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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Ford settled down in the back of the stall. She spread the blankets and pillows out to make a nice soft bed for them. She knew that Marra wouldn’t leave Neyta until she was sure the danger had passed. The beast had been treated for the dose of sedative that had nearly claimed it and the life of it’s baby. She was responding well, but Marra remained steadfast in her desire to stay with the beast.

The tall woman lay on her side, head resting in palm of her hand as she watched the little woman with the beast. She wondered why someone as lovely as this girl had been born to such a poor station. Marra was everything that Ford had ever wished for. She was kind, gentle and obviously very loving. She smiled as she watched her talk to both the beasts, stroking their heads and reassuring them that everything would be all right. It appeared to Ford, that even her own beloved Phoenix was bonding with the little blonde.

The Garron watched for quite sometime, until she saw the signs of fatigue taking over the little woman. Moving to her, she pulled her up by the shoulders, leading her to the bed at the back of the stall. "Rest." She whispered.

"You must be hungry Ford. I should…."

"You should do what I tell you. I told you to rest."

"Yes Ford." Marra complied with her Master’s orders, stretching out on the makeshift bed.

"Now," Ford knelt down, running her fingers through the blonde hair. "Are you hungry?"

"Just a little." The grumble from her stomach gave her quiet words more emphasis.

"Un-huh, just a little." Ford smiled.

"Okay, maybe more than a little."

Ford nodded, getting to her feet. "Maybe. Stay here, I’ll be right back."

Marra watched the tall woman leave. She wondered about the words the Garron had said to her, ‘I love you’. She couldn’t believe that Ford had meant them literally. What if she had? The Garron certainly wouldn’t give her heart to someone like her, a mere slave. Her finger slid unconsciously to her throat. She sat up immediately, panicked by the thought of not having her collar. Surely this would result in another beating, one she didn’t think she could handle. Tears streamed freely down her cheeks as she curled up against the wall, waiting for Ford to return.

The tall woman scowled at the replication unit. What to feed the little slave? Surely she was not ready for solid food yet, but the thought of feeding her soft foods even made the Garron’s stomach queasy. She gave it a little more consideration then placed her choices for a meal.

She most certainly wasn’t prepared for the sight she found when she returned to the stall. She entered, placing the tray on a shelf, then dropped to her knees pulling Marra into her arms. "Hey what’s wrong?"

Marra’s hand traveled to her throat as the sobs wracked her body.

"What? Marra please tell me."

"I’m…I’m sorry…."

"Sorry? Sorry for what?"

"I forgot…." The little woman trembled harder, leaving the Garron in a very confused state.

"Forgot what?"

"Collar." She choked. "My collar."

Ford exhaled a heavy breath. "Is that all it is? Marra I don’t want you to wear it anymore." She wiped the tear stained cheeks slowly, gently. "I don’t ever want to see it on you again."


"But nothing. As soon as we reach command, I intend to petition the council for citizenship for you."

"Ford you can’t do that." She sniffed.

"Umm excuse me?" Dark brows shot straight into Ford’s bangs. "And why not?"

"I mean…I just…you…" Marra stammered, pulling away a bit. "Why would you do that?"

"I told you, I love you."

"About that."

Ford got to her feet retrieving the tray. "Yes. What about it?"

"I’m, umm, well a little confused. Love me? How could that be? We’ve only known each other a little more than a week."

"I’ve known you a lot longer." Ford answered simply, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Marra nodded slowly. She wondered if Ford had taken a bump to the head during her last mission. "Okay."

"Capri has shown me your face many times. You are my destiny. Everything I do now, I do for you." The Garron handed Marra a cup of a semi solid stew like substance.

"Ford this all sounds so, forgive me, insane."

"I’m sure it does." She agreed, taking a bite of her own stew. "But," she waved her spoon at Marra. "You do trust me, don’t you?"

"With my life."

"How about your soul?"

"If you wish it."

"No," Ford shook her head. "Not if I wish it. Do you trust me, with your soul?"


"Then believe in me."

"I do."

"Good. Now that, that’s settled, eat and get some rest. I want you to get better so I can give you another sound thumping on the Makti court."

Marra ate her stew, deciding not to remind Ford she had lost the last time they played Makti.


Ford stretched, reaching out to find the bed empty. She opened very tired eyes to find Marra feeding both Neyta and Phoenix from her hand. The blonde turned, offering a very sweet smile. "Good morning."

"Couldn’t prove it by me." Ford groaned, stretching again. It had been a long time since she had slept anywhere, but in the comfort of her own bed.


"Oh yes please." The tall woman nodded, rolling over and executing a push up that looked as if it would bring her out of the bed. She held it for a moment then just collapsed back into the bed with a soft thump and a groan.

