By Mavis Applewater

February 2002


Disclaimers: This story and its characters belong to the author and may not be reproduced or posted without the author’s consent. So there!  This story contains a loving sexual relationship between two consenting adult women and a blender.  No, not really.  Just a good old fashion PWP where two women meet and participate in high impact aerobics.  So if the thought of two women making love is somehow offensive to you or not something you wish to read, then don’t read this story or anything else I have ever written.  If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material, then you can’t.  Sorry, not my fault.


As Always, This Is For Heather.





Regan sat at her desk looking around her small office for what would probably be the last time.  “How did this happen?” the petite blonde asked herself in the emptiness.   Her career was over.  She had made an unforgivable transgression.  Despite reassurances that the reason for her sudden departure would remain quiet, she knew that it would be all over town.  No agency would hire her now.


Regan was a private investigator.  It was all she wanted to do.  She grew up watching Charlie’s Angels and Remington Steele.  She wanted to be one of those women who went out and nailed the bad guy.  Of course she was disappointed in the reality of her career.  Most of the time she wasn’t on a stakeout or donning some clever disguise; she was pouring over computer printouts or going through old telephone books. 


It wasn’t glamorous but Regan loved her career.  Her organized and logical reasoning made her good at her work.  Until the day that she walked into her life with her blue eyes and long legs, bringing nothing but trouble into Regan’s dull existence.  Not exactly how the end of her career came about, but it was close enough.


It was three weeks ago.  Had it only been twenty-one days since her life began to unravel?  Regan was sitting in her office completing some paperwork.  She had just tracked down a missing heir to a small fortune.  Her boss, Mr. McGovern, was thrilled.  The agency would receive a nice chunk of change for Regan’s work. 


McGovern walked into her office without the courtesy of knocking.  Regan let it slide.  After all, he owned the agency.  He had a new assignment for her.  At the time she thought it was strange that he brought it to her personally.  It was a simple case of a husband thinking that his wife might be cheating on him.  Regan hated these types of cases.  But even she had to admit that marital mistrust kept the agency afloat.


Regan listened as her overweight balding boss explained the particulars of the assignment.  Their client was Collin Winthrop, heir to the Winthrop fortune, and he suspected his wife, Drew, of infidelities.  McGovern emphasized the need for discretion.  Regan fought back the urge to roll her green eyes in disgust.  She wasn’t new in town; she knew the drill.  She also knew that nine times out of ten it was their client who was having the affair and wanted out of their marriage but didn’t want to part with his money.   Then again, if you think your other half is cheating on you then chances are very good that they are.


Regan listened carefully as McGovern explained that Drew had her own business separate from her husband’s holdings.  A small startup company called DB Designs.  Regan was slightly familiar with the little company.  Collin suspected that his wife was using her business trips as a cover for a tryst.


Regan had taken the file, complete with a photo of Mrs. Winthrop.  Looking back, there were things in her life that Regan had felt certain of.  She was good at her job.  She was a reliable person who would never cross the line or break the rules.  It made her a bit of a dork but it was who she was.  She was also quite certain that she was a heterosexual.  She just hadn’t met Mister Right yet.  Now as she ran her hands over the unmarked videotape, she wasn’t certain of anything.  She felt like she had been a stranger to everyone including herself.





Regan had reviewed the file of the new assignment with her usual diligence.  When she looked at the photographs of Mrs. Winthrop she could understand why her husband would be worried.  The tall dark-haired woman was undeniably gorgeous.  It wasn’t the first time Regan found herself appreciating the beauty of another woman.  She just assumed that was normal.  She dismissed her admiration and got down to business.  Regan proceeded with the usual background check on the couple.


Drew and Collin had been friends since their college days at Brown University.  Drew excelled and Collin got by.  They married just after graduation.  Collin came into several trust funds once he married.  The couple, by all outward appearances, seemed to be happy.  Regan didn’t dig too deeply into the couple’s finances; it wasn’t pertinent to the case.  She did discover that they had a very sturdy prenuptial agreement that basically said that if the marriage ended he got to keep his money and family estate while she kept anything that was hers prior to their union.  That included her business.  There was also a clause regarding damages if the marriage ended due to a third party.  Oddly enough, there were no allowances for Mrs. Winthrop to collect alimony.   She would only receive a one-time settlement based upon the numbers of years the couple had been married.  Regan found that more than a little odd.  Apparently Mr. Winthrop had a better attorney than Mrs. Winthrop.


Nothing earth shattering there.  They were an extremely good-looking couple who seemed destined to produce equally good-looking heirs.  After ten years of marriage, the couple remained childless.  Mrs. Winthrop’s business went from struggling to be extremely successful.   Regan discovered that the success of DB Design was due solely to its owner.   Mr. Winthrop didn’t seem to have a career.  He spent his time traveling and playing on his yacht.   “Now why would a man rather play with his boat when he has a wife who looks like that?” Regan commented absently.  “Proof once again that men are idiots.”


Despite the fact that the couple didn’t spend a great deal of time together, they seemed happy.  It was also apparent, despite the obvious economic differences before their union, that Mrs. Winthrop wasn’t a gold digger.


Regan completed her research yet she wished that she had the opportunity to talk to some of their acquaintances.  She wanted to find out if there were any rumors floating about.  Since Regan needed to be discreet and she certainly didn’t travel in the same social circle as the golden couple, it was out of the question. 


Drew Winthrop had a business trip to San Francisco coming at the end of month.  Now all Regan had to do was fly out at the same time and follow the woman.  Of course there was the added nasty side to her business that included bugging the woman’s hotel room.  Regan hated that part, but it was her job.  If Mrs. Winthrop brought her beau back to her hotel room, she would need proof that it wasn’t to play a rousing game of Scrabble.


Regan would follow the woman discreetly and take pictures if she found her messing around.  Regan secretly hoped that Mrs. Winthrop wouldn’t give her the opportunity to snap pictures of the dark woman stealing kisses with her lover.  Regan smiled slightly, thinking that if nothing turned up on this trip then she would need to follow Mrs. Winthrop on her next excursion.   Just as quickly the blonde brushed the notion aside.





Regan finished hiding the tiny microphone and small video camera.  Technology was a wonderful thing.  The items were so small that not even the maid would notice them.  All Regan had to do was sit in her own suite just down the hall and watch and listen.  She didn’t enjoy the thought of spying on the tall executive but this was a part of her business.  Regan checked quickly to ensure that her intrusion wouldn’t be noticed.  Quietly she exited the room and returned to her own.


She sat with her legs up on her desk and watched her computer screen which was receiving the video and audio links from Drew Winthrop’s room.  Regan blinked wearily as she glanced around her room.  The upside of what she did for a living was that she got to stay in some very nice hotels.  The downside was that she rarely got to enjoy her accommodations.


