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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


"Lord Kurrathian!" The voice called out even as Ford and Marra descended the front steps of their home headed for the transport that would take them back to the palace. Ford turned to find Allston and an assistant coming down the stairs with two boxes. "Don’t forget these." Allston stopped, opening the box to reveal a jeweled headpiece.

"Oh Allston." Ford groaned and rolled her eyes.

"No! Now you know…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Ford growled, taking the piece from the box, settling it on her head.

Allston traded the now empty box for the one that his assistant carried. "And for Lady Kurrathian. We estimated the size based on records from the Devereux. It should be close." He opened the box to reveal a headpiece that matched Ford’s.

Ford was quick to retrieve it and settle it on Marra’s head, offering her a kiss on the cheek after doing so. "It suits you."

The smaller woman’s hand traveled to the headpiece. "Are you sure?"

"Without a doubt in my mind." She offered her arm to her spouse. When Marra looped her hand through it, Ford held it tight against her arm. "Together?"

"Together." Marra agreed.


When they arrived the Chancellor and the council was seated and waiting. Ford’s seat was empty. She stared at it for a long moment, but decided not to take it. She had been gone for far too long to do it justice.

"You requested my presence upon my arrival Chancellor Trella?" Ford found a seat for Marra, leading her to it before turning to face them again.

"We did. Ford," Trella’s hand smoothed the cover on the table. "We need your expertise on a very important issue."

"And that would be?"

"The existence of Earth."

Ford stood fast. Not revealing anything to the council. "How can I be of assistance?"

One of the elder councilmen cleared his throat. "We know you are a believer Ford. We came to accept that fact about you a long time ago."

Another member of the council, a middle aged woman, smiled down at the tall warrior. "You are not the only one you know."

Ford remained quiet.

"Ford we want to send you on a diplomatic mission to find Earth." Trella grinned a bit. "It’s time to end this war and the only way to do that is to prove that it either does or did exist."

"And if I find it and it does exists? What if it is inhabited by people who have no desire to be apart of our conflict? By looking for it, I may lead our enemy directly to it. Anyone who in habits Earth may not be happy about being made part of a war that they didn’t start and have no place in."

"Ford. If it does exist, it’s in ruin." Trella shrugged.

"You don’t know that for sure. The legend merely says our people, our ancestors, left Earth because there was a threat of global disaster. We don’t even know what kind. Those records were lost centuries ago."

Trelle poured from a pitcher, glancing to Marra as she drew the cup to her lips. "I am assuming from your rather intense defense of the current inhabitants of a mythical place, that you’re willing to look for it?"

"I am willing to take whatever assignment my people need in order to bring this conflict to an end. I am tired of the killing. I am tired of adding new blood to my hands."

Another member of the council smiled down at the woman. "Then so be it. However, Ford this mission is of the highest security. No one is to know what your mission is. You will simply be given a new ship and you will fly your diplomatic banner."

"Then I will need time to prepare and hand pick a new crew. Not to mention putting my house in order before departure."

"You have three weeks Ford. We can’t give you longer than that." Trella placed her cup off to the side; she sat back in her chair. We believe over the course of the next few months, that our enemy will be attempting a major offensive against us. We need you to begin as soon as possible."

"As you wish." Ford gave a slight bow. "Now if you don’t mind I have several matters I need to attend to."

"Of course." Trella gave a slight nod. "Welcome home. It is good to see you again."

Ford rolled her eyes as she extended her hand to Marra. The small woman took her spouse’s hand while attempting to hide a small grin.

"And Lady Kurrathian?"

Marra turned to the council. "Yes?"

"Welcome to the Second House. We’re sure you will do everything required of a First Wife to ensure the strength and safety of Ford’s fine legacy."

"I will do whatever Ford requests or requires of me."

"Some things won’t be left to Ford."

Marra heard a little growl and looked back to Ford who was shooting dirty looks at the councilmen who spoke. "Marra will only do that which she wishes to do. No more, no less. She will not be forced into anything be some archaic rules of conduct."

"Ford." Trella grinned. "You should tell her and see if she wants to. You know it was something I was willing to do for you."

Marra looked back and forth between the two. She could see the anger getting the best of her spouse. She pulled Ford close and whispered, "Let’s go home. We can talk later."

The tall woman nodded. Together they turned their backs and left the council hall.


