The Cabana

By Mavis Applewater

March 2003


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                Ginny felt a sense of contentment as she placed her towel on the lounge chair over looking the crystal blue waters of the swimming pool.  “What a sweet deal,” She smiled as she placed her bag next to the chair and sat down.  After applying a liberal amount of sun tan lotion to her legs, she stretched out her long body and opened the book she had brought with her to read.  Her boss was jealous when she was selected to represent their department at the impromptu dinner with the new owners.  He said it was the luck of the Irish since the meeting was in Palm Springs on St. Patrick’s Day.


            Ginny smiled as she pushed her sunglasses up the bridge of her nose.  All she had to do was have dinner with the new owners and a long meeting tomorrow.  That was it so she had all day to relax by the pool and think about her poor co-workers trapped in a very snow covered Boston.  Of course she would be flying back in two nights, but just for today Ginny decided that life was good. 


            As she caught a glimmer out of the corner of her eyes she looked up.  The sight of the well-built blonde in the teal bikini taking the lounge chair next to hers brought a smile to her lips.  ‘Life just got better,’ the tall brunette mentally deduced as the blonde smiled back at her.  Ginny spied the small blonde carefully from behind the cover of her sunglasses.  Dozens of fantasies danced through her mind as she stole glances at the attractive woman beside her. 


            Ginny’s heart skipped a beat when the blonde would occasionally look up from her own reading material and steal a glance of her own.  The afternoon continued to progress in the same fashion each of them stealing a glance at the other’s body as they sunbathed.  Ginny was certain that she was going to pass out when her silent companion stood and took a quick dip in the pool.  She felt her nipples straining against the top of her bikini as she watched the water cascading down the blonde’s body as she emerged from the water.


            Ginny released a small groan as her eyes greedily watched each drop of water drip from the smaller woman’s body.  She pretended to continue reading as she watched the attractive stranger dry her body and then brush out her long blonde hair.  She could feel her lower anatomy pulsating in a steady rhythm as the woman began to apply sun block to her fair skin.  She closed her book when she noticed the blonde struggling to reach her creamy white shoulders.  “Can I help?”  Ginny inquired in a husky tone deciding to seize the moment.  Even if the blonde refused Ginny had already filled her mind with enough risqué fantasies to keep her mind occupied for the next month.

“Thank you,” the blonde responded in a saucy tone as she handed Ginny the brown bottle and rolled over onto her stomach.

“My pleasure,” Ginny purred as she watched the blonde reach behind her and release the straps to the top of her bikini.


            Ginny poured a liberal amount of lotion in her hands and rubbed them together as her eyes wandered up and down the blonde’s back.  She knelt beside her companion and began to apply the lotion in a slow swirling motion.  She bit down on her bottom lip as the blonde released a tiny moan.  Ginny could feel her desire growing as her hands roamed across the blonde’s back.  The tips of her fingers tingled from the feel of the smaller woman’s skin responding to her touch.  In the back of her mind Ginny cautioned herself not to get too carried away as her hands drifted dangerously close to the blonde’s firm ass.


            Ginny could feel her heart pounding against her chest as she forced her hands back up to a more respectable region.  She was fearful that her wanton lust was completely one sided and in all likelihood this woman had a significant other that would appear at any moment.  Yet, the tiny moans and sighs the blonde was releasing as Ginny’s hands roamed her half naked body was making the brunette’s stomach clench with desire.


            Ginny felt her body nearing the blonde’s with each stroke of her hands.  Her nipples were now aching as they brushed against the side of the blonde’s rib cage.  Ginny swallowed a deep moan that was threatening to escape as her companion sighed with contentment.  “Thank you,” the blonde whispered as Ginny felt her hopes for a little fun quickly fading away.


            “No problem,” Ginny grunted as she gave the blonde’s back a friendly pat before she moved her trembling form away.  As Ginny stood she realized that even though her bikini was black there was no way to mask the tell tale signs of her desire.  She removed her sunglasses and tossed them onto the chair before diving into the shimmering water of the pool.  Ginny swam around the hotel swimming pool in an effort to cool her raging desire.  Once she felt her pulse calming she climbed from the water and returned to her chair and dried off.


