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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


"Oh brother." Ford crossed her arms as she peered over the stall gate at the serpentines. "Phoenix, have you no shame, boy?"

The male opened his eyes at the familiar voice as he lay on his back with his wings spread out just a bit, as Neyta curled around him and nuzzled his thick strong body. He was purring loudly and almost seemed to have a smile on his face.

Marra had explained as they made their way to the stalls that Neyta was using her powers to help the male heal from his wounds. She said she didn’t understand it and couldn’t explain it, but as Ford watched them now it didn’t matter to her. All that mattered to the tall woman was that he was healing quickly.

"You are just pathetic. You better not let your friends see you like that." Ford grinned down at the beast.

"Actually." Marra blushed a bit as she stepped closer to Ford. "This is sort of a pre-mating ritual."

"Ah foreplay."


Ford laughed out loud as she turned to Marra. "Surely you know what foreplay is?"

Marra dropped her eyes as she shook her head. "No, Garron." She lifted her head and her brow creased. "Is this something I need to know to please you?"

The tall woman shifted uncomfortably as she shook her head. "Uh, no, Marra, it’s not, but remind me later. I have another book I want you to read."

"Yes, Garron."

"In the meantime, I think that we should plan on taking Phoenix and Neyta to the exercise ring tomorrow. Right now, however, I think I promised to take you shopping, didn’t I?"

"Yes, Garron, but if you’re tired…."

"No, I’m fine. I’m accustomed to long days and short nights."

"Does this mean we have to ride the transit unit again?" the little slave asked innocently as she followed behind her master.

"Yes, I’m afraid it does."

It was a good thing that Ford didn’t turn around. The smile on Marra’s face would have given away her thoughts.

Marra found the market less crowded in the evening. She liked it because she felt more secure that she wouldn’t lose Ford in the crowd. As they entered the market, Ford took Marra’s hand, then picked up a small basket and gave it to her. "You know what we need. You do the shopping. I’ll take care of the merchants."

"Yes, Garron."

As Marra shopped, Ford informed the merchants as to who Marra was. She explained that she would be coming in and shopping from time to time and that any purchase Marra made should be deducted from her account.

The Garron watched with some pride as the young woman picked the best of everything they needed, making sure that all the items were fresh and ripe. She picked fruits and vegetables, spices for cooking, and a few utensils she had noticed were missing from Ford’s cooking area.

"How you doing here?" Ford looked into the basket with a smile.

"I believe I have everything, Garron."

"I would think so. I don’t think I’ve ever bought this many supplies at one time." The tall woman laughed as she wrapped an arm around the smaller woman.

"Yeah, I can tell." Marra giggled as she handed the basket away to allow the items to be boxed up.

"Ah, you’re getting cheeky. I like that. Showing some fight." Ford nudged her. "I think that’s a step in the right direction." She looked to Marra who was preparing to say something. "Don’t you dare apologize to me. I told you things were different now."

Marra closed her mouth quickly and wrinkled her nose as she gave Ford a smile.

"Oh, now that is too cute." Ford grinned back as she placed a kiss to the slave’s forehead.

Ford took the box as it was handed back. "Thank you." She smiled as she looked to the merchant.

"It is my pleasure, Garron." The woman looked back to the small woman and then to the Garron.

As she watched them walk away, her husband handed her items, which she stocked on the shelves. "I never thought I’d see it."


"Garron Ford is in love."


"Un-huh. The little blonde woman."

"Can’t be. The little one is a slave."

"Doesn’t matter. Slave or not. That woman has captured the Garron’s heart."

"Garron Ford has worked too long and hard to build her career to give it up for a slave."

"We’ll see."



Ford settled down on the couch with a data link and a glass of wine. Marra watched as she rubbed her temples.

"Something wrong, Ford?"

"Hmm, nothing more than usual. Just going over the day reports."

"Must be very challenging, taking on the daily responsibilities of running the ship." Marra settled down next to the tall woman and began rubbing her shoulders.

