Saving For Tomorrow

By Mavis Applewater

September 2003


Disclaimers if you still need them at this point here goes. The characters and story are the sole possession of the author and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the author’s permission.  If for any reason real or imagined you are uncomfortable with two consenting adult women in a loving sexual relationship then do not read this story or anything else I have ever written.  If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material then please go away and don’t come back until it is no longer a crime.  Why is it that most of the Drag Queens I know are prettier than me?  Nothing to do with the story I was just curious.


A special thank you goes out to my beta reader, Mary.



As always this is for Heather.



As I lie on this gurney in a curtained area of the local emergency room, I have to ask myself if I was truly bad in a past life.  My morning didn’t start off badly.  It was a typical Monday morning at Drum Hill Savings and Loan.  I am the Branch Manager, which is a big title that explains I am the boss.  This means that I am the sole individual responsible for every transaction that happens in our little branch of the small bank.  Drum Hill has managed to stay independent and local somehow avoiding being swallowed up by the larger banks.


It is just a small neighborhood bank.  I like not working for a large corporation and changing the name of the bank every couple months when there is yet another take over.  Back to this morning, like I said it was a typical Monday.  We were busy because everyone is broke after the weekend. 


Linda, one of the junior tellers, was late again.  I had to speak to Colleen, her supervisor, about the girl’s tardiness and surly attitude once again.  Warren, the loan officer, was late with his paperwork.  After a short chat with him I knew I’d be seeing the paperwork by the end of the day.  I’m not a harsh boss, but sometimes I have to remind everyone that I am the boss.  Not a fun job at times, but everyone at our happy little bank is like a family and I want to keep it that way.  I just never expected to get shot.


Bet you’re wondering how that happened aren’t you?  Frankly so am I.  You see we have two security guards on duty at all times.  There is Marvin, a nice older gentleman and former police officer who is good at what he does.  Then there is Clyde.  Now Clyde is one of those guys who is basically a scrawny dweeb that thinks he is hot stuff.  You know the type, you just want to pull him aside and tell him he’s not a real cop and a mullet was never a good look.


It was still early in the day when we hit a lull.  Which turns out was a good thing, since there weren’t any customers in the bank when the incident occurred.  For reasons known only to him Clyde began twirling his gun like he was John Freaking Wayne.  I think he may have been trying to impress Linda.  I also thought it was a really bad idea.   I was on my way over to tell Marvin to make Clyde stop acting like a jackass before someone got hurt.


In hindsight I should have just told Clyde myself then just maybe I wouldn’t have found myself lying face down on the floor wondering why I felt a burning sensation.  That’s right the little bastard shot me.  Not only did he shoot me, he had the bad manners and poor judgment to shoot me in the ass; my right buttock to be exact.  There are only two things I am certain of at this moment, the first is I am not going to enjoy sitting for quite sometime and Clyde is so fired.  I can’t personally fire Clyde, but I can fire Alistair Security who had made the mistake of assigning him to my bank.


 Now because of Clyde or bad karma, I am lying face down on a gurney in the emergency room with my naked backside exposed to anyone and everyone who might just wander by.  With the luck I’m having today Gina Gershon will chose this very moment to walk into my life.  Adding to my strife is that the youngster who claims he is a doctor keeps trying to reassure me that I was lucky the bullet hit such a fleshy part of my body.  ‘I’ll give him fleshy!  Snot nosed little punk!’  I mentally grumble when he feels the need to repeat the comment for the one-hundredth time.


It doesn’t help my situation that the nurse is snickering at my predicament while two police officers keep asking me what happened.  Oh and the boys in blue are far more interested in staring at my ass than listening to what I am telling them.


Just as I thought things couldn’t get worse Dylan Rogers came storming into the tiny area. Dylan owns the security company that had the poor judgment of hiring Clyde the wonder boy in the first place.  As Dylan apologizes profusely the doctor keeps poking my butt.  I’ve known Dylan for years, and he’s a nice guy.  Up until this morning I would have recommended his company to anyone. Clyde was the only guard I’ve ever had concerns about.  Honestly this was one time in my life I hated being right.


Now the cops are ignoring me and asking Dylan what happened?  The nurses’ chuckling is growing louder, and by the way my butt hurts and I am truly convinced that this kid who is probing my backside isn’t old enough to shave much less be playing with sharp objects.  “For the love of God!” I finally scream out.  “For the last time the idiot was playing with his gun and shot me in the ass!”


Much to my surprise everyone in the room is staring at me like I was acting like a bitch.  I’m not a mean person or vindictive.  I just want to cover my naked butt up and go home.