            She squeaked as the blonde rolled over.  “Do you need help with your sun block?”  The blonde offered as she held her top in place.  Ginny’s eyes drifted to the swell of the blonde’s breast that was just peeking out from her loosely hanging top.  “No, I’m good,” Ginny lied knowing that if she allowed the blonde to touch her body her self-control would vanish.


            Neither of them spoke for the rest of the afternoon.  They simply read while they exchanged warm smiles and shy glances.  Ginny released a heavy sigh as she looked at her watch and noted that she needed to get back up to her room so she could properly prepare for her dinner meeting.  The blonde was also packing up her belongings and then they made their way over to the cabanas that lined the far end of the pool.


            She gave the blonde one last smile as she watched the smaller woman open up one of the cabana doors.  The blonde smiled in response as Ginny began to look for a vacant cabana.  She frowned as she realized that she would have to make her way back up to her room in her bikini.  She turned to head back to the hotel entrance when she noticed that the blonde was still watching her.  “We can share?”  The blonde casually offered with a sly smile that sent a shiver up and down the brunette’s spine.

“Thank you,” Ginny agreed before she could change her mind and chicken out.


            Ginny felt her breathing becoming heavy as she followed the small blonde into the dimly lit changing room.  Ginny locked the door behind them and placed her bag onto the floor before removing her sunglasses.  She turned to find her companion leaning against the back wall her emerald eyes dark with desire as she began to unlace the top of her swimsuit.  ‘Things like this just don’t happen in my world!’  Ginny’s mind announced as she closed the gap between them.  The blonde’s smoky gaze never left the brunette’s body as she lowered her top to reveal her firm round breasts.


            Ginny captured the top in her fingers as her eyes drifted down the woman’s newly exposed flesh.  She watched the rapid rise and fall of the blonde’s chest, as she remained leaning against the wall.  With the blonde’s top still dangling from her fingers, Ginny brushed her fingers across the blonde’s nipple.  She was mesmerized as she watched the bud hardening from her touch. 


            She could feel the blonde untying her own top as she filled her hands with the stranger’s breasts and felt the weight of them.  She felt her top falling from her body as she brushed the palms of her hands across the blonde’s nipples encouraging them to become even harder.  She moaned as she felt them puckering against her hands.  Ginny ran her tongue across her teeth as her companion clasped her hips and began to kiss her neck.


            She exhaled as she felt the blonde’s tongue flickering across one of her nipples.  Ginny arched her back and pressed her nipple against the blonde’s lips as she captured one of the stranger’s nipples between her long fingers.  Her other hand ran up along the stranger’s body until she was running her fingers through her long silky blonde hair and pressing her lover closer to her body.


            “That’s it,” Ginny panted as her lover suckled her nipple into her mouth.  Their bodies pressed together as Ginny guided the blonde to take more of her into her mouth.  “Harder,” Ginny hissed as she grinded her hips against the blonde’s firm body.  Her clit pulsated urgently as she felt her lover’s teeth tugging on her hardened nipple while her fingers ran along the waist band of the brunette’s swim suit.


            Ginny’s desire was already over flowing as her lover licked and suckled her breast hungrily.  The brunette pulled away from her lover’s eager touch and pressed the blonde tighter against the wall.  She dipped her head and fiercely claimed the smaller woman’s soft inviting lips.   As she felt her lover’s body squirming against her own she parted the blonde’s lips with her tongue. 


            They moaned into one another’s mouths as their tongues wrapped around one another.  The blonde was tugging on the bottom of Ginny’s swimsuit as the brunette pressed her thigh against the smaller woman’s center.  The abundance of wetness that greeted her skin further fueled her already raging desire. Ginny nipped at her lover’s bottom lip as she broke the heated embrace.  “Not yet,” Ginny panted as she captured the blonde’s tiny wrists.


            Her lover was gasping for air as her eyes glazed over while Ginny wrapped her top around her wrists.  She could feel her lover’s hips thrust against her as she raised the blonde’s hands above her head and secured the top of her bathing suit to a hook.  The blonde released a strangled whimper as Ginny’s hips began to match her urgent thrusts. 


