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Title: I Believe In You

Type: Alt Uber Romance/Erotica.

Sex: You bet! Graphic, and plenty of it. If lovemaking between two women isn't your thing, leave now. If it's illegal where you live, think of moving. If you're under 18, wait a few years. Homophobic e-mails will be deleted unread, and I will also ask the Great Mother to open your eyes and heart. It includes light bondage (no pain or humiliation/submission) and strap on sex. If you don't like either of these lovemaking methods, don't read it.

Violence: None

Ick Factor: None, unless you're totally not into strap-on sex and light bondage (tie-n-tease).

I Believe In You

by Caley Woulfe

Trust. It was something Kelly had loads of. Perhaps too much when it came to people.

Except when it involved sex. Then she trusted little. Experience had taught her not to; the one time she had, a Bad Thing had happened to her. As in rape. It had been a painful lesson and one not soon forgotten. Her misplaced faith had cost her soul dearly. She had wondered back then, in her loneliness, if she could ever genuinely trust again.

Then she met Gina. Actually, Gina, a police officer, had caught her doing doughnuts in an empty parking lot at the mall where she'd just been fired just an hour or so before. On Christmas Eve, of all days. The tall, blue eyed, sable haired beauty had asked her out for coffee. The first few weeks of their relationship were very up close and personal due to a series of unfortunate occurrences beyond their control; only one of which was a near rape of Kelly by one of Gina's fellow officers who just happened to be a homophobic misogynist.

Events didn't settle down for them for several weeks, but when they did, they began seeing each other on a more normal basis. Their feelings for each other grew, and several months later, Gina gave up her apartment and moved into Kelly's house.

With a steady, challenging job, a good pay check, and plenty of emotional support from her loving partner, Kelly began therapy to rid herself of the demons which had plagued her for years; that is, her fear of sex. Gina too, had suffered sexual abuse. She knew how difficult it was to come to terms with it; how hard it was to put it in the past and into perspective.

When they first met, the mere thought of Gina touching her made Kelly sick. Literally. Once the therapy helped her get in touch with her feelings and fears, and with Gina's seemingly endless patience and understanding, she made good progress. She had to retrain her brain to interpret sexual pleasure and arousal as those, not fear and dread. Gina helped her do that by letting her take the lead in their intimacies. Sometimes in, leading, she asked Gina to take over. Gina was always careful to move slowly and ask if a given touch was ok with Kelly, or pause to give Kelly a chance to physically accept or decline a touch. She sometimes did things without asking, but the instant she perceived that Kelly was uncomfortable or afraid, she stopped and did something she knew her other half liked.

Now, exactly one year after they had met, they celebrated their serendipitous encounter.

They had attended the local Policeman's Ball. Gina had hoped that Kelly would wear a dress, but she was allergic to girl stuff and had insisted on a tux like Gina herself. Gina dubiously agreed, on the condition that the outfit be tailored to her, not an unaltered suit which would hide her charming curves. The result was much better than she had expected. Kelly looked fantastic in the form fitting ensemble; from her shiny, black patent leather shoes to the smart bow tie and loose, flowing hair. She wore just a hint of makeup and had spritzed a whiff of cologne in her long, golden hair. Gina was captivated and reluctantly let her brother officers and co-workers dance with her breathtaking partner. For her part, Kelly had loved the attention from them, but always came back to Gina, her favorite. Gina herself had had her share of admiring dance partners, but she was happiest in Kelly's arms.

What their unsuspecting male dance partners didn't know was that each of them was packing. In fact, neither knew the other was packing, either, until the lights went low and the band began a slow dance tune. They took advantage of the dark to cuddle up and press their bodied to together. Their 'equipment' bumped, and each stared in puzzlement at the other. To Gina's surprise, Kelly took her hand and surreptitiously placed it between her legs. Her wondering fingers found a very realistic male member beneath the expensive fabric; and smiling into Kelly's eyes, pulled the same maneuver on her. The blond's eyes widened as she felt the thick presence. Gina was grinning like a fool. They spent the rest of that dance trying not to feel each other up.

