By Mavis Applewater

October 2001


Disclaimers:  This story contains sexual relations between two consenting adult women.  If this isn't something you want to read about then don't.  If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material, then go away.  This material belongs to me and cannot be reproduced or posted without my express permission.  No bed post were damaged during the production of this story.  Well maybe just one. <w>


Thanks once again to my beta reader Joanne.


As Always For Heather





McKenzie stood by the bar on Avalon’s upstairs level wondering for the hundredth time just why she had dragged herself into the crowded bar that night.  Madonna was in town and every gay man and woman had gone out to party.  Every time Madonna hit town there was always a rumor that she would show up at the nightclub for their popular gay Sunday night.   "I should have gone to Machine," she muttered.


 The bartender nodded in agreement.  "Can you believe it?  They think she's going to show up," the petite gay boy jested.


"Yeah, her and Jesus are going to pop in and split a Corona before doing a couple of shots of Cuervo."  McKenzie laughed in reply. 


Brain, the bartender, laughed.  "Her dancers are here," he pointed out.  "And of course her DJ."


"Oh yes, tonight's guest DJ, Tracy Young."  McKenzie shook her head in confusion.  "She's not all that great," she noted, not really believing what she was saying.  "How does one become Madonna's personal DJ?  And is the pay as good as you think it is?"


"She's pretty good," a voice piped in from her left.


"Bite me, Jeanne," McKenzie countered as she noticed the pesky blonde standing next her.


"Did you have a particular spot in mind?" the petite blonde teased.  "Or shall I be creative?"


McKenzie’s thighs clenched slightly from Jeanne's teasing.  She had always fond the blonde attractive but she was a friend, and that was taboo in McKenzie's book.  That and neither of them seem to be single at the same time.  "What kind of trouble are you getting yourself into tonight?" McKenzie inquired as she brushed her long raven hair out of her eyes.


"Trouble?  Me?" Jeanne scoffed innocently.


"Yes, you," McKenzie sneered as she once again brushed her hair aside in frustration.  "Ugh," she groaned before she stepped back, bent over, and then flipped her hair up.  She could hear Jeanne gasp as she did this.  "What is it?"  McKenzie chuckled.  "Every time I do that someone gasps."


"It's very sexy," Jeanne responded sincerely.


"It's a pain."  McKenzie sighed in exasperation.  "It gets everywhere.  I don't know why I grew it out."


"I like it."  Jeanne shrugged as she waved to Brian for another cocktail.  "Do you want another one?"


"Might as well."  McKenzie sighed again.  "God, this place is packed tonight."


"I know."  Jeanne agreed.  "I only came in to see if anyone had tickets.  I can't even get them from the scalpers.  How sad is that?"


"I hear you," McKenzie grunted.


"What?"  Jeanne flashed an amused smile as her green eyes twinkled up at her.  "Have you finally fallen for Madonna's charms?"


"I've always enjoyed her music," McKenzie confessed.  "I'm just wouldn’t say I was a fan."


"Uh huh, and Hilary wanted to go," Jeanne noted triumphantly.


"Doesn't matter anymore," McKenzie grunted as Jeanne paid for their drinks.


Jeanne's jaw dropped as she handed McKenzie her cocktail.  "What happened?" she inquired hesitantly.  "I thought you two were all hot and heavy."


"It seems that's all she wanted."  McKenzie tried to brush it off.  "And she wanted it with someone other than me."


"I'm sorry," Jeanne said sincerely as she patted McKenzie's arm gently. 


McKenzie covered Jeanne's smaller hand with her own.  There was something in the way Jeanne touched her that ignited her senses.  "Let's dance," McKenzie said quickly as she grasped the smaller woman's hand tighter.  Jeanne nodded eagerly as they placed their drinks on the bar and made their way downstairs to the dance floor.


As they danced together, a wave of confusion flooded McKenzie’s senses.  It wasn't the first time the friends had danced together, but somehow their interaction seemed to have shifted slightly.  Their movements were normally freer, yet tonight each seemed to pull away just slightly.   It was if they were crossing some invisible barrier that neither wanted to.


