their fingers brushed slightly.

"I’m not sure what to do," Kerry managed to choke out as her mouth went suddenly dry.

"I’ll show you everything," the blonde responded with a slight purr.

Unable to form a complete sentence, Kerry simply nodded in response and placed a bet down. The blonde caressed her hand as the stickman called out that there was a new shooter. Kerry blew out a heavy breath and she shook the dice furiously before letting them fly across the green felt table. She wasn’t able to focus on what happened to the dice; her attention remained on the pair of emerald eyes staring up at her.

"Seven - a winner," the stickman called out as everyone cheered.

"What?" Kerry blinked in surprise as the blonde’s hand caressed the small of her back.

"I guess your luck is changing," the blonde complimented her. "Let it ride."

"Okay," Kerry mumbled in agreement as she accepted the dice once again, knowing that she would agree to anything the smaller woman suggested at that moment.

The blonde continued to caress Kerry’s back as she once again tossed the dice down the length of the table. Once again she was a winner and the crowd cheered. "Let it ride," the blonde instructed her once again; her caresses grew slightly bolder as her hands drifted down to Kerry’s firm backside. The tall brunette swallowed hard and her palms began to sweat. She shook the dice furiously and once again cast them down the table. She won once again; she was rewarded with enthusiastic cheers and the feel of her new companion’s free arm wrapping around her waist.

"Looks like you got yourself a real good luck charm," the surly man congratulated her.

"Yeah, I guess I do," Kerry agreed as she stared deeply into the blonde’s smoky green eyes. "So, my little good luck charm, what should I do now?"

"Let it ride," the blonde repeated with sly smile.

Kerry leaned slightly closer to the blonde; she fought to keep the dice from slipping from her grasp since her hands were sweaty and shaking. She tossed the dice and won once again. Kerry was lightheaded from the sight of her growing stack of chips and the feel of the blonde’s hand caressing her backside while her other hand drifted to her thigh.

Kerry’s knees threatened to buckle as her winnings continued to increase and the blonde’s caresses grew even bolder. Caught up in the thrill of winning and the excitement of the crowd rooting her on, she continued to play. When someone shouted that her good luck charm should blow on the new dice she’d been handed, the tall brunette uncharacteristically held the red cubes out to the blonde. The smaller woman blew a warm breath across her palm and then grazed her fingers gently with soft lips. Kerry threw the dice without looking, as her focus remained captured by a fiery gaze.

Kerry was confused when she won. "What does that mean ‘I won the hard way’?" she asked her good luck charm.

"I’ll explain it to you later," the blonde offered in a breathy tone.

Kerry’s lower anatomy pulsated with desire at the promising tone. "Should I keep going?" Her voice quavered as she spoke.

"Yes," her good luck charm encouraged her as her small hand slipped between Kerry’s quivering thighs.

Kerry stifled the deep moan that threatened to escape as she tossed the dice once again. As the red cubes tumbled down the green felt table, she felt her good luck charm cup her mound. Kerry wrapped her arm around the blonde’s shoulder in an effort to remain standing. The blonde leaned into her touch as she won another large stack of chips.

The blonde once again blew on her dice and kissed her long fingers; this time her tongue teased the back of Kerry’s hand. The tall brunette tossed the dice and her other hand drifted down the blonde’s back. She won again and the crowd went crazy. The sounds of excitement that surrounded her were lost as her good luck charm began to grind the heel of her hand against Kerry’s throbbing clit.

Kerry’s nipples hardened as her excitement grew. Her body was pulsating with need and her wetness soaked through her underwear. The excitement was overwhelming her normally reserved personality as she ran her hand up under the cool leather of the blonde’s skirt. Kerry gasped slightly as she felt the silk of her companion’s panties. As Kerry rolled the dice one more time she wondered how much longer she’d be able to control the passion raging inside her.

The blonde pressed her body closer and her hands grew more insistent. She reached up to cup Kerry’s face and drew her down to her own as she won once again. "One more roll and then it’s time for you to collect your winnings." Her hot breath caressed Kerry’s skin as she spoke. The brunette’s eyes drifted to the pair of full lips that were dangerously close. Kerry parted her lips to respond. Words failed her as the blonde’s hand increased its rhythm.