Kelly wanted to leave as soon as the tortuous number had ended, but Gina refused, whispering that a little anticipation worked wonders. Kelly gulped. There were several more slow dances, and with each one they got a bit bolder. They kissed; tentatively at first and worried that someone might see and object, but the other couples were interested only in each other, and if the spectators saw anything, they gave no indication. They hesitantly pressed their bodies together closer together until they looked as if they were one, which was certainly true where their souls were concerned. They pressed their crotches together but dared not explore; besides knowing the packages were there and deliberately refraining from touching them was highly arousing. They shifted so each could feel the other's strap-on against one side of her crotch or the other. Kelly's heart in her mouth from arousal and fear of being seen.

Too few slow dances later the last song ended and the lights came back on. They said

their goodbyes and left as quickly as courtesy would allow. The drive back to the house was spent pawing at each other's groin while defending their own. It make for an interesting, if slightly perilous, trip.

Now they were home, and Gina had a secret scenario planned. One she hoped would fulfill one of Kelly's fantasies and help her overcome whatever vestiges of fear and mistrust she might still have. She had hastily set up the bedroom before leaving, fibbing to Kelly about having forgotten her wallet so she could sneak back into the house and hastily prepare the room for their return.

They kissed in the truck before getting out. They kissed in the cold, windy driveway. They kissed at the door while Gina unlocked it one handed. They kissed in the hall, and held hands as they walked to their room.

Once inside, Gina turned her lover so that she faced the door and continued kissing her. Not just on the lips, but all over her face; her cute nose, her bright, sea green eyes, her soft cheeks, her strong chin, and kissed her way to a short, sexy neck and sensitive ear lobes. Kelly shivered with delight under the gentle ravishment. She tried to kiss Gina back, but the tall brunette wouldn't let her, so she settled for fondling the impressive strap-on beneath her tall lover's pants.

Gina began to undress her other half; slowly, and kissing the skin as it emerged. Kelly suspected she was in for a treat and submitted eagerly. First to come off was the fitted jacket. Gina unbuttoned it without looking, her lips firmly connected with Kelly's. She slid it off and tossed it aside. Next was the bow tie she had had to knot earlier, since Kelly didn't know how to. She slowly reeled it through the stiff collar and dropped it. By the time it hit the floor it was forgotten. Next came the top two buttons of the elegant, tailored shirt. She kissed the soft skin as it was revealed, smiling at Kelly's suddenly increasing breathing. She unbuttoned and kissed her way down to a very inviting cleavage, then suddenly left off. Kelly sighed in disappointment.

Gina smiled at her and kissed her mouth thoroughly more than a minute before slowly and deliberately removing the silver cuff links. She then untucked the shirt and unbuttoned it the rest of the way, kissing the skin beneath each one. Kelly was wearing regular bra, for a change, instead of her normal sports bra. It wasn't quite frilly, but it was a bit too small and presented her breasts in a very tempting manner; forcing them together and up so that they bulged over the top in a lip licking display. Gina placed a kiss between the mounds, then the warm lips left, to Kelly's frustration.

Gina knelt and placed Kelly's hands on her shoulders. She then lifted one foot and proceeded to remove the shiny shoe and black dress sock. She kissed each cute toe by turn, and gave the whole foot a brief massage, then repeated the sensuous process on the other foot. Grinning impishly, she slid her hand up Kelly's leg to her crotch and played with the strap-on underneath. Kelly's eyes grew wide as she watched the strong hand manipulate it, then wider still when Gina reached between her legs and rubbed her through the fabric.

Her hands tightened on Gina's shoulders. She gasped, thrusting against the delicious touch. Gina let her do that a few times before removing her hand. Kelly pouted, but Gina ignored the expression and laid her hand on the waist of Kelly's pants. The blond went still in expectation. She watched as Gina slowly unzipped them, seemingly one tooth at a time. She wanted to squirm, but didn't dare, fearing Gina would stop. When the brunette reached the bottom, at last, she unfastened the catch at the top and allowed the pants to slip just enough to reveal her lover's crotch.