They continued to dance throughout the evening, each maintaining a slight distance.  McKenzie couldn't help but steal glances at her friend.  It didn't even bother her when she saw Hilary in the club with her new girlfriend.  Instead, she waited until Hilary was alone and then greeted her in a friendly manner.  After a brief conversation, McKenzie went on her way.


The tall brunette found that she wasn't bothered by Hilary's appearance; she honestly was only a little annoyed at seeing her with someone else.  It just wasn't important somehow.  For the first time in a long time she was having fun.  After she left Hilary, she once again found Jeanne.  Perhaps it was wishful thinking but the small blonde seemed to be waiting for her.


"It's getting late," Jeanne commented as McKenzie approached the bar.  "I have to work in the morning."  She sighed heavily.


"Me too," McKenzie concurred.  "Uhm . . . Jeanne . . . ," she began hesitantly.  ". . . what are you doing Tuesday night?" 


"Nothing."  Jeanne shrugged.


"Do you want to go to the concert?" McKenzie asked shyly.


"What?" Jeanne gasped as she clutched McKenzie’s shoulder tightly.


"Ow!" McKenzie complained as she brushed Jeanne's hand away.


"Big baby."  Jeanne chuckled as she swatted McKenzie playfully.


"No hitting," McKenzie cautioned her.


"Well, that's what you get for teasing me about Madonna."  Jeanne glared at her.  "I've been trying to go to one of her concerts since she started out but something always happens."


"I wasn't teasing," McKenzie responded brightly. 


"Huh?"  Jeanne's jaw dropped.


"Fourteenth row on the side," McKenzie explained.  "I scored tickets the other day online.  TicketMaster released a bunch.  I was going to ask Hilary . . ."


"Don't be an idiot," Jeanne blurted out.   McKenzie watched with a degree of amusement as her friend realized her blunder.  "I mean . . . uhm . . ."


"I know what you mean."  McKenzie laughed lightly.  "It's okay.  So what are you doing Tuesday night?"


"I'm hoping that I'm finally going to see Madonna in concert," Jeanne answered sheepishly.


"Call me tomorrow so we can work out the details," McKenzie suggested.  "You know, the usual do you want to catch dinner first?  That kind of stuff."


"Sounds great."  Jeanne hugged the taller woman tightly.  "Thank you," she whispered in McKenzie's ear. 


After returning home to her tiny one bedroom apartment, McKenzie showered to wash the smell of smoke off her body.  After going to bed, she tossed and turned trying to understand the uncertain emotions she was now plagued with.   Jeanne is a friend.  Don't start getting silly ideas,’ she cautioned herself.





  Tuesday had arrived and McKenzie was anxious.  She and Jeanne had been exchanging phone calls since the morning before.  Between their jobs and schedules, they agreed that McKenzie would drive.  They also agreed to have dinner before the concert at Fanuel Hall.  It would be quick and easy.  McKenzie had to laugh every time her cell phone rang on Tuesday. 


Each time she answered her phone, it was never one of her clients wondering how their stocks were doing.  It was the overly perky English professor.  McKenzie's amusement stemmed from the constant blaring of Madonna music that greeted her.  The calls became so insistent that she stopped answering the phone with her normal greeting of ‘McKenzie Hall.’  She instead opted to answer ‘Madonna Central.’  


Finally McKenzie was fighting her way through traffic to reach Jeanne's place.  Since they both lived outside the city, they were forced to face the commute into Boston.  McKenzie went up the back stairwell to Jeanne's apartment.  She smiled upon hearing the Material Girl music emanating from with inside.  She knocked loudly as she peeked in the window.


McKenzie's jaw dropped as she saw Jeanne racing around in a black T-shirt and what appeared to be panties with images of Tigger on them.  Jeanne waved to her, smiling before ducking out of view.  McKenzie closed her mouth and tried to control her breathing.  She had always noticed Jeanne's body.  How could she not?  But until that moment she had never seen so much of her exposed.


