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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Marra jerked out of her sleep as the alarm sounded. Ford was on her feet gathering her robe and dashing for a closet to grab a uniform.

"Report!" She yelled as she began pulling on her clothes.

Marra was up almost as quickly tying off her robe and finding Ford’s boots, which she handed to her master.

"Squad of rival fighters and one small attack cruiser within a half sector Garron Ford." A voice offered from the com panel.

"Scans?" Ford sat on the couch and pulled on her boots.

"Another fifteen attack cruisers within the sector. All headed our direction."

"Ship status?"

"We are at full fighting capability Garron Ford."

"Launch Apha and Beta fighter squads. Ready my transport."

"As you decree Garron Ford. Command out"

Ford rose from the couch and moved to Marra. She took her hands and kissed them lightly. "Stay here. I’ll be back soon."

"Ford? Take me with you. Please don’t leave me behind."

"Marra it’s a battle. I can’t take you into this." She smiled at the young woman. "Everything will be okay." She caressed Marra’s cheek and smiled. "I promise."

The little woman smiled weakly and nodded. "Please be careful."

"I will little one, I will." Ford kissed the top of Marra’s head and left their quarters.

As the door slid shut, Marra realized it would be best to get dressed and find something to do, because there would be no rest for her until Ford returned. She dressed quickly, running her fingers through her hair and splashing water on her face to wake herself up completely.

As she rubbed a towel over her face she stared in the mirror. "You knew this could happen. You’ve spent your life on these ships." She brushed the towel over her face again as she continued to consider her reflection. "You’ve prayed for your masters to go to battle and die. Will you wish that upon Ford too?"

She dropped the towel over the rack and straightened it slowly. Then she clicked off the light and left the room. She made the bed then began cleaning the quarters.

The rooms didn’t need to be cleaned. They had been immaculate when she arrived and they had remained that way. She only had to spend a few moments a day straightening up, to keep them in the condition they had been in when she arrived. She stood by the bookcases and fingered the spines of the books. She realized that some of them were very old and very, very rare.

She smiled when she thought of the book Ford had given her a few days before. How patient the woman had been with her when she came across a few words she didn’t understand and how she had taken the time to explain it to her. The memory of the smile on Ford’s face as she sipped her coffee and explained the pages made Marra’s heart beat a little harder.

She moved away from the bookcase just as the first explosion rippled through the ship. She stopped in the center of the room, just barely feeling it, but knowing deep down inside that somewhere on the massive ship there indeed had been an explosion.

Marra knew instinctively that outside, in the blackness that surround them, there were fighters firing on the ship and engaging the fighters that Ford had ordered launched. She also knew that Ford had taken her command transport out into the fight. All she could now was wait. Either Ford would return or someone would come fetch her and she would be taken or sold to a new master.

She wanted Ford to return.

Marra drew a deep breath as she heard the external door to the smaller sleeping chamber room open and close. Then the door that connected the rooms opened and she was face to face with Danella.

"So," the woman stepped into the room and regarded the little blonde. "You’re the one warming her bed at night."

Marra straightened her shoulders and looked the woman in the eye. "I serve Garron Ford."

"I heard she had taken a slave." The taller woman circled Marra as if she were inspecting her. "She’s never done that before. You’re very small. Maybe she took pity on you." She completed her circle, standing face to face, she sneered, "I could ask her to get rid of you, you know. I am her wife. I should be sharing her quarters. I should be living here with her."

"Do you make her happy?"


"Do you make her happy? Do you cook for her? Do you take care of her?"

"There is no need for that. Everything she needs is provided by the replication unit, she simply has to request the things she requires."

"Apparently not everything. You can’t request companionship and friendship from a replication unit."

"You brash, insignificant whore!" The woman drew her hand back and slapped Marra hard, sending the little woman to the floor. "I am her wife. I can give her anything she requires."

