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By Caley Woulfe

Tired, and full from Gabrielle's excellent cooking, Xena leaned back against a fallen log; watching as her lover gathered the dishes and cooking utensils to wash them in the stream that burbled along one side of their camp. Without thinking she got up and took over, appropriating the items from a puzzled bard.

"What are you doing?"

"Washing up," Xena replied casually, as if she did it all the time. Which she didn't. She hated washing dishes and both of them knew it.

"Why?" Gabrielle was frowning at her in confusion, and there was also a note of distrust, as if she suspected an ulterior motive. Xena never did anything without a reason.

Smiling, Xena patted her cheek. "You're tired. You cooked, so I'm washing up."

"You hunt, I cook *and* wash up," Gabrielle clarified.

"Not tonight. You hurt your hand in the fight earlier. You've been favoring it."

The bard opened her mouth to deny it, but it was too late. "Um, yeah. It got smacked. It's ok, just a bruise. It's not like it got broken or anything."

"Yeah, but it hurts, doesn't it?"

Gabrielle couldn't lie, or even fib while looking into such intense, blue eyes. "Um, yeah."

"Right. So I'm washing the dishes and that's the end of it."

Xena walked away before Gabrielle could object further. Instead she fed the fire some sticks and leaned back against the log, inspecting her right hand. One drawback of staff fighting was the vulnerability of one's hands to strikes by the opponent. So far, luckily, she hadn't broken anything, but bruises still happened occasionally, some worse than others. Her skills had improved greatly as years went by, but she still got nailed once in a while. This one was middling in pain and ability to flex. She couldn't quite close her hand all the way, much less make a fist.

"Let me see it."

She jumped at Xena's voice so close. The warrior put the dishes down and sat next to her.

Obediently she held it out, and Xena looked closely at it, prodding gently at the bruise which covered most of her knuckles and halfway down her fingers. "Ouch. I bet that hurt. Come on, let's soak it in the water for a while."

Gabrielle knew better than to refuse. "Ok."

Xena took her uninjured hand and helped her stand; not that Gabrielle really needed assistance, she just liked to touch her whenever she could for that comforting sense of connection. She continued to hold Gabrielle's hand all the way to the stream, where they both knelt and the bard stuck her swollen digits into the cool, almost cold, water. "Yeah, that's better," she admitted.

"You've come a long way," Xena said after several minutes of comfortable silence.

"I hope so. We've been together for almost four years now. If I hadn't learned fast, I would've died long ago."

"I would've protected you," Xena refuted.

"For how long? Face it, Xena, until I learned to fight, you had to fight for both of us. I know you can..." She paused to cup Xena's cheek with her free hand. "But it wasn't fair to you. I'd rather guard your back than have you have to watch out for both of ours. And I ran away with you so I could learn how to be like you, remember?"

"I remember. You were so gung ho back then. I'm glad you've learned discretion; when to talk and when to fight."

"Yeah. From you." Gabrielle smiled and kissed her lightly.

Something caught Xena's attention and she broke the kiss.

"What?" Gabrielle whispered, readying herself for battle.

Xena looked up, then at her, and smiled. "Not bad guys, shooting stars." She pointed.

Gabrielle followed with her eyes. The night sky was streaked with lights flashing across the sky, leaving trails of sparkles. "They're so pretty!"

"Yes, they are," Xena replied, looking at her soul mate.

"Come on, let's go back to camp and watch," Gabrielle urged, withdrawing her hand from the water.

"But your..."

"It's been soaking long enough. It feels better. Really."

Xena looked doubtful.

"Come on, I want to watch. It may not last very long," Gabrielle insisted, rising gracefully.

After a moment's hesitation, Xena got up too. "Ok, you know what's best for you."

The bard took one step and stopped dead. "I'm hallucinating... I'm hearing things. Write that down and sign it, will ya?"

"Ha ha." Xena took her lover's other hand and towed her back to the camp, a wide grin on Gabrielle's face as she followed willingly. The warrior sat back against the log, bringing Gabrielle with her. At first Gabrielle tried to sit next to her, but Xena tugged her hand, and instead she settled between the long, muscled legs. Xena had taken off her breast plate and the bard leaned back against welcome softness. Xena dipped her head and rested it against soft, blond hair. What shooting stars?

The log lay across a open space , created by the fallen tree itself, and afforded an excellent view of the sky. There were a few wispy clouds, but it was otherwise clear. They sat quietly, watching as shooting stars flashed by overhead. Or at least Gabrielle did, Xena was too wrapped up in the feel of her soul mate in her arms and the warm, sexy scent filling her nose. Xena had been thinking about this moment all day long, and now acted.

She massaged Gabrielle's taut stomach, inching higher and higher until her fingers began slipping under the bard's green top. With one smooth movement she pushed it up and began kneading soft mounds. Gabrielle gasped and arched into the warm hands, turning her head so she could kiss Xena's neck. "No, watch the stars," Xena said softly, using one hand to turn her lover's head upward again.