Jeanne opened the door now clad in pair of denim shorts.  "Hey!" she greeted McKenzie.  "Come on in."  She waved to her as she walked through the large kitchen and started down the long hallway.  McKenzie closed the front door, her crystal blue eyes fixed firmly on the blonde's swaying backside.  Mentally McKenzie was trying to erase the earlier image of Jeanne's barely dressed body dancing around the kitchen.


Jeanne was chatting away as she made her way into the living room.  McKenzie found it hard to follow what Jeanne was talking about.  That was not uncommon since Jeanne often rambled on, making it hard to follow her.  Unlike the normally quiet nature that McKenzie possessed, Jeanne was a talker.  Several times during their long friendship, McKenzie had found Jeanne's exuberant personality a little overwhelming.


McKenzie occupied her mind by focusing her attention on Jeanne's backside.  As Jeanne turned around to face her, McKenzie turned her attention towards the big screen television.  "Now which concert is this?" McKenzie inquired as she watched Madonna and her dancers performing.


"Blonde Ambition,” Jeanne answered as she began to gather her belongings.


"That was quite a cute little dance you were doing in the kitchen," McKenzie teased.  "Is that Tigger on your underwear?"


"Yes."  Jeanne rolled her green eyes in amusement as she swatted McKenzie playfully.


"Again with the hitting," McKenize sneered at her.


Jeanne shrugged, shut off the television, and picked up a stack of CDs along with her wallet.  "What?" she blurted out as McKenzie stared at her. 


"Nothing."  McKenzie snickered.  "I was just wondering what your students would think if they could see you in action, Professor."


"My students have never seen me in action," Jeanne responded coyly as she led them back into the kitchen.  "And neither have you."  She wagged her finger in McKenzie's face.  McKenzie nipped at the offending appendage.  "Let's go," Jeanne sighed as she pushed McKenzie towards the doorway.  "Come on.  Move it, stretch.  Traffic is going to be terrible."


"You are such a pushy little thing," McKenzie teased as they made their way to her car.


"I'm not little!"  Jeanne protested.  "I'm five foot four which is a normal height.  Everyone just seems short to you."


"In what universe are you five four?"  McKenzie laughed as they put their seatbelts on and she started the car.


Jeanne seemed to ignore McKenzie's teasing as she removed her Melissa CD and put in one of Madonna's.   "I can't believe you don't own any Madonna CDs," the blonde complained.  McKenzie simply shrugged in her own defense. 


During the drive into Boston Jeanne played songs, bouncing from one CD to another.  With every tune Jeanne filled McKenzie in on the complete history of the song.  She also gave McKenzie a long detailed bio on Madonna's entire life.  McKenzie found herself in awe of Jeanne's endless source of information and the energy she used to explain everything.


McKenzie parked the car in a parking garage near Fanuel Hall.   "Now you know everything you need to know to enjoy the concert," Jeanne explained as she directed them towards the tourist area that was filled with over-priced shops and restaurants.


"Silly me."  McKenzie snorted as they wandered through the Market Place seeking out the right place to eat.  "Here I was believing that I could just listen to her sing and be happy."


"You are such a goof," Jeanne responded with a glare as she pointed them towards a seafood stand.  "How about here?"


"Looks good," McKenzie agreed as she peeked at her watch.   "We need to pick up the tickets at the box office by seven.  I've never seen a show at The Fleet Center.  You'll need to show me where to go."


“I swear you never get out of that apartment of yours," Jeanne responded as they sat on the stools at the counter.  "Just what did you and Hilary do together?"


"Wouldn't you like to know," McKenzie said with a wink.


"Is that an offer?"  Jeanne wiggled her eyebrows in response.





McKenzie was a little thrown by Jeanne's response.  They relaxed and ate their dinner quickly before walking over towards the North End and the Fleet Center.  McKenzie was amazed by the crowd gathering there.  There was a radio station holding a karaoke contest outside, the winner would receive front row seats for the concert. 


They worked their way through the crowd and got lost trying to find the box office.  They argued slightly when McKenzie insisted on stopping for a cup of coffee at the Dunkin’ Donuts by the entrance.  Finally the pair found themselves standing in a very long line that went around several corners.