“Everyone out!” The nurse demands.  I feel a small sense of relief that she is finally on my side. By the way she was chuckling earlier I was beginning to wonder if I had done something horrible to her.  You know like date her sister or something.  Again, I’m not a bad person, I’ve just haven’t had the best track record when it comes to relationships.  But that is a story for another time.


For now all I want is to get this idiot poking around my butt to stop so I can cover up my wounded ass and go home.  Everyone with the exception of the nurse and the child leave and my flesh wound is finally attended to.  I leave with a headache, not one ounce of dignity, a pain in my butt, a prescription and a blow device that looks like a mutant donut.  All in all this day sucked.


The following morning wasn’t any better.  I was greeted by jeers and bad jokes from my co-workers.  I tried to laugh it off, but as the ass jokes continued my mood definitely grew cranky to say the least.  The only person who didn’t feel a need to tease me about my wounded butt was Marvin.  Thankfully Clyde was absent.  Given the circumstances I’d say it was a smart move for the both of them.  I honestly think that if the weenie dared step into the bank I’d throttle him and choke the life out of him.


Shortly after we began business for the day, Dylan arrives at my office. When he enters my private office he looks as if his dog has just died.  It is understandable.  The poor guy was not only facing losing the banks business but the very real possibility of a lawsuit.  Plus if word about what happened ever got out it would put him out of business.


His nervousness seems to be growing as he watches me shifting uncomfortably while the inflatable device squeaks beneath my injury.  “I’m not going to sue,” I offer immediately trying to put him at ease.  He blows out a heavy sigh as I motion for him to take a seat.  “This is bad Dylan,” I caution him.  “I’ve managed to keep it out of the paper.  It wouldn’t do the bank any good if it got around that there was a shooting at one of our branches.” 


“I appreciate everything you are trying to do,” he mutters.  “I can’t believe he was so stupid.”


“I’ve expressed my concerns about him to you several times,” I begin in a grave tone.  “You convinced me to give him a chance.  Now convince me why I shouldn’t terminate your contract.”


“Clyde’s been fired,” he begins hopefully.

“Good,” I nod encouraging him to continue still not fully convinced that I shouldn’t end my business relationship with his company.


“The police have pulled his carry permit,” he eagerly continues.


“Even better,” I nod informing him that I’m not still fully convinced.


“And starting tomorrow morning you’ll have my best guard stationed here,” he babbles on.  “And I’ll cut our fee by twenty percent.”


“Thirty,” I coldly inform him.


“Naomi,” he begins to protest as I glare at him.


“He shot me in the ass,” I hiss. “Do you have any idea the embarrassment I am going to go through after I file the worker’s comp forms?  I hate to mention this but it could have been a lot worse than a client being shot in butt.  He could have killed someone.  For the life of me I can’t understand why you hired this numb nut in the first place?”


I give him a curious look as he mumbles something unintelligible in response.  “Excuse me?”  I ask truly curious as to what he is hiding.


“He’s my nephew,” he sheepishly confuses.


“You’re kidding?” I gasp in response.  In a strange way finding out that Clyde was related to Dylan made sense.  How else could someone that ill equipped be assigned to guarding a bank?  It also explained why every time I expressed my concerns about Clyde, Dylan begged me to give him another chance.


Dylan and I discussed the issue further.  No surprise he conceded to the thirty percent and after he explained that the new guard was a highly decorated former state trooper I decided to give him another chance.


The following morning I am greeted by my still snickering staff, Marvin, and the most adorable blonde I have ever seen.  My jaw is hanging open as she introduces herself.  I show her to my office so we can discuss business.  Honestly after sneaking more than a few peeks at her well toned body in her gray and crimson uniform, business is the last thing on my mind.


She removes her hat once we are in the office. I’m impressed by the way she stands even after I offer her a seat.  I chose to continue standing as well.  Sitting is still a very painful experience for me.  “So Miss Collins, I understand that you were a State Trooper,” I begin trying to sound professional. The truth is I simply want to know more about her.


“It’s Mrs.,” she corrects me as I frown disappointed by the information.  “And yes, Ma’am I was on the force for eight years before I was injured in the line of duty.”


“Your husband must have been very upset,” I pry.


“Ex-husband,” she corrects me once again.  “At the time my well being was no longer his concern.  Speaking of concerns, I understand that there was a problem with my predecessor.”


“A problem?”  I almost laugh at her assessment of the situation.  “You could say that.”


“If I may inquire what went wrong?” She asks as I shake my head and chuckle.


“He shot me,” I offer as my butt being to throb.


“Beg pardon?” She stammers as her dark blue eyes widen with horror.


“He shot me,” I calmly repeat as her jaw hangs open.


“Was there a robbery in progress?”  She stammers trying to understand just how something like this could happen.  “I know there has been a rash of hold ups in the area recently.”


“Nope,” I snarl as the pain in my backside grows.  “He was playing with his gun.”


