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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Ford caressed Marra’s cheek. The small woman grasped the larger hand, kissing it. "I’m a little scared." The tall woman admitted quietly.

Marra looked surprised at the admission. "You’re scared? Of what?"

"Being without you for three days." Ford smiled. "I may starve to death."

Marra laughed faintly, blushing with Ford’s words. "You will not. You know how to cook." She played with the belt of Ford’s robe, finding it more interesting at the moment.

"I know how to use the replication unit. So, maybe I won’t starve, but I won’t like it. You’ve spoiled me." Ford lifted Marra’s chin. "I’m going to miss you."

"It’s only for three days. I’m sure you’ll survive."

"Maybe so, but when you’re done here be prepared to go out for the nicest dinner I can find on the ship."

"I can do that." She blushed again.

"You’re very cute when you do that. You’re ears go all red." Ford ran her fingertip over the blonde’s ear.

"They do not." Marra protested dropping her head again.

The tall woman smiled, leaning in to kiss the ear in question and whispering, "They do to."

"It’s time Ford." The Priestess stepped from the shadows where she had been watching the scene. "Say your good-byes to Marra and leave us."

"Yes Priestess." Ford drew a deep breath, lifting Marra’s chin again, looking into her eyes. "I love you. I’ll see you in three days. I’ll make sure to look in on Neyta for you."

Marra nodded. She wanted to kiss Ford but didn’t know if it would be all right in the presence of the Priestess.

"Of course it is Marra." The woman offered from her position at the altar.

Ford smiled leaning in and whispering. "Don’t you hate it when she does that?"

Marra nodded. Ford pulled back, placing a tender kiss to the blonde’s lips.

"Ford. It is simply time for you to go now. You’ve drug you’re feet long enough." The Priestess chastised, moving toward them. "Now be a good little commander and go command."

"Yes Priestess." She leaned in again stealing a quick kiss before turning and leaving.

"Finally!" The Priestess smiled, holding her hand out to Marra. "I swear, that one is one of the most devout Capri has, but she can be like a child at times."

"Really? I’ve never found her to be anything but very serious."

"You will understand when you see what’s ‘inside’ Ford Kurrathian."

"How will I do that?"

"You," The woman looped Marra’s hand through her arm, walking her toward the altar. "Have been chosen. It is why you have been brought together with Ford."

"Chosen for what?"

"That, is what you will learn over the next three days."


Ford lay down in bed. She looked to the pillow where Marra had been sleeping. She knew it was going to be useless. Sighing, she sat up against the headboard of the bed, turning on the light. She sat there looking around the room, drumming her thumb on her leg. She glanced at the timepiece on the wall, it was the middle of the night, she wondered what Marra was doing.

She finally sat up, completely giving up the concept of sleeping. "Ford, you are truly pitiful." Moving across the room to her cabinet she removed clothes for the stables. "She’s been in your life less than two weeks and you act like you can live without her."

"You can’t."

Ford spun quickly, her breath caught as the form took shape. She dropped immediately to her knees, lowering her head, averting he eyes. "Capri."

"Yes Ford."

"Have I…."

"Oh Ford, don’t even ask that question. How could you of all souls offend me? You have, from the moment you were born been one of my most treasured." The deity moved forward placing a hand on top of the Garron’s head. "You have a great challenge ahead. I have brought the two of you together. You must face it united as one. She will be a source of great strength and power for you when the time is right. Until then continue to treat her like the soul she is, worthy of your love and respect."

"Of course. I do love her. I’ve waited all my life for her to come to me. Just as you said she would. I only hope that I can make her happy."

"You do make her happy Ford. You treat her better than she has ever been treated before."

"As you commanded Capri."

The deity lifted Ford’s head so they are looking at each other. "I guided you Ford. I told you to be kind to the little slave that would be brought to you. The way you have treated her is from your own free will. The fact you fell in love with her was your own doing, not mine. You gave her your heart Ford, I didn’t."

"I do love her." Ford whispered. "More than I have ever loved anyone before."

"Ford, I hate to tell you this, but Marra is the first soul you have ever truly loved. The others were mild distractions of the senses. Why do you think that you could allow them to take other spouses?"

"It is our custom."

"That may be, however how do you feel when you think of Marra doing it?"

"My heart aches and my stomach hurts." Ford dropped her head again. "Forgive me, but I don’t want Marra to take any other spouses."

"But you will let her, if she desires to do so?"

"Who am I to challenge custom?"

"Aren’t you High Lord of the Second House?"


Marra lay on the bed with her eyes closed. She had been stripped of her clothes almost immediately upon beginning her training, it had left her feeling exposed and unprotected. She assumed that was the purpose and tried to choke back her nervousness.

"Just relax Marra. You know that no one here will hurt you. It is just you, me and Capri."

Marra nodded, feeling the hands of the Priestess begin a massage of her body with a warm oil that held a soft scent of roses. She relaxed into the touch, allowing her mind to clear.

