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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


"Hey!" Ford growled at the med tech. "I came in here with it attached. I’d like to leave that way."

"I’m sorry Garron Ford." The young man finished wrapping her hand then made a hasty exit.

She looked at her broken hand then to Marra, who stood leaning against the wall with a little smirk.

"You think this is funny?" She stood up from the bed then stalked over to the blonde, pulling her into an embrace with her good arm. She held up her bandaged hand. "I did this because of you."

"Noooo you did this because you have a lousy temper." She cupped the broken hand, giving the bandage a little kiss.

"Actually, I have a good temper. It’s just that the lousy part chooses to manifest itself at the worst possible time."

"Does it hurt much?"

"It hurts a lot." Ford gave her a pitiful little smile. "A whole lot."

"Oh brother." Marra rolled her eyes. "Well, let’s go home and I’ll see if I can make you feel better." She took Ford by the arm, leading her from the med lab.

"Cheesecake." Ford said quietly.


"Cheesecake and coffee would make me feel better. Of course, you may have to feed me."

"You’re a big baby when you’re sick or hurt aren’t you?"


"Well, at least you admit it."



"It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t my writing hand." Ford growled again. She picked up her coffee cup, taking a long drink, emptying the cup.

"You should know better than to lead with your left." Marra laughed, bringing the cheesecake to the couch then pouring Ford another cup of coffee from the carafe on the table.

"I feel off balance."

"That’s because you are." She did give the tall woman a bite of the cheesecake from her own fork after sitting down next to her.

"Care to define ‘off balance’?" Ford asked as she swallowed.

"No. You are free to define it anyway you like." She snickered.

"You are a real trouble maker. I’m going to enjoy being married to you."

"Will I be taking my own quarters after we’re married?"

"Do you want to?"

"No, but I thought your wives lived separately from you."

"Only if they want to. If you like, you can be given your own quarters."

"No, I wouldn’t like." Marra huffed in a playfully indignant tone. "I like it fine right here, thank you very much."

"Well, good I’m glad to hear it because I very much enjoy having you here." Ford settled back on the couch, throwing her arm over Marra’s shoulders. "The first of my wives that I’ve actually wanted to live with." She turned, kissing Marra very soundly. "The first of my wives that I’ve loved."

"Better be the last of your wives that you love." She teased. "I’ll be number five. How many do you need?"

Ford drew back with a truly amused look on her face. "Well now, are we feeling a little possessive my dear?"

"Maybe just a little. I have a theory though." She offered Ford another bite, which was accepted, with a nod that urged her to continue. "If I make and keep you happy, you won’t need anymore wives."

"This is true. Plus if you fulfill the position as First Lady Kurrathian, then you have the right to challenge any future spouses I might want to take."

"Now that is a real perk. I can see using that to my benefit in thirty years when you’re thinking of replacing me with some young thing."

Ford laughed out loud, which only got another piece of cheesecake shoved in her mouth.

"Don’t you laugh at me Ford Kurrathian. I’ll marry you, take my place as First Lady of your house, give you lots of children, then you’ll find some young woman who makes you sweat and try to marry her. Forget it."

Ford was nearly choking on the cheesecake from laughing. Marra took pity by handing her the juice she had brought over. Ford sipped from the glass before handing it back. She coughed just a little still not trying to wipe the smile of her face. "You’re very cute when you’re possessive."

"I’m not possessive. I am merely stating fact." Marra winked.

"Well, what if you decide you want to take another spouse? Hmm? Am I just suppose to sit back and smile."

Marra grinned, lifting an eyebrow. "You planning on watching?"

"Oh you are so full of it tonight. What has gotten into you?"

Marra sat her plate on the table, then curled into Ford’s side. "I’m happy. I’m about to be married. I was made a citizen today. I am a most fortunate woman. I feel good."

Ford let her hand caress up and down Marra’s arm. "Hmm yes you do."

Marra stilled Ford’s hand. "Behave."

"Behave? Behave? You’re telling me to behave. Well, this is a switch."

"One, you have a broken hand and two, now we have to wait."

Ford groaned laying her head back. "You know if we don’t get this wedding done very soon I’m just going to explode."

"Trust me, you are not the only one suffering here. I’m just aching to find out what I’ve been missing."

"Aching being the operative word here."

"Definitely." She brought Ford’s hand to her lips.


Ford smoothed the fabric of Marra’s robes. "Nervous?"

"Un-huh. I’ve never prayed before."

"I know. But the Priestess will guide you through it. You’ll be fine."

"Aren’t you staying."

"I can’t. This is your time with the Priestess and Capri."

"What if I do something wrong?"

"Then you atone. Capri is forgiving."

"You know, when I was a slave I met a few other slaves who actually worshipped. Even though they had no temple, no Priestess, they still prayed. I always wanted too but was afraid of being found out."