“What?” She practically shouts.  “I’m sorry Ma’am,” she quickly apologizes.  “Trust me nothing like that will happen again.  My main goal is to insure that everyone on the premises is safe at all times.  I know that our presence is more of a deterrent for would be thieves, but I assure you that at no time will your staff or patrons be at risk should anything occur.”


“So you wouldn’t prevent a hold up?” I inquire already impressed by this woman’s attitude.


“That isn’t my job,” she informs me in a direct tone.  “I’m sure that you have already trained your staff that in the unlikely event of a robbery to just do as the bandit requests and try to discreetly alert the authorities if possible.  It is after all only money.  My job is to ensure that no one is injured.”


“Good answer,” I compliment her.  She nods respectfully.  “Oh and it is Naomi or Miss Evans. That Ma’am crap has to go.”


“Understood, Miss Evans and it is Corey,” she smiles before leaving my office.


I sigh deeply as I watch the sway of her hips as she walks away.  “I know what you are thinking,” Colleen teases me with a knowing look.


“Can’t help myself,” I whisper.  “I just love a woman in uniform. Enough of this we have work to do.  Linda is late again.”


“That girl,” Colleen grumbles as she sets off to find her errant teller.


The weeks have slipped by and everything has returned to normal.  My backside is actually feeling better and Corey is proving to be very professional.  At times she is a little too professional for my tastes.  I can’t help it; I just think the little blonde is hot.  Alas she has shown absolutely no interest in me.  She greets me with a warm smile every morning that just melts my heart.  She also still addresses me as Miss Evans.  Then again she does her job and hasn’t shot anyone so; all in all, she’s a big improvement over Clyde.


Not much I can do about my growing attraction, except lust after her from a far.  It is the middle of the day on a Friday.  I am looking forward to the end of the day, and my plans for the evening. Tamara has invited me to one of her little play parties.  I don’t attend her little gatherings very often.  Sometimes a girl just needs to release some pent up frustrations and a friendly play party is a safe way to do it.  Of course I would never tell anyone that I go to a party that is designed so the guests, all of whom are female, can sneak off to a bedroom and watch one another touch themselves.


It isn’t the romance I am seeking, but like I said it is safe.  Tamara is very insistent that everyone plays nice and mostly importantly safely. I haven’t been involved with anyone in such a long time and a certain blonde haired, blue-eyed security guard has me a little keyed up.


 I’m quite certain that my staff would be shocked if they knew that every once in awhile I participated in such an event. Of course I doubt most of them think I have a sex drive at all. At the bank I’m the boss.  I’m professional, but friendly, and that is all most of them know about me. Colleen, the head teller, has been privy to my private life to a certain degree, but even she doesn’t know about Tamara’s little gatherings.


I dig through my paperwork until it is time to go home.  I dress for Tamara’s party in a casual outfit that I can slip out of easily.  When I arrive Tamara greets me with a big hug and asks how my ass is feeling?  I am getting so sick of people asking me about my butt.  I tell her the truth that it was a minor flesh wound and I’m much better. I go about mingling with the rest of the guests.


On the surface it looks like any other party.  The guests, all women, are sipping wine, and snacking on hors d’oeuvres while making small talk.  Of course what we are really doing while we pretend to be engaging in a perfectly normal social gathering is scope the room for a new playmate.  I quickly dismiss the first few women who catch my eye either from a lack of attraction or because I already met them before.


I begin to question why I was even bothering, when a petite redhead catches my eye.  She gives me a smile and soon I am following her into one of the back bedrooms.  As I remove my clothing and join my new companion and another couple on the bed, I am wondering why I think this is going to make me feel better?


The other couple leaves as we begin kissing.  I feel something absent in her touch as I begin to touch myself.  I am dimly aware that another couple has joined us.  Still unable to get into the experience I close my eyes hoping to come up with something that will make me feel more amorous. 


Not surprisingly Corey’s face pops into my head.  I sigh deeply as I begin to stroke myself harder while the redhead fondles my breasts.  In the darkened bedroom I keep kissing the redhead pretending that I am kissing Corey.  The sounds of the couple behind me grows louder as I feel another set of hands on my body.


I gasp as the stranger behind me caresses my body.  Her touch excites me as the woman I am kissing encourages her to touch me.  My body is trembling as she kisses the nape of my neck while her hands explore the curve of my hips.  My touch deepens as I roll over and feel her body covering my own.  We are kissing deeply, her hands exploring my skin as I touch myself.


I can feel her wetness brushing against my stomach, as an erect nipple grazes against my lips.  I capture the erect bud between my lips and tease it with my tongue.  The stranger’s body feels good as she grinds her wetness harder against my body.  I suckle her harder as I pleasure myself. She whimpers as I release her nipple from the warmth of my mouth.