Kerry didn’t look as she rolled the dice one last time and her good luck charm captured her lips in a fiery kiss. She moaned as the blonde parted her lips with her tongue and invaded the warmth of her mouth. Kerry’s fingers dipped shyly beneath the stranger’s panties while the blonde’s hand teased her clit urgently. "A winner!" was called out and the room erupted. Kerry didn’t notice at first since she was too involved with exploring the warmth of her good luck charm’s mouth. Both women were breathless when the kiss reluctantly came to an end. "You won again," the blonde stated as they stepped slightly away from each other.

"Yes, I did," Kerry panted in response.

The crowd was chanting, encouraging the weak-kneed Kerry to continue playing. "Time to collect your winnings," the blonde instructed her as she took the dice from her trembling hands and passed them off. They collected the sizeable stacks of chips and carefully carried them over to the cashier’s window. Kerry’s excitement and concern grew as the cashier counted her winnings.

"Are you staying at the hotel?" the blonde inquired as she wrapped her arm around Kerry’s waist.

"Yes," Kerry squeaked out.

"You need to fill this out," the cashier instructed her as she slid a form through the slot.

"What’s this?" Kerry asked in confusion as she looked over the document.

"It’s for the IRS," the cashier explained in a bored tone. "Just fill it out and I’ll get you a check."

Both she and the blonde blinked in surprise. "How much did I win?" Kerry asked as she began to fill out the form.

"Twenty-six thousand four hundred seventy-five dollars," the cashier explained in the same bored manner.

"Whoa!" Kerry choked as the blonde looked at her watch.

"You were playing for almost two hours," she exclaimed in surprise.

"I wasn’t paying attention," Kerry confessed with a slight blush as she slid the document over to the cashier.

"Neither was I." The blonde smiled in response as her emerald eyes roamed across Kerry‘s body. "I’m Leigh," she offered as she wrapped her arms around Kerry’s waist.

"I’m Kerry," the brunette responded. She chuckled lightly when she realized they hadn’t bothered to exchange names. "Nice to meet you, Leigh," Kerry responded softly as she began to caress the blonde’s shoulders.

The tall brunette’s mind went blank and her body trembled from the feel of Leigh’s body pressed against her own. Once again Leigh reached up and captured Kerry’s face in her small hands and drew her closer. Kerry moaned as Leigh reclaimed her lips with a soft sensual kiss. Her hands began to roam along Leigh’s body as the kiss deepened. The sound of the cashier clearing her throat brought the promising kiss to an end.

Kerry snatched up the check as Leigh took her by the hand and captured her in a smoky gaze. Kerry swallowed hard as Leigh led her away from the crowded cashier’s window. Neither woman spoke as they walked out of the casino and headed across the hotel lobby towards the elevators. Kerry caressed the back of Leigh’s hand with her thumb. As they stepped into the elevator Kerry dismissed the fleeting thought that said this wasn’t such a good idea. One look at her smiling companion completely washed away all her fears. Kerry pushed the button for her floor.

Kerry released a soft moan as Leigh wrapped her arms around her body and guided her to the back of the empty elevator. Leigh began to softly kiss Kerry’s neck as the brunette ran her hands down the blonde’s back. Leigh’s lips began to descend further down Kerry’s neck as the brunette slipped her hands up under the blonde’s skirt.

As Kerry cupped Leigh’s backside, she felt a rush of desire that she hadn’t experienced in a very long time. Leigh began to suckle her aching nipple through the cotton material of her shirt. Kerry released a hiss as her head fell back. As the elevator continued to rise, Leigh suckled her nipple harder while Kerry lowered the blonde’s underwear.

Kerry’s body arched. She ran her fingers along the firm flesh of Leigh’s backside while the blonde tugged the brunette’s shirt out of her jeans. Leigh’s hips thrust against her as Kerry groped her firm flesh. "God, you’re so beautiful," Leigh groaned as she slipped her hands up under Kerry’s shirt.

Leigh cupped Kerry’s breasts as the brunette felt the blonde’s desire coat her fingers. Leigh caressed her breasts as she ground her body into Kerry’s. Both women were panting with needy desire as the loud ping announced that the elevator doors would be opening. They adjusted their clothing before departing the elevator. Kerry’s heart was racing as she felt Leigh’s presence following close behind her.

