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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


The conference room was immense. Marra was truly impressed when she entered. She smiled pleasantly to her spouse who looked up from one of her many maps. "Are you having fun?" The blonde inquired, moving slowly across the room.

"Ummhmm." Ford nodded, her eyes dropping back to the maps in front of her. She looked through them shuffling them back and forth.

"What exactly are you looking at?" Marra moved around the room, inspecting the maps that were hanging on the walls and placed on various other tables.

"Charts." Ford mumbled, flipping one of the large pieces of parchment for another.

"Actually, I can see that, darling. What kind of charts?"

"Hopefully charts that will guide us to Earth."

"I see." Marra said softly, dropping the outer shirt she was wearing to the floor. "You know it’s been three days since you’ve been back to our quarters? Have I done something to upset you?"

"Of course not. I’ve just been busy trying to get a reasonable estimation together."

"Hmm." The blonde continued around the room, dropping her skirt as she did.

Ford still hadn’t noticed that her own wife was slowly stripping off her clothes. She just shuffled the maps around a bit more. Marking one and moving to the another. She felt hand land on her shoulders.

"You’re all stiff." Marra rubbed the muscles in question.

Ford nodded.

"Have you had any sleep?"

"A few hours."

"A few hours in three days?"

"Un-huh. I’ve been very busy."

"How about eating?" Marra continued the massage, feeling the muscles relax.

"I’ve been eating from the replication unit."

"Why didn’t you come home?"

Ford sighed, shaking her head slightly. "I don’t know."

Marra moved around to put herself in Ford’s line of sight. "Enough of this for now." She took a seat on the table, moving directly in front of her spouse.

A grin broke across Ford’s face when she took in the sight of her mostly naked wife. "You have other ideas?"

"Lots of them. Including making you eat and rest."

"Is that all?" Dark brows raised in questions as large, warm hands came to rest on Marra’s thighs.

"Well, I had hoped for a little personal attention from you Lord Kurrathian, but I think you need to rest and get something to eat."

"What if I said, I think I could find the energy for all of your ideas?" Her hands began caressing Marra’s legs.

"I think I’d love you forever. I can’t explain it but I’m feeling, uh,…"

Ford stood up. Standing between Marra’s legs, she pulled their torsos together, rubbing her hands up and down the smaller woman’s back. "You feel very good." She whispered into her wife’s ear.

Marra moaned. Her stomach dropped, her body tingled and she moaned again. "Ford…" Her hands tangled in long dark hair as her spouse’s lips and mouth kissed and nipped the flesh of her neck and shoulders. "Oh Ford…we should…should…" The blonde was beyond words. Her body simply to flooded with desire for her brain to function properly. She allowed herself to be laid back on the table.

"Is this what we should do, my love?" Ford knew it was a rhetorical question when she posed it. The way Marra was responding to her touch and her kisses was confirmation enough that this was indeed what her wife wanted.

Ford felt her tunic being unfastened then slipped from her shoulders. She shrugged out of it while Marra tugged on the belt of her trousers. "Off!" Marra grumbled. "Naked now."

The ambassador chuckled, then stood up long enough to assist with the removal of all barriers that stood between them. "Marra are you sure you want to do this here?"

Nails digging in and pulling her down answered her question. Their lips came together and the searching began. Hands, mouths, and bodies once again came together for them in a loving, erotic rhythm. "Here…good." Marra simply groaned in Ford’s ear. "Now."

"Easy love." Ford whispered again, trying to get some control over her very amorous spouse. "We have no rush…" She tried to give Marra a soft kiss.

The kiss was accepted, but quickly turned rough and hungry, the blonde simply tried to devour her partner, pulling Ford as tight against her as she could. She moaned and growled to vocalize her arousal. Her body arched, legs wrapped around Ford’s thighs so she could grind herself into her mate. Marra’s hip rocked driving her hard into the body over her.

Ford pushed up on her hands to look at Marra as they pushed their bodies together. "Tell me what you want Marra?" The ambassador watched her spouse, who wouldn’t or couldn’t speak.

The blonde’s eyes were closed, her head tossed slightly, her face twitched, tongue darted out very briefly to wet lips dried from so much panting and heavy breathing. Her moans came in deep heavy gasps every time she exhaled. "Oh yes…"

When Ford dropped her head and took a tight nipple between her lips, nipping it lightly, Marra’s back arched hard. "Oh…" She held the arch, forcing herself deeper into Ford’s mouth and harder into her stomach. Her hands wound themselves into Ford’s hair, pulling it just enough to make the tall woman join her in a chorus of growls that spoke of delicious pain and the most sensual pleasure.

One of Ford’s hands traveled between their bodies, seeking her spouse’s most treasured offering, there she found the silky evidence of Marra’s desire.

"Please Ford…you know…"

"I do know, but I want you to say it." Ford, rumbled deep as she began to get lost in the feelings flowing between them.

"What? What?" Marra’s tone was pleading, her body was burning. Her nerves were so raw and sensitive that when Ford touched her in one spot she could feel her everywhere all at once.

