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Timeline: This is the sequel to ‘Plan D’ and takes place the days following Xena’s little escapade. I suggest you read ‘Plan D’ first, however I tried to make this one a stand alone. I hope I succeeded.

Note: I wrote this because it was requested, by generous readers. I hadn’t plan on continuing the story and now I fear it is leaning toward a series. I’ll just have to wait and see what pops into my head.

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Bodies Change, Love Never Dies

By FlyBigD

Saturday, 1:57 pm.

Slowly a tanned hand slithered out from under the blanket, taking a firm hold on the headboard as the wooden structure thumped rhythmically against striped wallpaper. As the rhythm increased, the hand was joined by a smaller, paler one, tugging on the tan one and prying long fingers off the spindle it was white knuckling. Eventually, the smaller hand one won and the tan one was drug back beneath the fluttering covers as the fingers of both hands intertwined. Suddenly, the phone rang and the thumping paused as the pale hand reached for the annoyance, but was pulled back by the tan one and after another moment, the thumping resumed with much more vigor. The phone continued to ring several times, before it realized the cause was hopeless, at which time it stopped.

The wallpaper, beaten into submission, was relieved when the assault ceased. If I could talk, it thought with regret, especially when the thumping started again with only a short period of repass. Geez, it thought again, haven’t they ever heard of a Motel?

“Gods!” Xena moaned, arching her back as the bard sucked ravenously on her breast. “Gabrielle, please.” Bucking her hips to match the bard’s thrusting fingers, Xena ran her nails over Gabrielle’s back, drawing blood. “God!”

Gabrielle groaned with pleasure, feeling the warrior’s approaching climax around her fingers and ground her sex harder into Xena’s thigh, rubbing it roughly back and forth. Moaning, she felt them getting nearer the edge and picked up the pace. Thrusting hard and deeper into the warrior, she sucked harder on the nipple in her mouth, until she finally cried out as the orgasm took hold. “Xena!” She shouted, burying her head into the warrior’s neck, her hips jerked uncontrollably against Xena’s wet thigh, as her breathing became harsh gasps.

Reaching down, Xena put her hand over the bards, holding it against her center, not letting Gabrielle remove her fingers. “Gods, Gabrielle.” Arching again, she let her body do as it wanted, as she drowned in the climax. Shuddering, she pulled the bard to her, letting the feel of Gabrielle’s skin against her heighten her pleasure.

With no more words, the couple slowly descended their apex and laid in an exhausted mass beneath the covers. Their legs intertwining as Gabrielle stretched out to cover Xena’s body with her own, their breathing making a slower descent to normality.

Folding the covers back, Xena took a deep breath of fresh air. “Gods.” She whispered, closing her eyes, she felt a pair of warm lips against her neck. Moaning softly, she rubbed the bard’s sweat covered back, moving one hand lower to caress a firm butt.

Gabrielle moved up the warrior’s neck, kissing and nibbling her way to Xena’s ear. “I love you.” Whispering into that ear, before taking the lobe between her teeth and pulling gently.

“I love you.” Xena answered the bard’s advances by moving her other hand to Gabrielle’s behind and kneading slowly. “You feel good.” Reaching further down, she trailed one hand between the bard’s thighs, to the bard’s wet sex and began stroking it.

Spreading her legs, to allow the warrior better access, Gabrielle raised up on one elbow. “Gods your insatiable.” Looking down into twinkling blue eyes.

“And that news?” Smiling, Xena circled the bard’s opening with two fingers, feeling the wet heat of Gabrielle’s sex and watched the bard take a deep breath. “Want more?”

“Gods, yes.” Spreading her legs even further, Gabrielle slid downward, pressing her center against Xena’s rotating fingers. Closing her eyes, she lowered her head, kissing Xena’s neck, taking in the warrior’s scent. “You smell so good.” Using her tongue, the bard traced a line up the warrior’s neck back to the waiting ear lobe.

Opening and closing her mouth a couple of times, as the bard’s lips and tongue drove her senses into hysterics, Xena slid two fingers inside Gabrielle, holding her hips with the other hand when the bard bucked. “Yes.” She hissed and began to thrust her fingers in a slow rhythm.

Gabrielle began rocking her body against the warrior hand, matching Xena’s strokes. Sliding back and forth, their bodies began the age old ritual of their lovemaking. Moaning loudly, the bard rotated her hips, feeling Xena’s thrusts getting harder. “Deeper.” Whispering, she threw her head back when the warrior complied. “Yes.”

Beep, beep, beep.

“Go away.” Xena growled, not breaking her rhythm, she felt the bard pulling away. “Oh, no you don’t” Bringing her hand upward, she wrapped it around Gabrielle’s back, pulling the bard back down and up, to allow her to increase her thrust.

“Xena.” Gabrielle chided, but was unable to stop her body from reacting to the warrior’s increasing touch. Her hips rocked and she shook her head from side to side, with the rising heat between her legs.

“They can wait.” Lifting her head, Xena brought their lips together.

“Xena.” Gabrielle whispered, her breath becoming ragged as her hips rocked faster and harder. “Gods.” Leaning her head down, she captured the warrior in a passionate kiss.

Beep, beep, beep.

“Xena!” Shouting, Gabrielle squeezed her eyes shut as she felt herself falling.

“Almost there.” Groaning, Xena thrust deeper inside the bard, feeling Gabrielle starting to shudder, as the muscles around her fingers contracted.

