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Sexuality Disclaimer: Please be forewarned, the following short story contains graphic scenes of sex between two women, coarse language, gender bending issues, and reference to BDSM. This is intended for mature audiences. If you think you might be offended, please give this a miss.


By ArdentTly

I was sitting in a bar, drinking a cold beer to keep the blazing Chicago
heat at bay. Some Patsy Cline was on the jukebox and my fedora was tipped way back on my head. I had one hand in my lap, just at the top of the inside of my thigh, and was rocking the chair back on two legs. I was wired for sound and ready for action.

A woman, any woman, could see by the fire in my eyes that I was looking
for fun. And she'd be right. I see a woman walk into the bar along with a
few other patrons and the front legs of my chair crash back down, jarring my teeth. She's the one. Catching my eye wasn't a problem with that body, those eyes, and after some smooth frivolous chatter, we proceed to the dance floor.

I pull down the brim of my hat and hold out one hand. The brunette glances quickly around, and seeing disapproving glances aimed like sharp daggers, hesitates.

I look over at the nearest table, a sneer painting my lips and the group of people drops their gaze reluctantly.

Arching my eyebrow, I throw my soon to be lover one of my wicked grins, and hold out my hand once more. Removing her jacket, the woman walks carefully out onto the dance floor, looking every inch the perfect lady I’m certain she is. Why she’s slumming here, I haven’t a clue, but I won’t complain either.

I feel a shudder run through my dance partner as I slide my hand down to momentarily lie on her buttocks before moving back around her waist. I’ve no idea what the song is as my eyes roam over the full bosom of the lady I’m dancing the jitterbug with.

And then suddenly my ears perk up as Billie Holiday starts to sing. It’s a nice slow dance, and I pull the brunette against me. My head turns as a few coarse remarks are aimed in our direction, and then the bartender is unceremoniously pushing them out the door. My partner eyes the room and then her shoulders start to relax against me.

Although she’s quite a bit taller than I am, our bodies fit like a puzzle, each providing the dip to the other’s curve. The scent of her skin is filling my mind as I imagine her writhing beneath me. Images of the woman spread eagle, and tied to a hard surface, fill my head and I pull her even closer. I can feel her resistance easing as the lights in the bar are dimmed and the music is turned up.

The dance ends, and I pull the chair out for her, waiting until she’s seated before straddling the chair across from her. My lips twitch as I pull out my package of cheroots. Selecting one, I light up and exhale a nicely formed smoke ring.

"You seem very comfortable here, so is this one of your usual haunts?" She asks me in a way that suggests the only reason her being there at all was because she got lost.

"And do you have to smoke?"

"Well now, yes I do. And this is one of my finer hang-outs, baby. Joe here keeps a nice respectable place. He keeps the fights down to a minimum and he ain’t too close minded that he’s against two women dancing together. The booze is watered down some, but I figure the rest kinda balances things out, ya know?"

The brunette purses her lips and then pulled the collar of her blouse away from her skin. It’s getting hot. I want it to get quite a bit hotter still.

"I think it’s time you powdered your nose or something, doll face. Yer lookin’ a bit peaked."

I can tell she isn’t used to having someone tell her what to do as she crosses one long leg over her knee and sits back.

"I’ll be fine, thank you all the same."

Her haughty demeanor slips as I pull her to her feet, toss the jacket her way, and push her down the hall into the bathroom. It was almost closing time so the area is secluded and quiet. I toss the remains of my cigar into one of the toilets and turn to face the woman.

She gives me a look as I take her by the elbow over to the sink. Arching an eyebrow, she smiled at me as she spied the cuffs on my belt. Placing her hands forward, wrist to wrist, she tempts me.

"Oh, you are so very forceful. What ever shall I do? I suppose I’ll just have to give in, and be your willing slave." She says sarcastically.


I wonder...does she know just what's in store? Her smile falters as I let my gaze wander up her torso, ending at the nice full cleavage the heat has afforded me. I can see the outline of her bra as the white blouse is stretched tightly across her breasts.

She nods and the tip of a nice pink tongue darts out between lips to swipe
at the glistening surface.

"Yes", she purrs. All of a sudden, the rather stiff fašade the woman had been exuding slips and I see a fire burning within her eyes.


She offers her hands once more but I ignore her gift, fingering the buttons on her blouse instead. I watch her nostrils flare with passion. As the creamy skin is exposed, I smile. I can see the remnants of a past encounter...the suck and bite marks turn me on. So, the genteel exterior is a sham? Or maybe she just wants to see how far she can push me.