"Hmm, yes it is." Ford closed her eyes as the small hands adeptly began rubbing the knots from her neck and shoulders.

"Very frustrating some days, I’m sure."

"Umm-hmm…." The Garron agreed again as she slowly began to relax.

"Feel good?"

Ford could only nod now.

"Here," Marra got up, taking Ford’s hand and pulling her to her feet. "Take your robe off." Ford allowed Marra to untie the long robe and slide it from her shoulders. "Now lie down on your stomach."

Ford dropped down to the bed and stretched out right in the center of it. Marra settled down next to her and began giving her a proper massage. She was rewarded with a long deep moan.

Soon Marra found that her master was fast and very sound asleep. She completed the massage, covering the woman with a blanket, and left her to sleep alone in the bed. Marra carefully slipped a pillow from the bed and took another blanket to the couch where she curled up with her book and read until she too dropped off.

It was some time later when Marra felt herself being lifted from the couch. She never quite woke up, feeling safe and warm in the arms that held her. She heard words whispered in her ear, which never really sank in. She felt the softness of her bed and the warmth of the body curling around her and she was asleep again.



Marra awoke early. Ford was gone from the bed. Marra rose, it didn’t take her long to figure out where the Garron was. She discovered the door to the smaller sleeping chamber closed. Marra took a deep breath, trying to quell the queasy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

She busied herself by taking a quick shower and then began fixing breakfast. As she prepared the food, the door to the smaller chamber opened. Marra glanced up to find Ford tying off the belt to her long robe. Behind her, she could see the redhead pulling on her robes and departing the room through the other door.

"Good morning, Marra."

"Good morning, Ford," Marra answered quietly as she dropped her head back to her task.

Ford pulled the door closed and stopped, considering the body language of the woman in front of her. "Something wrong?"

"No. Of course not."

"You’re lying." The Garron’s voice was deep and forceful.

"It is none of my business, Ford."

Ford smiled as she made her way to the cooking area. "You’re right it’s not, but I’ll tell you just so you know. That woman is my wife."

Marra looked up, the shock quite clear on her face. "Your…your…wife?"

"Yes. My wife, one of four actually."

"I…I…don’t know…. I mean…I…"

Ford laughed as she kissed Marra on top of the head. "I’ll explain everything later. Right now I’ll be taking my bath."

"Yes, Ford. Shall I draw it?"

"No. You just fix breakfast."

Marra shook her head trying to let this new information sink in. She certainly didn’t understand why the Garron would keep her housed in the comfort and safety of her own quarters if she had so many wives. Surely, she would prefer the company of them.

She set the table, pouring Ford’s coffee as the tall woman entered the room. She glanced back to find Ford dressed in riding clothes.

"You should dress for the stables and the exercise ring today."

"Yes, Ford."

Ford held Marra’s chair, tilting her head, making it quite clear she wanted the little slave to be seated. As Marra settled into her chair, Ford settled into hers and reached over, taking Marra’s hand.

"I don’t love her. I don’t love any of them. They were all arranged marriages. They all have other mates as well, except for Danella, who is more than happy to stay with me. Why, I don’t know. I’ve told her over and over again to take another wife or a husband, or both."

"You don’t owe me any explanations, Ford."

"Yes, I do, Marra. I care for you a great deal. On some level it must bother you that I have Danella here. I am merely carrying out my marital duties to her. She lives in her own quarters, as do all my wives. Just look at me as the head of a very extended family."

"Yes, Ford." Marra nodded, doing her best to accept all of this information.

"Marra, I can go to her quarters if you prefer."

"No!" Marra realized that her answer came too quickly. "I mean, why should you do that? She is your wife."

"Will it make you feel any better if I tell you that I’ve never had any of them in our bed?"

"Our bed?"

"Well, it is a bed, correct?"


"And you and I sleep in it, together?"


"So that would make it our bed."