“Gods!” Arching against the warrior, Gabrielle opened her eyes, looking down as Xena threw her head backwards. “Xena!” Suddenly, she felt the warrior pull out, then just as suddenly felt three finger thrust deep inside take the place of two. “Shit.”

Beep, beep, beep.

“Yes.” Xena growled, feeling the bard’s hips grinding against hers as Gabrielle bucked wildly, driving the warrior over the edge. “Gabrielle! Gabrielle!”

Her body convulsing, Gabrielle bit down on Xena’s shoulder, causing the warrior to groan in her ear. Holding her bite, the bard wrapped her arms under Xena’s arching back and dug into the skin near her spine.

Xena’s eyes closed, her hand thrust harder and her hips lifted off the bed. “Gods, Gabrielle!”

Beep, beep, beep.

Suddenly, they both let out a loud groan and held their breaths, not wanting the moment to end as their bodies slowed their gyrations and their hearts beat out of their chests.

“Oh my God.” Gabrielle moaned as another orgasm started. “Xena!”

Xena began thrusting madly, taking the bard over the edge again.

This time Gabrielle waited for her body to cease it’s involuntary shuddering, before she stared to relax, then fell heavily onto the warrior, exhausted and sweaty. “By the gods.” Whispering, due to lack of oxygen, she felt Xena pull out and rolled next the warrior. Resting her head on Xena’s shoulder, Gabrielle pulled the covers up around her shoulders. Propping up on one elbow, she looked down at her two thousand year old lover and smiled. “I think you were right.”

“About what?” Smiling back at the bard.

“Sex is definitely better in these bodies.” Leaning down, Gabrielle kissed Xena’s forehead.

Chuckling at the bard’s admittance, Xena took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Beep, beep, beep.

“Damn, I forgot.” Rolling on her side, Xena picked up her beeper off the nightstand.

“Funny how that happens.” Reaching her arm around Xena’s waist, Gabrielle kissed the warrior’s back, noticing the scratch marks she’d left.

Checking the number, Xena swung her legs over the edge of the bed and sat up. “Shit.”

“What is it?” Concerned, Gabrielle sat up as well and scooted next to the warrior. Looking over Xena’s shoulder, she noticed the number flashing. “Damn.” Taking the beeper, as Xena handed it to her and shook her head.

Picking up the receiver, Xena quickly dialed the number she knew by heart and waited for a familiar voice to pick up at the other end. “Come on, Jim.”

“Jim Harris.” The deep male voice sounded in Xena’s ear.

“Jim, it’s Grace.” Xena said, using the name she was given in this lifetime.

“Where the hell have you been?” Jim shouted.

Xena held the phone away from her ear, for a second, then brought it back. “I was tied up.” Looking at the bard and winking. “What ya got?”

Gabrielle watched Xena’s face grow solemn and moved off the bed. Walking to the far side of the bedroom, she stuck her hand inside a door and flipped on the bathroom light. Moving inside, she turned on the hot water and closed the shower door, then left the bathroom and moved to the window, opening the curtains and letting in the afternoon sun. Continuing her routine, Gabrielle went to Xena’s closet and pulled out a pair of jeans and a cotton shirt, moving back to the bed, she laid them down then went to the chest of drawers and pulled out a t-shirt, a sweat shirt, a bra, underwear and socks. Placing them on the bed, beside the other clothes, she spotted Xena’s favorite pair of cowboy boots and brought them to set at the foot of the bed. Looking around again, she found an old pair of jogging pants and put them on, followed by an even older sweat shirt. Satisfied, she left Xena to her phone call and went downstairs.

Listening as the warrior moved around above her, Gabrielle had just finished making Xena’s lunch, placing a carton of milk in the brown paper sack, when the warrior bounded downstairs. “I made you something to eat.” Pushing the bag across the counter.

“No time.” Looking for her keys, Xena started flipping things over in the living room.

Sighing, Gabrielle picked her keys off the hook, next to Xena’s and jingled them. “I’ll drive, you eat.”

Coming back into the kitchen, Xena spotted her keys and the look on Gabrielle’s face. “I’ll take the Harley, it’s faster.” Reaching for her keys.

“I’ll drive you in my truck, it’s safer.” Pushing the warrior’s hand away from her keys.

“I don’t have time for this, Gabrielle.” Trying for the key again, Xena got pushed hard.

“Then pick up your lunch and get your butt in gear.” Picking up the warrior’s keys and dropping them in her pocket, she walked calmly past Xena’s glare and opened the door leading to the garage. “Chop. Chop.”

“Grrrrrrr.” Xena growled, but complied and picked up the paper sack, following the bard into the garage. “Let me drive.”

“You’re eating, I’m driving.” Climbing into the driver side, Gabrielle slid behind the wheel and started the engine, then buckled her seat belt.

Seeing no way out, Xena slid in beside the bard and closed the door. Buckling her seat belt as well, she opened the sack. “What did you make me?”

Putting the truck in reverse, Gabrielle turned around, placing her arm across the back of the seat and eased out on the clutch. “You’ve got three ham and cheese sandwiches, with mayo and ketchup, an apple and a quart of milk.” Turning the wheel, she stopped, put the truck in first and burned rubber down the dirt driveway.

Xena looked up from the sack as trees started flying by. “And you complain about the way I drive.”

