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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan



Marra fingered the mark at the base of her throat. "What if I fail?"

"Ford dies." The Priestess took Marra by the arms, turning the blonde to face her. "But you won’t fail. Now," She instructed quietly. "Close your eyes and think of Ford. Open your thoughts and allow your soul to find it’s mate."

Marra nodded, closing her eyes, she felt a tingling under her fingers. Moving them away, she could indeed see Ford on the command deck of the ship. She was moving around, pacing back and forth watching the vid screen as the enemy battle cruiser approached.

"Weapons ports are open on the cruiser Garron Ford." A young officer reported from across the deck. "They are preparing to fire."

Marra could see Ford shake her head. "Why must this insanity continue?" She commented softly before issuing her next order. "Prepare to fire, but try to establish a com link for me first."

"Yes Garron."

Ford turned to the screen, waiting.

"Com link established Garron."

She straightened, bringing her arms tight and straight to her side as she stood to her full height. "This is Garron Ford. My crew and I are on our way home. We have been traveling in the nonaligned sector in an effort to avoid conflict. If you fire on us you are in direct violation of mandate seven fifty-two."

"Garron Ford. This is Garron Dror." The opposing commander answered back. "We have been sent to intercept you ship. To make sure you don’t make it back to your command. Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded. Doing so will keep us from destroying you and your ship."

"I have no intentions of surrendering."

"Then prepared to fight Garron Ford. Dror out." The screen went blank.

Ford turned to her weapons officer. "High alert! Launch all fighters. Fire at will."

Marra staggered at the power of Ford’s words. She took a deep breath thinking intently of Ford. She could feel a warm energy wrap around the tall woman. She watched as Ford turned and left the command deck.

"It’s a trap." Marra whispered quietly. "A ruse to get Ford off the ship."

"Tell her." The Priestess intoned.


"Just tell her."

Marra closed her eyes, picturing the Garron as she walked onto the flight deck. The blonde watched as Ford stopped and examined the cast on her left hand. She grabbed it, crushing it, tearing it from her injured hand. She tossed it away as she flexed the fingers of her injured extremity. Marra took a deep breath then directed her thoughts to Ford.

* Don’t leave the ship *

Ford looked around, for the owner of that very familiar voice as men and women scrambled to their own fighters. "Marra?"

*Yes Ford. Please don’t argue, and just trust in me. Don’t leave the ship, it is simply a trick *

"Marra I must. I don’t send my troops into battle alone."

* It is their intention to take you hostage Ford. To try and keep you from reaching command *

"Who is behind this Marra?"

* I don’t know yet. I just feel Garron Dror’s deception. It’s a trick. Please believe me. Capri has given me the power to protect you. Let me *

Ford drew a deep breath. She watched as the rest of her troops scramble to their ships. "Marra, I can’t." She shook her head then proceeded to her own ship. Her flight officer handed her a helmet. She pulled her hair back, giving it a slight twist, she placed the helmet on her head, then climbed the ladder into her fighter.

* Ford please * Marra begged, watching the cover close over her. The blonde turned to the Priestess. "She’s not listening to me."

"I told you she was stubborn."

"Now what?"

"You must find a way to stop her." The Priestess turned Marra toward the altar. "Ask for the power and be guided to it."

Marra moved quickly to the altar, kneeling before it, beginning her prayers.


Ford took another deep breath just before the fighter launched. Relaxing into her seat she tried to shake Marra’s words.

"You are obstinate, Ford Kurrathian." Capri’s voice reverberated in her head. "Why do you not listen to my chosen?"

The Garron shook her head. "I can offer no explanation."

"Is it not enough for you, that she tells you I have given her the power to protect you? Since when do you question anything that you are told from my faithful? You have never questioned my Priestess. Why do you question and doubt Marra?"


"You are by far the most frustrating soul. When you are safely out of this situation and back in the comfort of your command. You will not only spend three days in temple to atone for your disobedience to me, but you will fall to your knees and beg Marra’s forgiveness as well. If you are very lucky she will take pity on you and allow you to do this. You don’t deserve to marry her Ford. You had better hope that she can save your worthless soul from the trap that has been set for you."


Marra moved through the corridors as quickly as she could. As she approached the shuttle bay, she saw a familiar face. "Rick!"

Carron Richards lifted his head. "Marra! What are you doing here? You should be in quarters. We’re going into battle."

"Yes I know. Do you know how to pilot a shuttle?

"Sure I do, but a shuttle can’t launch right now."

She grabbed him by the arm, dragging him toward the shuttle bay. "Want a bet? Rick, Garron Ford’s life may depend on this."

Carron Richards followed the woman to one shuttle. "Not that one." He yelled over the roar of fighters launching from the next bay. "If we’re going out there, we need something with a little fire power."

"We need something with a lot of fire power."

"We’re stuck with this." Rick moved her toward a moderate sized shuttle. He tapped a few buttons, allowing the boarding ramp to lower. He shook his head as he watched the woman board the shuttle. "I must be losing it."


Ford banked into a small pocket on fighters. She locked on to one of the ships then squeezed the trigger. She closed her eyes as the ship disintegrated before her. She offered her silent prayer for the soul lost.

Turning the ship around, she noticed immediately that the space around her was empty. "Oh this can’t be good." She didn’t have time to react before a large shuttle was looming in front of her. "Definitely not good." She tried to turn her ship only to find it not responding. "Bad, very bad." She hit the com link to her ship. "Ford to Devereux."