Marra woke early in the morning. She rolled over to face Ford who was still sleeping soundly. Slipping carefully from their bed, she moved to the immense bathing chamber and began preparing a bath. She was looking forward to a good long, hot soak.

Ford had refused any conversation about the remarks made in the council hall. This has served to make the evening a tense one, but once they had eaten and shared a bottle of wine, they both felt much better. By the time they had made it to bed they found comfort in each other.

Marra sank into the tub, relaxing, lying her bed back and closing her eyes. So there was something expected of her. The question now was, what? She guessed that she might be able to ask Allston, but he might make mention of her inquiry to Ford and right now she didn’t want to add to Ford’s stress.

So now, who to talk to in this house to find out about ‘archaic rules of conduct’ with the First Wife in mind? She sighed as she gave it further consideration. She smiled when she heard the soft footfalls crossing the floor. Very soon she found her arms full of dark haired, sleepy wife. Who was now content to curl into her, rest her head on her shoulder, and doze in the tub.

"Un, excuse me? Do I look like a pillow?"

"Umm." Ford nodded, curling tighter against Marra.

"We can’t stay here all day. Are you sure you wouldn’t like a bath?"


Marra sat behind the desk in the office that Ford had given her. She got in touch with the staff of the diplomatic transport and arranged for Phoenix and Neyta to be brought to the stables as soon as possible.

With that done she called for someone else. Then she moved to a bookshelf to pick a new book to read and she waited. It wasn’t a long wait, Judith entered Marra’s office with a ready smile.

"Good morning Lady Kurrathian. How may I be of service?"

"Judith how would you like to take on the position of my personal assistant. Ford tells me I’m required to take one."

The woman seemed surprised, but her smile widened. "I would like that very much Lady Kurrathian."

"Good. Well, the first thing is, my name is Marra. I would prefer you call me that when we are alone."

Judith nodded.

"Second. We have some research to do, unless you can answer a question for me."

Judith wondered about the glint in Marra’s eyes. "I’ll try."

"What do you know of the customs of the Second House?"

"I know all the customs of the house."

"Oh well, now that’s going to make things much easier." Marra grinned, taking a seat on a long sofa and patting it. "Come tell me a few."

Judith took a seat next to her new Mistress. "Where shall I start?"

Marra tried to remember exactly what had been said in the meeting the day before. "Tell me about things I’m expected to do that Ford might not have control over. Anything that would ensure the strength and legacy of the house."

Judith smiled. "That’s an easy one Marra. You’re expected to give Lord Kurrathian heirs."

Marra laughed a bit. "I figured eventually either Ford or I would have children."

"Oh no Marra. Lord Kurrathian is a soldier, a warrior. Forbidden by tradition to have children. You must bear the children. More importantly you must carry her children."

"And I’m supposed to do this how?" Marra sighed.


Ford walked along the decks of the ship she had captured with Sarron Richard’s trailing behind her.

"They have some very interesting technology here don’t they?"

"Yes, Lord Kurrathian."

"Has anyone else been aboard this ship? Anyone from Command or the Council?"

"No, Lord Kurrathian."

"Good." It escaped her lips as almost a purr. "Keep this ship secure on my orders and strip everything out of it that you have never seen before."

Rick grinned a bit. "As you wish."

"And keep it to yourself." Ford stopped, turning to the young man she grinned. "Rick I have a new assignment and I need a new staff. This will include a Garron for my new ship. Would you like the job?"

"I would be honored, Lord Kurrathian."

"Good. I need someone I can trust and I like the way you treat Marra. You will command my new ship." Ford began walking again.

"Lady Kurrathian will be going with us?"

"Oh yes. I have no intention of leaving her here." Ford stopped suddenly and turned to the young man. "Do you have some designs on my wife Rick?"

"Un." He didn’t know how to answer. He took a deep breath and decided the truth was the best. "I was wondering if she will be taking any other spouses."

The tall woman choked back the feeling that rushed forward from the pit of her stomach. "Rick I’m going to be honest with you because I respect you. It is Marra’s right to take other spouses, but sincerely hope she doesn’t."

"I see." He dropped his eyes, his voice betrayed his crestfallen hopes as well.

"However, if she does decide to do so. I would be pleased if she chose you."

The young man gave a small snort, then lifted his head with a small smile crossing his lips. "Thank you Lord Kurrathian."



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