Regan yawned and stretched before returning her focus to the computer screen.  She had been following the brunette for three days.  So far Mrs. Winthrop had only engaged in business.  Regan had come to the conclusion that the dark-haired beauty’s life was only slightly more exciting than her own.  All she did was work, visit the gym, and sleep.  Regan did notice that Mrs. Winthrop had failed to contact her husband during her trip. 


“No wonders he thinks you’re fooling around,” Regan commented dryly.  “You go out of town and don’t call.”  Regan grimaced, thinking it was pretty much the way she had treated the men in her life.  Of course none of them were really worthy of keeping in touch with.  She couldn’t understand why she couldn’t find the one guy who would completely captivate her and make her body yearn with desire.  “Some day.”  She sighed deeply.


Regan’s eyes brightened as her pulse beat just a little faster.  Mrs. Winthrop had just stepped out of the shower.  Regan didn’t stop to think about why she was so keyed up every time she watched the woman undress.  The only explanation she offered to herself was that she was simply admiring the woman’s well-toned body.  Inevitably Regan would ended up blushing and turn away from her monitor.  After all, she wasn’t being paid to watch this woman take her clothes off.  Unless of course Mrs. Winthrop was getting naked with someone else, then it was her duty to watch.


Regan turned back to her screen after she was certain that enough time had passed.  She expected to find the woman dressed in her usual blue silk pajamas.  Then she would climb onto the bed and pour over the endless pile of paper work that appeared nightly.  With only one more night scheduled for the trip, Regan was certain that tonight would be no different.  Regan was taken aback when she found the woman dressed in a pair of faded blue jeans and a simple white tank top.  “We’re going out tonight,” she commented wryly.


Regan scrambled quickly as she threw on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt that she covered with a charcoal sweater.  She kept one eye on the monitor to ensure that her target was still in the room.  Satisfied that her outfit matched her target’s, she watched as the woman tucked her wallet into her back pocket.  Regan did the same as she raced out of her room, leaving the equipment running in case Mrs. Winthrop returned to her room before Regan had the opportunity to follow.


Regan took the staircase in lieu of the elevator.  She hoped that her quarry was heading to the lobby.  Regan needed to reach the outside of the hotel before Mrs. Winthrop so she could follow her to her destination.  Regan waited outside the hotel, standing away from the entrance and calming her nerves.  She knew that it was entirely possible that the woman was simply going out to sightsee or grab a meal. 


She spotted Mrs. Winthrop as she exited the hotel and strolled casually down the steep sidewalk.  “Thank you for not hailing a cab.”  Regan sighed with relief as she trailed behind at a safe distance.  She noted that the woman seemed to know exactly where she was going as she navigated the twists and turns easily.  Mrs. Winthrop entered a nondescript building.  Regan heard music filtering out into the street.  “Interesting,” she said as she waited to make her entrance. 


Regan waited for fifteen minutes to ensure that Mrs. Winthrop was going to remain inside before approaching the door and walking in.  The bar was small but bright.  It was the middle of the week so the number of patrons was sparse.  Regan showed her id to the female bouncer quickly and then scanned her surroundings.  There were a few tables and chairs off to one side; on the other side was a pool table.   Off in the back corner there were a couple of booths that seemed to ensure some degree of privacy.  In the middle of the floor was a small dance floor while at the back an oak and brass bar ran the length of the room.


Mrs. Winthrop was standing at the end of the bar with a seemingly bored expression plastered on her chiseled features.  Regan went to the opposite end of the bar and sat down on a stool.  The bartender approached her.  Regan had almost mistaken the masculine woman for a man.  She ordered a ginger ale and pretended to watch the pool game, which was in progress across the room.  Regan’s blonde eyebrows rose as she looked around the bar once again. 


The only patrons were women?  Regan processed the information as she paid the bartender who tried to strike up a conversation with her.  Regan quickly, albeit politely, refused the bartender’s interest.  The woman’s flirting confirmed Regan’s suspicions - she was in a gay bar.  She wasn’t surprised that Mrs. Winthrop had chosen to spend her free time at a gay bar.  Many of her friends and she herself had chosen to hang out in a gay bar when traveling.  You could relax without being hit on.  You could even dance with good-looking men without the worry of having them grope you.


There was one glaring problem with Regan’s theory.  If Mrs. Winthrop wanted to go out without someone bothering her, why didn’t she go to a men’s bar?  Even a mixed club would have supported Regan’s theory.  ‘Maybe she didn’t know?  Then why is she still here?  And she seemed to know exactly where she was heading.’  Regan’s analytical mind realized that Mr. Winthrop was going to be very surprised.


She glanced over at Mrs. Winthrop casually, not wanting to get caught.  The thin crowd made her job more difficult.  She had to stay to see if her target was meeting someone.  She noticed a few women approach the tall woman.  They were quickly turned away.  Regan fiddled with the ice in her soda as she kept a subtle eye on the woman.  So far nothing had happened that was even worth adding to her report.


Mrs. Winthrop maintained her perch at the end of the bar, sipping her drink and turning down anyone who approached her.  Regan wondered how long she would be stuck there playing with her ginger ale while her quarry nursed her drink and people-watched.  For a brief moment their eyes met.  Regan smiled politely as her heart began to race.  She turned her attention back to her soda.  She could still feel those electric blue eyes burning into her.  Regan tried to dismiss her sudden anxiety at having been noticed by the woman she was suppose to be tailing.


Regan glanced up once again and found herself locked in an intense gaze.  Her palms began to sweat and her body trembled slightly.  Mrs. Winthrop smiled at her and Regan felt her breathing stop.  Her only conscious thought was that Mrs. Winthrop had an incredible smile.  Regan mentally kicked herself for even thinking something so absurd.  She returned her attention to her drink again.  Her mind was scattered as she tried to understand why her mouth was suddenly dry.  Why in the hell was she sweating?


Regan took a swig of her soda in an effort to satisfy her thirst.  It was a failed attempt.  She fished a couple of ice cubes out and began to chew on them nervously.  “You know, they say that’s a sign of sexual frustration,” a sultry voice whispered hotly in her ear.


Regan’s body flushed with excitement as she began to choke on her ice.  “I’m sorry,” Mrs. Winthrop blurted as Regan gasped for air.  Strong hands caressed her back as she tried to get the air to return to her lungs.  The feel of this woman’s hands touching her body sent jolts throughout her entire being. 


Regan’s eyes were watering as she slowly regained her ability to breath.  She almost started choking once again when she looked up to find herself staring into Mrs. Winthrop’s crystal blue eyes.


“I’m sorry,” the taller woman repeated in a panic.  “Are you all right?”


“Fine,” Regan choked out as she took small calming breaths.   “It just went down the wrong way.”


“That’s what I get for using such a tacky line,” the brunette teased as her hand continued to make small circles on Regan’s back.


