Who Knew?

By Mavis Applewater

February 2003




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Thanks to my beta reader Toni.


As always this is for Heather.




            Anya Ellison was nervous as she made her way through the busy airport terminal.  She was nervous for a variety of reasons the first was enduring a cab ride through the streets of Boston, next there was Holly’s wedding and the prospect of being stuck in the most hideous gown in creation, of course that was all part of being a bridesmaid, and lastly was facing someone she hadn’t seen in over a decade.


            It was the last part that was making the sweat pour off of her.  She was thrilled that Holly was getting married.  And honored to be invited to be a member of the wedding party, hideous dress aside there was just one teensy weensy little thing Anya had never shared with her college roomie and now she was terrified that it would come out.  “Maybe I should just tell her?”  Anya wondered aloud as she hailed the first taxi she spotted.  “Then again Colleen probably told her years ago,” She reasoned as she climbed into the taxi.  “But if she didn’t then maybe I should just pretend it never happened?”  She continued to mutter as the driver asked her for her destination.  “Sorry, The Ritz Carlton,” She apologized realizing that he had been waiting for sometime for her answer.

“Which one?”  The driver grumbled.

“The new one,” She informed the surly man.


            She gripped the seat as the driver sped away from the curb.  During the entire ride from Logan Airport Anya clung desperately to anything she could grab.  “Some things never change,” She muttered as she paid the driver and thankfully stepped out of the dangerous vehicle.  She was thankful that the frightening drive into the city had distracted her from the memories that had been plaguing her since Holly called with the good news.


            As the tall brunette stepped into the plush lobby she had convinced herself that the events of the past were no big deal and since she was there to celebrate Holly’s big day she probably wouldn’t even see Colleen.  She stepped up to the front desk and gave her information and credit card to the nice man working the counter. 


            The elegant atmosphere the hotel provided had managed to calm her.  She accepted the keycard as she handed the bellhop her one suitcase and for the first time in months was ready to enjoy Holly’s wedding.  She turned quickly and bumped into the small blonde standing behind her.  “Sorry,” She quickly apologized as she stepped away the smaller woman in order to follow the bellhop up to her room.

“No problem,” The blonde yawned as she stepped up the desk.


            Anya stomach suddenly began to flutter for some unknown reason.  She glanced back to the front desk just as the blonde was removing her sunglasses.  Anya’s jaw dropped when she finally took a good look at the woman she had bumped into.  Her hair was shorter and blonder but the eyes were the same.  “Reservation for Colleen Mathews,” The blonde yawned.


            Anya was dumbfounded that Colleen hadn’t recognized her.  “Ma’am?”  The bellhop’s voice disrupted her thoughts.

“Sorry,” She quickly apologized as she followed him to the elevators.


            Once she was alone in her room she began to unpack.  “How could she not recognize me?”  She grumbled to the empty room.  “Okay hold on,” She chastised herself.  “It was a long time ago and maybe it is for the best.  I mean if she didn’t even notice me, then the whole thing was no big deal,” She reasoned.  “And if it was no big deal then I won’t have to bring it up,” She looked around the posh room as she realized that she was having a running dialogue with herself.  “I really need to stop talking to myself.”


            She collected her toiletries and stepped into the bathroom.  “Sweet,” She gushed as she took in the marble fixtures and the oversized tub.  She put her belongings down onto the sink and checked her watch.  Noting that she had at least three hours to kill before she had to meet Holly she decided that a nice bubble bath was in order.


            Anya tore off her clothing and wrapped her body in one of the large soft robes hanging on the back of the door.  She ran the bath and filled it with the small bottle of bubbles the hotel had provided.  As she sank her long body into the warm water she felt the stress slipping away.  She sighed as she leaned back and closed her eyes.  Now that was finally relaxing she felt a little silly about worrying so much.  She had spent her last year and a half of college worrying about it.  Then she spent another year when she and Holly took an apartment off campus fearing the day she would run into Colleen again.  She never did.  The last time she had seen Holly’s little sister was that weekend when her life took an unsuspecting turn.


            As she soaked in the luxurious tub Anya allowed her thoughts to drift back to that weekend.  She could still remember Holly yelling as they stepped into her parent’s home.  “What are you doing here you little freak?”  Holly demanded as Anya tried to understand what was going on.

“Bite me,” The younger blonde spat back.

“Why didn’t you go away with Mom and Dad?”  Holly demanded.

“I didn’t want to,” Colleen fumed.  “What are you doing here?  Why aren’t you at school you booger?”

“It’s a long weekend,” Holly hotly explained.

“Oh and since the folks are out of town you thought you’d throw a party?”  Colleen challenged her.

“No,” Holly lied.  “Shit this ruins everything.”

“Do whatever you want,” Colleen hissed.  “You break anything and I’m not taking the rap.  I have to study,” She added as she stormed up the stairs.

“Oh course you,” Holly shouted after her.  “That is all you ever do you little rodent.”


            The scene amused Anya.  “So that would be your kid sister, Colleen?”  She teased.

“I can’t believe she’s here,” Holly grumbled.  “The little freak.”  Anya had long ago learned that was Holly’s favorite pet name for her pesky tag along younger sibling.

“What’s the big deal?”  Anya tried to reason not looking forward to the long drive back to school and canceling the party.  “She said she didn’t care."

“For starters now you have no where crash,” Holly started to explain.

“I’ll take the sofa or the floor,” Anya shrugged.  “I don’t care.”

“That’s not fair since the whole reason for this party was to cheer you up,” Holly whined.

“Hey for the one hundredth time I dumped Brett and I’m fine with it,” Anya growled.  “He was a jerk.”

“I know,” Holly agreed as she scowled up at the staircase her younger sibling had just climbed up.  “Okay it’s just that I need you to do me a favor.”

“Cover for you and Danny when you sneak into your parents bedroom,” Anya supplied with a sly grin.

“Besides that,” Holly laughed.  “Look with the guys coming over and the booze I just need someone to keep an eye on Colleen.  You know someone could do something stupid.”

“You’re worried about her?”  Anya said with surprise.

“No,” Holly scoffed at the notion.  “She’s not old enough to drink.”

“Neither are we,” Anya pointed out.  “Relax you said it yourself all she does is study she probably won’t leave her room all weekend.  And tomorrow night during the party I’ll keep my eyes open to make sure no one sneaks into her room.”

“Thanks I owe you,” Holly sighed in relief.


            The rest of the day the two of them relaxed and went shopping for the party.  Whenever Colleen and Holly crossed paths they instantly clashed.  Anya took it in stride knowing that she and her kid brother shared a similar relationship.  What amused the tall brunette the most was the way her roommate had forbid her sister to do the same things they were doing.  She opened a beer and flew off the handle when Colleen helped herself to one.  Then later when Colleen went to leave the house at nine o’clock Holly demanded to know where she was going.  To Colleen’s credit she simply flipped her sister off and picked up her car keys and left.


“I can’t believe she did that.”  Holly said in a huff.

“How old is she?”  Anya chuckled fully admiring the younger woman’s antics.

“Eighteen,” Holly fumed.

“So she’s what two years younger than us?”  Anya tried to reason with her roommate.  “I don’t see a problem here.  She’s an adult taking her own car out to meet her friends on a weekend night.  What’s the big deal?”

“She is not an adult,” Holly protested.

“Yes she is,” Anya chuckled.  “She probably isn’t doing anything that you weren’t doing at her age.”

“She better not be or I’ll kill her,” Holly hissed.


“I think you should invite her to the party?”  Anya teased knowing that it would send her roommate into a tizzy.

“No way.  With the guys coming over are you insane?”  Holly stammered.

“You mean the same guys we hang out with and date?”  Anya countered.

“Its not the same,” Holly argued.  “She’s too young.”

“No she’s not,” Anya laughed.  “Chill out.  First she’ll be less likely to tell your parents if she is at the party too.  Secondly all of the boys that are coming are coming as someone’s date so no one is going to bother her unless they want their girlfriend to kick their ass.  Don’t worry I told you I’d keep an eye on her.  I might, as well I’m the only one without a date.  You know she could invite her boyfriend, that is who she probably meeting right now?”

“Stop it,” Holly bellowed.  “Why are you torturing me this way?”