“Shut up and eat.” Concentrating on driving, Gabrielle let up when they finally reached the road and stopped, checking traffic before pulling onto the highway. “How long do you have?”

“Probably got about half an hour. They’re being choppered in.” Taking a bite of her sandwich. “Two adults and one child. Car crashed into a semi.”

“By the gods.” Whispering, Gabrielle shook her head and picked up speed. Glancing in the rearview mirror, she looked at Xena, out of the corner of her eye. How far we’ve come, she thought.

Xena had given up her warrior ways a thousand years ago and had tried to fit into a more regimented police keeping force, feeling the need to protect, but had given that up too. It seemed she wasn’t very good at taking orders, which Gabrielle always knew, but apparently Xena had to find out the hard way. She’d been kicked out of every garrison from France to Japan, before she moved on to her next career. They’d never gone back to Britain, or else she would’ve extended her line of being fired.

Gabrielle had urged her to find something that suited her more and it took a couple of lifetimes and various bodies to finally hit on what she could be satisfied with. Xena was a doctor. She hadn’t planned on being one, but it was the only thing, other than wielding a sword, that came naturally. During the dark ages, her skill had come in handy, when it seemed the world had lost it’s common sense and the pair found themselves in the middle of history’s most famous wars. The transition from warrior to healer was slow, at first, then after a couple of centuries, Xena had given up the sword. At least she put it away, and still had it today, tucked away in a custom made box, along with the sheath. But it hadn’t seen the light of day for some time and Xena was now a surgeon. One of the world’s best. She’d breezed through medical school, having written most of the books she had to study from and been knocked up side the head by Gabrielle, when she’d suggested a career as a Gynecologist, so she finally moved to surgeon. The lifetimes she’d spent sowing up wounded soldiers had given her a skill that amazed her instructors and even gotten them jealous, when she out did them. The phrase, I have many skills, echoed through the halls for years after Xena had left and probably continues to torture instructors to this day.

Gabrielle, on the other hand, had never given up her first love and continued to write throughout the ages. Her scrolls had been lost, but she’d gotten new ones and if the world ever found them, they were in for a big shock. For as Gabrielle, herself, found out, the world remembers what it wants to remember and not necessarily what really happened. That’s why she’d gotten into teaching. The half truths and bold face lies that were spread in the name of history made her skin crawl and she’d taken up the roll of setting the records straight. She’d taught everything from small children to ancient scholars, all with the natural flare of her bardic soul. Eventually, she’d settled on narrowing her scope and was now teaching Ancient Greek History to a bunch of tenth graders at a nearby high school. The pay wasn’t bad and the bard had to admit, it was a hoot reliving the good old days with her students. Although no one, but Xena knew just how old those days really were.

After Xena had pitched her fit and kicked some omnipotent butt, they’d ended up back in their original bodies, quirks and all and now lived together in a large two story house, on five hundred acres Xena’s parents had given them, out in the middle of nowhere. Despite its beauty, solitude and ample privacy, Gabrielle made sure it was a reasonable distance to a mall, before allowing Xena to chop a single tree. The warrior had her separate garage, for her collection of noisy motorcycles and the bard had a two story library that took up most of the east side of the house. The corral out back had a barn attached and two horses to go with it. One blonde, Argo, of course and the other a dark mare, who Gabrielle had yet, after two years, to call anything other than Girl.

They were happy, for the first time in a very long time and they enjoyed being able to just sit around and do nothing. Their lives were simple, yet very very full. They were making up for all the lost years they’d spent apart, searching for each other through countless lifetimes.

Smiling, Gabrielle pulled into the hospital emergency parking. Looking skyward, she heard the familiar sound of chopper blades slicing the air and pulled the warrior in for a quick kiss. “Call me and I’ll come pick you up.”

“I love you.” Getting out of the truck, Xena gave the bard a wink, then closed the door.

“I love you.” Watching the warrior dash across the asphalt and hurdle several rows of hedge, Gabrielle shook her head, then watched the helicopter land a short distance away. “Take care of them, Xena.” Whispering as the warrior ran to meet the emergency personnel filing out of the hospital. Still watching, Gabrielle waited until the last helicopter had taken off and the last stretcher disappeared inside the hospital, before she started the engine and headed home.

Saturday, 9:12pm.

Unable to concentrate on her writing and tired of pacing the floor, Gabrielle looked at the clock. “Geez.” After showering, on her return to the house, she’d stayed in her robe and was now, frantically searching her closet for a particular pair of jeans. “Where are they?” Raising an inquisitive eyebrow, the bard went to Xena’s closet and found them hanging in plain sight. “I hate it when she does that.” Snatching the pants off the hanger, she pulled them on and sat down on the bed. “Shoes.” Looking down at her bare feet, she wiggled her toes. Bending over and reaching under the bed, Gabrielle felt around until she found her footwear, then donned the tennis shoes, minus socks and jumped up. Heading for the door, she passed a mirror and took a quick glance. Running her fingers through her hair a couple of time, she frowned and stuck out her tongue. “Give it up, Gabrielle.” She said to herself and walked away.

Downstairs, the bard picked up her keys and walked toward the garage. Coming to a quick halt, she bolted up stairs, trying to get to the phone before it stopped ringing.

“Hello?” She said breathlessly.

“Is this supposed to be an obscene phone call?” Xena laughed at the heavy breathing.

“Xena!” Sitting on the bed, Gabrielle sighed.