"Are you all right?" Marra grinned, stroking Neyta’s face and looking to her Master. She could tell that Ford wasn’t hurt or injured. She was just apparently really, very tired.

"I’m fine, I didn’t sleep very well." She mumbled out of the side of her mouth, nuzzling the pillow.

"Why not?"

"Because, ‘someone’ kept climbing on top of me in her sleep." Ford opened one eye that held a hint of playfulness. "Apparently, mistaking me for a mattress of some sort."

"A very warm and soft one I’m sure."

"Un-huh. You mentioned coffee?"

"Yes Ford." Marra brushed her hands free of the feed she had been giving the beasts then turned to go get Ford’s coffee.

The Garron closed her eyes, remembering the feel of Marra’s body lying on top of her own last night and trying to fight back the feelings that it had evoked deep down. "No Ford, be good." She said aloud, so her mind and body would obey. Unfortunately for Ford, she found herself very worked up and it was not going to be easy to rid herself of this frustration. Every time she moved she felt Marra move with her. "Capri give me strength." She groaned, rolling over to face the wall.

Marra moved from her spot at the corner of the stall where she had been watching the tall woman. She cleared her throat as she knelt next to Ford, holding out the coffee. Ford drew a deep breath and rolled over, sitting up she accepted the cup.

"Thank you Marra."

"You’re welcome.

The Garron reached out, running gentle fingers over bruised flesh. "How do you feel today?"

"Better. Stiff and a little sore, but most of the pain is fading."

"I’m glad." She stared into her coffee cup. "Why didn’t you beg?"


"Why didn’t you beg Danella to stop? She would have, if you had begged."

"I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of hearing me beg her for anything."

A wide smile broke across Ford’s face as she pulled Marra down next to her and settled against the wall. "That’s my girl." She was happy with the way the little woman was learning to curl into her body and relax in her embrace. She let loose a very happy little sigh, sipping her coffee as she closed her eyes to savor all the sensations.


"I think you should." Ford proclaimed, taking a fresh change of clothing from her closet.

"Without your mark? Ford I don’t know if I can."

"Sure you can. It’s just a trip to the library."


"Marra. I gave you the title of two books." Ford wasn’t taking no for answer here. She turned and crossed her arms. "Please go to the library and get them for me."

"Can I at least take my col…."


Marra dropped her eyes then moved hesitantly to the door of their quarters. She decided to give it on last try. "Ford?"

"Marra go." The tall woman intoned firmly without turning around.

"Yes Ford."

She stepped out into the corridor. Feeling alone and scared the second the door closed behind her. She was alone without Ford or even her collar that showed her as Ford’s property. She would have had the courage to carry out this errand if she at least had some sort of mark to show her as Ford’s. Slowly, she crept along the wall, following Ford’s directions that would lead her to the ship’s library.

Ford’s shoulders dropped a bit when she heard the door close. She knew Marra was scared, but she also knew she was going to have to teach the woman to stand on her own two feet if she intended to set her free when they arrived at command. Marra would have to be able to function on her own and Ford had a lot of walls to break down and a very short time to do it.

She grabbed her clothes, deciding that a long hot bath would sooth her nerves and her tense muscles. Soaking in the tub with her eyes closed, she wondered why Capri would let her fall in love with the little blonde if it were her destiny to just let her go.

"There must be some lesson here. Please show me. My heart aches when I think of just leaving her behind. I know it is your plan, I just don’t understand. Please help me."

She relaxed deeper into the warm water, inhaling the incense, relaxing into the trance, allowing herself to be commanded by Capri.


Marra entered the library, immediately grateful for the fact that it appeared to be empty. She stood looking at a finder terminal that would tell her where to locate the books requested by Ford. Now all she had to do was figure out how to use it.

"Can I help?" A deep male vice was soft from behind her. She turned to find a young man about her own age. He smiled as her ducked his head just a bit to try and make eye contact with her. "Sometimes the terminals are a little confusing but I’d be glad to help you find something."

"Un I," Marra could feel herself starting to shake, she took a deep breath and tried again. "Yes please. Garron Ford requires these books." She showed him the paper Ford had written her requests on.

He smiled as he gently pulled the paper from her hand. "Okay those are pretty easy actually. I know were they are. They’re technical manuals for the ship."

"She could have accessed them from any com terminal." Marra stated her thoughts aloud before realizing what she had done.

"Yes she could have." The young man agreed stepping away to find the requested items. Marra followed him into the rows of books, not wanting to lose him in the huge room. "I’m Carron Richards." He offered without turning around.

"Marra." She replied softly.