She sucked in her breath. Kelly was wearing her, Gina's, favorite boxer shorts: black silk ones with little skeleton couples in various sex positions; but this one was different, the little skeletons were all wearing Santa hats. Gina laughed out loud despite the erotic atmosphere. Kelly giggled in response, earning herself a light swat on the butt. "Kelly, you are way too much."

Kelly grinned and bent over to place a kiss on the top of Gina's dark head. "You love it and you know it,"she said with a sexy smirk.

Gina leered back at her. "You're right, I do." With those words she slid Kelly's pants all the way down and motioned her to step out of them. The blond expected her to remove her boxers too, but she didn't.

"Spread 'em," she commanded in a slightly modified cop tone.

Kelly did, wondering what was next.


She instantly complied. Gina slid her hand slowly up Kelly's leg to her crotch and opened the aperture in front, revealing her strap-on. She leaned forward and took it in her mouth, inserting her hand inside at the same time. The sight of Gina sucking her 'dick', and the feel of her expert hand stroking her most intimate parts made her forget how to breathe. She couldn't help thrusting her hips forward, leaning heavily on Gina's sturdy shoulders. It occurred to her, in a dim corner of her mind, that Gina should be undressed too, but she wasn't, and somehow she found that exciting.

A soft grunt escaped her as she was forced to breath once again. She panted as she began pumping herself against that loving hand. "Ah ah," Gina admonished, spitting the toy out of her mouth. "No moving, got it?" she ordered.

Frowning, Kelly stilled.

"Good girl."

Gina began stroking her again, but this time she didn't take the toy in her mouth. Seeing the wet, fake dick protruding from her shorts, and the hand moving rhythmically back and forth though the slit excited Kelly no end, the visual was compounded by the growing physical pleasure as Gina loved her tingling flesh. "Oh God," she whispered, making herself to stay still as the stimulating touch drove her higher and higher. She bent over Gina, her fast breathing punctuated by soft gasps and grunts.

Gina tipped her face up and kissed her. That did it. She felt her orgasm gathering in the pit of her stomach and braced herself for it. It hit her like a volcano; she lost control and thrust herself against Gina's hand with short, hard jerks. Each wave of sheer pleasure that rolled though her propelled a soft, deep chested grunt from her, a sound which excited Gina no end. They both felt a little rush of warm liquid pour from Kelly's opening and her knees began to shake.

Gina caught her before she fell and lay her on the thick carpet. Kelly could only lay there and pant, unable to move or think. She looked up at Gina, who was straddling her. The brunette lay down next to her and gathered her into her arms; kissing her and telling her how much she loved her, and how beautiful and sexy she was. Kelly basked in the adoration. No guy she'd dated had ever done anything remotely like this.

They lay there quietly until Kelly had recovered. Gina began kissing her again, and touching her all over. Kelly kissed her back, but Gina wouldn't let her do anymore than that. After driving Kelly nuts, she took off the cute boxers and the strap-on, kissing the damp tip with a smirk. Then she rose and helped Kelly up. She turned her around and motioned to the arm chair which she had dragged to the middle of the room. Kelly found herself being conducted to the chair, turned around, and gently pushed down into the deep, soft seat.


"Sh." Gina countered, placing her finger against Kelly's lips. She reached into her tux and pulled out what Kelly thought was a piece of cloth. Gina flipped it and dangled it in front of her. She had been right; it was her lover's favorite tie, a dark blue silk one with Looney Tunes characters on it. Gina draped it over her forearm and took Kelly's hands in hers. "Do you trust me?" she asked softly but earnestly.

Kelly's eyes darted between the tie and her lover's face uncertainly. A million things raced through her mind, and memories, too. Bad ones; painful ones. But this was Gina. She knew Gina would never hurt her, although, deep down, her injured psyche had niggling doubts. She had trusted before and gotten badly hurt; violated, too.