I feel her hands cupping my breasts.  She caresses them as I continue to pleasure myself. I feel my body nearing the edge as I slip deep inside of my wetness.  My eyes snap open when I hear “Oh shit,” gasped and my mystery lover’s hand still against my body.


My entire body tenses as I find myself looking up at Corey.  Much to the disappointment of our companions neither of us are moving.  Corey is straddling my body as we stare blankly at one another.  “Come on you two you aren’t going to stop now are you?” Corey’s companion whines as I roll my eyes in disgust.


“Why don’t you finish with out me?” Corey mutters quickly as she climbs off of my body and begins to hastily grab up her clothing.


“Go ahead,” I encourage the redhead as I quickly retreat from the bed and begin dressing as quickly as I can.  I am freaked out that someone I have to face every day at work caught me in this situation.  I am also miffed that our companions don’t even seem to miss us.  The moment I sprung off the bed the two of them became glued together.


Corey has already dressed and exited the dark bedroom.  Hell she was probably half way to Chicago by the time I stumbled out of the room.  “What happened?” Tamara asks me with concern.  I am unable to respond as I stand there shaking.  “Sally’s date bolted out of here like she had seen a ghost.”


“I work with her,” I manage to sputter out.


“Oh God,” Tamara gasps.  “You don’t think she’ll tell anyone do you?”


“No,” I scowl.  “What is she going to say; you’ll never guess what happened at this orgy I went to the other night?”


“Are you going to be alright?” Tamara persists.


“Yeah,” I groan.  “It is just going to make working together difficult.  Fortunately she’s a security guard and we don’t interact that often.”


“Hopefully this one won’t shoot you.” Tamara teases in an effort to make me smile.


“I’m not that bad in bed,” I laugh.  “Look I’m going to head home; this kind of killed the mood for me.”


I toss and turn all night long.  On the one hand I am mortified at what had happened dreading having to face Corey at the bank on Monday morning. On the other hand I am kicking myself for not continuing what was happening.  I had spent weeks trying to find out if Corey was gay, and then I blow it when we are naked together. I must be a new kind of stupid.


I spend the entire weekend subjecting myself to the same torture.  When I arrive at the bank bright and early Monday morning I am exhausted.  I am also heart broken to find Marvin standing with a new security guard.  I can’t really blame Corey for leaving.  It must be uncomfortable to find yourself straddling a naked woman and realize that it is someone you work for.


“This is Bob,” Marvin explains in an awkward manner.


I simply nod in response as I usher everyone inside to begin our day.  Later that day I feel my head pounding as I listen to Dylan’s rambling telephone call.  The gist of his ramblings is that Corey asked for a transfer and Dylan wanted to know if I knew why.  “I’m certain she has her reasons,” I try to reassure him.


“No,” he argues. “I promised you the best and she is the best.  She’ll be back on duty tomorrow morning,” he vows and hangs up before I can tell him that he doesn’t need to do that.


By the following morning I feel like death warmed over.  Corey won’t look at me as we exchange a shy greeting.  I blush as I walk quickly past her.  I feel terrible that she probably got in trouble with her boss over the situation.  It is obvious by the way we dance around each other that neither of us wishes to discuss what happened.


As the weeks pass the tension between us grows.  Off and on I consider pulling her aside and talking just so we can clear the air.  Each time I lose my nerve.  I am once again pondering the idea as Colleen sits across from me.  “Naomi?” She prods me. I have almost forgotten that I called her into my office.


I shake my head in an effort to clear my thoughts.  “Linda,” I begin my heavy tone is making her nervous.


“She’s been on time for weeks,” Colleen begins in the girl’s defense.  I understand that it is a part of her job to defend her staff to me.


“I know,” I confirm as I slide two photocopies across my desk. “Last week she cashed two checks without getting the appropriate ID. They were fraudulent.”


“Son of a . . ,” Colleen fumes.


“Close out her window and send her in here,” I request.


“I can do it,” Colleen offers.


“No, I’ll fire her,” I sigh.  “I know how much you hate doing it, and hey that is why they give me the big bucks.  Just send in a guard before you send her to me.”


“You want security?” Colleen asks in surprise.


“I don’t think I’ll need it, but it is policy that security escorts her off of the premises,” I explain.  “It is part of the new disgruntled employee profile the bank implemented last year after that last wacko shot up his work place.”


“I understand,” she agrees as she heads towards the door. “I’ll send Corey in.”


“Thanks,” I respond before I feel the air slipping from my lungs.  “Wait,” I call out but Colleen is already gone.


“I understand you wanted to see me?” Corey nervously addresses me as she closes the door behind her.  It doesn’t escape my notice that she is unable to look at me.