"Ok," Gabrielle whispered, wondering why Xena was doing this but enjoying it too much to ask.

Xena continued to caress the bard's supple flesh, teasing the nipples stiff and rolling them gently between her fingertips. The delicious feelings bloomed in Gabrielle's breasts, then spread though her body and pooled between her legs. She shifted and opened her legs, trying to ease the constriction. The stars above continued to flit across the night sky.

The bard's breathing grew faster and a bit ragged, then she clutched Xena's thighs with strong hands, her bruises forgotten. The warrior took that as a sign that Gabrielle was ready for more, and slowly slid one hand down her trim stomach to the belt of her skirt. Nimble fingers untied the thongs in the back and pulled it open, allowing her hand to fit underneath. Firm muscles gave way to female softness, and she combed her way through fleecy curls before dipping a finger into waiting lips.

Gabrielle was beyond wet. The warrior's knowing fingers found a soft, swollen bud and began stroking it gently. Her fingers slipped effortlessly in slick, supple folds and she alternated between stroking the excited nub with one and two fingers. The bard gasped and began counter thrusting. It never ceased to amaze Xena how responsive her soul mate was, and she kept a steady, squeezing sweep on Gabrielle's inflamed flesh. The bard's muscles tensed and Xena knew she was close. Then Gabrielle's breathing hitched and Xena moved her finger directly over Gabrielle's clit, pressing gently and letting her control her own climax.

The bard gripped Xena's thighs convulsively as she thrust herself against that delicious finger in long, slow strokes; drawing out her orgasm as long as she could. The moment she sagged, Xena moved her fingers down, then up into the bard's relaxed opening, triggering another climax. Gabrielle flinched, then grabbed a sturdy wrist as her hips lunged reflexively, her inner muscles clamping and releasing by turns. When Xena pressed that magic spot deep within, she ejaculated, the intense pleasure nearly making her pass out. Just in time Xena withdrew her fingers and Gabrielle collapsed against her, panting.

Xena caressed her soul mate's sweating face and brushed the golden hair off it. She turned the unresisting head and kissed her. "I love you, Gabrielle."

The bard made an inarticulate noise, making Xena smile. She loved reducing her soul mate to a mute, boneless, jumble of joy. To her surprise though, Gabrielle rallied and looked back at her with a familiar gleam in her eye.

'Uh oh..."

The bard lurched to her knees and clumsily staggered to the saddle bags on shaking legs. She rummaged around, removed something, and came back just as unsteadily, one hand hidden behind her. Using the other, she pushed am unresisting Xena onto her back next to the log and fell on her in a passion. Blue eyes opened wide. Gabrielle had never been this aggressive. Not that she minded, but the bard moved so fast she couldn't think of anything to say; she was too busy reacting to ardent, loving touches.

Gabrielle pulled one shoulder strap down, tugged the corresponding leather cup down too, then engulfed the beautiful breast with a fervor. Xena groaned and twined her fingers in blond hair, holding her soul mate close as she suckled intently. At the same time, her other hand migrated lower, and flipped Xena's battle skirt up. Already aroused from making love to Gabrielle, Xena spread her legs without thinking, her lover's feasting driving her nearer the edge with each electrifying lick. Before she knew it, Gabrielle slid a long, solid object deep inside her, taking her breath away.

For her part, Gabrielle tongued the pliable flesh and stiff nipple, her nether parts still tingling with aftershocks. Her free hand, seemingly with a mind of it's own, pushed Xena's favorite toy deep, then withdrew it....then slipped it in again. Each stroke was a hair faster, and soon Xena was thrusting back. She felt her own excitement building with Xena's and she held on for dear life as the warrior arched under her. Xena's hands held her head close.. Closer, til she thought she might smother. Suddenly Xena went stiff and bucked rhythmically, her powerful back lifting both herself and Gabrielle off the blanket. The bard let go of her entertaining bit of flesh and concentrated on her soul mate's climax, driving the toy deep every time Xena pushed against it. Thoroughly aroused herself, she came too.

Xena's intense orgasm seemed to go on forever, but finally her legs gave out and she hit the blanket with a solid thump. Gabrielle knew Xena liked to keep the toy inside as she came down, so she held it in place with one hand as she lay next to her breathless lover. She was winded, too. Again. Neither spoke, too drained to move, or even think, but again, Gabrielle recovered first.

"What was all that about?" she asked curiously. Xena wasn't usually so spontaneous.

Blue eyes opened slowly and focused on her. Dark brows knitted in worry. "I.. I didn't scare you, did I?"

Gabrielle smiled. "Of course not. You just surprised me, that's all. I wasn't expecting anything like that."

"Oh.. Well.. I've been thinking about you all day. Thinking about making love to you all day. You're much more confident now than you used to be.. You know, about making love. I got so fired up..I.. Just went for it."

"I'm glad you did. I've never experienced anything like it. It was...." she smiled sexily. "Stimulating."

