By Mavis Applewater

July 2001


Disclaimers:If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this little story, which contains a sexual relationship between two women, don't read this story.If you are offended in some way by the subject matter of this PWP, now would be a good time to crawl back into your cave. This story and characters are mine, even if they might resemble a couple of leading ladies from a certain television show.Fancy that.This material may not be reproduced without the my consent.†† So tuff nuggies.Anyone else out there want to see the women from Xena on The Weakest Link, just so they can scare the snotty host?


Thanks to my beta reader,Joanne and to Brunnhilda since it was her appreciation for a gal in uniform that inspired this one.


As Always For Heather






Today was turning out like every other day . . . dull.†† It's been like this all summer, but what can you expect during summer in a small town.For some folks the high point of the day is seeing me.I'm the mail carrier.I really do enjoy this time of year.I get to wear shorts and spend the majority of my day outdoors.I even enjoy the dogs since most of them know me by now.Of course I still keep my little can of mace handy.


††††††††††† The best part of my job lately is the last house on the left. Well, not the house so much as the little blonde who moved into it at the end of May.This woman is beyond cute.The only problem is I find myself stammering like an overgrown idiot every time I'm around her.Although I am overgrown in comparison to her.She's just a little bit of a thing standing maybe five four or five five.Now me, I stand just under six feet.


††††††††††† There does seem to be a slight plus to our height differences.I canít help but notice that her eye level falls directly in line with my breasts.Yeah, I know I'm being a pig, but I must say in my own defense that I can't get this adorable green-eyed beauty out of my head.Lately she's been working outside in the flowerbed that surrounds the white colonial style house.The woman has amazing abs and I personally think she should wear cut off shorts every day of her life.


††††††††††† Prior to her arrival I never enjoyed delivering mail to the last house on the left.Good old 67 Buckman Place, the last stop on my route, was my least favorite.That ended when she moved in.I never cared much for the elderly gentleman who lives there.Most of the folks who live on Buckman are pretty friendly.They even remember me around the holidays with a little something to say thank you.All except old man Crothers.Heís a real piece of work.The old coot seems to be stuck in another era.For starters he doesn't think that a woman is capable of delivering his mail.Now me, being the big dyke that I am, never really enjoy it when he calls me 'sweetie' or 'cookie'.


††††††††††† Then his daughter Tess moved in.Suddenly 67 Buckman is my favorite stop on the morning route.From what I've heard, Tess is or was a librarian, and she has the cutest smile.She actually crinkles her nose when she smiles.Oh, and those deep green eyes, her amazing body . . . whew, there I go again.I can't help myself but the very thought of her ignites a fire deep within me.


††††††††††† Thereís just something about her.When I see her, my heart starts beating wildly.Every time I start to approach the white house with the black shutters, my palms begin to sweat.On the days when sheís working outside, she always takes a moment to talk with me.I find myself looking forward to those short little chats.I don't know what it is about spending time with her but I always find myself grinning like the village idiot.In short, it was the same way I felt back in high school when I followed my English teacher around like a lost puppy dog.I know that you know what I'm talking about.


††††††††††† I swear the happiest day in my life was the day I walked up to her father's house and spotted her perfect backside peeking out of the back of a U-Haul.†† When she stepped out we locked eyes for the briefest of moments.I don't know if she felt the same jolt I did, but she smiled at me and I was gone.


††††††††††† Her moving in was a necessity since Mr. Crother's health had taken a turn for the worse.Tess, the youngest of his five children, seemed to be the only one who would take care of him.Over the past years I noticed that Tess seemed to be the only one of his kids to visit him.Of course I'm only there six days a week in the late morning.Itís not that I blame them.Don't take that the wrong way - I'm sorry that heís sick.But everyone in the neighborhood thinks heís a nasty old geezer.Mrs. Palmer, the neighborhood busy body, confirmed it.