“Yes,” I answer as I try to still the rapid beating of my heart.  “I am dismissing an employee and policy requires that you are present.”


“I am familiar with the procedure,” Corey brightly responds seemingly relieved that being called to my office is simply a business matter.  “I am to remain with you to ensure that the employee doesn’t react violently, and then I watch over them as they gather up their personal effects and escort them from the premises.  After which security must be alerted if the dismissed employee returns to the workplace for any reason.”


“You sound like a training manual,” I can’t help laughing.


“I take my work seriously,” she smiles in response.  It feels good to see her smile.  I realized that I’ve missed seeing her smile over the past few weeks.


For a brief moment our eyes meet.  I feel my body warming as I return her smile.  Then each of us shyly turns away.  “I am sorry that your transfer wasn’t approved,” I offer in an effort to ease the tension between us.  “Not that I don’t want you around or to imply that you are doing a bad job.”


“I understand,” she reassures me with another smile. “Not much either of us can do about it now.  And it isn’t as if I can explain to my Dad why I wanted a transfer.”


“Your Dad?”  I blurt out as I feel my body suddenly perspiring from every pore.  “Dylan is your father?  Just when I thought things couldn’t get more awkward.” 


“I am sorry that I’ve put you in this situation,” she apologizes.


“Corey,” I sputter in disbelief.  “I was at that party too. I am willing to assume that we were there for similar reasons.”


“You had a date with an idiot who thought it would fun?” She teases me with a cocky smirk.


“No,” I shoot back with a slight scowl.  “Most people who attend Tamara’s parties don’t bring a date.  In fact the main reason women go is because we aren’t dating.”


“That is what I figured,” Corey snickers.  “So we can forget it ever happened?”


“Works for me,” I blow in relief as there is a knock on the door.  “I hate this part of my job.”  Of course I don’t really want to forget how it felt to be touched by this woman, or what an amazing body she is hiding under her uniform.  But for now that will be my little secret.


For the moment I need to focus on Linda who enters my office snapping her gum, just like she always does.  Linda isn’t a bad person, she’s just young.  Linda seems shocked that I am letting her go.  Corey keeps a watchful eye while Linda spews out a litany of obscenities that imply I have an unnatural relationship with my mother.


It isn’t an uncommon reaction so I just let it roll over me.  I’ve learned over the years that people either react with anger or tears when they lose their jobs.  Normally crying and begging win out.  But with folks like Linda that are unaware that their performance isn’t what it should be always get angry and somehow it is my fault.


I don’t respond to her harsh words, I simply hand over her last paycheck.  I can tell by Corey’s demeanor that she has had enough of the girl’s tirade.  I am taken aback when Corey ushers her out of my office and Linda refers to the blonde as my bitch.  To her credit Corey simply shrugs off the comment.


After Corey and Linda make their colorful departure Colleen storms into my office.  Apparently the entire bank overheard her outburst.  She inquires about what happened and I explain that it was nothing.


“So Corey’s your bitch now is she?”  Colleen teases me.


“Only in my dreams,” I laugh heartily at the comment.


“Pity,” Colleen taunts me. I can’t stop the image of Corey’s naked body hovering above me from creeping into my thoughts.  I blush as the image plays out.  “I’ve been wondering about her.”


“If you want to know about Corey’s personal life then ask her,” I sigh heavily.  I know that Corey likes women, but I have no intention of explaining to Colleen or anyone else just how I discovered that little fact.


“I’ve tried,” Colleen grunts with frustration.  “All I could find out was she was a cop and she is divorced.”


“Well there you have it,” I shrug as I try to focus on my paperwork.


“You are no fun at all.” Colleen quips before leaving me to the demands of my job.


Linda’s tantrum aside, all in all I’ve had worse days at work with Clyde shooting me topping the list.  “Still working?”  Corey inquires as she pops her head into my office.


“Just finishing up,” I respond with a silly grin that somehow formed on my lips.


“Everything is locked up,” Corey continues.  “I will wait for you so I can walk you out to your car,” I am stunned by her suggestion.  “Linda didn’t take being fired very well.  I would feel better if I walked you out,” she explains as my heart drops just a little as I realize that she is just doing her job.


I agree and gather up my belongings.  We are quiet as she escorts me to my car.  The only sound in the dark parking lot is the sound of leaves blowing across the pavement.  “I love this time of year,” I comment as I drink in the scent of the crisp autumn air.


“So do I,” Corey sighs in agreement as her face lights up.  “I just love when the leaves turn, the smell in the air and, of course, Halloween.”


We are lingering at my car just looking at one another.  “It’s late,” she finally offers breaking the spell.  “I have to meet my mother for dinner,” she quickly adds in an apologetic tone.