Marra picked herself up from the floor and stood once again, squaring her shoulders. She could feel the blood trickling down her chin and the pulsating in her eye. She knew that soon it would begin to swell shut and bruise. She made no motion to touch her face or acknowledge the injuries. "As you say. I only serve her."

"Yes, well we’ll see how much longer that lasts. What is your name, whore?

"My name is Marra. I am not a whore."

Another slap, she was prepared for it this time and the blow didn’t send her to the floor. She let her head roll with the jolt to keep it from doing much more damage. She turned her head back she let her tongue taste the blood that had been drawn that time.

"You are what I say you are. You are Ford’s property. Therefor, you are my property."


Neyta’s eyes opened and she craned her neck, snorting and growling as she got up from Phoenix and began pacing the stall. She tossed her head back and forth frustrated at her inability to communicate with the little blonde at such a distance.

When she howled her frustration, Phoenix rose and tried to calm his mate. She hissed at him and drew her head back. She felt something was wrong and she wanted to help and protect her mistress. Her anger was growing by the second, she flapped her wings and howled again.

The handler on duty came into the stall area and watched the serpentine raging. He removed a dart gun from the holster at his hip and fired the sedative into the beast’s neck.

He waited and watched from a distance as Neyta crumpled to her knees then collapsed to the floor of the stall. Phoenix was with her a second later, covering her protectively with his own body and snarling at the handler.

"It’s okay boy. She was upset because of the battle." The handler spoke in low, soothing tones as he approached. "She’ll be okay in a few hours."

Phoenix growled, low and threatening as he eyed the handler. The handler could see the female was still breathing and he knew better than to try and get in that stall to remove the dart. He sighed as he turned to check the other beasts.


Ford maneuvered her ship passed the rival fighter then banked a hard right to roll up and come in from behind for the kill. "Acquire target!"

A series of beeps then a long tone told her the ship had been targeted. Ford’s hands moved over the console, sending a series of bursts at the ship in front of her. She watched as the ship as it simply seemed to fall to pieces before her eyes. "Capri carry that soul." She prayed aloud as she watched the fragments float away.

As she turned again her small craft again, she watched as her fighters engaged the rivals and watched as her ship was attacked by the smaller and much more maneuverable attack craft that had been sent to ambush her larger battle cruiser. They reminded her of little parasites slowly eating their prey alive.

"Ford to Command. Report."

"We have sustained light damage Garron Ford. Our shields are holding at ninety eight percent. All defense grids are on line and firing at full capacity."

"Very good. Causalities?"

"None to report at this time Garron Ford."

"Excellent. Well done. Ford out."

Ford banked again, as the sensors of her ship told her she was being targeted. "This," She growled as she maneuvered her ship out of the line of fire. "is no way to spend a perfectly good morning. I was very happy in bed." She sighed as she took her ship down the center of her cruiser, targeting the smaller attack cruisers.


Marra stood looking in the mirror. Her left eye was swollen shut and both lips were busted and bleeding profusely. She looked at her shredded shirt, which she removed and threw away. She turned to look at the lash marks across her back, a tear slipped down her cheek as she tried to touch the marks. She heard the door open and close. She quickly pulled on a robe to hide her back.

"Marra!" Ford called as she moved into the room. She had her back turned when Marra stepped out of the bathroom. She turned around to find the small woman standing before her clutching the robe around her throat with her head down.

Ford watched in disbelief as a crimson tear dropped off Marra’s cheek to her robe. She crossed the room in two long strides and lifted the little woman’s face.

"Marra what happened? Who did this to you? Marra dropped her head only to have it gently lifted again. "Who?"

"Not important." Marra wanted to burst into tears from the pain and the humiliation, but she swallowed hard and held them back.

"It is important. I want to know. Marra, you promised never to lie to me and a lie of omission is still a lie."

"Danella." She answered softly.

"What? She came here, while I was gone?"