††††††††††† I adore Mrs. Palmer because nothing happens on that street without her knowing about it.According to Mrs. Palmer, Crothers wasn't always like this.It wasnít until he lost his wife at a young age that he grew cold.Mrs. Palmer thinks that he resented having to raise his children alone.†† Tess was the only one of his kids who ever gave a damn about him, even though they had a major falling out when she was in high school.Mrs. Palmer also seems to think that Tess definitely plays for my team.I can't help but wonder if Mrs. Palmer once worked for the CIA.







††††††††††† Letís get back to today.I have a package with Tess' name on it, and she has to sign for it.I know . . . I know.I'm a big dork.But honestly when my blue eyes meet her green ones, they seem to melt together.I've already told you how the very sight of her makes my heart go pitter pat.Now the added bonus is the package I have for her. Another perk of delivering the mail is you get to see some things that you really shouldn't.I felt giddy as I ran my hand over the slim plainly wrapped package.The packaging might be nondescript but I recognized the return address instantly.I wonder if itís a model that requires batteries?



††††††††††† Where was I?Oh yeah.I recognized the return address on the rectangular package - Grand Openings.Personally I love that shop.My mind and libido went into overdrive when I saw that Tess' package was from there.Iíd been pondering all day what was in that package.By the time I reached Tess' house, I was sweating and it wasnít from the heat of late July.


††††††††††† I swallow hard when I see her working in the garden.Sheís wearing a pair of cutoff jean shorts and a white tank top.I find myself standing at the end of the driveway licking my dry lips as I check out her very well defined backsideShe startles me when she stands up and turns in my direction.


"Hi Regina."She smiles and waves to me with a slight twinkle in her eyes.


††††††††††† Clumsily I wave back, happy that I am wearing my RayBans.She canít see the desire that I know is plainly visible in my eyes."Hi there, Tess," I choke out."Working on the flower bed again?"I know, it's lame but I can't help myself when I'm around her.

"Yeah," she sighs heavily."Got any good news for me today?"


††††††††††† I smile slightly, thinking of the package that needs her signature.As I approach her, my palms start to sweat."I hope so," I stammer as I reach into my bag.†† Her small strong hands brush the soil away as I hand her the bundle of bills and junk mail.


††††††††††† She chuckles and smiles at me causing me to tug nervously at my long black ponytail.I notice her eyes drift down my uniform in what I hope is an appreciative gaze."Thanks," she finally says as she waves the bundle at me, turning towards the doorway.


"Oh, and I have something that you need to . . . ," I start to say, knowing that Iíve been waiting for this moment all day long.My breathing catches slightly as she turns back towards me.

"Tess, where the Hell are you?"I snap out of my musings as I hear her father's gruff voice calling her and watch helplessly as a sad look crosses her face.


"Excuse me," she mutters in a bitter tone.


††††††††††† A sudden crash from inside of the house startles both of us and I find myself racing behind her to find the cause.Once inside we race through the entry way and the living room to the kitchen located at the back of the house.We find Tessí father sprawled across the kitchen floor.Heís a large man; his size leads me to believe that he needs to be more careful in what he eats.

"Dad!" Tess shrieks as she rushes to his side.


"Help me up, damn it!" he rages.


"What were you doing?" she groans as she starts to help him up.


††††††††††† I place my bag on the kitchen table and walk over to assist Tess in lifting the large man."Let me help you," I offer as I start to lift him from the opposite side.


"Who are you?" the man demands."Another whore like my daughter?"


"Dad," Tess groans as we lift the man into a standing position."This is Regina, you know her.Sheís here to deliver the mail."


"Make sure that's all she delivers," he fumes as we assist him out of the kitchen.


"Where to?"I inquire as I try to ignore my anger and Tess' embarrassment.I watch as she swallows hard, trying to clear her head.


"His bedroomís around the corner," Tess offers, hiding her face in shame.


"No, it's not," Mr. Cothers grouses.


"Yes it is, Dad," Tess corrects him in frustration."Remember?We moved downstairs after you got sick."


"I'm not sick," the elderly man complains loudly.


"Of course not, Dad."Tess smiles slightly.


"Tessie, what are you wearing?" the man inquires as we help him into the downstairs bedroom."You shouldn't be seen outside like that.It's shameless."