Eventually they had their tickets in hand and were riding the escalator upstairs.  Their tickets were checked several times to ensure that they were really allowed there.  "Wow, security is really tight," McKenzie commented as stood in another line waiting to buy T-shirts.  "We should have plenty of time," she added as she looked at her watch once again, noting that they still had a half an hour before the show started.


McKenzie smiled as she watched Jeanne bouncing up and down, trying to see over the heads of the people in front of them.  Despite the fact that the small blonde was always a bundle of energy, she seemed even more excited than normal.  And somehow it made her look all that more adorable.  "I hope these are good seats.  Loge 20, Row 14, Seats 5 and 6."


"They looked good on the chart we checked out on the wall," Jeanne answered as she continued to stand up on her toes to get a better look at the shirts displayed on the wall.


"Yeah, but you never know," McKenzie added.  "That could have been a chart for a hockey game.  I ran into a guy at Avalon who saw the show in New York and he said that he spent the entire show staring at Madonna's ass."


"That wouldn't be all that bad."  Jeanne smiled brightly as they finally approached the front of the line.


"You're a pig," McKenzie tossed in as she kept trying to wave down the salesman who was ignoring them.  At one point they found themselves pushed up against the counter by the eager fans behind them.  The woman behind McKenzie kept bumping into her backside.  McKenzie kept turning to the young woman who obviously wasn't doing it intentionally.  But after the sixth or seventh time, McKenzie turned to her and said, "You could at least buy me dinner first."  Jeanne laughed at the comment as the woman just stared at McKenzie blankly.


After they made their purchases, they went up another set of stairs and had their tickets checked again.  "I'm sorry they ran out of the size you wanted," McKenzie apologized, holding her new shirt and program tightly.  "Perhaps the medium won't be too small," She suggested hopefully as she looked at her watch.  She sighed as she realized just how long they had been stuck in the vendor’s line.


"I would have had the one I wanted if that guy hadn't ignored us," Jeanne groused as they passed another vendor station.  "I wish we had known about this one earlier.  Look, there's no line."


"Come on.  Let's find our seats," McKenzie suggested.  "There should be enough time; maybe they can exchange the shirt for you?"  Jeanne nodded in agreement as they went inside the arena.


Once they were seated they were thrilled at how close they were to the stage.  McKenzie stood and removed her T-shirt and put on the one she had just purchased.  Jeanne gasped slightly when she did it.  "Are you okay?" she inquired as she looked over at the blushing blonde.


"Fine," Jeanne squeaked.  "I'm going to see if I can exchange this shirt," she blurted out as she got up and dashed up the aisle.


McKenzie wondered if she had caused that reaction.  Just relax, McKenzie.  Enjoy the night and don't read anything into this.  She's a friend,’ she cautioned herself.  Yeah, an incredibly hot friend.  And you've had a crush on her forever.’  She groaned in despair as she began to thumb through her program.


Jeanne returned with a different shirt and she handed McKenzie a bottle of spring water.  "Thank you," she said as she accepted the water.  "What's wrong?" she asked, taking in the look of disappointment clearly written on Jeanne's normally bright features.


"I had a heck of time making the guy at the stand understand what I wanted," Jeanne explained.  "I ended up getting a different shirt but this one is even smaller."


"Well, it's a nice design," McKenzie commented as Jeanne held the shirt up against her body to show the size.  "It doesn't look that small.  Try it on," she encouraged her.


Jeanne flashed her a lopsided grin.  "You're not wearing a bra?"  McKenzie groaned as her body temperature rose slightly at the thought.  "Go to the ladies room," McKenzie growled as she shook her head in despair.  Jeanne ran off once again.  McKenzie found herself debating whether to drink her water or pour it directly into her overheated lap.


