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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Ford tapped the star chart. "Here Garron. This is were we’re headed."

"You think that’s where Earth should be?"

"My best guess. Yes. Old texts talk of nine planets and several large stars. One of the stars was called ‘the sun’ it apparently burned out some time ago. But when it was burning it served as a light and a heat source for Earth. Earth was often referred to as the third rock from the sun."

"So if we find this ‘sun’ or any trace of it, then finding Earth shouldn’t be a problem."

"Well, I don’t know about that. There have apparently been several cataclysmic changes to the system. I’m not even sure about how accurate these records are."

"What I don’t understand is how so many people could deny what is right before their very eyes."

"Some people see what they want to see. The rest they explain away because it upsets them. The existence of Earth and the concept that our people came from there means that we didn’t come into our own because of our deities or our abilities. We were apparently nothing more than space gypsies."

"Is it possible our people fled Earth in an effort to save our race?"

"That’s always been my belief. And if these stories of this sun are true, that would make sense. Without the benefit from the sun, the planet Earth surely would have died. Rather quickly too I would think. But so many of our own early records were lost and are inaccurate…" She shook her head in total frustration.

"You’re quite the historian aren’t you Ambassador?"

"Quite by default I assure you. My family line was at one time the keeper of all the records after a disaster some five generations ago. The first born of every house is expected to be the Lord of the House. The second born was expected to be the historian, the third born the warrior and the fourth would go to the religious cast. I was the third born, the warrior. My eldest brother died young, so the next eldest took his place as heir to the Lordship. I moved to the position of historian. My mother died giving birth to what would have been my younger sister. My father never really recovered from their deaths and he died shortly after. I’m not so sure about exactly how. This left my eldest brother and I alone. He was Lord of the second House and I found myself doing fulfilling two positions."

"Historian and warrior."

"Exactly." She nodded. "It seemed that our house was crumbling. Then my brother was murdered. And I was alone. That was when Capri came to me in a dream and told me to surround myself with those I trusted to take care of my House. It was important that I should return to my duty as warrior. That once I did that I would find what I would need to lead my house and my people to a far greater glory than I could ever imagine."

The Ambassador stood up straight and popped her neck and shoulders, which were cramped and sore from leaning over the charts. "That would be when I met Marra." She moved to the service unit and ordered her coffee, then took a seat on the couch. "I knew immediately when I saw her she was the reason I was there. It was the face I had begun dreaming about right after I took command of the Devereux. It took six years, but I finally found her."

"Perhaps Ambassador." The young officer took a seat across from her. "She found you."

Ford took a deep breath, holding it for a long moment. "There is a lot of truth to those words Rick." She scratched her jaw. "She was sent to me to assassinate me."

"Then the rumors were true?"

She nodded solemnly.

"Then why didn’t she do it?"

"I don’t know. Perhaps the trigger mechanism failed or the chip was defective."

"Or perhaps Ambassador, her love for you kept her from it."

"A very romantic notion Rick."

"Yeah, well, you weren’t with her when we had to come get you off Dror’s ship. Nothing was going to stop her in that quest."

"The First Wife is very determined isn’t she?"

Rick nodded. "Very. Especially when it comes to you."


Ford stroked Phoenix’s long face. "How goes it boy? Ready for a little break from the wife and kiddies?" She placed his halter over her face, carefully buckling it into place. Marra had taken Neyta to the ring earlier in the day to exercise, leaving him to keep their young in the stall. They were getting big enough now, their wings were getting stronger and they were managing to get a little lift, which could be dangerous. They didn’t seem to understand they couldn’t really fly around the ship.

He snorted and nuzzled her. She scratched behind his ear. "Shall we take your saddle and have a ride a well? Would you like that?" He nuzzled her again. "I’ll take that as an yes."

Ford slid into the saddle. Phoenix rose from his knees and the game was afoot. The beast tried to throw her and she continued to hold on. For them it was fun and games. In battled it was a matter of survival. The faster and harder he could fly without fear of losing his rider, then their chances of survival increased dramatically. Even now in their practice ring, he would fake one direction and then cut sharply another.

The warrior enjoyed the ride. Enjoyed the power of the beast. Enjoyed the thought of maybe someday having a good long ride with him on a planet where no one would be shooting at them. She took control of the ride, making him follow her commands. He rose and crested near the ceiling then she put him in a dive pulling back just before they hit the floor. She pulled back and he glided to a stop, landing gently. She jumped from his back, tossing his reins back onto the saddle. "Go for it boy!" With a wave of her hand he was off, zooming around the ring like a maniac. Ford just shook her head.

She allowed him to run himself out before leading him back to the stables, where she found Marra feeding fresh fruit to Netya and the babies. "Ah look boy you’re just in time for treats too." She removed his tack and put him in the stall with his family, then she took a position behind Marra and wrapped her arms around the small woman. "How about I take you back to our quarters and give you a treat of my own?"