“Oh,” I nod as neither of us move.  “I’ve heard a lot about your Mom,” I prattle on for some unknown reason.  “Your Dad talks about her constantly.”


“She is great,” she responds with another captivating smile.  “You should meet her sometime.  Then again my family hasn’t exactly made the best impression on you.”


“What do you mean?”  I ask eager to continue our conversation.


“Well my father sent an unqualified employee to work for you,” she wryly begins.  “My cousin shot you in, from what I’ve heard, a very sensitive area.  And I well . . . Let’s just say the first time we encountered one another in a social setting, I got a first hand view of how nicely your injury has healed.”



I can’t help laughing at her assessment of the situation.  “Do they know?”  I suddenly inquire.  “Not about how you would know that my injury has healed,” I quickly clarify. 


“That I’m gay?”  She confirms.  “Yes they know.  I didn’t have much choice in the matter.  I was in the army when I ended my marriage. We married young and I didn’t have any idea who I really was.  My husband didn’t take the news as to just why I was leaving him very well.  He outed me to my commanding officer.”


“Nice guy,” I snarl.


“Up until that moment I would have thought so,” she sighs.  “When I came home I had no choice but to explain to my parents what had happened.  They’ve been great about it. Not thrilled mind you but very understanding.”


I want to say more, learn more about her but it is late and she needs to be on her way.  Still I stand there just looking at her.  I am amazed at how she is also just standing there looking back at me.  I can feel a powerful current flowing between us.  She inhales deeply.  The sound of a car horn honking in the distance pulls me away from her gaze and back to reality.  “Good night,” I shyly whisper as I unlock the door to my car.


“Good night, Miss Evans,” she whispers in response before heading towards her own car.


Each of us waited a moment before starting our cars and driving off in different directions.  After arriving home, I can’t help wondering if I had imagined the entire interaction?  Was there really a connection or was Corey simply being professional and polite?  As I crawl into bed, I know I am in for another restless night.


The following week, I am pleased by the change between Corey and myself.  It is almost playful at times.  Of course she only drops her professional demeanor when no one else is around.  I am confused as to her intentions.  I don’t know if we are becoming friends, good co-workers or just perhaps there might be some deeper meaning to her friendliness?


Whatever her motives I was content to just enjoy her company.  It is late on Friday, another busy day for the bank.  The crowd seems to be finally dwindling as closing time nears.  I smile as the tellers keep looking up at large clock by the entrance.  Pay day is never easy, and being down one teller made their day all that much longer.


I am crossing through the lobby and offer Corey a warm smile just as I have all week.  I am a little put off when she simply nods.  There is something cold in her demeanor.  It bothers me, but I don’t read too much into the small blonde’s indifference. 


Corey brushes past me as I head over to the desks where the loan officers and account managers are seated.  They are happy to see me.  Once I take their paperwork, they can start their weekend.  I go about collecting their workload and wishing them a good weekend.  Out of the corner of my eye I spy Corey chatting with Colleen.


The blonde seems positively jubilant unlike Colleen who seems a little pale and very tense.  The situation seems more than a little odd.  As I gather up the last of the paperwork, I watch Corey crossing the room and lingering at the doorway.


I wave goodnight to the last of the loan officers as Corey locks the door.  I look at my watch and frown when I notice that it is still a good fifteen minutes before closing time.  I glance over at the row of teller station and notice that all except Colleen are gone. 


It doesn’t make sense to me since there were still several customers in line.  I can’t help noticing the scruffy man in the long coat.  I briefly note that it is much too warm today to be wearing such a heavy coat.  Most of the customers decide to give up waiting and walk out in frustration.


The scruffy man is one of the remaining customers.  I can see that Colleen is shaking.  I look over towards Corey.  The blonde’s body is tense as she gives me a warning glance.  She nods with her head for me to leave.  I shake my head in refusal.  Her brilliant blue eyes glare at me.


I ignore her glare as I cross over to the teller stations.  I buzz myself in and approach Colleen.  “Why don’t you take your break?”  I suggest to the shaking woman as the last three customers groan with disgust.  Sweat is pouring down Colleen’s face as she looks up at me.  “Go ahead,” I encourage her.  “Where are the others?”  I whisper so only she can hear.


“Break room,” she softly responds so only I can hear her words.  “They don’t know.”


“Keep them there,” I instruct her as I nudge her away from her drawer.


Colleen doesn’t argue as I take over.  She looks sick as she disappears into the back area where the break room is located.  I look down quickly noting that she has already activated the silent alarm.  I can feel Corey glaring at me as I wait on the last few customers.


Now the only people left are Corey, the scruffy man, and myself.  Even though I know it is going to happen, I am still surprised when he pulls out the gun.  The fear is gripping me as I stare into his dark eyes.  His face is covered with a ridiculous disguise.  Still the only thing I can really focus on is the pistol pointed directly at me.