Leigh snuggled against Kerry’s body from behind as the tall brunette fumbled with the keycard to her hotel room. Her hands trembled as she slipped the card into the lock and Leigh caressed her body. Thankfully Kerry finally managed to open the door; she stepped aside and allowed her small blonde friend to enter her room.

Kerry felt feverish as she closed the door behind them. This was possibly the most rash and exciting thing she’d ever done in her life. "You know, I’ve never gambled before," she said as she watched Leigh sit down on the bed.

"This really was your lucky night then," Leigh offered softly as she beckoned her closer with a wave of her finger.

A sudden wave of shyness rushed over the tall brunette as she slowly approached the bed. Leigh’s smile grew broader as she pushed aside Kerry’s suitcase, which had been resting on top of the bed. "Leaving soon?" Leigh inquired as she leaned back and watched Kerry’s approach. Kerry‘s body quivered from the hungry look she was receiving.

"I’m flying out tomorrow afternoon," Kerry explained as she stood before the attractive blonde.

"I’m flying out in the morning," Leigh said as Kerry knelt before her.

"Too bad we didn’t meet sooner," Kerry offered as she ran her hands up along the soft stockings Leigh was wearing. Her hands continued up until she was fondling the straps of the black garter belts that were holding the stockings in place.

"I’m only in town for tonight," Leigh responded softly as Kerry unhooked the snaps of her garter belt.

"I guess it really is my lucky night," Kerry responded as the blonde kicked off her high heels. The brunette slowly rolled down one of the black stockings, her fingers enjoying the feel of the blonde’s skin responding to her touch.

"Mine too," Leigh whispered as Kerry tossed her stocking across the room. Then the brunette repeated the slow sensual action as she removed the other stocking.

Kerry lowered her head and began to kiss Leigh’s thighs as the blonde whimpered. Leigh ran her fingers through Kerry’s long dark hair. The scent of Leigh’s desire invaded Kerry’s senses as she continued to kiss her thighs while lifting her leather mini-skirt higher.

She could feel her lover’s body lie back on the bed as she trembled. "I want you, Kerry," Leigh pleaded as Kerry traced the inside of her thighs with her tongue. Kerry slipped her hands beneath Leigh’s body and undid the zipper on her skirt. The scent of Leigh’s arousal and the scent of leather were driving Kerry insane with desire. The need to touch and be touched by this blonde-haired beauty was her only thought as she lifted her head.

Leigh raised her body and stared deeply into Kerry’s eyes. There was no mistaking the look of pure lust in the small blonde’s fiery green eyes. Kerry stood slowly, never breaking eye contact with her lover as she removed her shoes and lowered herself into Leigh’s warm embrace. Leigh lowered her body back onto the bed, pulling Kerry down along with her.

Kerry reclaimed Leigh’s lips, the kiss instantly igniting with unbridled passion. She felt Leigh’s hands pulling her shirt up as Kerry cupped the blonde’s breast and explored her mouth with her tongue. Kerry was panting as she broke away from the kiss and raised her body. Leigh climbed up and straddled her lap while she urgently pulled the brunette’s shirt up and off her body.

Leigh began to suckle Kerry’s neck as she reached around the brunette and unclasped her bra. Kerry’s clit was throbbing as her bra was removed and Leigh’s hips thrust against her body. She ran her fingers through Leigh’s long blonde hair as her lover captured her nipple in her mouth. Kerry cried out as Leigh teased her aching nipple with her teeth and her tongue. Kerry arched her back in an effort to offer more of herself to her lover.

Kerry’s body was on fire as her hands drifted down Leigh’s body and began to pull the blonde’s shirt up. The blonde reluctantly released Kerry’s breast from the warmth of her mouth and allowed the brunette to remove her top, which was quickly followed by her bra. They shifted to a more comfortable position as they caressed one another’s breasts. They exchanged promising kisses that quickly deepened.

They pinched and teased each other’s nipples while their tongues engaged in a sensual duel. The need to feel more of her lover’s body overwhelmed Kerry as she lowered the blonde down onto the bed. Both women were gasping for air as the kiss came to an end. Kerry rolled her lover over onto her stomach. She ran her fingers across the exposed skin of her lover’s back, smiling as she felt tiny goose bumps emerge wherever she touched Leigh.