Regan pulled away slightly, uncomfortable with the enjoyment she felt as the taller woman stroked her back.  “Perhaps I should have stuck with a standard?” Mrs. Winthrop joked lightly, the concern still shadowing her chiseled features.  Regan just stared at her blankly as she wondered why she found the sound of this woman’s voice so captivating.  “You know, something like can I buy you a drink or do you want to dance?” the brunette continued as she leaned against the bar, her eyes never leaving Regan.


Regan just continued to stare at her blankly.  She was fighting with the panic rushing through her.  She wasn’t supposed to allow this woman to see or notice her and now here she was talking to her.  “Are you quite certain that you’re all right?”  Mrs. Winthrop repeated.


“Uhm yeah,” Regan managed to stammer out.  “I just . . . uhm . . . kind of had the wind knocked out of me,” she explained quickly.  There was something about being so close to this woman that Regan found unsettling and yet very nice at the same time.  She was beginning to wonder if she was loosing her grip on reality when Mrs. Winthrop spoke once again.


“So can I buy you a drink?” the sultry voice inquired.


“I’m still working on this one,” Regan responded quietly as she tried to stop staring into those mesmerizing blue orbs.


“Would you like to dance?” Mrs. Winthrop continued, seemingly unfazed by Regan’s staring.


Regan turned around and looked at the deserted dance floor.  “There’s no music,” she pointed out.


“There’s a juke box,” Mrs. Winthrop explained casually.


Regan returned her gaze to the beautiful brunette, making certain that she didn’t look into her eyes.  Her course of action turned dangerous when she found herself staring at the taller woman’s firm full breasts.  For some reason that Regan couldn’t understand, she found herself captivated by the woman’s chest.  ‘Why am I ogling her?  It’s not like I’ve never seen a pair before.  I have a set of those myself.  But then again, hers are really nice.  What the hell am I thinking?’  Regan shook her head to clear her thoughts.


Looking up, she saw Mrs. Winthrop giving her a knowing smile.  Regan blushed slightly at the idea that she had been caught looking at Mrs. Winthrop’s body.  Her mind was screaming for her to run or simply excuse herself.  She had to do something.  “Dance with me?” the source of her dilemma insisted.  “You have to let me do something to make up for almost killing you,” the brunette pleaded.


“I don’t . . . ,” Regan hedged, trying to think of something to get her out of this situation.  She was supposed to be tailing this woman not dancing with her.


Mrs. Winthrop leaned in closer to her and Regan was certain her heart was about to explode.   “Please?”  The heated whisper caressed Regan’s ear.  The blonde felt her body tremble with a rush of desire.  Regan was wrestling with her demons.  She couldn’t understand why she was more turned on than she had ever been in her entire life.  And why with each passing moment she was inching closer and closer to casting aside every ounce of her professional ethics?


“At least tell me your name,” the brunette breathed into her ear as she ran her fingers across Regan’s trembling shoulder.


“Regan,” the blonde offered in a breathy tone.


“I’m Drew,” the woman responded as her body brushed lightly against Regan’s.  “Tell me what I can do to make it up to you?”  Regan’s head spun as Drew’s lips brushed lightly against her ear.


Regan started to slide off the stool.  Drew held her tighter, drawing them closer together.  Regan took a calming breath and pulled away slightly.  She had every intention of asking this woman to please stop flirting with her.  She was lost in confusion and needed to focus on the real reason she was there.  She opened her mouth to speak and yet was unable to utter a word.  Something inside her changed at that moment as her body and emotions took control.  Without understanding how or why, she reached up and drew the captivating woman in for a kiss.


Regan’s mind stilled.  Her only conscious thought was how incredible Drew’s lips felt against her own.  Their lips parted in unison, inviting one another in for exploration.  Regan could feel her lower anatomy pulsating as her tongue danced with Drew’s.  Her fingertips tingled as she ran them through Drew’s raven locks.  She felt Drew’s hands exploring her body and everywhere the tall beauty touched her, she instantly burned with a strange needy desire.


Regan felt dizzy as their lips finally ceased melting into one another.  “You are so beautiful,” Drew whispered hotly in her ear before dipping her tongue into the orifice gently.   Regan moaned as her thighs instinctively parted.  Drew’s hand caressed the inside of her thigh.  Regan shuddered from the touch as her eyes closed slightly.  Drew’s caresses continued, sending warm currents to flood Regan’s body.


 The realization of what was happening came crashing down on the little blonde.  Regan’s eyes snapped open as her legs snapped shut.  She treated so quickly she almost trapped Drew’s hand between her firm thighs.  Briefly she thought that wouldn’t have been a bad thing.  That startling realization frightened Regan; she jumped up off her bar stool.  Drew’s face was filled with confusion and fear.  “You said something about dancing?” Regan blurted out quickly.  Drew’s face brightened instantly as she took Regan by the hand.


“Are you from the Bay Area?” Regan inquired innocently as Drew led her across the room towards the battered jukebox.  She decided that she would use this turn of events to pump Drew for information.  At least that was what she told herself as she tried to see what song Drew was selecting. 


“No peeking,” Drew chastised her.  “No, I’m from back east. I‘m here on business,” Drew explained as she slid a dollar into the change slot.  “How about you?  Are you a local?” the taller woman inquired as she studied the selection of CD’s.


“I’m here on business as well,” Regan responded,feeling slightly relieved that they were going to dance.  At least they wouldn’t be touching.  Regan couldn’t believe that she had just made out with a complete stranger.  She had never done anything like that before.  As she spoke she reminded herself that this was only business.  She couldn’t allow herself to forget that this woman’s husband had hired her.


“Where are you from?” Drew continued as she started punching a few buttons.


“Boston, Regan responded honestly as she felt Drew’s thumb stroking the back of her hand.


“Hey, me too.”  Drew beamed as Regan’s heart dropped slightly.  Suddenly she felt like a first class jerk.  “Well, Chestnut Hill,” Drew added.  “Small world, huh?”


“You have no idea,” Regan muttered as a soft sultry beat filled the room.  ‘Now why did I think she would play something fast?  Of course she’s going to pick slow songs.  Okay, she put in a five dollar bill so that’s what?  Three or four songs?’  Regan’s mind was quickly processing the situation as Drew led her out onto the dance floor.


“Regan is a pretty name,” Drew commented sincerely as she wrapped her arms around Regan’s waist, drawing her closer.


“Thank you,” Regan said softly as the scent of Drew’s perfume invaded her senses.  “My Dad teaches classical literature.”


“King Lear,” Drew noted brightly.  “So how long are you in town for?”


“Not much longer,” Regan responded vaguely.  She discovered that she enjoyed being held by this woman while their bodies swayed together.


“I’ll be gone after tomorrow,” Drew said with a hint of sadness, her hands drifting down Regan’s back.  “Would you be interested in joining me for dinner tomorrow?”  Drew added hopefully.


