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This story contains the expression of love between two women. If this concept offends you, don't read any further.

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Everyone knows the egg has always been one of the main symbols of Easter and that countless egg hunts occur each year on that holiday. However, few people could tell you how the egg hunt got its start as an annual tradition.

A common assumption is that the first egg hunt occurred in Germany or Russia. But the truth is, the first egg hunt took place in Greece. Here's the story:


It all began one bright, fresh, spring afternoon when the beautiful bard, Gabrielle of Poteidaia, was walking through the woods. She was hungry and was looking for food for herself and her companion, Xena: The Warrior Princess.

As it happened, during her search she stumbled, literally, over a nest of attractively colored chocolate eggs. Jumping up from the ground, Gabrielle brushed dirt from her hands and knees. Looking back to determine over what she had tripped, she did a double-take when she saw the sturdy nest full of pretty, little eggs. When she leaned closer for a better view, she gasped at the delicious, chocolate scent that reached her nose. As one might imagine, the young woman was thrilled by her find and tempted to gobble up the eggs at once. Being the conscientious person she was, though, she instead crouched behind a wide tree trunk and waited patiently to see if the remarkable bird that laid the eggs would return to sit on them.

Gabrielle waited for several candlemarks, but no mama bird appeared. Satisfied that the eggs had been abandoned, the bard picked up the nest from the ground, snatched one of the eggs, and popped it into her mouth. By the gods, it was luscious! Ambrosia itself couldn't taste sweeter! Gabrielle ravenously stuffed many more eggs into her mouth.

Shortly, the bard wiped yummy chocolate from her lips and said, "I must share the rest of these eggs with Xena." Experiencing life's delights with Xena, her lover, was a joy the bard relished even more than a full tummy. She dumped the lovely eggs into her pouch, dropped the nest, and headed to the camp she and Xena had set up for the night.

When the smiling Gabrielle neared the clearing of the camp, Xena stood up from tending the fire and looked eagerly at the bard. The warrior was starving and was anxious to know what Gabrielle found for them to eat. Upon observing the bard's empty hands, Xena's gorgeous face darkened with a scowl. "What?... You didn't find any food?! I knew *I* should have done the hunting!"

Gabrielle's air of happy anticipation changed to hurt and disappointment. "You think I'd let you go hungry?" she asked.

"It sure looks that way," Xena replied curtly.

The bard cocked her head and narrowed her eyes. "Well, Warrior Princess... For your information, I've come back with the most scrumptious treats you'll ever taste."

Xena regarded the bard doubtfully.

Gabrielle withdrew one of the eggs from her pouch. She sauntered over to the warrior and stood directly in front of her. The bard held up the egg for Xena to inspect and then lowered it to a point under the warrior's nose. The egg's rich aroma filled Xena's nostrils almost before she inhaled. The warrior's eyes widened with appreciation of the divine smell, and her lips parted involuntarily. Gabrielle slowly but deliberately touched the egg to Xena's lips and then released it into her lover's greedy mouth, leaving her fingertips on Xena's lips even after the warrior had closed them around the egg.

"Mother of Zeus!" Xena breathed onto the bard's hand.

Gabrielle smiled smugly and removed her fingers. "Good, huh?"

The warrior swallowed. "I've never tasted anything like that." She licked her lips. "Tell me you have more!"

Backing up a few paces, the bard stiffened her chin in contemplation. "Yeah, I have more." Gabrielle stepped away farther. "But, Xena, since you jumped to the rude conclusion that I couldn't find any food for us, I'm going to make you work for the rest of these eggs."

"What are you saying?!"

"I'm saying..." the bard whispered, coming close to Xena again and pressing her warm body against the warrior's. "If you want to eat them, you're going to have to hunt for them."

Xena stared blankly at her adorable companion and said in a bored tone, "You're gonna hide the eggs?"


Knowing that trying to talk Gabrielle out of this game would take longer than simply finding the eggs, Xena rolled her eyes and felt her stomach growl. "Yeah, okay, whatever, Gabrielle. Just hurry up about it, will ya?"

The bard's brow furrowed, and she tilted her head to better study the warrior's expression. "You're so sure you'll be able to find all the eggs, aren't you?"

Xena's left eyebrow shot up. "I have many skills."

Gabrielle narrowed her eyes and grinned mischievously. "We'll see," she said after a pause. The bard stood on her tiptoes and planted a long, luxurious, deep kiss on Xena's mouth. Then, abruptly, she pulled away, grinned once more, and scampered to the other side of the fire. She began to busy herself by removing some things from Argo's saddlebag.

The Warrior Princess counted to ten under her breath. Gabrielle had the most irritating ability to frustrate all of Xena's desires at one time. Plopping down on a stump, the warrior frowned and waited. "Famished AND horny," she grumbled. "Lovin every moment of it."