"Of course it is."Tess sighs again as we settle the large man onto the bed.


††††††††††† Mr. Crothers groans as Tess tucks him in.Reaching to the nightstand, she counts out some pills and then fills a glass with water."It's not proper to be parading around like some floozy,Ē Mr.Crothers complains loudly.


"Regina likes it."Tess smirks as she winks at me."Take these," she instructs her father as she hands him the pills.


"I don't need these," he complains as I roll my eyes.


"Take them, Dad," Tess orders her father.


††††††††††† I watch with some degree of amusement as the gruff man takes his medicine.Tess tenderly wipes his chin and replaces the glass.She motions for me to leave and we walk out of the room.I don't say a word as Tess closes the bedroom door behind her.


††††††††††† Silently we return to the kitchen.I stand there as I watch Tess nervously tuck her short blonde locks behind her ears."Thanks for the help," Tess offers finally."He should sleep for awhile now."


"No problem," I reply shyly.


"He wasn't always like this," she explains as she turns to me, a sad expression clearly written across her beautiful features."Thanks again," she says as she starts to show me out of the kitchen.


††††††††††† I feel sad knowing that itís my cue to leave.I had such high hopes for the day."Wait," I stammer suddenly."I almost forgot with all the excitement.I need you to sign for a package."


"Oh."Tess smiles slightly.


††††††††††† I reach for my bag and retrieve the package."Here you go," I offer as I grab my clipboard and hold it out for her signature.Tessí smile turns to a deep crimson blush as she inspects the package.I feel like laughing as I watch her but somehow I contain my amusement."Just sign right here," I instruct her.


I hold in my snickers as she signs it quickly."So aren't you going to open it?" I tease her.


"Later," she chokes out as her blush deepens.


"Uh huh," I tease as I gather up my bag.†† I notice the suspicious leer she casts in my direction as she leads me out of the house.


"Thanks again," Tess offers once more."I have a nurseís aide starting in the morning.It should make things easier. I've taken a job over at the town library."


"Glad to hear it."I smile back at her as I start to walk away.Feeling suddenly brave I turn back to her."Oh, and you were right back there.I do like what youíre wearing.Enjoy your package."I chuckle as I wave back to her.


††††††††††† I watch her smile broaden as she shakes her head in amusement.Suddenly a thought occurs to me."Tess?" I call as I start to walk towards her.She looks at me with a questioning look."Would you . . . I mean, what are your plans for dinner?Would you like to grab something to eat?"


"I'm sorry," she replies as my heart drops."I can't really leave Dad."


"Oh," I respond sadly as I turn and start to walk away.


"Pizza," she says suddenly.I turn back to her in confusion."I could have it delivered and we could eat here."


"Yeah,"I stutter."That would be fine.I just need to go back to post office to finish up and punch out."


"Great!I'll call and have it delivered," she says."What do you like?"


I stare back at her blankly, not certain that I had heard her correctly.


"On your pizza?" she amends."What do you like on your pizza?"


"Anything," I blurt out."I'm easy."


"We'll see."She chuckles as she waves goodbye to me.


††††††††††† An hour later I find myself standing on the doorstep of the last house on the left.I tug at my uniform, suddenly wishing that I had gone home and changed.As I ring the bell I notice that my hands are sweating uncontrollably.I wipe my hands on my shorts as Tess opens the door.I feel slightly relieved and a little turned on to find her wearing the same outfit she was wearing earlier.


"Hi," she greets me as she leans slightly on the door.


"Hi," I answer, my voice sounding deeper than usual.It isn't intentional but you know I just can't help myself.


"Come in," she requests.†† I follow her into the kitchen."The pizza just arrived a short time ago."


††††††††††† As she begins to gather a couple of plates and napkins, I canít help but notice the package was still sitting on the kitchen counter.I also notice that the package has been opened."You're mighty interested in what's in that package," Tess says from behind me.


"Who, me?" I lie as I feel the blush creeping over my entire body.