Regan swallowed hard as a pair of strong hands worked their way down her body.  She was melting into Drew’s touch.  “I don’t know,” Regan said in a quiet disappointed tone.  This gorgeous woman had just asked her out on a date?  The thought blew her mind as Drew’s hands rested on her backside.  “Do you always move this fast?” Regan asked.  She told herself that she was just getting the information she had been hired to find out.


Drew’s hands paused for a moment.  Regan felt her fingers caressing her face.  Drew gently tilted her head up.  Their eyes met and Regan felt as if time had stopped.  “No,” Drew answered her firmly as she cupped her cheek. Regan leaned into the touch.  “You are simply irresistible,” Drew said with heartbreaking sincerity.


Regan was stunned by the admission.  She wanted to turn around and look for the woman that Drew was talking about.  “You’re kidding,” the blonde stuttered.  “You’re so beautiful.  Why me?”


“Because you are irresistible.”  Drew emphasized each word as she tilted her head slightly; she leaned down and placed a kiss on Regan’s full lips.  The blonde offered no resistance; instead she melted into the passionate kiss.  Her sense of reason once again vanished.  One song led into the next as their tongues caressed one another.  Their hands felt their way up and down each other’s overheated body.  Regan found herself cupping Drew’s breast.  Her body reeled as she felt Drew’s nipple harden from her touch.


Drew’s hands slipped up under her sweater and began caressing her back.  Everything about this woman and this moment that they were sharing felt so incredibly right.  Their tongues engaged in a sensual duel as their bodies pressed together.  Regan was lost.  Everything she had come to know or believe in slipped away as she continued to fondle the dark beauty’s nipple. 


Regan’s jeans were becoming damp as she pressed her hips into Drew’s body.  As their hips swayed together, all Regan wanted to know was if Drew was as wet as she was.  The thought fueled on her desire.  She needed to feel this woman’s body more than she needed air to breath.  Regan released a throaty moan as Drew sweetly explored her body.


“The music has stopped,” Drew purred as she released Regan’s lips.  The blonde investigator found herself nestling her head against Drew’s chest.  Drew was running her fingers through her hair.  The sensation was causing Regan’s stomach to clench with desire.  “Should I play more songs?” Drew suggested as Regan looked up at her. 


Regan shook her head in a negative response.  Once again she was drawn in like a moth to a flame.  Before she could think, they were kissing once again.  She thought she was going to explode right then and there as Drew sucked on her tongue.  The thought sent a tremor through her.  She had always taken a long time to reach a climax.   Now, here on this dingy dance floor, she was on the edge of screaming out in ecstasy and all they were doing was kissing.  Without realizing what she was doing, Regan grasped the taller woman’s hips firmly and thrust against her.


Drew was gasping as she tore her mouth away.  “We should move to a booth,” the brunette suggested quickly.  Regan could only nod weakly in response.  On unsteady legs she allowed Drew to lead her to the back of the club.  Regan slid into the wooden booth as Drew continued to stand.  Regan glanced around quickly, noting the dim lighting and the privacy that the booth provided.  “I’ll get us some more drinks,” Drew offered.  “What are you drinking?”


“Ginger ale,” Regan responded absently, her body still vibrating from the activities they shared on the dance floor.


“You don’t drink?” Drew asked thoughtfully.


“Not tonight,” Regan explained in a seemingly casual tone.  ‘I never drink when I’m on duty.  Regan, you need to get a hold of yourself.  Her husband hired you.  Keep reminding yourself of that and keep your hands to yourself,’ the blonde silently admonished herself.


“Do you mind if I do?” Drew inquired considerately.


“Feel free,” Regan answered, thankful for the few moments alone so she could collect her thoughts.


She sat there in the dimness, her mind and body engaged in a tug of war.  She had already crossed an ethical line.  She couldn’t allow herself to go any further.  She would simply wait for Drew to return, make her excuses, and get the hell out of there.  She peered over the booth, watching Drew at the bar.  Unwittingly she found herself drinking in every curve of the tall woman’s magnificent body. 


There was one thing she had to do and she had to do it right away.  She reached into the pocket of her jeans, praying that it would be there.  She never went anywhere without it.  She blessed technology as she flipped open the tiny cell phone.  She settled down in the corner of the booth and hit the speed dial.  She knew no one would be there to answer her call.  The message left on McGovern’s voicemail was short and to the point.  She was withdrawing from the case and would be returning early.


She snapped the phone shut just as Drew returned with their drinks.  “Business?” Drew inquired brightly as she put their drinks down on the table.  Regan smiled in response, feeling slightly better now that one of her ethical dilemmas had been resolved.  She would still need to face the music when she returned to Boston, but for the moment she could breath just a little easier.  She would deal with her unexpected case of carnal desire later.  Now all she had to do was get away from Drew and perhaps her life wouldn’t fall completely apart.


Regan could feel her body responding as Drew settled in next to her.  Regan felt weak from the heat emanating off of Drew’s body.  “Where are you staying?” Drew inquired casually as she inched slightly closer to Regan.


“The Ritz,” Regan responded as she felt her pulse start to race.  Her back was pressed against the wall.  Her breathing was becoming ragged as Drew’s fingers began to trace a tantalizing trail across her quivering thigh.


“Me too,” Drew exclaimed brightly.


Regan smiled as she thought how the tall serious brunette could just light up like a kid a Christmas.  Regan couldn’t believe how endearing this woman’s smile was.  “I’m beginning to think this was fate.”  Drew beamed.  “I mean, running into someone from back home here.  This isn’t exactly one of the city’s hot spots,” Drew continued as Regan’s heart beat against her chest.  “Regan, I hope you’ll accept my offer.”  Regan just blinked at her, not fully understanding what was being said.  “For dinner tomorrow,” Drew added quickly.


“I can’t.  I’m leaving earlier than expected,” Regan responded regretfully.


“Oh.”  Drew’s response was filled with disappointment.  “Well, maybe you would like to get together when we’re both back home?” Drew suggested.


Regan failed to respond; her mind was too busy questioning why she was still there.  Wasn’t she supposed to make up some excuse to get out of there and away from Drew?  She could feel Drew’s body coming dangerously close to her own.  “Regan?” Drew said in a husky tone as she cupped Regan’s cheek.  Once again the blonde leaned into the touch.  ‘This is insane!  Why don’t I just leave?’ Regan questioned once again as she began to caress Drew’s bicep.  She smiled as she felt Drew’s skin responding to her touch.


Drew leaned in once again and reclaimed her lips.  Regan was amazed as the kiss deepened quickly.  This kiss was even more passionate than the ones they had shared earlier.  Drew seemed to wrap her body around Regan’s.  The brunette’s hands reached up under her sweater once again and Regan found herself tugging on the hem of Drew’s tank top. 


