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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Ford removed two books from a shelf then returned to bed. "Here." She offered one of the books to Marra. "I think you’ll enjoy that, but don’t mention that you’re reading it."

"No Ford." Marra looked at the cover of the book. " A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Ford isn’t this book supposedly from Earth?"

"Why do you think I told not to mention that you were reading it?" Ford grinned as she settled in bed next to Marra and cracked the spine on her own book. "We’d both be in trouble. You for reading it, and me for owning it and allowing you to read it."

"I won’t say a word. Thank you for this."

"You’re welcome. I think you’ll enjoy it."

"Oh I’m sure of it."

"Phoenix seemed well rested tonight." Ford smiled as she looked over to Marra. They had gone down to the stalls to visit their serpentines and check on the injured beast. "I think Neyta has done wonders for his disposition. He can be such a grouch sometimes. I haven’t heard him purr that much since he was a baby."

"She asked not to be separated from him." The slave said, as she examined the book in her hands still amazed that she was holding it.

"I wouldn’t think of it. They are good together. They’re going to need a bigger stall though."

"Especially if you want them to mate. Neyta will need room to make a nest."

"Well we’ll make sure that they get moved as soon as Phoenix is strong enough to stand the transition."

Marra nodded as she opened the book and took in her first words. She settled back against the soft headboard and adjusted the light on her side of the bed. She looked down as she felt Ford’s hand come to rest on her leg. Looking to the dark haired woman who was now totally engrossed in her own book she smiled at the comfort she felt here in this bed.

"You know what would be good?" Ford mumbled as she turned a page.


"Some of that dessert thing you made for lunch."

"I’ll get you some." Marra placed the book down next to Ford. Climbing out of bed, she moved to the food preparation area, she didn’t have to turn around to feel Ford’s eyes on her.

She prepared the plate for her master and returned to bed offering it to Ford, who looked up with a smile as she took it. "Thank you. You didn’t want any?"

"It’s very sweet."

"Yes it is." Ford nodded. "I think that’s why I like it." She took her first bite as Marra re-settled back into the bed next to her. "Want a piece?" A brow quirked as the fork was offered with a taste of the treat.

Marra smiled as she leaned over and took the food as it was given to her. Once again their eyes met. Ford smiled, as did the little blonde. The slave blushed as she swallowed and found her book more interesting again.

Marra glance over from time to time, watching Ford eat and read. After she finished, Ford read for a bit longer and then she laid her book aside and snapped off her light. She rolled on her right side and pulled the blankets up over her shoulders.

"Good night Marra. Feel free to read as long as you like."

"Good night Ford."

Marra found herself tempted to read half the night through, however the warmth of Ford next to her and the knowledge that her master would be up very early made her realize that sleep might be the best option. She put her book down and turned off her own light.

Sliding down into the bed, Marra moved back a bit and made contact with the body lying next to her. It didn’t take long for Ford to roll over and drape her arm over the small waist. Marra smiled as she once again closed the space between them.

Ford stretched as she began to wake. The bed was empty. She tucked a pillow under her head and listened. Water running in the shower unit.

"Ah for Capri’s sake." She grumbled as she got up and put her robe on. She knew what Marra was doing. She tied the robe off and entered the shower unit, jerking open the door and startling the small woman inside as her hand reached in to feel the icy cold water. She looked at the little woman. "Do you like it like that?"

"I’m used to it Ford." Was the reply given through slightly chattering teeth.

"I thought as much." Ford adjusted the water, bring some hot into the mix, making the flow warmer. "Is that better?"

"Yes Ford. Thank you."

"Marra take care of yourself, please." The Garron ordered as she closed the door leaving the embarrassed girl to regain her composure and finish her shower. "You don’t have to live by their rules anymore." She leaned against the counter near the sinks. "Marra I’m serious here. I want you to take better care of yourself. No more cold showers."

"Yes Ford."

"Actually, if you really enjoyed it, feel free to take a bath."

"Thank you."

"And I want you to eat more. You barely eat enough to stay alive."

"I take what I need."

"You need more."

"Yes Ford. Right now," The water flow stopped. "I need a towel. Could you hand me one please?"

"Of course." The Garron pulled a towel down from the shelf and opened the door to the shower, passing the towel in. She looked at the little woman and gave her a playful scowl. "Promise me you’ll take better care of yourself."