"You are about to take a great step Marra. To be chosen by Capri is a great honor. To be chosen to guide someone like Ford, a great challenge. Ford is one of Capri’s blessed ones, but she is very strong-willed and can be difficult at times." The Priestess leaned over whispering the next words into Marra’s ear. "She is also very passionate."

Marra refrained from groaning when these words registered in her mind. She took a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

"You think about that a lot don’t you Marra? What is would be like to be with Ford in a passionate, intimate way?"

Keeping quiet, Marra nodded.

"If you were forbidden to do it, would that stop you?"

"Ford and I have waited until our marriage because it is illegal for citizens to be together intimately in advance of the ceremony."

"But you were a slave, Ford had the right to take you to her bed." She moved to the head of the bed, kneeling down to face Marra. "She didn’t, because she loves you and she wants your first time to be special."

"I know that."

"Do you want that first time to be special for Ford?"

"Yes, very much. I don’t want her to be disappointed in me."

"Then you will also be taught what will please Ford, so that you may make her happy on you wedding night and every night after that."


Ford awoke in her bed. She didn’t remember going to bed after her visit from Capri. She also didn’t remember removing her clothes, but she was indeed unclothed now and she felt strangely…satiated.

She sat up, knowing full well that she had been with someone, who it was however was a complete mystery to her. She reached for her robe and pulled it on, still feeling a little disoriented.

Moving into the bathing room she removed the robe, flipping on the shower. Her reflection caught her attention. At the base of her throat there was a mark, a tattoo. It was a circle with a triangle inside of that and inside the triangle a single eye peered from it.

"Oh great Capri." She gasped, realizing that she had been marked with the deity’s personal icon. She ran her fingers over the mark, realizing that she was going to have to tell Marra about this experience too. "Does sex with a spirit count as being unfaithful?" She asked her reflection, which just stared back at her with no answer forthcoming. "I hope not."

She sighed, then stepped into the shower. Letting it wash over her, very vivid memories of the previous night came flooding back to her. She closed her eyes, bracing her hands against the wall as all of the feeling and the emotion returned full force. She gasped for air, trying to keep from collapsing with the intensity of the sensations.


Marra felt like every emotion possible was running through her mind and heart all at once as she prayed for the first time. She had never felt anything so intense in her entire life. She was grateful for the padded bench and armrest in front of the altar where she was kneeling. She was sure it was the only thing that was keeping her upright at the moment.

She felt the sweat breaking out on her face and neck, her breath came in short raspy bursts as the room began to spin. Everything went from light to gray then finally, black.


Ford leaned against the stall wall peering in at the serpentines. Neyta was lying in the thick nest, curled into a tight ball. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Phoenix was with her, curled next to her with his wing draped over her body. He lifted his head, cocking it from side to side, looking at Ford.

"Hiya boy." The Garron reached into the sack she had brought with her and pulled out a fresh canna fruit. She held up the large fruit so he could see it. "You want?"

Phoenix allowed his tongue to trace from one side of his mouth to the other when he eyed the treat. He looked back and forth between his mate and his owner. After looking between them several times, he finally huffed and laid his head down. His decision had been made. He wouldn’t leave her side, even for a chance to have his favorite treat.

"Oh, you are beat." Ford laughed, tossing him the fruit, which he snatched out of the air with one quick snap of his long neck.

Neyta raised her head to Ford. * Marra? *

Ford heard the question in her head. "She’s at temple. For three days. She’ll be back soon."

The female cocked her head to look at her own mate, who was happily munching on the fruit. He stopped in mid chew when their eyes met. He then proceeded to offer her the part of the fruit that he hadn’t consumed. She accepted it, then placed her head back down as she ate the fruit. Phoenix looked at Ford the Garron looked at him with a grin. It appeared that her serpentine almost seemed to shrug his shoulders as he laid his head back down.

Ford fished another fruit from the sack. She broke it in half before entering the stall. She approached slowly offering the fruit to both of them. They accepted without hesitation. She settled down with them, stroking their heads. Both of them began the soft purring that she had learned was a sign they were both very happy.

"Bet I sound a lot like you two when Marra comes home."

She continued to sit with the beasts until her attention was distracted by her com signal. She moved from the stall to the closest com panel. "Ford."

"Garron Ford. Sensors show approaching enemy battle cruiser. Expected time to engagement, four hours."

"Acknowledged. Put all pilots on alert and ready my own fighter. I’ll be on the bridge in a half-hour. Ford out." She left the stables, heading for her quarters to change.


Marra’s eyes snapped open. She felt in her heart a deep anxiety. "Ford." She murmured.

"There is an engagement about to take place." The Priestess offered from behind the woman. "Ford will be engaging the enemy in a few hours."

"She’s going to be hurt." It was a statement, not a question.

"You can stop it."


"Use what Capri has given you Marra."



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