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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan



Ford grumbled as the doctor cut her free from her own clothing. "I’m fine!" She growled, straining to see into the next room that held Marra and the baby.

"Of course you are Ambassador. That’s why your own clothes are covered in blood. This," He held up the garment for the tall woman to see. "Didn’t come from your wife or your daughter, so just lay down and let me work."

"Anyone ever tell you…" She growled at him.

"All the time. Lay down!" He pushed her back by the shoulders then began a serious examination of her hip.

"How are they?" Ford tried her best to see around the staff members who were tending to her own injuries.

"They are currently in better shape than you are. They don’t have any holes in them that are leaking badly needed bodily fluid."

"Could you please just fix it and let me get to my family? And I would thank you to keep your comments to yourself doctor."

"I’m am trying but your fussing around and refusal to lay still are not making it easy. Now if you’d like to cooperate a little more I’m sure I could have you in there with your family in a matter of minutes."

The tall woman scowled at the doctor then laid back on the table. "Fine, fine, but hurry it up."

* * *

Marra watched as Ford very carefully lifted their little girl from her bed. She had to bite her lip to keep a full-blown smile from crossing her lips. In the week they had been back aboard Ford had been very busy reading everything she could find on taking care of an infant and had patiently or not so patiently watched Marra as she cared for the child. The one thing Marra was sure of was that Ford had indeed bonded with this child and was as proud of her as any parent should be.

Ford cuddled the tiny form in the crook of her arm and slowly crossed back to the bed, still limping slightly from her own wounds. "Are you hungry my sweet Mary? Is it time to be with your mother?" She slowly, carefully placed the child with Marra then returned to bed herself and propped her back up against the head board so Marra could rest in her arms while she fed the baby.

This was something both mothers had to get accustomed to very quickly, was their daughter’s need for nourishment. She seemed to require it every couple of hours. Ford had learned the hard way that her own bare chest was also fair game when she picked her little girl up to deliver her to Marra’s always waiting arms and from that point forward she made sure to have a shirt on. She also came to admire her wife’s ability to feed the baby regularly without complaint or embarrassment. She seemed at ease and to truly enjoy the experience.

"Did the father have blond hair?" Marra asked quietly, even as her hand gently stroked the baby’s tiny head, letting her hair tickle the palm of her hand.

"I never met him." Ford hugged Marra close to her. She drew a deep breath, releasing it slowly, she placed her finger down for the baby to grip onto, which the child took with just a slight pause in her nursing. "But I doubt it. I was told that the babies had been given markers from the father that would compliment my own looks so there would be no question of their parentage."

"Then how?"

"I think Capri has blessed us in some small way by making this child a part of us both Marra. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I can’t explain this." She brushed the tip of her finger through the baby’s hair. "It should be dark like mine."

"We have most definitely been blessed. I’m grateful that she survived. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more to protect her."

"Marra, you saved her life. She certainly would have died if you hadn’t put her in the accelerator." She gently cupped Marra’s cheek and turned her so they were facing each other. "You acted exactly like a mother would. You protected our baby, and you alone saved her life. She’s only here with us because of what you did." Ford leaned over placing a tender kiss to her wife’s lips. "Thank you for this wonderful gift."

Marra looked back to the baby. "You sound more sure now. Are you happy now that she is here?"

Ford nodded. "In ways I could never imagine and some I’ll never be able to explain. To know that this little life is somehow a part of me is amazing. I never considered the power of life renewing itself. I had been surrounded by death for so long I had forgotten that life still went on."

Marra sighed, leaning further and deeper into Ford’s arms as the baby continued to enjoy her middle of the night meal. While Marra was relaxed Ford knew her mate well enough to know something was amiss. She leaned in and whispered, "Aren’t you happy?" Tightening her hold on the woman and wondering how she would handle a negative answer Ford waited.

"I’m very happy. I’m happy that we have her and that she is growing stronger and bigger everyday."

"Then what’s wrong my love?"

"It’s silly." Marra shrugged, moving Mary from one breast to the other so that she could finish. The baby fussed for a moment then began to fall into a peaceful slumber in her mother’s arms.

"If it has you upset it’s not silly. What is it?"

"I wanted to give birth. I wanted to carry her and give birth. I wanted to experience that, but he took that away from me like he took everything else."

Ford knew Marra was speaking of her father. She also knew that someday she would have to tell Marra her father was dead. But right now, at this moment it didn’t matter. Now was not the time. Marra needed to be reminded of the life she had brought into the world, not the death of a man who had done horrible things to his family.

"You gave her life. Without you, she wouldn’t be here now." The tall woman hugged the blonde closer. "You had the courage to do something I never would have done. Even if I had been allowed I never would have done it because it frightened me so much. I didn’t think myself capable of this kind of love. It’s so different from anything else I’ve ever experienced." She shifted so that her family was lying in the bed with her. Marra lay with her head and Ford’s shoulder and little Mary lay between them, now content, well fed and sound asleep. Protected by the bodies of both her mothers. "You may not have given birth, but you gave her life. Just as you gave me life." Ford brushed her lips against the top of Marra’s head. "We have both been blessed to have been touched by you."