By the time the sun set behind the budding and fragrant trees, Xena had found and consumed five delectable eggs. Despite their small size, the amazing eggs had completely sated her appetite. Gabrielle had hidden the eggs in predictable spots, and Xena found them during the course of their evening routine. One egg was in Xena's bedroll, and the warrior discovered it when she laid out the blankets. One was in Gabrielle's bedroll. One was in the shower pail, and Xena found it when she prepared to fill the bucket for her shower. And, one egg was in Gabrielle's new pink nightie. Xena found it as she laid out the bard's nightie on the bard's blanket, as she did every night while the bard was taking a shower. The sexy nightie was new, by the way, because Joxer had contaminated the old one.

Instead of donning the nightie when she returned from her shower, Gabrielle suggested that Xena join her under the stars and their blankets. Both naked, they lay cuddling and talking about the day's events.

"Thank you for sharing those eggs with me, Gabrielle," the warrior breathed into her sidekick's ear, her moist lips tugging on the bard's tender earlobe.

Gabrielle inhaled reflexively when her lover began sucking gently on her neck. "You're welcome, Xena," she mumbled, pulling her own hands up over the warrior's sleek abs to then cup and caress silky breasts. Too soon, the bard lost contact with Xena's hardening nipples, as the Warrior Princess kissed her way further down the bard's toned body. Gabrielle took another sharp breath when Xena stopped to feast on the sensitive underside of the bard's breast. The warrior knew this stimulated her lover dramatically, and, sure enough, soon Gabrielle was actively coaxing her best friend southward.

Just after Xena had begun to nibble at the bard's hipbone, the warrior suddenly hesitated. She drew herself back over the bard so that her face was again near her lover's. She nestled one strong leg between her sidekick's and left the other along the outside of the bard's right thigh. "Gabrielllle." Xena's low voice resonated in the night.

"What, Xena?" the bard rasped, caught off guard and breathless from the movement of the warrior's graceful but insistent thigh pressing her legs farther apart.

Xena sank more intimately between Gabrielle's legs so that her own thighs spread and intertwined with the bard's. At the same time, she slipped her hand easily under Gabrielle's left hip, lifted, and pulled, thereby bringing the bard's folds into a very moist fit with her own. "Where is number six?" the warrior asked calmly, inwardly trying to steady her pounding heart.

"Huh?" Gabrielle found it difficult to focus on Xena's words and ministrations at the same time. Feeling the warrior's wetness on her gave Gabrielle a fierce rush. The bard was always pleasantly surprised by how deftly Xena was able to maneuver them into this perfectly rapturous position. By the gods, Xena could excite her!

"Tell me where you hid the sixth egg." Xena playfully growled the demand and waited. All the while, she glided her pulsing sex rhythmically over the bard's, profoundly enjoying the delicate sensation. "I know there's another one somewhere."

With instinctual fervor, Gabrielle gripped Xena's ass with one hand, urging her to continue the intensely pleasurable gyrations. She ran her other hand through the hair at the top of the warrior's neck and pulled Xena's face closer until their lips barely touched. "*How* do you know?" she said, taking the warrior's bottom lip carefully between her front teeth.

Xena lifted her head a little, freeing her lip and denying Gabrielle a kiss. "Because I know *you*," she smirked. The warrior started to lift herself away from the bard, intending to this time extend her marvelous journey further down Gabrielle's arching torso.

The bard's eyes practically glowed with ardor in the darkness. She strengthened her hold on the Warrior Princess, refusing to give up the exquisite pressure of Xena's swollen clit against her own wondrously aching vulva.

"Whaaat?..." The warrior asked with a teasing voice. "You changed your mind?"

Gabrielle lowered her other hand to the warrior's tight backside and exclaimed, "Xena! There is no number six!"

Sensing the bard's immediate need, the warrior chuckled but then renewed her sensuous undulations, kissing her lover roughly.

The warrior was right, of course. There was a sixth egg, and Gabrielle had hoped Xena would find it. But, now, the bard was excruciatingly close to falling off the edge of an incredible orgasm, and there was no way she was going to allow the ecstasy to be interrupted for the sake of an egg, regardless of how quickly Xena might find it!

Gabrielle's hips began to rock with Xena's, and the warrior felt the slight pinch of the bard's nails on her ass. Gabrielle's heat ignited Xena's passion instantly, and, very soon, they came simultaneously.

Many moments later, Xena recovered herself and grinned down at her panting sidekick. Kissing her lightly, she whispered, "May I *now* hunt for the sixth egg?"

Gabrielle began to answer, but before she could utter a word, Xena was crawling backwards over the bard. The warrior lowered her face and tenderly stroked her lips over Gabrielle's wet and rather sticky folds.

Spent, Gabrielle just let her head fall back and closed her eyes.

Xena slid her tongue deep within Gabrielle and moaned at the blissfully sublime taste of chocolate on her tongue. She lapped at the melted, creamy, cocoa sweetness oozing from her lover's core. Quietly, she said, "Gabrielle... I found number six."

The bard smiled weakly, shook her head, and sighed. "You have many skills."

THE END... sorta. The reader might find it interesting to know that a few moons after this first egg hunt, Gabrielle was attacked by a mama bunny that had a few moons before returned to her nest to find her eggs missing.

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