Upon Jeanne's return, McKenzie almost dropped the bottle of water.  She looked at Jeanne in her denim shorts and the skin-tight white shirt with Madonna's face smiling back at her.  She looked like Daisy Duke.  "I'm in hell," McKenzie muttered.  "You look fine," she lied, thinking that the blonde looked a little too hot to be out in public.  "Come on sit down.  You look fine," she lied once again as Jeanne complied with a disbelieving smirk.  "I don't understand.  How’d you end up with a smaller shirt?"  McKenzie inquired as she handed her program over to Jeanne who was groaning.


"I'm going back," Jeanne sighed.


"There's no time," McKenzie informed her.  "It's not that bad," she added as she bit down on her bottom lip.


"It's the size of a postage stamp," Jeanne argued.

"No."  McKenzie fought back the urge to giggle.


"Okay."  Jeanne finally gave in and relaxed.


"Maybe you could buy a teddy bear and make a little Madonna bear," McKenzie suggested in hopes of cheering Jeanne up as she glanced quickly at her breasts.


"Jerk."  Jeanne swatted once again.


"No hitting," McKenzie warned her as the lights began to dim.


During the concert neither woman sat down.  From the moment Madonna took the stage, they were on their feet.  McKenzie's body pulsated as the concert continued while Jeanne kept grabbing her arm.  There were times, as Jeanne's body brushed against her own, McKenzie found it difficult to follow what was happening onstage.  They cheered loudly when the concert came to an end.  As the crowd began to shuffle out, McKenzie bent over to gather her old shirt and program. 


She trembled slightly as she felt Jeanne's hand on her shoulder.  She stood and found herself locked in an intense gaze.  "Thank you," Jeanne said softly as she wrapped her arms around McKenzie's waist. 


"For?" McKenzie inquired as she allowed the smaller woman to embrace her in a warm hug.


"The concert," Jeanne said softly in her ear as she held McKenzie a little tighter.





McKenzie found herself mesmerized by the feel of Jeanne's body and the sweet scent of her hair.  They held one another longer than they should have.  But McKenzie didn't mind.  She was reveling in the feel of Jeanne's body pressed against her own.  Her hands took on a will of their own as they smoothed a trail down Jeanne's back. 


A sigh escaped from Jeanne as the blonde nuzzled closer.  McKenzie became aware of the crowd shuffling past them.  Reluctantly she released her hold slightly.  Her blue eyes were instantly captured by the smaller woman’s smoky gaze.  Her focus shifted to Jeanne's full lips and, without  thinking, she tilted her head.  McKenzie heart pounded as their lips brushed lightly.


Before she could stop and think about what was happening, she felt Jeanne pull her closer as their lips met once again.  The second kiss was searing with passion as Jeanne sucked on her bottom lip insistantly.  McKenzie moaned as she parted her lips, inviting Jeanne in for exploration.  While Jeanne's tongue dipped into her eager mouth, McKenzie's hands had somehow found their way up the back of Jeanne's tiny shirt.


Jeanne's strong thigh pressed into her center as her hands felt the swell of Jeanne's full breasts.  "Excuse me," an irate voice said from behind them.  They quickly broke apart as they realized that they were holding up the other people in their row.  McKenzie clasped Jeanne's hand and led her into the aisle. 


Their fingers remained intertwined as they were swept up by the large crowd leaving the arena.  As they found themselves bumping into one another, McKenzie's body pulsated.  The innocent brushing of their bodies seemed to take on a new meaning.  As Jeanne stumbled into her body slightly, her hand accidentally brushed across McKenzie's backside.  McKenzie's nipples hardened instantly from Jeanne's touch.


McKenzie released Jeanne's hand and wrapped her arm around her waist.  She pulled her a little closer as her hand felt Jeanne's bare abdomen.  She trembled as she felt Jeanne's body reacting from her touch.  McKenzie could feel the wetness pooling between her thighs.  Jeanne's chest was heaving as they tried to work their way through the crowd.  They found themselves at a standstill before they could reach the exit.


McKenzie stepped behind Jeanne and held her tightly as the crowd forced them to press their bodies into one another.  McKenzie boldly leaned down and began to kiss and nibble along Jeanne's neck.  She heard Jeanne moan once again as her tongue teased an ear lobe.  Her clit was throbbing as Jeanne pressed her backside into her center.  "We need to get out of here," McKenzie growled hotly into Jeanne's ear.