There was no response. She knew for sure now. She was cut off and alone. Marra had been right. Now there would be a price to pay for not listening to her. The ship in front of her locked on, drawing her fighter closer.


Marra and Rick settled into the seats of the shuttle. Rick powered up the ship, as soon as the controls came to life so did the com system. They listened as the com officer tried to make contact with Ford to no avail. Marra’s head dropped into her hands. Rick reached out laying a hand to her shoulder. "We’ll find her."

Marra nodded, raising her head to look at the controls. "Teach me. What can I do to help?"

Rick took a deep breath. "Any ideas how we’re going to get off the ship?"

"Un-huh. Open a com channel."

He moved his hands over the controls then gestured to them. "Go ahead."

Marra took a deep breath, trying to figure out how to phrase her next demand.

"Shuttle Carey to Deveruex." Rick offered to get her started.

"Go ahead Shuttle Carey."

"Requesting permission to…" Marra faltered, not quite sure how to proceed.

"Launch." Rick whispered.


"Request denied."

"Look, you either give us permission to launch or we do it ourselves anyhow. Your Garron’s life may depend on it. I know you’ve lost contact with her and I intend to find her."

"A search party has already been launched. Stand down Shuttle Carey."

Marra tapped the link that she had seen Rick touch to open the com link. "They just don’t get it do they?"

"They are merely following protocol Marra."

"Protocol can take a long leap."

"How do you suggest we get past the energy field at the bay door?"

Marra glanced up. "If I can get it down can you launch this thing?"

"Yeah, assuming they don’t lock on and drag us back here."

"They won’t." She looked to the field, then closed her eyes, visualizing it. She forced it to dissipate in her mind. She didn’t have to say anything to Rick. She felt the shuttle begin to move. When she opened her eyes, she turned her head and smiled at the young man. "Thanks."

He just shrugged, running his hands over the controls. "I’m trying to find the Garron’s ship. It’s not registering on the sensors."

Marra closed her eyes again, feeling for Ford. She saw a debris field, without opening her eyes she pointed. "Ten marks left." She felt the shuttle turn. She continued to give Rick directions then she finally opened her eyes. "Oh Capri Help us." She murmured, rising to look out the window. "This is Ford’s ship, isn’t it?"

"The signature is the same." Rick offered quietly. "I’m not finding any trace of Garron Ford. She must have died in the explosion."

"She’s not dead."

"Marra, I’m sorry, but be reasonable. Look at that ship, or what’s left of it. No one could have survived that."

"She not dead. I would know if she were dead."

"All right then, where is she?"

The blonde shook her head. "I’m not sure." She turned to Rick, pointing a stern finger in his face. "But she’s not dead and we’re not going back until we find her."

"As you wish, Lady Kurrathian."

"I’m not Lady Kurrathian yet, but I intend to be and that means we don’t give up."

Rick nodded, extending the sensors as far as the shuttle would allow. He was also very diligent in keeping an eye on the battle that continued to be fought in the space just a few marks away.


Ford tried to lift her head. She tried to open her eyes at the same time and realized that both ideas were very bad ones. She lowered her head back to the hard floor with a groan.

She did allow her hands to feel the space around her. A simple smooth deck floor. Cold, hard metal and her body felt like it had been slammed into it several times at high speed from a great distance.

She groaned again. "Capri forgive me." Rolling on to her side she opened her eyes and sighed. "Marra forgive me."

She rolled the rest of the way over. Executing a push up, she managed to get to her feet. She stretched her arms above her head, taking inventory of any injuries. She was relieved to discover that other than a headache there didn’t seem to be any permanent damage.

She took the time to survey her surroundings. The cell was empty, she knew from experience that it had to have a door. The next trick would be finding it. She began running her hands over the walls. "I know you’re here somewhere. Now the question is where?"

"Don’t bother looking Lord Kurrathian." The voice boomed from a speaker above her head. "You don’t get out until we want you out."

"Who is we?"

"You don’t need to know that until we want you to know that."


Marra paced back and forth. Rick continued to scan the area. She stopped behind him, placing her hands in his shoulders. "Look for a hidden ship."


"A hidden ship. Something camouflaged."

"Camouflaged as what?"

"Well if I knew that, I’d know what to look for. You’re the soldier here."

"I work in the library."

"Why is that by the way? You are obviously a talented pilot."

"You have to be hand picked by the Garron to fly a fighter on her cruiser."

"You never tried did you?"

"I could never pass her test. There’s always a long waiting list to try. It’s an honor to fly for Garron Ford."

"Tell you what, when we get her back, I’ll see to it that you get a chance."

"Thank you."

"You’re welcome." She pointed out the window again. "What was that?"

"What?" Rick perked up, following the blonde’s finger to the spot indicated.

"It’s looked like a ripple."

"So it does. Let’s see what it is. Let’s try firing a torpedo at it and see what happens?"

"I’m betting they’ll fire back."

"Could be. Let’s hope I can out maneuver them."

"Yes, let’s."

"Get yourself strapped in. It could get bumpy."

Rick’s fingers glided over the controls, releasing two torpedoes at the ripples. The impact showed a definite ship, which indeed did return fire on the shuttle.

"Remember that bumpy ride I said we were going to have!?" Rick called, trying to steer the shuttle out of the line of fire.


"Here it comes."


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