Marra only nodded, her busted mouth made speaking painful and difficult. She cried out as she felt herself lifted into Ford’s arms. She couldn’t help but clutch the tall woman’s uniform as the pain shot through her back.

"Shhh. I’ve got you. You’re going to be okay." Ford whispered as she headed out the door to the medical lab. "You’re gonna be all right Marra. I promise you. And Danella will not go unpunished for this."

"No, no Ford please. She already wants you to get rid of me. She called me a whore and…."

"Oh someone is leaving all right, but it’s not you."

"Please…." Her tears flowed as freely as her battered face would allow. "If you…."

"Marra, I am the head of my family and I will not allow anyone to mistreat you."

"She said I am her property too, since she is your wife. She had the right."

"No! No one has the right to touch you." Ford held the woman as close as she could get her as they entered the lift that would carry them to the medical deck. "Just rest." Ford whispered in her ear.

Marra closed her eyes and buried her face to hide it from the three people who shared the lift and stared at her.

"Is she all right, Garron Ford?" A soft voice offered, from the back of the lift.

Ford craned her neck to find a young doctor standing behind them. "She’s been beaten. I want her treated."

"I’d be happy to take care of her for you." The young woman stepped forward laying a gentle hand on Marra’s arm. "I’m Doctor Carlisle. What’s your name?" She asked softly as she tried to see the wounds.

"Marra." It was not much more than a whimper and it broke Ford’s heart.

"Okay Marra. We’ll go get you settled in the med lab and take very good care of you, okay?"

Ford felt the nod against her chest. She gently brushed her lips over Marra’s forehead, resting her cheek against the top of the blonde head. "We’ll take good care of you." She whispered as she closed her eyes and offered a prayer of forgiveness for what was going to befall Danella for this very hasty act.

Ford followed the doctor into the lab and carefully laid Marra on a bed. The blonde cried out again and rolled to her side, with her back to Ford. It was then, the tall woman saw to blood soaking through the robe. She watched quietly, as the doctor slowly stripped the garment away to reveal the whip lashed back.

Ford stormed across the room, feeling rage and anger through very fiber of her being. Her hand came up hard against the com panel. "Ford to security!"

"Yes, Garron Ford." A deep male voice responded without hesitation. "Carron Alloton here."

"Carron, I want you to send a security team to the quarters belonging to my wife, Danella. I want her placed under arrest. Take her to the darkest, dankest, most filthy, vile part of this ship you can find and hold her there until I get there. She is to talk to no one. She is to have no visitors and I want her stripped to the barest of clothes before you take her to her cell."

"As you decree Garron Ford."

Ford let her head drop forward as she closed her eyes and allowed what she had seen settle into her mind’s eye. "I’m sorry Marra. I’ll make this right. Capri forgive me for what will befall Danella, but she has pushed me too far and brought this upon her own head."

She drew a deep breath and returned to Marra’s bedside. The slave had been stripped out of her clothes, a temporary bandage placed on her back, she had been sedated and was now laying on her back covered with a sheet. Ford took her hand as she knelt next to the table and allowed her other hand to comb through Marra’s hair.

The doctor worked quickly and quietly, tending to the young woman with soft words and gentle hands. She moved to the foot of the bed and began her exam. Ford’s eyes snapped shut against the pain when she realized what the doctor was looking for. The painful gasp torn from Marra’s throat sent shivers down her spine. Slowly she turned her head toward the doctor and opened her eyes. She watched and she waited.

The doctor gave a little smile as she replace the sheet over Marra’s feet, wrapping them back up to keep them warm. She looked to Ford, who questioned with a lifted brow.

"There is some bruising, but she is still intact. An attempt may have been made, but it either failed or was stopped. It looks like she put up a struggle."

Ford let loose a heavy breath of relief with the news. She nodded and returned her eyes to Marra’s face. She ran her fingers through the woman’s hair and spoke in soft tones. "You’re going to be all right Marra. Doctor Carlisle is going to give you the best care available."