“Don’t do anything stupid,” he warns me while Marvin lingers closely and Corey unlocked the door.


“No sir,” I reassure him while I remind myself that the chances of my being shot twice in the same bank were very slim.  I stuff a pile of money into a bag.  His eyes are darting around nervously.  He seems to be convinced that neither Marvin nor Corey is aware of what is happening. 


“Have a nice day,” he taunts me as he snatches up the bag and brushes past Marvin.  Corey unlocks the door as Marvin follows the man.  I am holding my breath as Corey opens the door for him.  The man halts his movements suddenly as Corey and Marvin draw their guns.  I catch a glimpse of blue lights flashing.


“Like you told the lady don’t do anything stupid,” Corey cautions him.


And then it was over as he lowered his gun to the floor and surrendered to the police who were waiting outside.  I blew out a terse breath as Corey and Marvin put their firearms away.    I am still unable to move as the police enter and Marvin goes to inform the tellers that it is safe to come out.


“Are you alright?”  Corey asks as she stands in front of the teller window.


“No,” I stammer my body is now shaking violently.  “How about you?”


“About the same,” Corey confesses.


“You don’t look it,” I note as I take in her calm demeanor.


“When you realized what was happening why did you take Colleen’s place?” She asks me in an incredulous tone.


“Because the safety of the employees is as much my responsibility as it is yours,” I bark out.  “You should have alerted me.”


“There wasn’t time,” she snaps back.  “I had to get as many people out of here as quickly as I could without alerting this guy.”


“And you did,” I concede as I try to calm myself.  “Thank you.  I don’t think I have ever been that frightened in my life.”


“I was pretty scared myself,” Corey says as she offers me a warm smile.


“I have a ton of stuff to do,” I start babbling.  “I have to call the head office, talk to the tellers, deal with the cops,” I continue babbling as I feel the weight of the situation bearing down on me.  The only things I am grateful for at this moment are that our little bank isn’t open on Saturday and the smile Corey is casting over at me.


She reaches over and places her hand over mine.  “I know this is hard,” she comforts me.  “We will just take care of everything and then lock up for the night.”


“And then?”  I ask as I am filled with sudden rush of adrenalin.


“I don’t know about you but I could use a drink,” her voice deepens as her eyes sparkle.


There is something in the timber of her voice that informs me that I am expected to join her.  “Deal,” I confirm in a breathy tone. She gives my hand a gentle squeeze before we begin to go about the business at hand.



After all of the statements had been given to the police and the reports, and I dealt with the staff and my own superiors I slumped into my leather bound chair.  The fear of what had happened has subsided.  Oddly enough I am filled with an edginess that can only be attributed to one thing.


For the life of me I cannot understand why my heart is racing, my palms are sweating and my lower anatomy is dancing.  “Everyone is gone,” Corey announces as she steps into my office.  I can’t take my eyes off her as she approaches me.  She sits on the edge of my desk.  My entire body tenses as I fight to control my breathing. 


I stare up at her thinking about how much I want to kiss her, to touch her, to go back to that night at the party and I want so much more.  She reaches out and places her hand on my shoulder.  I pull away from her touch, the feeling is far too intense for me to handle.

“Corey,” I utter in a shaky breath.  “Touching me right now isn’t a good idea,” I caution her.


“Yes it is,” she hotly asserts as she cups my face.  I release a whimper as I lean into her touch.  “I understand what you are experiencing.”


“I don’t think that you do,” I argue while my eyes flutter shut.


“I am probably the only one who does,” Corey reassures me as her thumb grazes my cheek.  “I feel it too.  You have just survived a very dangerous situation it is only natural.”


“This isn’t fear,” I squeak out.


“I know,” she whispers hotly in my ear.  My body trembles in response.  “I told you that I feel it too.  I felt it long before today.”


“So have I,” came my helpless response as my eyes slowly opened.  I am greeted by the look of pure lust filling her eyes.  She helps me to my feet.  I follow her blindly as we exit the bank.  I don’t protest when she insists that we ride in her car.  I have no idea where we are going as she drives through the busy streets.  All I can do is keep a tight hold on her hand.


I don’t question her as she parks her car in the driveway. I follow her as we enter her home.  My body trembles as she closes the door behind us.  I stand in the middle of her living room as she goes about removing her utility belt and securing her gun.  I smile when she removes her hat and tosses it across the room.


My smile grows brighter when she takes me by the hand and gives me a questioning look.  “Do you have any idea how hot you look in that uniform?”  I ask as she blushes.


“You think so?” She asks as her face scrunches up.