            “Because its funny,” Anya laughed as Holly tackled her.  “Come on Holly it is funny.  Last semester you and I stayed out all night drinking and ended up sucking face with two guys we didn’t even know.  And you are all freaked about because Colleen had a sip of beer and went out at nine o’clock on a Friday night.  She’s probably at the library trying to study while what we did was stupid, irresponsible and dangerous.”

“Why are you doing this?”  Holly moaned as she released her hold on the taller woman.

“Because I’ve roomed with you since freshman year and had to listened to the horrors stories about your freaky little sister and it turns out she’s just a nice kid working her butt off to get good grades,” Anya explained thinking it wouldn’t be so bad hanging out with Colleen tomorrow night.  She really did seem like a nice kid who was really good at pushing Holly’s buttons.


            The later Colleen was out the more frazzled Holly became until Anya couldn’t stand it any more and sent her roommate to bed, promising that she would wait up for Colleen.  “No big deal I’m sleeping on the sofa anyways,” Anya reassured her.  Anya sat up watching television waiting for Colleen to come home.  She was beginning to get a little nervous as the clock struck midnight, just as she was about to freak out Colleen walked in the front door.

“Hi,” Anya offered as the blonde closed the door and shrugged off her jacket.

“Hi,” Colleen greeted her peering around the darkness.

“I sent her to bed,” Anya informed her.

“Really?”  Colleen chuckled as she sat down next to Anya.

“She was driving me nuts,” Anya explained.  “Weren’t you?”  She called out to her roommate whom she was certain was listening from the top of the staircase.  Anya smirked as she heard Holly stomping off and slamming her bedroom door.


            Both she and Colleen snorted in amusement.  “Thank you,” Colleen snickered.  “I can’t believe the way she acts.”

“She’s just worried about you,” Anya honestly informed her.

“Right,” Colleen scoffed.

“Its true,” Anya insisted.

“Well she shouldn’t,” Colleen sighed heavily as she kicked off her shoes.

“That’s what I told her,” Anya explained as she turned to find a pair of emerald eyes twinkling back at her in the darkness.  Anya felt herself smiling for some unknown reason.  “She wants you to come to the party tomorrow night.”

“What?”  Colleen choked in disbelief.

“Its true,” Anya reassured her as she gave the younger woman a playful nudge.

“Wow,” Colleen responded in a thoughtful tone.  “That is really nice of Holly.  I’ll be hiding in my room of course but it is nice just the same.”

“Why would you want to hide in your room?”  Anya asked as she continued to stare into the most amazing eyes she had ever seen.
“  I know how my sister throws a party,” Colleen shyly responded.  “Boy, girl, boy, girl everyone is a couple and its just an excuse to drink and make out.”



            Anya leaned her head back as she continued to stare deeply into Colleen’s eyes.  “True,” Anya said with a smile as Colleen rested her head on the back of the sofa as well.  “But not this time,” Anya said softly as she unconsciously moved closer to the small blonde.  “You can be my date since I’m flying solo,” She teased.

“I find that hard to believe,” Colleen whispered before her eyes drifted away breaking the contact they had been sharing.

“Why?”  Anya stammered suddenly feeling very confused as she tried to see Colleen’s eyes in the darkness.

“You’re so beautiful,” Colleen mumbled.


            Anya felt her breathing catch as the blonde’s words echoed through her mind.  “Hey, why so shy all of sudden?”  She asked as she reached out and tucked her fingers under Colleen’s chin and turned her so that she could see her face.  For a brief moment Anya felt as if she was falling.  Then she did something she hadn’t thought about doing since junior high she leaned in and brushed her lips against Colleen’s.  The blonde’s lips were so incredibly soft that Anya needed to feel them again she didn’t stop to think as she cupped the smaller woman’s face and reclaimed her lips.  A surge of warmth spread through the brunette’s body as she felt Colleen’s lips moving softly against her own.  She trembled as she felt Colleen teasing her bottom lip.  She parted her lips inviting the blonde in as she wrapped her fingers in Colleen’s long blonde hair and drew her closer.  She moaned as she felt Colleen’s tongue exploring the warmth of her mouth as they moved closer to one another.


            Anya still wasn’t fully aware of what was happening until she felt her stomach clench with desire when Colleen’s breast brushed against her.  She pulled away as what was happening finally hit her.  She was making out with another girl and not just any girl it was her best friend’s baby sister.  She couldn’t stop the way her body was trembling as she felt Colleen’s breath on her face.


            Anya was about to jump up off of the sofa when she felt Colleen kissing her neck.  Instead of pulling away she gave in to her body’s desire and wrapped her arms around the smaller woman.  She couldn’t believe how good it felt to hold Colleen in her arms as the blonde nibbled her way across her chin.  Once again the fear hit her and just as quickly faded as their lips met once again.


            As the kiss deepened Anya fell back onto the sofa pulling Colleen’s soft supple body down on top of her.  They shifted slightly until Anya’s long legs were stretched out and Colleen was covering her.  The kisses grew deeper as Anya began to caress the smaller woman’s back.  She felt her desire growing as Colleen’s hands drifted up along her body until she was cupping one of her breasts.


            Anya parted the blonde’s thighs with her own as their tongues battled for dominance.  Anya could feel her lower anatomy pulsating as she cupped Colleen’s backside and pressed her closer to her.  She whimpered in protest as she felt Colleen’s hand drifting away from her breast.  Then she hissed as she felt her t-shirt being lifted and her skin caressed by the cool night air and the blonde’s gentle fingers.  Anya could feel her hips swaying against Colleen’s body as the blonde’s fingers reached the swell of her breast.


            “Hey brat?”  Holly called out as her footsteps thumped above them.  Both woman jumped away from one another and quickly adjusted their clothing as Holly began to descend the staircase.  Anya was frozen in place staring at the television while sitting as far away from Colleen as possible.  She didn’t dare look up as Holly entered the room.

“Colleen I was wondering if you wanted to join the party tomorrow?”  Holly nervously muttered.

“Uhm yeah thanks,” Colleen stammered, as Anya eyes remained fixated on the television.

“Cool,” Holly responded brightly.  “Hey why don’t you let Anya get some sleep she’s cranky in the morning.”

“Okay good night,” Colleen blurted out as she jumped up off of the sofa.

“Night,” Anya managed to squeak out her eyes never leaving the television.

“Are you alright Anya?”  Holly inquired.

“Fine,” Anya blurted out, as her eyes remained glued to the television.

“Okay then good night,” Holly responded curiously.  “Come on Freak get upstairs.”


            Anya didn’t even blink until she heard the sister’s bedroom doors closing.  Once she knew both women were upstairs she buried her face in her hands wondering what had just happened and why did it feel so good?  The following morning Anya awoke feeling confused and very aroused.  “This is bad,” She muttered as she shuffled into the kitchen she found both sisters sitting at the table enjoying breakfast.  She couldn't look at either one of them.  She feared if she looked at Holly the guilt would consume her and if Colleen looked at her she would explode.


            She kept her back to the both of them as she poured herself a cup of coffee.  She didn’t turn around as she sipped her coffee.  Holly seemed to be the only one talking.  Anya and Colleen responded only when she spoke directly to them either of them and the answers was limited to one word.  Anya happily volunteered to run the last minute errands eager to get away from both women for as long as possible.


            As the hour grew late Anya went upstairs to take a shower.  She stumbled as she saw Colleen emerge from her bedroom.  “Uhm hi,” She stammered desperately trying to avoid looking at the younger woman.  Her feet didn’t move fast enough and she caught a glimpse of the blonde’s sad expression she dropped her belongings, reached out, and pulled Colleen into her bedroom.


            Her intention had been to talk to the blonde instead the moment she closed the bedroom door she was kissing her.  “Wait,” She gasped as she pulled her body away from Colleen’s warm inviting embrace.  “I can’t,” She stammered.

“Why have you been avoiding me?”  Colleen softly asked as she reached out for her.

“I don’t . . . I’ve never,” She stammered as she fought against the urge to let Colleen touch her.  “Have you?  With a woman I mean?”  She looked down at the beautiful blonde who had gotten under her skin in less than a day.

“Yes,” Colleen solemnly confessed as she folded her arms across her chest.  “Why do you think everyone calls me a freak?”  She added in a dejected tone.

