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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan



In the darkness of her quarters, she sat in a large padded chair, one comfortable enough to offer her tall body a great deal of rest. Head back, eyes closed. She was tired and her body ached.

It had been a long and bloody fight, but it was over now. The ground battles on Reesa Three had been some of the longest of this encounter. She had returned to the ship after being on the surface for more than six days.

Her second in command, Sarron Roran hated it when she left the ship to go on ground engagements. She smirked when she thought of it. She was a cavalry officer first and foremost. How she had ended up commanding a battle cruiser was still beyond her.

They had told her it was because she was an exemplary officer who deserved to command a cruiser. * Right. It was because they couldn’t get any other sucker to take the job. * She grinned as the joke rolled around in her brain.

All she wanted to do was sleep, but that would have to wait until her Sarron came to her with his report. Just as she was about to become annoyed, the chimes sounded at her door.

"Lights up." She offered into the air. The lights in her cabin came up, bathing the multiple rooms in a soft glow. "Come." She said softly as she shifted a bit to face the door.

"Sarron Roran, reporting Garron Ford." The young man stood at attention before her with his helmet tucked under his arm. He still had his flight suit on.

* Fly boys. * She thought as she stood and moved to a decanter where she poured herself a tall glass of wine. * Wouldn’t be able to fight on the ground if their lives depended on it. * "Report." She said softly.

"Garron we have taken the sector. Including, but not limited to Reesa Three."


"Fifteen dead, twelve wounded and four are missing in action."

"Which four?"

"Carrons Deeg, Walker, Quif, and Garner."

She nodded as she drained her glass. "Terminate them and make the adjustments to the number of dead in the log."

"As you wish Garron Ford."

"Anything else?"

"There is one thing."

She quirked a dark, weary brow. "Yes."

He waved his hand and two Carron sentries brought in a small blonde woman. She kept her eyes down as she had been taught. None the less, Garron Ford noticed a certain bearing in the way the woman stood.

"Where did she come from?" The Garron asked as she circled the smaller woman, taking in the sight of her torn and dirty jumpsuit and the chains on her wrists. "Remove those," She growled at one of the guards. "You know better than to bring someone to me in chains."

The guard looked into the face of the Garron. His hands shook as he unlocked the chains. He was afraid her monumental temper was about to come down on him for something that the Sarron had ordered. "My apologies Garron Ford."

"Idiot." She murmured under her breath as she took the woman’s wrists in her own hands and rubbed them. "Are you all right?"

The woman only nodded, still keeping her eyes down.

The Sarron drew a deep breath as he watched the scene in front of him. * She is only a slave for Capri’s sake *. "We found her in the wreckage of Garron Danils ship when we boarded it. It would appear she was Garron Danils servant."

The Garron nodded her head as she considered the possibility. "Very well. Leave us."

The Sarron snapped to attention, then he turned, taking the sentries with him as he exited.

The Garron circled once more as she stopped in front of the woman. "Do you have a name?"

"Slave Alpha Four, My Lord."

"Don’t call me that. I am not your Lord or anyone else’s for that matter. My name is Ford. If you insist on using a title you may call me Garron. Now do you have a name? Not a designation, a name."

The woman shivered as she shook her head. She had been through this enough times to know that now she would be sent down to the troop quarters to serve there. Garrons didn’t keep slaves that hadn’t even been born citizens. Not to have a name was the ultimate disgrace. "No…no…Garron."

"Are you hurt?"


"It’s a simple question slave. Are you hurt? Do you need a doctor?"

"No…no Garron."

"Are you cold? Your shivering."

"Yes Garron, a bit. The ship was down to the barest of life support when your troops boarded."

Ford poured another glass of wine for herself and then one for the woman in front of her. She crossed the room, retrieving a blanket from the bed and sending a request for food from the touch pad near the headboard.

She returned and wrapped the blanket around the woman’s shoulders, then handed her the wine. "Marra."

"Garron?" She shivered again as she grasped the blanket and took the wine. She wasn’t sure what was happening, but things were certainly different with this Garron.

"Your name. It’s Marra."

A slight smile broke across her lips. She was glad her head was still down. Surely the Garron would slap it off her face, but she had hope that maybe she would be allowed to remain in the protection of at least the Sarron aboard ship.

"If I keep you, do you promise to serve me faithfully?"

It wasn’t possible that the Garron was thinking of…. "Yes…yes…." It was a quick reply, followed with a nodding of her head, but she didn’t want any doubt.

"Look at me." The Garron coaxed the frightened woman gently with her voice.