Her hands seemed to have a mind and a will of their own as she pulled the white cotton shirt out of Drew’s jeans.  She felt as if she had been burned as her hands caressed Drew’s bare abdomen.  The muscles of the taller woman’s stomach danced beneath her fingers.  Drew hands seemed to be worshipping Regan’s body.  The slow gentle caresses were driving the blonde insane.


Regan felt her own T-shirt being pulled out of her jeans and Drew’s firm hands feeling her exposed flesh.  Regan felt her way up Drew’s body and once again cupped a firm full breast.  The satin material of Drew’s bra was frustrating the blonde.  She wanted to feel all of the dark beauty.


Regan’s thighs quivered as Drew pulled her nearer.  The brunette’s hand felt it’s way down Regan’s body.  As the brunette’s palm cupped her center, Regan slipped her own hand up and under the satin material of Drew’s bra.  They were moaning and panting as the kiss ended.  Regan was teasing Drew’s nipple with the palm of her hand as the brunette was mirroring her movements between Regan’s thighs.


Regan’s mind was screaming for her to stop or simply slow things down as she felt the button on her jeans being opened.  Instead of listening to her inner voice, the blonde found herself lowering her head and capturing Drew’s erect nipple in her mouth.  She reveled in the taste of Drew’s skin as the brunette lowered the zipper of Regan’s blue jeans. 


She was wetter than she had ever been in her entire life and she knew she was unable to retreat from the overwhelming passion blazing inside of her.  She felt her pants being opened wider; instead of stopping and telling Drew the truth about everything, she suckled her nipple harder.  Regan had never realized that teasing another woman’s nipple with her tongue could be such an incredible turn-on.


Drew’s body arched against her eager mouth as the brunette’s fingers passed under the elastic band of Regan’s underwear.  Her fingers brushing damp curls made Regan’s body pulsate with desire.  She could hear her lover moaning as she felt the wetness that was dripping from Regan’s center.   


Regan’s head fell back slightly as Drew’s long finger caressed her neither lips.  “I’ve never,” Regan panted as Drew stroked her throbbing clit. 


“You’ve never what, baby?” Drew questioned hotly in her ear.


“Been with a woman,” Regan reluctantly confessed as Drew nibbled sensually on her neck.


Her body shook as Drew suddenly halted her movements.  “But?” Drew stammered as she turned to look deeply into Regan’s emerald eyes.  Regan understood her confused look.  It screamed ‘What in the hell are you talking about?  We met in a dyke bar and have been playing tonsil hockey almost since we met!’  “Never,” Regan asserted firmly as the feelings reflected on Drew’s face turned from desire to completely flustered.


“You’re not a virgin, are you?” Drew inquired in an incredulous tone.


“No,” Regan reassured her.  “I’ve just never been with a woman.  Drew, are you gay?”


“Yes.”  Drew laughed lightly as her fingers began to caress Regan’s wetness.


Regan bit back the moan that was building inside of her.  She couldn’t understand anything that was happening.  Drew was gay but married to a man.  Up until a few moments ago, Regan thought she was straight and now all she wanted was to feel this woman filling her completely.  “Regan?” Drew said softly as she once again began to stroke Regan’s clit.  “I have to admit that normally what you said would send me screaming into the night.  To be honest, if you had said something sooner I probably would have run away.”


“Why haven’t you?”  Regan gasped as she opened herself up further, granting Drew deeper access to her body.


“Why haven’t you?”  Drew asked as she kissed Regan in a light sensual manner.


“I can’t stop,” Regan admitted fearfully, feeling Drew’s breath on her face.


“Do you want to?” Drew said hotly as her hand slipped further into Regan’s panties.


“I should.”  Regan moaned as she drank in the sight of Drew’s face flushed with desire.


“Do you want to?” Drew repeated as her fingertips teased Regan’s clit.


“No,” Regan groaned as she reached up and brought Drew’s face in closer.  She captured Drew in a lengthy kiss as she felt her underwear being lowered slightly.


“God, I love the way you kiss,” Drew gasped as the kiss ended.  “I need to know if there is any reason for us to stop,” Drew asked in a needy tone.  There were a thousand reasons why they should stop.  Regan just couldn’t bring herself to do it.  She shook her head since she was unable to speak at that moment.  “Any health questions?” Drew persisted as her fingers continued to tease Regan.


“None,” Regan groaned honestly.  “And you?”


“I’m very healthy,” Drew responded as she began to kiss Regan once again.  Drew’s fingers pressed outside of Regan’s center.  “I can’t believe that I can taste you,” Drew groaned in a ragged breath.  Regan moaned as she thought of the possibilities.  “We should get out of here,” Drew said as she kissed Regan once again.  “We wouldn’t want to get arrested.”  Drew chuckled lightly.  


Neither of them moved to stop what was happening.  Regan felt Drew’s lips capture her own as her fingers entered her center.  She could feel her insides pulsate as two fingers slid into her slowly.  Their tongues engaged in battle as Drew filled her.  Drew’s fingers began to plunge in and out of her as her thumb made circles across her clit. 


Regan clung to the brunette as the kiss deepened further and Drew’s hand quickened its pace.  Their bodies melted together as Drew’s rhythm steadily increased.  Regan thrust against Drew’s fingers as her thighs quivered.  Regan found herself suckling Drew’s neck as the brunette plunged deeper and harder inside of her.  Regan bit down on her bottom lip to keep from screaming out as she climaxed against Drew.


Regan was trembling as Drew continued to pleasure her.  She began to squirm as she tried to break away from the intense pleasure.  “I can’t,” she finally choked out.  Drew released her instantly.  Regan was flustered as she quickly pulled her pants back up.  Drew reached out to hold her.  Regan brushed off her attempts to comfort her.  “Please,” Drew said softly.


Regan zipped up her jeans and pushed Drew aside as she tried to climb out of the booth.  The entire event was freaking her out.  “I need to go,” Regan pleaded as Drew pulled her top down.   The brunette then stood to allow the blonde to get out of the booth. 


“Regan, don’t,” Drew pleaded.  “Talk to me,” the brunette encouraged her.


Regan needed to escape as her world began to crumble.  She headed to the door and walked out of the club, Drew following directly behind her.  “Regan, please!  At least let me walk you back to the hotel,” Drew pleaded, standing slightly away from her.


Looking around the dark street, Regan nodded in agreement.  They walked in silence towards the hotel.  “I can’t believe I let that happen,” Regan choked out.  Drew didn’t respond; she seemed to be allowing Regan to get her feelings out.  “I let a stranger fuck me in a bar.”  Drew remained silent as Regan instantly regretted her choice of words, even if it was an accurate description.  “I’m sorry,” Regan mumbled as they continued to walk.


“I should have stopped,” Drew said with quiet regret as they entered the hotel lobby.


