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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan



The battle alarm ringing nearly sent Ford through the ceiling when it pulled her out of her very sound slumber. It was the last alarm she ever expected to hear on this ship. It was a well-marked diplomatic ship, no one should be trying to engage it.

"Ford to the bridge!" She yelled, jumping from bed and rushing to her cabinet, pulling a jumpsuit out.

Marra sat up quickly, watching the warrior respond out of habit. She climbed out of bed and moved to Ford’s side. "You can’t." She said softly, grabbing Ford’s hand as she brought the zipper up. "Ambassador Kurrathian." It was a soft reminder of Ford’s current assignment.


"Ford, here you are the diplomat…"

"Ambassador, this is Garron Richards, please do not be alarmed. We have encountered a small cluster of fighters. They have not assumed an aggressive flight pattern yet. The alarm was merely to scramble our pilots to their fighters. We are standing by at alarmstat Alpha."

Ford looked to Marra who arched a pale brow. The tall woman sighed. "All right Garron. If circumstances change, make sure to let me know."

"Of course, Ambassador. Garron Richards, out." The link clicked off.

Marra smiled and began lowering the zipper on Ford’s jumpsuit. "Now come back to bed."

"Everything in my body tells me I should be getting ready for battle Marra. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to do nothing?"

"I know, Ford. Trust me, I know." She rubbed her spouse’s back. "Let’s me fix you something to help you calm down and get back to sleep."

Ford shook her head. "No, Sweetheart, I’ll be just fine. I’m sorry." She rubbed up and down Marra’s biceps. "I just want to go back to bed."

"But you want to get your sidearm and put it in the table next to the bed don’t you?"

"Nah," Ford wrapped her arm around Marra’s shoulders as they headed back to the bed. "I all ready have one there, and my blade is under the bed."


Marra and Judith looked at the unusual bed. Marra knelt down to look though the bars. "Looks like a form of prison doesn’t it?"

"It does, My Lady, but there is no covering to seal the top, which means the child could escape from it."

"Not for some time though," The blonde stood back up and circled the object. "Perhaps by that time it is moved to another bed. What is this called again?"

"A crib."

"A crib?"

"Yes, My Lady. If you don’t like it, we can always bring down an envirobed for the little one."

"No, I like it. I’ve just never seen anything like it before."

"I had it recreated from the texts we’ve been using."

Marra ran her hand over the rich, deep red wood crib. "It’s beautiful. I’m sure our baby will be very happy here."

Judith smiled, as she folded a blanket and handed it to Marra. "That’s the first time you’ve said that."


"Our baby. You’ve always referred to the child as ‘the baby’ or ‘Ford’s baby’. You’ve even said my child once I believe, but it’s the first time you’ve said ‘our baby’."

Marra ran her hand across her stomach. She had put on a tiny bit of weight but she still hadn’t begun to show yet. She looked to her assistant. "Well, I finally feel like it is our baby." She blushed, a bit, before continuing. "I think Ford is finally starting to come to terms with the idea. Sometimes at night while we’re lying in bed, she’ll talk about how much it all scares her, but the way she caresses my stomach…"

"She loves you very much and I know she’ll love this child too."

"She’s very difficult to understand sometimes. Her words and actions don’t always match."

"That’s the way it is when you’re in love."


Ford tried to make her visit to the bridge as nonchalant as possible. More of a diplomatic function than a strategic move to find out more about the fighters that had been following them for the last two days.

"Ambassador?" Rick jumped to his feet the moment the doors closed behind her. "Is everything all right?"

"Fine, fine." She motioned for him to sit. Slowly she strolled around the bridge. Stopping and looking at each station and acknowledging each crew member in turn. "I just thought I’d drop by and see how things were going."

"As well as can be expected." The young officer followed the tall woman to a view screen that held the images of the fighters. "They haven’t made any furtive movements Ambassador. They only seem to be observing us."

"Maybe we’re getting a little to close to something for their liking."

"Well we are only two sectors away from their airspace."

"Maybe," She scratched her chin. "But something tells me it’s more than that. They’re waiting for something. Or someone."


"More than likely." She sighed. "Be on the lookout for anything unusual. We know that they have developed some rather interesting technology."

The Garron smiled, crossing his arms over his chest. "Yes, which they will get a taste of if they try to engage this ship. The ‘modifications’ you ordered will come in very handy if they do decide to attack."

"Unless they manage to catch us unprepared." She turned a serious eye on her officer. "Make sure that doesn’t happen."

"You know I’ll do my best Ambassador."

"Of course you will Rick. I know that."

The young man grinned and tipped his head just a bit. "But you’ll be ready just in case?"