Leigh’s body squirmed beneath her as her touch drifted lower and she caressed the blonde’s leather-clad hips. Kerry slowly removed Leigh’s skirt. She then slowly removed the blonde’s garter belt and black silk panties and cast them aside. Then she kissed her way up Leigh’s body as her lover murmured in pleasure.

She lifted her lover’s hips as she kissed her firm round cheeks. Leigh rose up on her hands and knees and parted her thighs as Kerry’s tongue dipped into her wetness. She feasted upon her lover’s wetness as Leigh’s hips swayed, inviting Kerry to explore her completely. Kerry accepted the invitation eagerly as she plunged her tongue deep inside Leigh’s center. The blonde’s hips bucked in response as Kerry plunged in and out of her.

The brunette could feel the walls of her lover’s center tighten around her tongue. Leigh whimpered as Kerry removed her tongue from deep inside of her and began to lick her desire from the blonde’s quivering thighs. Kerry knelt behind her lover and ran her hands along her firm backside. Leigh released small gasps of pleasure as Kerry’s hands drifted lower and lower. Kerry glided her fingers along Leigh’s slick folds, savoring the feel of the blonde’s desire caressing each finger.

Leigh parted her thighs even further as her hips swayed. Kerry leaned closer, pressing two fingers against the opening of Leigh’s wet warm center as her nipples brushed across the blonde’s back. "Oh yes," the blonde moaned as Kerry entered her. Kerry filled her lover as Leigh’s hips bucked once again with urgency. Kerry wiggled her long fingers inside her lover before slowly gliding in and out of her.

Kerry’s pulse was racing and the rhythm of her touch grew wild. Leigh’s hips thrust in unison as Kerry filled her completely. Kerry could feel her lover’s body shaking as she neared the edge. She pressed her long body against Leigh’s quivering form. Enjoying the feel of their bodies rocking wildly against each other, Kerry took her lover harder. Leigh cried out as her body convulsed against Kerry’s touch.

Leigh collapsed as her body exploded in ecstasy. Kerry waited until she felt her lover’s tremors ease before slipping from her center. Leigh rolled over and pulled Kerry down to her, capturing her eager lips with her own. Kerry moaned as Leigh unzipped and lowered her blue jeans. The brunette allowed her lover to roll her over onto her back. As Leigh hovered above her, Kerry caressed her breast.

Kerry’s body was on fire as Leigh began to kiss her way slowly down her neck. Leigh kissed the valley between her breasts before her mouth moved to the swell of her breasts. Leigh teased Kerry’s nipples with her tongue before suckling one of the erect buds in the warmth of her mouth. Kerry’s body arched as Leigh feasted upon one nipple while she teased its twin with her nimble fingers.

Kerry’s hips thrust with need as Leigh’s mouth and fingers moved from one breast to the other and then back again. The brunette was lost in the feel of Leigh’s mouth teasing her as her naked body covered her. Leigh’s mouth moved further down her body and Kerry trembled from her touch. "This really is your lucky night," Leigh promised against her quivering skin. "Because I’m going to make love to you until you beg me to stop."

Kerry released a whimper of desire at Leigh’s sultry promise and the feel of her jeans being pushed further down her body. Leigh kissed her body as her skin was exposed. She could hear Leigh’s soft murmurs of pleasure as she removed Kerry’s jeans and then her underwear, tossing the garments across the room. Kerry clutched at the bed covers as her lover’s tongue ran up her long legs.

Kerry parted her thighs as Leigh nestled her body between her legs. Kerry’s entire body pulsated with desire as Leigh’s mouth caressed the inside of her thighs. "Please," Kerry begged her lover who blew a warm breath through her damp dark curls. She draped her legs over her lover’s body as Leigh parted her swollen lips and dipped her tongue into her wetness. Kerry cried out as she felt Leigh’s tongue running slowly down along her sex.

As Leigh suckled her throbbing clit in the warmth of her mouth, Kerry pleaded with her lover to grant her the release her body craved. Leigh’s response was to tease her clit with her teeth and her tongue. Kerry cried out as she climaxed against her lover’s mouth. Leigh continued to pleasure her as Kerry’s body rocked against her. Soon the brunette’s body exploded once again.