"Really? I couldn't tell," Xena teased.

Gabrielle retaliated by slowly.. Very slowly, withdrawing the toy from Xena's strong body. "Oh Gods," Xena gasped, clenching it involuntarily as it eased out. She watched in amazement as Gabrielle held up the toy, now dripping with crystal drops which winked in the starlight, and placed it in her right hand. That done, the bard took off all her clothes and lay back, gazing at her expectantly. Xena stripped in record time and lay next to her...

"Uh uh, I want you to wear it."

A slow, wide grin threatened to split her face in two. "You've got it." She quickly found the toy's harness, put it on, and secured the toy in place. Sh began to lay next to Gabrielle again, but the bard stopped her.

"I want..." Gabrielle blushed bright pink.

"What do you want?" Xena asked gently.

Green eyes dark with passion gazed at her hesitantly, then intensified. "Fuck me..... I.. I want you to fuck me silly."

The warrior's mouth fell open. Gabrielle had never talked dirty before. In fact, she seldom used the F word at all. But when she said it, she meant it.

"The way you did before. You know.. Sort of... hard."

Xena looked at her doubtfully. "I don't want to hurt you. Are you sure about this?"

"Yeah. Look, I'm still..um..."

"Turned on?" Xena supplied helpfully.

"Um, yeah. You could say that." Then, "I want you, Xena."

That did it. The warrior pounced on her soul mate and began kissing her and playing with her breasts. "Let me know when you're ready, ok?" she whispered in an adorable ear.

"I am ready," Gabrielle assured her. "If I was any readier I'd come right now."

The unexpectedly erotic words galvanized Xena into action. Very aroused herself, she hopped between her lover's widespread legs and lowered herself into position. Gabrielle took the toy and pulled her forward, almost unbalancing her.

"Ok, ok, take it easy, Honey," she breathed.

"I want you," the bard rasped, clutching at her. Xena wasted no time scooting forward and letting Gabrielle guide her in. There was no resistance whatsoever, and she slid in until their nests intertwined. Gabrielle bent her knees and raised her legs, urging Xena deeper still. She did, stopping only when the toy could go no further.

"More," Gabrielle gasped, reveling at the fullness within.

Xena obliged her, withdrawing and thrusting. First slowly, but at Gabrielle's insistence, faster and faster. And deeper, until she felt the toy bumping the mouth of Gabrielle's womb. She couldn't stand that, it hurt; but the bard loved it and it sent her into ecstasies of rapture.

She kissed and licked Gabrielle's neck as she pumped deep. The bard grew more animated, and crossed her arms over Xena's back, holding her close. That wasn't enough, she slid strong hands down Xena's sides and cupped her tight rear end, tugging every time Xena drove into her.

The warrior was thrilled to her toes with Gabrielle's aggressiveness. Her soul mate wasn't exactly submissive in bed by any means, but she had never been this forceful and vigorous. In a small corner of her mind, she had a feeling that Gabrielle would turn the tables on her and fuck her just as silly. The mere though almost made her come on the spot.

Gabrielle's heart thundered in her chest as the delicious sensations from inside spread through her body with increasing strength. Nothing existed but Xena. Xena inside her, Xena loving her neck and breasts, Xena covering her with her body and claiming it as her own in a warm, passionate cave. Dark hair fell in curtains on both sides of her face as the warrior kissed her over and over. It was too much. She climbed high, then fell over the edge, impaling herself hard on the toy, Xena stroking expertly in counterpoint as the waves surged through her and rendered her helpless. She lost all her strength and slumped, her arms falling from Xena's back and dropping to the blanket.

The warrior hugged her close and rolled over so that Gabrielle was now on top of her, the blond head tucked under her chin as her soul mate gasped for air. The bard took a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh of utter relaxation.

"You sound like you're deflating," Xena teased gently, receiving a weak pinch to the shoulder in response.

Gabrielle could only lay there powerless and suck air. She wanted to say things, but her mouth wouldn't cooperate. The only words she managed to mumble, in a faint whisper, were,

"I love, you, Xena."

The warrior hugged her and kissed the tousled blond hair. "I love you too, Gabrielle."

Gabrielle gathered what strength she had, hitched forward, and raised her head just enough to kiss her soul mate's lips. That simple act exhausted her, and she dropped her head down next to Xena's, unable to hold it up. The warrior caught it and moved it to her shoulder, caressing the sweaty face and brushing golden hair off it.

"You sure are in the mood, aren't you?" she whispered, receiving only a puff of breath for an answer. She kneaded Gabrielle's shifting back; silken skin over compact muscles. The bard's breathing gradually evened out and she realized her soul mate had fallen asleep. She fumbled about, trying to find the other blanket. After a short search she found it and drew it up over both of them, sparing the ongoing, but now forgotten, light show above a long look before joining her lover in sleep.

The End

Disclaimer: Both Bard and Warrior experienced 'shooting stars' in this episode.