She lifted her head and met the Garron’s face. The woman was tall and dark and beautiful. Even though she looked exhausted she was indeed beautiful.

"Are you sure? I had a slave once and she tried to kill me, because she had taken one of the Sarron as a lover and he wanted my title, my command."

"Oh no Garron, I would serve only you."

"I can be very demanding."

She nodded.

"You will share my bed and just so there is no doubt in your mind, I may take your body from time to time."

She nodded again. She knew it was bound to happen eventually. This Garron seemed at least gentle compared to the other soldiers that she had managed to evade. She wouldn’t dare try to elude a Garron.

"I have a horrible temper."

Marra nodded although she had doubts about that one, but she wasn’t going to argue with her dark haired savior either.

"Do you promise always to tell me the truth and never to lie to me?"

She nodded for a fourth time adding quietly, "Always Garron."

"In private you may call me Ford. In public you will call me Garron. You will accompany me everywhere but battle. While I am in battle, you will remain on board and you will prepare for my return. You will have a bath ready for me, along with a meal, clean clothes, a warm bed and a soft body."

Marra nodded again.

"Now I will go bathe. While I’m gone I want you to eat the food I have requested and drink your wine. When you are finished I want you to shower and put on clean clothes. A nightgown I think." She cocked her head from side to side and she looked at the little woman. "Green. The same shade as your eyes. Silk. Long sleeves. It should reach the back of your knees. You can program the request from that com station." She pointed to the same pad she had ordered the food from. Then you will go to my bed and wait."

"Yes Garron, as you wish."

The Garron left the woman to do as she had been told while she went to rest and bathe. She wanted to rid her body of the muck and grime of the battlefield. She slowly removed her armor, then her guns and finally the scabbard that held her blade. Slowly she peeled out of her boots and uniform, tossing them to the corner. The mess could be dealt with in the morning. Now she needed to rest and relax.

She slid her body into the tub and soaked for a nearly half an hour before starting to scrub away the dirt. She could hear Marra moving around in the outer rooms of her quarters. "Come here." She gave the command loud enough that it was answered immediately.

"Yes Garron?" Marra answered from the doorway as she stepped into the bathing chamber

"Wash my back." She simply held out the rag and the cleanser to the young woman.

Marra smiled as she stepped forward and took the rag from the Garron’s extended hand and knelt behind her. Now she would be able to start showing her worth as a slave to her new master. Ford leaned forward in the tub to allow the access required to her back.

"Did you eat?"

"Yes Garron. It was wonderful thank you."

"How long had it been since you had eaten last?"

"Four days Garron. There was very little food to be had during the battle. Your forces were relentless. We lost most of the primary power on the ship in the first two days." She offered softly as she washed and rinsed the broad back in front of her.

"Hmm…they always are." She sighed before drawing a deep breath. "You still need to shower?"

"Yes Garron.

"Then strip and just join me in the tub."

"A bath?"

"That’s what they call it, yes." She chuckled as she shifted a little.

"I’ve never had a bath. Showers only."

"Well, now that does make it different for you. Hold on a moment."

The Garron stood and drained the water from the tub. Marra couldn’t help but marvel at the tall, strong body before her. Never in her life had she seen a woman with such power, grace and beauty. Ford rinsed the tub and refilled it with very warm water. As it was filling she stepped out and took a towel from a nearby bench and began drying herself.

"Get undressed."

Marra got up from her knees and began removing the remnants of her clothes. Very soon she stood nude and modest in front of Ford. She could feel the Garron’s eyes on her, but she didn’t look up. Her hands and arms seemed to find a need to try and cover her body from the eyes she knew were on her.

"You’re modest?"

"Yes Garron."

"Certainly not a virgin."

"Yes Garron."

This got a quirked brow. "Really?"

"Yes Garron. I’ve managed to remain untouched."


"I am a good servant. I have managed to make my Lords happy without them taking me to their bed."

"I’m impressed. You must be a very good servant."

"I try Garron."

"You must succeed." She leaned over and turned off the water. "Go ahead." She gestured to the tub.

"Garron what of the rule?"

"What? The rule that says servants should only shower because a bath is reserved only for the elite?"

"Yes Garron."

"Are you going to tell on me?" She grinned at the blonde as she pulled on a robe.

"Oh no, Garron. I would never betray your trust."

"Well then, have your first bath and please take the time to enjoy it Marra."

The servant looked up and smiled. "Thank you Garron."

"You know, I really would prefer if you called me Ford. People call me Garron all the time. No one calls me Ford and in my own ho…quarters I would like to be addressed as Ford."