Kerry wiggled out from underneath her lover and wrapped her in her arms. They began to exchange passionate kisses as their bodies melted together. Kerry was lost in the feel of Leigh’s nipples brushing against her own as their clits caressed one another. They fondled one another as they rocked against each other with a desperate aching need. They screamed into the warmth of the other’s mouth as they climaxed together.

Kerry gave in to the need for more as they teased each other’s clit. Both women teased the other as they straddled each other’s thigh. The dark hotel room was filled with the sounds of their passion as they plunged in and out of the other’s wetness. Kerry felt her body moving in unison with her lover’s as they clung to one another. They exploded once again in unison before collapsing together.

Kerry fought to control her breathing as Leigh began to caress her once again. Kerry returned her lover’s caresses as they slowly explored each other’s body. Kerry felt alive as they made love slowly until she was sated and spent and begging Leigh to stop. The blonde kissed her deeply as she curled up in her warm embrace and the two drifted off to sleep.

Kerry was awakened a short time later to find Leigh scrambling around the room, trying to find her clothes. "Morning," the blonde greeted her with a smile as she climbed up onto the bed and kissed the exhausted brunette.

"Leaving?" Kerry asked in confusion as Leigh pulled herself off the bed and continued dressing.

"I’m going to miss my flight if I don’t go now," Leigh grumbled with a hint of disappointment.

"Catch a later one," Kerry reasoned as she climbed out of bed and wrapped a sheet around her body.

"Can’t," Leigh sighed as she made her way to the door.

Kerry wrapped the sheet tighter around her body as she stumbled to the door. She opened the door and leaned against the door jam. "Uhm . . . ," she stammered, uncertain what she should say after spending the night making love to this beautiful stranger who was smiling up at her.

"Thank you," Leigh whispered as she reached up and caressed Kerry’s face. She pulled Kerry down and captured her in a soft sensual kiss that left Kerry breathless. "Perhaps your luck will hold out and we’ll see one another again," Leigh said softly before leaving the stunned Kerry standing in the doorway. Kerry watched the blonde make her way quickly down the hallway. She turned to find Larry and Charlie staring at her with shocked expressions.

"Hey boys," she gloated before retreating back into her hotel room.

Once Kerry looked at the rumpled bedding, her heart dropped. "Damn! Why didn’t I get her number or email address?" she berated herself. Her eyes widened in surprise when something on the nightstand caught her attention. She shuffled over to find her airline ticket sitting there. "I didn’t leave this out," she noted with a slight sense of dread. She looked around to find everything else where she’d left it.

Later that day Kerry boarded her connection in Chicago, threatening Charlie and Larry so they’d stop asking her about the previous evening. She reclined in her seat, thankful that the boys were seated several rows behind her. She put on her sunglasses and yawned heavily. She didn’t listen to the preflight instructions. Kerry leaned her head back and tried to catch some much needed sleep. She did buckle her seatbelt and kept her eyes closed as the plane took off. The beeping sounds and the captain’s voice informed her that they were in the air and heading back east. She kept her eyes closed as she unsnapped her seatbelt.

Kerry could hear the busy airline attendants taking care of her fellow travelers. ‘If I just keep my sunglasses on and my eyes shut, maybe they’ll just let me sleep,’ she pondered as she thanked her good fortune that no one was seated next to her.

"Excuse me, Miss; would you like a beverage?" a familiar voice whispered hotly in her ear.

Kerry’s body stiffened. She ripped her sunglasses from her face and found a flight attendant grinning at her. "Leigh?" she choked out as the blonde winked at her.

"So tell me, is Boston your final destination?" Leigh inquired hopefully.

"Yes," Kerry responded with a brilliant smile.

"Mine too," Leigh answered softly. "Of course, I had to do a lot of bargaining to get on the same flight as you."

"My ticket," Kerry said, suddenly understanding. "Good thing I was traveling on the airline you work for."

"It seems your lucky streak is still running hot," Leigh teased her as she leaned closer to Kerry. "Tell me, Kerry, are you familiar with the Mile High Club?"

Kerry’s body filled with renewed desire as Leigh caressed her arm. "I’ll be back later," the blonde whispered before leaving.

"This is my lucky day," Kerry said with a sly smirk.

The End.

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