"Yes," Jeanne hissed in response as she tried to guide them through the crowd.


They were lost in the sea of people as security tried to guide everyone towards the exit.  Once outside in the cool night air, a light mist of rain surrounded them.  Jeanne grasped McKenzie’s hand and led her away from the crowd.  They dodge their way between people until McKenzie felt herself being pulled into a dark alley.


McKenzie looked around, realizing that they were in a tiny alcove just away from the main entrance.  No one else seemed to be able to see them as they found themselves wrapped up in one another's arms.  McKenzie needed to kiss Jeanne.  She pressed the smaller woman against the stone building and captured her lips. 


McKenzie had always enjoyed kissing, but there was something about the taste of Jeanne's lips that was driving her insane.  The soft fullness and the way Jeanne responded to her touch was intoxicating.  Their hands began a wild exploration.  McKenzie pressed her leg between Jeanne's firm thighs as her hands cupped full breasts.  Jeanne's nipples hardened from her touch.  The feel of Jeanne's firm breasts in her hands further fueled her long hidden desire.


Jeanne arched against her body as she cupped McKenzie's backside.  The two seemed to melt together as McKenzie pulled up the tiny shirt Jeanne was wearing, exposing her breasts to the cool night air.  McKenzie broke away from the fiery kiss and lowered her head.  She captured one of Jeanne's nipples in her mouth and began to suck it greedily.


A door opened directly beside them.  The sound jolted both of them.  McKenzie covered Jeanne's half-exposed body with her own.  "Sorry, ladies," a very petite blonde apologized.  "Carry on."  She smiled brilliantly at them as she made her way over to a limo that neither had noticed before.  "Nice looking couple," the blonde commented to someone inside the vehicle as she got in. 


Jeanne and McKenzie looked at one another then back to the limo that was now pulling away.  "Was that?"  Jeanne blinked as she pulled down her top.


"I think it was," McKenzie concurred as the duo just stared at the spot where the limo had been.  She turned and smiled at the sweet cherub face in front of her.  "Some night, huh?"


"I know," Jeanne agreed as her fingers traced McKenzie's firm jaw line. "Great concert and we got to make out in front of Madonna.  And I got to kiss you," she added dreamily.


"And I got to kiss you finally," McKenzie said softly as she leaned into Jeanne's touch.


"I've dreamt about doing that," Jeanne said. 


"Have you dreamt about others things as well?" McKenzie encouraged her.


"Oh yes," Jeanne said as her green eyes twinkled just a little brighter.  "As much as I want this to happen . . . this isn't exactly the place."

"Hmm."  McKenzie looked around their seedy surroundings.  "Let's go," she added as she took a step back.  Taking the smaller woman by the hand, she led her back onto the street.


"Where too?" Jeanne inquired as she leaned closer to McKenzie.


"My place is closer," McKenzie offered.  "It's still a good hour away."  She grimaced slightly at the thought of having to keep her hands to herself for that long.


Jeanne sighed heavily in agreement as they hurried back to McKenzie's car.  As they approached the car, they found themselves reluctant to release one another's hand.  Jeanne pressed McKenzie up against the vehicle and kissed her passionately.  Their tongues danced together as their hands roamed freely.  "This is going to a very long ride," Jeanne snarled as they finally released one another.


McKenzie nodded in agreement as she opened the door for Jeanne.  She settled herself into the driver's seat and started the car.





The drive back to the North Shore was taking far too long for both women.  Hands roamed across one another's thighs.  Occasionally one of them would slip her hand between the other woman's legs.  Before leaving the city, the two took full advantage of the traffic jams and red lights.  They would kiss and touch one another.  Jeanne had managed to unclasp McKenzie's bra and suckle her breast.