“Don’t say that,” Anya snapped as she reached out and pulled Colleen into her arms.  Anya‘s body began to tingle as she enjoyed the feel of Colleen‘s body pressing against her own.  “You are not a freak.  You’re beautiful and amazing and confusing the hell out of me.”


            Colleen sighed deeply before stepping out of her embrace.  She cupped Anya’s face in her hand.  “Its okay, I understand,” She reassured the brunette.

“I wish I did,” Anya grumbled as she leaned into Colleen’s touch.  “I’m afraid.”

“I know,” Colleen reassured her once again.


“Does Holly know about you?”  She asked as she captured Colleen’s hand from her face and kissed the back of it.

“God no,” Colleen laughed.  “She wouldn’t understand,” She added softly.  “Speaking of which you should go before Holly catches us.”

“Oh yes that being one of things I’m afraid of,” Anya agreed as she released Colleen’s hand her fingers still trembling from the blonde’s touch.  “She’s my best friend and if she found out . . .”

“She’d hate you,” Colleen concluded.

“Well I was thinking more along the lines of maim or kill but yeah I can’t risk my friendship with her,” Anya regrettably confessed as she opened the door and stepped back into the hallway in need to distance herself from Colleen.


            Anya picked up her belongings as Colleen lingered in her doorway.  Just as Anya was about to turn away Colleen stepped over to her.  “Just for the record you are a really good kisser,” Colleen whispered playfully.

“So are you,” Anya sighed as she blushed.  They shared a knowing smile before Colleen retreated into the bedroom and Anya ducked into the bathroom.


            Anya had hoped that was the last of it.  She could simply go on with life keeping the memories of Colleen’s kisses close to her heart.  Yet as the party began the two of them kept catching the other’s gaze.  As the party progressed Anya found herself seeking out the blonde.  She liked the way Colleen looked at her and couldn’t bring herself to refrain from spending time with her.


            They kept finding themselves in the kitchen talking about everything under the sun and Anya felt herself being drawn in deeper.  She was nervous and giddy around the blonde and getting really aggravated with Stan who was Jolene’s boyfriend.  While the other couples were slow dancing and getting closer Stan and Jolene had a spat and his attention turned towards Colleen.


            Anya was ready to kill him.  She was jealous at the way he was looking at Colleen and flirting with her.  This of course added to her confusion since she had just dumped her boyfriend for messing around and didn’t feel half the anger she felt as she watched Stan trying to work his magic on the young blonde. 


            As they stood in the kitchen once again Anya opened a bottle of wine thinking they had finally ditched Stan.  Just as she released the cork from the bottle and began to pour each of them a glass Stan reemerged like a bad rash.  “So Colleen when are you going to dance with me?”  Stan asked as he slid up against her.

“Again no thank you,” Colleen politely declined as she accepted the glass of wine from Anya.

“You don’t want that,” Stan scoffed as he snatched the wine glass from the startled blonde’s hand.  “You need something with a little kick,” He said as he pulled a flask from his back pocket.

“Stan,” Anya growled as she stepped in between them.  “If you don’t back off I’ll give you a little kick.”

“What the hell?  Lighten up Anya,” Stan fumed as he tried to push his way past her.


            She grabbed his arm and spun him around her icy blue eyes bore into him.  “I mean it,” Anya threatened with a low growl.

“I was just being friendly,” He snapped indignantly before storming out of the kitchen.

“That was mighty butch of you,” Colleen chuckled from behind her. 


            She turned and smiled as she poured a fresh glass of wine for the blonde.  “Thank you, I think,” Anya laughed.

“Why do men do that?”  Colleen asked thoughtfully.  “You and I were having a really nice conversation and he just felt it was okay to butt in.”

“I don’t know why they do that or why they think it is okay,” Anya agreed.  “Last week Holly and I were having lunch and chatting away when this idiot sat right down at our table and wouldn’t go away.  We tried being polite but he just stayed, well until Holly threaten to castrate him.”

“She’s good at that,” Colleen acknowledged as she accepted the second glass of wine.  “I wish I could do that.  Like this guy Stan I tried being polite but he just won’t leave me alone.  I even told him I have a boyfriend.”

“You do?”  Anya choked on the wine she was sipping.

“No,” Colleen laughed.  “I think you know my type by now.”

“So you’re . . .?”  Anya stammered.

“Yes Anya I’m gay,” Colleen said with a heavy sigh.  “I think I should go to bed.  Its is getting late.”


            Anya reached out and clasped the retreating blonde’s arm; once again she was amazed at how her fingers tingled from the simple touch.  “Hey, I’m not trying to offend you,” She apologized.  “I just want to get to know you better.”

“Is that all you want?”  Colleen challenged her.


            Anya felt her lungs tightening as her mind searched for an answer.  “I don’t know what I want,” She finally responded in a weak voice.  “Twenty four hours ago, I thought I knew what I wanted,” She felt her self-control dissolving as they gazed deeply into one another’s eyes.  Colleen captured her hand that was still resting on the blonde’s arm.  Their fingers laced together without either of them realizing what they were doing.

“Maybe if you come down for another visit with Holly you and I can hang out together or something?”  Colleen shyly suggested.  “You know before I leave for College in the fall.”

“Right UCLA or Stanford,” Anya grimly acknowledged.  “All the way on the other side of the country,” Anya hated that the woman who had sent her into a complete tailspin was simply going to vanish from her life in a little more than a few months.

“I need to get out of here,” Colleen softly explained.  “I love my family but I need to be on my own.”

“Funny that is how I ended up here,” Anya said with a light laugh.

“I need to go to bed before I do something stupid,” Colleen said with a heavy sigh as she released Anya’s hand.  The brunette was surprised at how her body instantly missed the contact that they had been sharing.  “You going to be alright?”

“Me I’m fine,” Anya lied.  “I just have to wait until someone does something stupid and Holly kicks everyone out so I can go to sleep on the sofa.”

“Yeah that couch is pretty busy at the moment,” Colleen laughed.  “Last time I passed through the living room there were three couples using it.  I’d offer to let you crash in my room but I can’t promise I’d behave myself.”


            Anya inhaled sharply as her mind conjured up a variety of delightful images.  “Good night,” Colleen offered to the taller woman who was still lost in her thoughts.

“See you in the morning,” Anya whispered as she tried to get a grip on herself.


            Anya stood in the kitchen her mind and body spinning out of control.  ‘Would it be so bad to give into this feeling?  It wouldn’t make me gay or anything.’  Her mind argued while her body was still reeling from remembering kissing Colleen the night before.  Then her mind conjured up the image of Holly having her drawn and quartered.  “She’d kill me,” Anya said as her lips trembled.


            Anya felt firm in resolve to simply hide from her feelings until the images of the night before replayed in her mind once again.  The images were so vivid she could feel Colleen’s body melting into her own.  She picked up her glass of wine to take a sip.  She stared at it for a moment as she wondered how it would feel to touch Colleen.  She turned to the sink and poured the wine out.  In a fleeting moment she made her decision and she wanted to be sober for whatever happened.  She made her way through the dark living room and the couples groping one another and headed up the staircase.  She ascended the staircase quickly before she had a chance to change her mind.


            As she took the final step into the hallway, which led to the bedrooms, she felt a sudden wave of panic filling her.  The panic quickly vanished and was replaced by anger when she spotted Stan trying to turn the knob on Colleen’s door.  “What are you doing?”  She growled as she grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him around.  She had always known that Stan was a bit of jerk but his actions that night disgusted her.  He had been stalking the teenager all night and she had no doubt as to why he wanted Colleen to drink something a little stronger.  He wanted to get her drunk so he could have a good time.

“Hey chill,” Stan protested as he tried to pull away from her grip.  “I was just looking for the bathroom.”

“It is across the hall,” She spat out.  “You know the bedrooms are off limits.”


             It was true Holly had explained to her guests that they should have a good time but no one was to go into any of the bedrooms.  She didn’t want anyone to use her parent’s bed for sex, she had already claimed her own bedroom for her, and Danny and Colleen’s room was out of the question.  “You know Anya if you would just defrost you’d still have Brett,” Stan offered in a cocky manner.