“You know, Gabrielle, you really should try answering the phone in English sometimes.” Xena chuckled at the mental image she was having of the bard holding out the phone and giving it a strange look.

“Damn.” Gabrielle swore, still talking in Ancient Greek. It was a habit she and Xena had gotten into when they were young and didn’t want anyone to know what they were talking about. Now they used it all the time, when they were alone and the bard rolled her eyes, realizing she hadn’t switched back since yesterday. “Sorry.” She said in English.

“Too late now.” Smugly keeping to Greek.

“Snot.” Giving the phone a raspberry. “Are you ready to come home?”

“That’s why I’m calling. I might end up having to spend the night here.” Hearing the sigh on the other end, Xena sighed herself. “I don’t want to leave until I’m sure the boy is out of the woods.”

“How bad is it?” Her shoulders slumped, Gabrielle listened to the details and fell back on the bed. “By the gods.” Whispering at the warrior’s descriptions. “What about the parents?”

“The mother was gone before the chopper touched down, but the father has got a pretty good chance. He’s in ICU.” Fingering some papers on her desk, Xena closed her eyes.

“Xena, I’m sorry.” Knowing the warrior felt every loss down to her soul, Gabrielle understood where Xena was coming from and didn’t argue about her staying. “Is there anything I can do?”

“No. Just keep the bed warm.” Smiling as a tear ran down her cheek, Xena controlled the wavering in her voice.

“Okay.” Sighing, Gabrielle closed her eyes. “I love you.”

“I know. I love you, too.” Hanging up the phone, Xena put her feet up on her desk and stared at a poster of Greece Gabrielle had gotten for her while she was in medical school. Closing her eyes, she leaned the chair back and folded her arms across her chest. She wasn’t sleeping, but sometimes just the darkness felt good. Moving her hand, she switched off the lamp without looking.

Half an hour later, Gabrielle walked into the emergency room and over to the desk. “Helen, where’s Grace?” Getting the attention of a nurse she knew.

“Hi, Faith. I don’t know. I haven’t seen her in awhile.” Looking around, Helen checked the lobby. “Have you checked her office? I can page her.”

“Don’t bother.” Turning quickly away, Gabrielle walked through the overly lit halls to the elevator. Pushing the button ten times before the door opened and she jumped in, pushing the ‘door close’ button and the 4 button in unison. When the doors finally opened to the fourth floor, Gabrielle made a sharp left, narrowly missing Jim and turning to wave as she continued on. Reaching Xena’s office, she opened the door slowly, spotting the elongated form resting in the dark. “Xena?” Whispering.

Opening her eyes, Xena looked at Gabrielle and sighed. “How are you going to keep the bed warm from here?” Switching on the desk lamp, she smiled as the bard came in and closed the door.

“I’d rather keep you warm.” Smiling sadly, Gabrielle came around the desk and pushed Xena’s feet off the corner. “How are you doing?” Replacing the warrior’s feet, Gabrielle sat down on the edge, looking deep into pale blue eyes. Sighing, she stroked Xena’s tired face.

“Better.” Taking Gabrielle’s hand, she brought it to her lips and kissed it softly. “Much better.”

Smiling, Gabrielle let Xena pull her onto her lap and wrapped her arm around the warrior’s neck. “I wish I could help?” Resting her head on top of Xena’s.

“You are.” Playing with Gabrielle’s fingers, Xena kissed them again and felt suddenly overwhelmed by the day. “Gods I love you.” Looking up, Xena pulled the bard’s face down to hers. “You’re so beautiful.”

Tears welled up in green eyes and Gabrielle smiled through them. “And so very lucky.” Leaning down, she pressed her lips against the warriors and felt strong arms wrap tightly around her waist. Living for the moment, Gabrielle let Xena’s hands wander, knowing the warrior needed something real to hold on to in these moments and did her best to keep Xena’s mind off her worries for as long as she could. Finding herself on the floor, Gabrielle wrapped her legs around the warrior’s waist, leaning her head back, she felt Xena’s lips on her neck and she moaned as soft hands made their way under her sweat shirt and to her breasts. “Gods!” Whispering into the warrior’s hair, Gabrielle tugged at Xena’s smock, getting it half way off before the loud speaker shattered the moment.

Dr. Morgan call extension 225. Dr. Morgan call extension 225, please.

“Damn.” Getting quickly to her feet, Xena picked up the phone and dialed. “This is Dr. Morgan.”

Gabrielle got to her feet as well and was trying to get Xena’s smock back on, when Jim opened the door.

“Grace, we got trouble.” Jim said, shaking his head. “The boy’s going into shock.”

“Fuck!” Hanging up the phone, Xena shrugged on her smock and moved past the bard, following her assistant out the door.

Gabrielle was a step behind all the way to ICU, where she stopped, grudgingly, outside the swinging doors. Despite the fact that Xena had been a doctor for a long time, Gabrielle had never quite gotten used to not being able to help. Sighing, she looked for someplace to sit down and wait. Spotting a small room, she walked over, sticking her head inside and seeing no one. “This will do.” Taking a chair by the door, Gabrielle watched the hallway and got comfortable.

“Excuse me.” Some said.

Snapping out of her daydream, Gabrielle looked up and saw an elderly couple standing outside the lounge. “Can I help you?” Coming to her feet.

“We’re trying to find the ICU.” The old man said, a worried expression covered his wrinkled face.