††††††††††† I hear Tess place the plates on the table and then her footsteps approach me.I feel a jolt of heat run through me as she touches me gently in the small of my back."So tell me, Regina . . . ," she whispers hotly in my ear, ". . . you want to see what's in my package?"


"Yes," I answer in a husky voice.


"Go ahead and look," she whispers as her body presses into my own.


††††††††††† I feel my knees tremble; my handís shaking as I reach for the package.Tess wraps her arms around my hips from behind.I open the package to find it . . . empty.I scowl as I turn to find one very amused blonde wiggling her eyebrows at me."Cute," I quip.


"How did you know?" she asks as she runs her hands up the front of my shirt, stopping brieflyto feel the embroidered eagle on my sleeve.


"Know what?" I retort dryly.


"About my special delivery," Tess pushes, "which is upstairs at the moment.You do know that you should clean those before use?" Sheís teasing me.


"Yes."I snort in amusement as our bodies gravitate closer together."And I recognized the return address."


"So you like toys?"She purrs softly.I find myself unable to respond a crimson blush covers my entire body.


††††††††††† We stand, neither of us speaking.We simply move closer and closer until we find ourselves wrapped up in each othersí arms.My eyes focus on her slightly pouting lips; weíre drawn to each other.Our lips meet shyly at first.The kiss deepens quickly as our hands begin a gentle exploration.I gasp as I feel her fingers gently caress my nipple.


††††††††††† Our tongues move together in a passionate dance.I break away gasping for air; my heartís ready to explode as I feel the passion pooling between my thighs."Do you want to see what I got in the mail today?" she asks.Once again,I'm unable to speak so I only nod in response.


††††††††††† Taking my hand gently she leads me out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and into a dimly lit room.I swallow hard as I realize that weíre standing in her bedroom. She gently turns me around as she closes the door behind us."Your Father?"I ask suddenly, concerned that he might need us or we could be discovered.


"I have monitors in every room.I'll hear him if he needs me," Tess explains as she backs me up against the door."But he can't hear us."


††††††††††† I stand breathlessly as she kisses my chin and then works her way down to my very sensitive neck.I shudder while she teases me with her tongue and teeth.I moan when her hands feel their way around to the front of my shirt."I do so love a woman in uniform." she breathes hotly in my ear.I'm helpless; all I know is that I need to feel her touch on my skin.As if reading my mind, her nimble fingers slowly undo the buttons of my shirt.


††††††††††† She removes the garment as her kisses blaze a trail across my exposed skin, leaving a path of goose bumps in their wake.I can only whimper as she tastes my exposed body.My blouse is gently lifted from my body as her bare thigh presses against my center."Please," I beg as her fingers focus on my bra.She lifts her gaze to capture my eyes, the look of desire there makes me weak.Her eyes never release mine as she removes my bra and drops it to the floor.


††††††††††† My breathing is rapid to match the erratic rhythm of my heart.She smiles seductively as she lowers her head.I feel as if I'm going to explode as her tongue taunts my already erect nipple."Yesssssss," I hiss as I run my fingers through her golden locks, pressing her closer to my breast.She accepts my silent request as she begins to suck my nipple hungrily.


††††††††††† My hips begin to grind against hers as she lavishes the same attention to my other breast.I'm unable to think; all I'm aware of is the feel of her body and the desire to feel more of her.I call out as her tongue teases me between my breasts and then, in a slow sweet torture, works its way down to my torso.I feel my hips thrusting as she teases my navel.I swear that I hear her chuckling."I want you," she whispers into my abdomen.I look down to see the most beautiful site in the world.This woman is kneeling before me with a look of sheer desire that turns me to flame.


††††††††††† I feel like I'm going to pass out as she unbuttons and then slowly unzips my shorts.Lowering them down, her fingers glide across my naked thighs.I feel my shoes being removed as I close my eyes, trying desperately to control my breathing.Her hands gently explore the sheer fabric of my panties.I can only moan.I can't move, not even to open my eyes as I feel her removing my underwear.Her kisses greet my newly exposed flesh.