            Anya paused for a moment as she wondered if the man was just drunk or truly stupid.  She knew that her ex and Stan were buddies and it should have hurt her that Brett told the idiot standing in front of her that their sex life wasn’t all that.  It didn’t bother her since she agreed.  She felt more from holding Colleen’s hand than she ever did when she slept with Brett.

“Wow was that meant to hurt my feelings?”  She laughed at the absurdity of the situation.  “Next time Brett tells you what a lousy lay I am just tell I said the feeling is mutual.  In the meantime get your grubby paws away from that doorknob.  She’s not interested so back off.”


            “Screw you Anya,” Stan muttered as he pushed her aside and tried to turn the doorknob.

“Hey guys what’s up?”  Came a male voice that Anya instantly recognized.  Anya blew out a sigh of relief as Danny made his way up the stairs and into the dark hallway.  Stan out weighed her and when push came to shove she would have been no match for the drunken man.

“Hey man I was just you know,” Stan offered in a sly tone.

“No I don’t know.  Why don’t you tell me?”  Danny pressed.  “You can start by explaining why you’re trying to get into Colleen’s room.”


            Anya stood defiantly next to Danny.  She liked Danny a lot and one of the things she liked best about him was that had a strict sense of honor when it came to women.  It didn’t make him the most popular guy in the frat house but since he was built like a Mack Truck no one questioned him when he said back off.

“Dude we hit it off,” Stan lied as Anya cringed wondering if he truly believed what he was saying.

“He’s been bugging her all night and when I came up here he was trying to get into her room,” Anya explained as she glared at Stan.

“Fuck you Anya,” Stan spat out.


            Danny grabbed Stan and pulled him away from the door.  “Dude I think its time for you to go home,” Danny sternly informed him as the bedroom door creaked open and Colleen shyly stepped out.

“Its not what you think,” Stan stammered.

“Yes it is,” Colleen asserted.  “He was knocking my door, I told him to go away but he wouldn’t.”

“Say good night Stan,” Danny grumbled as he pulled him away from the door.  “Lock your door,” He added in a brotherly tone to Colleen.

“I will and since Anya is crashing with me I should be safe,” Colleen explained in a flurry before yanking the stunned brunette into her bedroom.


            “This has been the strangest weekend,” Anya muttered as Colleen locked her bedroom door.

“Tell me about it,” Colleen agreed with a smile as she leaned back up against the door.  “I’m about to throw myself at a straight girl.”


            Anya’s jaw hung open as she stared at Colleen whose admission had stunned the taller woman.  The brunette blinked her eyes rapidly as she tried to escape the smoldering look Colleen was casting.  “I feel like a jerk,” Anya stammered once she remembered how to speak.

“Oh?”  Colleen sadly responded as her brilliant emerald eyes drifted to the floor.

“Not for the reasons you think,” Anya quickly clarified as her eyes wandered down drinking in the sight of Colleen standing barefoot in her faded jeans and cropped black t-shirt that showed just enough of her stomach to make Anya’s heart race.  “I was ready to beat the ever loving snot out of Stan or at least try, and I came up here for the reason.”

“No you didn’t,” Colleen quickly corrected her as she took a shy step forward.  “If you had knocked on my door and I told you to go away would you?”

“Of course,” Anya confirmed without question.

“He didn’t,” Colleen explained with a slight tremble.  “He kept jiggling the knob.  I was so scare.”


            Anya could see Colleen’s body starting to shake as she buried her face in her hands.  The brunette rushed over and wrapped the smaller woman up in a tender embrace.  “Ssh,” She offered in a comforting tone.  “You’re safe.  Danny got rid of him.”

“Stay with me.  Even if nothing happens between us, I just don’t want to be alone,” Colleen whimpered as her tiny hands clung tightly to Anya’s blouse.  Anya stood there in the darkness rubbing the smaller woman’s back until she felt Colleen’s body relaxing in her arms.


            As she felt Colleen’s body relaxing the brunette’s caresses took a turn in a new direction.  Now Anya wasn’t simply trying to comfort the blonde instead she was allowing her hands to feel the woman she was holding.  She could feel Colleen’s breath becoming labored as it caressed her skin through the thin material of her silk blouse.


            Anya swallowed hard as she felt Colleen’s breath moving away from her chest and up to her neck.  Unconsciously Anya bent her head and nuzzled Colleen’s soft golden hair as the blonde nuzzled her neck.  Anya drank in the soft delicate scent of vanilla as she began to run her fingers lightly through Colleen’s hair.


            ‘This is so strange I’m getting excited by smelling and playing with her hair.’  Anya thought as she continued to run the silky strands through her fingers while Colleen began to place soft kisses on her neck.  Anya wasn’t aware that they were moving until she felt her knees striking the edge of the twin bed.


            Their hearts beat in unison as they sought out one another’s lips and began kissing while Colleen lowered Anya down onto the bed and covered the brunette with her body.  Anya once again laced her fingers through Colleen’s hair as she explored the warmth of the blonde’s mouth.  Anya’s body melted beneath Colleen’s as they straddled one another’s thigh.  She was gasping for air as the kiss came to a reluctant end.


            Anya’s fingers danced along the side of Colleen’s body memorizing each dip and curve until they were gripping the hem of the blonde’s t-shirt.  Colleen hovered above her supporting her weight with her arms as her hips pressed against the brunette’s.  Anya’s hips swayed in response and soon they grinding against one another in a slow sensual rhythm.  “I never knew,” Anya panted as she tried to steady her breathing.

“What?”  Colleen hotly whispered in her ear as she began to suckle her earlobe.

“I never knew that kissing could be so intense,” Anya choked out as she shivered as she felt Colleen’s teeth nipping on her sensitive earlobe.  “Oh God.”


            “You’re so beautiful,” Colleen whispered repeatedly as she continued feasting upon Anya’s neck and ears.  Anya’s hands slipped up under Colleen’s shirt and her fingers quickly became lost in the feel of the blonde’s skin dancing beneath her touch.  The sensations of touching and being touched by the smaller woman ignited Anya’s desires in a way she never thought possible.


            As Anya’s hands were delighting in the feel of Colleen’s back the blonde was suckling the pulse point on the brunette’s neck.  Each of them began to sway harder against one another pressing their thighs against the other’s clit in a needy urgent motion.  Anya straddled Colleen’s thigh harder in an effort to bring the relief she so desperately needed while her fingers fumbled to unclasp the smaller woman’s bra.  For a brief moment she found her fumbling amusing since she had put on and taken off the same garment every day of her life since she was twelve years old.       


            Colleen’s hips moved in a more demanding rhythm as her bra was released.  Anya focused quickly turned to feeling the smaller woman’s firm full breasts.  She felt her pulse quicken as she cupped Colleen’s breasts for the first time.  They continued to rock against one another as Colleen lifted her body and pulled her shirt up over her head.  She tossed her shirt off into the darkness and her bra quickly followed.  Anya gasped as she watched her lover’s breasts swaying above her.  The vision was far too tempting to resist as she cupped them fully feeling her lover’s nipples pressing against the palms of her hands. 


            As she began to tease the blonde’s nipples she could feel Colleen’s hands quickly undoing the buttons of her blouse.  The feel of the blonde’s nipples hardening from her touch mesmerized Anya as Colleen opened the brunette’s blouse and began to caress the Anya’s breasts.


            Anya only removed her hands from the feel of the smaller woman’s breasts so Colleen could remove her top and bra as well.  Once her clothing joined the blonde’s on the floor she resumed her caressing loving the feel of Colleen’s breasts filling her hands.  Colleen hands were busy as well pinching and teasing Anya’s erect nipples as their hips took on a frantic pace.


            As they began kissing once again they teased one another.  Anya could feel her thighs quivering as the warmth spread through her entire body.  She was already close to the edge and they weren’t even completely naked yet.  In her limited sexual experiences she had never been so turned on before.  She could feel her passion dampening her jeans as Colleen captured one of her nipples in her mouth.  “Yes,” She hissed as she arched her body in an effort to offer more of herself up to her young lover.


            The feel of Colleen’s tongue and teeth teasing her nipple was driving her insane soon her hands were everywhere needing to feel all of the blonde’s body at once.  Colleen suckled her hard as Anya slipped her hand between their bodies and began to undo her lover’s jeans.  She tried to tell her lover how much she wanted to feel her to touch her everywhere, yet as her body rocked wildly she found herself unable to speak.  Instead she allowed her hands to speak for her as she yanked the blonde’s jeans and underwear down to her hips.