"I promise." She agreed with a nod as she took the towel and wrapped her body up in it. She watched Ford as she pushed the water from her hair and twisted the excess out. "What would you like for breakfast?"

"Cheesecake and coffee." Ford grinned as she turned and walked out of the room.

Marra prepared a proper breakfast for Ford much to the tall woman’s frustration. She looked at the plate as it was place in front of her and Marra took her place at the table. She looked at Ford who was now dressed in her uniform. She wondered if there was anything, she didn’t look good in.

"I have to take proper care of you too." She offered with a shrug as she poured Ford’s coffee. "Somehow I don’t think cheesecake and coffee qualify as a proper breakfast."

"Oh all right." Ford groused as she stabbed at the food on her plate. "After breakfast I need to go to the bridge. I want you to go to the stables and check on Phoenix and Neyta. You can then meet me on the bridge."

"Yes Ford."

Garron Ford paused outside the doors and ran her hands over her uniform. Taking a deep breath she took a step forward causing the door to slide open. As she stepped inside the Sarron stood from a large command chair.

"Good morning Garron."

"Good morning." She settled into the chair accepting a data link from the Sarron. "Anything important?"

"Nothing unusual Garron. All has been quiet. The repairs are coming along nicely we sustained minor damage in the last encounter."

"What do long range scans show?"

"No problems for the next three sectors. Hopefully, we’ll have a safe and smooth journey back to fleet headquarters."

"Never plan on a safe or smooth anything during war Sarron."

"Of course Garron." The young man leaned against the railing behind him and crossed his arms with a little smirk. "So tell me Garron how are you enjoying your new ‘acquisition’?"

"Excuse me?"

"The little blonde slave. Does she serve you well?"

"Sarron Roran, Marra is indeed a very good slave and she does serve quite nicely. I would thank you not to speculate as to what capacity she might serve me."

"Surely you have tried her body? She was built to be…."

Before the Sarron could finish that sentence he found himself hefted from his feet. His throat clamped tight in Ford’s hand, at the end of her out stretched arm. He tried to take a terrified breath as he looked down into angry blue eyes.

"Don’t!" She commanded as tightened her hold on him. "Do not speculate about Marra in any way, shape or form. She is mine! You are not to touch her or even think disrespectful thoughts of her! Do you understand?"

He managed a nod as he gasped for air and tried to pry the strong fingers from his throat.

"She is a person and you will respect her."

"Yes, yes Garron."

She released her hold on the man, dropping him to the floor. He had just enough time to pick himself up off the deck before the morning crew started filtering in and taking their positions around the bridge. Ford settled back in her chair and gave her first official order of the day.

"Lights up full."

She turned her head and glared at the Sarron. He lowered his eyes and took a seat at his station, well away from the fuming commander. Ford returned her attention to the data link in her hands and read through the previous day’s reports.

Her ship had sustained very minor damage in the battle the day before. However, lives had been lost and this always frustrated her. The fact that she had to order the termination of the four missing men didn’t help her at all. "Damn regulations." She mumbled under her breath as she continued to read the reports. She knew she would have to send message to the families of all the dead.

The doors slid open and Marra step onto the bridge. Security officers were quick to surround her. Ford stood and waved them off motioning for Marra to join her.

"How is Phoenix?" She asked as she retook her seat in her command chair crossing her long legs at the knees and leaning on her head on her fist.

Marra kept her eyes lowered as she spoke. Showing the proper respect in this very public area of the ship. "He is doing very well Garron Ford. Neyta has used special talents unique to her type, to help him heal. He is much stronger today."

"You will have to fill me in later."

"Of course, Garron Ford."

"For now you will go to my office and wait for me there."

"Yes, Garron Ford."

"Sarron, escort Marra to my office."

The young man stood and gestured toward a room off the bridge. Marra dutifully moved across the bridge and entered the office. She was quick to glance back and forth between Ford and the Sarron. The tension between them was almost palatable.

Once inside Ford’s office, Marra set about tidying it up. There were books on the floor. Statues and metal workings had been thrown all over the room. Some were broken beyond repair. She cleaned up the items and set them off to the side so she could ask Ford if she wanted the items disposed of. The one that could be salvaged she placed back on various display stands.

She requested supplies and continued cleaning. Very soon she had the office back in a relatively neat order when the doors slid open and Ford stepped in. She smiled when she looked around the room. "You cleaned?"

"Yes Garron."