"I understand about being afraid. I know if a slave is found to be worshipping they are put to death right away, but you also don’t need a temple or a Priestess to pray. I do it a lot. If you are faithful in your belief, Capri doesn’t care where you offer your prayers from."

"Would you do it?"


"Put a slave to death for praying?"

"No. I believe Capri listens to anyone who truly believes in his or her heart. It doesn’t matter to Capri if your are citizen or slave, as long as you believe and it’s wrong for the citizens to condemn the slaves for believing."

"If you could, would you do away with slavery?

"Yes. Yes I would."

"Ooo that’s not a very popular opinion." Marra smoothed the front of her robes.

"Well, now you know why I’ll never be Chancellor. I believe Earth existed and I’d abolish slavery."

"But doesn’t Chancellor Trella believe in Earth too?"

Ford chuckled. "Chancellor Trella believes whatever is popular at the moment. That’s how she has managed to maintain the seat for so long."

Marra took a deep breath before asking her next question. "Are you ever going to tell me why you get so defensive whenever the Chancellor’s name is mentioned?"

Ford considered it. "Well, Trella and I have a history. She wanted to marry me at one point when I was just getting started in my career. My brother ruled the Second House and I headed for the academy. I knew Trella when we were children. We grew up together. She had her father make arrangements with my brother for our marriage. I was fond of her, but I was not ready to be married and I hated arranged marriages anyhow."

Ford reached into the closet for her own robes, after making sure that Marra was completely ready. She continued as she slipped hers on. "So I had a fit…."

"Naturally." Marra snickered, sipping from a glass of wine Ford had given her earlier.

"I refused to marry Trella. She didn’t take the news well and set me up. She called me to her quarters, I assumed to talk it over. She had everything perfectly executed to make it look like I tried to force myself on her. She had me arrested and I spent a year in prison."

Marra’s eyes widened with that revelation. "Ford, I had no idea."

"Not many people do. My brother managed to piece together what happened and he confronted her, just days before she was about to become Chancellor. He threatened to go to the council and expose her. She ordered my release from prison and saw to it I was admitted into the next academy class."

"How nice of her."

"Yeah, my career has always been of great interest to her. Anyhow, about six months after that my brother died a very mysterious death and I was installed as Lord of the Second House."

"She has hurt you in a lot of ways. Do you think she killed your brother?"

"I’m sure of it, but I’ve never been able to prove it. To try, would only get me thrown back in prison."

"But now she’s saying she needs your help and you’re giving it to her, why?"

"Because I have more important things to focus on than her." Ford tied off her robes, smoothing them out. "Like you for instance." She leaned in, kissing the blonde quite thoroughly. "And your first trip to temple."

Marra took a deep breath trying to calm her nervous stomach. She smiled at Ford, nodding. "I just hope I don’t embarrass you."

"Not possible. However, you will be the one walking around with me and my busted hand. I’m feeling fairly stupid at the moment."

"You look kind of silly too." She grinned at the tall woman, leaning up to place a kiss on her cheek.

"Well, since I’m not out to impress anyone." Ford wiggled her eyebrows, "Am I?"

"Better not be."

The tall woman chuckled. "Let’s go. The Priestess awaits."

They began a very slow walk through the ship to the temple, arms linked, looking very much like lovers. Laughing softly and talking. The people they encountered smiled at the Garron and her little companion. Seeing the commander seemingly happy for the first time in a very long time.

"You know we will be separated for three days. I’ll offer my prayers first, then I’ll leave you and the Priestess so that you may worship and learn the ways of Capri for the wedding."

"Okay. Three days without you huh? That’s scary."

"Marra, you most certainly have been in far scarier situations."

"I’m sorry Ford. I’m just accustomed to being with you. Even when I go to the med lab to work, I’m a little jittery."

"Well, we’ll get you over that soon enough. You’re going to have to be strong to be First Lady of the Second House. You will have certain duties to perform that won’t include me."

Marra nodded. "Will you check Neyta for me? I want to make sure she’s nesting properly."

"Of course sweetheart." Ford stopped for just a moment. "Hey, what if she isn’t nesting properly what am I suppose to do about it? I’ve never owned a pregnant female before."

"Just make sure that she is chewing up her bedding and making a good deep nest. If not, put some shredded bedding into the stall with her."

Ford nodded, making a mental note of the instructions for the female. She rejoined Marra and they continued the walk. "Should we leave Phoenix in there with her?"

"Oh yeah. It would be bad to try and separate them now. They both would be crazed and the last thing we want to do is upset Neyta right now."

"All right. I’ll see to it."

They stopped outside the temple doors. Ford pulled Marra into her arms. "I love you Marra."

The young woman looked into sincere blue eyes and smiled. "I love you too Ford."




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