Marra smiled as she nodded and began eating her breakfast. Ford liked that smile and decided that she wanted to see it more often.

"So." Ford sipped her coffee as she decided to change the subject to something far more pleasant. "Are you going to ride Neyta today?"

"Ride her! Are you crazy?" The words were out before Marra could stop them. Ford’s laughter filled the room as Marra blushed. "I’m sorry, Ford. I just can’t picture myself riding Neyta."

"Because you don’t know how, or because you’re afraid that she won’t let you?"

"Well, setting aside the fact that I don’t the first thing about actually riding her, I’m not sure she would let me."

"Sure she will and I think you should have your first lesson today." Ford’s grin was wide as she watched Marra nod.

"Yes, Ford."



They led the serpentines from the stables to the exercise ring. Neyta complained to Marra that her halter was stiff and itched a great deal. Phoenix and Ford seemed to be playing as they walked ahead of them. Phoenix would nudge the tall woman with his head, then whenever she turned around to give his snout a playful smack he would lift his long neck up taking his head well out of reach.

"Keep it up," Ford warned as she opened the door to the exercise ring. "You overgrown lizard."

Once inside the huge room, with the doors securely closed. The halters were removed and the beasts were allowed to roam around the room, stretching their wings to full span. Marra marveled when Neyta took to the air and began flying around the room. The slave had never actually seen a serpentine in the air before and she had to admit it was a beautiful sight.

The high domed ceiling of the room gave the beast more than enough room to climb and dip through the air exercising her wings and body to its fullest. Phoenix watched and growled from the ground. His injuries kept him from taking to the air. He watched as Neyta glided around the room, stalking around the ring under her, growling and snorting at her. He flapped his wings in protest and reared to his hind legs.

Ford crossed her arms, leaning against the wall as she watched Phoenix try to call Neyta back to the ground with him. Marra ran her hands over Neyta’s harness as she watched them.

"He’s not happy." Ford gestured to Phoenix as the silver-white serpentine continued his tirade.

"She’s doing it on purpose," Marra offered as she worked the halter in her hands to try to make it a little more pliable. "To make him exercise."

"Well, she’s doing a fine job of it," Ford agreed as she moved to a processing unit and requested two cold drinks. She relaxed against the wall as she handed one of the drinks to Marra.

"Thank you."

"Welcome. What are you doing?"

"Neyta says it’s stiff and it itches. I’m trying to loosen it up for her."

"I’ll make sure to get you some oil for it. That’ll help."

"Thank you."

"Call her back to the ground before Phoenix has a complete breakdown."

"Yes, Garron." Marra stepped forward and watched as Neyta flew overhead.

* Come down now. Garron Ford commands it. *

* Yes Marra. *

The black beast landed smoothly at Phoenix’s side and gave him a nudge. He growled as he flapped his wings.

* He’s such a grouch. * Neyta offered as she gave him a stroking down his neck to soothe him.

Marra laughed as she watched the pair play, now that Neyta was back on the ground.

"What’s so funny?"

"She says he’s a grouch."

"He can be. He has a very stubborn personality."

"Hmm." Marra nodded as she continued to work the harness.

"And what’s that supposed to mean little one?" Ford growled as she scooped Marra up in her arms.

Marra laughed as she struggled a bit. "Nothing. I didn’t mean anything by it."

"Un-huh. Sounds to me like you were making a comparison." Ford hoisted Marra over one shoulder. "Admit it. You think I’m stubborn too."

"I never said that." A smack to her backside made her flinch a bit.

"Admit it."

"Okay, I think you have the ability to be stubborn."

"Good girl."

Ford pulled Marra from her shoulder and settled her back to the ground. She wrapped her arms around her waist and held her close. They looked to each other, eyes meeting again. Ford was simply compelled this time. She lowered her head, meeting Marra’s lips with her own. It was soft and gentle and over almost before it began. Ford pulled back as she realized what she was doing. "I’m sorry." She released Marra and took a step back. "I didn’t mean to. I, uh…."