Gina saw the internal conflict on her lover's beautiful face. She squeezed the small, strong hands and leaned forward to kiss her. She didn't stop, but kissed her all over her face, neck, and throat as she had before. Still holding one of Kelly's hands, she used the other to pull her close and rub her back. Kelly slid forward to make it easier for her, feeling engulfed in love.

Gina's skilled, heartfelt attentions aroused her again. Mind still racing, she made a decision and sat back, breaking away from Gina's mouth. She waited until Gina opened her eyes and looked at her. Taking Gina's face in her hands, she leaned forward and said quietly but clearly, "I believe in you." Dropping her hands, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly, relaxing herself from her neck to her toes. She almost slumped, arms hanging loosely and resting on her thighs.

Gina was thrilled and felt tremendously glad for her . "Thank you, Kelly; you have no idea how much I've wanted to hear you say that. I know I've told you this before, but I want to tell you again; I will never hurt you."

Her other half smiled at her lovingly. "I know...Kiss me."

Gina did, all over her front half. She stroked the soft skin and caressed the exquisite breasts. She ran her hands up and down muscular legs and rubbed the downy inner thighs. Kelly returned the ardent attention until she felt Gina take one hand and draw it gently behind her back, followed by the other one. Her insides tightened a bit. Gina stopped and looked at her, waiting to see if she objected or was afraid. Kelly breathed in and slackened the affected muscles, willing the tension in her gut to cease. When it had, she smiled at Gina, who then carefully bound her wrists together with the satiny soft tie.

"This is a quick release knot," she said soothingly. She tucked a strip of the fabric between two of Kelly's fingers. "Pull this and you're free, ok? And what's the safe word?" she asked, wanting to make sure Kelly had more than one out if she got afraid.

"Red," Kelly answered readily.

"Good. Remember that." Gina kissed her deep and stood gracefully.

Before Kelly's wondering and appreciative eyes, she stripped slowly, lingering here and there. By the time she was down to her boxers, black ones which matched the tie securing Kelly's wrists, the blond was squirming with arousal. She tingled all over with the erotic display.

But the best was to come. She expected Gina to take off her boxers, but she didn't. Instead, she reached in and pulled out her strap-on. She came closer, till Kelly could see it clearly.

It looked incredibly realistic and she twitched her nose, expecting to smell it. One of the many things that turned her off about men was the rankness of their genitals, especially if they neglected their personal hygiene. This was, so far, odorless. What happened next made her jaw drop.

Gina preceded to stroke it, and as she did, it lengthened and dilated like a real erection.

Kelly stared and licked her lips. Leering pleasantly, Gina took another step forward until the tip was only inches from her chest. She did a very good imitation of a guy jerking off, although instead of uttering boastful, four letter words repeatedly, she told Kelly how sexy and beautiful she was; how much she loved her, and how much she turned her on.

Kelly was dumb struck at the display of raw sexuality joined with affectionate words.

Suddenly drops of warm, milky looking liquid spurted from the tip and splashed on her heaving chest. She flinched at first, until she caught the delicate scent of vanilla and a hint something else.

"What?!" she exclaimed, staring at the drops as they ran together; trickling over and between her breasts. Gina knelt and tipped up her face for a kiss. As she did so, she gathered some of the liquid on a finger tip and offered it to the astounded blond. Not knowing what else to do, she opened her mouth and let it in.

She tasted the liquid; it was vanilla with a trace of cinnamon. Sucking on the long finger, she cleaned it thoroughly and rolled it around in her mouth. Gina took it back and licked the rest of the sweet liquid from her breasts, chest, and belly. She began kissing and touching her again, raising her to new heights. The brunette knelt again and took her by the hips, pulling her forward til she was perched on the edge of the chair seat.

Unbalanced by her hands tied behind her back, she had to rely on Gina to keep her upright. Gina suckled and kneaded the small, flawless breasts; causing Kelly's heart rate to rise abruptly. Switching back and forth, she used her mouth on one and a hand on the other until Kelly was breathless with arousal and pressing herself against Gina's face. Gina kissed her some more, spreading her legs and massaging the insides of her thighs, something which excited Kelly no end every time she did it. She suddenly knelt and shoved her face between Kelly's sexy legs.