"My friends call me Rick." He looked over his shoulder, giving her a slight smile.

"Umm…I’m Garron Ford’s."

"Oh. I didn’t see a mark."

"She told me not to wear it."

"Interesting. Well that doesn’t matter," He stopped, pulled the books down then turned to Marra. "My friends still call me Rick." He smiled again.

Marra accepted the books with shy hesitation. "Thank you Rick."

"You’re welcome Marra. Anything else I can do for you?"

"No. I need to get these back to Garron Ford."

"Well I’m usually here so if you need anything else, just let me know."

"I will. Thank you, you’ve been very kind."

"It was my pleasure. You’re welcome."


Ford paced the length of their quarters, Marra was taking much longer than she had thought she would and she was beginning to worry when the doors slid open. She tried not to look as relieved as she felt when she saw the woman.

"Your books." Marra held out the requested items.

Ford smiled at the annoyed look on the blonde’s face. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, Ford, of course not."

"You just look so, umm, what’s that old Earth term? Pissed off."

"Ford?" A blonde brow arched, not at all understanding the term.


"No, I’m not how did you say, pissed off. I was just wondering why you would send me for books that you could have accessed from the com station?"

"I wanted to show you that you can move around the ship without me or my mark and you won’t be stopped, questioned or beaten because of it."

"But, why would I want to go anywhere without you?"

"Well," Ford hefted the books. "I may have an errand for you, or you might want to go to the stables or the market without me."

Marra nodded. Realizing the only way she would be away from Ford would be at Ford’s own request. She resigned herself that this could be a possibility, which case she would complete errands as quickly as feasible and return to where she belonged. "As you wish." She sighed softly.

"What did I tell you about that?" Ford chastised gently. "It’s not that way with us Marra."

The blonde wanted to scream. She was becoming more bewildered by the minute. She was a slave, plain and simple, but Ford insisted on treating her almost as an equal. It was very confusing. She just shook her head, moving to the food preparation area. "Are you hungry?"

"I’m starved, but you’re not cooking. I want you to change. I’m taking you out to dinner. You’ll find a new outfit in the bathing chamber. Go take a nice hot bath and get ready."

The urge to scream was becoming stronger. "Yes Ford."


She looked in the mirror at the gown. She had never seen anything so lovely. Much less ever dared dream about wearing something as beautiful. It was whitish sliver almost the same color as Phoenix. Her shoulders were bare, but the dress had long sleeves that reached her wrists. The top of the dress simply pulled down slightly past her shoulders. Ford had left instructions for how to fix her hair and she had pulled it up into a loose knot as requested. Make-up had been provided to cover the bruises and with a little research from the com station she figured out how to utilize it properly.

"Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful." Ford whispered, approaching from behind.

Marra felt a rush as Ford’s hand came to rest on her shoulders. "Thank you Ford."

"Oh it is my pleasure." Ford’s hands dropped briefly, only to return and drape something around Marra’s neck. "Since you’re so concerned about this. You may wear this if you like."

Marra watched in the mirror as Ford clasped a delicate piece of jewelry around her neck. She fingered the elegant necklace marveling at its distinction. It was yellow in color, Fords symbol was set in a small yellow disk in stones, the like of which she had never seen before. She was speechless. It seemed that Ford enjoyed doing that to her.

"The metal is called gold, the stones are called diamonds and emeralds." Ford whispered, her lips gently grazing Marra’s ear. "Its beauty almost matches your own."

Marra turned to face the tall woman. Their eyes met again. This time Marra looked deep into the depths of the azure before her. She took a deep breath, closed her own eyes and leaned up, placing a soft kiss to the lips before her. She was relieved when she didn’t feel Ford pull away. The kiss became firmer, but remained gentle. After a moment both parties pulled back, continuing to look at each other.

"Thank you." Marra finally offered, running her hands up the front of Ford’s jacket, noticing for the first time that the Garron was in a full dress uniform. "Mind if I ask where we’re going?"

"I told you." Ford smiled. "Out to dinner." She offered her arm to the woman, with a little smirk. "Shall we?"

"Do you always get so dressed up for dinner?"

"Only on special occasions." Ford offered leading them to the door.

"And what makes this a special occasion?"

"Well, you mean other than the fact that I’m taking you to dinner?"

"Yes." Marra’s embarrassed answer slipped out quietly.

"I can’t believe you forgot." Ford teased as they stepped out into the corridor.

"Forgot what?"

"It’s your birthday."

Marra smiled as she looked at the floor. She knew good and well Ford had no way of knowing when her birthday was. She herself didn’t know. "It is huh?"

"It is now." Ford nodded, tightening her hold on Marra.



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