“No,” Regan said honestly as she pushed the button for the elevator.  “I wanted it.  I wanted you.  I needed you,” she said in a voice just above a whisper.  She breathed a sigh of relief as the elevator doors opened and they stepped in alone.  Regan hesitated slightly before pressing the button for her floor.  ‘She was going to find out eventually,’ Regan surmised.


“We’re on the same floor,” Drew said with a slight smile.  “We need to talk.  I can listen.  Nothing else has to happen,” Drew offered tenderly.


The doors opened and the two women stepped out.  Regan paused just outside her doorway.   She leaned against the doorframe, feeling a sense of defeat.  She almost started to laugh; since she had officially withdrawn from the case, this was going to be a very expensive sexual encounter.  Nothing, including her flight and accommodations, would be reimbursed by the agency.  She also felt a haunting sense of guilt.  Drew was being so understanding.  She was trying to help Regan, unaware of what the true problem was.  Of course Drew was also cheating on her husband.  Somehow the information didn’t tarnish the image of sheer beauty.


“I . . .” Regan hesitated, trying to think of what she wanted to say.  She knew deep in her heart she wanted to wrap herself in Drew’s arms and continue exploring her body.  Of course it didn’t help that she could see that Drew’s breast was still hanging out of her bra.  “I never experienced anything so wonderful and so frightening,” Regan finally explained.  “All I want to do is continue what we started and I’m too afraid to do what I want.”


Drew’s response came in the form of a fiery kiss.  Regan melted into it and allowed her hands to roam over Drew’s body.  “Let’s go inside your room.  We can just talk and hold one another,” Drew suggested.  Regan panicked, knowing that if they went into her room she could never explain all , the surveillance equipment showing views of Drew’s room.  “Can we go to your room?”  Regan said quickly, deciding that she needed to tell Drew everything before things progressed any further.


Drew nodded in agreement as she took Regan by the hand and led her down the hallway.  During the brief stroll Regan tried to think of how she was going to explain to Drew that she had been hired to follow her.  They were still holding hands as they entered the room.  Drew closed the door behind them and wrapped Regan in a warm embrace. 


Regan relaxed in Drew’s arms before looking into trusting crystal blue eyes, prepared to tell her lover everything.  Her resolve disappeared as she found herself lost in those eyes.  “Kiss me,” she pleaded.  Drew smiled as she lowered her head and claimed Regan’s lips.  Regan began to suckle Drew’s bottom lip as she felt her lover start to lift her sweater up. 


The sweet kiss ended and Drew removed Regan’s sweater and then her T-shirt.  “I’ll stop anytime you want to,” Drew promised her before stealing another kiss.  Regan felt like she was on fire as they continued to kiss.  She felt her bra being removed.  She kicked off her shoes as she pulled Drew’s tank top up.  They stepped apart and Regan removed Drew’s top, tossing it onto the floor before claiming her bra as well. 


Regan reached out and ran her fingers along Drew’s breasts.  “You are so beautiful,” she commented absently, allowing herself to enjoy the feel of Drew’s skin.  “Tomorrow you’ll probably hate me,” Regan explained softly as Drew teased her breasts slowly.


“What?” Drew asked before stealing another kiss as she gently guided Regan down onto the sofa.


“It’s true.”  Regan gasped as Drew kissed her way down her body.  “Please just love me tonight,” Regan pleaded as Drew removed her jeans.  Her body tingled from the feel of Drew’s raven tresses tickling her skin.  Drew had removed all of Regan’s clothing and was kissing her way back up Regan’s body. 


Drew began to circle Regan’s aching nipples with her tongue.  Regan wrapped her legs around her lover’s body as Drew suckled her nipples, teasing them with her teeth and her tongue.  Regan’s hips thrust against Drew’s firm body as the brunette lavished her breasts with sensual pleasure.  Regan’s body was on fire as Drew climbed further up her. 


Regan felt their nipples brush together as she kissed her lover.  The kiss exploded into fiery exploration as Regan gripped Drew’s shoulders.  “Love me,” she pleaded once again, knowing that in the morning everything would change.


They rolled around on the sofa, kissing and groping one another as their hips ground together.  Regan felt herself being lifted slightly and turned over.  She lifted herself up on her palms and offered her backside to her lover.  She gasped as she heard the zipper on Drew’s jeans being lowered.  “Yes,” se moaned slightly, opening herself up further.  She felt Drew’s body pressing into her own. 


Drew straddled her hips, pressing her wetness hard into Regan.  Drew began to kiss the back of Regan neck as their hips sway together.  Regan felt alive as Drew’s wetness thrust against her and her nipples pressed into her back.  “You are so beautiful,” Drew murmured against her skin as she kissed her way down Regan’s body. 


Strong hands massaged her firm backside as Drew’s mouth tasted her own wetness on Regan’s body.  Drew’s tongue slowly ran across her cheeks, dipping into her.  Regan shuddered as she felt Drew’s mouth getting closer to her wetness.  Regan’s back arched as Drew tasted her passion.  She was panting as she thrust against Drew’s mouth, feeling her lover lick and tease her clit before entering her with her tongue.  


Drew plunged in and out tasting, all that Regan had to offer.  The blonde rocked wildly, urging her lover to take her deeper.  Drew feasted upon her eagerly.  Regan could feel her body nearing the edge.  Drew pulled away slightly and Regan growled in disappointment.  “You taste so good,” Drew purred as she kissed her way back up Regan’s body. 


Once again the brunette was straddling Regan’s hips.  They began to rock together, Drew thrusting her wetness into Regan.  The blonde was gasping and moaning in pleasure as Drew rode her.  She felt Drew reach between the bodies; her fingers teased Regan’s clit.  “YES!” Regan screamed out as Drew entered her.  “You feel so good,” Drew moaned as she plunged in and out of Regan’s center.


Regan’s head was thrown back in ecstasy as she clutched the cushions on the sofa.  She screamed out wildly as she fell over the edge, the orgasm ripping through her.  Her cries of pleasure filled the room as Drew continued to plunge into her.  Her second climax came quickly.  She shuddered as she felt Drew’s fingers leaving her. 


Regan’s entire being felt alive as Drew rode her.  She could tell by the brunette’s moans that she was close to reaching a climax as well.  Regan pulled away and received a whimper from Drew.  The blonde spun around quickly.  She drew her lover in for a kiss as she lowered her down onto the sofa.  The feel of their naked bodies melting together as their clits brushed incited Regan’s passion.


The sweat rolled down their bodies as they gyrated together.  Regan looked down, watching Drew’s body rocking against her own.  They were both panting and whispering words of desire.  Regan pulled away.  She needed to feel Drew explode and she knew how she wanted to feel her climax.   She settled her body between Drew’s long legs.  She inhaled the musky scent of her lover’s arousal.  The aroma was intoxicating as was the sight of her glistening triangle.