“The reception area is down the hall and around the corner to the left.” Pointing in the general direction, Gabrielle stepped into the hallway. “Here, I’ll show you.”

“Thank you.” The old woman spoke softly and took her husband’s arm.

Walking slowly, Gabrielle paced herself with the couple. Bringing them to the desk, she smiled. “Here you go.”

“Thank you, again.” The old woman smiled.

“You’re welcome.” Smiling back, Gabrielle turned to leave.

“Faith.” A nurse called out.

“Yes?” Turning back, Gabrielle spotted a friend coming toward her. “What’s up, Janet?”

“Grace wanted me to give you this.” Holding out a piece of paper, Janet put the note in the bard’s hand.

“Thanks.” Smiling, the bard read the warrior’s scratchy handwriting. “Doctor’s!” Muttering at Xena’s lack of penmanship.

‘Thanks for coming. I really needed it. Love you, Xena.’ It was in Greek, of course.

Folding the note, Gabrielle smiled, putting the paper in her back pocket. “Thanks, Janet.”

“Sure thing, Faith.” Grasping the bard’s arm, Janet smiled warmly and winked. “Are you staying?”

“Yea, I think so.” Sighing at the thought of sitting in the lounge alone.

“It might be awhile. They’ve taken the boy back to surgery.” Feeling for the blonde.

“Well I’ve gotten pretty good at waiting, over the years.” Gabrielle lied, but put on a smile anyway.

“Tough, huh?” Knowing better than to believer her friend, Janet smiled knowingly.

“Unbelievable.” Rolling her eyes at getting caught, Gabrielle shrugged.

“Maybe I’ll catch you later.” Turning as her name was called, Janet paused. “Where will you be?”

“In the lounge.” Waving the woman on. “Go. Save somebody.”

“That’s Grace’s department.” Walking away, Janet smiled again.

“I know.” Whispering, the bard turned back and headed for the lounge and a long night. Taking up her customary position in the chair beside the door.

“Excuse me.” The elderly man said.

Broken out of another daydream, Gabrielle looked up and wondered if she was still dreaming. Seeing the same couple standing in the same spot, outside the door. “Can I help you?” Coming to her feet, Gabrielle shook off the deja vu.

“They said this is where we can wait.” The man pointed inside the lounge.

“Yes, of course.” Stepping aside for the couple, Gabrielle waited until they were seated before she resumed her vigil.

“Miss?” The woman spoke softly.

“Yes, ma’am?” Getting up again, Gabrielle moved to a seat closer to the couple.

“I saw you talking to one of the nurses, do you work here?” Smiling at the bard.

“No, ma’am. I’m married to one of the doctor’s that works here.” Smiling herself.

“Is he a nice young man?” The expression on her face softened, as she asked the question.

“Ummmm.” Gabrielle stalled. “Nice, yes, well sort of.”

“Pardon?” The man asked, getting into the conversation.

“It’s complicated.” Thinking the term overused, but not wanting to try and explain the fact that she was married to a woman, Gabrielle shrugged.

“But he’s nice?” The woman persisted.

“Very.” Giving the woman a reassuring smile, then winked. “But not always, if you know what I mean.”

The man chuckled. “She knows what you mean.”

“Hush, Frank.” Swatting her husband’s leg and giving him a frown, then turned back to the bard. “My name is Sarah. What’s your’s?”

“Faith.” Holding out her hand, Gabrielle shook hands with the couple. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Faith, what a pretty name.” Sarah said. “I wanted to name our daughter Faith, but Frank didn’t like it.”

“Is that so?” Giving Frank a quick glare, then a smile. “Actually, I don’t care for it much, either, but my mother liked it and here I am.”

“Well, I think it’s a beautiful name.” Sticking to her guns, Sarah stuck her tongue out at her husband, who huffed and turned away.

Gabrielle laughed. “Apparently.”

“He can be so pissy.” Sarah whispered.

“I am not.” Frank shot back.

“See.” Chuckling, Sarah patted Frank’s knee. “I’m just kidding, dear.”

Frank huffed again.

“Tell me, Sarah are you two always this much fun?” Enjoying the couple thoroughly, Gabrielle asked with another chuckle.

“Yea.” Frank said sourly. “You can hire us for parties.” Giving his wife a dour look.

Gripping the arms of the chair, Gabrielle had to hold on to keep from falling on the floor with laughter.

“He doesn’t like it when I get frisky.” Sarah whispered, in between Gabrielle’s chuckles.

“Too bad, for him.” Gabrielle settled down a bit.

All three faces turned toward the door as some one walked by in green scrubs.

“Jim.” Gabrielle jumped up, running to the door, she swung out and shouted again. “Jim!”

Jim turned around, with a hurried expression. “Can’t talk now, Faith.” Then turned and continued trotting down the hall.

“Damn.” Whispering at the disappearing form, she sighed.

“Oh, he is cute.” Sarah said, when the bard took her seat.

“Pardon?” Looking at Sarah thoughtfully, Gabrielle raised her eyebrows. “Oh, no, no. He’s not my husband.”

“Too bad.” Smiling, Sara leaned closer to the bard. “He’s got a cute butt.”

“Oh, that’s nothing.” Gabrielle patted Sarah’s hand. “You should see the one that’s mine.”

“Really?” Smiling appreciatively.

“Oh, yea.” Making squeezing gestures, Gabrielle put on a sultry smile. “Definitely hang on for the ride, material.”