McKenzie finally had to beg Jeanne to stop before they got into an accident.  They continued to touch as they drove into the night.  The ride was becoming a slow torture.  McKenzie's hand slipped from the steering wheel.  Her touch started out innocently enough.  She was simply holding Jeanne's hand.  Then she found herself caressing a thigh.  Then, without realizing what she was doing, she began a trail back up the smaller woman's tiny shirt. 


She teased Jeanne's hardened nipple with two fingers as she made her way through traffic.  "I don't know if I can hold on," Jeanne moaned.


"I know," McKenzie replied in a husky tone.


"Pull in there," Jeanne commanded as she pointed to the Holiday Inn just up ahead.


"Are you sure?" McKenzie asked as she continued to roll Jeanne's nipple between her fingers.


"Yes," Jeanne hissed.


McKenzie pulled into the almost vacant parking lot and parked her car.  Turning off the engine, she turned towards Jeanne.  The expression in Jeanne's eyes left no doubt in McKenzie's mind as to what the blonde intended.  McKenzie removed her hand from the warmth of Jeanne's body.  Gently she cupped the smaller woman's face as Jeanne leaned into her touch.


McKenzie unbuckled her seat belt and leaned over towards Jeanne.  She brushed her lips against Jeanne's, gently at first.  The spark ran through her as their bodies touched slightly.  The kiss quickly deepened as their lips parted.  Their tongues began a rhythmic dance.  McKenzie's hands wandered down the front of Jeanne's body. 


She unbuckled the blonde's seatbelt and pressed her body as close to the other woman's as she could get.  Despite the confines of the automobile, she found herself melting into the heat of Jeanne's body.  Their need became insistent as the windows fogged up and their hands sought the other's wetness.  Gasping for air, they broke apart.  "You are amazing," McKenzie choked out.


"So are you."  Jeanne panted heavily.  "I don't think I've ever been this turned on in my entire life."


"Shall we get a room before we end up in a compromising position in the parking lot?" McKenzie suggested.


Jeanne nodded eagerly and opened the car door.  McKenzie quickly followed her into the hotel.  The desk clerk didn't bat an eye at their disheveled appearance or their lack of luggage.  He simply explained the rates for the night and accepted Jeanne's credit card.  He slid the key card over to them and instructed them where their room was located.


"You think he knows?" McKenzie inquired as she stifled a giggle and squeezed Jeanne's hand.


"Oh yeah."  Jeanne laughed in response as she opened the door to the room.  "It's late at night.  It's a hotel on Route One.  We have no luggage and he didn't bother to tell us when checkout time is.  He knows," the blonde added firmly as she opened the door. 


They stepped into the modest hotel room and shut the door behind them.  The air was chill from the air conditioner.  McKenzie shivered slightly.  "Which bed do you want?" she teased as she pointed towards the two double beds.


"Which ever one you’ll be in," Jeanne responded firmly as she wrapped her arms around the taller woman. 


Jeanne reached up and laced her fingers through McKenzie's long raven tresses.  She guided the taller woman down and kissed her once again.   One kiss turned into two, then three as they guided one another towards the nearest bed.  Falling onto the bed, they hurriedly began to undress each other as their mouths tasted exposed flesh. 


Once they were both naked, McKenzie took a moment to drink in the beauty of Jeanne's naked body.  "So beautiful," she murmured softly, her fingers trailing a tender path along Jeanne's exposed form.  Jeanne shuddered from her touch, her eyes fluttered close.  McKenzie shifted her gently on the bed and pressed her longer frame against her. 


They moaned in unison as their naked bodies touched for the first time.  McKenzie kissed Jeanne's cheek then placed feathery kisses along the blonde's jaw, weaving a trail down her neck as she pressed her thigh into Jeanne's center.  She moaned as she felt the wetness that greeted her. 


McKenzie thought she would explode as her mouth continued to taste Jeanne's skin.  Her tongue teased one nipple and then the other.  Jeanne's body arched as she continued to tease her.  Jeanne moaned insistently as her hands guided McKenzie further down her body.