"Last time I was in here it was a mess and I didn’t feel like dealing with it. We only took minor damage, but as I understand it, it was quite a ride." She let herself drop down on a couch along the wall. "Windows open." The walls parted revealing huge windows that allowed the space before them to be seen. Not that there was much to see really, just the blackness of space. Ford rested her head on her crossed arms at the back of the couch and just stared out the window.

"Coffee?" A now familiar soft voice inquired.


Marra made the coffee, taking it to her master and handing it down.

"Sit with me." Ford patted the couch next to her.

"Are you unhappy Ford? Have I done something to displease you?" Marra settled down close to the tall woman.

"For Capri’s sake no, Marra. If anything you have made my existence more tolerable." She sipped her coffee as she looked out the window. "I hate it here. Do you know what I would give to see a sunrise or a sunset again? Six years Marra, six years I’ve been on this ship. Six years since I’ve been home."

"It has been along war."

"A long and stupid war. Arguing over a planet that probably never existed to begin with. Killing our own people because a few scientists wanted to send out and expedition. How do things get this out of hand? I’ll bet you, there’s not one member of the Diplomatic Corp that even remembers how this got started. They’ve managed to keep piling issue on top of issue until the original cause was lost. Now they claim it’s over territory and boarders. Just like every other war that’s every been fought."

"Why do you think you’ve been called back to fleet headquarters?"

"Who knows? Maybe to re-outfit my ship so I can kill more of our people."

"Couldn’t re-outfitting be done at a space station?"

"Not for a ship this size. The only docks large enough to accommodate us are at headquarters. It also gives the Diplomatic Corp a chance to show off the finest and the fastest ships in the fleet, just to remind the people of the power they have."

"What if you needed repairs and you were too far away?"

"They could send a repair ship. My guess is this is for a show of some kind. Parading us around. The people must be getting restless again. These last campaigns have been long and very bloody, the news going back there can’t be good."

Marra reached over and placed her hand on Ford’s knee. She wasn’t sure what to say so she offered her comfort silently.

"Thank you for cleaning up my office." Ford sighed as she took another sip of coffee. "Things got tossed around pretty good during this last engagement."

"Some things got broken. I set them aside, not knowing what I should do with them."

Ford got to her feet and moved to the piles of the broken items. She picked a piece up from a pile and fingered it for a moment. Marra watched as a bittersweet little smile broke across the tall woman’s features. Ford held the piece for a moment then dropped it back into the pile.

"Recycle them."

"Yes Garron."

The Garron sat her coffee cup on her desk then turned to Marra. "I have an inspection to conduct. Would you like to go and see more of the ship?"

Marra was on her feet in nodding enthusiastically. "Very much Garron."

"Let’s go. The first stop will be the medical lab so I can visit the wounded."

As the moved back onto the bridge. Marra noticed that the Sarron was watching the door and wore a little smirk, which faded quickly when Ford came out behind her.

"Sarron Roran you have the bridge. I’ll be conducting an inspection."

"Yes Garron."

Marra followed Ford off the bridge. "He doesn’t like me much does he?" She asked quietly as she followed Ford.

"He likes you too much in my opinion."


"He has his own ideas about your value as a servant."

"And you don’t agree?"


Marra could hear something in Ford’s voice that told her to drop the subject. She followed quietly behind her master as they strolled along the decks and taking in more of the sights.

She discovered two areas of the ship set up with huge gardens for walking and relaxing. She marveled when they came to the market, the people and the lights captured her attention to the point that for a moment she lost sight of Ford. When she looked up and realized the Garon had managed to get further into the crowd she felt a bit of panic rise in her chest. She lifted up to her toes and her full height to try to find her master.

Ford stopped suddenly as if a force had hit her square in the chest. She stopped and turned back to the crowd. I grin broke out at the sight if the blonde head bobbing in the crowd. She made her way back through and extended her hand to Marra. She closed her hand around the small one that grabbed it as soon as it was offered. With a little tug Ford pulled Marra too her and found herself staring into teary green eyes.

"What’s wrong?" She put her arm around small shoulder drawing her in close.

"I thought I had lost you."

"You can’t lose me. I knew it the moment we got to far apart."

"You did?"

"Un-huh. It was like I had a huge hand in my chest that wouldn’t let me go any further."

"I’m sorry I got behind."

"Hey it’s easy to get separated in this crowd. Relax and don’t worry about it. If we ever do get separated no one will hurt you because you wear my symbol."