“My!” Chuckling, Sarah put her hand over her heart.

“I’m right here, you know.” Frank said disgustedly.

That got Gabrielle laughing again and she had to put her hand over her mouth to keep from bellowing.

“Sorry, dear.” Patting her husband’s leg. “Your butt is cute too.”

“I’m going to get some coffee.” Unable to take the smirks and giggles, Frank got up and walked out. Huffing all the way.

“So, how long have you been married?” Changing the subject, even though her husband wasn’t around to appreciate it.

“Ten years.” Smiling, Gabrielle sat back in the chair.

“Oh, pooh. You don’t look a day over twenty.” Disbelieving the fact, Sarah chided.

“I’m thirty, but thank you. I think I get it from my mother.” Calmly shaking her head. “She’s almost seventy and still looks like she’s in her forties.”

“I wish she was my mother.” Sarah smiled, sadly.

“You look wonderful.” Taking Sarah’s hand, Gabrielle gave it a squeeze.

“Yada. Yada. Yada.” Chuckling at the bard’s compliment, Sarah waved her hand.

“Anyway.” Gabrielle took the hint and changed the subject back. “How long have you and Frank been married?”

“Forty-two years. Wonderful years.” The twinkle returned to Sarah’s eyes.

“I guess he must really love you, to put up with your frisky side.” Chuckling, when Sarah rolled her eyes in agreement.

“Sad, but true.” Chuckling herself, as her husband returned. “He’s the real deal. I’m lucky he puts up with me.” Rubbing Frank’s arm, as he sat down, Sarah leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

“I knew my ears were burning for a reason.” Frank said gruffly, but smiled.

“I was just complimenting you on your patience.” Gabrielle gave him a wink.

“Yea. I’ve got the patience of Job and the wife of Hephaestus.” Sipping his coffee, Frank rolled his eyes.

“You know Greek mythology?” Gabrielle’s brow knitted at the reference to Heph.

“I was in Greece during the war. I picked it up then.” Thankful to be able to join the conversation without blushing.

“I teach Greek history.” Nodding her head, Gabrielle shifted in the chair to face Frank.

“Don’t get him started.” Giving the bard a warning tone. “He’ll talk your ear off.”

“Hush, woman.” Shushing his wife. “You had your chance.”

“I think it’s time I get some coffee, since no one asked me if I wanted any when they stormed out of the room.” Doing her version of the huff, Sarah left.

Frank chuckled at his wife and almost spilled his coffee. “Ignore her.”

“That’s kind of hard to do.” Gabrielle smiled after the woman, who immediately popped her head back in.

“Would you like some coffee, Faith?” Giving her husband a meaningful look, before she smiled at the bard.

“No, thank you, Sarah. I never could get the taste for it.” Preferring tea, Gabrielle shrugged.

“All right, then. I’ll be back shortly.” Pointing a finger at Frank, Sarah smiled then left again.

“You teach Greek history?” Picking up where they’d left off, Frank took another sip of the steaming black fluid.

“Yes. I love it.” Resting her chin on her hand, the bard reflected. “It’s so rich and full of beautiful stories.”

“Blood and guts.” Nodding his head

“That too.” Sighing, Gabrielle gave the man a curious stare. “How much do you know about the Greeks?”

“A lot. When I was stationed there, I found this library and spent most of my time in it, when I was off duty.” Smiling with the memory.

“Where was that?” Getting drawn into the mood of her homeland.

“Potidea.” Smiling again.

Gabrielle fell out of the chair, but recovered quickly. “That’s not in Greece anymore.”

“No?” Thinking about it. “Well, at the time it was hard to tell.”

“It’s in Macedonia, now. Well, I guess it always was, but it’s official now.” Running through the history of her hometown, in her head, Gabrielle sighed.

“That’s where Alexander was from. Macedonia.” Nodding his head.

Rolling her eyes, Gabrielle took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. “Yea, good old Alex.” Smiling ruefully.

Chuckling, Frank leaned toward the bard. “You sound like you knew him.”

“I wish I didn’t.” Whispering, then clearing her throat to cover. “I’ve read a lot about him.”

“Me, too. Alexander the Great.” Smiling to himself, Frank didn’t see the sneer on Gabrielle’s face.

Alexander the Jerk, is more like it, she thought, but kept the thought to herself.

“Well, I didn’t need a fire extinguisher for my ears,” Sarah said coming through the door, “so you must still be on Greece.”

“Alexander the Great.” Frank said proudly.

“Gag.” Taking her seat, Sarah smiled sympathetically at the bard. “Sorry about deserting you, but that stuff bores me to tears.”

“That’s all right, I actually like it.” Gabrielle smiled.

“See.” Frank pointed at the bard. “I’m not the only one.”

“Yes, dear.” Rolling her eyes, Sarah took charge again. “So, do you have any children?”

Gabrielle went from bad to worse and fidgeted a bit. “No, ma’am.”

“No?” Shaking her head, Sarah pinched the bard’s cheek. “Too bad, I’d bet they’d be cuties.”

That got the bard chuckling all over again. She’d often considered what her children would look like and had even had some, with Xena when they’d ended up as men and women in the same life time, but they didn’t have these bodies then and even though she wouldn’t trade her current form for all the tea in China, Gabrielle still couldn’t help wonder what a child from them would look like. She refused to imagine what they’d act like, but she thought they’d be cute.