The blond spread them as much as she could, then lost her balance and fell backward against the back of the chair. "Ya ok?" Gina asked, poised to pleasure Kelly with her tongue.

Kelly shifted and moved her hands to a more satisfactory position. "Yeah, I'm fine."

With no more ado, Gina parted Kelly's nether lips and gazed at the sight before her. Kelly's adorable little clit was swollen and bright pink. It twitched, begging to be licked, so she did. Kelly jumped at the sudden, intimate contact.

No man had ever made her feel so loved and impassioned. She tossed her head from side to side, wishing she could grab Gina's head as she usually did; to pull her lover into her and thrust back into her face. Gina's tongue was skilled and relentless. The fact that she couldn't touch back drove Kelly insane. She thrashed and squirmed under the onslaught. Already stimulated by her previous orgasm, she quickly reached the critical point and went over.

Her strong legs clapped shut, trapping Gina's head between them. She went stiff for a few seconds, hips clear of the seat, then thrust herself against Gina's face as she had before. Gina milked her orgasm for all it was worth, until she sagged back, panting.

Gina pulled her upright and took her in her arms, stroking and soothing her. Kelly's face and chest were flushed and she was glazed with a fine sheen of sweat. The provocative scent filled her lover's nose and stimulated the brunette's own arousal. Kelly could do nothing but rest her cheek on Gina's shoulder and suck air, supremely content. She wasn't sure she take much more intense bliss. She also guessed what was next.

"How ya doing?" Gina whispered in her ear.

"Great. I gotta rest though. Give me a few minutes?" she asked plaintively.

Sometimes, when Gina was in high gear, she forgot that Kelly liked to linger and unwind after lovemaking, wanting to push on with more; although she sometimes was energized by her orgasm and bounced back quickly. "As long as you want, Sweetie," she murmured back, pressing a soft kiss on a cute, delicate little ear. Kelly smiled and leaned against her, soaking up the love emanating from her other half. Strong hands massaged her back and neck, relaxing her still more. She sighed in contentment, but then the thought of Gina penetrating her with her awesome toy made her shiver with expectation and she recouped swiftly.

She felt herself open up and flutter down below. Despite the strap-on's size, she craved it.

Craved Gina. "I want you," she whispered fervently, kissing Gina back as well as she was able, restrained as she was.

"You've got me," Gina replied breathlessly. She swiftly stripped off her colorful, boxers and tossed them aside. The strap-on stood out at an angle and Kelly was mesmerized by it, and the patch of damp, dark curls beneath.

With her hands fettered, she had to rely on Gina completely. The brunette shifted a little and pulled Kelly closer to the edge of the seat. She kissed her face some more and stroked her inner thighs, now wet from her two previous orgasms. Reaching under the bed close by, she produced a tube of lubricant and a small towel. She made a show of squeezing the tube and slathering the lifelike shaft with thin, glistening fluid. Applying some to her finger, she smiled as she gently inserted it between Kelly's open legs, spreading the stuff through her slick folds. When she reached the winking entrance, she paused, then slid a finger inside. Kelly gasped, her inner muscles grabbing at it as her stomach muscle contracted. Gina pumped it gently a few times, then added a second finger, and a third. Kelly made a noise deep in her throat and wiggled her hips. "More," she gasped. Gina removed her fingers and wiped them on the towel.

With one hand supporting the blond, she used the other to place the tip of the strap-on just short of Kelly's excited opening; the sight of it made her wet. Still, she took her time and gently eased the toy in. She sensed some resistance and stopped just inside. "Ya doing ok?" she asked. Kelly's eyes were dark with passion but her face was tense. She was fighting her fear and just managing to keep it at bay.

"I...I'm a little scared here.. Gimme a min... no, kiss me." Careful to keep the toy where it was without pushing it in further, Gina leaned forward and kissed Kelly's lovely features. "Think about how good it feels," she murmured, moving one hand from Kelly's hip to a breast. She massaged the petal soft mound and rolled the half hard nipple between her fingers until it stiffened and Kelly's breathing grew fast and ragged. The sensation alternated between the old dread and the new pleasure. She closed her eyes and thought about how good it felt; shoving the fear aside.