            Colleen’s hips only slowed slightly allowing Anya to pull her clothing down as far as she could reach, her mouth never ceased pleasuring her nipples moving from one to the other and then back again.  The sensation of Colleen’s warm lips feasting upon her breast was making her entire being pulsate with desire.


            Uncertain as to what she was doing her fingers caressed the damp blonde curls.  Encouraged by her lover’s wetness painting her fingers she dipped further into her lover until she felt Colleen’s passion grinding urgently against her hand.  Guided only by what she liked when she touched herself Anya ran her fingers along her lover’s sex. 


            Colleen released a muffled cry into her skin as her hips bucked urgently against Anya’s hand.  Colleen’s desire filled her hand as she felt her own wetness flowing out of control.  She captured Colleen’s clit between her fingers and began to tease her while she felt her lover’s mouth moving down her body.


            She pulled the blonde back up towards her not ready to yield her fingers.  She began to stroke the blonde’s clit with her fingers as her lover’s body arched.  Anya was once again mesmerized as she watched her lover’s body thrusting above her and her blonde head thrown back in ecstasy.  Anya’s fingers continued to tease and explore the smaller woman’s passion until she was pressing two fingers against the warm wet opening of her center.  “Please,” Colleen pleads with a gasp.  “Please, fuck me.”


            Anya’s body and mind surged with desire as her lover pleaded with her.  She slipped her fingers deep inside of her lover and was once again amazed at how good it felt.  She stilled her fingers in an effort to allow her lover to become accustomed to her touch.  Colleen’s hips thrust harder against her touch in an effort to impale herself on the brunette’s fingers.  “Oh yeah that’s it,” Anya groaned as she began to plunge in and out of her lover.  Colleen’s nimble body fell forward until she was once again hovering above the brunette.  The blonde reached between them and guided Anya’s thumb to her clit.


            Anya could feel the numb pulsating from her touch as she stroked while her fingers moved in the same frantic rhythm.  As Colleen rocked against her hand her breasts swayed dangerously close to the brunette’s mouth.  Anya quickly captured one of her nipples between her lips and began to tease it.  “Harder,” Colleen whimpered. 


            Anya’s hands and mouth responded to Colleen’s request by taking her harder.  The brunette could feel her own body quivering with an urgent need as she brought her lover closer to the edge.  Anya loved the taste of Colleen’s skin and how it felt to be inside of her.  As she felt the walls of the blonde’s center tightening around her fingers as her body began to shake, Anya increased her rhythm in a need to feel her lover exploding against her.  As Colleen’s body tighten around her, the blonde’s head fell back as she cried out in the throes of ecstasy.


            A part of the taller woman exploded as her lover climaxed against her.  She continued to pleasure the smaller woman until Colleen collapsed against her.  She felt complete as she held the trembling woman in her arms.  Anya protested as she felt Colleen’s body moving away from her.  “Ssh,” The blonde reassured her with a twinkling gaze as she pressed her fingers to the brunette’s lips.  Anya couldn’t resist as her tongue peeked out and licked the tiny digits.


            She smiled as the smaller woman teetered slightly as she tried to stand.  Anya listened briefly suddenly fearing that they could be heard.  Much to her relief the party still seemed to be going on and the guests were completely unaware of the passion that they were sharing.  Anya leaned up on her elbow and watched her lover remove the last of her clothing tossing it onto the floor before she climbed back up onto the bed.


            She reached out to touch the smaller woman only to have her hands playfully swatted away.  “My turn,” Colleen informed her with a husky growl that sent a shiver up and down the brunette’s spine.  Colleen guided the taller woman onto her back and then she began to kiss and taste her way down the brunette’s body.  Every inch of her body that Colleen taste was on fire.  The blonde’s mouth drifted lower and lower as Anya felt her desire reaching the breaking point.


            Anya lifted her hips so Colleen could remove her pants and underwear.  The blonde took her time sliding each article of clothing slowly down Anya’s long legs.  Anya clutched the bedding as Colleen’s mouth worshiped every inch of newly exposed flesh.  She was already grinding her hips into the mattress as her clothing was tossed aside.  Her entire body jerked up as she felt Colleen kissing her way back up her legs.


            Her stomach clenched as she felt the blonde’s tongue caressing the back of her knees.  Feeling Colleen’s mouth and tongue working up her legs until the blonde was tasting the inside of her quivering thighs proved to be almost too much for the brunette.  She was helpless as Colleen draped her legs over her shoulders and nestled her body between her legs.  She bit her bottom lip to keep from crying out as she felt Colleen’s hands clasping her backside and drawing her closer to her mouth.


            A tiny whimper escaped as she felt Colleen’s breathe blowing caressing the dark curls of her triangle.  She felt her lover parting her as no one had before.  “Oh my God,” She cried out as she felt the blonde’s tongue tasting her for the first time.  Anya was ready to climax as she felt Colleen’s tongue gliding along her slick folds. 


            Her body rose up as she felt the first flicker of the blonde’s tongue brushing across her aching nub.  Colleen held her steady as she captured Anya’s clit in her mouth.  Anya rocked against her lover as Colleen teased her with her teeth and her tongue.  She opened herself up even further as Colleen’s fingers plunged inside of her.  Anya was lost in a haze as the waves of passion came crashing down upon her while her lover murmured with delight from between her thighs.  Unaware that she was pressing her body harder against her lover Anya’s entire being erupted, as it had never done before.  She had climaxed before but never so hard or so fast.  She was completely unprepared for Colleen’s persistence as the blonde’s mouth and fingers continued to drive over the edge again and again until Anya could no longer breath.


            Anya lay there in a pool of sweat and pleasure as her lover rested her head on her thigh.  “God I want to do that to you,” Anya managed to choke out once she was able to breath again.  Much to her delight Colleen began to kiss her way back up her body.  Anya clasped the smaller woman’s hips and drew her closer until she could feel Colleen’s thighs nestled against her face.


            Anya’s mouth was watering as she drank in the musky aroma of her lover’s desire.  Clasping the blonde’s firm backside she drew her wetness closer to her.  She quickly became lost in the taste that was Colleen as the blonde clung to the headboard and rocked against her.  “Come for me,” Anya murmured urgently into her lover’s passion.  She was reward as Colleen’s nectar spilled over her.  She held the smaller woman tightly as she continued to pleasure her needing to feel her lover’s passion filling her again and again.


            Sated they nestled beneath the covers hearing the party dying down.  Anya held the smaller woman tightly never wanting the night to end.  But morning came and they climbed out of bed quickly showering before Holly and Danny awoke.  During the day they exchanged shy knowing glances as they cleaned up the mess from the party.  That night Anya snuck back into Colleen’s bedroom, learned, and shared more with the younger woman than she ever thought possible.  The following morning she drove back to school and never saw or heard from Colleen again.  It was they had agreed to at the time.  Still over the years Anya wondered what had happened to the woman who opened up a whole new world for her.  Occasionally she’d make the casual inquiry when she spoke to Holly and was granted small glimpses into the blonde’s life.  But that all it was. 


            Anya climbed out of the tub, as the water grew cold.  “I should at least get her a toaster oven,” Anya joked to herself as she dried off.  Granted she didn’t run right out and slap a rainbow flag on her car.  She dated men again then women and then back to men.  It took her almost another year to realize what she truly wanted.  She smiled as she recalled Holly’s reaction when she finally came out to her.  ‘Duh’.  “Always the English major,” Anya snorted with amusement as she dressed.


            As Anya entered the lobby she glimpsed a very familiar backside walking towards the front door.  Her gaze lifted from Colleen’s ass to see Holly barreling through the glass doors.  “Freak,” The older sibling called out gleefully.

“Booger,” Colleen laughed in response as she jumped into her sister’s arms.


            It was one of those things that amused Anya; the way siblings spend most of their lives trying to terrorize the other and one day you end up the best of friends.  Holly’s eyes met hers as she shyly approached the sisters who were still hugging.  Holly released her hold on the smaller woman.  Colleen stumbled backwards and right into Anya.

“We really need to stop meeting this way,” She quipped as she felt the blonde as she looked up with surprise.