Marra looked up, giving a chuckle as she did. "Well now Ambassador. Are you propositioning me?"

"Absolutely. It’s been a long day. I want to take you back to our quarters have a nice meal and relax."


Ford stopped mid way down her spouse’s form that lay under her. She placed a very tender kiss on Marra’s stomach. "I think maybe our little one is getting a bit bigger?" She inquired, running her hand over a slight bulge.

"Very diplomatic way of saying I’m getting fat. Now I know why you’re an ambassador." The blonde ran her hands through dark hair, scratching the scalp it was attached to.

Ford chuckled, shaking her head. "You’re not getting fat. You’re beautiful. I never realized how beautiful a woman was when she was with child until now." She gave another kiss to the same spot. "Sometimes you just have to stand back and see what is really before you. So you can truly appreciate its beauty."

"You say that now. Wait a few weeks."

"Hmm…" Ford was now so wrapped up in letting her mouth and lips nibble at the warm, sweet flesh she had lost interest in talking. Her slowly glided over Marra’s skin, feeling it’s silky smoothness. From her hips up her sides to her full firm breasts, this woman satisfied her in every way possible. Intellectually she was Ford’s equal. Spiritually they had both been touched and blessed by Capri. Ford might be bigger than Marra physically, but the ambassador felt sorry for any fool who underestimated her little mate. And as far as intimate matters were concerned, they never failed each other.

And tonight, Ford had decided would be no different. It didn’t take long for them to find each other and hum their pleasure at the discovery. The one thing Ford adored about being with Marra was the way they both continually used their hands. Not just to touch aroused areas, but to calm each other to extend the sensations. She had never been with anyone who made her feel the way her spouse did. She considered, every time they came together they made love. And it was the most wonderful, satisfying sensation imaginable.

Pulling Marra into arms, the smaller woman snuggled so close, the ambassador wondered if it were possible for them to become one person. She tightened her hold, hoping it would be, to her being a part of this woman could only make her stronger in her own right. "I love you Marra."

"I love you too Ford."

"I want to ask you a question. You should be told that it could be considered treason and by answering me you become a part of it."

"You know you can ask me anything, my love."

"If we find Earth and it is capable of supporting life. Would you consider going planet side with me and staying there until the end of our days?"

"I will follow you anywhere Ford, anywhere. But how would we do that without…"

"No," She covered Marra’s lips with the tips of her fingers. "Don’t ask me that. You don’t want or need to know. Please."

Marra simply nodded and kissed the fingers covering her mouth. "Anywhere. Remember that if you need strength."

"It is my strength."


The Garron examined his elite troops. Dressed in fully armored battle gear. They sat there on the benches, silent, respectful waiting for him to say something. They didn’t have to wait long.

"We will be encountering the ship of the war criminal very soon. We will come out of hyperdrive and immediately begin the attack. When it begins you will board the ship. Kill anyone who gets in your way, except the daughter of Lord Hadrin. She is to be taken alive. The official order is that Ford Kurrathian is to be killed." He lifted his hand. "But, I will personally pay any warrior who can take her and bring her to me alive, fifty thousand credits."

Nothing was said, but they all looked at each other. Some of them wondering if they could take the infamous warrior. The others ‘knew’ they could do it. Or at least thought they could.

"Garron what happens if Lord Hadrin’s daughter is accidentally killed in the fire fight?"

"If you do your job properly, there shouldn’t be much of a fire fight. If his daughter is killed and you are responsible you had better pay someone to kill you. Your life will be forfeit."

"Garron." The comlink buzzed a bit. "We will be leaving hyperdrive in five minutes. The fighter escort it ready to begin attack."

"Two minutes before we arrive. I want them taken by surprise."

"Yes Garron."

"All right troops. Move out." The tall man waved his hand and then turned and left the flight deck.



Ford braced her hands against the walls of the lift, feeling the jolt that rocked the ship. "What in the name of…" The ship rocked again, she realized then, "Attack. We’re under attack. Change destination to: bridge: command deck."

"Yes Ambassador."

"Lord Kurrathian to Lady Kurrathian."

"Ford what’s going on? Was that what I think it was?"

"Yes. We’re under attack. Take Judith and get to my escape pod and stand by."

"Surely it can’t be…"

"Marra just do as I say."

"I won’t leave you!"

"Now is not the time to argue Marra. I’ll be there as soon as I can!" Ford felt another jolt run thought the ship. The lack of sound made her realize that the engines were being targeted. "Now go on!"

The doors opened. She started for the command deck, rushing headlong down the corridor when two troopers materialized in front of her. Her firearm cleared the holster at her back, but not before one of the troopers fired and Ford collapsed to the floor.

The trooper looked at his companion. "I had to do it!" He defended. "I know the Garron wanted her live but I had to do it. It was her or us!"

His companion nodded, giving a slight kick to the body at his feet. "Yes it was. Let’s find Lord Hadrin’s daughter."

The troopers continued down the corridor in search of their prize.




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