"Ford please don’t be sorry. I’m not."

"It’s not right. I have no claim to you." The tall woman turned and headed for the serpentines.

"Okay." Marra dropped the harness then dashed to grab Ford by the arm, turning her around to face her. "That first night I was brought to you, what was all the posturing about?"

Ford laughed as she looked at Marra’s hand on her arm. "That was it, mostly posturing. I have a reputation among my men. It was for your protection just as much as it was for my reputation."

"I see. So they were, umm," Marra grinned, "idle threats or veiled promises?"

A quirked brow and a thin smile met the little slave. "You’ll have to wait and see. Now get your harness and let’s get to that lesson."

"Yes, Ford."

Marra ran back for the harness and then returned to Ford’s side. Neyta and Phoenix were playing on the dirt floor of the arena, throwing it over their bodies and rolling in it.

"I hate this part." Ford grimaced as she moved into the dusty fray. She gave the bigger serpentine a healthy thump on the neck. "Behave!"

Phoenix drew back and reared his head, cocking it from side to side as he slowly lowered it to Ford’s shoulder and began purring.

"Water, Phoenix. You bathe in water, not dirt. Silly boy." She gave him a good scratch along his head and neck. "Now Marra is going to take Neyta for a ride and I want you to be good."

Neyta lumbered forward to meet Marra. * You’ve never ridden before? *

* No. *

* I promise to be gentle. * Neyta knelt down, tucking her front legs in front of her and lowering her head.

"Thanks so much," Marra offered aloud as she slipped the harness over the beasts head and fastened it into place. "What about a riding harness?"

"You won’t need one for in here. She won’t be moving that fast. Just use her front leg like a step and swing your leg over her neck and scoot back to her back. Keep your legs tucked under and in front of her wings. Use your thighs and knees to guide her direction along with the reins." Ford grinned as she stroked Neyta’s long nose. "And you may want to tell her to stay on the ground."

"You mean she can take to the air with me up here?"

"Oh yeah."

"That would be very bad."

"Then keep her on the ground."

"Oh like I can make her do anything."

"You’d better hope you can." Ford grinned as she stepped back.

"Ford!" Marra yelped as Neyta stood, jerking the little woman back then forward as she took her first steps. "Neyta be good."

* Please, Marra, don’t fear. I won’t do anything that you can’t handle. Just relax. *

"Easy for you to say. I’m riding you, you’re not riding me."

Marra was sure she heard the beast laugh as they started to move around the ring at a slow pace. Ford watched with delight as Marra and Neyta found a good rhythm together.

She watched as Marra finally began to relax and she noticed how docile the serpentine was being. She knew the beast had never been ridden before and she had the potential to be explosive. It had taken her weeks of training to break Phoenix to the halter and harness and she had hand raised him from a hatchling.

Phoenix snorted and pushed Ford with his head. She turned to face him. He looked back and raised his wings.

"No boy, not today. You’re not ready. You still need time."

Phoenix lowered his face to Ford’s, met her nose to nose and growled.

"Your breath stinks." She laughed as she pushed his face away. "Remind me to give you some Gena root and have your teeth brushed. Yuck!"

Phoenix grumbled and blew a deep breath at the tall woman.

"Oh gross!" She waved the foul odor away as Neyta and Marra completed their first circuit.

"What?" Marra stopped Neyta with a gentle tug.

"Phoenix is trying to kill me with his breath."

Marra laughed as Neyta tossed her head just a bit.

"So what do you think?" Ford gestured to the serpentine. "Do you enjoy it?"

"Actually, I do."

"Good, very good. Hopefully we’ll be able to take them off ship when we arrive at fleet headquarters and allow them to run outside for a bit. Phoenix likes it planet side. He likes to eat the vegetation."

* I would like that a great deal ,Marra. *

"Well, if we can manage it, I’m sure we will Neyta." She leaned forward, giving the beast a good scratch on the neck.



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