“My God that was you?”  Colleen gasped as she tore off her sunglasses.  “Anya how are you?”

“I’m well and yourself?”  Anya calmly responded despite the butterflies that were dancing around in her stomach.

“Tired,” Colleen groaned.  “Please tell there will be coffee on this expedition?”

“You can ask Mom she’s waiting in the car with Jolene,” Holly explained as the doorman showed them out of the lobby.


            “Oh crap Mom helped her with the dresses we are so screwed,” Colleen muttered as they shuffled over to the white minivan.

“Maybe not.”  Anya tried to reassure the blonde.  “Holly’s always had good taste.  Then again so did Jolene and she put all of us in lime green.”

“Now I really don’t remember Jolene,” Colleen yawned as they neared the van.

“She lived on the same floor as Anya and I,” Holly explained as she waved to her mother and Jolene.  “She use to go out with a jerk named Stan.”

“Stan?”  Colleen shuddered.

“What?”  Holly demanded as she halted her pace.

“He was that jackass from that party, right?”  Colleen offered in confusion as she looked up at Anya.

“Yeah,” Anya responded a little too quickly.

“Anya?”  Holly demanded with a slight tremble.

“Later.”  Anya offered in a hushed tone as Mrs. Mathews greeted them.

“Did I miss something?”  Colleen whispered.

“I’ll tell you later,” Anya whispered in response as she greeted Holly’s mother.


            Once everyone was loaded into the minivan and exchanged hello’s Mrs. Mathews took off like a bat out of hell.  “Geez Mom I know you’re excited about one of us finally getting married but ending up in a traffic accident isn’t the way I planned on waking up,” Colleen complained as she stretched out in the back.


            “Long flight?”  Anya who was seated next to Jolene inquired.  “I thought you were coming in from the west coast?”

“By way of Japan,” Holly explained for her younger sister.  “She had to go over there on business.”

“Getting in and out of there is always a pain but these days it is insane,” Colleen explained.  “I haven’t slept in days.”

“Colleen sit up and put your seatbelt on,” Mrs. Mathews scolded her youngest child.


            “Maybe if you weren’t driving like a crazy woman I wouldn’t have to.”  Colleen protested as she complied with her mother’s instructions.

“This is Boston Sweetie everyone drives like this,” Mrs. Mathews dryly explained.

“I forgot,” Colleen grumbled.

“So did I,” Anya added.  “I think I found religion during my cab ride from the airport.”


            Every one laughed at the statement and relaxed into an easy banter.  Anya was slightly relieved that Colleen had managed to nod off during the drive over to the dress shop.  Their measurements had already been taken at shops near their respected homes and emailed over today was the fitting.

“How bad are they?”  Anya anxiously asked Jolene since the redhead lived in the area and had already seen and tried on her gown.

“Well,” Jolene hedged.

“Mrs. Williams why don’t you slip your gown on since today is your final fitting,” The saleswoman informed her.  Jolene stood and followed the woman into the dressing room.

“So what is this about that pompous blow hard Stan?”  Colleen whispered as her mother wandered off.

“He didn’t graduate with us,” Anya responded with some hesitation as Holly joined them.

“Okay?”  Colleen mumbled in confusion.

“He went to prison instead,” Holly supplied as she looked over at Anya for some answers.

“For?”  Colleen pressed.



            Anya took a cleansing breath before responding.  “Rape,” The brunette supplied in a slow careful tone.  Colleen’s body stiffened.

“Colleen?”  Holly asked with worry.

“Excuse me,” The younger blonde stammered as she jumped to her feet and rushed out of the shop.


            Holly stood and went to follow her until Anya caught her by the arm.  “He didn’t,” She quickly informed her friend.  “Danny was there and that is why he kicked him out of the party that night.”

“Are you sure he didn’t?”  Holly pressed.

“Yes,” Anya confirmed.  “Look why don’t I go talk to her.  This is your big week enjoy it.  I’m sure Colleen just needs some air.”


            Holly pondered the idea for a moment before nodding in agreement.  Anya was out the door a few seconds later.  “Are you alright?”  The brunette tenderly inquired when she found the blonde leaning against the brick building trying to catch her breath.

“Yeah,” Colleen said as she calmed herself.  “Its just scary knowing that it could have been me.  If you and Danny hadn’t shown up it could have been me.”

“I know,” Anya agreed as she leaned up against the building as well.  “The night Stan got arrested Danny and I sat up all night talking about that.  We both ended crying.”

“Danny cried?”  Colleen said with a slight smile. 

“Yeah but you can’t tell anyone,” Anya teased.

“I’m not surprised really the big guy is just a softy underneath.”  Colleen chuckled.  “I can’t believe they ended up back together after all of these years.”

“I know after he went to work in New Mexico and Holly got a job here everyone figured that was it,” Anya laughed.  “The class reunion, which knew right.”


            Colleen’s face curled up with a sly smirk.  “Speaking of who knew?”  Colleen teased.  “Did you ever tell Holly?”

“Do I look suicidal?”  Anya choked out.  “No, she knows I’m gay but she has no idea about what happened between us.”

“Finally made out of that closet huh?”  Colleen teased with a slight nudge.

“I didn’t know I was in one until I met you,” Anya defended herself.  “Speaking of which I heard you came out to your family.”

“Please they already knew before I left for college,” Colleen scoffed.  “They could have told me they knew it really would have reduced my stress level.  Speaking of stress levels and my family we should get back inside,” They stepped away from the building and head back towards the front door.  “Oh and Anya good seeing you again, I must say you grew up nice,” Colleen added with a playful wink.

“Back at ya,” Anya teased in return as they rejoined the others.


            “Oh my God,” Colleen choked when they found Jolene dressed in a vibrant dress. 

“Orange?”  Anya groaned.

“Tangerine,” Holly corrected her.

“Its orange.”  Anya grumbled.  “How could you do this to us?”

“Well Colleen will be in a different color since she is the maid of honor,” Mrs. Mathews explained.

“Oh crap,” Colleen pouted.


            Anya hissed when the same dress in a much more subtle shade emerged.  “Oh not fair,” The brunette protested as Colleen chuckled.

“I had to be nice to her,” Holly whispered.  “If I didn’t she would have burned it and walked down the aisle in a pair of Doc Martins and a flannel shirt.”

“I could do the same,” Anya threatened.  “I’m big lesbian too you know.”

“Fine you chat it over with my mother,” Holly suggested with a fake smile.

“You suck,” Anya, returned with the same fake smile plastered on her lips.

“I’m the bride,” Holly cackled.

“Just wait till your bachelorette party,” Anya threatened as she followed the saleswoman to the dressing room.


            They survived the fittings and somehow avoided bloodshed.  Anya returned to her hotel with her new orange satin gown.  “I’m going to kill her,” The brunette reasoned before returning to the lobby to be picked up for the bridal shower.  Anya could never understand how seemingly normal women could enjoy the tortuous games some sadist thought they should play at a bridal shower.  Still there she was surround by a dozen cackling women pretending she was having a good time. 


            The only upside was she kept catching Colleen looking over at her.  At one point she noticed the blonde had the same pained expression painted on her face that she did.  She nodded her head indicating that they should duck out for a moment.  “Where are the two of you running off too?”  Holly asked as she opened yet another box of glow in the dark condoms.

“Drink,” Colleen said.

“Fresh air,” Anya said before they both bolted through the kitchen and out the back door.


            “It must be a straight thing,” Anya reasoned.

“I can’t wait until tomorrow and the bachelorette party,” Colleen groaned.  “Taking my sister to strip joint is going to be a very strange experience.  Granted if it was a normal strip joint I’d be thrilled but Men in Motion.”

“We’ll have each and we can gang up on Holly?”  Anya reasoned.

“Works for me,” Colleen readily agreed.


            They hid outside talking until Mrs. Mathews found them and forced them back inside.  Both of them were exhausted by the time they returned to the hotel.  “We’re on the same floor,” Colleen noted thoughtfully.

“Apparently,” Anya concurred with a smile.  “So where are you living these days?”  She asked as she watched the floors pass by.

“Monterey,” Colleen answered as she leaned closer to the tall brunette.  “And you?”