"I’m sorry." It was not much more than a sleepy sounding little whimper from Marra as she struggled to open her eyes.

"Sorry? Sorry for what?"

"That Danella is so angry."

"She always has been a manipulative, possessive woman, but this time she has gone too far."

"She," Marra grimaced in pain as she tried to lick her lips. "She wants you."

"She can’t have me." Ford smiled as she leaned up and placed a soft kiss on Marra’s head. "I want you to rest and let the doctor take care of you. I’ll be back later."

Marra nodded. She wanted Ford to stay with her, but even in her drug-induced haze she still remembered her place.

"Garron Ford?" Doctor Carlisle called softly as she stepped away from Marra’s bed.


"Do you want me to send someone for her slave collar, or will you bring it down when you return?"

Ford looked to the bed and drew a deep breath. "That woman is never to wear a collar again."

"Yes, Garron Ford."

"And I want you to make sure she has everything she needs. I want her to have the best of everything."

"As you decree Garron Ford."

Ford turned on her heals and left the room. She allowed herself to grow angrier as she walked to the security level. There were always faster ways to travel through the ship, but anytime Ford needed time to think she found that she liked taking her time. Now her walk was for a different reason entirely.

She entered the security office and looked to the monitors that viewed into the holding cells. A young guard came forward and offered a salute, which Ford waved off. "Which cell is she in?"

"Number six Garron Ford."

Her head turned to the monitor for the number six cell. Danella lay curled up on a bunk, dressed only in a light sleeping gown.

"She’s been asking for you." The guard offered as he handed a data link to Ford. "This is my report on her arrest."

Ford looked over the report. A smile curled at the edge of her lips. "She wasn’t alone?"

"Umm," the young man shifted nervously. "No Garron Ford, she had a man with her. They were in bed together when we made entry."

"Is there any doubt in your mind about what they were doing?" She arched a brow as her grin grew wider.

"No Garron Ford, there is no doubt. They were making love."

"Oh this is too good." She glanced up at the screen. "Prepare to spend the rest of your natural life in there Danella." She turned to the guard. "I’ll be going in there now. If you are the least bit squeamish, turn this off."

The young guard reached out and clicked the monitor off. "I’m not squeamish Garron Ford, but what ever happens in there is between you and your wife and none of my business."

"Thank you."

Ford tossed the data link on the desk and made her way to the cell. She laid her hand on the lock and the door slid open. She stepped inside and drew a deep breath, crossing her arms against her chest as she door slid shut.

Danella bolted from the bed and tried to run into Ford’s arms. She found herself making solid contact with the back of the tall woman’s hand as she was slapped to the floor. She looked up as her own hand covered her cheek and tears streamed down her cheeks. "Ford? What’s going on?"

"I should ask you the same thing."

"Ford, please tell me what’s going on." The woman moved to her knees and remained there as she looked up to the Garron.

"Oh I don’t even know where to start. Should I start with the fact that you came to my private quarters, while I was engaged in battle and beat Marra? Or should I start with, after you beat Marra you went back to your quarters and cheated on me."

"I…I…Ford she’s only a slave."

"Forget her for a minute. Let’s talk about the fact that you’re sleeping with someone you’re not married to. I can keep you in here for the rest of your natural life for that."

"Ford, for Capri’s sake!"

"I told you to take other spouses. You told me no. You said I was the only one you wanted to be married to. The only one you wanted to be with." She leaned over and sneered, "And you had the audacity to call Marra a whore."

"You’re only doing this because of her!"

"She’s one of the reasons yes, but thankfully you gave me the reason to lock you up for the rest of your life."

"Ford you can’t do this!"

"Oh but I can, dear wife. And that’s exactly what I intend to do. You will never see the outside of a cell again. This is your life from this point on Danella. Pray to Capri for a short one."

Ford smiled as she turned and left the cell.




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