            The brunette was ready to explode as she hungrily reclaimed the blonde’s lips in a searing kiss as their bodies rocked against one another.  Ginny pinched and teased her lover’s nipples as she rubbed her thigh against the smaller woman’s clit.  She could feel their mutual desire painting her skin as she rocked against the small woman who was struggling against her restraints. 

“Damn you’re making every one of my fantasies come true,” the blonde whimpered as Ginny kissed her way down the blonde’s neck.

“Tell me,” Ginny encouraged her as she licked and tasted her lover’s skin.

“All I could think about today was how much I wanted to taste you,” the blonde panted as Ginny nipped at her throat.


            “You want to taste what you do to me?”  Ginny murmured against her lover’s skin before she trailed her tongue along the valley of the blonde’s breasts.  “You want to lick me?”  Ginny teased as her tongue glided across the smaller woman’s breast and began to circle her nipple without touching it.

“Yes,” the blonde pleaded before Ginny began to flick her tongue across her hard nipple and suckling it into her mouth.  “Please.”  The blonde continued to plead as Ginny suckled her harder.


            “You will,” Ginny offered in a throaty promise as she cupped her lover’s wet mound with the palm of her hand and began to tease her.  “First I’m going to finish what I started.  Then you can taste me and take me with your tongue.”

“Yes,” the blonde groaned as she rocked her body urgently against Ginny’s hand.


            Ginny was reeling as she felt the blonde’s passion filling her hand as she continued to tease her.  Ginny was gasping for air as she began to lower the bottom of the blonde’s swimsuit.  “This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me,” Ginny confessed as she knelt before the smaller woman.


            Her lover’s arousal filled her senses as she lowered the teal swimsuit down the blonde’s thighs.  The further she lowered the garment the more contact she needed with this intoxicating stranger.  She ran her tongue along the blonde’s legs tasting her skin that was painted with a mixture of sweat and desire.  Ginny felt her lover’s body trembling against her lips as she tossed her swimsuit across the room and continued to feast upon her legs.


            Her lover opened herself up as Ginny’s tongue teased the inside of her thighs.  Ginny moaned with pleasure, as she tasted her lover’s wetness.  Her mouth and tongue continued feasting upon the blonde’s flesh as she kissed and tasted her way up the smaller woman’s body.  She licked the damp golden curls of her triangle before she began to kiss her lover’s washboard stomach. 


            The blonde was struggling to free herself as Ginny continued to kiss her body while she began to rise back up.  Ginny’s mouth teased and feasted upon the blonde’s breasts once again before she reclaimed her lips.  As their tongues battled for control the blonde thrust against Ginny’s trembling body painting the brunette’s skin with her overwhelming passion. 


            Ginny deepened the kiss even further as the blonde wrapped her legs around the brunette’s waist.  Each of them was gasping with need as the kiss came to an end.  Ginny ran her hands along her lover’s quivering body allowing her fingers to explore every inch of the smaller woman until she was running her fingers along the blonde’s slick folds.  She could feel the blonde’s clit throbbing as she teased it with her fingers.  “Please,” the blonde panted as she thrust her hips against Ginny’s touch.


            Filled with the need to feel her lover explode from her touch Ginny’s slipped her fingers inside of the smaller woman.  “I want to fuck you,” Ginny panted into the blonde’s ear as her fingers filled the smaller woman.  The blonde rocked her body against Ginny’s hand as she begged the brunette to do as she promised.  Ginny wiggled her long fingers inside her lover’s center as she teased her clit with her thumb.


            Her lover’s hips rode against her touch as the brunette’s fingers matched her lover’s rhythm.  Needing to feel more of this woman Ginny used her other hand to gather the blonde’s wetness on her fingers.  Her lover’s pleas grew more demanding as Ginny painted and teased the puckered opening.  Ginny’s entire body was on fire as she filled her lover completely.  The blonde’s screams of pleasure filled the tiny cabana as her body arched and convulsed against Ginny’s touch.


            Ginny kissed the blonde tenderly as she felt her body releasing the last waves of passion.  The blonde’s entire body was flushed and her eyes were gleaming as Ginny’s touch gently slipped from her body.  She lowered the blonde’s feet back to the floor and untied her.  The moment the smaller woman’s wrists were released she moved quickly and pinned Ginny against the wall.  “My turn,” the petite woman growled before her mouth began to feast upon the brunette’s overheated body.  Ginny gave herself over to the blonde’s kisses as she feasted upon the taller woman.