“Kansas City,” Anya sadly responded.  “Well for now I’m being transferred back here at the end of next month.”

“Really?”  Colleen inquired brightly.  “I’m relocating to Boston next month.”


            Anya was smiling as the elevator doors opened and they stepped out.  “Now that is a happy coincidence,” She commented with a slight hint of hope. 

“Yes it is,” Colleen yawned as she stopped in front of her door.  “Sorry.”

“You must be exhausted,” Anya noted.

“I am,” Colleen apologized.  “Trust me it isn’t the company I really enjoyed talking to you today.”

“Me too,” Anya honestly responded as she tried to recall the last time she enjoyed talking to another woman so much?  Colleen yawned once again.  “You need sleep we have a busy day tomorrow.  There’s brunch, the rehearsal dinner and don’t forget the male strippers.”

“I wish I could,” Colleen winced. 

“Good night,” Anya reluctantly offered as she stepped away from the blonde.  She wanted to stay and continue chatting with Colleen but the blonde was dead on her feet and needed sleep.

“Good night,” Colleen responded with a shy smile.


            The following day was another flurry of activity.  She was enjoying spending time with Holly and the others but she kept finding herself spending most of her time with Colleen.  That night Holly was drunk and trying to catch one of the stripper’s attention.  “That’s right Sis wave that money around,” Colleen encouraged her.

“She’s out of control,” Anya laughed.  “I can’t believe the three of us have to crash at your parent’s place,” Anya shouted over the music.

“They want to make sure we all show up on time,” Colleen shouted out.  “Plus the hairstylist is coming there at the crack of dawn.”

“God help us,” Anya shouted over the music and their companions.  “Did you think she’s going to be mad for getting her trashed?”


            “Who Holly?”  Colleen laughed loudly as she pointed to her sister who was dancing on a table.

“No your Mother,” Anya explained as she reached out to keep the blushing bride from falling on her ass.

“She’s going to be pissed,” Colleen laughed.  “I’m actually having fun.”

“Me too,” Anya agreed as she looked over at the blonde who was laughing at her sister’s antics.  The brunette was really enjoying watching her friends let loose for a change.  Yet the biggest reason she was enjoying herself was because of the blonde sitting dangerously close to her.  “Colleen can I ask you something?”  Anya shouted out deciding to take a chance.

“Sure,” Colleen agreed.  “Oops easy there Sis you don’t know where that’s been,” She cautioned her older sibling who was trying to grope one of the dancers.

“Are you seeing anyone?”  Anya quickly inquired before she lost her nerve.

“No,” Colleen answered with a smile as their eyes met.  “How about you?”

“No,” Anya answered with a smile of her own.


            Colleen leaned over to say something to her but the music drowned out the blonde’s voice.  “I’m sorry what?”  Anya shouted out as she tried to decipher what Colleen was trying to say.  Colleen leaned closer until her lips were a hairs breath from the brunette’s ear.

“I said you are still beautiful,” Colleen seductively said as her hand caressed the brunette’s shoulder.


            Anya’s heart was racing as she leaned into Colleen’s touch and captured her face in her hands so she could whisper in the blonde’s ear as well.  “So are you,” Anya offered in a sultry tone.  She pulled back so she could look into Colleen’s eyes.  She was quickly caught up in the smoky emerald gaze as they leaned into towards one another.  They were so close that Anya could feel the blonde’s breath on her skin.  Her heart was hammering against her chest, as their lips were about to touch.  A sudden crash tore them from the embrace.  “No more table dances for her,” Anya noted as the spied Holly lying under a toppled table.

“Lets take her home,” Colleen quickly suggested.


            “Do you have any idea what time it is?”  Mrs. Mathews scolded them as they stumbled into the house. 

“I’m having a seriously bad flashback,” Holly groaned as Anya supported her on one side and Colleen on the other.

“Mom save it,” Colleen protested.  “We need to get Cinderella upstairs so she can sleep it off.”

“Fine,” Mrs. Mathews conceded.  “I set up the guest room for the three of you.”

“The guest room?”  Anya questioned.

“Holly’s old room.”  Colleen explained as they assisted Holly up the staircase.  “My room was turned into a TV room,” She shouted down to her mother as her older sister snickered.

“Keep it up Holly and I’ll show up in those Doc Martins,” Colleen threatened as they guided the drunken woman over to the queen size bed and tossed her down.

“One bed and a cot,” Colleen groaned.  “I can’t believe they made me give a night at the Ritz Carlton for this.”

“No big deal,” Anya reasoned.  “I’ll take the cot.”

“Why do I get stuck with the lush?”  Colleen argued as her sister giggled.

“She’s your sister,” Anya argued.


            Colleen looked over at her drunken sibling.  “You know we could toss her on the cot and take the bed for ourselves,” Colleen suggested as she leaned into Anya’s body.  The brunette wrapped her arms around the smaller woman.

“Tempting but she’s not asleep,” Anya noted as her hands began to glide down Colleen’s body.

“You are playing with fire,” Colleen cautioned her as the blonde nuzzled Anya’s neck.

“I remember,” Anya gasped.

“So do I,” Colleen responded in a husky tone as she began to kiss the brunette’s neck.  Anya moaned as Colleen’s lips began to tease her neck.


            “Hey you guys,” Holly called out as the two women jumped away from one another.  Holly sat up with a smile.  “I love you guys.”

“I love you too,” Anya chuckled.

“Yeah me too you big Booger,” Colleen chuckled as well. 


            Colleen looked over at her sister with a curious expression as Anya pulled off her shoes and pants and pulled back the covers on the cot.  “Hey Booger?”  Colleen began in a mischievous tone. 

“Yes Freak?”  Holly responded with a hiccup.

“How about you take the cot and let Anya and I have the bed?”  Colleen suggested in an innocent voice.

“Colleen?”  Anya gasped.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Holly slurred.  “No hanky panky with my baby sister.

“Damn,” Colleen groaned as Holly glared at Anya.

“I’m a dead woman,” The brunette flatly muttered as she climbed under the blankets of the cot.


            The following morning Anya’s body ached everywhere.  She blinked opened her eyes and sat up she noticed Colleen curled up in the bed and Holly missing.  She climbed off of the cot and onto the bed.  “Where is she?”  She whispered in the blonde’s ear.

“Getting sick in the bathroom,” Colleen explained as she turned over onto her back.  “Morning.”

“Morning,” Anya echoed before she leaned down and stole a quick kiss.


            Colleen reached up to capture a second kiss when they heard footsteps approaching.  “I hate her,” Colleen sighed as Anya climbed off of the bed just as Holly walked into the room.

“What did I drink last night?”  She groaned.

“What didn’t you drink last night?”  Anya teased.  “Why don’t you nap for another few while we take a shower.  I mean while I shower.”

“Okay,” Holly yawned as Colleen chuckled.


            Five people preparing for a wedding in a house with one bathroom was another sadistic event, Anya theorized.  The only person who didn’t complain or take a long time was Mr. Mathews.  Then again after living with his two daughters and his wife he was probably more than accustomed to the circus involved.  Things only got worse when Jolene joined the parade.


            Once her hair and make up was done, Anya looked at herself in the full-length mirror hanging on the back of Holly’s closet door.  “I look like the great pumpkin,” She moaned but when she turned and saw Holly her bitterness faded.  “Wow you look incredible,” She complimented her friend as her eyes turned to Colleen who looked stunning as well.


            The wedding was a beautiful event and the reception that followed at the ballroom at the Ritz was amazing.  Everyone shined yet Anya only had eyes for one person; the green-eyed blonde who kept capturing her gaze from across the room.  As the night began to wear on Anya was praying for things to wrap up so she might have a chance to spend time alone with Colleen.  In the morning they would both fly back home to their separate lives.  ‘Yes but then we will both be back here soon.’  Anya smiled at the thought.


            The brunette ducked into the ladies room to rest her feet from dancing all night.  She had danced with everyone but the one person who held her attention since the moment she bumped into her in the lobby two days ago.  “There’s my great pumpkin,” Colleen said with a smile as she stepped into the ladies room and joined Anya on the settee.  “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“When is this going to be over so I can be alone with her?”  Anya supplied with a shy smile.

“You are thinking what I’m thinking,” Colleen sighed as she leaned against the brunette.