She gradually relaxed, inside and out. "OK, keep going," she whispered against Gina's lips. The brunette put her hand back behind Kelly's firm butt to brace her and slowly pushed herself, and the toy, forward. She looked down, watching it slowly disappear into wet, blond curls. The sight almost made her come on the spot. Kelly was puffing and she, too, looked down to see and feel it slide in. Her inner muscles clenched and released, but she was too nervous to move her hips or thrust against it. It felt good, though, and she said so. "This is nice... I like it."

"Good," Gina said, kissing her again. She didn't move, letting Kelly accustom herself to the fullness inside.

They had used toys before, but not one this big on Kelly; her favorite one was smaller and slimmer than this one. She loved it when Gina penetrated her with her fingers, but she loved the sensation of a strap-on, too. This one was bigger, and her hands were tied behind her back. Although she had to work on preventing her fear from overpowering her, it also added a bit of spice to the action when used in small, manageable quantities.

She felt herself pushed back, just a bit, and Gina began loving a breast with her mouth. That did it. Surges of pleasure radiated from it and pooled between her legs. Her hips took on a life of their own as she tried to thrust forward. Gina took the hint, and without breaking contact with the delicious nipple, slowly began moving the strap-on back and forth.

Kelly managed to rest her knuckles against the chair seat and got some leverage going. Not much, but enough. She braced herself when Gina came forward, clamping down on the toy involuntarily. Her own body weight kept her in place when her lover retreated. That's when she discovered something which she suspected; she was one of those women who could orgasm from vaginal stimulation. Gina had penetrated her before, but she had also added clit play. Now, with her hands occupied in steadying Kelly, the only excitement the blond was feeling down below was the movement of the strap-on inside her. Of course, Gina's suckling her breast helped immensely.

"Ya ok?" Gina asked around the swollen nipple. She could never get enough of Kelly's perfect breasts.

"Yeah," Kelly murmured back, scarcely able to form words, much less speak.

"More...", she added breathlessly.

Gina obliged, speeding the pace a little bit.

"Faster," Kelly urged, trying to pump herself against her lover in a growing frenzy.

Gina went faster still, and added more force. The rhythmic friction ignited a flame of bliss deep within Kelly's vitals. It grew quickly, aided by the delicious sensations streaming from her breast. It was too much.

By now she couldn't speak at all, but uttered a string of strangled noises as she rose higher and higher. She thrashed about, trying to free her hands as she got closer and closer to orgasm. She forgot about the quick release knot; all she wanted to do was hold Gina close as she loved her. She felt it gathering inside and found her tongue, rasping in her lover's ear as the brunette tongued her nipple relentlessly, "Gina...I'm gonna ...I...I'm....."

She came. The force took her breath away and she curled forward, her body no longer under conscious control. Gina timed her thrusts with Kelly's and held her tight to her chest as the blond cried out her climax. She drew out her lover's orgasm for as long as she could, but the instant Kelly sagged back, she slid out of her, released the knot, picked her up, and laid her on the bed.

"..Want you," Kelly murmured.

"What, Sweetie?"

"I want you..inside me."

Gina peered at her closely as she panted. "So soon?"

Kelly took a deep breath. "I want you inside me as I come down."

Gina smiled in understanding. "Ok." Kelly spread her legs and she entered her easily, supporting herself on her knees and elbows so she wouldn't put her whole weight on the smaller woman. "Better?" she asked, brushing golden hair off the flushed face.


She leaned down and kissed Kelly's face as she lay puffing from the influence of her climax and the exertion she had undergone. After a minute to two her muscles began to protest, and she adroitly rolled them both over until Kelly lay on top of her, the strap-on still in place. The blond lay peacefully on her, her head tucked beneath Gina's chin with her arms along the muscled ribs. The brunette crossed her arms over the firm back and rubbed the dip above the shapely rear end. "Lower," Kelly murmured. Gina smiled and massaged the soft, firm cheeks. She loved Kelly's incredibly sexy rear end, and Kelly loved being touched there.