Regan buried herself in Drew’s wetness.  As the brunette draped her legs over Regan’s shoulders, Regan feasted upon her wetness.  She loved the feel of Drew’s legs running the length of her body.  As she licked the wetness of her lover’s slick folds, she prayed that she was doing this right.  She suckled Drew’s clit in her mouth and began teasing it with the tip of her tongue.  As Drew’s body arched and she begged for her to take her, Regan knew that she was indeed doing this right.


She held her lover as she plunged two fingers deep inside of her.  Regan’s hand and mouth moved in rhythm as Drew called out her name.  Regan had never felt this happy as she reveled in the taste of Drew’s passion.  She felt her lover’s thighs trembling against her cheeks and she took her deeper.  “Regan!” Drew called out as the blonde sucked her clit into her mouth.  “Yes, baby!” Drew screamed in pleasure. 


Regan held her lover as her body lifted up.  It felt incredible as Drew exploded against her mouth.  Now she understood why Drew kept pleasuring her after she had climaxed.  The need to drive her lover further over the edge was intoxicating.  Regan gave in to the demand and drove the brunette quickly into another orgasm.  She tried to continue but Drew pulled away from her, begging for mercy.


“Why didn’t anyone tell me how incredible that is?” Regan commented happily as she ran her hands along her lover’s trembling body.


Drew laughed as she sat up.  “Why don’t we climb into bed?” the brunette suggested brightly.


“There’s a bed in here,” Regan teased, suddenly feeling like a whole new woman.



Drew laughed once again as she cupped Regan’s cheek.  The blonde leaned into the touch with a feeling of overwhelming completeness.  “I can’t believe that you thought I would hate you,” Drew said with a soft reassurance.  Regan tensed instantly.  “Regan, it’s okay.  I’m sure you still have your doubts.  But maybe once we both get back home we could get to know one another better and maybe I can help you figure things out. “


Regan felt her heart break.  She hadn’t planned on sleeping with a woman much less the one woman she shouldn’t.  Now Drew was hoping that they could see more of one another.  “Regan,” Drew repeated with a gentle yet firm tone.  “You must have already been questioning your sexuality.  Why else would you have been in that bar?”


Regan felt like the most horrible person in the universe.  She had to do what she should have done hours ago.  “Because I was following you,” Regan confessed as she got up off the sofa. 


“What?” the brunette exc;aimed as Regan began to gather her clothing.  She preferred to be fully clothed when Drew kicked her out.


“I was hired by your husband,” Regan explained painfully as she pulled on her jeans.  She didn’t bother with trying to find her underwear.


“Collin hired you?” Drew stammered in confusion as she also stood.


“I’m a private investigator,” Regan explained further as she pulled her sweater on over her naked chest.


“Okay . . . well, that’s a lot better than what I was beginning to think,” Drew muttered as she walked over to the bed.  Regan waited tensely as Drew put on a blue silk robe.  “Well, it must be true since you know I have a husband.  But why would Collin hire you to . . .”


“He didn’t hire me for that,” Regan snapped.  “I said I was a private investigator, not a prostitute.”  Regan took a calming breath as Drew approached her with a wary look.


“I was hired to follow you,” Regan explained quietly.  “Your husband thinks you’re cheating on him.  That you’re using your business trips to cover up a liaison.  I guess he was right,” Regan noted sadly as she moved about the room and began to carefully remove her tiny surveillance devices from their hiding places.


“Are those what I think they are?” Drew accused her.


“Yes,” Regan confessed guiltily.


“Well, I certainly fell for the whole act, didn’t I?” Drew said through clenched teeth.


“It wasn’t an act,” Regan shot back honestly.  “I know you don’t have any reason to believe me, but everything I said tonight was the truth.  I threw my entire career out the window because I couldn’t resist you.  Don’t worry; no one will see the videotape.  It technically isn’t agency property.  I pulled myself off the assignment before we came back here.”


“How very noble,” Drew commented absently, her eyes searching for the truth.


Regan felt like crying as she turned to leave the room.  “Wait?”  Drew called out in a confused tone.  Reluctantly Regan turned back to her.  “What do you mean you pulled yourself off the assignment?”


“Back at the bar,” Regan explained.  “The phone call was to my boss’ voicemail.  I pulled myself off the case.  It was unethical to stay on.  Kissing you was unethical.  Not telling you the truth before we made love was unforgivable.  Don’t worry.  You’ll never have to see me again.” 


“Hold on,” Drew called out calmly, stopping Regan from making her retreat.  “I don’t understand anything that’s happening here.  But I would like to.  I was being honest with you, Regan.  I would like to get to know you better.  And not just in bed.  Come here and let’s sit down and talk.”  Drew emphasized the last word.


Regan felt a strange sense of relief as they each took a spot on the sofa.  She noticed the distance they left between themselves.  She laid her equipment down on the table and Drew inspected it with careful interest.  “Microphone,” Regan explained as Drew played with one item before picking up another.  “Camera,” Regan choked out in discomfort.


Drew flashed an icy look at her before returning the tiny camera to the table.  “I would probably find it fascinating if it hadn’t been used to invade my privacy,” she said coldly.


“It’s not one of my favorite things about my profession,” Regan confessed.  “I mean the gadgets are cool.  When I buy them I try not to think about what I’m using them for.  Sometimes it’s a good thing.  Last year these little buggers helped me stop a group of Nazi wannabes.”


“The equipment is yours?” Drew inquired thoughtfully.


“Yes.  My boss can be a little cheap,” Regan explained.  “If I want the best equipment, I have to buy it myself.”


“And the video is yours as well?” Drew asked, trying to process the information.


“Technically,” Regan hedged.  “I put a fresh tape in before I left tonight.  So everything with you on it was taped after I quit the case.  So unless I include it on my expenses, it belongs to me.  In fact, because I quit before the job was done, this whole trip is on me.  I’ll turn in the other tapes with my report.”


“Your report?”  Drew inquired with a smile.  “Let me guess.  Your report ends the moment you left the case.”


“Right,” Regan reassured her.  “Up to that point all we did was kiss and dance.”


“You copped a feel,” Drew noted merrily.


“Oh, right.”  Regan blushed at the memory.  “I guess none of this is going to sit too well with your husband?”


“Which is confusing me the most at this moment,” Drew began slowly.  “Why did he hire you?”


“I don’t think finding out your wife is a lesbian is something most men want to know,” Regan blurted out.  “Although I’m certain that there are some out there that would love it.”  Regan shivered at the thought.


“And Collin is one of them.”  Drew laughed.  “Not for the reasons you’re thinking.  I’m a lesbian and Collin is a big gay boy.”


“What?” Regan choked out.


“Collin and I have been close friends forever,” Drew explained.  “He couldn’t collect most of his inheritance until he married.  So unless the laws in this country changed, he had to do something.  God knows he wasn’t cut out to actually use his degree.  Then again, Collin’s such a pig I don’t think he’d get married anyway.”