She asks about the bulge in my pants and I tell her it's a surprise. She
grins and tries to move towards my zipper. Swatting her hand away, I step back.

"Take off your jacket and shirt."

Her smile widens.

"And your skirt".

It falters. "What if someone...?"

"I don't give a shit," I say in my particular drawl.

She hesitates, indecision stealing the willingness from her gaze.

"That's it, baby. You lose."

I tip my hat and start towards the door.

"But...please stop".

I keep on walking.

Finally, a hand closes around my elbow as we near the bar. I don't turn,
knowing full well that it's her.


"Give me another chance?"

I take a chair near the back, in a nicely darkened area.

I steeple my fingertips under my chin, and push my hat back from my hairline.

"Fine. You do what I say when I say it. Period".

She nods enthusiastically.

I nod to the bartender, and he brings a Sambuca, no ice, double shot, and
then leaves.

"What about me?" She murmurs with a pout.

"You'll take what I'll give you, babe."

She stands there and I part my legs.

She gulps once as the contents of my trousers are in stark relief. She knows
what I've got, and wants it...bad.

"Get on your knees. Now."

She moves quickly and places both hands at the back of my calves.

"Use that pretty mouth to show me why I should even give you the time of day."

Her eyes are bright and her breathing becomes laboured.

Pushing her long hair back, she moves in slowly, darting her tongue this way
and that, teasing me as she moves across my pants. In my head, I can just
see that nice wet mouth on me, licking slowly up and down my shaft, making me quiver.

She moves over my zipper and takes the fly in her teeth, pulling at it,
tempting me further. I smile and reach into my backpack, removing a nice
thick dildo.

"I want you to slowly insert this, baby...just slip it under your panties,
and then all the way in. I want to know it's inside you, your muscles pulsing around it, while I keep that mouth busy."

She swallows noisily, but snakes her shaking fingers towards my gift.

She peers quickly around and notices the one guy at the far table watching
with interest. The other patrons have all left.

The brunette looks quickly away, her cheeks crimson. She takes a moment to bolster her courage, not wanting to disappoint me a second time, and licks the end of the dong. We make eye contact again, and she smiles at me. Easing the toy under her short skirt, she affords me a brief look at her nicely trimmed bush. I smirk, and run my fingers over my bulge, and grin at her intense look of arousal.

Her mouth rounds sweetly as the dildo hits home, all the way in. I can see it must have burned a bit going in, without lube, and I decide I like that look on her face. The slight discomfort continues as I motion her to continue. She mustn't be as wet as she thought or my toy is stretching her just the way I like it.

Finally, she sits back on her heels, lodging it deep inside, and puts her
hands back on my calves. She's been a good girl and I lean forward, kissing
her deeply and shoving my tongue into her mouth.

"What a good girl you are. See, now that wasn’t so hard, was it?"

I take her mouth again and she moans as my teeth graze her lower lip. Then a sharp cry is uttered as both nipples are caught between my fingertips. I squeeze them and watch her writhe deliciously.

The guy at the table is slowly jerking off. I snort, resettle my harness, and then unzip my own prize. The click from his swallow can be heard from our table, and I watch him watching me stroke myself.

"Take your hands and grip the chair legs, baby. No other movement, unless
you want that dildo to move in and out some more. That's okay, but nothing

She nods and I open my pants. Her groan fills the air as I push my dick
into her face. She opens her mouth and sucks my knob deeply. I watch the head peek in and out of her ruby red lips and think of the nice tight ass I'm sure she has. I can see myself spending some time on that particular body part. In fact, the urge to take her like that right now, right there in the bar, has me all but consumed with desire.

I place my hands at the back of her head and start to slowly fuck her mouth.
She makes these nice noises as I go in deeper. She gags a little, but I
know she can take more. And she does as I ease two fingers down under my
harness and begin to transfer some of the juices onto my shaft. She can smell it, and that's all the incentive she needs. Taking almost my whole length down her throat, she pumps me with a constant rhythm until I'm
sure my eyes will roll back completely. I feel a flame spreading through me, as my passion is unleashed.

She pulls all the way out and I pull her into a deep breathless kiss.

"I'm gonna take you, baby, right here and right now."

She nods nervously and waits until I push her back and away, and then stand and loosen my belt. The guy in the corner moans, but he’s all but forgotten. After all, it's his lucky day.