"Ya ok?" she asked, rubbing the soft skin. Kelly had the smoothest skin of any of her previous lovers; satiny soft and supple. The blond was nearly purring in contentment, and she nodded.

Gina kissed the top of her head and thought about what had just happened. She had hoped to bring this fantasy of Kelly's to fruition ever since the blond had admitted having it several months before.

She had come home from therapy subdued as usual, and Gina hadn't asked her about her session; she never did unless the girl walked in smiling, which was seldom; or unless Kelly wanted to discuss it. A few days later, still introspective, she had asked Gina if she would mind talking about sex. Gina hadn't minded at all; she loved talking about sex, but this was different. Kelly did most of the talking. She spoke of her myriad fears, her experiences both good and bad, and gradually, Gina realized, addressed what she had wanted to talk about to begun with. Fantasies, both hers and Gina's.

They traded scenarios well into the night. Both felt a bit awkward at times, but they didn't hold back after each assured the other that they would not think badly of her other no matter what was said. Kelly certainly had an imagination, Gina admitted. Some of her ideas were hot enough to arouse her on the spot. She sensed Kelly had a particular fantasy which was important to her, yet was hesitant to reveal. She told her didn't have to tell it if it made her uneasy, but after thinking about it, Kelly had falteringly divulged it.

Bondage? Ok, it was light bondage, but with Kelly's history she found it a bit odd; although when she thought about it, it actually made sound psychological sense. Kelly was tense as she haltingly told it, afraid that Gina would think she was some sort of pervert or something. To her mild surprise, although she should've known better by then than to think Gina would be anything but accepting where she was concerned, Gina smiled. She took Kelly's shaky hand, looked her right in the eye, and told her truthfully that it was a very interesting and inventive fantasy, and that if she ever wanted to act it out, she would be more than willing. Kelly was very relieved to hear this and said so.

They had finished the intimate discussion with a kissing marathon, but nothing beyond that. Therapy sessions left Kelly nervous and unable to get excited. On those nights they cuddled instead, something they both enjoyed immensely; sometimes even more than making love.

Kelly, too, was reliving the experience. She went over it moment by moment in her head, dreamily comparing it to her imagined fantasy. It was true what they said, that the real thing was better. Gina had far exceeded her expectations, and although she had had a few tense or fearful moments, it had, on the whole, been indescribably wonderful. She too, thought back to that evening when she had cautiously approached the subject of exchanging fantasies with Gina on her therapist's suggestion. She remembered how worried and nervous she'd been, and how low key and supportive Gina had been.

She had the feeling some of her fantasies were real eye openers to her lover; the good kind, that is. Some of Gina's ideas were equally enticing, not to mention a bit messy and naughty.

Just like hers. She smiled, remembering the hours long kissing bout that had lasted until midnight.

The memory made her warm inside, and she involuntarily clenched the strap-on still within her.

Gina vaguely heard a quiet voice and she brought herself back the present. "Hmm? What was that? I wasn't listening."

"I..." Kelly couldn't figure out how to say it politely. Instead, she lifted herself and scooted forward, letting the toy slip out and rest against Gina's rock hard belly. Her inner muscles tightened as it slid out, as if wanting it to stay. The tip, bigger than the shaft like a real erection, stretched the constricting muscles, sending a rush of pleasure through her. It finally popped out and she sighed, the muscles rippling and complaining at the loss. She lay down again, trapping it between them; it's solid presence reminding of the love they had just shared.

She lay down next to her lover and touched it experimentally. It was slick with lubricant, both artificial and her own. It looked and felt almost real. She wanted to know where she'd gotten it, but that would've spoiled the mood. Time for that later. Instead she tweaked it and kissed Gina's shoulder.

"Is that harness adjustable?" she asked, her eyes twinkling as she fondled it suggestively.

Gina grinned back. "It sure is."

They didn't sleep until dawn.

The End