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Type: Alt. Uber. Fan Fic Parody

Sex: Mentioned

Violence: none.

Story Starter - A Fan Fic Parody

by Caley Woulfe

The computer generated Story Starter:

My main character/protagonist is a female. My main character is a surgeon. An archetype present in my story is Thief. A key object or symbol in my story is a negligee. My story will be set in a jungle. My story is about decline.

Dr. Alexandra Jenks, tall, dark haired, and blue eyed, sat typing an Incident Report concerning the theft of her favorite Nightie; a pink, satin and lace affair which set all females who saw it a-twitter. She had caught the Thief in the act.

Said Thief, a young, pretty blond woman named Delicia now sat tied to the other chair. She stared wide eyed and mute as Dr. Jenks typed furiously. She was mute because her mouth was covered by a strip of duct tape. She struggled to escape, only half hearing the numerous insects churring in the thick Amazonian jungle outside the hut. Dr. Jenks was her Dream Woman; tall, dark, beautiful, and sexy. She knew she had no chance with the gorgeous doctor, so had decided to steal a memento to console herself with on those long and lonely nights.

Dr. Jenks stopped typing and came to her. "Would you like a drink?"

'Of what? Poison?' Delicia thought, and declined the offer with a shake of her head.

The doctor stared at her hard. "I know why you tried to steal my Special Nightie. You're in love with me, aren't you?"

Caught! Delicia could only nod. Now she was in Big Trouble.

Dr. Jenks removed the report and put it in front of her face.

It wasn't an Incident Report at all, but a confession of her feelings for Delicia. Delicia was shocked. If this was how Dr. Jenks felt, why hadn't she said something? Why had she tied her to a chair and put duct tape across her mouth?

It was as if the doctor could read her mind. "I was afraid to tell you how I felt. I've been hurt in the past. I tied and gagged you so I could write how I feel without interruption. I'm sorry if I scared you." She carefully removed the duct tape and began untying her captive. "Would you like to spend the rest of your life with me? Starting with tonight? You can look forward to a future of nothing but hard work and long hours as I succor these poor, ignorant, Amazonian savages."

"Oh yes! I would do anything, follow you everywhere, just to be with you," Delicia responded breathily, never taking her emerald eyes off Dr. Jenks' glacier blue ones.

"Excellent! Hey, it's late, lets go to bed."


Dr. Jenks kissed Delicia's hand and picked up her Special Nightie. "I'm really glad you tried to steal this, otherwise I never would have had the courage to tell you how I feel about you."

"Why didn't you write that confession earlier, then put it where I would find it?" Delicia asked, perplexed. Her mouth fell open when a light bulb appeared over Dr. Jenks' head and lit up.

"I never thought of that. I'm not good with Girl Stuff, just needles and scalpels."

Delicia shrugged. "That's ok, I'm good at Girl Stuff and Sensitive Chats." Dr. Jenks leaned close, so close she could smell the sweet, earthy scent of her.

"Are you into oral sex?" she whispered, her breath tickling Delicia's now bright pink ear.

"Er..Um.. I've never..."

Dr. Jenks only grinned

They spent the rest of the night making Glorious Love, and the rest of their lives giving Succor and Aid to the poor, ignorant, Amazonian savages.

The End (thank the Gods)