"Ford." Marra nodded as she stepped into the tub. It was as if she were testing to see if her mouth would even allow her to say a citizen’s name. She smiled at the tall woman as she sank down into the tub.

"You like?"

"Yes Gar…Ford. Very much. Thank you."

"Enjoy it." Ford smiled as she watched the young woman’s eyes close as she sank further into the water. "There is a lavender scented soap there. Make sure you scrub and wash your hair. I want you good and clean before you come to bed."

"Yes Ford." She answered as she sat up and made a reach for the soap the Garron had indicated.

She began the complete washing of her body. The warmth of the water amazed her it made her relax, all the muscles in her body simply began to uncoil. It made her feel safe.

Marra simply wanted to spend the night enjoying the bath. She had never felt anything like it before. Slaves were given only cold showers. Citizens were the only ones allowed hot baths. She knew however, that Garron Ford was waiting for her and the last thing she wanted to do was upset her new Master. She had a feeling this could be a very good place to serve, if she didn’t upset the Garron.

She dried her body and debated about wrapping the towel around herself, but decided against that as well. It was apparent that the Garron intended to take her tonight. This was the only thing she regretted. She wouldn’t be able to show her aptitude as a slave until it was too late to bargain. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as she had been told it was.

She ran her fingers through her hair to take a few tangles out then she smoothed it back and entered the main chamber. Ford turned and smiled at the young woman.

"You’re very beautiful Marra."

"Thank you Ford." She blushed at the compliment.

The tall woman nodded appreciatively. The slave did listen. This made her happy. She picked up a green gown and handed it to the little blonde. "Put this on."

Marra quickly slipped the gown on as Ford drew the blankets back over the bed.

"Get in. On the left, I sleep on the right." Ford commanded softly.

She did as instructed laying on her back on the left side of the large bed, watching as the Garron dropped her robe and brought her totally nude body into the bed.

"Roll on your left side."

Marra rolled over. She tensed a bit as she felt the Garron move close to her, pulling the blankets over them before draping a strong arm over her waist. Then there was only the warmth of the body as she felt the Garron adjust and get comfortable behind her.

"Good night Marra."

"Good night Ford."

"Lights off." Ford mumbled, sending the room into total darkness.

Marra waited. She couldn’t sleep. She stared out the window above her head watching the stars blur by as she waited. She waited for it to happen, but all that happened was she heard a soft snoring from behind her. She finally relaxed in the strong embrace and fell into a deep sleep as well.


It was an unusual noise that brought her out of her slumber. As she sat up she knew it was the sounds of intimacies being exchanged. Marra realized quickly, Ford was gone from the bed. The lights in the cabin were on a very low hue, giving enough light to see the outline of the room and the furnishings.

She got to her feet allowing her ears to guide her to the noises. She found a door to a smaller sleeping chamber slightly ajar. She peered through to find Ford with a red headed woman. They were engaged in what appeared to be a rather lengthy session of love making.

Marra knew she should move and that if the Garron caught sight of her, she would be punished and discarded for sure, but something about seeing that long, muscular body covered in a light sheen of sweat, mixed with the sounds made movement impossible.

She watched as the woman under the Garron strained and moaned, clawing at Ford’s back, leaving long red scratches.

The deep, growling and groaning from Ford’s own chest made Marra shift uncomfortably as she felt something stir in her own body.

The slave watched as her Master’s hands and mouth moved all over the woman’s body. She continued to watch as they arched and slid against each other. Moans from the red head grew louder, as did the almost animalistic sounds from the Garron. To Marra, Ford sounded almost like a serpentine as it mated, growling and simply overpowering its mate with its own need.

Finally, with a long groan the Garron collapsed on top of the woman where she remained for a few minutes before rolling away and announcing, "You’re done. You may go."

"Yes Garron Ford. It has been a pleasure to serve."

"Of course it has." The Garron grumbled as she threw an arm over her eyes and drew a deep breath.

The redhead sat up and put on a very ornate robe of black and blue silks. She rose from the bed, turned to the Garron, bowed slightly at the waist and left through another exit, leaving the tall, dark, naked woman laying there on her back with her arm over her eyes and one leg bent at the knee. The Garron never saw her leave.

Marra moved away from the door to the kitchen unit of the quarters and began preparing breakfast for the Garron. She swallowed hard as she pushed back the images of her master and the woman that flooded her mind.

"Lights up." Marra said as she moved to the food storage unit.

Ford entered the main chamber wearing a long black silk robe. She smiled at the little blonde as she made her way across the room. "Good morning Marra."

"Good morning Ford." Marra smiled to the tall woman as she sat a pan on top of the cooking unit and began preparing the meal.