“So why am I here?” Regan questioned her tersely. 


“Hey, I was just helping out a friend,” Drew defended herself.  “I never took a dime from Collin.  As it turned out I never had to.  I’ve worked long and hard to make my business successful.”


“I know that,” Regan said quickly.  “I had to do a quick background check on you.  So once again, why am I here?”


“Other than the fact that you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” Drew said with a slight smile, “I don’t know.”  Regan blushed at the compliment.  “Unless he wants a divorce,” Drew said in sudden realization.  “That bastard,” she spat out.


Regan blinked in surprise at the sudden outburst.  “Why do you care?  I mean your marriage is a scam anyway,” Regan questioned her in confusion. 


“I don’t,” Drew explained quickly.  “But Collin has some very expensive hobbies.  He’s pissed, or should I say snorted, his fortune away.  I’ve tried to get his sorry ass into rehab more times than I can count.  He needs the money.  If he files for a divorce, it’s no big deal.  We both walk away with our own stuff.  But if he has proof that a third party was involved, he can get his hands on part of my business.  He’ll suck it dry,” Drew said sadly.  “I’m ruined.”


“No, you’re not,” Regan argued.


“Regan, your report will say that I was in a dyke bar and we made out.  It’s not the whole enchilada but it’s enough,” Drew explained. 


Regan began to massage her throbbing temples.  “You must be going through hell,” Drew said softly.


“I’ve never done anything that would put my professionalism or ethics in question,” Regan confessed.


“I believe you,” Drew responded tenderly.  “You walked away when things got hot and heavy with us.  Trust me – my knowing that saved your ass tonight.  I really felt like I’d been set up.”


“I couldn’t,” Regan responded weakly.


“Of course, you could have said something about Collin before we slept together,” Drew added with a note of bitterness.


Regan just sat there, lost in her own little corner of hell.  “I would have slept with you anyway,” Drew confessed quietly.  The admission was a double-edged sword.  It felt good knowing that Drew felt the same way she did.  Then again, why was Regan feeling the way she did?  “Why did you sleep with me, Regan?” Drew inquired carefully.


“I don’t know,” Regan responded honestly.  “Up until a few hours ago I never questioned my sexuality.  Now it’s all I’m doing.  Suddenly there are things in my past that aren’t as innocent I once convinced myself that they were.”


“None of those things, tonight included, makes you gay,” Drew offered supportively.


“They don’t make me as straight as I thought I was either,” Regan said wryly as she stood.


“You’ll figure everything out,” Drew said as she stood up as well.  “It’s not easy.  I know.”


“I need to go,” Regan said in defeat.


“Stay,” Drew said in pleading tone.  “Let me hold you tonight.”


“I can’t,” Regan said as they walked to the door.  The look of sadness on Drew’s face broke her heart.  “It’s not that I don’t want to.  It’s just that I really need to start thinking with my upper anatomy.”


“I understand,” Drew said sadly.


Regan left her lover’s hotel room before she had a chance to change her mind.  She returned to her own room and began to pack.  She had a lot to think about.  It was time to start sorting everything out.





She had flown home and turned in a report that, for the first time in her career, had a glaring omission.  She wasn’t about to allow Collin Winthrop to use her so he could take Drew’s business.  She also handed in her resignation.  As she fiddled with the videotape, she knew she had done the right thing.  She was still sorting out her feelings regarding Drew.  It was becoming a little less startling with each passing day.  Regan was finally beginning to realize that she had been playing on the wrong team.


“Regan?” McGovern called out as he entered what was now her former office.


“Hey,” she responded dryly.


“Please explain to me why you’re leaving?” the man pleaded as she stared at him.  “First you drop a case in the middle of an investigation, then you just quit.  What is going on? And all for a case that doesn’t exist any longer since the client’s check bounced.”


“How was I chosen for this case?” Regan inquired thoughtfully.


“You’re good,” McGovern answered quickly.  It was the truth.  But not the entire truth and Regan knew it.


“True,” Regan admitted.  “But you came to me personally.  Was I chosen because I’m Mrs. Winthrop’s type?”  Regan watched with some degree of amusement as McGovern stammered and choked.  “I thought so.”


“Oh, what’s the harm?” McGovern blurted out as Regan stood.


“I don’t like being used,” Regan said firmly as she tossed the tape into one of the boxes containing her possessions.  She picked them up and headed towards the doorway.


“Regan?” McGovern snapped.  “Come on.  It’s not like anything happened.”


“So why not tell me?” Regan questioned him in an accusing tone.  “You knew that Collin Winthrop was just trying to get to his wife’s money.  That’s not what I do.  I can’t work for someone who would do that.”  Having said that she walked out the door.


After loading the boxes in her car she drove to the turnpike.  She found the address easily enough.  Regan shook her head in disbelief as she pulled into the driveway of the stately home.  She would recognize the tall brunette sitting on the front stoop anywhere.  She reached behind her and retrieved the videotape from the box in the back seat.


Holding it tightly, she approached Drew.  Regan felt good.  This was the last thing she needed to do before she could really start living her life.  She watched as Drew talked on the telephone.  Blue eyes widened as Drew stood up.  A smile broke out on her face.  “Collin, I’m proud of you.  I need to go.  Remember, one day at a time.  Goodbye.”


Regan smiled, feeling a little better with each passing moment.  “Regan,” Drew said with a bright smile.  “It’s good to see you.”


“Collin’s in rehab?” Regan said.


“Yeah, I kicked his butt into a very fine clinic the moment I got back,” Drew explained. 


“Why do I think you literally kicked his butt?” Regan questioned her in amusement.


“Because I did,” Drew confessed.  “I’ve been worried about you.”


“I’m doing really good,” Regan responded brightly.  “Unemployed but good.”


“You quit,” Drew said.


“Yeah and it felt right.”  Regan smirked in response.  “Here,” she said as she handed Drew the videotape.  “You can burn it or sell it on the internet; it’s up to you.” 


“Burning it sounds like a good plan,” Drew jested.  “I might just watch it once.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively as Regan laughed.  “Did you?”


“No,” Regan said quickly as she blushed once again.


“Uh huh,” Drew responded in disbelief.  “So how is everything else?”


“I don’t have all the answers yet but I’m closer to them,” Regan admitted happily.  “And I’m really happy.”


“Good,” Drew responded.  “So at the risk of offending you, can I buy you dinner tonight?”


“Depends on whether or not you’re asking me out on a date,” Regan said dryly.


“That is entirely up to you,” Drew answered honestly.


“It’s a date then,” Regan reassured her.  Drew smiled broadly.  “I can’t promise that I’m certain yet.  But I’m getting there.  I hope that doesn’t frighten you.”


“Scares the life out me,” Drew admitted.  “But I think you’re worth the risks.”


“Thanks.”  Regan smiled as she reached up and placed a promising kiss on Drew’s lips. 





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