            Ginny was in heaven as she felt the blonde’s tongue gliding down her body until she was kneeling before her.  She parted Ginny with two fingers before she began to taste the brunette.  Ginny balanced herself by clutching her lover’s shoulders as the blonde feasted upon her wetness.  Ginny struggled to remain standing as she gazed down and found a pair of twinkling green eyes looking up at her.  The blonde murmured with pleasure as she suckled the brunette’s clit into her mouth.  All too soon Ginny released a cry of pleasure as her body gave over to the intense pleasure her lover was bestowing upon her.


            Ginny was still leaning against the wall of the cabana in an effort to regain her bearings as her lover stood and rested her blonde head against Ginny’s chest.  “Happy St. Patrick’s Day,” Ginny sighed contently.

“That’s funny,” her companion chuckled as she stepped away.  “I’m not even Irish.”


            Ginny laughed in response as they both began to dress: each of them quickly explaining that they needed to be somewhere.  Ginny felt a little sad after they exchanged a quick kiss and went their separate ways.  The brunette was still torn between walking on air and melancholy as she was led to the table in the hotel’s restaurant.  “Mr. Owens I’m Ginny Dunn,” she introduced herself to the blonde man already seated at the table.


            He stood as the maitre d’ held out the chair for her.  “A pleasure to meet you Ms. Dunn your reputation precedes you.  My sister is running a little behind schedule and sadly our father was unable to make this trip,” he apologized as he took his seat.

“No worries,” she responded with a smile.  “It is a pleasure to finally meet our new employers.  I hadn’t realized that OWG was a family owned business.”

“Not many do,” he said with a charming smile that seemed familiar.  “Here is my sister Deirdre,” he said with a smile as he stood once again.  “Don’t let her tardiness fool you, next to Dad she is really the brains behind everything.”

“Always the flatterer Stan,” a familiar voice said from behind Ginny as the brunette stood.


            She felt her stomach twisting in knots as she turned and came face to face with the same woman she had spent the afternoon with.  Based on the stunned expression Deirdre Owens was also sporting she was shocked to see Ginny as well.  Each of them stammered out an awkward greeting before sitting.


            Much to Ginny’s relief Deirdre Owens conducted the dinner in a highly professional manner.  Despite the fact that neither of them seemed to be able to make eye contact with the other they worked over the plans OWG had for the future of her company and for tomorrow’s meeting.  So far Ginny was impressed even though she was still slightly uneasy with the concept of what had transpired that afternoon.  The meal and discussion came to an end and Ginny felt the knots in her stomach returning when Stan excused himself for the evening.


            Ginny took another sip of coffee before looking over at her very silent dinner companion who seemed at a complete loss.  “So Ginny,” she began, as she seemed to be gathering her thoughts.

“Ms. Owens do I still have a job?”  Ginny bluntly inquired.

“Of course,” Deirdre reassured her.  “This is business.  You also don’t need to fear me pressing you for a repeat of this afternoon.”

“Oh,” Ginny nodded feeling a mix of relief and disappointment. 


            They sat in silence for a moment longer before Ginny decided to end the uncomfortable silence.  “Ms. Owens I think I should tell you something.”

“Yes,” Deirdre responded as she looked over at Ginny with apprehension.

“Finding out that you are one of my new employers just sucked the life out of indulging in one of my favorite fantasies,” Ginny confessed as Deirdre released a hearty laugh.

“Tell me about it,” Deirdre agreed with a smile. 

“It’s late,” Ginny finally conceded as she stood.  “I will see you in the morning.”

“I’m looking forward to working with you Miss Dunn,” Deirdre sincerely stated as she offered Ginny her hand.


            The brunette felt a slight tingle running through her as she accepted the gesture.  “Bummer,” Deirdre muttered with a slight frown.

“This isn’t going to be easy,” Ginny agreed as they made their way out of the restaurant neither of them truly convinced that they would be able to refrain from touching the other in the future.


The End


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