"You know I will."

"I would have been disappointed otherwise."


Marra settled down at the table with Ford, who had her nose tucked in another text. The blonde reached over and gently tugged the book away. "Eat." She closed the book, setting it aside. "There’s plenty of time for Earth later."

Ford smiled. Then raising a brow she looked to the floor. He sat there in all his little gold glory, waiting. "No." Ford growled. "You know not from the table. You go lay down and if there is anything left over, I’ll bring you a piece."

Earthling chirped then turned and ran to his bed. He circled around in it a few times then proceeded to lay down and stare at Ford.

"He has you wrapped around his tail." Marra chuckled, taking a bite of her dinner.

"Just like you do."

"I don’t have a tail."

"No," Ford took Marra’s free hand, giving it a little kiss. "But you do have the most delightful fingers."

Marra groaned at the double meaning. "That was not nice."

The tall woman leaned over, gently brushing her lips against her spouse’s. "I thought it was."

"You are just in a mood aren’t you? Tell me, what did you do today that has put you in such a mood?"

"Do I have to do anything to desire my wife, other than merely desire her?"

Marra nearly choked on the seductive quality of these words. "No." Her answer was quick. She could feel the heat rising in her body.

Ford stood, taking Marra by the hand and pulled her to her feet. "Let’s go to bed."

"Oh yes." Marra was now completely lost in the rush of lust she was feeling. "Why don’t we do that." She picked up a nice fresh piece of fruit and dropped it in front of Earthling as Ford tugged her into their sleeping chamber.


Marra wondered, as she lay securely in Ford’s embrace, how it was possible to be so happy. She looked to her mate, who slumbered so peacefully.

They had been thrown together with circumstances that were less than conducive to the harmonious loving relationship they now shared. But Ford had been kind, so kind and tender.

Her mind was an absolute blur about the things they had learned. She wasn’t who she thought she was. She wasn’t a slave, she was a noble’s daughter. The daughter of a rival house. But yet, they refused to be parted from each other.

Even as she watched the rise and fall of Ford’s chest, she could feel it between them. They simply belonged together. She knew it, Ford knew it and that’s all that mattered. The fact that Capri blessed them both only made their bond stronger.

She closed her eyes and remembered her father. He was a harsh man. Cold and uncaring. A man who had ordered her own mother executed for disobeying him. All he cared about was gaining power and favor in his own court. She vaguely remembered begging him not to let them take her away for their experiments.

She tried to choke back the sob, but failed. Ford’s eyes opened immediately.

"Marra?" Her embraced tightened. "Darling what’s wrong?"

"Nothing. I’m sorry I woke you."

Ford shifted so she could see Marra better. She wiped the tears away. "Have I done something?"

"No!" Marra pressed her face into the warm palm that covered her face. "I was just thinking about my father."

"Miss him?" Ford was feeling a bit confused now.

"No." Marra sighed. "I can’t believe he was so callous. So uncaring that he turned his own flesh and blood over so they could…" She choked back another sob.

"Shhh…" Ford held her close. "I’ve got you. No one will ever hurt you again."

"I know." She wiped her tears away and settled into the warm body that held and comforted her. She placed a small kiss to Ford’s collarbone. "I just can’t imagine giving up our baby to anyone for any reason."

"We never will. No matter what happens this child will always remain with us. No one will ever take our child." She pulled the woman closer. "We will be a family. No matter where that has to be."

"Have I mentioned to you lately how much I love you?" Marra pushed dark locks behind Ford’s ear so they wouldn’t obscure her view of her partner.

"You tell me every day with your actions, even if we forget the words sometimes. With you, my life is complete."

The kiss was sweet and gentle. As was the next round of making love that followed.


Earthling skittered across the floor, into the sleeping chamber. Using his claws he scaled into the bed. Looking up from the foot at the occupants he cocked his head deciding it was safe to move forward. Carefully he climbed over the bigger of the two, cuddled together under the covers.

"Hmmm?" Ford’s sleepy hand reached out from under the covers and pulled Earthling up and placed him at her back, where he snuggled down next to her, giving her a little lick on the neck. "Don’t do that." She grumbled. Just go to sleep, you little troublemaker." She lay still while he rustled around behind her, nesting deep into her pillow and taking several strands of her hair with him.

Ford considered Marra, tucked with her back to her. She held her close and Marra had drawn her hand between her breast and was holding it as she slept. * You trust me with everything don’t you, my love?*

She made yet another silent vow always to love and protect this precious life that had been brought to her. This woman who touched her in ways that no one had before and never could again. This woman who helped soothe her soul.



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