McKenzie hungrily tasted her way down the firm abdomen.  Stopping briefly to tickle Jeanne's navel, she then settled her longer frame between Jeanne's legs.  She inhaled the sweet musky aroma of Jeanne's passion and began to kiss the inside of her thighs.  She felt Jeanne's body responding to her touch as she opened herself up further.


McKenzie needed to taste more as her tongue flicked across Jeanne's swollen clit.  Jeanne arched and McKenzie tasted her further.  Licking her swollen lips, tasting as much as she could as she raised Jeanne's body slightly.  She continued to tease Jeanne as the smaller woman thrust her hips.  McKenzie's tongue began a slow rhythm, circling her clit at first.  Jeanne whimpered as McKenzie began to suckle her clit.  Her mouth began to drink in more of the smaller woman. 


Their rhythm increased as Jeanne offered more of herself.  McKenzie placed two fingers just outside of Jeanne's opening, teasing her.  "Please," Jeanne gasped as she held onto the headboard for support as McKenzie entered her.  McKenzie began a steady torture as her mouth pleasured Jeanne’s clit and her fingers plunged in and out of her wetness.  The pace quickly grew wild as Jeanne's body thrust against McKenzie's face. 


Each time she felt Jeanne nearing the edge, McKenzie would slow her movements.  Jeanne groaned each time, thrusting more insistently.  "Please," Jeanne begged once again.  McKenzie couldn't hold back any longer.  Her mouth and fingers began a passionate dance.  She held onto the smaller woman as she began to buck wildly.  Jeanne's arms were stretched over her head as she clung to the headboard.


Each woman moaned as Jeanne's body bucked wildly and her thighs began to tremble.  "God yes!" Jeanne screamed out as McKenzie took her higher.  Jeanne's body lifted off the mattress as she began to explode.  A loud snap frightened both women and then the headboard came crashing off the wall.  McKenzie continued her movements, knowing that her lover was close. 


Jeanne screamed out McKenzie’s name as she climaxed.  McKenzie held her tightly and continued to taste her as her fingers plunged in and out.  The second orgasm came quickly as McKenzie continued, the smaller woman clutching at the bedcovers begging her to stop.  As she felt her lover cross over for the third time, she finally released her hold on her.


Jeanne was gasping for air as McKenzie gathered her in her arms.  They held each other tightly as Jeanne's breathing finally returned to normal.  They both surveyed the damage to the bed and began to laugh loudly.  "We'll fix it in the morning."  McKenzie chuckled.


"I can't believe I did that."  Jeanne sighed as she gently guided McKenzie's body down.  She began to kiss McKenzie tenderly as her hands cupped her full firm breasts.  McKenzie moaned as smaller hands teased her.  Her legs parted as Jeanne cupped her mound.  "So wet," Jeanne murmured as her thumb circled McKenzie's throbbing clit. 


McKenzie gasped as she felt two fingers teasing her center.  She opened herself up further, offering everything to the woman who was quickly stealing her heart.  Her body trembled as Jeanne entered her and she wrapped her long legs around the blonde.  As Jeanne's fingers thrust in and out of her, her thumb kept a steady rhythm circling her aching clit.  "Come for me," Jeanne whispered hotly in her ear.


McKenzie’s body thrust in response as Jeanne took her.  Her climax ripped through her as Jeanne continued to make love to her.  Her heart was pounding as her body arched once again.  Exhausted they collapsed together.  They held onto one another while McKenzie tried to regain her breathing.


As they clung to each other, their bodies began to respond again to the feel of the other.  One kiss quickly became two until they found themselves eagerly feasting upon one another's passion.   They climaxed in unison and quickly found their way into each other's arms. 


They made love again and then they found themselves rushing to leave.  "I thought you set the alarm," Jeanne teased McKenzie as they checked out.  Both women were now running late for work. 


"I forgot," McKenzie retorted.  "I was distracted," she explained as they raced towards the car.   She opened the car door for Jeanne; a sudden panic washed over her.


Reaching out, she took Jeanne by the arm, "Can I see you again?" she asked fearfully.  "I mean on a date?"


"Is tonight too soon?" Jeanne answered brightly before kissing her gently.






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