            Anya smiled as she looked into the blonde’s eyes.  There was no mistaking the lust clouding the emerald orbs.  She leaned closer and pulled away just as the bathroom door swung open.

“Unbelievable,” Colleen muttered as her sister stepped inside.

“Hi you two,” Holly greeted them with a suspicious look.

“Oh no,” Colleen muttered as Anya’s heart sank.

“I should get back,” Anya excused herself as she stood.

“Not so fast,” Holly cut her off.

“Oh boy,” Anya sighed as the hair on the back of her neck stood on end.  ‘She knows.’  Was the only thought screaming through her mind.

“Holly don’t,” Colleen warned her sister as she stood and took her place at Anya’s side.


            “I just need to talk to the two of you,” Holly calmly explained.  “You see I remembering some really odd stuff about last night and then Danny said something that well made me curious,” They stood there waiting for the other shoe to drop.  “Last night the two of you seemed really close, especially when we got back to the house.”

“And?”  Colleen shrugged.

“And the other day Danny told me about that night with Stan,” Holly continued in a slow careful tone.  “He also said that Anya crashed in your room that night to make sure you were alright.”

“I did,” Anya confirmed as she felt the ire rising inside of her.

“Well there you have it,” Colleen offered.  “Lets get back to the party.”


            Neither Anya nor Holly budged.  “This is silly,” Anya directed towards Colleen.  “Holly what you want to know is yes, I did.”

“You slept with my sister?”  Holly shouted.

“My God Holly it was over ten years ago,” Colleen vehemently protested.

“My point exactly,” Holly continued to shout.  “She was a baby.”

“She was eighteen,” Anya argued.

“Can we take this down a notch?”  Colleen interjected.  “I really don’t feel like sharing this with the rest of the family.  I’m quite certain that Aunt Edith is listening at the door,” To prove her point the blonde hiked up her dress and stormed over to the door and kicked it.  The yelp echoing from the other side confirmed her suspicions. 


            Anya and Holly were still glaring at one another as Colleen stomped back over to them.  “How could you?”  Holly accused the brunette in a quieter tone.  “She was young, innocent, vulnerable and you seduced her.”

“I what?”  Anya choked out.

“Hold on Sis,” Colleen offered in a calm tone.  “First yes I was young but of legal age.  I wasn’t innocent by any means Anya was not the first woman I was intimate with.  She was the one who was vulnerable since I was the first woman she had slept with and up until then she thought she was straight,” Holly’s eyes widened in shock.  “And for the record I seduced her.”

“You seduced her?”  Holly stammered.

“Yes and if you would just chill out I might get the chance to do it again,” Colleen teased with saucy wink.

“Colleen?”  Holly gasped.


            Anya couldn’t believe how pale Holly looked all of sudden.  “Holly it is all true,” Anya calmly explained as she felt her anger slipping away.  “And we have really hit it off since meeting back up here in Boston.”

“And you are always asking me why I can’t meet someone nice like Anya and how we are two of your favorite people,” Colleen added.

“She does?”  Anya said with surprise.

“Yes, I do,” Holly, conceded with a heavy sigh.  “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You would have crucified me,” Anya responded bluntly.

“True,” Holly answered.  “And now you two are getting close again?”

“I think so,” Anya hedged as she prayed Colleen felt the same way.

“We are but we don’t have much time together until we both move back here,” Colleen explained as she took Anya by the hand.  “So go cut the cake and toss the posies so we can get out of here.”


            “Well you are my two favorite people,” Holly conceded.  “And you do look cute together,” She teased.  “And if you hurt her I’ll kill you,” She then threatened.

“Duly noted,” Anya agreed.  “But the clock is ticking and we haven’t been alone since we got here.  I’ve got a few hours to actually take your sister out on a date.”

“A date?  I thought we going have sex and start dating after we move back east?”  Colleen quipped.

“Are trying to get me killed?”  Anya pleaded as she gave the blonde’s hand a squeeze.

“Good luck Anya,” Holly laughed.  “I really do love the both of you.  Now come on lets hack up some pastry I have a honeymoon to start.”


            As the three of them stepped out of the bathroom everyone was watching them.  “Aunt Edith moves quickly,” Anya muttered as she kept a firm grip on Colleen’s hand.

“You have no idea,” Colleen confirmed.

“Like I said good luck,” Holly chuckled again.


            An hour later Anya and Colleen were stepping off the elevator and strolling hand in hand towards the blonde’s hotel room.  “I can’t believe you caught the bouquet.”  Colleen giggled as she slipped her keycard into the slot and opened the door.

“I can’t believe I let your sister force me into the line up,” Anya groused as she tossed the beautiful arrangement onto the table.

“How did she manage that?”  Colleen inquired as she slipped off her shoes.

“She threatened to tell your Dad I had sex with you when you were a teenager,” Anya explained.

“She threatened me with the same thing and I told her to go ahead,” Colleen laughed as she stepped into Anya’s arms.

“You are trying to get me killed,” Anya teased as she relaxed into the feel of Colleen resting in her arms.


            “Not a chance,” Colleen sighed.  “I just found you again and I want to make up for lost time,” She looked deeply into Anya’s crystal blue eyes and the brunette could feel her heart melting.  Anya could feel the pull as she became lost in Colleen’s eyes.  They began kissing softly and slowly as they began to undress one another while they stumbled towards the bed.


            They fell onto the bed and wrapped themselves around one another.  Colleen became frustrated with the buttons on Anya’s gown and finally tore the garment from the brunette’s body.  “Yes,” Anya cheered.  “That saves me from burning it.”  She reached up, pulled Colleen’s half naked body down, and kissed her deeply.  Their hands explored one another as they continued to rid themselves of their clothing.


            Anya moaned once their naked bodies finally greeted one another as they rolled across the large bed.  They kissed and caressed every inch of the other woman as their passion grew.  Anya could feel Colleen’s desire painting her skin as the blonde straddled her body.  Her pulse was racing as she captured her lover in a warm embrace and lowered the blonde down onto the bed.


            Anya kissed her way down her lover’s body savoring the taste of Colleen’s skin.  It was still the same and it still drove her insane.  She took her time as she teased the smaller woman’s nipples with her teeth and her tongue before her mouth craved more.  Colleen was pleading for more as Anya licked her way down the smaller woman’s body until she was nestled between her thighs.


            Colleen wrapped her legs around the brunette’s shoulders as Anya lowered herself until her lover’s desire filled her senses.  She began to feast upon Colleen’s wetness eagerly as her lover’s body thrust urgently against her.  She wanted to drown inside her lover as she curled her tongue and plunged it deep inside Colleen’s warm wet center.  Colleen was grasping her broad shoulders as Anya thrust her tongue in and out of her lover.


            As Colleen cried out Anya realized what a gift the blonde had given her all those years ago.  She continued to drive the blonde further over the edge until Colleen begged her to stop.  She kissed her way back up the blonde’s body and kissed her deeply.  “What?”  Colleen asked in a soft tone as they stared deeply into one another’s eyes as their fingers explored the other’s body.

“I was just thinking,” Anya gasped as she felt Colleen’s fingers dipping into her wetness.

“What about?”  Colleen asked with a similar gasp as Anya’s fingers mirrored her action.

“What you gave me,” Anya gently explained as they began to stroke one another.  “You showed me how passionate it can be to give pleasure.  When I touch you my body ignites.  I never knew that before that night.”

“I feel the same way when I touch you,” Colleen panted, as their touching grew bolder until they entered one another.


            Anya could feel her nipples hardening as they brushed against her lover’s stomach as they rocked against one another slowly.  They filled one another completely knowing that time was running out and they would have to say good-bye soon.  Anya couldn’t stop looking in her lover’s eyes as they pleasured one another.  Their bodies began to sway in a wild rhythm as their need to feel the other intensified.  They cried out in unison as their bodies captured the other not once did either of them break the fiery gaze they were locked in.


            They clung to each other neither wanting to let go.  They only moved apart to climb under the blankets.  Anya held her lover in her arms dreading the morning and looking forward to the day they would be reunited.  She yawned as Colleen slept peacefully in her arms.  She was fighting off the need to sleep wanting to remember each moment she shared with the other woman.  “A drunken college party,” Anya mused.  “It changed my life.  Who knew?”


The End

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