“Yea.” Frank added, heartily.

“Flirt.” Swatting her husbands leg, Sarah smiled at the bard.

“Thank you. Both.” Shaking her head at the couple, Gabrielle heard and announcement over the PA. and lifted her head to listen.

“Someone you know?” Sarah asked when the announcement was over.

“Not this time.” Looking into Sarah’s smiling face, it hit the bard for the first time, that the couple weren’t waiting for a bus. “Who are you here to see?”

The smiles faded on the couple’s faces as Sarah shook her head. “Our son, daughter-in-law and grand son were brought here. We were told that Mary, our daughter-in-law passed away before she even got here, but our son and grand son are in ICU. We’re waiting to see them.”

Oh, my God. Gabrielle thought. That’s the ones Xena came in for. “I see. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law, such a tragedy.” Speaking softly, Gabrielle took Sarah’s hand. “I’m sure your son and grand son are getting the best of care.”

“They said that the surgeon working on them is the best there is.” Frank added solemnly.

“She is.” Nodding her head, Gabrielle smiled. “The very best.”

“She?” Sarah gave the bard a strange look. “You know the doctor?”

“Yes, she’s my best friend. Grace Morgan.” Hoping Xena was hearing her prayers, Gabrielle closed her eyes for a moment and sent her strength and wisdom. Something she always did while she waited for the warrior. Opening her eyes, Gabrielle gave them a wink and a sure smile. “Grace is the best friend I have and she’s an even better surgeon.”

“I see.” Smiling hopefully, Sarah sat back in the chair and looked toward the door. “We haven’t seen them in over three years.”

“Junior is strong, Sarah and so is Mike.” Putting his coffee down, Frank took his wife’s hand between his two and rubbed gently.

“I know. They get that from you.” Smiling, Sarah brought her husband’s hand to her lips and kissed it. “You are my strength.”

The three sat in silence for a long time, each staring at the open door. Each with their own thoughts. Sarah and Frank held hands, finding comfort in the other’s presence. Gabrielle prayed for Xena to do her best, thought she knew the warrior was capable of doing nothing but that, yet the bard hoped that Xena’s skill would be enough to save the lives that meant so much to the people she’d suddenly become very fond of.

Sunday, 3:18am.

“No you didn’t?” Gabrielle covered her mouth, laughing hysterically.

“Yes, she did.” Frank smiled as his wife turned beet red.

“Hush, you.” Slapping her husband’s arm, Sarah covered her face, with embarrassment.

They’d gotten talking again, after about an hour of silence and it hadn’t taken Sarah long to lighten the mood. She’d started out telling stories about her children, especially her son and some how had ended up relating a story about the disadvantages of sun bathing nude.

“And the police came.” Chuckling, Frank dodged another swipe.

“No!” Bent over with convulsions, Gabrielle wiped the tears from here eyes. “Stop it. I can’t take anymore.”

“See what you’ve done, Frank.” Patting the bard’s back gently. “You’ve sent the girl into fits.”

Catching her breath, Gabrielle sat up, wiping her eyes again.

“I didn’t even get to the part of how the reflection off your butt knocked down a weather satellite.” Watching his wife turn redder than she’d been after the sunbathing episode.

Gabrielle had to cover her face as tears flowed freely down her cheeks.

“Excuse me.” Taking off her scrub cap, Xena cleared her throat.

Gabrielle dropped her hands and looked at the warrior, then to the couple beside her, who had stopped laughing as well. Xena was still in her scrubs and traces of blood covered the faded green outfit. Getting to her feet, Gabrielle sighed. “It was nice meeting you.” Taking a warm hand in turn and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“You, too.” Sarah said softly.

Facing the warrior, Gabrielle smiled. “I’ll be in your office.” Whispering she walked past Xena and felt a hand on her arm. Looking up, she caught a wink, just before the kiss shut out the rest of the world.

“I love you.” Xena whispered in Greek.

“I love you, too.” In English. Then she rubbed the warrior’s arm gently and left the room. Going around the corner, Gabrielle stopped and turned back, taking a peek as Xena knelt down in front of the waiting couple. Smiling, she saw their faces light up and turned back, leaving Xena to finish. In the warrior’s office, she sat down on the couch and stretched out as a feeling of happiness spread over her. Closing her eyes, she drifted off, allowing sleep to come in it’s own time.

Xena opened the door to her office and spotted the bard, asleep on the couch. Closing the door loudly, she waited for Gabrielle to get fully awake.

“Are they going to be okay?” Rubbing her eyes, Gabrielle sat up and looked up at the warrior who was leaning against the desk. Seeing the raised eyebrow, the bard shook her head. “What?”

“What did you say to that woman?” Folding her arms across her chest, Xena continued the questioning glare.

“We were just chatting. Why?” Concerned, she sat forward.

“She grabbed my ass, that’s why.” Xena almost shouted.

“She what?” Trying to imagine Sarah grabbing Xena’s ass and shaking her head with the vision.

“She grabbed my ass.” Xena said again, without amusement. “What the hell did you say to her?”

“Uhhhhh, nothing, I think.” Shrugging, Gabrielle couldn’t think of anything to say, then something popped into her head. “Oh my God.” Covering her face with her hands, she leaned back. “I never thought . . .”

“What did you tell her?” Tapping her foot with annoyance, Xena stood and put her hands on her hips.