"So wet," she moans as she kisses the inside of my thighs.I open myself to her as I feel her tongue tracing its way through my lips.My fingers lace through her hair as I gently guide her towards my desire.I look down as she tastes me for the first time.Darken emerald eyes smiling up at me. My back arches against the door as her tongue enters me in an increasing rhythm.


††††††††††† All I can do is hold the back of her head as I thrust myself against her eager touch.Her tongue moves to my swollen clit.†† I cry out as her tongue sweeps across me; my hips increase the pace, wildly thrusting against her.My body trembles as I feel her fingers enter me."Oh God. . . . ,"I groan as my entire body shakes.She increases her pace as her tongue and fingers move in unison.My mind goes blank, filled only with shades of crimson as a buzzing begins in my ears.My body crosses over the edge and explodes.


"You okay?" Tess inquires.Iím shocked to find her standing next to me holding me up.


"Yeah . . . ," I choke out.Tess leads me over to the queen-sized bed and lays me down gently.


"You had me worried," she explains as she crawls up next to me.


"I must have blacked out," I confess as I gaze over at her.


††††††††††† I take a moment to hold her as I regain my composure, and to drink in her beautiful body."You have far too many clothes on," I point out once I can speak coherently.


"Do I?" she quips while wiggling her eyebrows.


"Yes," I respond firmly."And I still haven't seen this special delivery yet."


††††††††††† She gives me a teasing smile as she reaches over my naked body to the nightstand.I use the opportunity to pull her closer as I pull her tank top out of her cut offs.She complies by straddling my hips and raising her arms as I lift the garment over her head.I thread my fingers through her hair and guide her down so our lips meet in a slow lingering kiss.I hear her whimper as the kiss ends and I unclasp her bra.She leans back up, looks down into my eyes, and removes the garment.


"Show me what you got in the mail," I tell her.I watch as her eyes flutter shut for the briefest of moments.Smiling, she leans back over my body.I capture her nipple and begin to tease it with my tongue and teeth.I feel her grinding against me as she moans.†† I whimper slightly as she pulls away.She presses the phallus into the palm of my hand.


††††††††††† Lifting our bodies up, I run my tongue over the neon purple phallus.Iím pleased to see that it isn't too large."Interesting color," I joke.


"Hey, I had to order quickly.I can't stay on-line too long," she answers as she displays a mock pout.


††††††††††† I'm holding us in a sitting position with Tess straddling my lap.I look into the amazing pools of green and see complete trust.I smile and kiss her gently as I lower her down onto the bed."Take off your shorts," I tell her as she smiles back up at me.


††††††††††† My heart pounds as I watch her remove the remainder of her clothing.Then she begins to touch herself without ever breaking eye contact with me.I watch in amazement as her fingers glide gently along her very wet folds.She reaches to enter herself and I stop her.She looks up at me with a curious smile."Roll over," I say.


††††††††††† Tess turns onto her stomach and lifts herself onto her hands and knees.Itís all the invitation I need as I lean over and taste her for the first time.I'm lost in the scent and taste of her.Sheís so wet with desire.I raise myself behind her and tease her lips with my fingers.I feel her opening herself up further for me.I pause for a moment, trying to understand what is really happening.

††††††††††† Feeling the heat as I press up against her bare backside, I reach down and slip the phallus between her trembling thighs."Please," she begs as I make certain that the phallus is well lubricated.Her thighs spread further apart.I press my naked body against hers.My breasts press against her strong back.I kiss her neck and shoulders.Listening to her whimpers, I know itís time.I slide the phallus into her.


††††††††††† Her hips grind against the phallus and my hand.I thrust in and out of her as she rides the toy wildly.Feeling her backside pressing into me is driving me insane.Sheís so close; I can feel her climax building and I know Iím not far behind her.Our rhythm builds blindly, out of control.She cries out my name.I hold onto her and follow her over the edge.


††††††††††† We collapse onto the bed with our bodies covered in sweat.I still lay on top of her.When I feel my heartbeats slowly return to normal, I curl up next to her.She climbs into my arms and we hold one another, enjoying the closeness of our bodies as our hearts beat in unison.We drift off to sleep, the pizza long since forgotten.






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