“Oh yeah,” I confess as she guides me up the staircase.  “You look even hotter without it,” I encourage her as we enter her bedroom.  I don’t bother drinking in my surroundings.  The only thing I can focus on is this beautiful woman standing before me and how good it feels to have her arms wrapped around my body.


I run my fingers through her short blonde locks as I feel her hands caressing my back.  My eyes drift down to her lips, which are parted ever so slightly.  I give in to my desires and kiss her.  Corey’s lips are soft as they greet my touch.  The kiss deepens and I feel something stirring inside of me.  The passionate kiss we are sharing is softer yet far more intense and electrifying than the first time we kissed.


I feel as if she is looking inside of my soul as I draw her in closer.  Her body is pressing against my own, her hands roaming along my body.  I am breathless as the kiss comes to an end.  I caress the back of her neck, then down to her shoulders as she places soft kiss along my neck.  I take my time as I try to feel all of her.  I can feel my desire growing while my heart pounds against my chest.


She murmurs softly against my skin as I begin to undo the buttons on her neatly pressed shirt.  I feel the buttons on my blouse opening as I tug the hem of her shirt out of her trousers.  She shivers as I brush open her shirt and reveal the lacy bra that is hidden beneath her crisp uniform.


I pepper her face and neck with kisses as my hands explore her body.  I feel the air greeting my body as my blouse is removed.  We are kissing again as our hands roam along the other’s chest.  I slip out of my shoes as I cup her breasts.  She moans deeply as her body arches in response. 


I unclasp her bra as I feel her nimble fingers performing the same action.  Caught up in the taste of one another’s mouth we fumble to remove our bras.  Our nipples brush lightly as we cling to one another.  I feel her lifting the hem of my skirt.  Our gentle touching gives way to the urgent need to feel one another.   I moan into her mouth as I feel her hand slipping between my thighs and cupping my mound. 


My hips sway against her touch, while my fingers tease her nipples.  I recall how it felt to have her breast in my mouth.  I tear my mouth from hers and capture her breast with my lips.  The heel of her hand presses harder against my throbbing clit as I suckle her nipple.


The air escapes my lungs as we fall onto her bed.  I straddle her body while she pulls my skirt up to my waist.  As she lowers my pantyhose and underwear down to my hips I am ready to explode.  I kiss her hungrily as her fingers dip into my wetness.  She teases me with the tips of her fingers.  I am begging her for more as she suckles my neck.


I feel caught up in a tidal wave as we begin to hurriedly remove the other’s clothing.  We roll around on the bed as the need to feel the other’s naked body consumes us.  Frustrated by the boundaries we separate so we can finish undressing. 


As I gaze at her naked body lying beside my own I feel awe struck by her beauty.  I caress her hip as we gravitate closer to one another.  Our bodies melt together as our skin touches.  I cry out as our clits brush against one another.  Soon our bodies are moving in perfect rhythm.


I can’t stop kissing her as we ride against one another.  I slip my hand between us.  My fingers tease her skin until I feel her wetness greeting my touch.  Her blunt nails dig into my shoulders as my long fingers slip inside of her.  She releases needy gasps as I slowly fill her.  Corey’s hips thrust against my touch as I begin to plunge in and out of her.


Soon I feel a tiny hand drifting along the front of my body and soon she is mirroring my actions.  Her smoky gaze captures me as we pleasure one another.  I fight to keep my body from exploding.  I lose my fight as I feel the walls of her center tightening against my fingers.  I give in to my need as she cries out.  My body quickly follows hers as our passionate cries fill the night.


Neither of us halt our movements as we continue to drive the other into the abyss.  Finally our bodies release one last shudder before we collapse.  There is so much more I want to experience with her, yet my body isn’t ready for more.  We lie on the bed panting.  I roll over and look at Corey with a dreamy expression.  “So I was just wondering,” she pants as I watch the rapid rise and fall of her chest.


“Hmm,” I encourage her as my hand begins to caress her firm abs.


“What are your plans for the weekend?” She slyly inquires as I feel one of her hands caressing my shoulder.


“Well somebody still owes me a drink,” I tease.


My jest is cut off when her arms encircle my body and she pulls me down on top of her.  “I think that can be arranged,” she taunts me.


Soon I am kissing her again while our bodies slowly begin to dance together. Once again I amazed at how perfectly we move together as each of us rides against the other’s thigh.  She is wriggling beneath me as I feel her body releasing.  I cling to her as I follow her over the edge.  I collapse on top of her.  We hold one another tightly until our bodies finally still.


I eagerly climb under the covers with her. She nestles up against me. I wrap my arms around her quivering form.  She murmurs softly as she drifts off to sleep.  I am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring.  I am smiling as I think that getting shot in the ass was probably the luckiest thing that ever happened to me.



The End

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