“Well, it’s kind of my fault, but she started it.” Reaching out, Gabrielle took Xena’s hand and pulled her down to the couch. “You see, Sarah asked me if I was married and I told her yes. Then, later, Jim went running by and I tried to stop him and she thought he was my husband, but I told her no and then she said that that was too bad because he had a cute butt, which made Frank mad.”

“Is this the short version?” Her glare moved to surprise and then to and ‘and’ look.

“Almost there.” Gabrielle chuckled. “And then, I said that what I had was something you could hang on to, for the ride, so to speak and she laughed. Then Frank got up and left.” Smiling at the warrior’s continued confusion, Gabrielle finished. “I guess she just wanted to check it out for herself. She must’ve figured it was you, when you kissed me. Sorry.” Smiling apologetically, Gabrielle leaned into the warrior.

Wiggling her butt on the leather, Xena frowned. “I think the old bat left a bruise.”

“You want me to beat her up?” Wrapping her arm around Xena’s waist, Gabrielle rested her chin on the warrior’s shoulder and smiled.

“Where’s my sword!” Making to go search, Xena found herself being drug into a passionate embrace.

“Did you do good?” Gabrielle asked after a few minutes of fondling and laying the warrior’s head in her lap, looking down into blue eyes.

“I did my best.” Reaching up, Xena stroked a tired looking cheek.

“How are they?” Taking the hand and bringing it to her lips for a kiss.

“They’re going to be fine.” Scooting up, Xena rested her head on the arm of the couch. “It was touch and go for awhile, but they’ll pull through. They’re tough.”

“Sarah said they get that from Frank and I think she’s right.” Leaning down, Gabrielle brushed dark bangs away and placed a gentle kiss on the warrior’s brow.

“She’s no push over.” Rubbing her butt for emphasis. “The woman’s got claws like a harpy.”

“Don’t be mean. She was just appreciating quality packaging.” Smirking at the warrior’s frown.

“I’d hate to see what she does to tomato’s.” Sticking out her bottom lip with a pout, Xena got what she wanted, which was a kiss.

Jim opened the door and rolled his eyes. “You guys are worse than rabbits.” Stepping into the office, he closed the door and shook his head at the smiling couple.

“Shall I repeat the benefits of knocking.” Xena smirked.

“What? So I listen to the benefits of calling first?” Chuckling, he handed Xena a folder. “I’d send a messenger pigeon, but that probably wouldn’t be enough warning for you two.”

“Funny.” Gabrielle laughed and watched Xena scan the paperwork.

“Got a pen?” Setting the folder on her lap, Xena looked around.

“Here.” Handing over his pen, Jim sighed. “You’d forget your head if it wasn’t attached.”

“You can be replaced.” Giving her assistant a meaningful glare, then scribbling her name across the bottom of several sheets.

“But he’s got a cute butt.” Gabrielle added and watched Jim’s face turn red.

“All the more reason to get rid of him.” Without looking up, Xena continued her perusal. “Let the harpy have a go at his ass, next time.”

“I really don’t want to know what you’re talking about, do I?” Knowing the answer to his own question, Jim shook his head.

“Not really.” Wrinkling her nose, with a smile, Gabrielle winked.

“Here ya go.” Handing the folder back, Xena sat up to reach, then fell back.

“Okay.” Smiling, Jim made to tip an imaginary hat. “I’ll see . . . are you staying?” Looking at the warrior.

“No. I’ll be going home.” Feeling a hand creep around her waist, Xena smiled. “Soon.”

“Why am I not surprised.” Turning, Jim opened the door. “I’ll call you if anything changes.”

“Thanks.” Feeling the hand creeping upward. “Maybe you should try the messenger pigeon first.”

“I’ll just go get that police crime scene tape and put it across the door.” Rolling his eyes, Jim left before anything else could happen.

Sunday, 7:22pm.

A pale hand slowly slithered out from under the blanket, taking a firm hold of the headboard as the wooden structure thumped rhythmically against striped wallpaper. As the rhythm increased, the hand was joined by a larger, tan one, tugging on the pale one and prying long fingers off the spindle it was white knuckling. Eventually, the larger hand one won and the pale one was drug back beneath the fluttering covers as the fingers of both hands intertwined. Suddenly, the phone rang and the thumping paused as the tan hand reached for the annoyance, but was pulled back by the pale one and after another moment, the thumping resumed with much more vigor. The phone continued to ring several times, before it realized the cause was hopeless, at which time it stopped.

The wallpaper, beaten into submission, again, was relieved when the assault ceased. If I could talk, it thought with regret, especially when the thumping started again with only a short period of repass. Geez, it thought again, haven’t they ever heard of a Motel?

The End.

Epilogue: Xena’s father tried several more time to reach his daughter, that night, but gave up, lamenting to his wife that with all their money, the girls had never invested in an answering machine. Jim, to the dismay of X &G, had found a ‘do not disturb’ sign and placed it on the doorknob of Xena’s office, along with large amounts of the yellow and black police tape. Frank and Sarah visited their son and grand son and were happy, two weeks later, when the father and son were allowed to return home, with the stipulation of bringing them back so Grace could keep tabs on their progress. Sarah, one one of her many visits to the hospital, during those two weeks, eventually did grab Jim’s ass, with much delight and to her husband’s chagrin, but was disappointed when Faith had bluntly put a stop to her making another ploy at Grace’s posterior.

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