"Yes Garron."

"Do you see those men in the black and green uniforms?"

Marra nodded as she searched several of the uniforms out the crowd.

"They are security officers. You can go to any of them and they will find me for you. Okay?"

"Yes Garron."

"Good. Don’t be afraid. They won’t hurt you."

They continued through the crowd until they came to a transit unit. Ford stepped aboard pulling Marra up behind her so the were both tucked in a corner of the car as other people boarded and they prepared to travel to another segment of the ship.

"Ever been on one of these?" Ford grinned down as she wrapped the little blonde in her arms.

"No Garron."

"It’s quite a ride the first time. Just hold on to me."

Once the car was full. Marra felt a soft lurch, then suddenly her body was pressed hard into Ford’s by the force of the car speeding away from the station. She couldn’t help but think of the one immediate reason she like riding the transit car. Now all she had to figure out was a way to get her arms around Ford every time they got on the thing.

"Would you like to go back to the market later and do some shopping?" Ford whispered in her ear. "I’m sure there are things we could use at home."

"Yes Garron there are."

"Later today then, I’ll take you shopping. I promise."

Marra was feeling just a tad queasy when the car came to a stop seconds later. Ford turned her and guided her from the unit and back to solid decking, which Marra was very grateful. She felt her knees give a bit and was glad Ford’s strong hands held onto her.

"You okay?"

She nodded as she took a deep breath. "Fine, fine." She whispered.

"You’ll get used to it, I swear and if you don’t, we’ll have a doctor give you an implant so the motion sickness won’t bother you."

"Thank you Garron. That one comes from the bottom of my heart." She grinned up as her hand traveled to her stomach.

"Yeah, well, as long as it doesn’t come from there." The Garron patted Marra’s hand. "I just polished my boots."

Marra chuckled as Ford took her hand and they moved into the medical labs. Inside, Ford spoke with the doctors then took the time to go to each wounded soldier and spend time talking and checking up on them.

Marra noticed as she looked around one young man who had tears rolling down his cheeks. She moved to him and sat down on a small stood, taking his hand and drawing his attention to her.

"Are you all right?"

His brown eyes looked over, more tears flowed down his cheeks. Marra wiped them away with her other hand.

"It hurts." He whispered.

"Have they given you anything for the pain?"

"Not for several hours."

Marra turned to find Ford getting to her feet and moving back out onto the isle way.

"Garron Ford?" She called to her master, who turned and headed toward them.

"Oh no. Please don’t bother the Garron." He croaked, as his eyes grew big with the approach of the tall woman.

"Yes Marra?"

"This man requires medical attention. He’s in a great deal of pain."

Ford nodded as she looked around the room for a doctor. "I’ll take care of it." She moved off quickly.

"You shouldn’t have…." He protested only to have Marra turn back to him and lay a finger across his lips.

"Shhh," She smiled as she brushed her fingers through his hair. "It’s all right. She wouldn’t want you to suffer."

"Who are you?"

"I am Garron Ford’s slave, Marra."

"Garron Ford doesn’t keep slaves." He looked at her again, his eyes reflecting a little doubt.

Marra lowered the collar of her shirt to reveal her leather collar, the one that showed Ford’s symbol. "She kept me."

"I can’t blame her." He smiled as he looked into the deep green eyes.

Marra continued to talk to the man and keep him occupied until Ford returned with a doctor who administered a painkiller to the wounded man.

"Garron Ford, may I stay with him until it takes affect?"

Ford smiled and nodded. "Of course you may. I think that would be very welcomed. Your company is very soothing."

The Garron combed her fingers through golden hair affectionately before walking away.

Ford leaned against the wall with the Senior Doctor and sipped coffee as she watched Marra comfort the young man.

"She’s very sweet to sit with him like that." The doctor juerked his chin to the pair.

"She’s a very sweet girl who has been through a lot herself."

"What does she do aboard ship?"

"She’s my new slave."

"I thought that you didn’t keep slaves."

"I never have before, but when I saw her I had to keep her. I couldn’t let her be sent to the auction."

"She’s very good with the wounded Garron Ford. I don’t suppose you would consider letting her come down from time to time? Just to let her sit and speak with them."

"I’ll consider it."

"Thank you Garron."

"If I do, you’ll have to swear to me that no harm will come to her. I won’t have anyone abusing her or mistreating her."

"I swear to you Garron she will be safe."




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