For Ford it was almost euphoric the reaction she was getting from Marra, it seemed to be purely passionate. To the warrior, turned diplomat, this was turning into another conquest. Not a battle that would be fought with a blade or a sidearm, but one that need to be won with a touch and a word. "Tell me." Ford coaxed softly, biting into Marra’s shoulder with the very edge of her teeth.

"Yes…that…" The blonde nodded when Ford took another little bite.

"Rough?" Even as she asked the question, her touch was nothing less than kind and gentle as her fingers stroked Marra’s passions even higher.

"Please…" It was almost a hiss when it escaped her lips. Her body quivered at the mere thought of Ford’s loving caresses touching her entire being from the inside out.

"Hard?" But it wasn’t hard it was soft and even though the blonde tried to force it to be hard, Ford backed off, making it soft again and frustrating her spouse.

"Oh yes…" She threw her head back, biting her bottom lip, before nodding and digging her nails into Ford’s shoulders. "Please…"

"Fast?" Of course it was excruciatingly slow and deliberate as well.

"Go…in…please Ford…"

The warrior drew her head up, arching a brow as a smirk crossed her lips. They were nearly there, she had nearly won, but not quite yet. She allowed the tips of her fingers to play at the spot where Marra wanted her most, her thumb rubbing against swollen flesh, creating a delightful friction that sent jolts speeding through the body under her, causing it to jerk and writhe.

"Tell me Marra," Her voice was dark and seductive in the blonde’s ear. Her body pressed hard into her spouse, while lips, teeth and tongue worked together nipping, biting and licking overheated flesh, nearly ready to explode with carnal desire. Ford’s own body was trembling with barely controlled lust.

"Take me Ford, make me yours." With that plea Marra cried out, nails scratched the length of Ford’s back when she felt her body being taken to new heights by the powerful entrance of her spouse. "Ohhhh yes…more."

That was when Ford knew she had won. She allowed herself the freedom to take the woman under her. To make love to her in the way that had been asked of her. It was indeed everything Marra desired and much, much more. Her body ached, her nerves flared under her skin as she and Ford found a perfect rhythm together.

The sounds of their lovemaking drove them higher. Erotic pleas to each other for release and the groans of frustration as they approached the edge but were drawn back from it mingled with the scent of sweat and passion spent.

They finally crashed into each other relentlessly for what felt like an eternity, until they fell into each other, exhausted and sated. Ford took deep, even breaths, trying to recover the use of her muscles. Marra whimpered when Ford moved away from her, she reached out with a heavy hand to try and grasp her spouse.

"Easy love." Ford soothed. The tall woman pulled her chair back to the table then brought Marra into it with her. The small blonde curled into the body that held her, while her body recovered. She whispered words of love and devotion to the woman she held in her arms. Marra melded into the arms and body that comforted her, then quietly fell asleep.

* * *

She remembered falling asleep in Ford’s arms in a chair. Waking in their quarters, in their bed came as quite a shock. She rolled over to find Ford sleeping soundly next to her. The tall woman was lying on her stomach, with an arm tucked under her pillow and the other draped over the side of the bed.

She smiled, taking a moment to rub Ford’s back and inspect the scratches. They were long, but they weren’t as deep as she feared. Her spouse hummed a bit at the touch and opened one eye.

"Evening." Ford mumbled past her pillow.

"Good evening." Marra agreed, moving a lock of dark hair behind Ford’s ear.

"Will be if I don’t have to get out of this bed."

"Can’t think of one logical reason why you should."


"No. I can bring you food."

"Well then," Ford stretched and rolled over. "There is only one reason why I should have to get up and you can’t to that for me no matter how hard you might try." With that she got up and moved to the bathing room.

Marra rose from the bed, stretched her arms high and hard above her head, allowing every muscle to benefit from it. "Oh yes." She sighed, then laughed a bit to herself as all the memories of the conference room settled around her again.

Ford was returning to bed when she caught an eyeful of her spouse exercising her muscles. "By Capri, Marra, are you trying to kill me?"

The blonde turned to face her mate. "No, not at all. I was just about to put on a robe and go fix you some food."

Ford’s eyes turned hungry, but it wasn’t for food. "I’m not ready for that yet. Come back?" She gestured to the bed.

"Well since you asked so nicely, how could I refuse?"

They returned to bed. Ford pulled Marra into her arms. "This is nice."

"Yes it is." She agreed cuddling closer. "How did we get here by the way?"

"I walked. You got a lift."

"I was, un, out of it huh?"

"Yeah, you were pretty sound asleep by the time I decided I could walk and move again. I tried to wake you, but you were not into that concept."

She laughed a bit, kissing Ford’s neck. "You wore me out."

"Thought that’s what you wanted." Ford tilted her head, allowing Marra to continue.

"It was." The blonde mumbled from her spot at Ford’s neck.

"Good. I would have hated to have read your body language all wrong."

"You did just fine."

Ford laughed out loud. "Glad to hear it."

"Want to move into the next chapter of that book?" Marra’s eyes met Ford’s and they were filled with a playful intent.

"Oh yeah," The dark haired woman sighed, "I want to read that one from, cover to cover over and over again."


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