The bartender has dropped the pretense of wiping down the bar and stands
there, his eyes glazed wide with a mixture of shock and lust.

I hold a hand out to the woman, pulling her to her feet, and then push her
towards the jukebox. One hand is still holding the toy inside her and I can tell by her walk that she's now wet. Very wet.

Pressing her face onto the glass, I push her skirt up, panties down, and feel
for myself. Licking the juices off my fingers, I smile.

"Open those thighs, baby, I'm comin in." I take a sip of my Sambuca and
then place it on top of the juke. Hitting the side of the machine twice, I
nod with satisfaction as Lena Horne comes on.

I lick my fingers and then smack her bare buttocks a few times. I like the feel of the heated flesh and grind myself into her. She gasps as two wet fingers push into her rectum.

"Oh gods..."

’Yeah,’ I think...’she's ready for me.’ I take a small container from my pocket
and begin to apply a lubricant, smearing the last of it over her sweet puckered hole. I feel with my hands, easing hers out of the way
and just thrust the dildo in and out of her a few times. She pushes her ass
out to meet me and I watch the pink flesh with interest.

Easing the dildo home, I tell her to hold onto it, and place the other hand on
the jukebox. I tell her to scoot down a bit to give me better leverage.
She does and then a small yelp is all I hear as the knob of my
dick pushes into her ass. My hands move around to her breasts, and I squeeze them again, feeling the shudder running through her.

Then, parting her cheeks a bit more, I ease about half way into her.
She's groaning and shuddering, moving her legs farther apart.

"You still good to go?" I ask, laying my cheek against her shoulder.

A few microseconds pass before she grits her teeth and pushes back against

"Oh, l love it." She purrs as she takes my full length into her ass.
I move my hands back down to rub her clit, and push against the base of the dildo. She likes that.

As I slowly thrust into her, she moves the toy in opposite rhythm. I
can feel the difference as she's filled completely at every other stroke.
Gods, I'm dripping; I can feel it sliding down my thighs.

Her fingers begin to move faster as she rushes towards orgasm. I push
her face against the glass again as I continue to pump, and she finally whimpers her release. Her lax fingers allow the toy to fall uselessly to the ground, and I grab both hips, pulling her hard against me.

I thrust in hard, deep and long...she pants and groans, begging...begging
to cum again.

I hear a gasp and then a deep groan as the guy at the other table blows his
wad. I wonder how he's gonna get those stains out and if the bartender will
make him clean it up. Most probably. Looking over my shoulder, and can
imagine he and the guy will be here for awhile after we're done.

I pull her body up against mine as I thrust up into her, and bang her against
the juke, hard enough to rattle her teeth. She pants heavily and then a
shiver runs through her. I grab my drink, tossing it down and away before taking both breasts in my hands roughly. The booze burns in the pit of my belly and I thrust in faster and faster until she yells my name, cuming hard. I lay my face against her back, the sweat dripping down between my breasts and into the waistband of my Army boxers. My skin is tingling, and I can feel the blood rushing through my veins. This is only the start. First round goes to the short blonde with the harness.

Easing away from her sweet body, I step back, zipping myself up with a sigh. She stands there, knees trembling, and I help her over to the table. I eye the fellah as we pass and he gives me a wide-eyed look accompanied by a weak smile.

I look into the woman's face as I settle her into the chair and kiss her
sweetly. She slowly arranges her clothing, and pulls out her glasses. I watch as her compact comes out and lipstick is reapplied. I motion to the bartender who brings us our usual 'after' drinks.

‘This scene was one of our best,’ I think to myself. I retrieve my
toy and backpack and catch the bar towel my buddy throws me. I toss it
carelessly at the guy at the other table and smirk as he turns beet red.
His explosion might be a tad embarrassing to get home with.

I pull my lady's mouth against my own again, enjoying the shiver she's still
working through.

"Gods, I love to take you like this."

Mel smiled winningly and let her head loll back.

"I think I pulled something, sugar."

Smiling wickedly, I know just how to remove the kinks in her neck.

I jingle the bracelets at my belt and my baby groans. Her eyes are bright
and she's already rubbing her wrists in preparation for the next round.

"You did fix that spreader bar, didn't you Jan?"

"Yes dear," I said and then managed to avoid the rather large hand coming my way. My buttocks were still sore from the night before. Oh, what we do for love.

(c) ArdentTly

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