Marra couldn’t say anything in response to her spouses beautiful, touching words. She mearly smiled and closed her eyes, deciding for the time being that this was the most perfect place she could be and that she was the most fortunate woman ever to have lived.

* * *

She was startled out of a sound sleep when she realized that the baby was gone. Marra sat up quickly, the relaxed almost right away when she realized Ford was gone too and that she no doubt had the baby.

She shook her head to clear it of the remaining sleep, then climbed from bed to head for the bathroom. She began preparing a hot bath, scenting it with the rose oil Ford had given her when they were married. It made her relax and she knew Ford always enjoyed it. She stripped from her gown and settled into the water. A long sigh of relief escaped her as the water warmed and relaxed her. She rolled her head and shoulders and began truly enjoying the heat and stream of the bath. She was settled nicely when a quiet chuckle caused one green eye to open and glance at the door. She smiled when she saw Ford and Mary standing there.

"And where have you two been this morning?"

"I have been showing my daughter off this morning and taking a count of who is missing from the ship now."

Marra wanted to smile at the thought of Ford showing Mary off, bragging about her and doting over her, but the thought of members of the ships crew, not to mention members of the family still being in danger kept her from it. "How many are there?"

"Richards’ first estimates were to low. There are nearly seven hundred souls that we need to find. We’ve sent out fighters and scout ships." Ford sat on the edge of the tub and settled Mary comfortably in her blankets in her lap. Marra leaned up to check on their daughter.

Ford grinned. "I assure you she is fine. I haven’t broken her yet."

Marra huffed a bit then settled back into the tub, shooting Ford an annoyed look that only caused the tall woman to laugh a bit harder. "You think you know me so well Ford Kurrathian."

"You are an over protective mother. Just like I am." She conceded with a grin.

* * *

Ford stroked Earthling’s tail, which was wrapped around her neck as the little beast sat on her should chewing on a treat. The tall woman was once again engrossed in the study of old texts and maps. She reached over without looking and wrapped long fingers around her coffee cup. Lifting her head she stared at the cup and then looked into it realizing she had been studying for so long it was now long cold. She held the cup up to Earthling. "You want a drink before I get a hot cup?"

The little gold beast stuck his snout in the cup and took a long satisfying drink, smacking what little lips he did have as a long forked tongue worked its way around the edge of his mouth to get the rest of the coffee.

"That’s probably not good for him." Marra chuckled a bit as she entered Ford’s office. "And you know it’ll make him impossible to deal with later."

"He’s always impossible to deal with." She looked up and smiled as Marra set the carrier holding Mary on a table. "How are my girls today?"

"Well, your daughter is being a very good girl. She is sleeping very regularly now and the doctor says she’s getting bigger and stronger everyday."

Ford got to her feet and headed over to them to begin to reach for the baby only to have her hands slapped away. "Hey!"

"Don’t even think about it. She just fell asleep."

"Okay then," The tall woman wrapped her arms around her wife’s waist. "Then I guess you’ll have to do." She smirked a bit.

"Oh is that so?" Marra fingered the lapel of Ford’s tunic. "I remember a time when I wasn’t a replacement."

"You’re not a replacement now. Just a substitute."

"You are not helping your case." Marra lifted a brow. Earthling slid from Ford’s shoulder to Marra’s.

Ford looked to the beast. "Traitor. And after I gave you coffee."

Earthling sniffed Marra, then left her perch on the shorter woman’s shoulder and floated down to the table where the baby was sleeping.

"Get away from there!" Marra shooed at the tiny serpentine. "Don’t you dare wake her. I’ll skin you myself."

Earthling made a slight gulping noise and jumped form the table, running across the floor to his bed in the corner, where he began chewing on a toy of his own.

"Good choice." Marra slid closer to Ford. "So what have you determined today?" She gestured to Ford’s desk, which was a mess.

"I need a bigger desk." The tall woman quipped before taking a seat on the couch and pulling Marra down into her lap.

The blonde looked to her spouse with serious eyes and said quietly, "We’re never going back are we?"


"I didn’t think so."

"I won’t take you and Mary back there. I’m done fighting and I won’t ask anyone else to die. Even if Earth isn’t viable we’ll find someplace that is."

Marra nodded, then leaned into Ford and sighed. "It will be for the best. But somehow I feel like we’re…"

Ford placed her fingers over Marra’s lips cutting off her line of thinking. "Don’t say it. I’ve had this argument with myself a thousand times. If we do find Earth and bring them here the fighting will only continue. Let them fight with each other there, far away from us. I’ve given them all I can." She gestured with her chin to the slumbering baby. "We have more important things to consider now." Ford drew a deep breath and knew now was the time to tell her spouse. "Marra, you should know that right before our rescue Garron Richards intercepted a message that your father is dead."

The blonde remained quiet for a moment, then sighed. "Good. He deserved no less."

Ford closed her eyes against Marra’s cold, and unfeeling response, but she could understand it after all the young woman had been through at his hand. Still, she said a silent prayer for his soul and held her wife closer. "I love you Marra."

"I love you too Ford."

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