"Did I actually have any food here?" She chuckled as she looked over the smaller woman’s shoulder into the pan that Marra was preparing the food in.

"Enough that I can fix your breakfast. I may have to bring in more supplies. Is that all right?"

"Of course. Especially if you’re going to cook for me instead of ordering it from the dispensers."

"Maybe you should wait until you taste it first. You might prefer dispensed food." The blonde smiled up at the tall woman.

" Never. I’m sure it will be wonderful." Ford gave Marra a kiss on the top of her head before heading to her bathing chamber without another word.

Marra set the meal to simmering then moved to the door of the bathing chamber. "Shall I attend you Ford?"

"No, just fix breakfast and request nine sets of clothes, of various colors, a pair of slippers and a robe for our quarters and three pair of boots for outside our quarters. Underclothes will be left to your own decision."

"Nine sets?" She asked through the door as her brows shot into her bangs and her heart hammered in her chest.

"There are nine days in the week aren’t there?"

"Yes Ford."

"Then it makes sense that you should have a change for each day. Don’t forget to make one pair of the boots suitable for the stables. We’ll be spending a lot of time there."

"Yes Ford."

She couldn’t contain the smile on her face as she put the clothing request into the computer. This was pure Paradise. She was indeed fortunate to have come into the service to this Garron.

She dressed quickly and served up breakfast as Ford came from the bathing chamber. She was now dressed in a tight black one piece jumpsuit with thigh high black boots. Her suit was decorated with the symbols of her rank, silver bars on her shoulders. Her chest was practically covered in service medals. Marra recognized at least two of them as medals for valor and courage.

"Your breakfast is ready Ford."

"Where’s yours?"

"I…I…." She stammered as she looked back and forth between the table and Ford.

"Marra I expect you to take your meals with me."

"Yes Ford. I’m sorry, forgive me."

Ford just shook her head and sat down at the table. She looked at the huge meal that had been prepared. "There’s plenty here. I couldn’t possible eat all of this. Get another service and join me."

"Yes Ford." Marra was quick to get the service and set it across the table.

"Over here next to me Marra."

She drew a deep breath as she moved the service and then waited. Ford looked to her and lifted a brow in question. She gestured to the chair.

"You’ll find you enjoy it more if you sit." Ford offered as she began dishing food onto both plates.

"Please Ford, let me."

The Garron handed the spoon to the young woman and allowed her to serve. * This is her purpose Ford. Try to remember that. *

Marra finished serving and took her seat. Just as Ford was about to take her first bite her personal tone rang out over the com system.

"Damn!" She growled as she dropped the fork to her plate. "Garron here." She spoke into thin air.

"Forgive me Garron. We have received a message from Fleet Command." Marra recognized the voice of the Sarron.

"And what does it say?" Ford leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms across her chest.

"That we are to return to Fleet Headquarters on Delta Magna Six."

"Then set course. Respond to the message and tell them we are en route. Expected arrival will be two weeks."

"Yes Garron."

"And Sarron?"

"Yes Garron?"

"In light of our new orders, I’ll be taking the day off."


"I’ll be taking the day off. Do you have a problem with that Sarron Roran?"

"Oh no Garron. Absolutely not."

"Phoenix was injured in battle yesterday and I want to make sure he’s all right."

"Yes Garron. I hope the serpentine is all right Garron."

"So do I." She mumbled as she leaned forward resting her elbows on the table. "Ford out."

Marra watched as the Garron picked up the napkin, giving it a little twist before replacing it in her lap and returning to her food. Ford looked to Marra and smiled as she reached over and patted her hand. "I’m sorry. He annoys me."

"I can tell." Marra nodded as she poured a glass of juice and set it in front of Ford.

"He’s young and stupid and only got his commission and this command because his father is in the Diplomatic Corp." Ford took the glass and sipped the juice. "Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on him, but I just can’t seem to help it. I swear to you Marra if I hear, ‘My father says….’ come out of his mouth more time I’m going to toss him out an air lock."

Marra nearly choked on her food as she began laughing at the vision of the Garron throwing the young man into space. She coughed several times as she reached for her own juice.

Ford was on her feet patting the young woman on the back, reaching for the glass to help her grasp it. "Are you all right?" She asked as she began rubbing small circles on the smaller woman’s back.

Marra nodded as she sipped her juice. "I’m sorry Ford, but the vision of you actually throwing him overboard…."

"Yeah I know," The Garron agreed as she retook her seat. "It has provided me with many nights of satisfying fantasies."

Marra laughed again.


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